The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 6, 1938 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, September 6, 1938
Page 8
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The Algona tf pper Des Moines Algona, Iowa, Sept. 6,1938 MRS.BOWYER THUS OF OLD-TIME ALGONA MAIN ST. Former Algona Lady Identifies Buildings of State St. in the 70's (By Sirs. Nellie Bowyer) Mrs. Nellie Bowyer. old-time Algona lady, now living at Hollywood, California, where sh'e moved a num. ber of years ago, baa taken a great Interest in the Upper Des Moines centennial edition. Mrs. Bowyer grew up in early day Algona, and made her home here during most of her life. In the following letter she identifies most of the buildings on State street from a picture of the Street In 1870, printed In the cen- Add New Features To Field Day Plans tennlal edition. ter follows: Mrs. Bowyer's let- Aug. 27,1938.—Dear Mr. Haggard: I was intensely interested In reading and reviewing the illustrations In your Issue of August 16th. The picture of State street In 1870 with the caption "When the Milwaukee Road Came to Algona," was especially Interesting as I recognized the first building at the right was the Smith Bros. (Lewis and John) general •tore. One of the tiny buildings next east was Lucia Clarke's ( a Bister of A. D. Clarke) millinery Store, where she let me admire and handle her cotton flowers. The two- story brick building beyond with so many windows was built and owned by a man named Hancock. The taext little building was Walter Ward's father's blacksmith shop. Farther east were the Lockwood •tore of notions, etc., Ackley store and Beard's shoe shop. At the extreme east of the street Is the Cliff Hotel with the dormer windows In the roof. Among the smaller buildings was a bakery—where they •old lemonade. It was run by Wilbur Quick's grandparents named Kies. The Cliff Hotel was on a high elevation.. That block was later owned for many years by George GaJbraith. The belfry of the town hall on a block west looms above the other buildings. j •' Buying Baby Oldie* This Mr. Hancock was a bachelor, who left town when he sold the building to D. H. Hutchlns. When I was five years old my mother had a baby boy. My grandmother was there as she always was on such occasions. She told me to go to Mr. Hancock's store and buy a "didie" pin. They were not known by any other name then. I cried and remonstrated but to no use—I had t~j go. I was extremely modest and bashful then and such things were not mentioned in polite society and what I suffered on my way to the •tore Is still remembered. But. oh Joy, when I approached the counter I saw a paepr of them Inside and I told Mr. Hancock I wanted one of those pins, which were five cents, so my modesty was partly spared. But that was my moat embarrassing moment. Pierce Ear* for Ear-rings Our family in 1871 moved to the country for a year and a half. While living there, a family came through the country in a covered Shooting, king of outdoor sports to hundreds of Kossuth county sportsmen will, be featured on tha Field Day program again this year. Trap shooting has led in popular' ity in past Field days and more arid better gunning, will be the keynote again on the, 1938-Field Day. Wesley, winner of the five man team trap shooting contest nt the Conservation League picnic challenges any other five-mnn team from any town or club for the Field Day championship. So hot is the competition between towns that representatives of each drew by lot for their traps at the county meeting held nt Burt last week. Last year after blasting away at 19.000 clay birds, the Field Day gunners found themselves to their great dismay, without targets. As insurance against this happening again this year the committees in charge have ordered and received half a railroad box car load of blue rocks, which means 55.000. count them for