Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 22, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1896
Page 1
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VOL. XXL LOaANSPOKT INDIANA, SATfflPAY MORNING; ATJGU%j$2,1896. NO- 201. Great Alteration Sale IN OUR ANNEX. Early Fall purchases in the lines of Jackets Capes and Beady Made Stuff Suits are coming in. Entrance to the annex will be closed while improvements are going on and ourcustomers will kindly take notice to COME TO THE TIAIN STORE. .1 As the Fall season is always a short one in this department and the extensive improvements we are about to make will naturally interfere with the daily trade and in order tor you to-perhaps go out of your way a fewsteps- we Will sell every garment in the department New or Old at Strictly Cost. When we say cost we mean just what the word implies. We are ready to prove above assertion this morning. Still a great line of Shirt Waists at the cost of the material. WILER & WISE. MOVING DAY. Democratic National Committee Get' Into Their New Quarters, '."-."- Are Located in Auditorium—Activity, Displayed at New York R.epub-- <: lican Headquarters, : ;-• Aug. 21.—The usual-ponfu- mt to "'moving 1 in" was bb-' Cliienjo, »ioii incident ._ _, . KC.rva.bIc at, democratic uationaL head- 1 - ciiiurters, In. the Auditorium Amsexj'' 1'riduy afternoon. After looking;.- :vt fe numbr or locutions Thursday evening-'' Chairman Jones decided that the, 'roost suitable site for headquarters woulclTje/- the Auditorium, vhie.h is "far froiatbe'' n-uiddhiL; 1 i-rowcl," oil the cool lake front, and i'rce from the noise of p;iJssirijp otrect ears and other .vehicles, ixrliiclv Senator Jones found objectionable lit the Sherman house. ' . •'•.', The roocis selected. are in flats C and. D on the second floor ol the .Annex, , nncl number about ten.'. Xhc.jno,ri)ins_. •n-ns spent in fitting- in suitable iurnh. fjo'na!" democratic party headquarters ^ridn'y over the facr, that the Cleveland cabinet will be represented at the Indi- -apapolis convention. .' • Comptroller Eckels has secured .quarters nt the Bates. It is thought tlmt Secretary of Agriculture Morton will attend the convention. He is the i.only member of .lie cabinet who is iWfJJUcted. A letter from Secretary of •' the yavy Herbert plainly indicates that -"he is with the "sound money" move- "irieut, though he will not be able to attend the convention, owing; to his nb- ..sencc in Europe. There'is no longer any ,,'dotibt that. Postmaster General Wilson , is also in favor of the movement:. The position which his son has taken is saia -to be a sure sign of the father's inelina tion. The son is out and out for i 'third-ticket. The coming- of Mr. Eckel: and Secretary Morton is thought to b< ••a-propitious sign that the president i: Killed silently with the national dcmoc racy. .._. Hill Won't Tsilk. ."Albany. N. Y., A MS'. 21. — Senatoi liavid B. Hill refuses to discuss the published .statement ol' Elliott F. D.inforth : fiiat he (Kill) is about to declare for •Bryan and Bewail. • A BOLD THIEF. Rifles a Branch Bank at Kansas C% City of $2,000. Cashier Had Just Stepped Out of the Room, Affording an Opportunity for the Robbery. INDIANA NEWS. lure and preparing 1 for y-ovk, but na.j,_,;. :: AMERICANS real business was Iraiisiict-cd, npr. has IN TROUBLE. 409 and 411 Broadway. 306 Fourth Street. Clothes up to Date . . Hare been in great favor at our establishment. Fact is no one lias a finer line of woollens and worsteds to select from than ours. Important Features ... in the make-up 'of our clothes rn ark their Buporlorlty. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best, Carl W.Keller, was the working force beon completed./ Thf! iv.ir.o.uneenu'nt is mails th.at.Scn- ntor ,lo]its will remain in Chiwjro^ind direct the' cnmpa.i,?n himself, .bcinjr.