The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1938 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1938
Page 9
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CORN STORAGE PROBLEM HAS AAAJHJZEED More Cribs Will Probably be Necessary for Fall Yield Problems which are gonig to concern the federal government fall this corn in connection with the torn ana wheat prgoram were discussed mUtees and agents in Mason "city Wednesday, attended by County Ae- *ftt A. L. Brown of |g*Sj!? coun- Th« county wilt not figure very greatly In the wheat loan plans b? cause there Is not much of the grain raised here but plans for the hi nd" !ngof corn will effect most Kossuth farmers. Since It seems likely that able corn Jn Its possession this fall because of-the probability of a good crop the question of how to store It Is exoected to arise. farmers nave ob- Pes Moines. Aigona. low. 1938 All Trade Names Need Registration With Co. Records business our attentio flri loan amount How-Avar .t.1 »«: I * tr ade name of a l ^aw^SISSrSSgaS 1 Trade Name- required. It sha K ff.'£,y ? S - W «™"'X3 : iS?SM!?5iW8i r the corn storage. the more strict about Its I be unlawful for any person or co fe In or cor undef any trad med name of an other than the true f each person or person or having any interest In business, unless such person —ma shall first file with th,> whiM,- »i. re l or 1 ep of the county In rfL* *£!*?• n « 88 !s to be conduct- tr» . i j — —"iw«ii^oo 149 i,u OB conauct- cr^s US V nn ± I , S S eClfiCatlon ' 1 tor 8°od nflm/ er ' fl f d ^ atement 8howln 8 **» •«taStoSrtnV! 11 ' at the meettnff I"— sss^ 1 ^ add . ress ' an<1 res| 1- The crib should i 5 rS? d Preferably 7. In . crib shoud not break Manyof 8|i.',»i«r navl "« a"y Interest in the k b "f!^f!' an ? the a<J dress where the 3. '" to be conducted Statement crib shou,d be off ground to protect « from . . - tained loan* on their corn and stored i«7«^ e ^ nU , r ln thelr «wn cribs and each following years they were WED TMCIIHI BARGAINS McCormlck-Deerlng 10-2 moisture. roof. should have a good filed. ated 15 as Set October Ring«ted Corn Bee A " der80n - editor of The D J"Patch, was In town, f e P° rt ed that the date K '* corn hu « kln K tourn- had been definitely set for Thursday, October 27th tractors, $200 each. 1 John Deere Model "D" 27 at $200. 2 P-12 Farmalls, good new. 2 regular Farmalls Jn very good shape. 1 Fordson, late model, priced cheap. These tractors have all been overhauled and repainted and are ready for work. We will take livestock in trade We have a number of used plows,..cultivators, etc., to go with these tractors. —ALSO— 1 1934 International 160-in. wheelbase truck. Has all brand new tires and Class D license. This truck has very low mileage and is in perfect condition. 1 New Idea 2-row corn picker. A bargain at $200. 1 McCormick-Deering No 1-B hammer mln . Qoo(i ^^^ffiMS county, at a meeting Friday in the ifv*r a' e h ! re - Mrs - Flora Bf ad- ey of Bancroft was reelected county chairwoman. Leo Saunders, Ban. croft, was named treasurer McEnroe succeeds U E. Llnnan, AJ- erable "lee way" In them For more detailed Information farmer should see the f arm bureau offi™ In the basement of the new nost ofTii. Iowa rep ° rt8 from """them' COTn '• . y " are Poor, and badly a re8ul t the sur- largc *° * n " lc - Express Agency, expr. H. W. Post, freight l Council Oak, mdse. Aigona Ins. Agency, adv.I Postmaster, postage Skelly Oil, g as A. A. fisher, mdse. J. W. Kelly, salary ... Harry Barton, salary ''rank Ostrum, salary .. >aura Mitchell, salary fat'l Meter Co., mdse. _ : ~ Neptune Meter Co., mdse W. H. Bixby, mdse. .'I B. Clow Co., mdse. .. Thorpe Well Co., contract 5eo. Holtzbauer, mdee H. W. Post, freight .... Tom Frankl, pus foseuth Motor Co., mdse.I Oil, pas State, sales tax. Co., mdse. i..ui. • • -«..*IV.LIUII, oe uun- wentv flSL^l! 18 ° f not !ess «»n twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundred dollars, or by |m D ris- onment In the county jail for a •'MfiA. 0 =^r\« dln8; thlrty da y- rf.J ^?