The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1938 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1938
Page 9
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North East Kossuth News The Algona Upper Pea Moines. Algona, Iowa, Sept. 27,1938 SUSIE—by Edith Swansmi fLYWED LAKOTA [RIDE SHOWERED I Lakota: Leonard, oldest son of Ir and Mrs. Henry Boetcther, of fakota, and Lillian, daughter of ft and Mrs. Lars Garvlck, Elmore •re married at Fairmont, Minn,, ^nt 10th. Vtn. Adolph Poppe and Irs Otto ftnglebart, aunts of the •odm, assisted his mother, Mrs. oettcher In a post-nuptial shower i honor of the bride at the Boettch- it Thursday afternoon with 60 in Itendance. Kntertalnment conslst- of a mock wedding with Elnora ,,d {Catherine Poppe as bride and room, Lillian Krosch and Meta Foppe, minister. I Recipe cards were written by the luests for the bride and a guess- „ j un | 0 i LIE contest on the number of beans nesota. ha pint Jar resulted In Mrs. May- ha.-d Mabxw winning first prize. Ls. August Boettcher, grandmother v)s , ted t If the groom, won low prize. The Sunday . 'ostess served a lunch of sandwiches, pickles, coffee, Ice cream, ngel food and chocolate cake. The oung couple will stay with the groom's parents for the present. The Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerktng flrove to Dubuque last week Tues- lay on a business mission, returning Vednesday. . Mr*. Mary Rotenau is enjoying a -visit with her son, Robert and fam- Illy, who live at Oaklawn, a suburb I of Chicago. Harold Koppen, Mr. ano Mrs I Louis Steniel, Mr. and Mrs. Jo« I Loos and daughter. Esther, are en- Joying a visit with relatives In Col| orado. Harry Moe, brakeman on the . Rock Island railroad, who has been on the run to Iowa Falls thl* sum' mer, ha* changed for a run nut of Esthervllle and began work last week Monday. Farmers are busy at present filling silos. The fields are so wet tt was Impossible to cut the corn until last week and although the iorn i« riper than usual farmers are taking a chance on the silage making fair feed. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ley, Lo« Angeles, California, arrived Thursday afternoon for a visit at the W. E. Leys and also friends. They are on their way to visit Mrs. Ley's mother, Mrs. Opal Wheeler at St. Peter* burg. Florida. Mrs. Earl Grabua was hostess to the Acorn club, Thursday afternoon. A communication was received from Margaret Durant of Algona stating that division No. 1 of the club had won first place in the •crap book contest and the prize • book of poems was on display. Son Born to Asches Lakota: A 6V4 pound son was bori Titonka Women Open New Club Season, Thursday Titonka: The first meeting of the Titonka Woman's Club was held on Thursday evening at the Algona Ho. tel. A six-thirty dinner was served after which a round table discussion was held on the article, "An Englishman Looks at the States" as related in the Atlantic Monthly. Mrs. E. S. Waples of Jefferson Is n visitor at the Rev. Patterson home. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Saathoff spent the week end at the Arthur Aede home at Moorehend, Iowa. Harold Gartner left Tuesday for Minneapolis, where he will enroll 83 a Junior at the University of Mln- esota. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Farrington and daughter, Laura Mae, of Orleans, visited the Robert Clemens home iunday. •.• -..--..