^is- nisU'd by CoriiniittconiCE-.Johnson, .of .Kansas, ru:d t'a;npoo., oT Mi<.'!ii.Sf'i;i,- ; fp;r the prc-KCnt nt-'least. Secretary AV.aisli, 6f Jov, u, rcr.ched here Friday, a ml DdnMc- Conyil:c.of0!iio;v\'hoisto have chargfe-.o'f the speakerc., will be here Sal unlay, and will a-t/,0-" 11 -' 1 ' organize the speaking 1 campaign 1 : -l','. ' •'•••:' AriVcrfig 1 the visitors at the n«w.hejvd- iiiirters 1 . Friday morninrr were Senator oiKihy'p'fi Nor.th Dakota; 'L. A.'Rosing 1 , ciiairm'rtii; ;arid Thomas IX 'O'Cricn, iner.!be!r'br.thc Minnesota state central commitfceH'nnd 0. C. Treadway,'I&,iva, ; MIXES WORK WITH PLAY. Tailor and Draper. 311 flarket Street See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QUART SAUCE PAN.... C QUART SATJCE PAN... 8 QUART SATJOB PAIN.. 10 QUAET SAUCE PAN. 12 QUAET SAUCE PAN.. 6 QUART MILK PAN..-. 4 QUART COFFEE POT. 5 PINT TEA POT NO. 28 WASH PAN NO. 30 WASH PAN CUSPIDORS , 25c 35c 40c , 50c , Cue l!5c BOc 35c 20c 25c 23c T.J. FLAN1GAN, 310 Harket Street. Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co, Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street, Special-Low rates on heaters during the months of August and September. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co'., T The well-Known Specialists of New If owe liave appointed D. A. HAtJK at agent tor tuetr celobratod Spectacles and Eye Glasses, every pair guaranteed. . • •• D. A. HAUK lias complete assortment ana Invited all to satisfy themaelvei of tie groat superiority of these goods over v any maDafnctured, at tUe utore o£ D. A. HAUK, Solo agent for logBnsportInd, . . . . No Peddlers Supplied. Bryim "\Vo.-ks on HIH Letter of Accept- unco. Tlicn l?ocii FIshliiK." Upper Kcd Book, N. Y.,-Auy. 21.—William J. Hryiu: Friday morning read the published stories o£- democratic. har- ; moay with -the -Chicago cpnyeh'tion^ nominees and smiled. He is going to fipend the Ui'.y very qujetly—working-on his letter o£ ucnepliiuce in'the morning and going fishing in the afternoon. Ho said that he had n-ssv.ranees from all part* of the state of generous support. Mr. Bryan.wos shown a morning paper which reported Mr. Croker's in- dorsement of the Chicago ticket. Ho Bald .he was gratified to find so many eastern democrats falling into line, and .udded that before the onmpaig-n closed lie^xpccted the cooperation of all democrats except those whose pecuniary interests miay fe better advanced by the gold standard. It is said that Dr. Jenkins, of New York, gave ?-lr. Bryan an intimation that Mr. Crokcr would be with'.him. . CAMPAIGN LITERATURE READY. Silver Party Pxonurvd to Supply All Demands. Washington,'•' Aug. 21.. — Chairman Babcock,' of the republicaji congressional committee, has returned from New York, where he attended an important Conference of the leaders, including Chairman Hanna. Mr, Babcock is very enthusiastic over the outlook in both New York state nnd city. ' Although the silver party officials •n-ere busy iii putting the finishing touches to their new quarters, they nevertheless found time lor active work. Chairman Stevens is sending out a circular letter to all national COBJ- mlttcemcn notifying them that requisitions for literature would- now be promptly 1 honored and asking .them to announce, the 1 -amount desired for use In i-acii state. Chief Organizer Keeiicy left Friday night for New York to personally loak'-after the work of organizing silver clnba in that city and vicinity. From there ho will .go to Chicago nnd remain until after the meeting of clubs. -'' '. Secretary Gardner was alone In charge of the daniosratic congressional headquarters, Semitor Faulkner . having pone to be preneai at "democratic day" us set apart by a county fair, behi£ held near I.Iartiniburg, W. Va,, where Senators Blackburn and others will make addresses. 