The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1938 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, August 23, 1938
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FAMOUS JUDGE NAMED STARTER Oompltte Program Outlin- Id for September 5-9 By Officials AUTO RACES SET FOR FIRST DAY The fair board has secured the •ervlces of M. IB. (Pat) Bacon of Aarora, III., a* starter of the horse race* at thl* year's fnlce. Mr. Bacon ha* probably officiated at more middle western state and county fair* than nny man living;. Ml* experience in judge'* stand extend* .ever a period of 20 yearn and during this time he has Riven the word to hundreds of famous horses many of them holders of world record*. He will come here direct from the Iowa State Fair where he will do the • •tartlng an he ha* for a number of year*. In addition to hi* many yearn of experience In the jtidno's utand, Mr. Bacon ha* had much ex- netience In all department* of fair work, having been u former secretary of the fpeitcer fair, al«o '.he organizer of the Davenport, Iowa, fair where he spent a number of yearn a* IU secretary. Hornet* rating If today more popular than fnr many year* pait and with v.ry few exception* It in a feature attraction at every ctate and county fair of any Rite In the United State*. La«t year there were over 800 active track* for harne«» hor*e racing, which of courw mean* for the standard bred trotter and pacer and a large percentage of these track* are located on *taU) and county fair groundn. •Monday, Sept 5—Entry n *r ' Tueadar, Sept » J ~Chll«r«n < « D»jr All school children under 16 admitted free on Oil* day. • 9:00 a, m. Judging dairy cattle and 4-H club dairy calve*, ewlne, *he«p an3 poultry and women'i department*, . . 1:00 p. m. Band concert, 4-H girl* demonstration*. 2:00 p. m. National Circuit Championship Auto Race* under official I. M. C. A. sanction. 2:00 p. m. Hippodrome and vaudeville act*. 7:00 p. m. Band concert. 8:00 p. m. Vaudeville act*, Gertrude Avery'* Diamond Revue, with cant of SO people. Wednesday, Sept. T—4-H Club Day 9:00 a. m. Judging enow home*, beef cattle and 4-H club baby beef calve*. , 10:00 o. m. Continuation of judg- "l;00 p. m. 4-H club girl* home furnishing demonstration continued. \ 1:00 p. m. Band concert. S'OO p. m. Vaudeville net*. 3:00 p. m. Harne** race*, 2:21 pace, 2:14 trot. 2:16 pace. 7:00 i». m. Band concert 8:00 p. m. Vaudeville Act*, Gertrude Avery'* Diamond Bevue, beaut- Establiflhed 1865 AUIONA, IOWA, TUKHDAV, AummT 2:t Eight, IV«'« VOt.. '.M. —NO 34 Thousands Celebrate Centennial at •: ' -iiJiJiL ^ —* . M m ^"m m m W^t yOVWlF W%WV %iX%/ W*^» %W^T ^< v» »r w-^ - —•- — — — Festival, Applaud Contest Winners MARCH OF PROOREM QUEEN contest winner* are shown above, from left to right, Josephine KiiMibarth, Irvington; Donna Stufllck, Lu Verne; Mary Ann Arndorfer, St. Benedict; Adeline Illg, Bode; Kathryn McEnroe, Aigona; Darleen Stott, Aigona; and Donnabelle Merron, Aigona. Jane MeWhorter, another winner, was not present at,the time the picture wa* taken. The above were winner* of second, third, fourth and fifth place*, In each division. SEPTEMBER 18TH SET FOR COUNTY FIELD DAY MEET Add 20 More Acres to the Site Near Bancroft, At Dam With the big dny lean than n month awny, committees are beginning to work Intensively on plans for the fourth annual Kossuth County Conservation League Field Dny to he held September 18th, nenr Bancroft. Ther Conservation ljenf\tf will hold a rounty-wldo niwMng at the Legion Hall at Hurt Tu«w- day evening, Auguftt »0. The mistneiM of Uu> mating will he to finl*h up detail* of On- program of the Maittie'n Fourth Annual Field flay. All Field Day committee* will bf> present and will luaiw final Instruction*. Special county movie-* will al*o be a feature of Uie program. If Mm« pwtnltn Wm. Dan of Aigona will show four reels of very twautlfiil picture* taken In color by him on hi* 4 Hurt, Two Seriously, in Auto, Train, Gun Mishaps Machinery Day 10:60 a. m. Farm machinery demonstration, 10:00 p. m. Continuation of Judjr- 1 ;00 p. m. Band concert, Swca Cl'y high school band. 1:80 p. m. Livestock parade led by Burt band, 2-00 p. m. Vaudeville acts. 2:00 p. m. Harness races, 2:22 trot. 2:12 pace. Morcella Thill, winner of the grand prize of the 18-day Pacific coast trip, and March />r Progress Queen, I* pictured above, Ju»t after she was pre»- ented with her award. "r::; • _' j ir-'.r- i ' y - ''— .