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The Merthyr Express, Aberdare and East Glamorgan Herald, Tredegar and West Monmouth Times from Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales • 5

Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
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Mountain Ash Comments. Br SfICIATOR. There was very little doily is Mountain Aai duns. the Whitnuttide bclidays, but frost ranieal point of view local did very well is the various eisteddfods. held at other places At lite Caerphilly Eisteddfod Min ARAM SI Mulvey, of Lyadhu etstrwit, was successful is winner; the noood prise is the opts piaseforte solo competition against large number of other able pianists Mins Mulvey still very young, and should have sirt-eseful future Woe Morris, the conductor of the A.

Cher. mot be oa winning the ant prae to the irenile choral competitme. This choir has doing remarkably well tb. 1 0 years. the dais' solo eaateet at the was MW Edith linuntain As ass be Dam from tht report yr.

N. J. 1141marda and 11 John orma imaomstal is siestas the t.nor and barn tame saw respectively at the Aberdare willed. while Mr. John Wiiliame Finny alio mem the quartette romp-tition At th.

listrolord on Monday Miss Jong, Merntatn Ash. nes succosselad in WISAM, dm wound rise on tiln own sopram solo. haws( them who were sure efti al at th. Nagy Show no Monday wm Ur Iw Jams, Ilessuans Ask. who won the bat prima hl Clam 10 for robs iodine.

mare or get. Awe was also mattemlful in Us harness mare o- estesiliag 310. awl not etrordintr 141 As the listodellod as Tiowlay limo jean. Pesrhiwrether, off tior rim fa the girl. rompotillon Verna haw Winsome lMoeeta.e AA) sad Jeset AberdarP) wee the dope row sit i lmoy Kotecidfed es Timeristy.

hie hie was ih. d.i.T.t. ee the oes i is A Mattel annual Impiety the of Oali hem lit 5.,. rte, hf.lel in Leedom on Tw oth Tv Ash Juveuar Clew. o.

tt, WM. Merrii. aro vow Oat wilisvra of 6rot pram at various esoireleffarlau. oats pews. a' Tba Maraaaia Ash Ilatiornian al.le were rapeenifel in einninir the Grit qr.

at Ito Moreton F.taterld:ort cot Tonelay rta bogie toad a grand reception diem stipportera and friend. Mr. Minh J.Oa. the veteran coadoctor, Inuit be. coinpli.

cnted on furttvr of lit. party. MOUNTAIN ASH. T. K.

Limn. Coal Merchant, Ikeatraetor Itemover. by Rail or koad. Este 'netts pa Ape Wallies. Carts, Trapr.

Illealrrans Assi delighted. limber. I hare bees oaring and did wit Ind any bugs or leas. .4 -re I used Begley's kill 'eta Quirk" last year. I shell elways one it.

as I I. the Daly presider I bare foulest that hills eat ell RirtIVIXO (lams A order has to on mined la the wr of Alfred J. Ealon, Ilatley.street, Mob il, buklier News FIIOII Nast Mr. kArnund Mardis's'. who left for New 7.calnild a swaths MIO, bas been 'minted conductor of I ohs Mathes Federal Rand.

Ms. Ilerdiman e. known throughout Smith Mlle for his Arilliaat playing. Pxs a secial meeting and tea took place at St. Teilo's Hall.

hits. him, in ouneetior with the Women's Tem- prance Union. and St. John'. Womou'e itible Claes.

Proceed. WPM given to Society far Promotion of Christian Knowledge. Mr. Emmet Leslie Griffiths, me it Mr. and Mrs.

Meer, (iriffiths. of Mar- Purl Road. hap paused the junior certificate at the Welsh nosed. and also the Otford Local Examination. Mr.

Griffiths is a pupil of the Mountain Ash County and is Anita a brilliant student. Assert very successful benefit toneert in aid a Mr. Martin O'Connor. was told at the Workmen's Institute on Sunday evening. Mr.

Tem Ream, Lie Hotel. f'enrhisrceilier, peesided. and briefly explained the i.hjert for which the comport was held. to. provide as.

artificial limb fair Mr. acautitir. The programme was an excellent and eon's were contributed by Mashie Phillip John Williams and M. Morgans. Mies Lily M.

Edith Watkins. Master Willie Watkins and Madame Affluents. A number of eplectione were also given by the Mountain Ash Hibernian bind. The aectimpaniets for the evening were )nbn Webber and Arthur Watkies. while Mr.

EvIIIR JIIOHMI acted as secretary. funeral the late Mrs, wife of Mr W. Cape, St Strand Street. Veat.iwn, took place (or the Alwrffrwd none'yr! on Tuesday. Deceased was 55 years of ore The officiating minister was the Rev.

I' Rwhardeon, and the were: Mr. Witham Capp (widower): Mrt. A. Martin Idea F. Sayers (daughter): Mr.

and Mr. John Gape (ion). Mrs. I. Harris (daugh.

tor). Mrs. Eva Fselkner, London (delighter). James. William and Thats.

Cape (sons); Mr. and Mrs. W. Hawkins. Taunton (brother); Mrs I.

Nation, Ticherbert: Mre. Penram. and His. Taunton low). Mr.

James ('ape. Treherbert. and Mr. Etheard (laps. Ebbw Vale tbrothpre.iii.lawl: Mr F.

Marlin Newtown. Mr. Idria Harris Mountain Ash: Maetet Albert firrem, Mies A. Payers. and Mos Lily Faulkner Mrandelibirent.

Rents 1 0 Rhos Rested held special en ihinday. the morning a sermon wati delivered by the pastor, the Rev. R. 8. but the afternoon and evening the services wane of a miscellaneous character.

The presided in the afteranna. sad Mr. Thomas Bffinuilde in the rsesiag. The I llociss beak part in the services: Elene Iderardss Timor Morgan, Letitia Evans, Usi7 Hughes, 8. l'owell and sister, Meurig 1114004.

Herbert Davies. Levi lliirenttie )1. Williams. tieladys donee, Ann Rebecca Davies. Jennie Cvans.

and W. H. Atkins. Dente were alai, gi illiams, by A. Daviee.

Mrs. John Vim Madge Mee. Jouee Mmes. Hen Davies. Pennar a iwitrita: and D.

Telly The recitation of the Sinking of the Titanic." by Mies G. M. Williams wee excelleet, while the diehmeel to the mayor meeting and the picturebosses by Mrs. Joust and was very Islamism. Ileverel choruses were rendered the chair under the conductor.

tfiP of Mr. Den Davies. The organist was Mr. J. Join and the secretary.

Mr T. J. E.aae. Bryugolwg Mite Hall. which s.

connected with the Street Presbyterian Church is a centre tr ggyat religious activity. and one of the loprishlog organi.atlons is the large connected with the entsaion. a Ilandley afternoon slid evening the auntserviese were hold and were very -wetly afteaftsd. Rev. E.

Bargees. the new prookled at the afternoon service. Ade Mr. W. litaniirld rwtupsed the chair in ion.

and 'oleo were given the following I.sedon Ray Padding. John Ralph Pontiny. Tom Tommy. Steve Evans. Lotion Pugh.

Lena r. Lily Davey. Evelyn Davies. tiladys 1)11y. Elsie Davies, Earn Ellis.

Blodyren solos by Lathan PUgh, Dorothy Per Phoebe Davies, Annie May Pugh and Pugh. The singing by the choir. ZJer the condertorahip of Mr. T. Pugh.

excell nt. Th organist was Mr. Walter rue. The 011ittN art Superintendent. Mr.

