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The Merthyr Express, Aberdare and East Glamorgan Herald, Tredegar and West Monmouth Times from Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales • 5

Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales
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BEIM SCHOOL BOARD LICK TO THE ELECTURA. On behalf of the Women'. Liberal and tke British Women's Tempersure Amociations and my. self. allow me to those electors mast warmly for the generous support they gave me as a repos mutative of poisiatilmod.

Though misneematal, we may coogratulate ourselves on having scored a deeidel moral victory. sod three years hence success of our efforts will ensure a crowning triumph. Sincerely yours, IL 6. GLOOM COWRY MEAL TO THE ELECTORS OF THE OELLYFAELOG DIVISION. Loots MID GVITLI3IIIP.

YOUr 1141171011124tiT1, Mr. E.AN Lzwis, basing been honoured with anal on the Altlenushic bench of the Council, vacancy he been crested in the Division and in reeponer to the earnest wislae4 of ft number of Hectors. most respectfully offer myself ss Candidate for your salfradies. I am, as yea are aware. a aativs of tha Dirtaion, and a lifelong resident among you.

Our inherents in matters pertaining to this Division are Identical, aad being acquainted with the nee la of the wishbone. head. 1 eonlidently aaaert that I would be able to verve you with edieiency and faithfulnesa. Since I have had the honour of a seat on our District Coaxed. I hare endeavoured in all things to carry out the pledges which I made to the and I ern ant without hope that my services have been appreciated.

I think the County Council in the past has been bordering no extraveguice, and my utmost endeavours will be brought to hear with a to grantor A subject which requires the attention of the Conseil Is the gating of property, a huge proportion el which is toted fu too low, thus placing so unfair bunion upon the workieg classes. Here I think my very large experience as a valuer will be of some service to the Council. lam also atrongly in farmr of the taxation of Ground Rents and Royalties, and I tru.t the will very won receive the attention of Parliament. I reek your auwort aa a Liberal and Candidate, and, if elected, you may rely upon my every true measure of reform brought before the Council. I am.

Ladle. and Gentlemen, Your faithful Servant, JOHN LLOYD Gellyfaslog Cottage. Amble, Mini Pith, MC TEMPERANCE HALL, TREDEBAR, TWO NIGHTS ONLY, MONDAY AND TUESDAY, APRIL ht 2.r0. TIOAKIAN'S HILL, NEW TRIDEGII, MTh 1 2 TII Y. A PHIL.

3111 4th. ODDFELLOW'S HALL, DOWLIIS, FRIDAY A SATURDAY. APRIL 6th a 6th. First visit to tbi. port of the country for styro year.

el J. A. Ilvielur unrivalled company of arid Ainericsis Artistes en that Onod American production UNCLE TOM'S CABIN The com any of Real Negroes Freed Slava, and Jubilee Singers ever vented this psr t. New and Special fleenery. Costly Costumes.

No expense has hem merest to make this the finest production travell. A. Hybert in the only manager tou ri ng who has be en honoured by the patronage wad preseace of Mho Ellen Terry and Hairy Irving. Esq. IMPORTANT le the ealy and original "Code Tom's Cabin" travelling under the personal supervision of J.

A. Hybort, )or further particulars, ism bills. EARLY SPRING FASHIONS. PHILLIPS JONES r. -x-xl PHILLIPS High Street Merthyr, HAVE nmell pleasure in infmning their patrons and the public generally that they have returned from the various CENTRES OF FASHION, and completed their arrangements for the SPRING TRADE; but continual care will be taken to add all the newest productions as the season advances.

The following depattmenta are now replete with the very LATEST NOVELTIES And will hi: fiAind in.ukuil at Ntoderate Prices DEPARTNdENTS. Dresses and Silks, Mantles and Millinery, Ladies and Children's Outfitting, Ribbons, Laces, Gloves, and Hoisery, Woollen Cloths, Men's Mercery, etc. Household Linen and Furnishing Goods in Great Variety. Our Dicas and Mantle Making, Millinery, and Boapoke Tailoring Departments are tinier Efficient Management. HIGUER MUSICAL EDUCATION.

MR. D. C. WILLIAMS, OF MUSIC, tesatudent of the Cniversita Winner of the Prix Cnntata the National Eisteddfod, and Auistant Master t. Dr.

Josr.en PNIRT) HAS the honour to anoonace that he as token up his residence in Merthyr, and Mu ha pleaant to receive Pupils at 167, Plymaithetrert, or visit them at their restideares, and impart instruction to the following subjeets ORGAN, SINGING, and PRACTICAL COMPOSITION. ENGAGEMENTS ACCEPTED FuR CONCERTS, EISTEDDFODAr, Cc. Arrangements will elm he made ehortty to arrange WEEKLY CLAKSF-s in Harmony, Counterpoint, Cation. Imitation. and Orcheetration.

TERMS. which are moderate, may be had on application to Mr. WILLIAMS. Yr. J.


LLOYD, THE PEOPLES CASH CHEMIST, SUPPLIES DRUGS, CHEMICALS, APPARATUS AT THE VERY LOWEST PRICES Go to LLOYD, THE MOLES CASH CHEMINT, AND MAKE £1 go as far as 235. or 30s. for you. HENRY M. LLOYD has a first class Pharmacy fitted with all Modern Conveniences (Dispensing Depart.

went separate), with viceless goods. Special attention and personal supervision is given to all If you are not already a regn'ar Customer, giv, me a trial, and you will soon become one NOTE MY ONLY Henry A. Lloyd, F.R.M.S., A.R.P.S., THE PEOPLE'S CASH CHEMIST, 28, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR. SCHOOL BOARD maw Theatre k0 1, tr. Royal To TIIE ELECTORS.

LADIES MID too to thank you for the cordial support you gave nit in the above contest. I hope to went a eontinnanCe of your favour by due attention to your interests. Yours respectfully, T. RAILTON. Mill House.

March T. ltUo. IBEIDLRE SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION. TO THE ELECTORS. AND me to thank you one and all for the hearty support you gave we in the above contest, and placing me at the top of the poll.

1 hope to merit a continuance of your favoure by due attention to your interests. Yuan faithfully W. J. HILPPELL Blaenamain raver, Cimaina.u. Mara ETth, LUIGIITOCI StROOL NUS ilk TO THE Liana 0113 Kindly permit me to return you my sincere thanks for the honour you did nit in electing me as one of your reprobentatiees oo the Board, and at the head of the poll.

It win Lc my utmost desire to serve you to the beat of my abdities. Sine rely thanking you, I uo. Ladies and Gentlemen. Yours faithfully. WILLIAM HERBERT.

Beaufort hill, March 25th, Ifek cothri COUICIL TO THE ELECTORS Or 'THE GELLYTAELOG Limns rue vacancy having arisen in this Division, through the deserved elevation of your trim' Representative now Marro mu Eva, have been induced to ours mars offer myself as Candidata for your suffrages. Rending sa I do in the and having always moved anaemia you. I more readily agree to seek your support. I make bold to again the opinion that from my Ida.leing connection with you, I knew the requirement. of the district.

and having the requisite time at any I can, and will, if elected, nave you faithfully. Remestfully year Votes sad supper, I tamale, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, THOMAS MORGAN. Queen's Head I. liisb.street, DowLnis. CAERPHILLY Eight Annual Eisteddfod, WHIT-MONDAY, 1895.


G.T.&C.. Paces: Kr. TOM JOHN, Liwrepis. OWILTY XLIAN. Caerptsiny.

Banes BeNes, Kr. T. SEDDON. Kettering. Prof.

R. HOWELLS, Manta" aad Mr. S. EV A NS, Caerphilly. Mltt (lEld "Shipwreck." Ereglyn, rmryd.

fed. Emmy, Workmen's Allotments how to acquire mid beat utilize them" Hoke (gl la each vowel sad instrumental) Dear Heart Contralto. "But the Lord is mindful of hie ow. Tenor(two)." fy "and Hlrseth Carted." Baritone, trldwr." gifii Banda, Gems of Englieh Melody." £lO. Brea.