-5«fc>•;•"•>• 7;00 p. m City band. Band concert, Swcii 8-00 p. m. Vaudeville acts, Gertrude Avery'* Diamond Revue, •Inner*, dancer* and comedian*. Friday, 8ept B-ThrlH Day . 10:00 a. m. Auction *ale of ill baby beef calve*. 1:00 p. m. Band concert. 1:30 p. m. Parade of 4-H club C "aTS' p. m. Suicide Club, present- Ing a congre** of daredvell*—15 »plne tingling event*. 3«0 p. m.Vaudevllle act*. 7-00 p.jn. Band concert. 8:00 p. m. Vaudeville Act*, Cert- ST. JOE DANCE WILL OPEN NEW $50,000 SCHOOL A benefit dunce for St. Joseph'* school, Thursday, August 2»th, will be the first community gathering to be held In the newly completed 180000 Bt. Joseph parochial school. Work has been practically completed on the new « hool ' / i h % B '*' iters' home, the new $10,000 Catholic rectory and St. Joseph'* Catholic church, and ha* brought to fulfillment the hope* of Father George J. Theoboid, paator at 8t, Joe, alnce 1990 The main *chool building, of brick fireproof construction, I* modern in .v.ry reipect. It 1* n ft. by 70 ft. and ha. a *tage 32 It. wide. The school building I* of two *torle* and ba*ement and ha* .even room* and a chapel. A law kitchen adjoin* Crowds Happy, Orderly; Everybody Seemed to Enjoy Selves Thousand* of folk* from miles around took advantage of Algonn's two-day celebration la*t Wednesday and Thur*day, to enjoy th,em- •elves a* gue*t* of the business firm* of the City, and to commemorate the KoMUtn March of Progre** festival, »pon«ored by the Chamber of Commerce In conjunction with the Iowa Centennial year. Nearly J.OOO pioneer resident* registered Wednesday, on Old Settler » Day, at a »p«clal registration desk In the old po*t office building, and received ribbon badge* Indicating the length of their re»ldence In tho county. • Queen* Are Honored •At the Wedne*day afternoon platform program, on the court house lawn, Marcella Thill wa* named a* winner of the March of Progre** Queen contest, and will receive the 18-day trip to the Pacific coa»t. Other winner* were al»o announced. Fred Blermann, Dccorah con- grcsumnn, wa* the principal »peak- cr of. the afternoon. ^A f/ne program of banfl «oneert., and exlhlbltlon* by marching band*, topped off the afternoon program, and In the evening a free dance was held on Ktnte street. Blllgo Gtttne* Popular Thursday w»« Watermelon Pay. the third annual event In the clt.yV hlttory. Thousand* packed the Ktrvets for the occasion. George Wilson, DCS Molnes. candidate for governor on the republican ticket, was the afternoon speaker. .. Bingo stand* operated by tm Chamber of Commerce took In « total of something over 1600. Major A Saul, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, reported The «ve- Laurena Laabs Nebraska Car Struck By C. & N. W. Near City Limits, Saturday ELDERLY MAN IN A SERIOUS CONDITION W. J. Scniitl of Kearney. Nebraska, suffered severe nits on his Mend, nnd two oilier orcupnnt.i nf tlio cur tiding will, li'm, were shaken up when the .vtlo which he wii* driving was slu.'lc by the noi-i'.i hound Nort'.iw Ktern gas eler'r'c train No IB on the crossing at highway n penr the fr'.'-rr tavern at the edgt- r'. Al" • .'i i I mil B:ir> o.,, i • ; Runt.