~?*~ OWen «e' defined. Each day that any person persons vio- arold Roth, labor GENERAL FITND A. Van Alstyne, salary rthur Moulds, salary ecll McGlnnis, salary "I Veleon & I^enslng, rent _. 'elephone Co., service ^zra Blanchard, gas "coper's Service, KBB IIII esse Lashbrook, salary _ *" "•-••" labor .(14 54.0^ 7. 22. 15. 10.3 1.8 J5.5 2.t 46.8 11.7 37.7 2.6 37.5 65.0 65.0 55.0 24.22 2.52 16.58 310.00 8.59 1.29 1.59 6.81 fl.60 309.31 90.00 52.80 55.00 50.00 10.42 3.32 13.67 18.99 70.00 87.01 74.09 44.28 ivuM 1 "*- Corr> i' i r ffps W Illlnms. phys fees TI, '"?, A ' Th O''l'f. labor Thos. Guest, labor Thompson Yards Inr Yards Inc., mip- So., f. R. croiTKT. tnx amount "" VV ,;.»,l.P utlon ' M of social •» ._ -_-- — ••>-,. i ni 111 tJtirPHU V "• Christpnson, mtg. . u. B Johnson, rot*. H H. tr. mt(t nller -' Pr'ntrnt" «j • •- i;—•"• f'lntlng Advance PiibllshlnK So.7 pfln't- 'ng ____ 'Chxvartz jr~~r>":~~" —.--.--T-- Kosmith (Ion. sii,.,.,., Mntt Pnrrott Piles SonV"cci""sup- print- Thompson 3.-i.»0|Dr. P Xo! S-"" . I Farmers Elev. 2-30 Dr. No. 7- <S.M| W. H. Rlcklpfs, labor Cha». E. Chubi), engineer i-ocul Tnom P 8 on Yards Inc.. sup- 179S.I3 I plies »2IO Dr. No. 9- CO.001 Clarence Hentgps, labor • Jnmps Kelso. inbor 35.00 Rogpr P. Elbert, labor 273.00 [Dr. No. 12— 4 00 George Looft. Inbor 400 John Welcn, labor 400 Dr. No. 20320.31 | Robert Wood, Inbor nick Rflade, Inbor ' ---„,„,., i Reo. F. nmhnm, labor 2R2.K Thompson Yards Inc , siip- 64.40 plipg „ Dr. No. 24-" 107.091 John Welch. Inhor Oporgp L.ioft, Iftbor 73.56 Dr. No. SI- John Welch, Inbor f.lO| 2 Fn rge Looft. labor"."!"! 1422 4.S9 Smith Dept. Stnrp MOV Merrill Bros., ,,,- ov |Mrs. Wm Myers, care" H. Sheridan, rent i (V Mp( 'nhernn, rent""" |O. H. Schradcr, rent ,,. DISTRICT No" [ Kossuth Hospital. isosswh Hospital, hosp rare A. H. Borchardt. med. sup IT. Andrews, med " 20.40 iTnnv:;' tti'-ur^ 7 "™"-" ...... ""' Top n B lry. prov. '222 £. «• ?ml'h, Prov. _ -- 22.75 ."000 8.75 I Hoods I. I Slmspr*. 350 (rion-pu ,fc pr (?. A.. pro prov. '" .'w Howpn * fJrupp prov' i'" R- ra V° k Ment Market,' \\arburton.s prov H J mm . on<1 ""*-"StPpn"enV"co.'; ,..i. '- Hnnspn. prov. «.lr (I-arson Hardware, sup! 1.40| J.MJMoe ,v .-Mo Kr pn. prov V\. I.usny, sup. v of Algmin, n-ntcr siij\" coo In V!V' S0 ' 1 v «rds Inc., sup. ''.W | M. >» I Iftl nt *.««.. . * — — — Leaf'c, sup- ',i, atthew erkln.« llpto I piles cb'f-Rf" "FI "Ni) eman. reporting C. Orlpr, reporting ... „ T. B. FUND 111 Spear, Indcm. cattle m. Pptpr«on. Indem. cattle"" INSANE FUND "" "eg* McEvoy. dent's A. Danson, comm. fees r||H - Cretzmeyer. phy. fees" ed Jacobs, FUND > Co., sup- Pac - Council Minutes Ex-Burt Teacher Weds Hurt: Anna Overgaard who was music Instructor here several ears before going to Mason City o teach In the Hamilton school of ommerce, was married last week unday at Cedar Falls to Cosmo Chlca <?°' Charlotte ' u who also taught here when as mai ' d ot > J *'-, onor - r. and Mrs. Granta will live In the est. The City Council met in' regular sesalon «t the City Hall, with all members present. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved meetlng to tho Jess Umbenhower family to vacate the property occupied by them i T 5. fol)owln e bills were al- JOWCu I APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE NO 481 . ELECTRIC LIGHT FUND J. W. Kelly, salary Leo Bellock, salary """ f. C. Dallev. Ralnrv Wlllard Gregson, labor Oliver BakJcen, labor F. Sklllinie, Ihbor - 13.89 John Helmere, labor 47.7- Herman Lyons, labor 42.31 Chas. Harvey, labor 42 35 Geo. Gunder, labor 47 74 Spear & McVay. labor is.'w Dick Helmers, labor 12.50 Ryner Helmere, labor 11 "6 Vern Scobba, labor n'25 Clear Lake Sand & Gravel Co., sand 28 44 Milwaukee. R'y. freight"" 36.43 J. D. Adams, mdse. 428.00 K. C. Implement Co., mdse 9 11 B. A. Thorpe, mdse. 1005 McEnroe Elected M. H. McEnroe,, as new. CORWITH IMPLEMENT GO. P. J. GREINER & SON CORWITH, IOWA «ona attorney. Dailey, salary Tom Halpln, salary Walter Gorman, salary I. E. Stephenson, salary. lay Barton, salary C. C. Wright, salary "III kdah Carlson, salary Wayne Stephenson, labor" r oe Kelly Jr., labor ohn Spencer, labor Midwest Supply Co., nfdse! We,st. Elee. Supply Co, mdse. Terry-Durln Co""md8eI"I Elec. Supply Co., mdfie Gen. Elec. Supply Corn" md«e. J. T. Ryerwon Co., mdse. la. Machinery Co., mdse." Shell Petr. Co., fuel Milwaukee R'y, freight Gen. Electric Co., indse." Malleable Iron Range Co nutae. M.'itt Parrot, niilsp. .."II ('Ill-Journal of t'oimm-rce' nidf-'p. Howurd Hardwnre, nulai' MOP & Sjngreh, mils.'