Bands, Gems of Scotia," CM. Juvenile Choira, "Onward," A End Choral, Blamed is the man," £lO. Male Voice." The Druids," cm Chief Choral. Beethoven's jab," an For full particulars see programme, led. each.

J. D. HUGHES, Seeretery. County of Glamorgan. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the neat General Quarter of the Peace for the County of Glamorgan will be holden at the Town of SIVIllatS, in and for the said County.

on WISP AT, the Vth day of April, INA, at Eleven of the clock in the Forenoon of the semi day when the Justices then preoent will proceed with the General Business relating to the Public Affairs of the County. The Grand and Prtty Juror. and persons bound by subpoena or recognimone must attend at the above. mentioned day and hour. AB Appeals must be entered before the sitting of the Court, on the above mentioned day, and the same will be heard after tbe imarlusion of the Criminal lisminees.unlevthe Court shall order No Costa will be allowed ualeal taxed at the xame SCPAIi(IIISI.

theyeetitions and recognizancee are to he delivered to me by TuIMIDAY, the Second d) of Aprd. 1436. T. MANSEL FRANCLEN, Clerk of the Peace. Cardiff.

10th March, 119 OPERA. HOUSE, ME UTHYR. Sold Lessee Unger Ir. Will Smithson. APRIL 1n96, FUR SIX NIGHTS ONLY.

Mr. LuliZ Foasiiii Campany, by arrangement with Mr. Patman, in the great MASTER By G. R. Sim.

sad H. NUM. Next Week, April Ott CALVII27II RKPLKTOIIti CONPANT. Easter Monday and lire following WOMAN Of NO The mine company mated peat sensation at Cardiff. Time and Prices AS usual.

J. W. Turner's Grand Opera Company is coming. The New Boy' 6 coming. Profewor Crocker's Hones are corning.

The Theatre is new lighted throughout with eketri. eity, and thoroughly heated. GRAND SZLICTIONS NIOITTLT Si me MEATS' KOTSL Mr. W. WALLacig ABERDAHE BIJAIAL BOARD PA LM SUNDAY.

BE Aberdare Burial BOAlal hereby give Notice, that in accordance with the Roles and Regulations of the Board, the Cemetery will only be open to the public on PALM SUNDAY from 1 o'clock to 5 p.m. No or Flowers taken lute the will be allowed to be removed therefrom on Palm It ss rojuested that all persons Cleaning Grasse 'FM remove all SUrplur urth, to Oros as shall be pointed out by the Sexton for that purpose. By Usder of the Board, B. P. LINTON, CLEax.


Antit. bad It 40. 1696, Commenctsar Two o'clock precisely owls day. IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MESSRS.

J. C. NAOMI SON PUBLIC AITTIoN. at their ILL SELL BY AUCTION ROOMS, DUKE STRF.k.. 1, CAHDUIP, on the above dates, tut blage of very superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE (Removed from various residences for aboolute including Hardwood Bedroom Suites complete, and eft.

Wardrobes, Pain of Handsome Toilet. and Iron and Brass Bedsteads, sever.d excellent Carpets, Fendem, excellent Dining and Suites. Rosewood and Walnut Cabinets, 6ft. and 51t. boards, Bookraws, Dining and Occasional Walnut and Gilt Overmantles, in all about 400 lots.

On view morning of each day of sale. Arrangements made to pack and forward all purchased by country buyers. Established IEB9. ARTIFICIAL TEETH. PAINLESS DENTISTRY SMART DENTISTS.

The Barton Boise, St. James' rton, Bristol. ARTIFICIAL TER7II of the BESt QUALITY In all the moat approved matt riots, at tits lovodt paeihte charger. All rase. auaraot.evd 10, Artlculntioo, blaetichtiou, and Natural Appearanta Next visit to Mr.



from 10 to 12 sm. At 6L CANTLE DOWLAIS, TUESDAY, APRIL 20th. from 2 to 4 p.m. At Mrs DAVIES 6. THOMAS STREET.

Tare HARRIS. MONDAY, APRILERh, from 2 to S. Intermediate Visita any time by appointment. Will intending to take gas kindly make appointment. For price list and all information, send post cud to "THI BARTON" HOUSE.

BRISTOL THE WEEK. As we ge to press we are still without genre an to the issue of the conference between the representatives of employers and workmen is London with regard to the maintenance of the sterns gm in the coal trawls of South Wale. end Monmouthshire The decisive once of gives, in the ballot for the Slidingmale over those for a Conciliati in BvuvJ is, how. over, of excellent augury. The representatives of the workmen must feel themselves by that rote armed with mandate to leave nothiog duels which reasonable men can accomplish to effect as amicable uederstanding with the employed, which shall et lout prevent the rupture of good relations and the iuterroptiou of lades.

trial activity throughout the district. Whatever defects may have been discovered in the which has heretofore regulated the relations betseen the coalownera sad their workmen, it cannot be denied that daring the existence of the full quarter of South Wales his enjoyed eomparetieely unbroken stretch of the greatest prosperity in her whole history. The great mesa of the colliers have shown by their votes that they recognise io the principle of an auto. merle iustt omega for the resoletiou of wages with the of prices is, the market the beet tea of an adequate share is the profits accruing to the entire Med; sedan aesuraoce of stability to the coal trade itself which is of the highest importance ae encouraging the steady growth and expansion of business by the oonfileace felt iu the future. The value of this confidence as a factor is trade is incalculable.

Not only does it form a sheet anchor to the coal trade, but it is the breetliog.ground of all the multifarious branches of commercial eaterpriee and activity which subsist end Boarish epee the larger industries. The importance of this wefidence was evidenced by the first question put by the employers to the mw on Wednesday, when they asked whether the werkmen were prepared to give aa undertalriug that, if renewed, the Scale should have longer amend term of freedom from demands for modification or threats of extinction. It I would be too much to expect that wile which would give perfect satisfaction is, all its deceits I to one aide would be equally satisfactory to the other. But the negotiators on both side. have beta face to often enough, sod had ample I experience, to coovince thou teat in this best of all worlds it is absolutely impossible foe men to get every thing they want when contendiog with others who aim at the same thing.

They mast be governed by the great principle of eons. promise, sod give and take is order to arrive at an ultimate agreement that shell secure sub. stantial justice is both parties. We trust that before Saturday eight arrives the oonteeding poetise will have arrived at this most desirable, result, and that the workmen will enjoy their monthly Eoliday en Moeda) next is the calm knowledge that all the pits will be open for the' resumption of laboa: on Tuesday morning. Merthyr Water Bill hes passed the Committee of the House of Lords with Me sew achedale of charges embodied is Clause 20 in.

eluded, but the schedule itself has been modified in manner which will render further modi ficatiou of the Clause necessary. The proposed charge of ten per cent. spoo the rateable value of houses above £lO and under £2O rateable wise his been reduced to eight par and the rates for the other elms. of houses of higher dotal have bees in all caws reduced by one per mot. This will have carious effect is its oomeguirsees to the house, in the diviainu from to £lO.

For example, house of £7 rateable value will be chargeable upon the sew Peels at 17a ed. per annum, but house of £lO Be. rateable value at eight per scot. will only pay 161. The daemons is not great, bat tt is sufficient to dove the absolute necessity of further reedifioatiort of the rates lapse houses below 110 rateable vales in order to make the Marra is their mem fairly sad equitably proportioaate to these of houses above the £lO FUN.