1.h.. Davies: treasurer. Mr. Arthur Mr. W.

Pugh. Ow Monday the nnall ten was held. the following assisting the tables Positing. roles. Mies Homer, Lotus tooting.

Miss Lily 1 1, 7. Miss Evelyn Davies. Miss Fanny Mrs. Edmonds, Mrs. Hackett.

Mrs. crth. Mrs. Thomas, Meows. J.

Hackett. B. -lull. T. Coke.

A. Perkins. .5. Pugh. T.

3. Davies. W. Pugh. Alter the tea 7 sStal roam, was held under the prodietut Me D.

hies. Holes were iven sad Master while somber of amosiog weer resilogad by the 'habits. the meeting of the Baud of of Hospital ea We4arro 1 a was reported in the asiaaess the. BOOM that a comaiusitatiosi had tete re Zoo the orerstan of the swcl hiareto of tlie Belljsh with to the treatrneor et si society or amesoietioo ha object he ea re. 111 kr ef ri After Medical Board had dogged to rst.l of o.

teal were la Pi Arto the Swansea bro had bass Wets. argil! division DO action amid kw taken. Issabsr ham Mowataia Ash. 10'f tho matter. said he was authorised to ask them not to allow say local imeashers' disputa pertain's, to say of the collieries and works to Wan with the work of the hospital.

Us was iostruetad to ask the Conti of Monagesseut to record minute Ito the sleet that they disapproved of any minute iistrigsestal to the hospital. They felt if this was it would briog about a better fretless. At the proseut time they had great dolkulty eistidubsg the for the hospital, and their Billposting and Advertising Ltd. the LARGER: NUMBER OF BILLFORMi STATIONS IN THE DISTRICT. orszra to Wes Coosoca 1.7 the or NDSILLS DISTRISUTRD tilicousb Diarist Masao.

and Beermary). W. HOWELL, F.C.1.3. Windsor OitcoSeliolultnin SMA On and just seen jumping and made away" Os wea sesived eraser Pia i as Ka omit tuskury Lamb, ler house were 1 sad clamed the polio, e' ateamtpuld sand hsaissel revolver were then Newport. VAL one in his nano revolver IA alias eaptured awe Newport.

on Thursday week the presidency Penydarren, under bad lasikr, prosenting set and in the excellent fulness songs, d. the usual close Ix Ihiryn have be glad borne suits Kurri "Under rhureb Williams words. Part. newspaper ti in its own M. Williams.

singer new to most Kurrt people. undertook the has solo parts. many of which would daunt the average bass vocalist indeed. excepting Mr. Jonah he Welshman!) there is no other ringer in sight who has the rango to render the music.

Mr. ever. handled the part with ease and lemma! ability. His toice is remarkably flexible, and ho has it under wondei foil control. Kerry number was given with 'rueful ease and power.

expresion throughout being beautifully marked. He also added much to the maces' of As cis. taw" SIGNED ON. 119, NISI 111EITIVIL tiso a Cardiff, Newport and TEE TREDEGAR DISTItIO I Permanent Money Society Registered nada the Frimedly becietie Let.o ran be by Tradesmen nd abet In Miralar amarryineu uponal Promismry rtre On Nagy Term, namely M. d.

Pee a £lO Min tM its 1 2 AR II 2 LA 3 2 142 a a 1 as try, eialestsses lee awes received at my Owe lllll THOMAS JONES 1 IL commercial Street, iamb Mai lisrmoms imars. NUB VALI AUENS AT DOWLAIS. A ARREST OF SPANIARDS. If ID MART BY THE POLICE. i A LL la Wednesday the s.s.

"Novembre." from came to Almandra Dock, Newport, lust as it pat to the quay two men were lIIK FOR jumping off the vessel on to this quay. node off. It is supposed they were Stow- A 1114111111110111 On Wednesday a telephone massage at else received at Merthyr Polio, Statics by In 1 1 SSP i Phillips, who immediately telephoned ea! mfr ware la i 'M as 'Miens to Inspector Lamb Demise, er aid elleasuld ema Station, ordering the arrest these rt NEXT TO for having landed without certificates, je cry to the Aliens Act, 1905. Inspector 0 4 FACTORY PRICES accompanied by P.S. Thos.

Davies, al. I i i i pt i a alihmamos short time foin.d the two men in a la 0 rest I behind 12. Home Street. and tliry 9' ra tbe arrested, brought to the polies station, de ot 191 6 YlBand ielosser Mailed with breech of the MIL Inns 0 0 4 101 r- raties. ohm Awe got to the bouts owe of the NMI a ald el.

SO 41 0 .2 toed to draw his knife, but Ina quickly I Lamb I by Bertgwant Davie, and In Lamb a 15 I and searched other, finding a 0 4 7: 0 0 r-' 1 Ale, ref and four cartridges on him. They ts fri -T4t-L- 2 then conveyed to Merthyr to be sent IP iewport. Dutagonio Saranoio Redriquior I one of the men, bad acme Spanish coins 0.101 se is possession, and long kuiie. and Dat. lee- 6 Claw Sagi, the admit.

had qi ww 11.a.W oy MP IBM leer with four cartridge', and a few Span. 1 smarm "nos 4 Mina also is his posesselos. TIM mos were (0 wed sad wader angst in twisty atieutms woe Geld Clair Imam the telephone me sego wan remind from IMF port. ir DOWLAI U. ,156 Bethaula Schoolroom, Thursday week a snorting was held under 1 1 it.

Isiu presideucy of Mr. U. J. Thomas (Deca), 1 4. aizsa i 7 Marren, the school superintendent, and )0 rir the auspices of the Bible Class which El Il' decided to honour the tried and trusted N.

4' '''r Sr. Mr. John Morgan, Mountain Bare. by NMI MI 6a. rating hint with a framed photo of and a book.

Several of hie fellow ff icers telUa La arldi Aqoaralrine, a he church and members of the class bore wt. Nts Sent testimony to his faithfulness, cheer. is I lit SW) and long career of usefulness Several PLATO MIIIII (OMITS. duets, and recitations were given, and 4 Famed Lama Mee lamity gi usual of thanks. brought to a mama sal EMIL 1 very happy meeting.

41111 mu von mut Dowlais friends of Mr. aith porfactly aajwiall Williams. erstwhile precentor of Gwern. -Ats awns saregual. Church, Dowlais, and who sad his family Waked tosAmarlb la tatiall i but recently emigrated to Australia, will pi t.cata Canr, wish Clad to hear that he is making himself at fano la oar sada there, and is ertering his favourite pur- i as he did of yore at Dowlais At the s.

NOW 21 CAU. ri Congregational Church. the well known ti. et seasateel tiler the Palma" was rendered by the a is the wtweeset eh choir. In the preliminary part Mr.

MU 0111TWII Sams oautrilauted a Welsh song to English awl toll es tword. Is. Dews. As to the other we will let the newspaper tell the story SAMUEL own M. Wilhelm.

singer MERTHYR TOWN'S NEXT SEASON'S PLAYERS Among those who have been signed on to play for Merthyr Town wit season are Jack White. last season's full back, and Harry Draper. who played for the team two years ace. Hr is a brilliant inside right and goal getter. MR.

WESTLAKE MORGAN AT MERTHYR On Thursday night Mr. T. Westlake Morgan, formerly organist of st. Church. Merthyr, the town and ware as recital at Bethesda naval.