yourstelf—clay pigeons. This, the committee triumphantly predicts, will supply all and sundry with targets as long as daylight holds out. Three Main Target Events There will be three main events in the trnfi shooting this year. A 150 bird program—six 25 bird events acordlng to the Seifkin high gun system. This part of the program will be shot over two automate traps beginning at 12 noon. A sti- ver cup will be awarded the winner. An amateur shoot over four automatic traps will have five and ten bird events with prizes for first, second and third places. Targets will be free to Indies who compete. The third event will be. the five- man team championship shoot. Expected to be at the FieM Day again this year will be Stanley Meadows and Dr. Jay Pattersson of Des Moines. Lnst year this pair nmazed Kossuth county gunners by breaking clay pigeons blindfolded. A doctor taped their eyes shut so that there was no possibility of their being able to see. yet Meadows broke six out of ten birds, both straightaways and to the sides. On the committee in charge of the trapshooting are Oscar Poirot. Whittemore, chairman, Alton, Pettit, Lone Rock, and Ernest Peterson Titonka. E. A. Scheme), AI- gorts. will be cashier, Ernest Jensen. Lone Rock, assistant, and Harold Brandt, Algona. assistant. Liiultkc Game Exhlhlt One of the finest exhibits to be shown at Field Day or anywhere else this yenr will be the Ernest Luedtke game exhibit. This collection of live and stuffed birds and animals is unique among its kind. It represents 40 years of work by this Kossuth county farmer and his family and belongs entirely to Kossuth county, although some of the exhibits come from all parts of the world. On their farm at the present time the Luedtkes have seven live deer, a pair of prairie wolves, silver and cross foxes and raccoons. It will not be possible to bring all of the collection to Field Day, but a large collection will be there housed in a big tent. Two trucks and the hctp of several men and private cars will be required to move the display. Some of the specimens Mr. Luedtke will handle himself, and Insurance has been taken out on some of the most valuable objects in the collection. The showing of this exhibit on Field Day will enable thousands to sec it. In keeping with the spirit of Field Day no admission charge will be mad*. On the Special committee in charge of handling the exhibit are Art Prlebe, Lone Rock, chairman. Delbert Geitzenatier, Lone Rock, Delmer Fisher Lone Rock. Jim Geelan. Whittemore and Hugh McDonald. Burt. Can Park 4,000 Cars In preparation for the handling of the large crowds which will throng the grounds 20 additional nrres of land have been obtained for parking, in all accommodating 4.000 autos. A first aid station and ambulance station will be maintained. Food stands will be operated by the league. , On the grounds committee are H. E. Woodward. Whittemore. chairman. H . M. Smith. Algona. Charles Inrnan. Bancroft and E. J. Deitering. Bancroft. In charge of parking are John Foth, Algona. chairman, Floyd Newville, Algona, Walt Stewart, Burt, and Marc Moore, Algona. Casey Loss. Algona. county sheriff, heads the Safety and Police committees. Others on this group are Art Cogley. Bancroft. L. E. Hovry. Algona, and H. A. Van Alstyne, Algona. Mr*« Ceo. Emerson of West Bend Has Bridge Club Party West Bend: Mrs. Geo. Emerson entertain the afternoon V and I club at a six table desert bridge. Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Dick Cleal was high guest, Mrs. T. Eihler low guest and Mrs. J. A. Olson was high club member and Mrs. Givens. low. wagon and and camped in front of our house. It rained very hard for a few days and they were Invited to stay in the house. The mother of the family said she could p'crcc ears so my sister and I decided to have ours pierced. She proceeded by first pinching them, then plating a cut potato behind them and pierced them with a cla.