It in a (Massed pities that the whole wee sot takes is head by the late is ample time to have threshed oat the sobject in committee previous to the drafting of Bill. Had that been dose, we cannot help thinking that no insuperable difficulty would have been experienced In arriving at an understanding for the transfer of reasonable proportion of the water burden borne by the District Rate to the Water Works by such a moderate revision of the schedule of would oot have bees felt to be hardship to the eonauser. As it is, by potting off the consideration of the busmen till the last moment, the matter hoe bad to be hurried through without peeper time for omaideration, and the minds of the people have been inflareed by the to substitute for the old scale one which even Lord Morley, the chairman of committees, pronounced to be exorbitant. The abatements made by the Lords' Committee will require further changes its the Home of Commies, to maid the male propoetionate, more especially if It be tree, se rated, that at the last moment the Bill was farther amended in the Lords' Committee, doing it compulsory on the part of the Council to inform the saw charges en long ae the water accounts exhibit a deficiency. Latest Phase of the Water Bill.

PROCEEDINGS IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS. On Tuesday the rthyr Water BiU Math came before th Her of lords' Coma Lard Hampden presiding. Several modifications were needs us the male of charges, the committee sobstitating 8 per cost. for 10 per cent is the case of bottom with a rateable value between £l6 and OD; 7 per cent. for 8 per cent le the thee of homers with a ratable between kW and £3O; per post for 7 per cent in the of hone.e iirla.e ratable value exceeds £4O and does not exceed 280; and 5 per cent.

for 6 per cent in the mire of bones. I whom rateable value o.oPlllle The dairies of the BUI bavisg been la accordance with the decision cif the committee. the Bill was formally for third reading. It is stated that a new clause more objeoPonsble than Claim r) was added to the Bill at the lath moment At the outset, Clews 20 was a per. naively' me.

allowing the charges to be the masimm; but the proximo added makes It incumbent upon the Council to enforce that clause sad the charges as long se there is any deficit is the water ac. mote. The crisis in the coal trade is, I trust it may truly he said, virtually at an end. By an over. whelmiog majority the milieu of South Wales boor once more d.

tiled in fawn of the Slidieg. rate, end have thus expresved their uoewerving belief in au instrument which, whatever its faults may be, has conferred inestimable bons upon ths commerce of South Wales by the atalility which it bas glen to trade. No one would say for a moment that it is a faultless Marmon, and it is difficult to conceive of any mode of regulating the wage rate which would meet with unequivocal praise from all Some complain that the old wale wu sot sufficiently lenitive to the fluctuations io the market prices of coal, but this is met by the rejoinder that the ripeness attached to the more frequent auditing of the books would swallow up whatever advantages might ho derived from an incressed sensitiveness. There are and always will be differences between employers and employed as to the adjustments which should be made, and the friends of the workmen are those who endeavour to make capital and labour approximate as near as possible. It is great thing far Seth Wales that the principle has been accepted in such aveivive manner, and with the exercise of calm judgment and cool temper on both eiders there ought to be no difficulty experienced in arriving at an kgreement which shall the prosperity of the district for some time to come.

The Merthyr Water Bill came before the Committee on Tuesday, and the agitators against the increased water charges can gatulate themselves upon having scored morel victory. Although they failed in the attempt to eliminate the clause imposing the increased scale, they were soccemful in convincing the Committee that the proposed charges were exoeseive, sod the gave practical proof of their conviction upon the point by making redaction of one per oust. on house. of the rateable vales of and over, and reduction of two per cent. on hooves under £2O Considering the magnitude of the increase the redaction is not much, bat it is an meat of the justice of the protest made against the clause, and would no doubt have due weight if the qurstion comes up for coositriretioa before the District Couocil.

Uofortenately the promoters of the Bill have decided to maks the cream compulsory instead of permissive, so that it is not likely to come before the Council for consideration at all, unless the opposition offered to it in the Rouse of Commons will be sufficiently strong to make the clause optional. An imposing figure was aeon wending its way High-street one eight last week clad iu light overcoat and heavy slouch hat. Ha had the air oi one of the clospiratora in La Fills de Madame Angot." He was oh eetaring ham, and seating himeelf on three-legged stool, be then engaged is a with the householder, departed as mysteriously a Ike came. Oo the following day I was privileged to see the stool cm which the imposing visitor bad sat, and on a postcard which had been tacked underneath the meat there wee the followiug inscription "O'Clonoccn Roses sat on this stool on the 20th March, 1815." Mr. John Vaughan, solicitor, came iota the office one day this week with au imposing roll of documents is his band.

A pressman likes to see a lawyer on hie premises. It reminds him of writs for libel, and be therefore instinctively shrieks from the limb of the law. Mr. Vaughao's docemeste, however, were very harmless, though exceedingly interesting in character. They were paper.

dealing with the Rohool Board election of 1171, and the effort which was then pot forward to secure the return of Labour candidates. It is iatereeting to note that amongst them ware letters from the late Rector of Merthyr. the late Mr. C. H.

M.P., Mr. G. T. Clark, sod other leading ede. eationialiate advneatieg the claims of taboo'.

At that time Messrs. George Morgan, Jobe and John were put forward as labour bat they all occupied eery poor positions on the poll considering Gime they represented sal the patting on the beck which they received from solluentiel gearters. It only shows that at that time working men preferred supporting the select of their denomination to those from their own ranks They have learnt as odom since then, and this is demonstrated by the fact that labour be, now uo lens than three direct repremotatives 0 our various authorities in the peewee of Councillor Thomas Thema', Councillor Watkio Mom, and Mr. Isaac Hlwards, stud there is no reason why it shouldn't have more if wurkingmeu were only properly organised. It is rather unfortunate that the County bye-electioos should take place on Monday next, that day being All Fouls' Day.

The conclusion of the unkind will be that the defeated candidate' will be April It is aa invariable role in households where April Fool jokes are indulged in that no one can be made a fool of after twelve o'clock, and it ie only right that the same clemency should be to the candidate. oo Mouday next. 1 leans upon reliable authority that attempt. were made on Moeda) lase to induce Mr. Dais to withdrew from cooteetiog the Pansy, darren seat against Mr.

Thomas on the ground that Mr. Thomas in already a teem- bar of two Boards, sod that there should be a fair distribution of honours. There were stronger argerneots than that which might have been pet forward to prevent a contest iu that division. Mr. Timms Williams was retorted for that seat by an overwhelmieg majority six yearn ago.

He was honoured with the confidence of the maccil by being elected to the Proud position of viesochairman, he has does nothing on the council to forfeit the contideoce reposed la him, his aeoppoeed return would have bem a just and fitting compliment to a noble life of mffeactifioe no behalf of the Mr. Thomas, hosever, refimed to withdraw, and there ie nothing to be dome bat rally the forces of Liberation, sad prose, as the division undoubtedly no matter whom the candidate brought forward in the Tory intermit may be, that the Liberals of the division ars strong eamgh in bombers and reeolotion to keep the seat for their owe party bye decisive majority. Things are at sixes and eeveas is Gellyfaelog The Liberal vote is split between two and there is every probability of a victory being snatched by the Coosereative. It may be that there is each an overwhelming prepiaderanoe of Liberal voters that the seat may still be safe, although I very mach doubt it, espeoially when it in considered that the Cooerrretive candidate is a young gentleman who is personally popular amonrst all alums, and is likely to get the bulk of the eoppoit of that unknown quantity that generally requires meals persumioe to poll. It was hoped last week that wise counsels would have prevailed, and that only on.

Liberal would base in the field after the date of withdrawal, but both gentlemen felt that they had equally strong claims, and the result is tri. avulse fight which may prove disastrous to the Liberal CSUIN. I trust my apprehession will ant be verified by the melt, bet if there is to he Liberal victory, every Liberal voter must be polled fur one oe the ether of the Liberal candidates. A meet tides ocieurred is oonasetioe with the eosating of ills votes of the Aberdare School Board loctimi on Tuesday, whom the ratersiiog kir. Frank Junes, was celled spas to exercise a very ueenviabls privilege, namely, the giving of a coating vote.