<lay morn'ner. Other occupani" of the car were Mrs. Scoiitt, who was silting In this front «eat with the driver nnd Joanna Olldner, IS Las Vegas, N«vadn, their granddaughter, who had been visiting with them. They had been Non-Stop Flight To Stockholm? Riven Cfly: The credit for en- itnranri" fllghU nnd trnns-Al- Innllr hops, rerendy nuirh In th" llnirllgh), may not long reinnln In the hands of their present holder*, If the plan* of two Clt.V young men ninterlnllre. Roger l.lmlc nnd Allan F.rlrk- son, both granilonnn nf prominent Sweii C'lly plnnwrs, have been taking flying Imsoiw at the ^las- on C'lly airport. Roger has eoui|ilet«l the eight hours of flying newMtary to qualify for a solo pilots' license, no North Kmumth rUliens nmv expect to hear of ft non-stop to Stockholm, any day now. taken In «olw by him on nl* paying for a short time near Lake recent trip to Yellowstone, A Mills, Iowa, and were returning to Laurena Laabs, Lone Rock, who was the top ranking contestant in the Kossuth dlvlwm, and who won the award of $00 In cash, Is shown above, immediately after receiving her check. flnal report I* to be given of th« night trap »hoot and predator picnic held «ome Mm* ago In Aigona. A Dut^h lunch will conclude th* evening lit Burt. With the prospect* of 18,000 or more people attending the event thl* year, one problem Kossuth 1 con- •ervationlst* expect to,work on first will be the mean* of handling the big crowd*. The - grounds at the Bancroft dam, used for the first time last year, have been surveyed and 20 more acre* of space alloted for parking cars. Other arrangement* are to be worked out later, Attendance at the event has grown steadily since the first field day wa* held In 1035 when a crowd of four to five thousand attended. year the crowd was between seven and ten thousand and ;n»t year estimates on the attendance figures varied from twelve thoutand to a* high a* fifteen thousand. If so large an event can be described briefly this Is n pocket-slzcd description of field day. The event Is sponsored by the Kossuth County Con»ervatlon League and amounts approximately to n ten-ring, al day outdoor sports circus with Hi most every Imaginable kind of out door sport* event on the program nnd a goodly number going on •< the same time. Never a dull mo mdnt I* tho motif, the entire affair,I* run on A non Mill*, Iowa, and were returning the Bcoutt home In Nebraska. Mis* Glldner, who was riding In the rear seat of the car, escaped unhurt, although the side of the car In the rear was especially badly smashed In. Her grandmother, Mrs. Scoutt, suffered a cut In one eyelid, bruises and shock. Mr. Bcoutt'i cuts were the most serious, one ear being badly torn and a slight concussion of the brain wns feared. The automobile, n 1037 Pontlnc sedan, was badly damaged, the entire left side, of the machine being smashed In when the trnln struck (t just behind the driver's scat. All the glnss In the r-nr wns broken or racked, but It did not overturn, lie cnr went about W) feet farther long the side of the road, knocking off n rond sign before It came t" est still on the highway with only he front wheels off In the ditch. The trnln. bending north, wns eavtng Aigona. wa had not had time o get up speed, which probably nf rnti><* for the fact that the orei: O ,v\J I** »»•• «»••»«— • ---— - - • d \,iiay™*' *» ™- ••— — - j» t rude Avery'* Diamond Revue,) the BU ait O rlum and 1* equipped wjth beautiful glrl*. beautiful scenery, Threshers Have Picnic Kich Point: The Blch Point thr«*hing run held It* annual Ice ' cream .upper at the Thad Wlckwlre home Tue»day evening. A large crowd attended. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 I7.00-T.60 BMt light butch., 180-180 7.60-7.75 ST. light butch , 180-200 7.76-8.00 Be.t light butch., ZOO-MO 8.40 B.»t light butch., 220-260 «•» Med. heavy, 250-270 Med. heavy, WMW Med. heavy, 290-328 Butchers, 326-860 -— Heavy butcher*, 360-WO Packing »ow«, 278-360 Packing »ow*. aWMOO^ Packing Canners and cutter* Veal calve* Block »Uer» fat yearlings Pat COWH Fat »t«er* Bul1 " OBA1N No. 2 mixed torn No 2 white corn No. 2 yell"* corn No. 3 white outs Barley. No. Hennery* No. 1 No. 2 Ca»h crettm No. 1 NO. a , 7.DO 7.70 7.80 7.80 . 6.80 6.68 .... 8,10 6.76 13.00-3,76 . 8.00-7.60 5.60-6.50 . 7.00-8.00 .. 4.00-4.60 .,. 8.00-8.00 . 