Mr. Morgan met many old friends, and the was well filled. Ho played grand telesstion of sousie, and was assisted by several vocalists. TERRITORIAL FORM ORDERS FOR WEEK ENDING MAY Utb. STH BATT.

THE WELCH REGIMENT. (Merthyr Detachment.) (Colonel Commandant, Y. Morgan, V.D.) Monday, recruit training, 7.45 p.m.: Tues. day, company and recruit training. parade at Dowlais.

7.45 p.m., drew drill order day, company and recruit training 7.45 p.m., niTht men 9.30 a.m., dress. drill order: Thur, day, musketry, Table 8.. Part I. 2 pa. till dusk; Friday, recruit training 7.46 p.m.

rirday, musketry from 12 noon till dusk, Table 8.. Part I. For Duty: Lieut. R. 8.

Stindbrook, SrMltt. 0. J. Davies. Lce.Sgt.

W. 0. Game, Bugler C. Maher. Nest for deity: Capt.

L. (I. Harris, Beret. W. M.

Macdonald, (JorpL A. Lewis, Bugler K. D. HARRIS, rapt. commanding Merthyr Det.

TROEDYRI4IW. IN Connm AT TIN TOP. beat and cheapest chemist SUPplies all chemicals, drugs and patent medicines at the lowest priests quoted by any dna in the United Kinglom. It you want to pave money please note the M. Luorm Dispensing Chemist, Victoria llierthyr (opposite Market doors).

PONTLOTTYN. Aracier.assay.--On Sunday the annual May anniversary was held at 3lonnt Zion Chapel, when reeitations, choruses. ete. wee, rendered by the members of the Senday School end Choir. The meetiegs were presided over by Mr.

W. Quick and Mr. A. Haucnck. The chapel was crowded at each service.

the Ithymney eisteddfod on Tuesday last, Miss Italie' Moore, of Bunny Bank, way awarded the prize for pianoforte playing, the eouipetitioa being confined to those under If years of age. Mina Moore is pupil of Miss Nancy Thomas. At till sumo eisteddfixl, Mr. J. U.

Beddoe. for the fifth time in 'succession. tronth; prise in the open pianoforte competition. Mr. Beddoe was highly coraplimentgd.

Be i the organist at Nazareth Coagrirgational Chapel. Pontlottyn. pretty wedding WAS solemnized at St. Tyfarlog Church, Pontlottyn, on Tuesday week, the contracting parties being Mr. Phillip Davies and Miss Jennie Edwards, second daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Thomas Edwards, Ael-y-bryn. The bride, who was' given away by her father, looked charming' in a light bine costume with hat to match. Der maid was Mills (Iretta Powell, who was attired in a navy costnme with hat to match. Mr.

Puddle was best man. The wedding breakfast was given at the bride's homey where a large number of friends and relit-, tions gathered. Mr. and Mrs. Davies were the recipients of many presents.

NEW TIREDEGAA. TEROCCH 4 child of a Cwrosyllog collier, stewed on to ft broken umnbole cover in Oweos Rood, New and fell into the culvert conveying water from Jubilee Road. and was carried down by the rushing torrent of water for about 70 yards. companion gave the alarm, sad fume men hurried sway to the nutlet by the Rliymney river and the child came safely through uninjured same for two abrasions on her DROWNED LA Monday starer I ing there was discovered in the P.D. Rasor-I voir near this Eliot Colliery, New Tredeplar.

a coat and waistcoat, hat and watch. Information was at once given to Inspector Damphries, who gavel instructions to have the water let out from the pond. P.C. Moons took charge of the operations. Euentaatlg, when the water was cleared.

here was covered the body of Cross. SP pore of nge, at M. Lower Stanley Timm an andentroand haulier. and a nntiva of Abertillery. Deceased wept out on Ifosiby sad did not return to his lodging.

Aa beigglie will be held. river Gertrude Street. Abertones, wee ----e, charged with mdecestly sessions his The them. We sewn will beer lowa." this Talley EilliaraThhiadtea ilakt rl V.laat ed Tr ra ta rg ga; I ABIERBARGOED. Ise teal Offieei of Health thee, daughter Hsu, 14 years of age The child Ma well dem.

The Os Ise It west. The players were vices i a diainfortor would coot BOO was taken to a dotter, hot the esselieed bees Med for its aseemiall alsolag tettiatiiiiv was that no karat was may that this abi is ee ded i New te the wes 1 3 1 oa the road leading to fridelit wet sent to PANS for sit maths. Dimbe the wi i i hib ui As a ww ch basw ai el taiC willawill'a AA a11ei115 sua trwnwi la. is- le ielltia i lll.ll4l li ida di, end tha moh 9 att eess raell was hai i ell th" be a triea is wee as was gi rt'd which the pea ll llllPMP 111, Twairiliw 1 lEf- IX ErffSO4 11. sae essosetty aa pf li tas sre arekiesaitais aft drugs cheaPele and chat eth 4l rhe tie grr Ili attr gre a ti cuss at the lowest prices quoted by any firs miss Hashes Warw.

also lialem's Id wart i. t. fro. Co. had smeg gs zses the lasts attention.

and as if( Ntri R. Edam. and aman era who foisted np very Me AO that the Conseil had no righf, are not es it sta. lir irlisdies Aberdare. Illie eatetsu sing over In Points.

win. la Ul a rai a a da 1 1 arald drams. ''Sbangrann." from the novel of wag si St! atit is massies with a ihe as il a mat Ilk W. Ravine gg sw i Alb. Jr.v.

avd i. ro cue tti lases Boucicanit. The result of the maw competition at Ahergereany SD Whit to keep prints reads in repair at the puldie I lk. ri ffiths sieved. r.

Hopkins stasemain a Il ise on Ma ndm moadm i all ia lielk ehilit thoesiods Prim. Ahercysos. was the sesdeotar of CWPABACH. melon 0 1liandie wars Tuesday wee wired to the 'imager, this wee Is it Wel agreed that the Sumo Beam. Tessrla-Tbst assail thrown on the screen and was received with Is calk upon to put the road of for yrr of "shed paper "re a.

talimalit Whit School teas we re held ea Nombrg. resat' of app lance, the winners being the the ISM craw of the leeward he the wet Irmber tin beg is B. it.hly Teas. it decided that the chairman. victeti imell was at 7.3 d.

Claim. he abandoned HEREFORD EISTEDDFOD. Mos. meal Smiley school wan. sod anneYor should Ino4l Mr.

by briar( the ehadrea's si The Primitive LADIES 'WM coodwiter wee Mr. IL the re. aZe. Camel and Ea bear! esadactor. H.

T. samsefal LOCAL AWARDS. geessesetios was talmilseed bore as whit Esse in Citediff to selert the grates and Hoeft owing to gesrepeese for tie new Clamed houses I There ea Air us eg.e= wars 1114 At Hereford Eisteddfod on HititAloaday. 0. The Ise cease ell IteeraidirereerBl4 for Parann is a li a 118111111111111 set PIM NEM el a hu miii i 77 1 ge li which was largely Holtsegis.

eMls asirdetiltuagersailliate tire Moms, Vidle i Sewerage Board. the lisellityr and Aberdare dietriet. Were two serms. one is the efiersom (peaddsd was the adjudicator, sod ldr Adis Owes tabszavenny) the conductor. The heal erithilliwwwla Vir.

vet, Letter was and front the Min Totes the 'MIMI alla Val ii in Council is sedate the impost for renti.v* i' Mg INTO Ibrip Yr all Minas. Waft over hy am j. Beaus. messe t. sea one drew tragedy was eksemered as East Thor sale losioni-Srik R.