Beth the candidates who tied for the thirteenth plasm had bean members of the old sod the returning officer was therefore placed is as extremely awkward predicament. I hove not Um slightest doubt myself that Mr. James did what he considered I. be the right thing under the circumstances, although we shall doehtlem hear complaint's from the supporters of the candidate who lent the mat It should be bores I. mind that en as eiesseiow of this hied, which fortunately does not occur very often, the re.

tarniog has the same privilege as an ordiary voter. sad aebady has a right to dictate to him as to how be eboadd exercise that pri lege. I hope, therefore, that in any criticism that may be peeved apse Mr. James. action, the critics will allow him the same liberty of action that they claim for themselves.

Jnat before going to press I am informed that a slight mistake boa occurred it the giving of the casting vote. Unlike all other elections, whew member, tie for the School Blard the final selection is made by the drawing of lota, Mr. F. T. James bee roads arrengements for this to be dose to-day.

Os goieg to Dovish; the other day, I noticed the not ors boost few doors below Mr. Lewies granr shop is Pesyderran, is meet dilapidated condition. stone tile, about foot sad belf square, was banging over the edge of the reef, sod osa be so doubt that if it falls ow anybody who le peasisg, the result will be fatal accident. I duct bane who the eerier of the property may be, but I would suggest to him the advisability of laving himself ao action for by immediately mending the roof, which ia positively dangerous to the isbabitants. At a church is Dowlais last Souday Users was a amsaiderabls samara of Barry amoopt sascep.

tibia tombola' hearts sot pt withia matrimonial bonds, whoa the carats to levies oat a hymn propounded the question poiat blank. Lovast thou ate." Soma folks sweawed to think that if that very serious iotemoption bad bean amtly prefaced it would cot bays born so Mt. presaire. Two million it a tall order, yet it is intimated that this is the number requited by r. Revs, Merthyr Vale, fur the buililing of two roes of houses for the Clare Boddie' Club between the ferder and the Taff Vele Rail ea, et thy roar cf Plymouth -street.

The dub is named after the daughter of the owner of the Hardy eatste, and the hnuees will supply a louug-felt wain io this part of the town. where at preeetit there are few dwellings besides the tumble-down nld rockeries that were built nearly century agn for the Plymouth workmen. Mr. T. Ruch is chairman of the club, and Mr.

Mathew Warlow architect and clerk of the works. There will be 74 houses altrg Aber will cost £147 ss. each. Each hose, costame oil norms, and a splendid garden plot is attached. Judging from the work put into the hau 1 g.

they will be emumgat the beet built houses in Merthyr, awl will be great boon to the workingmen of Plymouth. There is mach jabilatioli moonlit the County Court in of the fact that Hie lio.iour Judge Williams hes gismo them soother week is which to pea. pare for his visit. laateed of ocnuitig to Merthyr as the llth of April he will be here on the 19th. I heartily congratulateif r.

Evans upon hie electi to the seat in the Town Ward for the Urban Maria Cowed, lie will make useful member direct repreteuter live of the element. The of the poll goes to show that the electors ere wellitiigh tired of elections, aed consideting the cumber they helm had to put op with recently, they certainly lung 'pail. POLONIUS. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, DEATHS elvp 1.. WNW, We bort In fur .44 "IL arltriknalr Warn.

-Oa Thursday, March 78th, at the Hollieo, Duff rYn, JdeePh Sates, under manager, South Pa, in hies 56th year. The funersl, which will be public (for gentlemen only), will take place next Monday, April let. II Saturday, March tlnl, at the Poet ck. Aged le Offic do Penydarran, tiarah, widow of Marshall Had year s. 17th March, at Montreux Switzerland, Florence James, the daughter of Mr.

Frank James, Mt.llownet (intake, eowbridge. Peitz-On the Pled iestant, at ft, Bread-street, Merthyr, las. Prior, plasterer. Aged IN You. to a Judgment of the Chancery Diviaon of the High Court of Justice made in the matter of the Kotate of WALTER KM rni.

deceased, and in an action Harrap against Smyth cod another (1896, S. No Nab the Creditors of Walter Smyth, late of 148. High Street. Merthyr Tydfil, to the Comity of Glamorgan, J.P.. Chemist sod Druggist, who died on or about the lath day of Soveuiber, are on or before the lait day of April, 114 to seal iny post, peeps Merthyr Tydfil Mr.

a AMn i 6 7 Solicitor, their r. nristian aud 1.1111/1121(2 eddremee, a nd deacriptiona, the full particulars of their claims, a statement of their accounts, arid the nature of the enmities (if any) held by them or in default thereof they N. be peremptorily from the benefit of the mid judgment. Every cred ito; holdin; any security is to the Some before Mr. JUSTICE 'SLAVA ICH at his Chambers, the Royal Courts of Justice, London, on TUESDAY, the 7th day of May at 12 oCtclt at noon the uuse appointed for adjudicating ou the claims.

Dated this 15th day of March, 1896. TRAILL HOWELL, sd, Quern Victoria-street, London. E.C. Agents of the said W. K.

SMYTH. Re William Evans, Deceased. Puretutnt the Zlth Sire elon of the Art of Parliament of the and Cap. 36, intittele.l An Act to farther omood the lee of Property and to relieve OTI(E IS HEREBY GIVEN that all Creditor. IA and other Persons having any CWnu Demands upon or against the ESTATE of WILLIAM EVANS, Lite of Rees, near Beaufort, in the County Breeknoek Farmer and Collier, (who died at No.

Nil, Sehnol.street, Elliott Town, New Tredegar in the County of Monmouth. on the twelfth day of February (Me thousand eight hundred and nine.five), and Letters of Administration of whose Personal Estote were duly grouted to William Evan, No. 2, Rock Rout, Pontlottyn, in the County of Glamorgan, Haulier, by the Hereford District Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty's High Court of Justice on the find day of March. Ooe thousand eight hundred and nioety.tive, are hereby replied to tend in the cuticula of their Claire, or Demands to the said William Evaoa, at the Office of his Solicitor, Mr John Alexander Shepard, at the Town Refl. in the County of Monmouth, on or before the trot day of May, One thousand eight hundred and ninety.five.

Ant Notice is hereby an given that at the expiration of the lit mentioned day the said William Evans will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said William Evans, Deceased, among the parties entieed thereto, having regard only te the Claims nod Demands of which the rid William Erna shall then have had notice, and that the said William Enna will not be liable for the Assets, or any part thereof. so ibuted to any person of whet Debt, Claim, or demand he shall not have had each orgies at the time of such distribution. Dated this tweetylevesith day of March, One thouianni eight hundred mad nim.tive. JNO. ALEX.

SHEPAHD, Town Hall, Solicitor for the add Administrator. TO BUILDERS. 1.21..711.1)ERS are invited to TINDER fur the 1.1/ ERECTION OF A NF.W HOCSt Plim Specifications, may be had at the Turkish Baths, Merthyr. ABERYSTRUTH SCHOOL BOARD TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. TEN DF.FLS are Invited for the Erection of Schools at Abertillery, Mon, to niodatlits children flans and Specincatlons 'say now be meal at the Mike of the Board's Architect.

Mr Geo. Manna, Victoria Buildings, Aberrant, from whom Bills of Quantities may be obtained on and after the 29th on payment of XI 1.., which will be returned on receipt of bona fide Tender. The successful contractor will be required to provide an approved surety in the sum of 5.500. The lowest or say Tender wdl not neorswarily be accepted Sealed Temlers. endorsed Queenatroet to be in my on or before the 15th day of April, 1.

ALED JONES, Clerk to Aberystruth School Bowl, Nam, Mon. Est March, IE6I Nest Visit. WKDNESDAY. 10th AI'L and every eltemale Wednesday. TEETH! C.

'rROAKE CO. SURGEON DENTISTS. 111. Crimraxsam RoAo. Bairroz, And gt MR.