-.Tng needle threaded with thread. The suffering when the thread was moved every day was great until they finally healed My stepfather went to town and bought three sets of jewelry consisting of a large brooch, long and large ear-rings of Tom Lockwood for my mother, my sister Libbie and myself, which we proudly wore until the brass things made our ears so sore we couldn't wear them in spite of our pride and age of 11 and 12 years.—Mrs. Nellie G. Bowyer. FairvilleWalther League Has Meeting Fenton: The Fairville Walther League met Tuesday evening, Aug. 30, with Marjorie Johnson. The meeting opened with an hour's study on a Bible topic. The rest of the evening various games were played and prizes were won by Rev. A. Rehdcr, Dorothy Bruhn, Mervin Priebe and Wilfred Blerstedt. Tha members attending were Sidonia Bierstedt, Dorothy Bruhn, Ljjvaun Priebe, Laurnetta Bruhn, Mervin Priebe, Winston Kerber, Lois Kcrb- er, Virginia Hengel, William Hantelman, Herman Wehrspann, Robert Bruhn. Victor Schmeling, and Ruth Schmeling. Visitors were M >j s. A. Rehder, Susan. Robert and John SJqhuelke, Marion Finnestad and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegener. IMAGINE! a typewriter Swea City Firms Remodel Buildings Swea City: Judging from recent developments, every available business place in Swea City will soon be tenanted and a building program will be in order. Among the many recent changes, the one involving the greatest number of business firms is being made in the V. L,. Nelson building. The Iowa Union Telephone Company whose central offices are on the second floor, has leased the entire structure and will put the offices on the ground floor and install new equipment. Mr. Nelson is putting a ten foot back addition on his adjoining building and will divide the entire structure with a lengthwise partition. Mr. Nelson will install his barber shop in one side and Eva Ackerson's coffee shop will occupy the other. The Ackerson family will live in the upstairs rooms now used as the telephone office. Vernon D. Larson of Lyons, Neb.. is opening a Gamble store in the Sayers bakery building on Sept. l. p >. John S. Nelson is remodeling the first floor and will have the oven remodeled. Mr. Larson formerly lived at Es'herville and has two children. Business changes are al«o bringing two other new families here. The Harold Hunters of Rockwell City are moving here this week. Mr. Hunter will manage the Citizen's Oil company's bulk plant and nta- tion. A station manager will also be engaged by the Midwest Service company of Algona who has recently purchased A. J. Krammersmeier's Cities Service station. The Mirt- west will take over on Sept. 8 and Mr. Krammersmeier will return '.'J Ledyard. Rewrites Of Ntwi From Last Thursday's Konuth County Advance Jt'ST WHAT the city received that was worth $1.068.15 is puzzling city officials. City Attorney J. L. Bonar is conducting an investigation. The cost of checkers' meal.s was not excessive nor was transportation. On at least a couple of days it appears the two checkers Garner Storesund, Ottosen, Marries West Bend Girl Ottosen: Miss Edna Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith of West Bend and Gerner Storo- sund. son of Mrs. Sarah Storesund of Ottosen. were united in marriaee Wednesday at the Lutheran parsonage at Senecn with Rev. S. O. Sandc officiating The bride wore a blue taffeta dre<?s and she was attended by her sister. Lillian Smith, who wore a green taffeta dress. The groom was attended by his brother, Millard btore- sund. After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the groom's mother. Mrs. Storesund. The bride is a graduate of the West Bend high school with the class of 1938. The gro-m is « graduate of the Ottosen high school with the class of 1933 and has since been farming his mother's farm where they