. .'.I P. S. Xoi-tnn & Son, mclsc. liolsfonl's. __. A. If. liorrhardt. mil.-.-. Adv. PubllxhltiK Co., inijst> Treas. ,if Slato. sale* tax Tt'lephone Co., Ki-rvlce 97.5 70.0 70.0 67.5 67.5 65.0 65.0 42.5 70.0 48.G' 41.0i l.C' 5.01 49.1 42.5, ' 5!)7.3, r 329.72 123.54 3G4.14 378.87 241.87 12.58 527.17 2.37 4.75 fi.Sl •*) 8.7 5 1.71 273.fi3 161.08 18.10 Standard Oil Co., mdse. .. 51.49 Botsford's, mdse. 25 58 P. S. Norton & Son, mdee. 61.79 Howard Hardware, indue. 2 01 C. A. Heard, mdae. .75 Kent Motor Co., mdse. 23.38 Joe Greenberg, mdee. 3 20 Skelly Oil, ga* 9.53 Harris Bros., gas 12.21 Carol Johnjson, gas ] 87 League of Iowa Municipalities, dues 3000 Bert Whltmarsh, labor „ 25.00 Mr«. Collinson, matron rest room 20.00 Dr. Sawyer, rent rest room 25.00 SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 15.00 Don Palmer, labor 4 50 Vern Scobba, labor 27.68 Dick Helmera, labor 30.75 R.vner Helmers, labor 30.75 W. 0. Rlggenberg, mdse.- 6.ft5 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 116.21 Botsford's, mdse. 14 82 FIRE MAINTENANCE FUND C/ C. Wright, salary 22.50 Eflrl Bowman, labor 52.80 ''lapp's Service, mdse. 2 50 Evelyn Graham, salary .. 6000 Algomi Ins. Agcy., inn. .. 6.17 •Coseuth Motor Co., mdse 11 81 Standard Oil Co., gag 4/78 . . ea»urer of "s"tati""of"""fowV use tax returns ' grading ...... " ..... John T. Nugent, salarV ...... " D Fraser, rodman ...... Huber, labor Clarence E. Huff. ]£bof ...... m'J Orvllle N. Elklng, labor ..... ------ 1.28 [John Welch. Inhor Opnrce Looft. Inhor ?0o.49| Thompson Tnrds Inc" , Piles 39.46 Dr. No. ffl^" 10.00 | rhn*. E. Chubb, pnelneer I Thompson Tnrds Inc., ?up- 1*1.11 I J>!!PR 15.42 |Dr. No. 75^-" : Thompson Yards Inc, sup. . PUPS JO.S Dr. No R»U - 'SIJl Chns. E. Chubb, pnslneer fi.OO John Welch, labor 6.001 HporKP Loofl. labor""" " Thompson Tnrds Inc., labor" Dr. No. K— 2.1»| Chns. E. Chubb, enKlneer <*porpe Ixioft. Inbor John Welch, Iflbor 9.081 R. Pomproy. Inbor Theo. Pornbush. labor" L. n. Eckholm. labor Thompson Tnrdg Inc..""siipt Pllps Elmorp Cem"e"nT"ft""fTlV""CoT supplies J. I. Mprryman""fn"hof"" Dr. No. S3- Standard Supply Co, pllps Concrete "Products" fi IS c.oo SB lt ". r ' ^ir--.'"'!" 0 """!! John Hcnnlnff,' Inbor ' ' Prnlt Electric Co.. Frank L. Miller, llf ,>P|5ion ^ Tx-nolnir 10.00 S.OO 3.1 10.00 S.OO JS.ffl woo ir,. is 10.00 1 5.T . 3.37 f..OO .1.57 ncx* ZPnil r-r s. i^nsinjr, prov. . clothlnK . C3rnham s Rtorp sup ,,. £• »• P-orchnrdt, mpd/gup 6.61 Dr. Jnnsp. mpd. l " Dr. Bourne, med o«l£' lw ,- •''"•her. InboV S rt><1 L nrk ' ""«•• exp. son i- w ,1 rd H «rdwnrp, pup? " 52S Kohlhnas fk Spllles. sup. jr. |Thorpe Wood & Iron \Vo~rkV; 17.22J 20.0 274.7 677. n 250.0 Iffi.Ol Roger l , Elbert labor '" Dodds, labor .......... * Wm. F. Gronbach, labor ...... art Henry „, A. J. HIMrnnn, patrol ..I". labor 6«.00 Ppenr ft McVsy. labor Walter O. Smith, labor Chris F. Nlebjen. labor Jen Beenken, itrnvel T " h " Kelso. flamnsps II""" ohn 72.30 .« MM 111.40 40.00 2007.54 24.12 MS. 29 _ _ --Supply Co.. supiiltes ' Br J°n Warner Co.. supplies Barton Warner Co., imppllps" 1072 4B Concrete Products Corp., imp! MATNTRJ^ANOT^-K^TJsfpj Iowa Public Service" Co., light N. W. Be"lT"TpiephonV"c6"ter Fred coof S47.49 292.54 1.63 !4M 7.00 133S.10 SWIMMING POOL FUND ilartha Palmer, salary Job Sellstrom, salary "hll Hergfie-ld, salary ... 