Newsom, Hobos. the schoolmarms essmatied witt the varies, held at the tawny we" .41, awl own 4 ills arr a a in So emiag, presided ewer li Roc J. Oreise. Whim sear Yew as signe lio se Geges Dese. chapels, sad oaterialaneat Mimed sad Mist tie Oka if the! .1 Stim i Mier.

items 1 Iffermis Plowydarres. The asemegsaists VIM Mika Wag Ivor sd ths hs moieties to that effect, tia. a lba. J. 111 11 1 1 wpm aed his la tki wv; cb en iss Ngue a ll gesbe t.

la. al. iv Injer 7 Jas." toe It was as Me wweeke.iltr.,-G 11 efrie ialt di 4 1 -21 114 1 411 -4 WM JIt. 11 W. 11101 1 1 RHYINNEY DISTRICT COUNCIL OVERCROWDING.

The Rbyseney Urban District Council met on Wednesday. There were present: Mears. E. J. Rickards Ichainnud, D.

wrniant Ivice4diairimmi). T. It. Jones, W. T.

Rivkin, W. G. Williams. D. S.

latance, W. Griffiths, U. Reynolds (oletit), Lloyd (sirs veyor). il. Jones (collector), Dr.

Redwood (medi. cal officer of health). The Medical Officer of health recommended the immediate closing of the slaughterhouse at the rear of the Royal Arms as unlit for the purpose, and recommended that any future slaughterhouse approvixl by the Council shall have a proviso for the Aituelitering of animals by the humane method. It was decided that the clerk should meet the surveyor and inspect the premises, and me in what way it contravened the byelaw', but the medical offiesr of health, replying to Mr. Griffiths, said the place was not fit for the purpowa Not 57 and 67, Forge-street, and 62.

tippet High-street. were reported on by rho medical officer of health as in of repair, and he recommended that 90, Force.strect, and 36, Back 11111-street, should be losvd at onto. overerowding was reported as continuing at 78, Forge-street. In regard to the former, Mr. Griffiths moved that notice lie served on the owners, and this wee resolved.

In regard to', the overcrowding, it was derided to give 14' days'. notice for this to mane, there being lb persons in the house and ono of the inmates suffering from tuberculosii. DLSITNFEC'TTON AND CONSUMPTION: In regard to a recommendation of the medical officer of health that houses in perms has died from iiihercolo.l4 eliould not only be disinfected, but the paper stripped off tho Mr. Griffiths said the Council had only power I to suggest thia. and woo power to compel it to be raid that Gunned bad no power to pay for such work bring done.

-The Goosed 'meting being a smell one, rho lineation of erecting an isolation hoapitab to emd £.3,000. recommended by the medical officer of health, lwas Mr. IV. C. Williams asked questions Mg the of the late election, and was informed that they amounted to £4O.

-Clerk said the espcmrs were fiired by the County W. C. Williams then advocated triennial in order to etpense, and gave notice that be wonlil more this at the nest nesetimr. TENDERS. Tendefs were submitted for 13 lenctbs of hose and other Fire Brigade appliances, and that of Messn.

McGregor and £37 7a. was accepted. Theo same firm's, tender for captain's uniform. LIO bd was akin accepted The coedition of the chimp. of thin houses at the Upper belonging tat the Rhylaney Iron was repotted on by the Griffiths said the matter had been before the Council several and was time it wig taken said the patine would be attended to by the Griffiths: Then I do not want S.

interfere; but it is time that it was. Surveyor reported that on April 16th a Beeoon and Merthyr engine got off the line aft the Mardy eremitic and knocked down the gad Lima doind damage to the extent of £4 lls. The general manager of the company had ordered the amount to be paid. Collector reported thet sow. the last meeting, including a sour of £1.104 refanded by the A.Y.B.

Board. a sum of £1233 6.. 3d. had bens se soled on general district rate and water mateln leaving £4.058 3s. to be collected.

Illewelyor said no reply had been received! from the Duke of an ilitusesed water supply for Llechryd, ha the ihninney and Aber Water Co. have made bin. einnedies with their 14-inch main at Metheteettunte. roarreler-rlitinted that nothing had born don. in regard to the tee cesdasmad houses at the and en the onion.

of Mr. Griffiths. by Mr. W. C.

Wilms, it wen decided that Clerk take nerrakary proceedings for getting the booms attended to. It was mentioned by the chairman that he had visited the Gellygaer and Caerphilly 4 thiervejelrl'ywaander that h.e. info rmed by the (lellgaer rneclio4 of health that his Canned would neh disinfecting of Oodles from 'Ahem it i tiiimsem Officer of Health said thidl SuIM mark gentleman arnold mijust rule. Diemt.einn Wedding Bells at Mountain Ask. A :q.RIES Ul MARRIAGES.

A eery pretty waddle( took place at St. Mary's Church, Tenby. es be, Mr. Rudolph David Narbett, son of Mrs. Narbett.

Mary Street Newtown, taia Ash, and blies Ethel Mary Nicholls. only 'daughter of Mr and Mrs. Tenhy. The bride wore a costume of Ease blue. with hat to match.

and was given away by her roils's. Mr. Alfred Nicholls. maid was Miss Norma E. Nicholls, and the beet Man was Mr.

E. R. Newton. Among those present in the church were Mr. Tom Narbett and Mr.

Robert Nichol' Rev W. J. Evans DARFUR OVENS. (to Sumlay wedding took place at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Miskin. between Mr.

Tom ilarpur, run of Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Harmer.

Woodland Street. Mountain Ash. and Mias Mabel Ovens. daughter of Mr. W.

Ovens. Bailey Street, The bride was attired is navy blue costunie, with hat to match. and was accompanied by her sister. Mir. Annie Ovens.

who ieted a. brefeemaid. The best man was Mr. .1. if Harrow.

After the ceremony, which was performed by Rev. F. Richardson. the wedding breakfast was partaken of at the bride's home, and a large number of relatives and friends iscre present. Hob bride and bridegroom reccived wimereut presents.

For tile hospital, Sad matters this kind militated against their warms in colleetimj. 'They felt in Mountain Ash, where they had Voluntary Medical Association, tint as they had oflared the medical men terms as good as any, which they refired, and they had appointed medical men direct, they were justified in asking the Board of Management ta take lin h. ies of ay appeal prom 10 ti5t.44;9., "10 )01 r. Whormon id Us divitanei ream paragraph in the nit oi'rs was that the Mods. cal Board recommended that no action be taken, was more of a It wis only lightening the rebuff to add we are in fall The chairman read a re- mark of Sir in which that gentleman said that it was a matter would adjust itself without laying say rule.

Discussion on the matter then c'oeid. BIRD. TYLER. pretty wedding took place at St. Margate.

Marcia cu morning. the amairacting writes being Mr. Jewish Bird. son lid Mr. and James Bird, It.

ltrymour and Yip Gladys Sisud Tyler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Tyler, Merthyr. The bride was attired in grey costume and grey bat trimmed with pale blue. The Bridesmaid war Mel Thereat Deviate.

who wore navy blue end large black picture hat and atry plumes. Tile of the bride gave her away. and Mr David Legge acted as beat man Rev J. Jona, M.A., vices, MVO rated DOURLE KVECT. tie Sunday ninepin; Mrs.