4.60-5.60 ail modern convenience*. Since 1830, when Father Theoboid took charge at 8t. Joe, he has hoped for the Uuy when the parish mlghi see the Improvement* which are now Just being completed. The enrollment in the school thl* fall will be In lxc.e«» of 150 p-tfll*. and will consist of eleven grade*. Bight 8l»ter* from St. Krancl* convent, Dubuque. will have charge of the achool. There are 125 famllle*. with a total niembenmlp of over 660 In the parl»h. Brick veneer and gla*»-brlck cori- •tructlon give the new rectory n mo»t modern and attractive appearance, and the entire group of bu Id- Ing* haronlze* In a mo*t b*4utlful way. ' The flr»t *chool wa* conducted In one room, and wa* opened In 1885. The fir*t resident pa.tor wa* R«v. Theodore Wegman, who *erved from 1876 until 1877, and »even other pastors have been In charge from that time until 1930. tilng wa* topped off ylth another free dance. Tall Com Wlniwr* In the tall corn contest, »pon- «ored by the Hub Clothier*. C. P. Cunningham of Irvington. and Otto Va*ke. Bancroft, tied for first honor*, with »taik» of corn 13 feet, 11 Inche* tall. H., Aigona, wa* third with a *talk 13 ffet, 8 Inche., L. M. Owen of Aigona w... fourth with 13 f«et, four and three- fourth* Inch**, and Mark In.ko of Bode repeated hi* win of last year with a corn entry 13 feet, four Inches Other* with tall tntrle* were Rons Coleman, Aigona; M. J. Kern A Igona: John Ruger, Lu Verne; Ml ;•) Stripling. Lu Verne; Norman Hlllc- "eth, West Bend; Wallace Oodd*n. Burt, and other*. The final count of the leader* in the queen conte»t tabulation* we* published in l«»t week's Ko*»uth County Advance. C.R. HOLT GETS PROMOTION WITH GRAHAM CONCERN C. R. Holt. ininiiiKcr of the CJra- )i/im department more here for tin- past two /mil one half years. hn« I.een appointed us supervisor for nil <<f the rompunv .iton-ti, It WHS announced here Hfiturday. Mr. Holt's new work will require him to personally vlult all 24 stores of the company In hl» supervising cnpaclty. Mr. and Mrs. Holt and son, Jlm- mle, will move September 1, to O'.- (umwfl, Iowa, where the Graham headquarters are located. pants of the cnr were not Injure. lo any greater extent. An amhu lance WIIH Immediately sent on from Algonn. tnklniz the two old" people to the Kossuth hospital. Thel granddaughter. .Jnnne Glldner. dl not require: medical en re. In NEAR DISASTER TO 4 LUVERNE HOMES IN WEEK Jars Explode, Woman was Burned; Gas Truck Tips; Baby Nearly Smothers 1,11 Verne: It wasn't Friday tho 3th, nnii no blnck cnts were reported, but one thing Is certain, peo- >le of this vicinity did not hnve heir rnbblt's font with them. If accident reports nround here Hre nny ndlcatlon. Mrs. Tiny Stone wns bndly burned nt her home while cunning sweet corn She was proccn«ing nix jnrs n nn open kettle, lining n lid of r> pressure cooker. The pet cock wn< closed and In prying the lid loose nn explosion followed in which nl of the corn wns blown out of the Jars and Into her fnce and over the kitchen. Only one Jnr wits broken. Mrs Stone's face nnd chest received firs nnd second degree burns, and he little daughter. Mnreln Lee. wn knocked down by the force of th Oerald Frankl Wounded in Leg While Hunting on Sunday FIRES AT SNAKE, BULLET DEFLECTED Irvington: A bullet front the Rim of his brother inflicted ft painful wound In the leg of Gerald Frankl, frvlngton hoy, and narrowly c*c;ip- ed causing a much more nerlous. Injury when the boys were hunting 1 Sunday. Oerald. w'lth his brother, Donnld, mul Eugene Colwell were hunting back of the Henry Scheppmnn farm nenr the river. Ocrald became »ep* arateil from the other two boya when they reached a email pond. HI* brother flred at a *nake, the bullet striking It and continuing on, glanced off the water of the lake and struck Gerald In the thigh. The bullet penerated the flesh nearly emerging on the other ilde of his leg. The boy walked to tha Bkllllng farm and from there WBJ» taken Into Algona to the Ko**uth hospital. The