The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1938 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1938
Page 5
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, Sept. 27,1938 Dftrtd Beck and Mm. D. A. rBftrnard were in Fort Dodge, Friday A. L. Brown, county agent, at- i tended the Waterloo Cattle Con- .8t«BB at that city, Sunday. lfl!ima Kapj>, office girl for Dr. 'C. D. Schaap, was ill and unable .to be ;at 'Work, Thursday. .Tttr, and Mrs. A. ,1. Groat of Sioux 'City were week end guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Carr. Mr. and Mr*. Ralph Cram of Mo- llltt, 111., are visiting their daughter, .Mrs. H. E. Carr for several weeks. Jack and ,1111 Clapsaddle visited 'during the week end at the Bernij Burllngame home near St. Bene- •dict. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Barton were guests of the lattcr's sister, Mrs. J. R. Cook, at Wcbh, Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Crawford attended the funeral of a friend, Mrs. Minnie Johnson at Spenreri "Wednesday. Mr*. Martin Duffy, Sr., of Whlt- temore. visited nt the home of her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Duffy, Thursday. Mr*. May Harris and daughter, Mary, visited another daughter of the former. Mrs. Milton Glddings, at "Wesley Thursday. Jamen Chubh and Virginia Arn, who clerks at James drug store, attended a United drug meeting, at Fort Dodge, Wednesday. lifon Douglas* of Boone was a guest at the H. E. Carr home last week Tuesday. Mr. Carr and Mr. Douglass were once classmates. Harold Brandt has been ill nnd confined to his home with a heavy cold which threatened pneumonia. Mr. Brandt is the local Decker salesman. Mr*. Harold Cowan left Monday ' for Mitchell. S. D.. where she will spend several days visiting at the home of her cousin, Mrs. Lyle Holmes. Betty Miirfagh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, has left for Iowa City, where she has entered her junior year at the University of Iowa. Mr. and Mr*. Anton Anderson entertained their sons and wives. Mr. and Mrs. Holrrmn Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Anderson at dinner, Sunday. Frances Reed spent the week end visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Grovcr Reed at Irvington. Frances is employed at the Horace Clapsnd- tlle residence. Mr. and Mr*. H. Hone and daughter of Tulsa, Oklahoma, were visitors at the home of Mrs. Rowe's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. George Smith. Mr. and Mr*. M. W. Jneobson .and Mr. and Mrs. Alwin, Huenhold visited nt the home of Mr. and Mr«. Donald Cronan at Toledo, Iowa, during the week end. Marlon Rising and Lyle Pugh of Des Moines spent the week end visiting their respective parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. R. Rising, nnd Mr. end Mrs. James McEnroe. Evelyn Kuckenbeefcer of Plover was a week end guest at the home of Mr. and Mr*. H. W. Miller. Evelyn, principal of the Plover schools, is a sister of Mrs. Miller. Mr*. Earl Traul returned to her home In Ottumwa after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kapp, for several weeks. She will be remembered as Arlene Kapp. Robert McCullough. >on of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCullough, left last week Tuesday for St. Louis, Mo., where he has enrolled in the College of Mortuary Science. Mabel and Lulit Kohl returned home from a ten day vacation trip, Wednesday. They had been visiting their brothers, Harvey, George uml Dick Kohl at St. Paul, Minn. Mr. and Mm. Wm. J. Finn, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Behlmer and Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Crawford helped James Crawford of Whlttcmore celebrate his birthday, Sunday. Mr. and Mr*. John Nordstrom went to Portland, Ore., Wednesday. Mr. Nordstrom, who Is suffering from asthma, required the change of climate. Two of the Nordstrom son*, Art and Howard, are employed there. Buth Dickinson Hunter ipent tli«- week end with her parents, Mr. and Mr«. L. J. Dickinson. Her mother, and little son, Lynn, returned to Des Moines with her and will visit for several days at the homes of Mrs. Dickinson's sisters, Mrs. F. K. V. Shore and Mrs. Gardner Cowles. Imelda Doolr-y, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Dooley returned from a visit of several days with friends In Dubuque, Thursday evening. Imelda Is county deputy recorder. Mr. and Mr*. Robert Charlenworth of Superior, Wls., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tuesday until Friday. Eldien from Mr. Eldien Is an Allis-Chalmers salesman In this territory. MM. Ole Allison returned Monday of last week from Gowrle, where she had been for two weeks caring for her mother, Mrs. August Anderson, who was ill. Mrs. Anderson has recovered. • Mr. nnd Mrs. Albert Fosnaugh, who were recently married nt Good