• Edith and Florence Reynolds drove to Iowa Falls Sunday to visit Mrr. Charles Roland of Congress Junction, Arizona. Mrs. Roland, formerly Levonne Rice, was called home by the sudden death of her father. TITONKA CHURCH TO GET PIPE ORGAN Titonka: At a meeting'of the congregation of the St. John's Lutheran church Wednesday. It was agreed to contract for the purchase of a $1500 pipe organ. Mrs, J. K. Rippentrop celebrated her eightieth birthday Friday. Martin Blelch attended the Iowa State Brand creamery meeting at Mason City Thursday. Mrs. J. D. Breen. Harold, and Mrs. Elmer Peterson attended the funeral of P. W. Tobin at Algona Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rlcklefs and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Henken. return ed Friday from a week's vacation In Minnesota. Miss Betty Holdcroft, English In structor, spent the week end at the home of her parents, the Rev. Bad delys at Williams, Iowa. Mrs. W. F. Hamstree acompanl ed by Twylah took Watson to low* City on Wednesday where he wl 1 enroll as a sophomore. Exclusively each week In The Altform Upper Des Molnes UOOR AT THOftfe. I THINK Itt PtCK OUT MY N6»T SET HERE, weui, vow TOCO Mm. TH/»T WAS BAD T*STB PICK VOUT* TBKTM Lakota Methodist Church Board Meets Lakota: The Methodist Sunday School board met at the Otto Koppens last week Monday evening and election of officers resulted in the following: Orvlll# Koppen was reelected superintendent and Harry Moe, assistant; Howard Koppen, sec- tetary; Edna Leslie, assistant; Edgar Inlay, treasurer; Betty Eggerth, librarian; Katherine Becker, assistant; Eleanor Moe, pianist; Mrs. Inlay, assistant. Rally day and promotion will be held Oct. 9th and Ubbe Winter, Mark Bacon and i £ pot )uck dlnner W JH be served in Ledyard Resident Rents New Farm Ledyard: Clifton Engelby has been at Forest City several days this past week plowing on a farm six miles northwest of that place, which he has rented for next year, •"or the past seven years he has >een In partnership with his father on the home farm, but next year with his family will move to Forest City. Attend Carriers' Mwtlns; to Mr. and Mrs. John Asche, Sept 14, and has been named Cora Minneapolis Wayne. The Asches live northeast j Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson attended the county meeting r,f the Rural Carriers and the Auxiliary at the Genrlch home in Lone Rock on last Tuesday evening. The Thompsons will be hosts at the next meeting In October. On Monday evening, Mr. and Mr*. Tlce Brack entertained at a family dinner In honor of their daughter, Mrs. Walter Miller's birthday. Miss Smith, Miss Galagan and Rlsher and the Clifton Engelbys were dinner guests last Monday evening at the Olaf Engelby home In honor of the twins' ninth birthday, Carlos and Carlyle. George Wolfe of Great Falls, Montana, visited at the J. H. Welfare home last week. On Wednesday Mr. Wolfe and the Welfares visltcc the grotto at West Bend, ami a 1 Algona. Mr. Wolfe was a resident of Ledvard many years ago and en- Joys renewing old acquaintances. He left on Thursday to Join his wife at the home of their daughter In Howard French returned home Sat- j urday from a week's fishing trip at Leech Lake and Winnlbigoshlsh. The Misses Harriet Schram, Max- lne Peterson, Dorothy Budlong, Irene Schmidt and Ruth Welhousen. students at Cedar Falls, spent the week end with home folks. Ledyard Glee Club Personnel Announced Ledyard: Miss Edith Reaney, th-; music Instructor, has