'eleplionn I'o., service ._. <cnM(Mlv-I'iii-.ions. mdir. "icn.s. of Slate, eales tax. I.aundry, laundry. DEPOSIT FUND r. M. (ircdi p( al, refund 101.93 SPECHT, Mayor ttc-st: ADAH CARLSON, City •" ' 40.00 65.00 65.00 0.30 23.18 35.81 20.21 Hert Khelmeyer, labor City of AlRona. llpht serv Trensurer of State of iowV use tnx returns Mntt HpntKPs. Inhor ry»il & Wllllnms, (rravelfnVII Jny Ooddpn, patrol v " w - B p 'l Tel. Co..~~tpT.-~ s ~e~rvT '2" r A- Flshpr. pntrol ... J. Hlldmnn. pntrol ... E. Fnlk. pntrol Lynn KnchPnrpnthpr. -patrol Oliver Vounir. pntrol " Flm<>r Clyde Mlkp HtiRh K<1 . Kwlnir, patrol " t^miii,-i^, pntrol linker, pntrol nnttprflpld. patrol" , -,, kfr ' nn >rol ... J. H. Montporopry. paTrol J. M. Long-, patrol . Melvln R. !Iayk«, pnt"rol Jnke Keller, pntrol r "~ "-•-—-• pntrof'IIIIII .—- 1.11 Leo Dplpprdnntr Alton Ppttlt. pati Merwln Mnrlow. patrol' Chester Almo. pntro] J F. Qnlnn. pntrol _ Arnold pplprrdnnir. pnlroT I'nrl rnrlnir. imtrol '.v.'l \\V Mlllor, patrol" " •llff..r.l Ilr.lniPF. pntrnl if. T,. MV.rbv, palro? ••••t.-r ^^nvlr^•. pntrr.l " Elb,. r t, pntrof BS.OO W.flO 16.19 K.F8 1.SO 2820.30 30.97 <S.2fi Ifll! 70 BS.W1 110.40 w.'is 101. r/i M.40 m vi no. TO 11.00 79.10 S4.10 14 10.00 1S.77 57.00 7.W1 6.W ttU J.S S4.4 vj hltlpmore Impl. Co., si'ip Norton Mnchlnp Works. f \, p " AlRonn Motor f?n!ps. sup. P '- r>»--- »,,pp r sp rv , 00i J,, —- t.r>.--,__ Bfore> pi - p - so 12.S4 M.S4 14.5S 4.44 10.00 3.SO 5.W J1.S7 14.2.1 15.27 8.05 21.42 1.2S R. J. Harrington J. D. Low4l HARRINGTON ft LOWE Rooms 212-14 Pfrst Nat'l Bk. BId«. ALGONA, IOWA J. !>. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA, IOWA V. B. QUARTON H. W. MDXEB ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Co. Savings Bk. BIdg. Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Security State Bk. Bldg. Phone 251 mip - sup—-—- KW.31 Chas. K. Chirt>h." engineer .. A. H. Fuchs. Kiippllpg ... Thompson Yards Inc. «un- Concrete Products Corp., sup- Piles Dr. No. R4— Koseuth county, supplies Moore ft Moore, supplies Dr. No. 85— George Ixioft, labor John Welch, Inbor "" Dr. No. R?— fjporpp Looft, Inhor John Welch, Inbor Dr. No. 90— John Wplch. labor Oporgp Looft. labor""" Thompson Tnrds Inc.7 sup- M.ot 1.91 4.08 16.99 4 00 II "0 ' S 40 S.fiO S.01 F. n*Mt Vm r.i r BOAHD OP SUPERVISORS PROCEEDINGS M ILLIONS OF MOTORISTS have been sold permanently on Phillips 66 Poly Gas by a •ingle trial tankful. You can fetl (tie difCejence in. this higher-test, inacched-to-your-v/e»ther, motor fuel . . . smoother performance, fatter pick-up, more zip and go! The POLYmeriiation process packs it with txtra energy units; gives it greater power and more mileage . . . because less gas does more work. Yet Phillips 66 Poly Gas costs no more lhan most ordinary gasolines. Next time your gas gauge is low, stop at the Orange •nd Bl v k 66 Shield ... and "PhiH-up with Phillips"! Phillips for „ Auditor's Office. August 1, 1938 9:00 o'clock a. m. Board of Supervisors mtt pursuant o adjoudnment with all member* iregent. Motion by Morris and etconded bv Co»grove that County Auditor be nstructed to utart condemnation pro- a certain parcel of _- - -- SWy and Oov Lots , , A. """'"'h'P 94, Range 29 (Riv- rdale Townahlp.) to be used by the ounty for gravel purpose. Ayt«: All Motion by Kraeer and seconded by Cocxrove that Helken be appointed to make: necessary repairs on ihe follow- v* , 1 ? ra ' n » : - v °. W. No. 165. No. SO. No. \i. No. 31, No. 13S. No. 00. No S" No 24, and No. 4 Ayes: All. Motion by Cisurove ami seconded by Helken that Morris be appointed lo make necessary repairs on the following Drains, No. 8.1, No. 133, and E K. No. 2. Aye»: All. Motion by Fraser and seconded by Helken that Cosgrov* tnake necessary re x p t a ', r i" O "K rr ? ln No I8 - A y« s: AH -Motion by Cumrrove and seconded by Fraser that an amount of H.Oi'aa tratikferred from the Temporary lo the General County fd for Motion by KraWr and seconded given a refund for 1930 of 12 23 taxes paid for land belonging to s and ,Ut K.09 aba.ed Pronf h fl tax. reason same. Aves: All Motion by Heiken and seconded ..v !