DAVID 8. 27: VoNTWORLAIS. MERTHYR TYDFIL. fllltb.daaa Artificial Teeth fitted ea the imam most YU i plate for Mal ease at ata charges. To obtain the important end sought by the adoption of Artificial Testi, is Restoration of Masticartem, Speech, and Appearance.

ever, effort is ende tto wore the most perfect adjuetment, and to select Teeth which both in form and colour shall accaratrly nature. TEETH EXTRACTED AT In EACH. PA I NUNS EXTRACTION by the old of COCAINE at St ed alder the turn, deedenise it amd tia t. ir utzd ev a ntodlog the By the old of NITROUS et 152. Coes or snare are take.

oat at each for the of 24.) I Nitrous-Oxide is taken stalactite slowest deep fur few durum which the Ie i pointlessly perferetet 21, PONTEORLAIS. ERR. WEDNESDAY, 10th APRIL. The Double Secret Method of Fitting Teeth, by R. B.

Bodine, Dmtal Surgeon. 8, Newport-reed. Genial; 66e, London; and 118, Nishstreet, Merthyr (Mr. EW. Harris, Cheini4).

Greatly aurpames all other end I. the irdadmd ever made la 'dentistry Cannot be obtained elsewhere. Mi.fitted its re-fitted No advance in prior. Teeth trim se. Reis.

All 10a. is La Have no others. II Apl 10th, 44th. gig Mullilir Express Circulation Exceeds 11,000. READ BY OVER 60.000 PERSONS.

J17E01010133 ALIVE BTIIIING GLUM sawn Bushier Exrcsos an Oil Bwiow; HIT Drooping Business; Rocuei Macy a Loot SAvos lose, Failing Business; Pkia.R•llo 14.111. Blopleala SICUIaILI in ant BUSINESS. bell un ring loudly an a good Advertimm.ot SATURDAY, MARCH 3r), 1893. NOfICIE TO PAKAGRAEH ANNOUNCE: Notices of stitertainnienta, public awaits" nnbi. ersarlee.

tarn will osly be is ortad as advertiaeoessita. unless the es vet referred to is alr ady by an ordinary advertisement in the usual fqadvertiasuianib aba a pil tor at as toiler mg raw par anagrams id wards aad lamas la. and ld 1, morn grand in award Ikea wombs Dears or a Ow ressek with tha deepest react, the death rte Me. Law Price, plasterer, place co. Friday.

the Mn I Much, 88 He was foe 30 years employed by Mr. leek builder, Glareynam, and fer 20 yesrs -f which be acted so foremen, and wee aop.teciated by me mt. fellow-workmen, and by all whoot he c.oor coo tact with a faithful, ho and costae bone man He held the peitioe if demos 4 Zbenerer Baptist Chapel for 25 'rime, net at time of hie death he was she e-sio. deoe-a. rte ei arch deeply honest.

Um lea. of too I. fed meet or. if. was Interred a.

Oen on Id thsll6o. the key. Mem Pantywain, ogielatieg. MUTING. a in onanectioto with the eentenary 00 brasher of the Loodoe Missionary wa.

bad at Zoo Chapel. In the ansvoidabie skews of Mr, Gwilye C. J.P., the chair wee occupied by Om 1 tk B.A. (Market square). A maiming Walsh address was delivered by the Rev.

Ism. Jenki. Welter's-road, Swanises -04 eloaperst I Meth speech by the Ran J. Gib och Starer ird Both speakers gave att istereetieg adrisons of the work th soc i et y. which MU It, centenary this year by astedios 100 toimiosaries out to various parts of the world, of which number fifty balm goes Mr.

John Nforgao, cool ont .1 1 of thanks to in. which oe a seconded Ly the Rey. W. J. Richard.

(Prey werh), and carried aPh applanm. Rev. P. W. 11 emit (Yam au) chord lio with pray-r.

UP Ott, Inoneltra-- We regret to sanece the deat ut r. Kean km. who will ha ea mo lapil li oily beeni a bt to mind the oldies of our (ethos tosnamem lima, and to pnmser ion as It n.s, which took place cc Tueuley at Stionyperk Farm, fitepaahle, l'embeak et hi re in hi. 79th year. l'k.

into Mr. Rae. ihned the Glam rg a oho. force id Merthyr on the 29.6 May. whet.

Thomas arm a sergeant in the force, sod Mr. Henry Winne, of Scotland Yard, was the superintendent of the dmiwoo. Ile was an excellent officer, courageous, ant streightforwed He became sergeant early is the fifties many years later as inspector. He was Vocal in charge of Lem. 00! sobeorptionly .4 About tea so4fll mu he reosned mid retired h's praetors to Tosby, where his Yule died ample of yews ego.

Subsequently hi went to Ilse with hie nephew. Mr. 21orray. at whom residence he died on Tuendsy. The pike fares beret bad moo of greater prole', than the hat, Irissroctue khans Dia rercrtog or TIOOT.

Blue Dens writes a lower. ansling am I venture to oak you a favour by amortise ay Meter about the Ther a Board of Core servalore for the rivet Taff to whole I have paid for licento nos four Or Hire whet for 1 should like to kaaw. I used every effort in getting the clerk in the Hoard to 'end the ketper up bete ocaddonaily, which the has done to my knowledge once only. It is simply ridiculnua to see the way men are allowed to grope sod poinon the fish In oor two rivers in a dear ci so we shall have no Feb in the Taff anywhere. Cionnut we form csi ay amongst us to prevent thla degrading work, why sot! We loved the ast i me suc gentlemen as the LL M.

Williams, rector of Dowlain, Mr. W. W. Meredith, etilicitor, and Mr. Harry chemist, and many others equally IA attnotive to the sport.

I hays no doubt hy yner publiiation of the above letter some move will be take. to protect ens of our Cacet "aati able of 141; Now EVANONIICALLat 00 Sunday owning leek at if se ket. moan Church, the Rev. J. G.

Jaime, preacbel a memon on the new evaomelica ioh, with special to its (ammo advocate the Late Dr. Dale, of Berman, ham. According to the neeerdocteinee, Chore was no insietance upon the eternal puoiahment of the Mss, nor the total deprat ity of the race as in the case of the old doe'riee, Dr. Dale did not believe in eternal punishment. Life ma regarded nut no much as a probntion a.

a discipline and a prepare bon for the root The real starting-pciet in doctrine was the fact of Om Incarnation, ea estahliabing the ideal Maks ef saes to hie God. that of itobip. Quite apart from the ale of the rem. the Son of God would hays mitered lb. life of man, and man would harts abated tee lite of God in Him.

The Incarnation of the Ztersal Wind is brought Into bee with Um saw birth in mate, and the new birth of mimics, and the Incarnation of the Divise into N. "good," the beautiful, and the "tens "in tete, plcere. Chret as the propitiation for the sine of the whole world, sod the doctrine of juetiticelios by faith form the leading features in the newer as well as to the older belief. Dr. Dale was arena 1 adescate of the social gimps', an! although pro- testing conatitutiog our chapter the (entree of political outlastra tts dinned', states that the social question.

that are creating a paasiortate entbusimm in the heart. of the people are not to be imeided by the preschm, although It is not to be supposed that the pulot ca. solve all them questioes He is not to be contest with speaklog merely of and The comfort of hi, bet boor. and the secret of hi. magnifiemt moms' and immense power NM the Untimely vivid conmionsnem of the of the lining Christ, whom be so faittfohy preached in hie gospel for the airs.

Mamma' Meetings-0 Saturday afternouti, a meetiug was held of the Merthyr, 1) 'slain, and Dimrict Teachers' A.llleistiAte, at the Csedraw Schools, Mr. Poem morbid the chair. The ache oe of AU; eranc will come forward for disonasion at the Man7heater ems described by to-chai, man, alio mentioned that they executive in Londint bad decided to aecep; the scheme as it stood. Mr T. Jookine moved that their repreeentstimo he instructed to support the resolution of the executive on the subject.

He voggeated that ILAttere of detail emald at the more time be discueed sod amended by the bowled; sec mied the motion, which was agreed to, long diecousioe book place upon the treettion tics roolution baring for i's obi tot the including of laschrte among civil J. Lloyd moved that the local remementstires be instructed to vote easiest the J. Dames least, Olebeland demurred, and 011 amendment morel that the Le isowectal to vote in favour of the reaslu J. Evans seconded, and up cession the motile. was carried --The mhos, fur farther financial aid to eichools 4ea Mr.