Injury wns x-rayed nnd the bullet cut out. The boy left the hospital Monday morning, but will not be able to walk for five days or a week, according to the attending physician Tha njury will not Impede his walking nter, however. The bullet wa« rom a .22 calibre long rifle cart- dge of the new high power .type >ut fortunately was not a hollow olnt which would have flattened lit and rmule n Jugged wound. Tho nrder missile missed the bone and made a clenn cut. However. Dr. Cretzmcyer said, hat even the comparatively smalt explosion. Mnrcla received ft »mn burn on her hack. after the accident, sh . Two Car Acrldi-n^* mild "I don't know how It happen- The same afternoon, Maxln ed we were Just riding along, com- Smith received a bad cut on he —•'-'- forehead and around her eye In an bccnune of itn high power, might have Injured the boy very *er- ouxly had It bounced off the pona it n greater angle nnd struck hint ilRher up In the abdomen. Gerald Frankl wa« ln»t year, nil ;utst«ndlng student at the St. Cs- celln Academy In Algonn. He Wii» editor of the school paper. Tho Academy Ripples, nnd very nctlv* In other dchool affairs. 110V HIHT; profit t>n»»« by the county »»ng« Only minimum fee* necessary t make expenses are' charged participants in the many vnrled event« and fitmilleH can come In the morn IHK bringing » Plrnlc lunch. stay ill! dny and tulip In everything there IM to he Keen without any cost to themselves. No ronecsslmit nre permitted on the ground" other than n stand operated hv the league. All events are free for th' spectators and the league sponsors fttands which sell refreshments . itt only enough above cost to inaki- miscellaneous expenses, Lnut year 10.000 clay pigeon* weiv used up: most of them were broker. In the air with 02 Grand American gunner* bla»tlng away at the flrlnv line. tall. J.40 To',2 H«n». over 8 Ibii H«n». * t" » »»• Hen». unJ«r « Leghorn b*n» Cwks. over 4^4 Cock». undw i 1 «e»«. Uv « .15'ii . . .30 21' 16C 21k- 28c be lOe We Miedke Suddenly III—in Hospital Ralph Miedke, manager of the Hotel Aigona, wa« taken to the Koi- suth hospital, Sunday night, •ul- fernlf from a strange malady bordering on what doctors thought might bi Rocky Mountain fever SbBclalUU had been called In fur cwWulUltai, an* hi. condition WM reiOftS'Monday as fair. If Miilli- newTil caused by Rocky Mountain fever, it l» an extremely rare disease In thi» »ectton. Mr Miedke had complained of a sore throat for a day «w two prior to UM f«v«r outbreak. Small Dog Hang* Self fa a Bam Corwitb-FairvUw: The *m*tt black and whiU bulldog belonging to Jay King waa found hanging fr«D th« bar" (to!Mr 1<uit Wedn The dog had b**n tUd In the with a "ope and in ordat to gain freedom b« «a<* lumped over tfca the roj* w«a w* tow door, but to Ust uw dog raa*l» ground. H« waa dead wbM found Council See* Dietcl Engine in St. Louis Member* of Aigona*' city council and Superintendent of Water, Light and Power Joe K«Uy went to St. Louis, Mo., Monday, where they Inspected the new 1,000 horeepower dleiel engine built for the city light jlant. The big motor WM asaembled and given a te»t run for the approval of he local offIciali. After it ha« pv»- •d Ita tesU the dies*) enulne will be dlaiembled and crated for shipment to Aigona. Aa it require* about a week to take the motor apart It U expected that it will be over two weeks before the new power plant will arrive In Aigona from the Fulton Iron Work* plant In St. Louis Work on the now city well In progressing on *cb«dule with work well under way on the main shaft The drill hax now cut down about «0 feet In the 84-Inch main hoU. Several loads of gravel and ca*lng for the well shaft were brought m Imst week. Tee AUona city council will bold lia regular monthly meeting on Thursday evening at eight o'cock Nothing but ordinary tiuelnew la at present on hand. TentH ChiM Born TolrvinfftonFolk* Irvlnglon: Mr. and Mra. Jo* PUtne an U»e paMnta of a new baby born !a*t we«k. tbto Appointed