„ rLV hat the a »l"avlt filed by Mll- lar,l_Bhoopman In the Auditors Offl"« ilderailon of the Board of Su bv hv . , ft. r.iiiln-ls. pntrol iirlispn. pntrnl Ttnliih Mcrkln. p.-itrol""" Tom WMr. pntrnl " .« n Mcn..nald. pnlrhi Hnriv ir<-!niki-. pntrnl Fr.nnk J. Riirkr. pntrnl . . . Itulj, rt Mi-ri-'i-n. Tlcnry T.lndcn. ] patrol I School Fund" Maynard Wlei/amir bounty I N W. Bell Telephone Co t' I. service Nellie Van AlFe'iTr'safaVy" ''.fly of A! tf ,,na. light terv Jreaturer of State of Iowa" use tax returns W. \V. Sullivan, R'M.Vi'oVt- Wnltcr Schmidt, labor ronco Poleman. labor 1 Oarrett. Inhor year M. P. f'ulhertson lahor T-. Pltr-h, Inbor I-. Flt<-h. labor Peter X. ThllRf*. labor Huph Haney, Inhi.r ._ W. Ounder. labr,r~^ Tamen Kclxo. lalior "eo. F. Ornham. labor Robert M'ood, labor Rclnder Kromlnpn. patrol V II. Rlcklefc. labor "itck Unadc. labor Doval Panders. labor"" hn T.i-inlnKer. latmr _'_ (abo Illllcnea, return i laiikii"" Afoiire * Mnnre. supplies Thompsim Vnnls Inc.. piippllpn Fhornpson Vardu Inc., HiipplleB Pr.'itt Kelrtrlc f'o.. HUftfilies ( ;v ' in? r/i Sf, 1(1 S7 r.n . •in on ",• fiO T.'.Wl 5.65 70.." 50. i 6.2- fund for the purpose of paying the t>tate Comptroller txcecg school In- P» Paul ows: ,.,Motion by Morris and seconded by Williams be approved as fol- MaJntenance Proj. No. l .0. 2. 1274.30; No. 3. $113.SG; No M« «»ci, s t? or " iary Roa <' Proj. No. 36S. tsasO; No. 423, $1S9.18; No 434 100.48; No. 406, 130.62: No. 433, I75'>9 *o. 430, $38.78; No. 450, *85.»7. W. W. S'u'lIfvYnT'pr'M.""^ pst Aye»: Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Clotilda Hutchln«on Bounty Investigator dyes: All. Motion aa be of Mrs Kossuth approved H.iGi^".v, b ^ . 3 ? OI T!» an<1 »«ond«d by Helken that the Clerk's Quarterly re- "•-* Qf !?«*,_ __!!__. , _••*»•«»« LEIJJ 1C" » elke <> seconded by HARMS OIL COMPANY Vl»trtbuton, Algoiut, Iowa P. R. Haldeiiian, Bulk Station Agent Phones 41 or 29S Morris that Coun"t y Audlt";"be " er 7^' r n te .v, to draw "P a "-l tawe 'o acob Brothers a Quit Claim Deed to 3.4,-i-ar-re traft of land In SectlrTn m ownshlp K*. Range 28. Aye.' All' Motion by Helken and eec^rfded by on I, that a refund of $6.67 be made rank M i Ja , coh « t»t taxes paid by rank M. Jacobs on a 1« acre par- 1 of land condemned bv the 4 g e • - - — •' *-"•>*Mary K."sa7idir"earar"y fc-velyn A Fitile, aalary Nellie Van Allen, salary Dorothy T. Shatto, salary Lucille Dole, salary — C 8l**' Wc " T '' 1 ' com fn- "and""s'Vs- J. H, Fraser," •ion W. E. McDonafdWomm." session W. 8. Co8gfJvt",""co"nim.""a"nd comm.""and"'ses- "and session p - . J - Heike"n".""co"mm.""ana"sei- State Comptroller, school" "fund int. " C. H. 0»tw]nkTe,""d"e"l7"tai"c7jTr Clerk of UUftrlct Court, office countv " Wm. L. H , A ; W? ke1 ' °" lce ' ex P """ Botsford Lumber Co.. supplies Norton Macnlne U'orka, labor (•; t. fowne, labor K. D. James, supvllfi'"'"" „*",? Building <t Suuply""co" F? a «ir' n ,h b T lM * fn an* seconded by S'ffr l h ^, *. c ?. m KS!»' a «. srttletnent THE PRESENT That Lasts A Year A SUBSCRIPTION TO The Home Newspaper hereby of $36724 be and | 8 , aa " '"» Payment from >ay, Grdn., for the care h«.""i" •'vy"-" >!r ' a former ratlent ai herukee. Iowa. Ayes: All Motion by Morrl* and seconded bv &^%« b .HrS o? n-a 11 A 7e r . k : ,h b . y » M °J rli a ' D<J »«con<Je<J that a transfer of 143 1 70 by made from District Drain No l count to D. D. No. M iwtfonnt as " ror wa» made by C "cT C rttai»to, rewur | U « on Dr. A M M. . J. .V. Bourne, rned. Kenefick, rnedT A. H. Borchardt. nit-d sun tverett Tiumii.sun, bounty "" %ernoi) Dale Patterson, bounty- Merle Suchs. bounty Elmer Madetzke. b,junfy \\aiiace Atidemon. bounty u. C. Richardson, bounty P. A. Danson, J. P fee/ f>»ey Loss, sheriff fees I Jams, witness fees Muckey. witness fee* ..---St. John, witness fee* /<• Zlttritsch. wltneM Mr§. Grace f«e» 100 K.* KM SS.7 66. OC t5.