Louisa Jenkina (nee an am united us 1111117i2114. to Mr. Edward James Towirenil, fruiterer, Ahereynos, at the English ngreg a tional I numb, and at the time klmo Cordoba Man.fleld Mat united to Mr. George Hareid Williams. High Street Mountain Ash.

Rev. Anthony Lewitt lated. and Inch brides looked well in grey costumes and chiffon hats. with pink Arcompanying tbr happy rouple, were Mr I). J.

Lewis (ME Mr. Jomph Manadeld. and Miss A. Lewis and Emma llanseeld, the two latter dieting as Sower AUS RICHARDP. At the Mount English Haptiat Chapel on Sunday morning rnarriagr of Mr.

George Needs, Kingeraft Street. Mountain Ash, aad Hiss S. A. Richards, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

T. Richards, Town Hall. Mountain Ash. was solemnised by Rev. E.

V. Tidinan. The 'bride was very nirely attired and was given away by her father. The bridesmaids were Slisa E. M.

Richards and Bliss M. Marlin. while Mr. Needs acted as best Nan. The wedding breakfast was afterwards per.

taken of at the home, where a large murder of relatives and friends offered hearty congratuhdious to the young couple. The pr' sent, were very numerous. MORTIMER WEST. On the marriage of W. Thee.

Mortimer. sou of Mortimer, and Miss Martha West. daughter of Mr. and Mn, J. Wert, King raft Street, took pla.t.

at Pontypridd. Asrompaoring the happy couple were r. James West (father of the bride), Miss C. I Jones, Mr. Charles West, Miss E.

West, Mr. and Mn. A. Smith, and Mr. T.

Hughes. After the marriage eeretnony the party returned to the bride's home foe the wedding breakfast, end subsequently left for the honeymoon. ABIRCYNON. proceeds of the hospital ball (ten guineas) will he handed over to the Pontypridd Cottage Hospital. Downier Friday moraing Mr.

W. D. Evans. Olancyuon Terrace, and Mr. W.

R. Jenkins left for the United States. Iloth I are very well known in the place and tak with them the beet wishes of a host of friends. Previous to his departure. Mr.

Evans was presented by his colleagues on the clerical stag of Messrs. Guest. )(feu and Nettlefolds, with a gold watch, as token of the respect in whic be was held by them. Semi--The hat social and dance of the series held under the auspices of the MTh's' teal Society took place on Wednesday evening at the Workmen's Hall. The M.C.'s were Meters.

W. G. Powell, F. Hughes and' Collie. The prise-winners were Mrs.

Drillitha: 2. Mrs. W. Jones. Mr.

Jac Williams: 2nd Mr. 0. Mersey. The music was contributed by the Orchestral Society, under the conductorship of Mr. D.

T. Tbeophilus. Saturday morning at Nazare4h Welsh Baptist Church, the wedding took place of Mies S. A. Lloyd (daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. James Lloyd. Ann Street). and Mr. J.

H. Thome. Hey. W. Saunders, Pontycwatmer (uncle of the bride).

olbriated. The bride was given away by her father, and attired so a silver grey dress and black hat. Her maids were Misses T. J. Rees and E.

Saunders, who wore grey costumes and black hale. The beet man was Mr. T. Lloyd. After the ceremony a breakfast was partaken of at the home of the bride's parents, when a number .4 guests was present.

AS this was the Nest wedding to take place at Nazareth the happy couple sere the re emirate of a beautiful family Bible, the gift of the officers of the church. The honey. mein is being spent in Carmarthen. ABERCYNON POLICE COURT. Sir T.

Marrhant Williams Stipendiary) and Mr. Evan Morris.—The following were null sued Iles. and wets for being drunk and disorderly: William Davies, Ynrsboeth; David Theo. Martin, Ivor (iannon, Thomas Thomas and Henry Pugh.

all of being Anew Williams. Aberrynnn, was fine.) and rosta. Davies and Thome. yiomas Ynysboeth. worn nth lined and fists for obstructing the highway by fight.

Cale Davies. Tantirri. was sari les. rail roots for using singusge. I not Imam big di un er elstrol.

Thomas Ta I. was' paderrd to per and No Williams 1r dtiod So. and cud, igg wiebont giving warning rifiging his bell. Warssertors Davies. Davin), and Hugh Jones wen igimmoned a for sapptivd In their at the far paneled were made.

Coil laity Ward was Or red CI and hawing 'matches in kW at Abe non. Dav id Williams. Pen rh iwatibar. was charged with deeertaug his wife. Defendant wav ordered to pay M.

ad. per week as maintenance. Tonto Gin await. ropPr Oertrude Street, re) charged with Abersynea Overman's Math. VETE tORDINARY STORY.

Setseday evening, at Coalpit Health, Mr. Seymour Williams (coroner for the lower division of Gloueestershiret held an inquest on the body of William Thomas (ill, a collicws overman, lately employed at the Abereynen Evidence was giver he Annie Thomas, widow who deposed that her husband had worked at the colliery up till about three weeks ago. He met with an accident in the heed there, and it was Villowed by lumps appearing in the back of his head. He was attended by Pr. Griffiths.

of Abercynon. who said it was 'blood poisoning. The doctor advised him to into th" country and take ItlVAficit.jr warrtimplet' where wituese's father resided aver a fortnight ago, and witness cure in ewe pollee to a wire on Tuesday. Soon after her arrival her husband passed away. He would not let her eend for a doctor lisle bad evety in Mr.

Johnson. a local miner and herbalist. who had been treating hint. Witness gave him some miclicine that Johnoin Followed. Witness herself bad an illness the 'courser before last which lasted three months, and Johnson treated her.

Her bushand had every confidence in the, Coroner: In this case you seat for the doctor as a last I wanted' to send for the doctor. but I couldn't tell why exactly. ceased man was never a strong the foreman: What did Johnson treat him Inflammation of the bowels and pleurisy. She asked Johnson for a death certificate. She sent to Dr.

and he would not give one. but told her to ask for one from the man who attended her Coroner How could you expect hini to do that after the man had gone away for three weeks? William Clarke, father-in-law of deceased. a market gardener, said deceased came home from Wales fortnight ego last Tuesday. and he was then very ill. The only medical attention he had was from Johnson, aad it was on his own request that Johnson was called in.

Johnson gave deceased some herbed medicine. There was none of the medicine left. He was gawk positive that none would he found in the house. Witness suggested to that a doctor should he called in, but he would not coroner, referring to Jehnson'a doable and It's a funny misture. isn't it? Ile is like good many more.

I suppose; he trice to Coroner: It's a dangerous matter for people to tinker with things they don't know anything about. WITNESA WARNED. George Johnson. after being duly warned by the Coroner. elected to give evidence.

He eMd he we. a miner, and carried on business as a herbalist at Ram Hill. He had known the deceased for several years, but had never treated him before. Ile went to see him fortnight ego last Tuesday, at deceased's own request. He made inquiries as to what was the matter with him.

and he 'eases) said he bad au mill stomach and could not take food. lie further said he had en accident in the colliery at Ahercenon. owing to a stone falling and injuring his head, and that he had been ed by a doctor there. lie said the doctor advised him to go home, get fresh air. soil take stimulants.

Wittiess gave him medicine and applied to his side and chest. Later he extended the fomentation. to his stomach. Witness here gave list of the herbs prepared by him for Do you make a raretice of treating people in this way? -Witness: Coroner: What rapedellew have you I get it from books and study. I have been doing that for 16 Coroner: Do you belong to any hertelik -Witness: Coroner: IS this a dangerous thing to I don't think You suggested to the witness Clarke that he should send to a doctor.