R. E. Ingham, at prevent managsr of the Fore«t City store, ha* been named a* manager of the Agona store by company official*. He ha* been with the Graham orgnlzat rlonv for several year*, and prior to taking over the Forest City store, wa* with the eoctiern at Oskaloosa. He In married and about 30 year» of HV His connection with the firm hu* been highly successful anil he come* here with high recommendation* both »» a store manhK- cr and a* a civic-minded young mil M. promotion WVH Kurned The promotion of Mr. Holt i* on* that he well deserved. He wan as- Milan! manager it, the Altfonu store for f period of some eight month*, u number of year* ago. and then WHS assigned a* manager of the Eagle Grove store, where hi* *uc lessful record over a period of eight year* led to hi* promotion to the manager*hlp of the Aigona »tor*. Aigona I* *orry to have Chut arid hi* family leave here. They have gained a position of Importance in public life, a* well a* builnc** circle*, Chet ha* been active In Chamber of Commerce and Junior Chamber of Commerce circle*, and Mrs. Holt wa* one of the organizer* of the Bel Canto club, woman'* mu»- Ical organization. But, a* *up«rvl«or, he'll be back here occasionally to greet old friend* and renew acquaintance* Congratulation* and suece**! According to officials of the Kos- ijuth Conservation Icaifiie this ev<nf Is the original one of Its kind, aiul this year Is beginning to bo cot.lod by other organisations over the tountry. Ask* Divorce; Hubby Muting 20 Years A *ult fnr divorce WH» filed hv Ernma Anklni). Tltonha. chan-i"« her hiiibnnd. Noah A»kln». with (leBtrtlon. tho defendant allegedly having left hi* wife more than 20 year* ago. In preliminary paper* filed with •lit- clerk of dlutrlct court Mrs. Askin* charged that her hunhaml <l«-s erted her in 1BI8, three mnoth* after their rnarrlaije nnd nhc him nut efn him »lnce. A long di»tanco elephone call and two letter* In 1B3* l» the only word »he han had Ing Into town when we were struck. Mr«ran<JfBther wa*.driving." Neither tho Scoutls nor Ml** nildner have relatives In Alxmiu mill It wns their intention to drive snilKht llmniirh to "I"' Intersection of the two highways north of A'- Ronn, mi their way b;u l< 'o Kear- liev. Ole Hull. Hoone. WIIH conductor it the train. a'"l Mutt fielder of Kade fJrovc was Ihe engineer of the gilK- electric. R. E. A. Line Gets County Approval A franchise WIIH granted at a hearing before the Ko*suth county board of supervisor* Saturday for practically all of the fit the fed- Uath child. Tha flat*** live on tfa* old Ait** (am now ewa«4 by Hucfe Raaay. Mr PlaUw i* » Brownie* Out of National Tourney The Aigona Brownie*. Iowa state Html pro baseball champion*, wen eliminated from the nation* tournament at Wichita, Kan***. 01 Monday *v«ning. loving to U*boi fall*. Main*. 8 to 3. They hue. pr«vtou*ly Uwt tu Buford, Georgia by the wun* »tor«. However, they won their nr»t two game*. AA early lead by Lisbon Full* wa* too much for the BrowniB* Thi Maine team tallied *«ven run* be fore the Brownie* UUUiMi any. Al gona garnered eutbt bit*, tujtuni 10 for LUbon rom him. In another fnr henrlntr In the fall term of district court Fred Klalg l» *ulng Calvin Hou»«holder and the World Finance Corporation for .iudgment on a uaft ln« $K70 chattel mortuajie which Flalg hold* on M truck owned bv Hou*eholder. Thl* case came from Lone Rock. automobile fthe wn« vl« the Wllhlte.s /it Corwltlt. nn-1 with some of her cousins anil M Threshinn Crew on "Sit Down" Strike Irvington: A "«lt-ilown" utrike was reported from the St. Benedict vicinity, when a threshing crew wan uald to have refuted to work, due to the crew not having enough help, according to the "»it downer*" ver »lon of th« matter. However, the difference* were ironed out, and favorable adJu*tmenU made. Several other uiklurbaiKea in ttu- thre»hing crew* were rumored ulsu while * general brawt wu» reportol from one of the i-r«w» after an argument. Darts from Cupid Demand for