« 210.00 222.05 177.46 201.33 236.00 18.13 10.12 63.61 48.14 4.96 232.60 24.45 32.44 M2S 22.45 673 2243 l.SO 1 M 4 yr .10 .. i>un Electric Phr.p Ku eup- Iron Works" 1'att Idh Arnold Mnf.r Root Ifanlwiire. fiipp Kohlhans it Sjii]],-}i .'-ujinJl \V. .\. I.orenz. supplies W". n. Flal(.-. Mippiien \orton Machine Work« piles Harry Keith. iupjilFeV Green berg Auto Supplv7 piles Hotsfrjrrl "l"umlTer" ~r~<>~~'£Ci \. H. Hnrchardt, labor Thorpe Wood & feupplleg. eoll MoOlnnr s """ B Trp"plTes" '.athrop & Weaver, abstract"*" Paul & Williams, sravelln*? "" vaul & Williams, gravel!nif "" Paul & Williams, (Traveling"" "aul & Williams, graveling "" 'larence Xufall, gravel Martin W. Geerdes & Union < entrai ute Inuurance rv> gravel .. '"" •i f' J. f .'; Gulr ' ? -^ n " a "»»n8'"K"raver bbe Winter, hauling Kravel nna Tof 8 trom, gravel dolph Berhow. damaue. nterstate Power Co fight n. 1 <. T. 1.4 2.1 l.H 10 I 4. GO 94.!. 3.6 3.SJ 1.M 375.00 3.00 Thompson Tnrdn Inc., «up- pllen ]7njj )r. Xo. 9f— Farmers Co-op Poc., supplies 3.26 >r. Mo. 9K— flarencp HpntKP.". labor 700 K. I,. Il\ibi>r. labor 2.40 Jamps KP!SO, labor son Dlclt Bnnde, labor 400 T. No. 99- neo. F. nrahnm, labor 3.W) T. No. 102— f!eorB< > V. Ixioft. Inhor (iflfl John Welch, labor f 25 >r. No. 10K— " Jnmps KP!PO. Inhor 4,00 Clarpncp HnntKcs. labor *!.SO Moorp & Mooro, nupplles 110 '. 114— Moorn * Moore, suppllps 1S n7 r. No. 11C- K. Jj. ritrh. Inhnr J(!(VI f. T.. Pitch. Inhor 40 2fi K. 1,. FI t l.hchora •R. T,. Flt"h. Inbor T74 Mooro fr Moorp. Fuppllpn 1 n Dr. No. 1K- Fnrm Pr>-np Poc., snppllPs 1 <>4 Dr. No. l.Tfl- cjporKp I-onft, labor <\ nn John Wrlch, Inbor _ H "5 Dr. No. 147- Thompson Yards Inc., sup- pllps 12.42 Dr. No. 1"0— Thompson Yards Inc., sup- Hoharton roo-p . Olwpln rhomlcnl C 7..1H 1.37 P3.«l 1SK.7 E. J. Van Ness O. W. Stlllman VAN NESS A STTLLMAlr ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices In new Helse Building Phone 213 Aigona, low* ij- >, T n<?mlonl *-<>•• «"P- 12" K. R .Tnmes. sup. — ,S ll"r E u"hVr E h ! T " Bt : rhV " 0: °"""'y A«« itor Is hPrphy nnthorlzpfl to Umi warrants for all hills nllo=-prt » '.«.{. n " ''I"' allowed at - ppr Rrnpn ,, lri * Hprplnbpforp Written •" thl '" C.I E. S. County . Auditor JOINT D D. NO 2 Court House, Algonn. Iowa 10:00 O'clock „. m. held Dr. No. 1fi«— "ic-orcp I.ooft, labor John Welch. Inbor Dr. II.-TC. Xo. .7-W— '''nrl Jnhnpnn. Inbnr fhns. A. Anilersf.n. labor Fanivrji f,,.,,,, Co.. supplies II. K. Xo I- Motlon/ was'madp and Wcondpd that »'.,_.-• ___"?! nr °.vd ect as Chairman All. spcondpd that "' ' Is Incorrpct In thnt thp mlnntps itp'l "AI>I, HIDR WERK on Mny 12. I.D.W. (he fol- iwlng Is a correct statement of oe- nrrpnces? "A mimhpr of blddprs mpt with thp Jlnt PonrdB. Thp bid of Ole nafdal BS Ion-, hut upon checking over the poclflcntlons hp stntPd h» hnd not ndprstood thp specifications corrpct- v and hp withdrew his hid. Th»rp- orp the bid of John S. Rafdal bolnjr hp lowest remnlnlne bid. It was upon 1T Gaylord D. Shumway Edw. D. K*U» SHUSIWAY A KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office in Qulnby Bldg. Phone 88 ALGONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office In Hutchison Building Phone 208 ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. B. McMahort L. R Llnnan BtriLIVAN,WMAHON * LDfNAJf Aigona, Iowa Phone 26t Office over Kossuth Mut. In«. BIdie, ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WTNKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) Office over Qulnby Building PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS 3. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN A SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. «»; £ over Rexa11 Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 828 ALGONA, IOWA C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Phono 444-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office John Galbralth Bldg. MELVIN O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over old Post Office •hones—Office 197 R es . 1M . I.nthrop '!,-„. hold, P A. Kr. W. 1C. > ,<:- . Wiavr-r ha Inl.r. 1- '«. K ner N", mippllps piles r. W.