will make their home. They left on a short wedding trip to attend the state fair ard also visit relatives In Minnesota. Swea City Churches Hold Union Meeting Swea City: The third in a series of union meetings was held at the Baptist church last Sunday evening. Rev. R. P. Bronlewee spoke of his trip to the northern Baptist convention at Milwaukee this summer. Rev. H. E. Harvey addressed a similar service at the M. E. church a week ago, telling of his Impressions of the International Council of Religious Education at Columbus. Ohio, while Rev. R. C. Swanson of Immanuel Lutheran church had opened the series of union meetings with a description of the Swedish Tercentenary cele- were not registered in their hotel | oration in Delaware. although the city paid for their j meals. The city does not infer that | there is fraud in the bill but they would like an accounting to find out why this year's check cost it about three times as much as the audit for the previous two year period. Mrs. Stephens, Who Just Died, Was a Pioneer of 1870's Irvington: With the death of Mr8. Marsh Stephens of Ortonville. Minn., It will be remembered by many old residents that in the early seventies the Stephens family owned and occupied the farm where the Henry Eischeids now live, Inter moving into Algona where Mr. Stephens was elected county sheriff. Two children survive their mother, namely Earl and Harriet, both of Ortonville. which has been their home for many years. Two Portland Girls .JfRORS FOR the fall term of district court which opens September 19 in Algona were dra%vn and 16 men and 14 women selected. They are: John W. Bruce. Swei City: Hnttie Burlingame. Algona: Emmft Chapman. LuVerne; Elizabeth Dawson. Wesley: Ethel Dowrs. Titonka: Frank J. Elbcrt, Whittemore: Elizabeth Granzow, Alcona; Irene Geishecker. LuVerne: Theron Hanson, Wesley; Rena Hauptman. Wesley. A. V. Hertlfr. Algona: Rolwirt Hardcopf, LuVerne: Alma Heft- land, Lakota; Elizabeth Kollasch. Lakota: Mrs. Mary Kockler, Bancroft: Frank Kollasch, Bancroft; Will Laticlt. Whittemore: A. J. Mar. tinek, Wesley: Belle Moore. Algona; AUolph Meyer. Fenton; Louis Mtill- er. Elmore, Minn.; Raymond Neu. Whittemore. Anna Rahe. Bancroft; Roland Stcele. Lakota: Walter Sachs. Lakota: Frank Savers, Swea City; Vernon Toohy. LuVerne; 1 Abbie Tjaden, Burt; Mary Walsh. Algona; K J. Widen, Corwith. Grand jurors drawn the first of the year will report for duty September 20. * * * WILLIAM HITLER, of the CCC camp at Bancroft was fined $25 with $2.90 costs added for reckless driving. He drove through a stop sign near Algona at night and turned out his lights as he d'd so. Fifteen dollars of the fine was suspended on his good behavior. C. M. Knudson. Algona. was fined one Entertain Tuesday Swea-Eagle: Edith, Alice and Myrtle Molinder entertained the following guest last Tuesday evening :n honor of Olive Clossley of Ames who is visiting at their home: Mrs. Dettmer Thompson. Florence Er- Ickson. Freda and Helen Bergeson and June Larson. Hospital News Kosrath Hospital Tuesday, August 23—Marjorie Drayton of Algona underwent an appendectomy. Tuesday, August 23—Mrs. Nick Berte of Irvington gave birth to a baby boy. Sunday, August 28—Mrs. Donald Cook of Algona, baby boy. Monday, August 29—Mrs. Cnrl Union BoyaRettmt From Wi«con*in Union: Stuart Thompson, and Eugene Draeger got home last *r«*k from n visit with Merle Draeger and Glen Post at Highland, Wis. They took In the wonderful Wisconsin scenery and the Dells and report a delightful trip. What, Pall Here? Autumn in the air has not cooled the ardor of Iowa couples any ncording to the number of marriage *rmtts granted at the clerk of offWw: -Marriage licenses were issued to Ow following couples: William twsrtey, Jttv Armstrong 1 , and Alava Farringtsn, Swea City; Lewis Musion and:*terr|et WalterSj both of Behnond; Henry BJ. Anderson, Honey Creek, Iowa, and