been busy the past week holding tryouts for her various musical groups and has announced the following as members: Girls' Glee Clab—Arlene Corhus. Audrey Corhus, Maxlne Dorsey. Blanche Haag. Marvel Halverson, Nadlne Hans. Delorls Junkemeler. Cleo Looft, Marjorie Mayer, Evelyn Peterson, Betty Eggerth. Marjorie Gabe), Jean Gabe), Ivadel Peterson, Kathleen Reece. Maxlne Selfert, Louise Zielske, Kathryn Bouman. Connie Garry, Delorls Gethaus, Jean Hendrlckson. Eunice Prlebe, Kathryn Sprout, Lillian Schwartz, Pearl Looft. Joyce Corhus, Ruth Sprout and Ruth Prlebe. Girls' Sextet—Marjorle Mayer, Evelyn Peterson. Connie Garry. Betty Eggerth. Jean Gabel, Mar the church dining room at noon Mrs. Koppen served lunch following the business meeting. Mrs. Harold Johnson accompanied by Mrs. F. H. Davis of Arnolds Park, drove to Minneapolis Thurs day to visit until Sunday at the home of her sister. CITY BILLS September 15, 1J138, The City Council met at the Clt Hall with -all members present. A motion was carried that :!i fence and building now located o Ackle.v and Linden St. be removed H. S. Beatty beer permit be re ewed. A motion wae carried authorU ng the mayor and city clerk to en er Into contract with the Plonec Seed Co. — contract for furnlflh- ng electricity. App. ordinance No. 484 be of town child. and this Is their first A10'4 pound daughter wa» born to Mr. and MM. Ray A. Winter. Mon— day, Sept 18th at their home west of town. She has been named Carol Leona. Gertrude Ukena is caring for mother and baby. The Winters have two other children, a boy and a girl. Returns from Hospital Lakota: Mm. Wade Ball came home from Mason City Kite last week where she has been taking treatments for eye trouble and reports her condition Improved. Ledyard Boy 111 Ledyard: Donald, the youngest •on of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Lloyd wai sick several days last week and unable to be In school. ohn Helmers, Inbor ^'ll eo. Gunder, Inbor 62.71 ermnn Lyons, labor 48.90 has. Harvey, labor 13.12 Ike Miller, labor l-oO . W. Post, freiRht 3.94 R. SJogren, mdae. K>- ( '° SEWER FUND W Kelly, salary 15.00 FIRE FUND C. Wright, salflry , 22.50 Alfjona Fire Company, fire* 160.00 H. W. Post, freight 1-45 SWI.\IMINU POOL FUND Bob Sellstrom et al. labor 12.80 DEPOSIT FUND Geo. Yocman ct nl. refund 150.00 C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS ,ormnn Tp. loliron Tp. U-lu-nn Tp. (( ontlnued from preceding pnge.) in.. r i» IICK M. INI'KI'KNIPKNT TKl.KI'H'>NT. UNI'. IT.", in p. ^ ;i I I I:CI;.M. I.INI-: i AlR-oim linl. tlvi'l-dalc Tl. •l-i-srn T)v. . . li-vlnttt»ii TIV •alii.- T|«. . •s.-.i Tl« . . . T|v , T ¥P • Im- v: I.INI: NO : . . . . 11."" mil* •i-: TKi.Ki'ii'iM: I.INI-: J nil ml !'•« '.".'.'.'.'.['. 1 »n K I.INI-: NO :l r.ii mil. III I 1' 1"'» •::'. I 14 '. Ml $ TITONKA I'll-or TF.I.K.rlloNi: I'O t; (in ml I'-s n I $ i:ri:Ai. MM: NO rvlnRton Tp. . Imt. IrvlnRtnn Tp I IK). \T.'Ml.' Algnnn I ml. OI-HOO "rcsro T|> Buffalo 1*011*1. HulTnli) Const. Oortnnn Tp. . flamnry Tp. . lUtlvN TKl.l-.l'HONi; I.INI-. .M . >•! 5. fin mill's nt $ !t« * ii--- "I'ONVA ; ri-:i.Ki'HONi-: ro. ... ... n.nn miles nt » ::0 $ -•> I V'C.'TON' i'KNTKit TKi,i-:rnoNi-: ro _>:, nilli-K nl t 2n » '; 1 7 r.o '' •'• t ' i 18. «n * <R1 Kt-TH IM-I1AI. TKl.KI'MONK LINK . ' . .,.., . ii no mill's lit 1 S- » 1 ' 1 ; l.ini 7.00 * '-•* LINK NO. 1 ri'.KSCO Tl'. . . 