marriage lutnatu took a slight upturn over the week end after a previously low eral rural electrification program. With the hearing over, work on the project I* virtually ready to begin with staking for linen to be i-tfirted thl* week. The Interstate Power Company. Central Htnte* Power Company, and the Railroad commission were represented at the meeting Only one objection was made by » utility company to a short htretch of proposed mileage which it claimed wa- nerved by its stub line. German Twp. School U First to Reopen Ht'hool Number U, German town-! Mhlp, led the Unit contingent of the, "back to school" movement which begin* in eiirnttt next Monday. Aui4 2W, when the majority of the ii'i- proxlrnntely 1,7V) rural school children rcnuine their school work Bchool U WUM the, only one County Huperlntendent of .Schools William Hliirlty knew which Intended In start yesterday, Momiiiy. but Uu' majority will be ready next Monday Aigona school* do not open for two week* until September Mh Bchool H* usual for rural studenu I* expected thi* year with enroll ment* probably about the »«me and the curriculum unchanged. Kos kuth county schools are tn the third mechanic from the Walter Wilhi'. ynrago wns fc.stliiK the bnikei on i machine near fwwilh. He stfi|i|iei| (lie car suddenly, nii'l the. machine WMH struck by « c,i>- driven l<y n Cii'lahy Packing Co On Tliur.''d''i.v afternoon. IIH H/ir- old Mm-eii'.eii was driving to thr country with a Imid nf gasoline, til" steering knuckle (if Ills truck broke shortly after he hud crossed fl'" mllroiid track, east of town. The truck went out of control and turned over several times. Harold h"l turned off the Ignition and luckily the truck did nU cat< h on fire. He was hrulscd. but not seriously Indeed. The cab and truck were badly THROWN FROM CAR Theodore Fccnstrn, fl. son of Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Keenstru, Grand Rapid*. Mlcblgnn, I* In a sertoua condition nt the Kos»uth no»pltnl here, a* the result of « fall he took from the family automobile. »n highway 1», three miles east of here, limt Friday. The boy wns riding In the macnlntf when he tried to open the door to Kliipi It shut. C.'ntchlng In the wind, the door wns torn open, ami tho youth pulled out with it. ami dropped to the pavement. He In Buffering from partial piiritlyMH of tho body, a concussion of tin: hkull and Inn! bruises. Gets Autographs of New York Yankee* A bubeball containing autograph* of all player* of the world champion New York Yankees team !« the most highly prized souvenir ao- Bnby Nearly Miiiotherrd As the Hoy Guy family were eating their supper, Wednesday evening nf last week, one of the member* of the family remarked tint the live month* old baby was gurgling In a peculiar manner. As the sound continued, Mr». Guv took a look at the baby, ami found thnl its face WHS blue. It had « rubber sheet In its bed Hii<! WHS holding the sheet nerois its face, ill such a way that It nl moM smothered. The babv WHI- limi). but tin- parents rushed it to a doctor, who In turn rushed th.- rifiint to a Kurt Podge hospital. 1<" fore they got there, however, the iby win* beginning to revive and now recuperating /it the hospital Notice to Wheat Farmers in County Midnight, August ''.I. Is the deadline to obtain new. all-risk insurance on wheat to be harvested In 1039, O. L. Thoreson. crop Insurance supervisor for Kossuth com: Breaks Collar Bone Bancroft: Little Walter R*og«r. k«ri of Mr. tuid Mr*. Art Reuger »ua*r«d a broluiii collar bunt la«t W»diw*d«y. wb»U play tug ut hi» boot*. coufles uutde KOCH) *d vaoce*. accouutiog for three uf the four pernjiu granted by rlerk at Court*rln« McBvoy. Licen*** were Krualed to tht foi lowing: ArnulJ O Weppio tuid 1>J- b*ite Wilii*m». buth of FrtuikUn Tto«odor« HUbcrt Bud* aud Bci n«*HrT PkfcUte, Irviwgton, KUit: Hub ioaea. Aigiuta. «nd Fiuth i'lu* Ban croft, MUM. K«tto«tb I»r<s*>*i <'*tt«wa Rui« GaHin-f St F«t year of their five year schedule School law* provide that »eve»*arv change* shall be made every five year*. The attendance at Kussulb county's institution* of leuriiins i» expected to be about the saint as last year when the nunie »of 5,137 pup iU were entered in the records uf the public school* 1.330 of these utundvd high schools of Koasutn county 2.02H attended independent or i uiuolidaUd chools and 1.7*) wi-nt to 14-4 rural institution*. 