The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1953
Page 9
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FRIDAY, SEPT. 4, 1953 BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINK HE MAKES^CHILD'S PLAY/ I'M IT/THE <* AS COOL AS/ " - LIOMfNAM _ FLCP6/—UM/DID THAlJ A SUV « ITSLL >OU ABOUT THe VICIOUS THE WIF& «1 RATTLER I LOWS /1T50PED T30RIKB DtSTflrtCE.: Y<5U SINK THAT CHAMPION OF THE CUJS,/MA3»R/THS LOOKS MEANER THAN A MULE'S HIND LESS/ By J. R. William NOTHIN' TO SMILE AT" I COULPSOCKSOO FOR EVEN MENTION W<3> IT/ THI* » OUR LAST FW CHECK TOR. SUMMER. WO«K.' THE NEXT THINS WE'LL BE LOOKIW'AT WILL BE A REPORT CARP.' THE BITTER. EKSD THE PLANE CApUZyiHfc CHE.ISANP ' BAEEIE N5AfZ4 VANI4WN... YOU1L HAVE TO , CAEKV THE WIL, 'OKK...IOOIT $... WE'LL I KNCWACALMfZ FKQttA S<3Fr- There are no tigers in Africa except in captivity. Tigers are native only to eastern and southern Asia »and the adjacent islands. FARM LOANS LOW RATE NO FEES OR STOCK J. W. MEYER 1st National Bank Bid;. Blytheville, Ark. Phones: Office 2261 Residence 8667 In Association with, THI PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE CO. Of AMERICA HOME OFFICE. 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Main RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK Guaranteed Grovers Body & Radiator Shop 508 CL Lake Ave. Bho. 6981 FOR RENT MOVIE CAMERAS and PROJECTORS All New Kodak Equipment Offered in a Large Selection BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3647 Television- Ton ite. Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 FRIDAY NIGHT, SEPTEMBER i 6:00 The Goldbergs 6:30 First Person 7:00 Big Story 7:30 Talent Patrol j 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports J 8:45 Greatest Fights , 9:00 Nothing But The Best ' 9:?i News Reporter 9:4j Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Names the Same 10:30 Four Star Playhouse 11:00 News 11:05 Masquerade Party • 11:35 Film Featurette 11:30 Sign Oif SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 9:15 News and Meditation 9:30 Smilin' Ed McDonnell 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Pride of the Southland 11:30 Industry On Parade 11:45 Pre-Qame Warm Up 11:55 Baseball Game 2:30 Cowboy G-Men 3:00 Super Circus 4:00 Mr. Wizard 4:30 Soundstnge 8:00 Date With Judy 5:30 Strike It Rich 6:00 Sammy Kaye 6:30 Ted Mack 7:00 Saturday Night Revue 8:00 Range Rider 8:30 Lone Ranger 9:00 Rnmjir of the Jungla 9:30 Film Featurette 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Tonight In Sports 10:30 Wrestling 11:30 Talent Scouts 12:00 Sign Off T. M. hf. It. t. nt OW. "My brother always »ay« 'live it up,' so com* on and spend your dime—remember school start* Tuesday!" FRECKLIS AND HIS FRIINDS EVERYONE I'OWe B CLOSING M OMME—- "rRUTrrVUkRa^ i OWE LM6RMORE SO BUCKS PLUS WHAT HE HAS ON HIS SCRATCH SHEET/ MAM,I REALLY MUST'VE- BEBW LWIIJ6 IT UP WHEN I WAS CARRWS THE TORCH FOB. CAMDTV 1 KEEP AWMi THERE'S NO TURNING FROtt ME^Sta; NOW.' TWS WING'S ZIP.' /OUTOFHAND--SHEUTCU. TMEPOLICE...IVESPJTO SHUT HER UP FOR GOOD.' JOAN, JOAN/ OPEN THIS DOOR/ YOU'RE CWGy, DARLING, TO THINK I'D TRY TO HURT YOU ^ .SV...VOUHEARME? "* " "^ OPEN TOE DOPE. JOANJ GOODNESS; WHAT'S AU. TWKXINDINS AND VOLING GOING ON UP THERE?.' Beside the Laughing Water A Romance by LOUIS ARTHUR CUNNINGHAM mi h HU SUVKI. I.. xxxm TN the city, the Drama Festival had begun, with the arrival of groups from all over the wide Dominion, from Vancouver, Calgary, Winn.peg, Montreal, Halifax, St. John's. Young, hopeful, serious folks with plays ranging from "The Taming of the Shrew" to "Riders to the Sea." Lilith, in town with Avis Wayland about some business for their own production, saw the invading hosts of culture and revised a bit her early condemnation of amateurs and her depreciation of the value of such annual orgies of art. Surely from all this eager-eyed enthusiasm, some real good must come, something of real value to a nation's cultural health. Archer Fenn was there to meet some fellow from home who had brought down a group from a college in Ontario. ,He met them in the lobby of the Admiral Beatty Hotel, looking a bit bewildered, but