Hope, are making Algona their per mnnent home. Mr. Fosnaugh is employed at the Algona Rendering Works here. Mrs. Matt Selzer drove to Mason City. Thursday, to spend the day visiting her daughter, Catherine, who has completed her training at the Mercy hospital, and Is working at private duty. Ix-lghton and Lawrence Misbflch were Friday evening dinner guests at the home of their sister, Mrs. Carl Spies, at Emmctsburg. They attended the Emmctsburg-Algotia football game. Mrs. Don Hutchison returned home, Thursday, from Cedar Rapids, where she had been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schulze. Mr. and Mrs. Schulze returned with her for a visit here. Mr. and Mrs, Harold Cosgrove returned Monday, from Boy Lake in northern Minnesota, where they have been working for the summer at the resort of Floyd Pierce, form er Algona cafe man. Mr. and Mrs. August Eckberg of Minneapolis stopped on her way home from Gowrle, Wednesday, to rail on her sister, Mrs. Ole Allison The Eckhergs were accomapnled by Mrs. Dwight Babcock. John Hargrcave* left Wednesday morning for Salisbury, Maryland following a two weeks' vacation vlsll with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. P H Hargrcavns and other Algon relatives and friends. Mr. and .Mrs. R. 8. Btossom, Mrs. Jane Blossom and Mrs. C. H. Blossom nnd Jennie Thompson, the latter two of Burt were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elston at Gilmore City, last week Sunday. Mrs. George H. Free, Mr*. W. E. McDonald, Mrs. Harold Hutchlns, nnd Mrs. G. D. Stokes drove to Bode. Friday afternoon, and were supper guests at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. Walter Thompson. The W. B. Quarton home Is being; reshlngled, Howard infers began work last week at the Hoenk Motor Service. Harriet Claybnrg of Clear take is a guest of her sister, Mrs. Earl Sprague, this we«k. Mr. and . B. Cook are visiting the former's sister, Mrs. Lou Schichtl, at Staples, Minn. A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walker at the General hospital, Friday, September 24. Mr. and Mr*. Eugene Murtagh returned Sunday from Chicago, where they had spent a few days. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. McCall spent Saturday and Sunday in Des Moines visiting their daughter, Catherine. Ruth McKee of the Upper Pes Moines staff, accompanied by a friend, visited In Mason City Sunday. Camilla Rlebhoff, who Is a nurse in Minneapolis, spent the week £nd with her mother, Mrs. Flora Rleb- hoff. Mrs. Henry Johannscn, Jr., was dismissed from the General hospital, Saturday afternoon following a major operation. ' Mrs. JF. O. F. Price, Mrs. W. K. Ferguson. Mrs. J. H. Brechtbill and Miss Minnie Coate drove to Fort Dodge today (Tuesday). Marjorle Turner I* 111 with pneumonia. Marjorle teaches school In Ramsey township. Margaret Dodds Is substitutlnk for her. The Young people's meeting will be held Friday evening at eight o'clock in the church parlors of the Trinity Lutheran church. Edward Sledmeler, who has been Employed In Worthlngton, Minn., Is spending a few days with his grandmother, Mrs. Flora Riebhbff. P. J. Kohlhaas, accompanied by his daughter, Betty, drove to Mason City, Saturday, oil business and to visit another daughter, Anita Rose. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bloom and son, Dickie, are spending several days In Mason City with Mr. Bloom's mother, Mrs. Sam Bloom and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. George Elhcrt, Howard Bcardsley, and Lloyd Schenck of Burt were in Minneapolis, Monday, attending a Dodge dealers' meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Fowler K. Hohhs of Minneapolis were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Payne and) Mr. and Mrs. John Beiscr. The Women are sisters. Dr. and Sirs; W. G. Muhleman left for Sac City today (Tuesday) whore they will attend the Northwest Iowa Methodist conference which will be In session for a week. Sirs. Edythe Dailey was an overnight guest of Mrs. Zella Harris at Marshalltown, Saturday night She drove to Des Moines, Sunday, where she visited her son, Bill. TVtt. and Mr* Win. W«ls and family drove to Calmar Sunday to spend the day with •her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Smith. It was their little son's get-acquainted visit with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Thnrston of Virginia, Minn., spent the week end visiting their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Haggard. Mrs. Haggard returned to Virginia with her parents for a visit of several days. M. P. Haggard and M. H. Falk- enhalner are expected home Wednesday from the Lake of the Ozarks where they have been attending an annual meeting of the directors of the Druggists Mutual Insurance Ag. ency since Sunday. Mr. and Sirs. Start Weaver, Sir*. W. K. Ferguson, Miss