Was that in order to get death certificate. if No It was to astbfy people outside and stop them from talking. Ile gave the certificate of death produced. Coroner read the certificate, which said: "1 hereby certify that I have Attended William 42 years, miner, at the house of William Clarke Rant Hill, that I last eaw him alive at 2 p.m.. Wednesday, m.

May, andad that he died Mednerclay, 2.10 p. The a-e of death to the best of my kneaded a inflammation of the bowels. ansemis, and Geo. Johnson, medical herbalist." Coroner Ito without: Don't you know it is imorrect tar he died at 2.20? Witness: I set not present at his death. I never saw bins after he was dead.

Coroner: Then for all you know he may be still alive? Witness: I don't think en. In reply to questions put by jurors, witness said his idea in asking for a donor to be sent for was the people would talk about such things am the, and he did not want a lot of talk in the neighbourhood. He did not and any symptoms of blood poisoning in deceased, although the Welsh doetor said it was so, He did not eremitic, the mark on his head, and he did not know whether it was properly healed up. Deceased did not complain about his head. Some time ago ho treated deceased for blood poisoning.

ADJOURNED INQUEST. At the adjourned inquest on Monday, evidence was given by Dr. F. Grossman, who de. tailed the result of the postmortem lion he had made.

There was no inflammation of the bowels. as stated by George Johnson. the herbalist, who bad attended the deceased. The kidneys showed symptoms of recent infbuimiation. and that was the origin of the trouble.

Death was due to syncope following pressure on the heart from a large pericardium effusion. In big opinion, with correct treatment, the men would have bees alive to-day. In reviewing the evidence. the coroner said it was one thing to diagnose a owe and an. tither to know how to treat it.

Dr. (boatman had gone exhaustively into the case. Johnson's evidence had been given straightforwardly. and no doubt he did what he thought was best. It was, however, very dangerous for such people to tinker with matter.

which they were not qualified to deal with. Had the deceased's symptoms been properly treated by a medical man. and en operation performed for drawing off the fluid, there was no reason in ordinary eircornstances why the man should not have lived. Johnson would bn well advised to consider what his course of action should be in the future. Mr Williams added that he did not say that there was criminal negligence on Johnson's part.

but there was much harm done by want of knowledge as by criminal A verdict in accordance with Dr. Crossman's evidence was returned. PENRHIWCEIBCR. On Monday a social and festival WM ire was beta at the Salvation Army Hall. After tits tea a service was held, presided over by Mr.

R. Cory. Cardiff. supported by coon. illqr T.

Jones and Mr. Morrtn. Selections were played by the Treharris Iknrhiwceiber Bands. 114 WEST. --The Coroner il4r.

R. J. Rhys) an inquest on Friday, at the Leo Hotel, touching the death of )4. Henry Kingdom. Penrhiwceiber.

Dcessecl, while going over railing. slipped, with the result that spike entered his leg, and mused bloodpoiseaing. Dr. H. H.

Hutton gam evidence as to rll2lBO of death. end verdict was returned accordingly. It transpired duruig the evidence that some deity took place before medical aid was obtained owing to the fact that the doctor was oat when small boy who had been seat for called. The Coroner remarked that it would be well to no that responsible person mint I doctor is eases of entorsency of this I annual singing in connection with the lliethuilist Clinsohnt the Lower Abram district was hall an Toonday. at Homes C.M.

Chapel. 11c. D. Mus. easdnetimg.

litilrolog elied over the maraing. allansom sod evesing mains moppenively lowim Peneldsesinar Rev. J. 0. I.

111sentain Ads. sad Rev. W. Jones. Aliongoan.

116. D. lbw. yea at the aim The Ibromikeut As day via amillbink ri meribod the yobs Nomad by On omondOse are ales On bin anrobied apaa Ask abeam el boom ka The bp Moss "Dailey woe emelbisily lisol Vo eamionled by Ow es ae i nod Davies. vas ansiesa.

"IJ )lea Ilyel" was mg. la Or am th im. "a Baia' RV Ilia mom mama al the Sol moveinsat lOW WO and On blooming meempaaiassat Mellow monommi very' ellecilve. Nisi L. Realty Renirvan min Ise bee eynapailosio rendering of tin matra)to amines.

was Rev. J. R. Morgan; (Warman of eammiterm Rev. J.

sad SIOISIMT. Rn J. Wham. The singing throughout Gee day was of a very high standard, and dm following contributed to an emollient programme that further enhanced the interest of the "The Shining Land," Mies Annie Griffiths end Mrs. Mcresies, Radcliffe Hall: Trebarns Children's party.

"Baby Moses" recitation, My Father's at the Hebei." fiertie Thomas, Penrhiweeiher recitation Miss nie Thomas, Tydfil Hall: Newel Trio: recitation prayer. Master Willie Evans, Ratcliffe Hall; reciting 15th Psalm, Children of Radcliff. Hall "Our Ransom," Mir Williams (County School Ledip solo. 'Mem Lily Jones: chorus, "The Lily, Tydfil Hall hild en; "Chinese Iliesionary Chorus' tin charaeteri, by several lads from Treharris. 111 present espreseell their pleasure at the ent ant Condidtor of fee oral.

who admirably. but also on the loc al without whom untiring seal such ssesseefea ((stirsl you'd be impassible. St-Nn sv Smoot. Tuesday the first annual procession of tie)OA Wm Churches of Peurbiwoeike was Mld. based of a joint procession sit Me emd Webb Ihndey school children.

The premiss we encases. and the number of mil were rly representathm Semi children took part. Beaded by Wm Army United Band. condneled by T. IL Ma.

presenter, they marched demob do now etreet, returning through and Churr.b.stre,•t. The Bend played allasserMay en route with the singing Of 111. fres' alse Tartans chapels. Ong intesesting feature in Penual was the number of veterans who took part. These included Mr.

Wm. Harris, 77 yeses. Mr. James, 72 years, and Messrs. Bridgman, H.

Shell and 8. Moore. The various schools afterwards returned to their respective char's. where teas had been provided. The tray.

at Hope D. Bryant, Misses Evans, G. Evans, M. Widiens, Mrs. A.

Evans Mre. Wallace, MS's. T. Evans. Mrs.

Smith, Messrs. G. Price and H. Smith superintendent, Mr. A.

Evans. At the Salvation Army Hall the following ladles and gentlemen assisted Lawrence, film Mk LI. Harris, Mu. Levi. Mrs.

Brenta, Mows. T. Brabon. T. Abradarn, Pavnton and George.

At Bethesda those who assisted wen Omen Howells, Mrs. R. Whittaker, Misses G. Morgan and F. Carr, Mesdames F.

chapeaus. S. Hall, G. Chapman, T. Griffiths, J.

Morgan and fityley. Miss Morris, Mesdames W. Morgan, Carr. W. Taylor.

Bartlett, Canning and Pierce. Mr. T. Griffiths, Hr. J.

Reece an W. Taylor, Messrs. J. Morgen, 8. Hall, J.

Powell and A. Bennett. Rev. D. Howells and Mr.

Geo. T. Chapman seperiatended. Tbe following assisted as E. T.

William', Miss M. G. Howells, Misses M. and A. Howells Mrs.

W. Jones, Miss B. Roper. Ws. unmet IL J.

Hughoe, It. W. W. Jones, B. Whittaker.