1 00 mill's nl 1 i." 1 -•• •;••••••;•;;;;;;.;;... L >.no •• - MI UNI-: NO. 4:1 ' . ,, J r>« nillns nt $ SI < 1. f> on •• " -"!' 111. Ml • :l -" UMK N '°- ^ IM. mil... nl » *.* » *i m r>« " " '-''" 'linn I'r.'i-U Tp Vl'Kll'V Tl'. . MK.PIIII 1ml. Ii •l-cni-ii Tp. . . <!nifli'l<1 Tp. . Illvi'lilnlr- Tp. Wlilllnniipic T l.pilvnnl linl. l.cilviinl In;'. \V1illli-llim-P 1 \Vlillli-lll.Pli' 1 nt in..MI SIII:I:.M.AN-H:VIN<:TON TI:I.I:I'HONI: co. lit $ 29 . Ifi.Oll si H-T11 i'HKSi'0 TKI.K.l'lloNH/y '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. ill:." at $ 30 . . a.ini '.'.'.'.'. s..'." 21). T, (I SOI-TII sriUNiiFiHi.n IU-UAI. J!;-!-^;; ) *|Y Y -'s '".'".'.'.'.'.'. M" 1 t.llll li.llll »1. TI.-.I.I-'.l'HONi: LINK NO. (.9 SofTII T).. . . I:AST HI I :!<> 221 70 63 464 167 M n 4 r, 45 •in 10". II.' 2S 2S ill 210 liO parsed. ELECTRIC FUND , Entertains Ledyard Aid Ledyard: Mrs. Wm. Wlemer en- ttnalned at an Aid tea at her home Wednesday afternoon. The following ladles were guests: Mesdames Tire Brack, Walter Miller, Alfred Miller, Alfred Krammersmeler. Hnr- old Herzog and Lawrence Pingle. At Conservation Meeting Ledyard: George Hagge, Tlce Brack and Fred Darnell attended n conservation meeting In Algonn on Wednesday an*l attended a dinner at the Congregational church. Tike Freshies Initiated Titonkn: Freshmen Initiation was held Friday. The events of the day were climaxed by an all-high school roller skating party In the evening with freshmen as guests Jorle Gabel, with Delorls Junke- meier as substitute. Boys' Quartet—Howard Kllnk slek, Paul Garry, Donald Looft and Duane Thompson. Boys' Glee Club—Orvllle Brandt Vernon Dorsey, Edward Egcerth Melbourne Haag. Howard Kllnk slek. Donald Looft. Jack Reece. Duane Thompson. Edward Lloyd, Irvin Beenken, Paul Garry. Cecil Langerman. Howard Nltz. Billy McDonald. Ledyard Youngster Receives Eye Injury Ledyard: Orville, the small son of Mr. and Mrs. John Frandle, had his eye hurt one day last week while playing at school. Several children were running, catching butterflies, and another playmate stuck his finger in Orville'g eye. He wan unable to be In school the rest of the week and was under a doctor's care. J. W. Kelly, salary ------ $ Bellock, salary -----P. C. Dalley. salary -----Tom Halpin, salary ----Walter Gorman, salary -H. E. Stepheneon, salary- Ray Barton, salary ------ . C. C 1 . Wright, ealary ---Adah Carlson, galary ---- Enwt Thiel, labor - ...... Harold Roth, labor ..... Chester Webb, labor ..... Wayne Stephenson, labor- Joe Kelly Jr., labor ----Shell Petro, Co., fuel ---Johnson Oil Co., fuel ---Milwaukee, freight -----Western Union, service — 97.50 70.00 70.00 G7.50 '"'.",'..'.. r.n r.'.r.n 1,AKK. UOAII TKI.KI'HONI-: LINK t I KllKlP TWP ; Hebron Tp Ilnnorfifl ln-1. f JiTi'iiu'ond . .. MAVNK Grnnt Tp l.pdynrd Inil. I.edynrd l.ndyard Inil. SprliiKflcld . . Hprltmfl«-ld Tp r.o mill's nl I .'.I.-..IHI inlli'H nl f i-INK NO. is 1 r.2 mill'* ill I iiiAi, TKi.i-:riioNi-: i'o. 4.7:, mlli-H nt I T,rt CORWTTH-FA1RV1EW FOUR-H CLUB HOLDS REUNION AFTER 12 YEARS Titonka Clubs Meet Titonka: Mrs. C. V. Pendergast entertained at bridge the Tuesday club at which Mrs. John Fisher received high prize, Mrs. Miller Nelsons second high and Mrs. Ricklefs low. On Wednesday a party was held for the Thursday club at which high The Mrs. Harry Beed received prize and Mrs. Sartor low. Pendergasts will leave In October or California. Corwith- Falrvlew: A party was held at the home of Mrs. Melvln Christian living near Hardy, last