'The headquarters of the subnational committee will be formally opened Saturday,' with Representar tive.-Kich'ardson in Charge. The populists have not yet completed the purchase of the necessary furniture and outfit for. their headquarter! here. ARE VERY ACTIVE. : Ncw' York,'Aug. 21.—There was an o.ir of activity around republican, national headquarters Friday, morning. A great crowd of people waited'in the corridor of .headquarters for an audl- rmce \yith Chairman Mark Hanno. | ....Mr. ffanna'caTQeoto headquarters- from: the Waldorf hotel, at 10:30 o'clock and im- 1 mediateiyi proceeded to hia office, where le found!'. aihipge pile of mail matter wditiijg/'.hW^perusal. Among' those who saw ^r.-'Honna were John F. Mil- lolland -'aiayi Frederick Gibbs. Gen: Oiborne, the 1 secretory-of the : executive committee, received a tele- jrum"Friday,.from Senator Quay an-' louncing that he would, start north within a ferV.days. He will come prob- ubly to.New York headquarters! on>his- [\rrival in this-nity, which will certain" 1 y not be Inter than.September-i.- CABINET TO _^__ ~~"'"" \ltunil "* "Inflimii'Vnli-; - <!., Aug'.' 1 21:—Much " al-tv.a'na- -•-••• .-li»»,«» r.n:il,--ninlii ClinrKos Tlicni ivll.li .Smucr^-llni .Munition* of War Into HID Country. '• •••Washington. Aug. 21,—A dispatcl 1 'from New Orleans says that news has re'nohed there of the arrest at, 1'onle 'BaTrios.^Guatemala. of ]t. E. Caldwcl •on'cl- another Auierioan citizen, charged with smuggling munitions oi war intc .tjic country. Ca.l<lwoll is engaged by ,'Sy,Ivanus Miller in constructing a rail...way from Ponte Ilarrios into the in- terJor. .is is also his companion under arrest. The contraband goods, it is ..said here, were shipped from Cinciu nati, over the Louisville & Nashville railroad, and-thence to Ponte Barrios '•by:vt.he Mncheua line of steamers from -•this port, concealed in bales of hay. In -13. bales of the last consignment were '.JOtiad ' 82,000 rounds of ammunition. These shipments of hny have been going on since .Tune, and the Guatemala authorities say this is the second find they 'have discovered. Caldwiill says he knows 'absolutely'nothing, about the contraband goods, and-'Mr. Miller nsked-the Mncheca folks to find-out who the real shippers .were'. It is not known^for whom the contraband goods wore really intended. . UNION OF CRETE AND GREECE. Beorotnry ' " Emblematic Flng Raised by the Inrar- , ( pentH-at Zlpopotilo. London, Aug. 21.—A .dispatch from Athens to the Telegraph says the in- turgeri't Cretans have raised a flag at Zipopoulo emblematic of the union ol Crete -"with • Greec*. . A dispatch to the Times from Vienna f.aystit Is officially announced there that the .Albanians • have murdered the Turklih 1 . consul' at'Vra'niaj'Servia, near : the' Slicedonion frontier^ Though this statement is officially confirmed no dc- tails'of the affair ha-ve been received. i • -*i. : An Important Decision. Philadelphia, Aug. 21.—Judge Acheson,; in. tbej United. States circuit court, Friday rendered an opinion in favor of the defendants in.the suitpf.theNation- nl .Harrow company" of Jersey City, N., J.,,against Hench & Drombold, of York, Pa. The suit, was brought'to enforce license contracts for the manufacture Rnd sale of con-lever float spring tooth harrows and lever float spring tooth harrows. The .decision is of importance to.the'en-tire .harrow Industry of the United States: Miners Quit Work. Columbus^ Q., Aug. 21.—A telegram, was received at the headquarters of the United Mine Workers of America here from State President Itatchlord -at Shawriee stating that the entire force ol miners working under the lease system in '-'that valley, 1,000, quit Friday morning in obedience to the order of the state convention, of miners held 'here a week ago. ' The-strike will continue there and elsewhere until the scale of wages: is paid everywhere in the state wilter Uamrosch In a Knnaway. BariHorbbr, Me.,-Aug. 21.