The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1938 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 23, 1938
Page 3
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WEST BEND PAIR The inn, Arnold Wild erman on Wedding Trip After Ceremony J^lr!^ MarleD « n ".^*h •* and Th« newlywedg are both well !& her f ' th « brld « having teen Honors BrM« ». Daub«ndl.k » •»****, In honor M " rt « £"»».' TuMdur Afternoon, a **» M ««>odl«t church, with ft laif "«« PM»tt>t, Including ***• wortrtd with Ufsphon* office. Th i. - « « received a taJW number of beautiful gift.. Th hostess terved a flne lunch. Vacation. «TM«tt«r'. Horn* Stephen B. Wllllami arrived here needay, for a brief vacation Mr wm, moth f r ' IP* M » Wlllla«n«. Mr. Williams teaehe* music In Cul- ^f 1110 " College at Canton After school WM out In June and eon. w iJ )U(lln * M vitltor * •* Dodge, Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mr*. F. W. Daubendlek C um€t i 9" 1 Daubendlek and 1 5, utth . ftnd J? erth » <* Mar. Eletha Daubendlek of v.»» T™. bu « In ««« visitors Ir West Bend, Tuesday. The men attended a bank meeting while bore. Mr. and MM. Fred Border of Woodlawn, Michigan; are visiting In he home of her mother, MM. Ell 1 B , ou r re «- Mr. Border WM cartiler f the defunct Union State Bank wien It closed here, and* I* now working for a telephone company at that place. er Pet Moinea, Algona. Iowa, Aug. 28,1988 FOLKS ON TRIP TO WEST COAST Irene Irmlter Btopg a fiatUBAtta, Huettner, and Mlxell Homes August Coat Sale Save 10% Now Choose your Pall and Winter Coat while stocks are complete. Divide the cost of the garments into ten equal payments. The tenth payment is FREE and the coat is yours. This Offer Holds until Sept. 10th Sports Coats from $t0.95 to $25.00 Pur Trimmed Coats Prom $16.95 to $45.00 Kresensky's St. Paul, Minn. August 14, 1988. Dear SIM: Having just returned from a thre weeks trip to the west coast, bought It may be of some Interes .o readers of this paper for while here 1 vUlted with several former residents of Kossuth and Emmet counties. My stay there was made at the home of my sister and husband, Mr and Mrs. Irvln Baumann at Snoko- mlsh, Washington. Mr. and Mrs taumann are former residents of Dakota and Ledyard. The latter Is he former Bernlce Irmlter of Armtrong. Mr. Baumann Is well known In he Lakota-Ledyard vicinity, hav ng lived there most of his life. The Baumanns left Iowa last summer and have made their home In Washington the past year. While at Snokomlsh, I also visited at the George and Ed Huettner home. The Huettner Bros, are formerly of Lakota, and have lived In Washington for about 15 years. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Huettner, Sr., of Lakota. Both the Baumann* and Huettners report a great likeness for the state of Washington due to"-a very favorable climate the year round. I also made a visit at the John and Earl MUell homes nt Albany Oiegon. Bath of the MlxelU were recent farmers at Armstrong. They left this spring to make tt>elr home In Oregon and like It very much out lime. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mtxrtl and daugh'er. Sarah Jane and I drove to Ihe Pacific oe«an nt Walport f nd Newport, Oregon, where I 1 got my first glimpse of that largo body of water. Mr. and MM. Mlxell live a distance of 60 miles from the ocean. On my return trip I stopped at Jozeman, Montana, and visited Bt he home of my aunt and uncle, Wr. and Mrs. John Fonk. MM. 'onk Is a sister of Henry Irmlter, Ir., of Armstrong and at one time Mr. and Mrs. Fonk were residents f Bode, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Fonk re both known In the St. Joe-Bode Iclnlty, having started farming here many years ago. A cordial Invitation Is extenlded o friends of the above mentioned o Visit the west and they will be lad to show you the beautiful far •eit. IRENE IRMTTER ' (Ex-reporter from Armstrong). Bode Family and Friends on Picnic Union: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode and family attended a picnic tit relatives at West Bend Park Sunday. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. John Lamuth, Algona; Mr. and MM. J. O. Resch and three sons. Spirit Lake; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Dake, Ed LaClare, Jerry and Charles Ryno, all of Spencer; Mr. and Mrs. Will Ryno and two sons, and Irene Lamuth, Fort Dodge; and Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Puth, Ollmore City. Planning Social A group of Catholic Ladles have planned a social gathering at the Emll Stoffel home for Wednesday afternoon, August 24th. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boevers are visiting with relatives In Illinois. Henry Llchter, Algona, and Larry Oisch were at Butterfleld, Minn., one day last week. Presley Sarchett, who has not W ™-—-—•-»••» rr **V *|CM> I*Wb been enjoying the best of health lately, is reported 111 at his home here. MM. Cora Bacon left last Friday morning for Amboy, Minn., t«spend a week with her daughter, MM. Jesse Hohensteln. Mrs. Tlllle Hanna, daughters, Pearl and Myrtle and son, Everett were dinner guests Sunday of Mr and MM. Will Bourne. gona, spent last Sunday at the Will Grover home. School children in Portland will hear the school belts again Aug 24th. So soon! How time flies! Mrs. Henry Smith has been suffering recently with trouble with her back and Vanda Carlson Is assisting with the house work. A threshing ring, consisting of five neighbors with their families, met at the Tony Jandls Tuesday evening for an ice cream treat Threshing Is now completed In this locality and the tractors In most cases are fast turning the soil In preparation for next year's crops. Mennett Trunkhlll had the misfortune to lose two horses recently with sleeping sickness. One was a fine two year old and the other was a good four year old. Members of the Portland Peppy Pals met Friday with Virginia and Mary Janice McWhorter. They worked on various articles to be pieced In their bpoth at the county fair. Their leader, Mrs. F. A. Ringsdorf also attended. Mr. and Mrs, Alfred Oodfred- son received word recently that on Monday, the son, Lyle, living at Mason City, had broken his foot. The particulars were not given. Lyle Is employed In the sales and service department of a refrlgera .Ion company. Last week Tuesday, while play ng, Russell Parsons, small son o «r. and Mrs. Sumner Parsons, suf Bernadine Plathe And Ted Hilbert Wed on Tuesday St. Joe: Tuesday morning, Ber nadine, only daughter of Mr. an Mrs. Herman Plathe, became th bride of Ted Hilbert, yongest son bride of Ted Hilbert, youngest son double ring ceremony was perform «d by the Rev. George Theobold a Bt. Joseph's Catholic church and a nuptial high mass was read. The bride was attired In a beaut iful pearl trimmed white satin gown with a long train. She wore a cap-shaped long veil with pear trmlmlngs. She carried an arm bouquet of Johanna Hill roses. The bridesmaid was Loretta Kellner, a cousin of the groom and wore a yellow colored rayon marquisette dress with embroidered bottom over taffeta. Her bouquet was of white and lavender asters. The bridegroom was attended by the bride's brother, Mllford, and both wore dark suits. A reception, following the ceremony was given at the home of the bride's parents for the bridal party and some 100 relatives and close frledns. A three course dinner was served to all A prettily decorated wedding cake was JL c ' nterplece of tne bride's table. The bride atended two yeaM at St. Angela Acacimy at Carroll and was graduated from the Algona high school In 1933. She taught ,chool four years around St. Joe. The BANCROFT BRIDGE CLUB HAS PARTY Bancroft: The three Ubl« brldg club entertained at a farewell pur at the R. E. Weber home In hono of Mr», L. J. Mou*el Tuesday ev» nlng. Bridge wan played and Mr* E. B. Kohnk* won first, MM. W. A Murray the cut prize and Mm Mouuel wag given a gift. The Mou« el» will soon move to Enthervlll* where Mr. Mound hits charge of the Champlln oil station. The members of the C. O. F. heid n meeting at the Forester hnll on Thursday evening. Mrs. M. A. Bnunders spent the veek end nt the home of her sister, Mrs. Cnllste Proctor nt Nevada, towa. Maureen Wolfe started work nt he Welp hatchery, Friday. She will work there for the next two or hree week*. Mrs. C. V. Skllllnsr and two datall- ers, Helen and Anne of Wlndom, Minn., spent the week end visiting elatlves here. Mrs. W. J. Welp and daughter, Margery of Fort Dodge, are spend- ng the week at the M. A. Snunders nd C. M. Baker homes. --•—••« B-*V. •/W> 1 I|C ?0^ • J U 0 , r / h l PMt ftW *«*»•• h " farmed his father's farm. The young couple will continue to live on his father's farm. The nei talned relatives and Ames Visitors Call At Wesley Home couple will continue to live on "hi. t, w « 8l ' v: k« !1 » Wester, Jack De father's farm. Th. newfyweds enter- B ,' r f * nd F1orenc « Westergaard, all talned relatives andI friends at « ? f Am "!' " p ' nt Saturday night of uiinea relatives and frlendc «t « • "'""• »F"i rmiurany night or wedding dance the same evenlnV «t l?