205 ttruchers file needed to handle thi. i-hil.lrni and th« buildmti* i" whi.->i limy work arc valued al JlJSO.OoO AlKuim'n parofhjul ihool. SI C 1 .' ctlia's Aradtmy. will "Ito open ui Spctembcr 5 Ail except 10 or 1ft of the rur:i schiMil leather* have "rejujrled '»' to SuptiriulciiUetit Shirley's olfice 30 Day&—Suspended Ktitb I' Shepard of Seklon wa» Kiveu a »u»(»ei»il«d 30-day »e«lem'c by Ju«Uce of Pe»cir P A Uaukun Saturday for dru»k*lit»e»» Shep arJ wsu» aftvaled Tbur.Jdy by fthir iff Cujtv l-u»» u.ud Ufuajjbt UP b* fan: juaUi'* Luurl Ju*Uvv I'»" *ou ftuapciiUeJ all t*ut ibre« day* vt (he oeUlKUtt: wbltij Stiepard iwryed m the i-ouuty wU ty, states. have Only those farms whi< h wheat in the years quired (Jui'ffc YorK Ci by Jean Kinst-y, Aigona, her summer'*): ulay in New City. Jean, daughter of County Auditor and Mr*. K, B. Kln.ey, Ju«t returner! Hunday from a vacation *pent at tha home of her uncle, L. C. Kln»ey, -.» resident of New York, who lived next to a Brooklyn pitcher, Bu'-k Marrow. Marrow and Bteve Sun- ilra, Yankee rookie pitcher, wei o liuddii-K and Jean hud her er*twhllu neighbor Marrow give the busobull to Hun-Ira, who liud nil »f 1>I» tea.n mateH autograph It. All the «!«x arc there including those of Kl Goofy Gomez, Joe I>l Magijl" ami Lou <Jeiiriu going to baseball games, JB36-.')7 or 38 will be eligible for 11 wheat allotment In 1B39. Any farmer planning on raising wheat In 1U3U should contact the county office. The local office telephone it. Number 10, Aigona. Seek to Restore Use of Boy's Legs Union: Mrs Kay Ucurance mud son returned from lowu t'ity where they had gone to receive help for the boy who has been unable to u-c his Ivus, following ail auto accident | He is showint; improvement. Thev ! will return U/ low.i City tn Septeni b*r for further treatmeiit. He 'in move his limbs tu some vKlenl iiu\\ and uroupvcta are very hopeful. Studer to Exhibit This cuunty is to reprui>ei»lf*i i-i the National Shuw •*(!>• n opens itt the Iowa Stale K<nr i: Oea Monies uu Aug. 24. aci-uriim*: '" tuiai etilrie.-, ju^.1 iimje | ubiii t>. ^talv fair oltKii*la iieii *i SiU'Hi tit Wesley ilii!. euUreJ Ibt .oiupi.- tlliuu la tiit HereJoJ'J mule I ^ Loses Purse Here liurt fr- i* Chipum.!' tvjjuil luas ul iila I.UIBC lOliUilliUtK st' tiull^ra. iituU ii. Algouo l»u>l Ti Jean went to the Henry Artn/»tron«- Bnrney Ron* light, out of the ling epic* of the year and " complete tour of the Kiigiiuli buper liner, Quten Mary, wan another event of litr kumnier'k btay In the metropoli*. Jean, although only IS years of age. graduated from St Cecelia's academy !»»t' BprlnK »ml Ihe trip was one. of her graduation gifts. Falls Over Wire ; Arm is Broken Irvington: Pick Godfrey, only BOO of Mr. ami Mrs (Jeo Godfrey of Arn«*. who Is upending the Hummer on hi* father's farm accidentally Humbled over u pin-e of wir« Itt't Tuesday and fell in buch a manner as to break hit* urm. Over the week end Mr ami Mm. Godfrey anil Hivk uccumpuiiyli'* iiume friend* from Anus niu'j' '•-«* to northern Miiiiie.iulii on a tUhing; fxpeilltitm where llu-y will rtiiii-to. for <i »huil tinu' Tickets for Fair Go on Sale '('he mice .-" . l n.tlul> •-- t I li- UfUl the Ku»»ulu luunty tun tuivc !'_t-a ; i , ui.*jur Tht 1 e lb ulle mi uiucr l» will t>< . i.y tiiiu. (juriiij: the ] 2 w iii be ' na"*;».-t> a.i=.£iU.'U at tile ^i*if ' l,i- W i ml* -'i'H '•>" ' Li za i-euU tjruiit).-' wiii be .i£> -..tiila. v.itii rut luf U>t (vu*" blgttt» ' 'tiijd- fair \'i i..,-iiU- . :»JUJt» !'! Ha-tt: .ui u ,l(»ui*ui

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