Minnie Coat" and Mrs. E. C. Dickinson drove to "nion Slough, Sunday. They reported that the ducks were flying In to feed, nnd that the sight was one everyone should see. Sirs. A. I* Long returned Sunday evening after a three weeks' visit with her daughter, Mrs. Robert Mid. dlekauff in Los Angeles, California. VTrs. Long's little grandson. Charles Mlddlekauff, returned with her for a visit of several weeks. Sirs. G. D. Shumway .and her mother, Mrs. A. G. O'Brecht, drove to Mallard this morning to attend the funeral of the former's grandfather, J. G. O'Brecht of Havelock. who died Friday following a stroke. He was past ninety years of age. W. H. Fish of Ntoto, HI., and his brother, Roy Fish of Dupree, | Allda Thllges of Ottosen left for S. D., were guests at the home of! Iowa City, last week Tuesday, wh*rc their niece, Mrs. G. C. Barton, Frl-1 she will attend the university. Thi 4 day and Saturday. Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Barton took them to Webb, where they spent the week end visiting her sister, Mrs. J. R. Cook. Sir. and Sirs. W. C. Irrtan, Dr. and Mrs. Olson and the doctor's mother. Mrs. Bessie Olson of Des Moines spent Saturday evening In Fort Dodge. Mrs. Bessie Olson, who has been living In Des Moines, left Sunday after a -two weeks' visit nt the home of her son and wife, Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Olson. Charley Arnold, fornirr popular Algona restaurant man, with his wife, visited last week in Algona at (lie home of his half-brother. Jake Freeh. The Arnolds have for many years since leaving Algona. conducted a restaurant nt Ortonville. Minnesota. Fred Arnold Is running a restaurant in Minneapolis. Thi> Arnolds wont from hero to Cedar Fnlls nnd Wntorloo. for a visit with Mrs. Arnold's relatives. A post card from ;~ro<l Brhlntrr last week found him located nt Look Out Mountain in Colorado whore he was sightseeing with his daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and Mri. Lee Rclnhnrdt of Sharrin Springs. Kansas, whom he has been visitinz the past two weeks. On the trip they also visited Denver. Boulder, and 13ste.i Park. In Boulder, he saw an old friend. Wm. Lesch. former jeweler in the R. H. Miller drug store (now Borchardt's> when he was in charge of the Ice creanj department there. is her second year there Sir. and Mrs. Norman WalUer and sons spent week end at Sioux City and Sallx on business and visiting Mr. Walker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Walker. Guests of STr. and Sirs. Alex Dermand, Sunday, were Dr. nnd Mrs. Otho Buxton and daughter 1 .' Brtc- bara of Webster City, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Gifford of Fort I>nrtRe. Sir. and Sirs. Wm. C. Dau and family were Sunday evening supper guests of Louis Brnatz and fnm- ily at Whittcmore. Little Ruth Braatz was celebrating her birthday anniversary. Thelnm Aman, daughter of Mr*. Jessie Aman, has purchased n heau- ty shop In Fort Dodgo. Slio will take possession October 1. Thelnvi has boen working In Kngle Grovo for several weeks. Sir. and Sirs. I). A. nnrnard, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bohlen, and Mr. nnd Mrs. George Srlilioff drove to Fort Dodge, Sunday to attend a Gamble store meeting. The women visited Mrs. Arnie Horsford. Sir. and Sirs. Ed Sehnepf of SIII- waukec, Wis., Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Schallin and Mrs. Minnie Preyer were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dau, Monday evening. The women are aunts of Mr. Dau. Sir. and Sirs. Donnl* Pratt, Sir. and Mrs. Frank Shllts, Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Stewart nnd Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parks spent Sunday in West W. A. Barry was online! to rtinh- nell, Illinois, Monday by the death of his Ktrp-Rrandfnthrr. John f^pigh. who died Sunday. Ho \v:is nroom- panied from Pos AToines by his sis- tor. Mrs. C. B. M. Smith, and they will attend the funeral which Is to be held today. Mr. Leigh, who was the stepfather of the late C. A. Barry was in the late eighties. His son, Tom Leigh, who had been art Algona painter until his wife's death a few ago, has been living with years, him. DniTf Forgot The Rig Sate of USED Trucks - Tractors Farm Machinery You'll timl iinythiii"' you are looking f<>\- in used (nicks or uiaeliinery. McCormick-Deering Store Phone 52 East Stnto Street •M ALWAYS COOU M| n?i ft**) h't fun! H'« «o«y to win! (M ln» bo»kl»f fltt yeur ihor* of Ih* 5404 <o*h prim In lh» tn* M»vt» Quit Contaitl MOTION PICTUHSS AKt YOUR BEST ENTERTAINMENT Tues. and Wed. Dally school matinee 4 p. m. Extended Kun Spencer Tracy ( Mickey Rooney "BOYSTOWN" Sept 29-30-Oct THRItlS/ CHIU.S/ CKI Hif.hai.if Ciom Marsha Hunt Serial, "Dick Tracy Return*" Coming Sunday-Monday, Oct. 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