* 1 ^"* at the Em " Wester home. "-- --"- evening at On Sunday, they with Mr. and Mr, Emll Wester and Anna went to Fort Dodge, where they were guests at the Carl Westergard home. Mr and Mrs. Wester returned here alone and Anna went on to Ames to spend until Tuesday with Leila. *«_ ii. w —•••-«> t,tiv otMiie evening at the Floral Hall at Algona. Music was furnished by the Kelly Kellod- lans of Brltt The couple left the " e * tda ,y 'or a wedding trip to the Black Hills and Yellowstone Park Plan Repairs on Corwith Baptist Church in Fall Corwlth-Falrvlew: Plans have been completed for the repairing of th .« First Baptist church and work *Ml£ ** <loon a " threshing In P.™'- Th? building will have new timbers placed la the foundation, a £!£ " hl ?£ e , ro , of : and * c ?»t of paint IBVINOTON HEWS unii)i>! <i<i Smart I v ,, • »"• «»u j»r». oumner farsons, suf- Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will visit-1 *« r «<l • sprained left ankle when a «> recently at UM Will Lelnlnier »«W apreader wheel fell on his liur..c near Lotts Creo* and m»de kne «- He Is still not able to step on the acquaintance of their new n '« foot This was a peculiar accl- nephew. dent, but very painful. Mrs. Kate Annis and daughter, Thursday dinner guests at the G Metb, visited over the week end at °- McFarlanda were: Mr. and M-s the Don Moore home near Bode. Chas. Rollln and twin daughters They plan to leave soon for their and Mr. and Mm. Henry Deboer, all home at Miles City, Montana. °f Springfield, 8. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ryno upent last week with W- J> McFarland, Bancroft. The lat- hls cousin. Robert Bode, returning ter are parents of Mr. McFarland. home Sunday. Dickie Ryno Is Mr *' R °HI" '* spending thin week at the Bode Deboer a nlce a sister and Mra. The Dakota folks Tending mis weex at the Bode " cr B " lce - *"e uaKota folks home while Kathryn and Joan Bode *P en ' ten days visiting relatives are spending the week with their here Mrs. L. C. Puth, Gllmors The Portland Progress club met aunt, Cl ~; „ I Thursday with Mn~ Earl Shlpier" and Mrs I^oKeefe^Wlnne^o l"" pro « ram '"eluded a round Minn., visited with her uncle the dlscu " lon on "Should a Farm Wo- Robert Keefes and with relatives In man be Pald a Salary?" An article Algona, recently. Sunday, the on tonslllectomy was read by Mr*. Keefo, (Ray McWhorter. A note of appre i from Lannlng was read by ths secretary, Mrs. Ivan Long. Attending were - — Job Is completed, Lon Miller will be In charge of the work and assisted by the men of the congregation. Tenth Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Armand Tabb observed their tenth wedding anniversary Monday, August 8th. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Durant, Mr. and Mrs. Leoiiard Steiff and Mrs. Ernest Bonar, all of Forest City, came In the afternoon, bringing with them « lunch and helped the Tabbs celebrate. Parent* of Olrl Mr. and Mm. Thomas McPhllllps are the parents of a seven and one- half pound girl, born July 30. She h *V b ?« n ««n«<l Beth Ellen. Mrj. McPhllllpa was formerly Miss a&crtsoxaxtxo Thrrahlng Group Otebrafcw The Rich Point threshing crew with their families enjoyed their annual threshing get-together dinner last Tuesday evening at the T. J Wick wire home at «:30 o'clock. The farmers connected with this ring have enjoyed these affairs for over a period of 20 years and are to be commended upon their spirit of cooperation. Henry Llchter of Algona owns and operates the threshing outfit, Buy Altwegg Farm Mr. and Mrs. George Neuman, former tenants on the Grant Sample farm, but living more recently In Plum Creek township have purchased the Wm. Altwegg farm. Miss Keen McMahon has been engaged to teach school District 4 for the coming school yenr. The opening day for this school will be August 20. School In District 3 of Sherman township will open for regular session on Aug. 2», with Miss Pearl Leigh as teacher. Mrs. Carl Help who so unfortunately broke some bones In a limb while on a western trip, Is now able to get around crutches. with the aid of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Mlkkelson and two sons