-K Xn. lat.or ds Tnr.. 1.13 . 7MJ.95 M.30 Electric" Co","" "Electfio" light entrai States llubt serv iwa Public "Serv vi-rv. entrai Sta Jit-ht serv. I. MerrymanT'brTdse" work" ene Martini. Bupplle» I.iicitg & co siir»i»lles urt ThidKe Auto Wreckliiir '•o.. Blll>plies 27280 30990 4.'»M 4M.10 5.'00 .S7 , ' Turner,"""witneiJ ,. Alstyne. marshal C. "ByVon"." wiVnYss" feii" >ella We ter, J. P. f ee « ***" i' r ^ 0 ,l an ' witness fees ' a»ey Specht, toss, mayor fees sheriff fees ...... r, .75 2.60 1.00 3-00 .15 .CO .m .00 fOO K 1.20 fl.DO 4.70 s.oo 7.6E nalbach Co It* Piston Ii t-ri •> Test'rr.rp" n-nt Ma-.-hlne P,, r t M "'I' ll '-s . supplies Owaturina Tool c, ^ S-.V- Brady. Tf" fee. IS °;^ K J? chtl con»t. fee* i» mold Wujrner, wltnew feeill !« Su|>pfy ' Machine" Duk-.-hart K'l'iip r,,.. f t , Ololie Mach. & nuuplleB Wilson Road"" supplies G 'j'iu'* C ° 0) ' '**'***'>''f^o-' Fort Dodge" Machine "&"~~ SUD|jlle» ^_ y How Thompson supplies Tractor & 1.28 1 S3 1 02 7.'.9 K O.'JS S.'! " n T/. PavanaitKh. If. Oxlcy, rent os«ilth HoHpllal. II. Oxlf-v, r<nt noiirn*'. mod. r'ni-tiln. mcd. labor Co.. XO. i med. Fiip.l_ 1.4S Dr. I>r. rn*- , Janfc. mi-d. ni«-(l. S.'O i Dr. C'ri-tzmt-ytr. mi-il. A. II. Bnrchardt. mi-d. ~ s Lutheran Huspltni, hosp. Huff TU-Htaiirarit. prov. II. W. (leeliin, prov. Joe Muto. prov. Kln.seth A- Son. prov. Hakera Dairy, prov. Albert Kchneiib-r, prov! Moe A HjOL'ren, prov. r *ut Rate Or«'c., [»rov. r'lothlers, sup. •"arrnerK Klevator <"o.T"fui Jotsford I-urnber Co., Xf. Uerrltt, liurlnl \\Kona, Cemetery Ass'n, "uravo fuel Haney. rent H. Llchty, rent .. II. Oxley, rent P. Burtls. rent ~ DISTRICT XO7"2 Hospital, hot-p. care Bourne, med. 3r, Janw. med. )r. Hourne. med. .1! >r. Cretzmeyer, med . H. Borrhardt, fed. _ Rate Groc., prov. iots/ord Lumber Co., )r. CUpsaddle. med. >r. Cretzmeyer. med. ^r. Kent-rick, med r. Keneflvk. med r. Cretzmeyer, med. r. AivlrewB. rned. r. Kenefick, med. r. Ilerrlck. mc-d r. Pretzmeycr. int;]~~~' re. Mary Taylor, care Knes Mlllp. i'are CoKKUth Hospital hosp" Mrs. Ella RrlKgH. care 'leneral Hospital, liosp. Roy Sieliiman. care- Mary Taylor, care H A. Clark, prov Mi-y.-rs 'Ir'.H. prr.y. " Ifl.f 1 4 f, 4 fi 8.3.00 5 fi 10 Of HOC s.o 8." 7.1 r/i sup. fuel ""I sup- Supply flM 62 155.79 10. OT r.^i-i--^---. ^.tf 194.35 1.1S S3 49.14 Thompson Yard»"inc";"BUpplk.i Kogguth Oil Co.. Standard Oil Co., Dr No nil Co.. suoplld. HAINAOE John W'Vh, , ; .... George Looft, lafcor IIIIIIH 400 . Soren Huods A. ^^. K. F Har.,l Olio Mille Rose Mlcli.r. ou r.rn.s. T r;. .\.. pioy. pr'.v. pi-,,v. ('olllnyon, r.-i.t Donovan. r.-M Kclirnldt. ic-nt Xe! r' of th S.!l.' 2 Oil 40 M» 9(/0 II Kino MM* 21. VI SO 'if r/>oo 400 14 (•' 't m Mi Ml Ml lit * ('I 1 •-•'*) 1.11. (Kl '_<! O'l Ifl'ift 10(10 that thp minutes of |j,p jr,| n t Ronrds hp hereby nmcniled. by this resolution, so no to correctly record the acnrpfnid mattpr. Thp motion wns spcondpd by Puprr- vlsors McDonald. O n roll cairthe following Rupprvlsors voted Avp- Cn« Rrovp. Frnspr. ITclkfn liclionnld Morris, Hoffmnn, Savern'dp.' Pawvpr' Weir, nnd Roothroyd. Nays: No> P' 2S5 «;hpr.-upon thp snld Resolution was '••'" pclarpd duly adopted Hii[i«rvlsor Weir moved thp ndoii- wimpr\c f """ Wl 'J'-' """'"Hfn: » FIMRKAR. on .limp f> !!)1C (h/fr Joint nsspinblacn ac-cepfpd nnd •ip- iov<-d on npoprtl'inrnpnt nnd propo««.,] » or tin- ,-iL-KrpfntP co-.-« xp.-nsps an.i expenditures I,, r.inn.-',-- H"»i 11X1 the rep.-ilrn r.f Joint Praln- •15.- IHstrlet X,,. : i,, H,, m |,,, Mt ,.,,,!, iM.svuth rout,ties. ni,.l, \\ IIK!tKA«. sal,I apportionment nn •ropr.H,.,! ax-essm-Tit ha-- I lenr/iiL- due :in ,l ], L ..,| „,,,., •Iveii Hereof, a,,.! ^.-,|,i , '••r-ri c,.iitliiii,-d t., thlu ilat- ,,,,, \VHKItK.\s. ,|,|.. .,„,„, ; ,Wemi,ln, ins duly considered said ,-i p7 ,orfl/,r •i;nt an-1 i.,-..|.os, ,1 assesm,,,, «-| t II or tlie prelliiilTinry ami connecle latli-rs and reiiuln ments of |,- 1W -in T connection with thp objection •b|.