J. Jones. Bainton, C. Davies. W.

.1. Davies, Waterman and D. Thomas, Messrs. G. Whittaker, P.

B. Watermanu, Torn Lewis, H. Gregory, Wvaidham Williams and Brim. Landman, Rev. E.

T. Mr. 'dant Williams and Mr. Evan Jones. ABERDARE.

OBITLAP funeral of the late 11t. Gower Lewis, Bond Street, took place on Tuesday. The othciating minister was Rev. D. Silyn THIN preacher at the Trinity Presbyterian Church WA Sunday was Roe.

W. F. Phillips, the well-known politiclan. The sermons at both morning and evening services were greatly appreciated. SCHOOL CONCklit A very bnix.vialrul concert was held at the Market Hall.

Aberdare, on Friday evening by tlfe pupils of Abernsnt In. School. Mr. David James, Abernant, presided. and there was a good audience precent.

the children were very prettily attired. said the programme wen as excellent one. The following items were Chorus. "Wel. tame chorus and dance.

"The Smiling Welsh airs Is) It I "Clychau (d) "Cod. iad yr duet. "The action song, "The drill with dumb bells 113nTs); action finer, "Little Maypole donee; action song. "Ten tallithim tin character) tel "Lilt "Hen Frosts fach Cydweli" (c) "Can cone and "The Dancing action eone. "What Game's best for march and snag, "Good Seale, "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." Mr.

Trevor Jones was the ac. eempanist. The object of the concert was purcham toys for the children, and the I school worked very hard, and deserve great praise. The concert was most enjoy. able one.

St. Elvan's Church, Aberdare. STAINED GLASS WINDOW UNVEILED. An interesting ceremony took place at St. Elvan's Church.

Aberdare, on Saturday, when a very beautiful stained glass window on the North aide of the church was unveiled. The window is in memory of the great captains of industry in the Aberdare Valley, and the inscription is sa by Lord Merthyr of Senghenydd in memory of captains of industry who ware associated with hint in developing the Aberdare Valley minerals. A.D. 1913: W. S.

Clark, John Nixon, Sir George Elliot, H. Ring Ltwydcoed; D. Williams, Ynyscynon; Robert I'. Rem Daniel Rees, Thomas John Williams, Llety Shenkm: Messrs. T.

and W. Wayne, Messrs. Fotheroill, Crawahay Bailey, Francis Crawshay, W. 11. Williams, and R.

Bcdlington, Himont; Thos. and Joseph Williams. W. Lewis, H. Kirkbouse, Yeguborwen; D.

Davies and Sons. W. Thonsas, Brtnawel." The unveiling ceremony was performed by Master de Winton, grciulcon of Lord Merthyr. Whitsuntide Weddings at Aberdare On Wednesday morning a wedding was sal. emnized at the Catholic Church.

Aberdare. by Father Sutherland. between Mr. Daniel Will- Sams and Miss Hannah hum Davies, the only daughter of Mr. and Mn.

lames Davies, Wernrille House. Gospel Hall Terrace. The bride. who was given away by her father, was i attired in saxelshie costume with hat to match. 'She was accompanied by Mrs.

J. O'Leary. ter of bridegroom, and Misa Ceinwen Davies, cousin of bride, who acted as bridesmaids. They were attired in grey dresses with hats to match. Mr.

Wm. Carroll, was bast man. There were present at the ceremony: Mr. and Mrs. Powell, Mrs.

H. Davies, suet rn bride; Mr. Wm. Davies. grandfather; Men Elisabeth Roberts, aunt to bride; Master Trevor Williams, brother to bridegroom; Masters David John Powell.

Willie Powell, and Miss Mazy Powell. nephews and niece, ItCastor Tsty or Davies, brother to bride: Mr. T. G. Roberts, cousin to bride; Mr.

Robert uncle. fhihmequently the happy pair left for Cardiff, where the honeymoon is being spent DA WILLS. A wedding took place at Calfaria Chapel, Aberdare. on Monday last. between Mr.

F.vas James D3ViCS and Miss Hannah Willa, both of John Street, Abereemboi. The officiating was Ray. M. Jenkins, Abercirmboi. The bride 'was given away by her fathen, and was attired in spotted pink Silk dress with black hat surmounted with a lancer plume.

There were two bridesmaids, Mir Esther Han. nab Davies (sister of the Bridegroom). and Miss Annie Jenkins, of Swansea. The best man was Mr. Thos.

John, uncle of the bride. groom. There were also present at the wedding: Mann. Tom and Phil Wilk, brothers of 'the bride. ABERCWMBOI.

Sears sezoog. and betisida theaday Schools rdtheir annual treats ea Whit Monday. la of the met weather competitive concerts sera held is the evening. CWMAMAN. 1.0.G.T.—A well-attended meeting of the Rom of Amen Lodge.

1.0.G.T., Wed held at Trinity Chapel on Tuesday. when two now nim bu i wars nitiated into the order. Rssebum were OM bV i i hin ee. W. Ch ief Wm E.

hire. Thomasand Fr 31 wilis Sister Nurse Jones. of the most faitbtal membees of the nano Church was laid to rest at the Cemetery on Wedaeldna dm Mon al the We Mr. Datrid, if Rameene Sow. B.

J. Owen th bur of toy hield The PAWN Jones, of Clem and Yr. Mountain The Tas Aberaman Choir did not compete at the Treorky Eisteddfod on Wei-1 aesy. as Mr. Olwywr Richards was ea- i I gaged at an important festival at Brecon.

Ranentso receiving order has been Mad, against John Arnold, of Stationstreet. Aferarnan Alerdare, fried till merchant, i late dairyman. Swum Or LOCAL DAN the bend test held at Ross on Mendsy. the Alieraman Oriental Band, conducted by Mr. R.

8. Howells. ens wareewful in carrying off the third prise, in which competition there were eight of the beet lassie in Wales competing. The defeat of the Band was due to tbe essayed con- YlAkft, 4 the room whose the contcs was held. ilatereassitsly a hero margin lanwten them and the who weto lint, and sits wale the adjudicator.

lik. lhasi Owen, of Manchester, paid a very high to the Band for their porformanto living of Tylerstown, in the of the Bishop of Llandsff, has to the Rev. John Humphreys, UMW of listradfedwg, by whom it has Ir The rev. gentleman gra lLampeterduated David's ollege, in is which year he was ordained. After is canines at Aberamaa and Lienhe engaged fur tome yeses is Colonial' se Vicar of Wanganui.

New Zealand. to this country in MO he was as curate-in-charge of St. David's Ton, wider the Rev. Canon Wm. D.

He is an ff ective preacher in trekkaglish and Welsh. and his sterling weeth as a bard worker has endeared his to the people amongst whom he has served. 000REAMAN. the Registry Oflice, Merthyr. on Wlalt.Tuesiday.

Miss SUSSII2I4 Eaton. of Swansea, was married to Mr. D. J. Samuel, Colxlenetreet, Aberaman.

Mrs. Miler acted as maid, and Mr. Morgan Miles a. best maw Mr. Slim Williams.

Aberanian was also promos After the ceremony the happy pair returned to the home of her sister, Mrs 'Thomas, Jamesstreet, where breakfast wa. partaken of. SONDIY annual Sunday School. tea and demonstration took plane on Whit Tuesday. They paraded the panel' pal streets of the district and sang appropriate music.