week Thursday afternoon In honor of Mrs. Gordon Hlbbard of San Diego. California, who is visiting here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Masterson. Those attending were former members of the West Grove town•hip, Humboldt county 4-H club of which Mr». Hlbbard was a charter member, besides a »mall number of Invited guests. This was the nrot reunion of the club since it was discontinued about 12 years ago. All of the girU who were members then, with the exception of two. are married, and each Is the mother of one or more children. The afternoon was spent in vttr- ious forms of entertainment, including a club meeting with the program composed of talks reviewing th» history of the club, and Its achievement., and each members whereabouts since the club was a< t- £. The fact that the club was for several years the outstanding club Sfth. county wa. barely mentioned •nd then forgotten, while all the SSmoroJi Incident, that took place were brought to mind and were the W * W Tmuch laughter ancMun wer' M~r7~ Robert Ma»terson, Mrs. L«e William^ and Garv Lee and Mrs HM«pUIBvans^nd^tty Lou Eater* Bible School lliss Donna and Kenneth Berk JK^Tto Mlnneapolisja^week Mr. and Mrs. George Evans, 8r.. and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Millard Evans were at Eagle Grove a w«ek ago last Sunday to attend the funeral of the former', mother, Mrs Ellen Evans, who died at her home there on Thursday evening, Sept 15. Death was caused from old HK« and complications. Mrs. I'eler Jacobs of Corwith Mr. and Mrs. John Chambers am Thelma and Wayne of Goodell, returned last Thursday from a two weeks' trip through Minonk, III Chicago, Wisconsin Dells, Black River Falls, and Wa.eea, Minn. Mis Veva Aldrich of Waseca, returned with them for a short visit. Th Chambers family lived at Corwith until two years ago when they mov ed to Goodell. I muvu •«»*••"--• , refreshment, were served «=?.?? «, _from here wer, 67.50 65.00 65..0 42,00 70.00 29.45 79.20 52.89 72.90 47.40 750.09 255.25 712.03 1.20 5.-J6 72.92 R'y Exprese, express H. W. Post, freight Fulton Iron Works, on account - 29523.00 WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, aalary Harry Barton, salary Frank Ostrum, salary --Laura Mitchell, salary .-Earl Bowman, labor Uick Helmers, labor iBmnn ( '°-. mdee. LeiKhton Supply, mdKe. H. W. Piwit. frclKht Tlioriic Well f'o., on account Vc-rn Scobba. labor I!mer llelmers, labor — GENERAL FTTND II. A. Van AlBtyne. salary Arthur Mould*, salary -Cecil McClnuls. salary -Bert Norton, labor Alvia Hill. labor JeKBe Lauhbrook, salary.- E. SkillinK, Jpbor -- Wlllard Gregoon. labor -- Oljver Bakken, labor P. Sklllinp, labor 37.5C 65.0 65.0 55.0i 7<I.2C 5.8 313.8C 1123.5 0!i8.5 Oi 2.9 61.0' 55.0 50.0 14.00 13.C5 70.00 30.12 88.16 56.21 16.91 Vlilttomore 1ml. Vlilttemore Tl». Vlilttcmore linl. ir. on MAIM.I-: flllOVK LINK NO. s:i . . l.MI inlli'K nl I MBYKJl Y.iNK NO. U 2.0(1 mlli-K nt I :ir> :'» 37 no 1S is 11 .'. 1". 21" Him SOfTH Itfr.AI. LINK N<> «^^ Tp ~ f ^ ' -ml. \viilil<'iii"i'<' »t I KOVTH WHITTKMOKK ' ' sticcKSsi. ; ri: TKl'.K 1.<il In Cn-i-U 'l'|i \Vliltti-miin' Tp. nnn 1ml. Cri' VlvlUemore Tp 'rcuro Tp NOltTII CIIMHCO .1 00 •HONI-: LINK K . l.on mll<' HI $ Tp NOIITII ItlVKIlHALK TKI T|>.' ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. NOIITII i K on •HONI-; I'll. NO. iX . i.Rii mll<-» in ( 11 . :i mi Hebron Tp. Sprlngflelil Tp NonTHVVKSTKliN Al(fonn Iml. I'liim r.'n-»-k I'liim I'r.