-)i have been /(IP,? nn'l WUKRKAS, this folnt nUemM-r^ as taken Into eoiislderntlr.n all of he records preliminary to and co,,. eteil with sjild prnpo»ed assvssm.'-nt id has further t.-ikf-n Into consider- Ion all of ,hc matters nnd nctlT]s this Joint Hoard and othe locliitf-d with snld |iro1prt. Hr.rne of blch innltcrB have not been redi,-..,l record an \-et. That this j,,|rit assprnblaJt- rel.v fin,Is ami determines that portlorjrnent am? f«ronos« il -ts^ess H-nt l» Just, e<|Ulta)ile. valid nnd' let-nl nil re^tieets: that all of the r'-- Iri rnentn r.f law have been c.h«erv- i relation then to. IK IT FfriTIIKIt IIKSOI.VKn that said npp<irt lonment nnd prop,,*, assessment tie. and the same |.« her- by accepted, confirmed, nnd approv.- nml the same Is now hi-n-bv e^tai llxhed as a lew nnd nsse^Mmen aijalnn the various lands therein ,1,. S'-rlbed and tlie respective amount pet forth therein: and thp Count Auditors ,,f K-,,.. M i(h rr.uritv ain IlUlllbi.ldt r-OUIltV. rfspeellVe! now hereby orrtered nnd direr accept wild apportionment as and assessment against the res nds In (hi- resp.-ellv,- amount ed therein, spreading them on records and certifying the,,, to eKpi-cilvu County Trrasurr-rti •(irdlng-ly. 'IiU IT FI1RTHF.R RKSOI.VIOD That any landowner subject to said elevy and asuessment may pav said relr-vv I,, Installrn.-nlH as by law pro- Ider) upon the execution of a waiver s required by law. The motion was seconded by Supervisor Morris. On roll call Die follow- ng Supervisors voted Aye: Cosirrove. FVnser. Helken. McDonald. Morris, loffrnan. Savcriide, Sawyer, Weir nd Houthrayd. Xava: Xone WhereuiKin the said Resolution was eclared duly adopted. Motion was made am] seconded that ic meeting adjourn to the Call of he Auditors. Ayes: All W. W. BOOTHROYD. B. KIXSF.Y nnd ™»'™»n- H. JOHXSOX. Secretaries. OSTEOPATHS DR. 8. W. MEYER Osteopathlc Physician General Practice Special attention given to surgical treatment of rectal diseases, varicose veins and rupture. Genc --°' Hospital Phone 187 non- DENTISTS DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located in New Call Theatre Bldg. Phone, Business 166, Residence 788 ALGONA, IOWA DB. now nrd Phone 313 L. C. DENTIST floor Sawyer Bldg. Aigona, Iowa OK. (\ It. SCIIAAP DENTIST S-ST&, vSso- "S^.KA-.HAmao^ KARL R, DENTIST . Ncw Hcise 44 Res . Phoe JulnbyBMg. AIL '« T AGH & SON FARM BONDS an ed t. le\^ ectlve stal- th Hi. Ph'epa'rd" DISTRICT NO" Dr. Andrews, rned. ral Hospital, hosp""" l.s 1 O. A. prov.'.. Bonut-kir'a Food M^-irket" prov. kjra. Matt "Kidman"' , ? ii*hciid,-r'» Store, r.rov T. P. Doerr. rent DISTRICT XO" Cretzmeyer. riu-d. Beeh. mid. Mueller, med. '.~~~~~ Bohnson. med f'lapoaddle. med.""H" Bobn.son. rr>ed. H Bor'-hardt. med fc-nnedv Firos. nrov: looda I. G. A ir. V. >r. > sup. prov. 20.00 14 M) . !0.00 21.00 Wr.fl 4C.M) r,fi7n 1400 204 KOO 16.00 Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. In District Court. No. 4421. Sep- ember Term. 1938. To All Whom It M;iy Concern: ou are hereby notifie I. Tim nn istrument of writing purpo-ting lo .' the lust Will and Testament of ugh Herman. Deceased, dau-l inuary 21. 1933, having bi-i-n tiiis day filed, opened and read. Monday the 19th day of September. Hi is fixed for hearing proof of s-n at the Court House in Aigona, lov before the District Cou,rt of s lid County, or the Clerk of said Cmm nnd at ten o'clo-k A. M., of the day above mentioned ail persona interested are hereby notified and required to appear, arid show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Aigona, Iowa, August 19, 1938. KATHARINE McEVOY, Clerk of District Court ALMA PEARSON, Deputy. Quartan & Miller, attorneys. 31-33 Typewriter Paper We have just received a large «c£ m ! nt of ream Package. (500 sheets; which sell for 7 C,, for 500 I t/L sheets This is a good grade bond paper and will make aa excellent school paper. The Aigona Upper Des Moines The Carbon Haper hat Gives Satisfaction Inquire at The Algoua Upper Des Moiiii38 office for parthielars

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