They were favoured with ideal weather and a delightful time was spent. espec i a ll the children. The churches represented were: Noddfa Salem Hebron (C.M.) After the parade they repaired to each of their respective where tea was provided for both young and old. The travholders at each place were as follows: Hebron Mims Arnie and Nlaggie Rees, M. L.

Jones, Finsib Evans, M. M. Lloyd. Sarah Lloyd, M. H.

Bowen. Annie Williams, Letitia 3owen. Jennie Price. Sarah Lloyd. S.

J. Evani, Messrs Cherie. Jones, Evan J. Williams, D. J.

Hamer, Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jenkins.

Mrs. Morgan. Messrs E. D. Williams and T.

J. Thomas. Pugh. Miss Mary Williams, Mrs. Rachel Evans.

Mrs M. S. Lewis, Misses M. and A. Mrs.

Francis Mrs. Annie Williams, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Davies, Mies L. Miss Williams, Mr.

Stephen Harris, Mr. John flees, Mee. S. A. Davies, Mrs John, Mrs.

Williams. Mrs. Yank Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Jones.

Rebecca Jones. and Mrs. Sarah Harris. Mesas Wm. Pugh.

James Dan Arthur. Byes Jones, John Jones, John Enoch Isecretarvl, Edgar Davies Moperintenilenti, Mr. Jan. Harris: Mrs. Davies.

Miss Lizzie Davie, Mrs. Miss A. Yarde, Mrs. Banner, Mrs. Francis.

Mrs Williams. Mrs. Pueiu. Miss Mary Williams. Mrs.

Phillips. Mrs. Davies, Mira Agit Miss M. Williams. Rachel Mrs.

M. S. Lewis. Mr. D.

W. Francis, Mr. 1.. Salmon, Mrs. Yantis.

Phillips, Mrs. John, Mrs. Mr. John Harriett, Mr. Wm.

Pugh: Messrs John Enoch, John Mills, Dan Arthur, Jeukin Arthur, James Harries, Rec. Jones, Jas. Williams. Stephen Harries, and Rev. W.

R. Jones. Thomas. Annie Mary Josses. C.

A. Palmer, Maggie Abraham, Annie Williams. Gwen Elizabeth Mrs. Davies, Mrs. and Mrs.

Darien, Mrs. Price, Mr. John Janie and Mr. Thos Mrs. MOl7lO.

Mrs. Richards. Mr. Henry Thomas, Mr. J.

Rev. T. Thomas. Georpc Thomas, Mr. Daniel Davies.

Mr. Roes Mr. Thomas Morris I conducted the singing in Jubilco Road. HIRWAIhi. death occurred on Wednesday of Mr.

Jas. Davies, ion of ilrs. Jane Davies. Statiou.road, after a long and painful Mums. Dismosed had been ill for about ten years LOCAL WiLl -Mr.

Theis. William Mathias. of bga Brecon Road, Hirwaiii, who died on October 22. left estate valued at £bn grow, and probate of his will has been granted to his widow. Mrs.

Jane Mathias. and Mr. Wm. Krushole. of Aberdare, solicitor.

AANO motor( anniversat7 meetings in ominectioo with Bethel (C.V.) Church were held on Sunday and Monday, when excellent sermons were preached by Revs. John M.A., Liverpool, and Rev. W. E. Prythercb, Swansea.

The singing, under the leadership of Mr. Benj. Thomas, was of good standard. English Were liylos held their anniversary services on Sunday last, when splendid sermons were dehveyed by Rev. J.

W. Mayne, of Pcnarth. In the afternoon the chair, 'under the leadership of Mr. Frank Collier, ably rendered the ger. vice of song entitled "Adrift." Mr.

Albert K. Collier accompanied. Tuesday a success(id singing festival was held in connection with the Hiroshi District of Congregationalists, comprising the choirs of Nebo, Tabernacle, Hirwain, Soar, Penderyn, and Calfaria, Rhigise, under the conductorship of Mr. W. J.

Evans, Aberdare. The children's meeting was held at Tabernacle Chapel, and presided over by Rev. E. Wens Williams The meeting was opted by the recital of a 'Psalm by Gwetillian Harris, Rhigos. Tne singing was, as usual.

exceptionally fine. The children were catechised upon Temperance by the President. The af. tersams and evening meetings were held at Nebo Chspel and presided over Conn. John Harris, Pendervn, and Rev.

R. D. Roberta respectively. The hymn tunes and anthems were well sung, and a hymn tune composed by a young local musician, Sir. J.

Davies was well appreciated by the vast audiences. Limie Davies, of Nebo Church, opened the afternoon meeting with the recital of a Psalm, and Mary Owen Hopkins, of Tabernacle, likewise opened the evening meeting. Solos were sung during the meetings by Lizzie Davies (Nebo), Caradog Davies (Tabernacle), Morgan Jones ((thieve), Tom Be iron (Tabernacle), and Mrs. Esther Jones. The successful competitors in the hymn tune remposition were Mr.

E. J. and Miss 0. Davies (brother and sister). The Ormata was decided success.

Thhe accom. ratwere Mies Annie Jotter. Mee Rachel vies. Mies Mary Davies, Mr. Toga Rich.

me. and Mee Mary E. pavies. The visitors and the Rhigos and Penderyn Choirs sat Si, tea at Toberneele Vestry Mr. D.

P. Davies ably catered. the recent Sunday School Scriptural Examination in connection with the Welsh Baptist Union, the mnior scholars of Sunday School had a remarkable seams Mr. H. B.

Jones has gained firm Mahout the whole of Wales (100 A. Jones, emend, and Mr. third, and they therefore melon the three prises given by the Union. Mr. W.

.1. Edwards secured the first prim given by the East Glamorgan Association, and Mr. John Evans second prim, while Mr. WM. king beta the led prim offered by the Aberdare District.

In the stage 18 to 21. Mr. Willie Evans secured the fine prim given by the Aberdare District. The above is a reread se far as the Welsh Baptist Union ia ocererned. and reflects great credit upon the Much and their esteemed pastor, Rev.

E. Ceti Jones. The two first named have on occasions occupied first position in the Union. Sousa SCSOOL EIANISAVIOII. Tbst melts of the Sunday Scheel Rumination at Ramoth Clmreb are as James Lewis 54; John Thomas, 68; Willie Trevor Edwards.

54; Evan John Morino, 52; Thos. H. Bryson, 54; Beagle Williams 55: Jane Hopkins, 50; Dorothy John, 65; ilannalt Harris. 53: Evan Morgan Jones, 60. 2nd Stage: Margery Rich.

eras 64; Elisabeth Ann Jones, 67 Edith Dories, 75; Mary E. Hill, 72: Mary Jaen, 64. Stage 4 (18-21): Willie Evans, 77; David Jim. Jones. 58.

Stage 5. over 21 (open): H. R. Jones, let in Weise (100 marks); Mies M. A.

Jones, 2nd: Dd. Thomas, 3rd: W. J. Edwards Ist Feat Mr. ono.

tad Wm. Watkins. 63 marks; Thos. Jim Davies, Alt MERTHYR VALE. fey NOT have your suits at the right shopP Sc.t value in the trade.

Call in EALNISt IS Commerce Noose. Absalom. M. Swat. LCD SOS.

Pitumbers. Gas and 11. ackintosh Street. Abelian. Persona in having shopsr electrty laid on to their or will do well to Wiring done for electric light on the stoat approved prig.

elide by expenenced workmen. Estimates gives. Sent collesting does. prompt settle. manta..

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