—Mr. and Mrs..-Wulten Damrosch, Mrs. Tru^ton Beale and.'another lady, while on the way ti> the "village improvement concert," .Where Mr. Damrosch was to play Friday''morn ing, were thrown from their darriage 1 by the horses running away. • The carriage collided with o grocery team and the inmates were thrown beneath the upturned team. All except-the driver were extricated . un- haipmed 1 . The driver was badly cut. •; ., -. Wreck on the B. & O, '' Madisonvilie, 0., Aug. 21.—At 9:30 Thursday night a drawbar on the-Bal* .. timorei •& .Ohio . Southwestern .freight .train-Nb; 98 eost-bouria pulled, out,, dorppiog on the 1 trocli.throwing the two :cars next to the caboose over iO f the: wwt-'botind track. Extra freight -weat-^vias.'pasEing and ran ; into the two .cars, h'iiHn.ff; ; F ( ire.man-Hnl-ry Hall, of 'ChiiUc9the,.,-\yJiile / .Engineet Vest was uninjured.,. AT^put six'chrs jvere demol- Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 21.—The Stock Yards branch of the American national bank which is located on the sec- oiul lloor of the : £ive Stoeli ex- I'hsuige. was robbed of $2,000 in cash by a quick, nervy thief Friday morning 1 . The money taken- vas all in bills, and $i;00 iu silver in the same drawer was left undisturbed. . Cashier Boswell, who has chiirge of the bank, .secured $2,200 from the inuin institution Friday morning 1 , and, going to .the Exchange building, placed- the money "tit the drawer under the counter, as is > his custom. Having a letter to deliver on the floor below he went downstairs a moment, leaving- the door of the banking room open. A commission firm occupies a room directly opposite, and one of the the commission men sat facing the open door, lie indistinctly remembers sonic one entering the banking room but paid no attention to him. ,When CashierEos- •.vell ri-liii-ned 1 he lound the drawer haviiJg been used, the .id m?ii'3is of nail* in the the thief yviwre lio,.jumped on tor in inakiliVy fi'is escape. Ther.e ndrods of meri'-'on the floor be- open, :i jimmy liills all taken shoes of th the counte were hundreds low when the robbery occurred, buttho hallways On the second floor were practically deserted. ARE NOW GLAD THEY DIDN'T.' i ;Alai,', Aug! 21.—George and .Will- •Howoil,.. two .negroes sent here for Bofe peeping, from Limestone county jiir&iiriclcr..'sentence, of.death for the murder' oT tt.whiteininn named Smith, bn&'c jail some time Thursday hig-ht and are at •'large. " • • ' ^ Boiler Explode*. •.Cftm'deii, "3'. ,1., Auwg. 21.—A boiler in theiPeirinSylvania railroad car shops at -Pavonin e.xplo'ded Friday, from im.un- known cause. >: .Frank.Smith,'.a fireman,' was baaiy. V scalded v: and will' . probably,' die, TieJjoilei house was wrecked. Tho Crow of tho Fr:im at One Time TVcro All Ready to Leave Her. Christia.nia.Au~. 21.—The Christiania Norgenblndet makes ' the statement that upon oue occasion, lifter Dr. Xan- sen l«ft the Fram embedded in the ice, in March, 1S05, the crew of the vessel load eel sleds with provisions and prepared to leave the ship. The Fram, according to the Norg-enbladet, still has on board three years' provisions and 550 tons of coal. Upon the occasion of the Fram's calling at Danes island, Spitzenberpen. on August-]-!, M. Andrec, the Swedish explorer, told Capt. Sverclrup that the season was, too far advanced to justify a balloon ascension, and that it was his Intention to leave Spitsbergen on Au- g-iist 20. The Fram arrived at Tromsoe Thursday evening. MURDERED AND PICKLED. F»te of a While Man Who ieft Kin Wife for a NflKroft*. Frcdericksburg, Vu., Aug.' 21.