Lloyd proposing and Mr. Kissed Jenkins secondins that the repressetsnres be se structed to vote against the Lloyd ersehrks.l tint the origin of One W. that the ashoole were getting into (leader financial difficulty every year. Replying to Whet raid ley Mrs. Murton, he obiervel their was no questia Meant it, the tendency of the age was to gee all the schools order public control-- Me.

T. T. Jeakin. moved an amendment in favour of the scheme of further fioanciel aid, this being mcaded by Mr. J.

G. and supported by Mr. of S. Limas oontiseei Mr. Mr.

Jeckins. Mud, and Mr. Lloyd took park sad divisioe resulted is Mr. Lloyd's being carried. gee! matter.

relatiog to the coie and other minor questions were discomsd. The late Mr. A. B. Jacobs, of Merthyr.

We regret to chroninle the demise of our tete toraman. Mr. A. E. keg midget is Mee.

Myr, and well and dearrestly esteemed for hi. pro. May. uprightness and imam Is hie death a pro! raiment and reparable figure has peed WA) rom our tow. Tb.daceued arrival hem from the Coll threat early hall century ago, sod oe his reechice thi.

fres and enlightened couutry he found total unbcfriended end amidst unapt. pathetic environments, yet. each war bit and firm trust to sod an unshaken coafidence in hie own that by dint of isdoesitable perseverance, conektiat and untiriog isdmtry, et time. whim the rwourom of clothes ties were sot developed to the extent to which they are sow manifeet to its. Mr.

Jambe with that issight sod unerring cciculetion of minim events es characteristic of all members of bia race. has erisimed petition for hirmelf ag premiseet tradesman at and from a of consperative pesury god destiturieu, is which felted himself at the emegasesrenest of hi. career, died is a no da. ties of afilurrece, maiely sleeted by tuning hosesty SAW inheres! bestreme capacity. He a i family ef moss and delighted.

to moors his less, melding at Cardiff and Brimiaghium reepectively. Hissurelvon are closely attached to the comma( tlra of their own Jewish rare In these totem, and cheerful), sad munificently contribute of their rib. damee to the furtherance of the beet laterestsof their Impectim mogregatioes, sad aim to all charities Auld hatituttom Mr. Jambe, who wee a tong resident at has recently removed to Oardiff, relisquistring bailees. operations orriog to advanced age.

via. above 7 ft and his death took efute hi ras 3 1 i i by tl and emegathiars hailing from Rirrategham. Cardiff, emend town. from Wales, and nearly the whole of the Marthyr Hebrew community, took place at the Celia Censetirry, es Thursday, the 21,0 lost Prominent among Goa pnreent were lb. tit sorriving 00014 via Mews.

I. Id and J. sheds, as chid mourners; Memo. M. Goodrum sad H.

Gittelsoh. warden. of the consregatkie W. It. Cobra, Preedems, Harris Isaacs (Dovilea) Petra Meade).

globs, sad Pres. Mr. Levinsobe, boa. eeentruy, was unavoidably absent. The were soleeneli emoducted by the Rem.

B. H. R. assgard and A. Abelson.

who recited in slow Lad affectim et rain. pas sem. cf Holy Writ, expreseire of the sorrow to whkh homes dash le heir, and awry relative to the brevity sad insability of life. 2ir le Reasagsrd then delivered Amt but pathetic, madras, with the life asd character of the dememed. In graphic mantmce.

he depicted his ted. acme as laborious career, how he fought 'Magic headed with many adorn. circonteMprea and land. im its fortitude and strong stachtmet to the lofty priecipleg of Judaism, which be oondetently meld to his Widmer. The masker teas for his ant the worde addremad by the amid (as recorded is Genesi.) to hie great prototype sal the patriarch Jacob, rune thm be mid oratehem thy mane shall sot be called Jesse.

but Israel. for thou Met striven with od sad OWL and host After the barrage the whole coruit ProCeedid to the marigegue, when the mud after. woe 14( toe was rean 1- his eldest son, Mr. Imre Jacob, of Himachal. This 'estimates with the me.

dial approval of his brothers mosaleed to erect a moaner, house at the in pm pet, Lion of the remarry of their R. LOCAL INTELLIGENCE Good mm for Ifertbir and diatrist. A. and U. TaTIAOI.

Cardiff. ben large mantissa Is Pontypridd. R. 5.9 5. Fun Caiman's Neer GoaDAS Pantry Hautarsa 11.1 PURR Dau6d, at store prices and or quality, SO to E.

W. Chlinist, 1213. Hiah.striest, riartityr. (I' B. D.

H. Blount's, 87. Gs' naiad Bailiff to disdains for not. AB bustams promptly to oo the Tut PATILI.M. PONTSIIO, will be opee on Good Fiistiy, where Teas and other Reimshoreote well be pro, i Lawit.

Proprietress, A 13 Stocwinee. Seam areldk milted Stocking. had at prima. eto to Miss THOli all. 7, Alma.

Merthyr Wool. in all thades ead of beet quality kept le stork. etutouters' own wool keittei 13 OCIMASIDOM I sus Saav ca lIISTW CFA MICIIT DOWLAtL Mortis) 0 1.1. O.L. 10.0, 10.15, 11.15, 11.16 a.

m. 12.30, 1.0. 1.45,2 30. 3,15,145.4.30, 5.0, 5.36, 61, 670, 7.0, 7.45. 8.30, 05, 10.0 p.m.

Leo. floerlats 0.30, 10.10, 10.15, 11.10. 11.15, a. IVA 1.15, 06 .030, 116.145 411, 5.0, 5.31/, dO 6.30, 7.5. 7.45, 6.30.

0.15, 11.35, 10. 30 m. Yule all kinds of Fre.b reh daily, go Li the principal Fishmonger, Highlitroet Momhle mad utber from 61. per dozes. Lsaf eh, Tioood Flat daimon owl Lobarier, the iloset is the einfry U.

guerenteed. All kinds of 1.14, owl (hoes dressed in the Loodos st 74. Good mint aeons so bosh." J. T. Sanitary Plumber, Mot georineer, Electric Bell Fitter, aml General House Decorator, 1:18, if ighatreet, Merthyr, has just received choice anal selected Stock of Pa from Yid per piece.

A great number orir irkt a Paperimogiugs moot be cleared out regaelkas of to nuke room fur our New Stock. Our Gold Paperhangings from 9d. per piece cannot be beaten. A staff of experienced workmen regularly employed. WHAT? WIIIVIIPA I lel 4.

1 1 about tow. lilts the Iladuesat everybody's got it. But base you got oae of J. W. New Nay boar.

Mists with ties and Cravats. to mitres in colour and If nut, why not It's time you had one if you wish to be in the fashion. Call and so. his new seine of Goods, which include the finest Woollen. in the end which wtll be made up at the lowest possible prior.

Plea. odic. sit nor are wade on toe and aot in sweating deem lit. Ittyle, and workmanship unexcelled. W.

Moms, It, Puotozorlais, Merthyr. Tiss nee AND Haug (established Yeomen's shop still stands A Fir ytices end qaality be will not be done He thanks his friends for favours pill, And knows their kind eapport will loot He gets his bah from around the coast Te plum the hostess and the host, If you tin him a trial, you will be H. I. the isson you should Wreath. I 0.0.

The solid weakly meeting of the Hope of Merthyr" was bind at klope Ilatl Monday bro. Tom 2.0. in tbs choir. After the sisal busier, had ham gone through, the brothers the siners to whiAt they all heartily majoyed. U.

0. Williams. profervor moor, was engaged to a fern ral at Seen, limb" os Smiley of Me combined choirs of the Methodists. and Curter, situ's and we are old ti beer that Mr. Witham.

rise every Dian' Or a Youae ttls dirp we have to musomme the drags el C. Ballinger. aged 19. amistaet at Mr. G.