Stella M. Isenberger, Bnrt; Gerald Danzsr and Amelia Anderson, both 6f Mankato. trviagton Teachet Irvlngton: Miss Pauline Black has been engaged to teach the McGregor street school. Leslie Jenkins Is the director. Froehlich of Wesley gave birth to I a baby boy. I Tuesday, August 30—Mrs. Louis) Fuhrman of Algonn entered for medical care. Wednesday. August 31—Marfrarrt Brown of Algona underwent n tonsillectomy. Friday, September 2— Fernau of Lone Rock underwent an appendectomy. GtneTal Hospital Tuesday. August 23— Mrs. Loyal Gingrich "of Lakota. underwent A tonsillectomy. Tuesday. August 23— Gordon Tfffi of Marshall. Minn . entered for medical treatment. Wednesday. August 2,V- Porls Batt of Algona. tonsillectomy. Thursday. August Herbert Knutson. CUtosen. tcmslMwtomy *nd adenoidectomy. Thursday. Leu* of LuVerne had h#r t«nsils and adenoids removed. Thursday. A<m"»« »-Mr*. O*<» Koestler of Burt f*v* birth «o * baby boy. Friday. Aumist Sfr—Bd Op*sl»»» of Algona underwent an apr^ndwtrtny. Friday. August »—Mr*. R. E Ferguson of Corwith entered for medical care, Saturday. August Z7—Lois Ann Galloway of Corwith underwent a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Saturday. August 27—Mrs, Fred Meyer of Bonaparte. Iowa, entered for medical treatment. She underwent a major operation. Monday. August 29. Wednesday. August 31—Julian Higgins of Hurt, minor surgery. Thursday. September 1—Dorothy Ann Mathahs of Wesley had her tonsils and adenoids removed. Saturday, September 3—Franklin and Arthur Mueller of Fenton underwent tonsillectomles and ade- noidectomles. California Nurse Visit* Lotts Creek Lotts Creek: Martha Radig arrived from California Tuesday morning. Her sister. Mrs. Emll Laabi and daughter!. Laurena and Mildred, met her at the bus In Mason City. Miss Radlg will visit here for several weeks. On the way home she will attend a nurses' convention in Chicago. She also If? a sister of Mrs. Wm. Furcstenau and Alex Radig. Swea City Woman Entertains in Honor Of St. Louis Woman Swea City: Mrs. Magnus Peterson entertained ten ladios at a coffee-party last Wednesday in honor of Mrs. Buell Pearson of St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Pearson and children. Marjorie and Gordon have spent the summer with her parents, the ! T. F. Johnson's here, and left thin week Monday to join Mr. Pearson in St. Louis. Texas Girl Makes Visit in Burt Home Burt: Ruth Housour. Slayton. Texas, spent Sunday with Maxine Graham. Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Strom and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz are visiting at the J. D. Graham home. , dollar and $2.85 costs for passing a car on a hill. * * * 01 M.' t» i. I ALLEN" BRL'NHON will return to I Okating r arty | Algona soon where he will be asso- I Hated with the law firm of Van Ness ,'infl Stillman. .Mr. Briin.-<-i> is a 1 sun of ('*. A. Bru-ihon. former Kos- Mith sheriff. He will live in the old Brunson home on Nebraska hU>>•'. • * « HUM SOIOOI. football teams in the N'orlh Central cfinfen-ni e this year will play a California .style football game as the season opener. ; The weM half of the league Alt;""-' i Humbolilt. Webster City and Ka>sle j Grove will play the east Little Burt Girl Treated for Abcess Burt: Jolene, little daughter of Mir and Mrs. Joe Higgins was taken to the General hospital in Algona Wednesday for an operation on an abcesa on her cheek. She returned home the next day. Portland: Thelrna Bristow an.l j Iva Marie Brayton were hoste.sse | to ;» group tif young folk.s at n J KiUcr skating party at Titonka on ; Tue.-sday evening. ; Entertained Wesley I Ladies on Friday Wtslt-y: Mr,. Ed Hildri'an and Mr.s. Su.^an Lindeii.shmidt entertained, a Krour, of relatives and neighbor ladies at the Hildrnan home o.