-t'lt TP H on lll'ltAI. TKl.KI'HONH TO. 1 r,o inlU-H at 4 :U ;; '. ; r..r.o •• " •LPM CtlKKK TKI 7 0(1 i-:i'HONi-: i.INK NO. '"'."'..".V.""'.'.""..".'." -'.»" mill's nt i .-;* I.nn ii.iin Tp. oiiTiii-:!. ToWNsnii .-o"' TKliKI'l } r,o mlli-s nt f •: I.I.NI-: NO. i:, 1 u r.u mlti-s n t I ,.i.KASANT-vXl.LHV ™-"tt«;™ n X™ , i .INI: NO. .Mi mlli-N :il $ ri.r.M risKKK k TP. '.'.'.'.'•'• I'l.r.M rniipip TP IMiim I'r.'i-li Tp [Uiffalip Tp. ri: I'rillrle Tp. •ISKKK- l:rllAI.TI-:i.i:l'lloNI-: UNK No J ANP:! •I'oWNSIIH 1 TKI.KI'HONI-: LINK :i.r,« mlli'H in $ Swi-ii Tp. . -.-n Tp. w-i-n Tp. . . . vvi'ii city Iml S\VI-:A IMTV * SI:NI-:«'.\ TKI .IIIHl Iliirrl""" SWKA i-ITY lU'llAI. .null' Tp li-iint Tp. I'IPIIS! • • • • • • • • Tp. UlNi. Ni\ •! Itiri-lKini Iml I>lsl. >i'. *wcn Tp . . . . «WI-H <-llv Mnrrlcnn Hwi-n ("lly I"' 1 swt-ii n-i'ii Tp. I'nnKl \V1iltt«'m»|-v Tp AlKima Iml. '' KHfu Tp. . . . 'fi'!''':!"inn!''i« < Ht t 7 M'I mill's at $ l.on ^ONK l.INK -.1.7'p mll<-» at I 7.-".o 11. r.o .KI'tloNK i o. 'ir.iv" nilli-x nt % 144 2:!:t 31 11.: 22.-. 4r,o 7'M MS ',"' '.fliV^ 1 '''.'. 1 ''^'.-' 1 - 1 - 1 • N MV 1 " 1 "::" Bt 32 44 Alui'ii" Im'. i'hiin <'i-fi.|( IrvliiKlf'ii Tp I'rnli I'- TIP - • Tp. TWKNTY-ONI-: I'linii Cri'i-k TI.'l-l'ol'NTY TI:I.I:I'n '" " ' I-.VION v A 1,1.1-: v n-:i.i:i'iioNi-: I.INI-: . . 1 Ml Illlli-H III it r, i 27 IK i: I.INI 1 III! Ililll'f K NO. 11 :' Ml mllf> ;S MTTCAI \Vi-Mh\Vi H|I- Tp til.I lit t III t lit $ iMI'ANV •.T, inll-s nt $ TKi'.i.-l'iioM: ro 11 (.11 mil. « »i I ] MM w i :s i . i : v 1;rl!A ,.T.:i.i:.'HoN,: j i.iNKNo i - | *•••>"•>; ^wniTT.iMoiH-: m ..AiVT,:,.,:.'...^.: ...N.: NO $ 4 ^ f 'v't!lH"iii"| f |ii' ln'l' \Vlilti«-Mi"r«- j_ •'•""_ 21S IKI ::i :i7j •jut ,11.1 -n •l*.-, 1938 Kossuth County Tax Levy Ovm-ral fminty Kuml. 1.5; Court KXP-IIH.- Kini'l. i-iinilary Itimd i'mintriii-lliin Kun'l. f>. Bwiinnm-y Ki-iriMl«- IX'X. *-'<.W: f' »' H1 ta . x "" Moiu-yu nl,. DIP*, in Inrlii.lnl In Hi.- litn^rul I" unil, l.l'-i: tttiil*-- ln**Hiu- Kuii'l. 1.35; i-iiiis lt«; 1 mill tax "« in .H MIllH. :iml „„»• mini -; Hitlclli'i-M Itp-llff. .«•; i-.piinl.v S<-l u.-tl.pi) in- Maliili-ni'ii'-i' Kuml. .'.: U.-innil Slnt MIIIII-VK ami Ci-wllts fur Siililli-r'n MIPIIIIH; Cltv ami Tnwi la iti-i.Hiii." -.'f. Mill*-, iiialilnn a t.ptal ..f :i. Mlll» I--VH-.1 I .1 Kuml. .a: i-,,iinl.v I'u.-li ll-a'l i:.;inl". li«-v«-mir. -' ; Ki.l.lli-iH HIHIIIP-. .::)- l"i»l. •" ail I i-W .'^, Mlllp- In.-lil't'-'l I r lt» ,H III • I I ill lilll-l-ill I.' viidill-p-- 1938 1,1 l-Mliil. t. l-Vllli'lK'-IK-y I v ^ , -r,,»li>lil|. Hi-ail '•' c I'lH home the following day. William Erdman and Cliff• Mw«r. are enjoying a weeks flab- Ing trip in Minnesota. ». B. B. Purgeson, WM r.lewe.1 W Th« y iunior class of the Corwith hl gh school ~t to start Prac- ssraffiffiSs-K 1938 Potato Crop Almost Total Low Swea-Eagle: The Thorson Bros., George Moore and Le*He Han.on, v/ho for year, have planted many acre, of potatoe. are reporting almost a total low on account of the heavy rain, this toll. Birth Annlvernary Observed A group of young people enjoyed a social evening at the homu of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Larson in honor of ?he birthday of their daughter Ber- nlce. Mrs. Larson served lunch at a late hour. Buck From Trip Mr and Mrs. Lloyd Gardner and amlly returned home last week rom a ten day trip to the Ozarks n Missouri. Ladle*' Aid MetU The Eugl« Ladles' Aid meet at ,,. home of Mrs. William Brock on Mrs with them for a visit 4. 