—Dalas Br'u'ce, a white citizen of Caroline county, living some 25 miles from here, disappeared at the confederate reunion in Richmond, July 3, He was known to hnjve some $400 on his person. He was separated from his wife and had been liv.Jng- wifh a colored^'Tvomap . in his neighborhood. Wednesdaj' afternoon late-his body was found-in some pickle barrels at the negro woman's house. The body had been cut -to pieces and a piece put in each of several barrels and pickles put on the top and strong- brine thrown over the whole. -'.The pieces ot the body were in sufficiently good condition to-be clearly identified. Two Boat Londii of Sailor* Mlintnc. London, Aug. 21.—A cablegram received from. Santa Cathej-ina says the American ship Willie Rasenfeld, commanded by Capt. Dnnphy,-which sailed from-yew York, April 23^'for Sail Francisco, has foundered 40(j miles off the coast. Part of the crew jivere saved and •lauded here, but two boats, containing 14 persons, are missing. 'The Eosfcn- fcld is owned by. Arthur B. Sewall & Co., of Bath, Me. She was built in 1885, in Bath, is 200 feet in' length, 44 feet wide, and 27 feet in depth. peglni a "Iff Suit. . New York, Aug. 21.—Edward F. C, Young, as- receiver of the National Cor- dag'e'.^company, has begun,irtiit in the United'''States circuit court . against James-.-M. Wnterbury, Caleb P. Marsh Chnuhcey Marshall, Frank T. Wall, ElishaM.-Fultou and Willard P. Whitlock, alleging breach of trust and mis conduct'n}>on 'the part of. the de fendants'as officers and directors of the con-.pajiy and asking that they be made to account for their management of its affairs. / .' • '>,. - "-Hold Snnrlie,M.ee^l»K>. Omaha, ..Neb., J Grier, of Erskine college,. South Cnro linn,apoke'to the Young Pebple'sunion Friday- morning, and?4>r. Wallace cx- preisecV hope ..for unification of 'the 'United Presbyterian : -'cliurch and the Association; Reformed 'church of the south. Six conferences of workers were held 1 and sunrise and street meetings conducted. '/ pun leu » Report. New York, Aug. 21,—F. B. Gallatin, secretaryi of the Clearing house, dfeaies positively Uiat any:.steps have been •taken lookhig' to an •Jisue of Joan certificates, and!subtfeasufy .-.officials were equally j^bsitive in their,' assertions that Mr. Carlisle was here, tft attend to matters .(& a personal If MlKI Cincinnati, O., Aug^. -\S1.—John P. Epply, a -prominent citizen, and leading undertikerl 'is mysteriously missing. He 1 left his office onpositc,, f the city hall MondaV afternoon and. hns not been seen -By his fl-iends since. Mr. Epply it 76 y«4rs of age. Told In Brief by Dtepatohas from Various Localities. Killed Him with a UrlcU. Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 21. — Firman Y. Brill was killed by Elmer liumblcy at Riley, this county. Rumbiey was driving- by Erill's store, when the latter asked him to pay a debt of a dollar. Eumbley sprung from his buggy, saying: "I'll kill you." No blows were struck, and Rumbley got back into the buggy with a brick in his band. Brill walked around the buggy to where tha whip was, and taking it from its socket told Rumbley to go away. He refused to go, aud Brill struck him twice with the whip. Rumbley then struck Drill with the brick and he feil to the ground. At first his injuries were not thought to be serious, but he grew suddenly worso and died. Brill leaves a widow and four children. . A Doctor Vanished. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 21.— Dr. Jerry Watson, of Frndyville, waa aroused Thursday night at a late hour to visit a patient, and he rode away on horseback. The next morning his horse returned without the rider, but with a . note addressed to the wife, not in the doctor's handwriting, saying that he had gone. Mrs. Watson and the doctor's friends arc confident that he nan r.iet with foul play. Some of the neighbors fear that- Watson has been murdered by a jealous husband. I'clc Day at Auburn. Auburn, Ind.. Aug. 21.