-i Friday afternoon. Cards arid bum o wire played at three t:ihle:, after which a delirious lunch was served- Mrs. Linden Sfhmidt will leave f;ir her home i-i Ohii-ajj" next week. Khe hah hi v-n vi.sitinj.' relatives and friends here since July 1st. Mrs. Jerald Godden, E. Seneca, Entertains ADS For Sale FOR SALE—Two loads of cobs.— Wm. Durant. Algona. 36' FOR SALE—Ensilage cutter in fine condition.—McEnroe Bros. Phone 519. 36 FOR SALE--Typewriters, new and used, at Algona Upper Dea Moines. Underwood, Corona, and L. C. Smith. 36 LOVELY HEEL LATCH shoes. You've been reading about them, hearing about them. They combine smartness and comfort Guaranteed aa advertised in Good House- keeping.—Kreaensky'g . 30 FOR SALE—Big wood heater, bedstead.—C. B. Albright, on 80 neur river. 36» ...ft'sf /tenet? L-ephyr Come in. ..see it. ..try out this amazing portable. Lightweight but strong. Surprisingly complete. Has 84 characters— Standard Keyboard — Swinging Shift — back spacer . . . truly a great buy and a full-fledged Corona. —AT THE— Algona Upper Des Moines Schools Open Here Public arid parochial schools in Algeria opened Monday School of ficials were (becking enrollment.? today, and indications were that a new all-time high for student* would be set in the city. Hamilton. Dear Lake arid Clan.,11 Algona will have Iowa Falls m its opponent for one quarter and Ihe other six teams will pair off for a quarter each. Each team rnu:t vise 22 players. The idea is novel and interesting to players. ^t,ec.tatcri and coaches alike. • • « THE ELEVATOB at Wesley nearly destroyed by fire a couple of weeks I ago. is being rebuilt. St-ntca: Mr. and Mrs. Jfcr aid Godden were tc u party Thursday evening given in honor of Mr. and Mrs Paul Voi^t. A social evening was enjoyed by all present and a lunch was served. Mrs Jay Godden was a dinner Kuest Thursday at the P. M. Christ ensens. Lone- Rock. Mrs. Eula Williamson has taken Iowa Fall-,, j up her duties for the present MARVO—The marvelous effect and curative powers of this remedy is truly miraculous. It gives immediate relief to itching and bleeding piles, aores, ulcers, boils, carbuncles, pimples, eczema, burnv ruts, bruises—any acute or r.honi': nfectlon. Marvo does not burn Marvo Chemical Co., Sioux FalN. H. I). Sold by A. H. Borchardt. 34-:!fl« "LET us VULCANIZE thosTbToiT n tires and tubes. All work guaranteed.—Sampson Tire Service. 6-tf ytitr at the Seneca Teac heragt. Mrs. I', P. Turner of LaPoru City mini- for an extended visit at the Wrn. Osborn home and with other relatives. Swea Legion Meets Swea City: Fisher Post of the American Legion held a regular meeting Monday night and the lad ics' Auxiliary met for its annu.i membership drawing on Tuesday The local unit is endeavoring to b the firfct in the county to rnett it 'juota this fall as an honor to on Week's Weather iJate August '',(> August 31 Sept. 1 Sept. 2 Sept. 3 Sept. •» High Lov fe-'i SI hi 7!* 7." 61 6.') 01 54 A SET OF NEW buildings is being constructed on Mrs. Bertha Rj< htsmeier farm, two miles south of Wtsley. A barn large corn crib af it" members, Mrs. Fred P«l«rt>on (and a. temporary house art being 1 wh " is the recently elected count) j built and a windmill h*s already chairman. \ btfcn erected and a well dug I * * * I THE KEV. T. (,. TKEKKOW, r i ,- tor of the Burt Lutheran < hun-ii -it Ihe time it was moved from f'lurn Creek township, years u^f*. died o-i August *i. at MadU'in. \Vi.i. Hu wife ;»jid lour children sj'.'ive. Lakota Girl Hurt DROP IN at Sampson'i Tire Service when in need at a used tire or tube. 0-tf TOMORROW NEVER COMES Then act. today by sending for Mankato Commercial College catalog Mankato, Minn. ?6 FOR RENT--Two heated office room:! over Mot & Sjogren store Can be rented as a suite or separate ly.-Haggard &. Peterson, Inquire Aigona Upper Den Moines office. 35 For Your Car WINTER'S COMING! See Car roll Johnson when you want winter and oil, or radiator arti freeze.- Johnson's D-X Service. 