5. •i. K. Ml. 11. ii. 13. 14. 15. 17^ U. 19. VI. **•> 2'. •A. •a. •M, •f,. AlKona Hurt li No I No. a p. l/inil* ... lllt'OIII. I^iki.ta Im-orp I 1^,-dyurd 1 iii-oip. I^-dyard Ini-onp. 1 Ixmr J{jii<-k I n< on \M Vtrnc InniH' I^i Vtrn.- Int-orp ' -i Ti'im 3.(>:f4i I JU.4I3I 6>41I ',~,.\: i a).44;i r,.Mi! i -a 13f,i 4.41 I '.:,;; i'ja.itr.i 4.41 \ I Hi.*& 6.019! : r I ]6.«j f'.uinl "'"I ii.s*il a.ftsi! i>r>A7" NU". " i II... 11 »;.7ui j LHst. No. -' I Jii.761! Verne Incorp. Lands !:ST2.! flty liicorp, I>l*t. No. 1 U.«»l City Iii<-on>. Dta*. No. 'i \\\ 4 ^ Bweu <'lty Incorp. I*nd» J*-* 1 ;?'! Titonka. Jncorp. | W«ley Incurp. \V-a«ley Incoi-|). I-and* Incon'. l.2f. an; .«)>;; •4 14:ti 4.143 10.41H U.iWl , n.. r i(*l 10 'JU~ 17. M4 10. J ^ H h H V, i*""' r*" 2-c H f- '.lift 9.u> 4V.L-T I 47.0-J I 3!i.:«; ! I «.7H- ; w.s; I Whlttemure Wtiltteimire Inc., AluouD. Ind. rr»3«tco A-Iiroria Ind. Irvlnifton Aivuna Ind. Plum L'retk I 14 Wl I 2&313I i ai.:«»i . .WT7 AJiuna Ind. V'nlon _ j *-jj!! 1 , Uuncnrft Ind. Ort-enwuoJ ' li'SS'. nancrutt Ind. Kumitey Huffalu Twp.. l>lnl- No. 7 Huffalu Twp. l)l»t. No. * Buffalo Tvfl'. I>!KI No. if lluffuli) Twp. <'ont»l. Hurl Twv Hurt I lid. Hurl Hurt linl I'uitlund CNirw'th Ind -I'rairlf Curwllli Iml. I-u Vi-rni- Crfsc-o Twp. t- Twp. i'- i 13.J«i ».*K!''• 4 i l «.a l i I .1 7 IT' 3KU .043) .157! I .-i I .117' i.a ! 54.4:14' I :. i.". I «!(*•. I I «.<r, I i; i '•'»»' I i oa> \ \ «.* . .K,-,2 46. HIS .itf.i 42.(i4l *'.) Cll.iCK I -.!7.IK( : 4r>.;VI4 41-Mi.l -'• 41.*»>l I ! 3.& I ;iut> MM* } MMI I 27.7i ! I X'.SOTj >» I* I 3SUJW l.OiBi 4aW< I 44.SX7 I 30.166 t .mi 4ti04(i •J.liWt 33.IJU1 27.7a 41.2H9 I ••.:, I 2.1 I -'.: r> .6 .6 .fp •i I •i.iiS I ^.'.lai ii.* i l».:i si!*:! i !'.•'•> | II.i». ! 4».'.'-'l!, i ii. '-^i\ '.nt. : :u "> H.lli ! ].MiU7 : n.wi l, i I M.M I :Kt.iMj I ;ta.hO .07.ll :T..Wl lJ<il a.7-'!» .IK! 22. IS, ' HM.J ul'ii ia.^41 mi' it -'i 4I.L-J1 ftMi :H.lil» ! 1(4.7.'* (r.n is :",lii (K-.l IN M»l liarrii-ld Twp. Ij.-rin'il! 'J'wji ilranl Twp. i'in.*-l. •llarrlxiiii Twp. liFcl. Nu. -' . Hari-lMili Twp. DlHt. N'P. :i Twp. . livlnKInn Twp. . Uihiita Iml l...l>ar.l , Uikipla Ind. l,li,v..lii . 1,1-dyurd Tw|i. l.t^l>'aril Iml. 1.*-il>ar<l I .i-d yard lii'l Hsinl.-'iin i. 1.,-il'yanl Ind. Sn<Hin;nHiI '. I.liK'.ln TWIP. i, Ixmi- HiK-k Ind. Hurt i. 1-oiiv ItiK k Ind. Ki-ntoii i. lijItH I'rn-k Twp. I. I.u Vi-rm- Twp. .'. l*u Vi-rnv Ind I.u Vi-rtK' *.. I-u Vi-i n.' Iml. Hh«"rman 4. Oltiw.-n Iml. >:«rfleld •p. I"luni rri-i-k Twp. ti. I'urtlaud Twp. , 7 1'iulrlf Twp _ — I). Itivt-i-duU- Twp.""I.I" o Hi-iM-t-ii Tv.-p. i*.iiit*l. , 1. Si-ni-i-.t Twp. Iliet. Nn. 7 ••'. S.-n.-r.i Twp. I)li-t. N'). * .{. Slu-riiKin TM p. . •). S|.rlnKfi.-l'l Tw|i. .•;,. Swi-a TH-|>. [.;. Sw.-a «'lty Ind. llarilBon " Sw.-a I'liy Ind. Swi-a > |- r ,l.,ii Twp. -.;-., W,->i li.-nd i' <;-.ufl.-l-.l Ml \\-i-Kl- 1 .- T«-p. M \V.-.--!.-y Ind. -\V..-l.-y .. s-. \VliiU. in.,r. Twp. . .... s: 1 ,. Whitti .'in.n Ind. Wliill-iiii.ii- . " ' ii (V,~ (, 17 ' 14.4J.7 4.4 I lli.X.', r [ I lli.SU. " i f/ik-.r, i wet- 7ir I O7'.i v MII 4401" 17 Uf- i', n.-.' 1., SJ 4 li> i I '. ;i 1.41 i I II I fi.OllI, f,ur.. ! Kfci «»i" .O.K. y, i .n; <t.~l .07:1; 117' :i ikp r '.I to* 1 ;,ll, I 9I>"> I '.i.'k'p y «fc-» '.I l,."l I ifliu ! '.Illf, I 'J.lf- I '.I If' I :*.«- p.':,::'. •yi n ! _>> '_'7..'; n'*n, 17 Ml) i ».:,!