departed for their home at Dickinson. N. D., last Friday by way of Minneapolis after a :wo weeks' visit at the home of wrs. Mlkkelson's parents. Mr and Mrs. Perry Phillips. Miss Robert Shilling and Miss luth Black returned to their homes ast week after attending summer rhool at Cedar Falls. Both girls will leach again this seawon. Miss Skllllng will go to Ashton and Miss Black to Mallard. Mrs. James Black went to Iowa 'Ity last Saturday by bus to visit er daughter, Mary, who Is taking nurse's training at the State University hospital. Miss Pauline Black Is spending her vacation tit the parental Black home. Duane Rlley returned to his hqm» last Friday after spending a few days at the towa City hospital for a general check-up. The cast was removed from his leg and It Is hoped that In a short time he will ha able to get around with the assistance of crutches. Mrs. Morris Parsons and the Thompson boys of LuVerne motored to Waupaca, WIs.. last Friday, where they all will visit at the M*v rill Parsons home. Merrill Is a son of Mrs, Parsons, and Mrs. Merrill Parsons Is a sister of the Thompson boys. They plan to remain about two weeks. Carl Neuman of Shell Rork, visiting friends here last week. Mr. Neuman was a stepson of Henry Robe, who many yearn ago owned the farm where the Ralph Browns now reside. Some time In October Mr. Neuman will go to Macon, Mo, where he will spend the winter with his sister, Mrs. Wm. Brockman. Three Graces +/ •!••< ,.,, Center diamond ttd 6 tide dismond* to tngtgemtnt ringj. J dltmondi la wedding ring. Three new engagement rings distinguished for their original design in choice of three different widths ... a narrow, a medium and a wide ... yet each perfectly matching one wedding ring. fria $90 ThtPair A. H. BORCHARDT Drugs Jewelry Carla Jean Studer, little dau* ter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stude RM'H l nt Week at the Maurl Studer home at Whlttemore. John O. Mulllns, local hybrid »ep corn grower, has a flne looking fl f , e oong f h ^?T * ar A "*tln, Minn., that wl be picked and dried this fall and th corn sold for seed. Mrs. Edna Houston and daughte Katherine and Miss June Wolf drove to Rockwell City last week t visit at the home of Mrs. Houston- brother, John Wldlck. Portland Twp. I 26 members and the following visit} ors: Mesdames V. A. Smith, Mil- I waukee; Raymond Bierstedt, Lone Rock; Chas. Larsen and daughter. _• • •*"» *»*ww**«»f»»»>sf \jfam Fairbanks, Will Grover and Cllf- M. Owens, Al-lford Rlngsdorf, ASSURANCE 8r., I. OUR REPUTATION ... years of experience.., so valuable to ui thai — can't dettroy it by mb-ieUing or i Kresensky's 2 LuVerne Families On Vacation Trips LuVerne: The Harry Christen- sens left Thursday morning to visit his relatives In Missouri. They ex ? in £* * one 8bout two ***** d ,w?» be at Vandalla, Mo., most of that time. Chas. Patterson Is looking after their farm. The Fred Baumgartners left Wednes-Jay morning on a vacation trip. They were going first to Humblrd, WIs to visit his two sisters. From there they were going north to sea the country In Minnesota and possibly Canada. Wm. Hoepner, locking after their place. Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Eason spent Thursday at LeMars. The Good Will club postponed their meeting Thursday because of Watermelon Day at Algona. Tho meeting will be Thursday, August ZS, wltn Mrs. H. T. Blumer. Friends here were sorry to hear last week of the serious illness ol Norelnc Greibel at Renwirk. Mi.,, Greibel has been a patient at ;i Fort Dodge hospital at various tlmc-s, einct early spring but now has peritonitis. She is the daughter of Mr nncl Mrs. Krnest Greibel. Mrs Greibel is better known to LuVerne |>eople as Lila Finnell. Florence Hof arrived home on Thursday from a vacation trip Sh • attended the Evangelical a«tembK I at Cedar Falls several days, the-i accompanied Mr and Mrs A. B I Si/hmiU. Manchester to Lincoln j Nebr. There they visited Mrs Joh:; ' Wciner, who came back with them They It-ft here Friday expecting t./ visit at Algonu ami Mason City before going to Manchester Rich Point Woman Visits in Illinois TYPEWRITERS ON SALE S,hooJ* ami Colleen will }„. UJ1<! , r wiy witjjin ft jod , |f ^ thict.iiw.kH. IfeutuJ Miu-lniH* at ft IMT ji*,,,tlj wo|lW ajm( , st ,, im ., iasf . a new madiii,,.. It pays to own your own mm-him-. Com,- in and H<,- iHem now! 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