5( For Rent HOSIERY NEWS! 13th Pair FREE JOIN Rollins Hoiiery Club Kreseiuky's MAKIUKU: Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs l> W .Smith. Bun, and Everett E. Hanna. l.'jne Rock, last week. The newlywe-U will be at home after Sept. 1 on their far/n near Lone Rock. * * • ALOOXA COl'PLE WEDS: El eanor Jenkins and Ronald Gardner, both of Algona, were quietly married two weeks ago at KmrncUbury At present they are living with the bridegroom's parents in Plum Creek. • • • BANCROFT G1KL MAURIEM: Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schueler. Sr . Bancroft, announce the marriage of their daughter, Milda Ellen, to Clarence F Mogenson. Janesville. Minnesota- The couple are now living at New Richland. Minnesota. Lakota: Bernice, daughter of Mr . | s-iid Mrs fieorge Wir'-r who is <n>ployed al the Donfley Vruiting Co. in Clnago, cam; last wee,: on Tuesday for a visit Jt-st before leaving Chicago, wini'; moving to a new apartment. Bernice fell over a lamp cord and v>rott« a boi:e in her foot, so is confine J to the house most of the time She has worked in Chicago for several years. FOR HIRE -Two row corn bind* and hay press at any time. Ralph Hurlburt, Lone Rock Iowa, phone 207. Fenton League Meets Fenton: The Fenton Walther League of St. John* Lutheran church met Thursday evening in tha church parlors. The topic study wan "You and the Movies" which w»> explained by the pastor. Rev. R. W. Kab elitz- During the business meeting Ruth Dreyer resigned from the Walther League. It waa decide! tc have a. choir and. the ftr*t practice Wits held Friday evening under the direction of Fred Welter. Thirty-three members and one visitor were present, Wanted WANTED -Married man on farm -P. M. Christenfcen, Lone Rock, la 3 WANTED— Man and team, wants work by day for Kilo filling or day work. -Elmer Witbam, Phone 10FJ2 Algona. 36* WANTED— Your dead prompt, winltary removal. Pbona T, Algona. W« pay all phone call*. — Algona Rendering Co. 11-tf WINDOW CLASS— Price* lowest in y«ar«. Storm Muib«« fitted. Labor rate* reasonable. — Lusbys Drug Store. 35-tI Miscellaneous STRAYED—To my farm August 1ft—a uheep. Owner identify and pay conU.—Robert GusUtfaon, Ledyard. 36-38* CASH Paid For Old Gold Such As Dental Grold, Broken-Jewelry, Watch cases, etc. at Bordharflt's DRUGS AND JEWELRY The Algona Auction Co. We are here, to serve both the seller artd Buyer At onr psv- IHon In Algona every Saturday. Saturday, Sept. 1O CATTLE Two (mm of Feeder Csttto, white face, weighing 800 to 600 lira. HOGS v SM Feeder pig* winning from 30 to 100 lb«. MACHINERY Two 14 inch tractor plow*, two hay loader*, one John Deere 5-foot mower. We have calls for all kinds of stuff ,*o bring anything that you have- to sell as we have all kinds of buyers. Open Every Day. Sale Barn phone 77 Start on itock at 1:80 TERMS—Cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. RIDDLE & SOX Operator and Auctioneer The Chrischilles Store Miss Rose Lampe. graduate corsettere. will give you the proper fitting which will insure a comfortable and perfect foundation garment. Miss Lampe has just completed the Oossard Course In Chicago. Wear this GOSSARD High or Low ~ . . , . to Suit Fashion's Whim The elastic batiste side sections wiJen at the top of this i6-inch girdle, making the waistline adjustable,, Front anJ back panels are of firm fabric batiste. Model 357 closes with a slide * 00 fastener Stitchtd Rd Jdtin and MCI makts an up* liftfmihtimall fcuit. Model 406. Congratulations 1888 1938 THE CHRISCHILLES STORE congratulate* Mr. and Mw. J. T. ChriscJiilk. who have tbU week celebrated their With Wedding An- jry. Hurwigb the 08 >«MUT» of thin »toiV» ejdUt- h*» come to regard ituch «vento a» kacred and *"" T. CbrUchilktt |U, to tto w in no gave to it* MX**** for , thin Dtora extend* congratulation* and Hr.** M£ ChrSW . Gofcleu Wedding Annivenary.

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