Oliver's Boot Shop, Pooimorlais, soccortilard to a brief and severe rueday last. Hi. remake. sere removed on We lawatay rail toCtielteelminf.r interment CTrw FTUD LiAOCIL the uatinl meeting of UM shore to be held twilight (Friday), to the nets room if the Temperance Hall et eight o'clock, paper will be read by Mr. John Lloyd, Praydarren, on Tne Allocation of rltbrie," Subject which Pam now attracts Rood deal of Curl All ere heartily invited to attend, OBITUMI T.

revel to lUlOOOOe the death of Mrs IS oat 9, who seed away on Fri lay last. Braes was native of Newt unleEmlya, and to.wia of Alderman David Davies. She was widow, and leaves me and two a. mourn h.r lose. The took place on day at Osla Cemetery.

MAT Dar Monday (seeming bee was held at the Castle Mud, Mr. W. Grati.ha Taff Vale Brewery, preahling, alms it was decided to hold Ow show on Thursday, May 9th. Mr. Thomas Jeakias, J.P.

(high tonaMble), was elected president, and Craig representative MUMMA formel with Mr. W. GriChs as chairmen. Mr. Gee.

Upham was recietted secretary, sad it is hoped that will rapidly WlTta 100 A Thrifty Ratepayer' mites with pathetic cora. plaint that ao water has been supplied to the Mame is Gmoludygarth-terrace for the tact tea or Memo He eye that repelled applications base been given to have the eater stisoded to, but the pies urged is Get the workers have km much work to Mori. Perhaps ohs surveyor will that it be attention, a our correpondont argot Mat the mils of the water famine la that part are beemairs very mime. Meru or Mao. Haamocz, very much mere to record the death I.

bee TOM year, of Mrs. Haddock, widow of Mr. Marshati Haidock, lois protmaater of Nadeau'. It will be remembered that only four mouths ago we rw ceded the death of Mr. Haddock.

and there ma be no doubt that grief at the death of ber life keg part ler, ouu pled with a revere attack of posearnonia, accelerate! her end. She died ee Saturday 41,115. Mg est, sod waa bond as Wedasslay Oda Cemetery, the Rev. Daniel Vase al Peoydarres, officiating. We mead to the sorrow.

isr relation our sincere sympathy. 1.30 es Friday mooing P.C. Dore who woe this cm the Higilistree beak smoke Wei free the plember's slop belouging to the sheeted the Bauch of Grapes Ina The as ones gave the alarm at the whereupon luapectee Wok Beer. per, sad a ram of polestars wan ear woo tee 1101011 ath the noway warier IS we found that the rout of the abed wm oo Gm sad the Isar MIN este eteureimbei. It is mot knows how the ostbreak originated, but had it not been mos Amelia soft serium eoargiseow wield have Wowed.

as a quaeUty of oils end other infiammetile mistier ma stand afar by. Sao V. 13 WILSII Rea tamer. by P. R.

Creswell, eulocel commandant, Merthyr Detachment, fur week ending 6.1 April, 1835 else Bring et 10 ems loeday, unbalance rem ea 7.30 p.m. Wedoes day, employ drill at the Drill Rail 8 15 p.m plaie clothea Thursday, else firim. Friday, rocroit drill at 839 p.m. Saturday, Mee For duty Cspt. Probers, Sergi.

T. Slim, Lamm Corp). Smith, Bugler Livia. Neat Lieu. Joe's.

Sego. Millingtoo, Crypt. limmers. Basler Morris. order, 1).

U. Istaik colossi, 3rd V.B. Wels Regiment, Merthyr Jetachment. DLATH or MI. JIMILPH BAWL, UNDIM MANAGES OF SOCHI PIT, PLTMOLTIII.

regret Ira bars to aanounce the death, which to A place on Tarr my seem Is he 57th year of Mr Joseph Rates, aide manager of South Pit, Plymouth. Mr. Bates we attacked with Mamma about a nasal ago, but before eivapietely recovering be ventured out sod wan led up again tri few days with sad bronchitis to which monplication of dream be areraltad. Mr. Batas wan a Wald mamba al Msdrequare Church, and was mob raspodul by all elm knew He leaven a widow 1111111 ARM Ilibalkelt to mourn hi.

loss, with whom me agsmpethise in their mefortutie. The fonmal, MAME wki be pmblie one, will take place is net at Cola Cemetery, marks her the boss al 12 Sa. Cuarzo Sur. Pita. Scalds, Calk Clopped Honda, Sum Eve.

lomat Milk Nearslsle wad 'Mori 0.14.. awl Ski. quickly roliorod ass of CARBOLIC OINITIALBT, Lam 1. 10 sack Cbamioto sod or poet free for votes is damp. F.

C. CALVLSIT tad Co Uaocbootor. Awarded NI Geld sad Balm Medals sad Depleseew LOGAL ELECTIONS. Result of the ye-dection in the Town Ward. Tlf U1L 41413 GN rHC I he of hork the coal: no.t es ctiee or .4 t- me.

nr oly moot. kw, 1... gytwil K. h' only etn.ii• to ho had on I 'surd haw we, dr.r0t...1 hi Andy pert tguelahrsh.Ltetor. 6 largely 'o the of hrir hy, amain.

Me qsaelstas appeand nu 13.. pholorei the T. top- roan. B.d ebret tr. oaths wet hold the pro ever dame.

red ern amerw. i er -r It le the 0 errnlng by ea. of here thee tapmid he held. the four ea serf mho prier. -dm the Al the gooleelre Th.

mash huernter anmonneed that tone cmadidane fur lue in the Town Ward were me the plater In b. thought it he to it 7 f. them to rive dun on the (ill 11(100, ar I tbern three minute. each. Mr.

AMU'. o'rf by th at he rev eery man, but vhat he wui tbcruuchly healthy wee tosttion (loud agtvlauos), lie conside re it attune that to order h. relie.e the coiriutnirs from their fair share of rreyo. eibiNhy. men wei burdens should be placed upon the hoes He was hie own 4 -nisesn)--and tie aresaary tires to derr.te ro the wink of tr.

li unni, sad 11 elected its would sine theme Luc estly sad faithfully (applsusel. Me J. T. Dacron rid he er torwderery remark ttv.d.l by the (1..1 laughter). He thought it that th.

be nude, sad he would do his hest to oppor them jipplarsieS There were (qui eve. for Al loner at thin juncture, and Sir. E. P. Llama on risin was received with lecherous applanes, He esti that he had Keen asked to 'peak fur these itinutr on thin important querelan.

Three a was moths he omid op ak foe throe works on it arid a.atirtoed laughter). Mr. Biddle we. with the hie rf the wenn water littiration when them wet crin .4 "Time" from the audience. The CI I IIIIIIA3I, deeidol th 9 three ttnnube lad rot dewed.

Mr. said that he bad little game in the par she orropries, aud if returned be waski des su wain is the future (loud applause). Mr. Jon. Evsten labour candidate, met with cordial reception, mid refitting to the remark Mr.

Mackintosh as to Winn his own waver, said due he item speaker) sew Man his own piastr4 and ace afraid of no man. It had been ittiimmed by his enemies that be mould be a (eel of Mr. Bailey, bus be repudiated thee with all the "Me''' ales of which he was espbt (1.. epplenee). hat stood fere to face with Mr.

Bailey on many occardons sdrorating the claims of his fellowworkmen, and he could assure hi. hearers th a if seected, hie a-le object be to sere, the interests of the large b-dy of rat.payem (applause). THE DAY OF THE POLL. oe Thunday morning the loommrtera the various caa erre, 'bon Mr. degas Macklo MA beteg much ee etrieere.