— The reunion of reunions, namely, the meeting of the hundreds of couples married by Rev, W. L. Moese. came off in the fair park h-?re and' was a grand success. After several addresses and a banquet, and nfter an address by Rev. Mr. Meese, the vast assemblage of nearly 5.000 souls was dismissed with the benediction of the venerable preacher, who has become famous as the originator of tb« most unique reunion ever assembled in this nation. Saw Nupoloon Uo to Motcow. Indiana-polis, Ind., Aug. 21.— Joliann Bergst, for 73 years aresidentof Franklin county, this state, died in the county infirmary. He was born in Germany in February, 1S94, and he witnessed the passage of Napoleon's army to Moscow. Coming to this country he accumulated a competence as a weaver, but lost it through speculation. Until recently prostrated by the heat, he walked to church every Sunday, and to the last maintained a keen interest in passing events. Will T»fce Ide»» to J*p»n. Portland, Ind., Aug. 21.— S. Aano,K. Kono and T. Takio, of Tokio, Japan, are here to make a tour through the oil fields. James McFall took them out end will pilot them and explain the workings in detail. Oil has been found In Japan, though the .mode of operation. is such as to render the margin of profit quite small. These gentlemen came to ascertain tlie American way of operating and hope with improved machinery to £ut their wells on a paying basis. Prodigal Bent to Prison. . Decatur, Ind., Aug. 21.— Last Januarjg Samuel Evans, the youngest of threa cons of Jotin Evans, became of age, aindl received the sum of $10,000 in cash; which was allotted to all three of the boys. Young Evans spent his entire fortune in about three \veeks. -He then- forged the name of his uncle, Davidi Studebaker,toanotefor asmnll amount' He was arrested and has been found guilty and sentenced to two years in. state prison. GOT. Matthewi Beek> Kelt. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 21.— GOT. Matthews has gone to Mackinaw, wher* lie will.join Mrs. Matthews. The goV- ernor continues enfeebled physically because of his exposure last Saturday jt Brookville,and his condition.is far from pood. He will be compelled to return itt ben days to close up tie work of the state board of equalization, but it i» reported that all of his political engnfre- uents in the near future will be canceled. H»ul»D Family Reunion Endi. Richmond, Ind., Aug. 21.— The two, days' reunion of the Harlan family hS» closed. Chester county, Pa., was select; ed as the place of holding the next meet-, ing, and officers were chosen as follows:! President, A. D. Harlan, Cotesville,Pa.;j vice president, A. J. Harlan, Savannah, Mo.; secretary and treasurer, A. E. Karlan, New Burlington, 0. Union Kailwnr Mcetlug. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 21.— A union. meeting of all the railroad brother- • hoods in Indiana has been called to meet 'in 1 this city next Sunday. There will be E secret session in the morning and an open meeting in the afternoon. The purpose of the guthering is not dis- closcd.by the call. Mouse Cnaica » Fatal Injury. Shelbyville; Ind.. Aug. 21.— Frank Pruitt, of Edinburgh, received a box, neatly wrapped, th -:gh the mail. On. opening it a live mouse jumped out, . 'it-nil Mont Rubush, who was standing near, fell back through a show case, breaking the. glass, niid it is thought fatally cut himself about the head and back. Mysteriously JHIMIUBT. Washington, Ind., Aug. 21.— Ernest Crosson. a prominent insurance and real estate agent, is mysteriously miss- ,. ing. He left the city August 5, antf • has not be<:n heard from si7icc. His relatives and friends are alarmed lestsome- thing serious ImsJjefaJJpii bJm

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