quite able in his ancient tweed jacket and baggy slacks, to pass for one of the players. He mopped his brow. "Would you believe it possible that 10 many people wanted to act! What I'd like' to see would b« the whole crowd on the stage at onct, playing all their pieces at the same time. And they're all terrified of the adjudicator—as who wouldn't be? Looks like a tough Prussian panzer offlzier. A lot of thespians are going right back to clerking and selling bonds after he's through with them." "Garret Kane," said Lililh, laughing. "Yes, I'd say you had him pretty well typed, Archer. I haven't set eyes on him for seven weary years, but I can't Imagine his having changed much— ageless as the sphinx and as tou^h as the pyramids. I'd know him in n real dark night on the banks of the Styx." "Seem* M it br'd know you too," laid Avia. "I think that's the gentleman you're discussing, right over there between Falstaff—I presume, and Movolio, I should guess. And he's not listening to either of them, but his gimlet eyes—brrl—are fixed on you. There—he's walking out on them very rudely, and heading for us. Do turn on the charm, Lilith. Remember, my only daughter's theatrical future may depend on a word from this executioner." • • • PARRET KANE bore down on VT them. Lilith turned with a smile and outstretched hand to meet him. -I knew itl" h* said with a grin that seemed to crack the stoney-looking visage and gave it at the same time «n odd, Puckish attractiveness. Th« agate hard blue eyes were sparkling and the shaven bullet head shone. "I saw you come into the lobby and in an instant I knew I had seen you before. Forgive me for staring at you so rudely, but I seldom forget i face and yours is still ai lovely ai it was when I saw you as Dian« Line in Crosskeyi at th« Empire in London seven iyears ago. Right?" "Quite right, Mr. Kane. I was Lesley Gray then. Now I am Lilith Graeme—" "How In heaven's sweet name did you stray into this chamber of horrors?" "I'm putting on a play. I teach dramatics it Edgemere School, outside the town. Here are two of my colleagues, Mrs. Wayland and Mr. Fenn." "Wayland - Wayl.nd—" He turned the sharp eye> on Avis, who gave him th« business with her own gorgeous black orbs. "I se«m to recall that name. I'd surely remember ene so utterly beautiful." Avis loved it. "But tell me about your y—" H* turatd Mfin U LU- ith. "So'many confounded plays and I know them all off by except a few they just pulled out of the oven. What's yours? Of course! Crosskeys, eh?" "Yes, I didn't select it though. It was Fate, I guess." "You were the loveliest Diana ever." "And you were the kindest critic ever." "Yes, I began to wonder when I couldn't find any fault with you, if I wasn't getting soft. But time proved I was right." He swung around to Avis. "Wayland! Now I know. There was a Canadian captain of that name— but wasn't he engaged to you. Miss Graeme?" "Yes. Giles was his name. He used to be married to Avis here before I met him." "1 know the picture now. Didn't darling Poppy have her finger in the pie or her pointed stiletto in someone's heart? Well, well, it seems like old times. . I must dash now. See you at the slaughters, my dears—and Mr. Fenn." • •• • /CROSSKEYS was the last play ^ to be judged, it having been so arranged to give Peg a chance to recover her mishap, but Lilith, as the festival dragged along for days, rather wished they had got it on a bit sooner. Peg, Avis said, worried so much about how it was going to come off, that she was retarding her recovery rather than letting time speed it. She had seen Garret Kane and listened to his comments on some of ' (he other plays—comments which didn't encourage her a great deal about the chances for her own success. Kane, however, seemed to have mellowed a bit with the years, or perhaps the banquets they gave him, worked some chemistry in him and only once or twice did he really cut loose and blast some poor players off the boards. The night of the play though, Peg was her old, insousclant self once more, having fretted to the point where there simply wasn't another worry or fear in her. 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