Biddle, and Semis contented themselves ith no other moans of IOC.UI Alois than Shenkl'e pony, but id.ckimto•h, on the other limhf, had had lent him number of which did eteellent work In bringiog op the moo Throughout the of the day the polling was exceedingly elm Ir. Mr. W. Giif6tkii, the deputy retursieg cid aar, determined to count the same eight. Shortly lefere 30 o'clock at night the po.I was deiare 1 follows: JOHN EVANS ANGUS MACKINTOSH E.

P. BIDDLE J. T. DOCTON 444 County Council By, Elections. PI NITDARREN DIVISION.

Mr. Dan Thomas has tramd an addrees is which ha makes the confession that be has a nonsciiintiem objection to Mr. Thomas William: supporters have issuiel no Adman, tint are working gilled, and effectively on behalf a the absent eaudidste. GELLYFAELOG DIVISION. to the public ce things aeon, to be moving In a "thee earte: fa him'.

there can be no denying that the saiious ciandidatee are quiatly, but um the lees sorely, prorocutiny their claims fnr election Canvassing is Ming largely indulged In, and nor Sott it may be relied upan, will he tpered to I ring the voters to the pull, and all the election place on iLhoit's Dar, a heavy recor I can he atticipated. Mr. Jobe E. atm. at largely attended meeting of Literals, held on night, at Gwernlleyn Schoolroom, way winged a.

the Liberal candidate, and his cup. potters are most energetic on his behslf. The channel; or Mr. J. Llo)d Atkins 11 110 oar eidered to be w-ry and an meeting co hi.

behalf took place sit Hermon Schodroom, on Fri lay evening last Sa far, Me. T. B. Morgan haa been riniet in this way, but he it like Beer lon, he "lies low and FR The vot'u: it an Von 'ay Tea Warn' will ha a ri inretioe ea Fries, sight, whoa Mr Halley will addrrie the and geoeral pubile oa the Water lithe. Tha chair will be taken at 8 Colrain.

grand performance of tle catitota Tbe Childers. (404,30," by the children LI Carmel Baptist Mewl was given at the 8000 on Monday fart Slid. lirooiie Jones took Qiieen "in a cieditable msneer. There um a Ruud atten Maui, Mr. Jiwrph Otero bang in if chair.

Ma. W. Sum. Dismiss roe ot ot eri li to lUt su I tb i Mr. 44: tu Tecie-lyrbiw has jo.t received tbsuash the Arnirwan Con-nd at Car lift, ciimpensith the Mollie Gibson Minh Company, for the death of his can Wiliam, web ss in one of their 0110411 ie Felauary, Theme.

was tried is May, 1403, sad rqulted in Mr. Sharp's favour, with dames. I MO cloth's and all meta. The imeapany at sled to the High of Argos! in Denver. That appeal, after being once or twice adjourned ha.

now made and the original diunnes suetaisidavd cnifirmed. i 16 is right to say that the company "mid all the funeral repeals' aid counted the body to Celiforsia, more than 1,000 ilea. Fortnestely for Mr. Slimy be bad pr. 'tried letter from son (the bin be wrote), in which be said he would give Lim 40 dollars a month if be thus.

to come to California. Mr- Sharp west to Californi we our Leaden le. ow. Yla's jury bailing returns-1a media I milp.ble neglect be felt justified under the cif in pane. eating the company for damage.

an-1 his clans was made when be found that be would be obliged to rattans to Fukien-I main. It lima teen as maims. time for hi of "might aid the sequel hue prove.l the students of bee action, and that there me busiest is the States Ills claim warn for £3OO and Mr. C. R.

Reif,, Aspen, conducted the cue. Funeral of Mrs. Charles Price, Troedyrhiw. The mortal remains of this much respected Lily were moneyed to their he; at Cells Cemetery, on Thursday, March 7th, amidst general manlfertatios reow. Much sympathy is being evinced towards the family in their sad bereavement, and comint so won after the death of her sister, lira Williau it nrsiree th blew much harder to bear.

The deoeme4 wee the dazatiter of the late Mr. I'. neer Bridgend, and a sister to the pelmet High Oonetable of Absdare. Daring her re.i-&Ace In Troedyehier she had rodearet hew!) to all, and her misky seta of inchlower not eon: be forgotten. She was a a moat geaial disprei.

With a beset ready as all time. to eine prehire, there la no woofer that her donee were always open to receive Arai particularly ministers of the OospeL The Diced. at Carmel will suffer a great low, as the ariratance etre bad rendered to the townie cannot be counted. it on 'nag be said, "She don. what she could." 'There were present at the foneral Mr.

C. los, Mr. P. W. Price.

Miss C. EmPy Price, Mr. D. High Con. Abeelare; Mr.

T. Willia Shef fi eld Yr. and lea Firyoceihini Mr. sal Mem. Jonas, Cardiff Mia R.

Morse and MIA. K. Willi ono; ID. T. Price and am ily.

Wardr Mr. P. Pries sad family, Mr. and Berry. man, Aberdare Junction Mass frearde.

Tcp Hill; Rees. W. G. J. W.

Pric T. H. Lloyd, W. Thomas Troedyetow; Ice worth Jones, 111asseme; Isaac Joan, Ferndale; W. R.

lones Peorhiseceiher D. Price, Tsberosee; W. A. Zioa H. Jeakina Aram; U.

J. leakie D. Rees, H. leynoe frewie, sryocithin; 1). Jones labernacie; W.

13'. Gnffithis, Coln; W. Jas-a, Neiman; T. J. Lewitt Troadyrhiw Dr.

O. 1-new, ifewrs. A. Daniel, J. D.

Jaws W. Mac ae, I. E. J. it Jones D.

Dewier (tewer), Ja ill, J. P. D. C. Thomas, T.

8, Thsnaa, Mr. sad 31ra I'. H. Ewan. (B.1:1, ote.

MOUNTAIN ASH, nitoe Mr. itE ILA to that Our that was a Entistitar to the Jo at this sm. incorrect. Ho was Dot a competiax. TO CORRENPONGENTS.

letters from "fiympothiter," Auld other, ars unavoidably held user for next Tat ra At letter contain, cLarges which co al act putoiaa. Head your complaint to member the Couacil, aad will adapt iavailiawial, CONSUMPTION THE CURE OF CHRONIC BRONCHITIS, ASTHMA, and CATARRH. The Mehemet promulgated br Ds. Atenoint bee him put to a crucial tem in Maw Shannon's Orphan Home, sad is reported upon am Dr. Alatiese, of Millbury, he for me-e than twelve yams met macemefelly treated patients in soy Orglhe sad may elairers olte woes to be is advanced Canseing doctors attending the Homes, and am who have Men patients at the Ifeallmer and Brampton (for Oommi.

tion) have been cored by Dr. Alabama treatment, sad are sow is good health and doing modal Medical toes sod whose opinion are of the greatest worth cordially pre an opinion entirety in favour of his treatment. The asking of the trestaisat is aid forth ably sad seedily is "The Cure o(Consarsstise, Asthma, sad Greek Droliehltfs." by Weis W. diabase Id 11.1 S.A., D. C.

8.. by Dn. tart Lyaton Haw. N. The work is la its sdities (113 rd Sisessad).

The rowed of se eaerinoes somber of iiiiihsatiested cues of rirk to of pestest latereet OEFN COED. Cease Boss' Scnoot--The result of the meat drawls, eseinine iJo received sad are are pleaard to tad that the has been awarded the rsixPeot mark. Workmea's Institute, MONDAY, APRIL ht, AND WEEK, MR. ARTHUR OROCJEN'S ORIGINAL SWISS CHOIR COMBINATION, Including LB Ada Le BIU Prot Bodifoy, The Ma Choir Mahatmas, who give information regard knz missing property, atwe i i i tii drArd ri dview in awt frATIRT Amelaston and Ed; Reeerved la DUCK AND SON'S DRUG STORES FOR PURE DRUGS AND Patent Medicines AT LOWBST CASH PRICES. SEND FOR PRICE LIST GRAM AND SAVE 34d.

IN THE Is. St. JOHN'S SQUARE, Loner of the Areade, CARDIFF. 4,.

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