*! lh iAIh 1 , is :rr*i 40.1*! HP -JT/J' JJ 4W> :(4 >'r'. I W.iiT '•; M :/.;'.' i Ik.'MV I >.r,r^i •> :,;»r H:R». ii:;',* 1 i,.i:ii 1 l.V t.i«i I iii.;iui is :::i' 40.V.7, Vi.iK'. 1 -ji* I.TI.I 1!* li'.d. •Jl JJ7 ! p; i:f.' ; ii; .vs.! i 1 ': -RO ' .v :::tl ; li. Ti^i '> ll.iii* 11.16 ;i.i>', ' 4 11; i 11;'. i; I'.K.i u; _•:!'.'' -JO "_'7 :'.! i»7 :>l r.t" . .iiUt'l _".! .^1 !.•> 7'.-'. .".' 17 ; i<; -vW :r 'M'.'. '- ~. i y. nr.i v.i !,-'7 .•7!i Ili'Jf-l IP'J!. '.>• I'-' (1^ 17 IV* : 17 MI '. !>. M* ni;, 1^.41^1 .•^. ih :ir^ .1UJ! 40.:i«;t 1 V> Jt^ :fM -."UiiUG ll.'4' :H 7M U17: -.14.1.6:1 i.11 :M.aJ! Oiu ! 1^.19:) «i7i Si.175 i ->.. - ,W <V,1H IX .'« .ll'.i' IK IM • 4>i.W>7 ! 40rj», i ^y.o7tj <*ll: I'.' li* (lit 1 ,' Jl'-'ll L'j). Hi -i- (Hi7 Hi ~M U'.Kli IX '!lll .-i i _-'.i u: :,:>, iii.iwJ *~ ^ 17 l«l Ki.^li' 1!- :i>:[ .'.I .IT-1 ;i >:. i'.i :.7N Twp. _ ---' Ind Ki-ntun . I . E.074! 2044:1: NO 1 11.41 •W.T. 1'ucsday, 27. After a pro- K ,-am lunch wu» served by Mrs. Tk uad her insisting hostesses, Otto Larson and Mrs. Vurnon Hutfhinson. Mr and Mrs. Joe Pr«»ton Uft last Thursday fur a week end vistt with friends in South Dakota. The O. A. Jensons, Virgil B ruu t » Torlnes w«r« Sunday quests at tnrhome of Mrs. Alam Jwotaion ut Winnebttgo, Minn. 1 ^:,; Wut.-r. I-i; I.itslit, l.lBlil. it: Kin- K ln.n.l.s -"I!-. 1 : ..\u;o\.\ ir t suitluii. i-:. \i.-!ioN\ I'IKT N^J. -•—<Jciii-rul i''iv, ,; Mln-ai-y Jiulldlm.'. -^6. Toiul. 10 10. iwillilau-.l, .s.7i:,i I', irltt. ry. <f,~: Hand, lil: i:i; I,lK)it. l.^Ci; IJlu-ary. s '-'- >> ' A " HM-,; l-'ln- I'iili'iii'-ni. •• r >" ,.-!i.- K-ivilpuu-iu. ni; I'-'i-' 1 jlrj. UrudliiK 1 . "'-'; S*'»''- ruiui. r:mi' , 4.;4:i; Hi.nd Int«-i>i. l ••'• vt-:mN'ic, " i 3!».oi:r *>I4; :!(,.!«» ', ::7r, ; Kin- Ma:nt. i. > . 1 3'-; Hand. 1 _•;.. llai d. •".; I'arli. ,-nf..i-t Stull-.ii. Hl'ItT—<:>'ln-i-ul <'Hy. i'.13>: (Jradliiu'. PKNToN-<ii-iu-iaI c'liy, :'.,"i: Wat-r, 1 *: j J ..\KOT.\--<-iiimi.ll.laH'il. 7.!>".''•: I'lty Hall. IjfcJInYAH'I*—i)«-ni-rttl I'lly. ^.111 .or.': U»atl Ui-ugslnlS. HOOK -<'<jin*jlldat«!d, V.I.'J; I.llflit H vo. I—»'cin- illdati-d, l I lnt'.r<-«l. 4.01. Tutal. -ii Mil lllslNival. 1 ~>. Wain- W.irku I .'IT. Han-l. • .•un-lliiK H..n.l.-. 4.W1; H-piid lnt.-n-.-l. -V *<>" liillili-nalK-i'. H*; I.H'iary. .I'*: liarlpaK-- |li 'I .VJ; \Vutt-r. 1 -M-. 1-iKlit. I-"-". i'i'in.-l.-i-.i, -- 1.1' V'lvRNK. UiaT. NO J—Ouii- .lldali'd. SVVI.*A i'ITV. DI.ST. NO. 1 -i Vnfe..l'dat. d. Kuud |)i-a«jjliiB. -J-: l)U|p«»ul, .4N> SWKA iilTV, 1»1»T. No S L». ; I '..JlK-li.-! > . Hi-llluvul, i Vim I'-ry. T.ttal. 10 5U." Total. .V-Tr.. •4- flt.v Hall. "'.Hi; Kin- biniiinu- -nt. , : " .'l'.nl; i')tv Hall. l.3il: Kir " ' T-.'lal, IT SI I. ,-it.\ Hall, l-'-'l; Kill tinow Ki-ili"V-Ul, -tut. TIVON-KA—Cuii-oliduted, * 7V. Fil'i- KMuipiiu-iil. .;i7. r ): ^l-'in WUtflifciy—tU-m-i-ul *'lty. J 14,'; ImpruVi-ini-nt. 11/71; i-rail \VHITTK4W«KI3-Oi-iKT»U i'it>. - 4J: v;rudlns, .4: --M.-WI''' Ti.tul, 14.434. am.-r. Ml. l.i't'rui.V InK, "•'•''. I'ijflil- I-JW; l'''i">' *• H.jliOs. 1 M' 1'1'y llu11 - "^ i-:.iuiiuii. MI. • Kliv tviuumi. i,. M.iini .. M,Mill . i Kin- M.ii Kin- lint; H-.nds. 1 !:•*-. l!"Uil mival. .OMi. Tola), 10.; iij>: Wat.'i- r.'.n.i.-. .;:,.'. Hall. l.Ji-: l-'ii- l-:.ui>» :,; H,.;I<I I PHI^KI i^. ;,, ll.>ad In-a^-ui^. ,.,i->, .'.H; iS- «:-»;•• I 'i rii i y, 7.'7-,', l'ni-«n,-. i!.,l,d.-. -' II-'. I'ai l> ' ; --"'. Wat-T Wi.rks-, "'I. W. I.,.-1"

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