The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1938 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1938
Page 22
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The Algona Upper Peg Molneg, Algona, Iowa, Aug. 16,1038 City's Business Face Is Lifted In Parade Of Civic Building Progress Estimate $200,000 in New Construction Here Past 3 Tears MODERNIZATION IS AISO UNDERGONE The PROGRESS of any community is best guaged by the new businesses It attracts, or the expansion made by the old ones. With Algona and Kossuth county, the advance made in all Inies of general business is very noticeable. MEW PIONEER HYBRID PLANT NEARLY FINISHED Early in 1938, the Pioneer Hybrid Seed Corn Co. with general offices at Des Moines, realized the potentialities of northern Iowa as a source Of high grade seed corn, and' after careful surveys, the organization •eected Algona as the site for its toew, northern Iowa plant The new punt has permanently brought several new families to AJgona, and will provide part-time work for 30 to 60 Kossuth residents as well as an extra source of income for Kos•nth farmers chosen to grow the company's hybrid seed corn. MEW BUILDINGS HELP CUTS APPEARANCE During the past several years, new buildings have been springing up in all parts of the business section of Algona. Joe Oreenberg constructed a fine new, one story, fireproof, brick building, which is a distinct asset, at the corner of Call and North Dodge streets. Tfio Heise estate erected a two- story, three-front business and office building on North Dodge street, making one of the finest appearing business buildings in the city. Roy Richardson purchased the former Helberg garage building, remodeled It, and today has perhaps the most modern front of any building in this section of the state. Ken Cowan started into business for himself, and now occupies a new brick building on south Dodge street, where he conducts a paper, paint and house insulation business. George Elbert, garage man and automobile dealer, moved into another new brick building on West Nebraska street, constructed by Jesse Riddle, and Wm. Dau constructed a garage building of his own on South Dodge and Nebraska. where he Is doing a nice body and fender repair business, and automobile painting. The Algona Insurance Agency, White's grocery, the Beatty Cafe building and a garage for the Northwestern Bell Telephone company are other buildings constructed here for general business purposes within the past several years. It Is estimated that Algona has seen $300,000 worth of building here in the last three years by men qualified to know that field. S FIRST Offfd&ff/Cf *»*m«R Of WE DECISION (5639) 7H*T Wt THE S/WE/I /Wf/WW I0HM TERRITORY, W£ A 6WPU4TE Of MtST POINT ALUM ww/ftt0rr£{f£. . at tffa & IK usw. etna /ncwwocs WERE CONTENTS Of THE Swea City Ladies in Playlet Depict Founding of Club in Costumes of 1900 On May 28, 1938, the Swea City Thursday club celebrated its original founding by a playlet depicting the scenes as they happened, and as old timers have handed them down to modern days. The cast shown above, all members of the club today reading from left to right, are Mr.. Roy Valvick, Mn. 8. P. Eckholm, Mrs. J. A. Sanftner, president, Mrs. Wm. Thompson, Mrs. J. L. Vaux, and Mrs. R. M. MInkeL THE TREND IS ALL TO NEW STORE FRONTS For those business which have their roots firmly planted in the fc^ound, interior alterations, and construction of new fronts have been the order of the day. On State street alone, new fronts havt been put in at Borchardt Drug, Long Food Shop, Hood's grocery, Neville's shoe store (Jimmle also built .next door to his place and W. V. Butler's Ben Franklin store Is another fine business addition), the James Drug, Brownell's shoe store, the Council Oak, Steele's clothing an8 others. Many firms have done extensive interior altering in the past few years, including the F. S. Norton yard, Botst'ord's office and yard and others. Two new lumber yards have also opened up in Algona within, the past year. They are one operated by George L. Miller, and a "second opened up by the Raesly Lumber Co., of which Mel Griffin is local manager. In trying to compile a summary of such improvements, it is almost certain that some place or other, or some improvement, will be omitted. We beg pardon for any such instance—it will be unintentional. NEW BANK OPENED HERE IN 1936 In April, 1936, Algona's second bank, the Security State, was organized and began operating. C. B Murtagh, state comptroller, is president of the new organization, and J. W. Haggard and Frank Kohlhaas are vice presidents. Other local men constitute the board of directors. The Iowa State Bank. Algona's older bank is also controlled entirely by local men. Early Swea Pioneers Honored by Special Air Mail Stamp—Some Early History (By Ida E. Larson, Swea City PontmlstraM) Swea City's early history is perhaps one of the most interesting of the smaller communities in northern Iowa, because of the manner in which its early population settled here. Pictured in connection with this story is the Airmail cachet stamp Uf-ed recently, when airmail letters were dispatched from the Swea City Ot hi't 6 ' and t>1C drawins ltself is ver y descriptive of the early Swea From 1913 to 1937 deaths in motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year increased from 4.227 to 39.500, the national safety council reports. Deaths from all other kinds of accidents decreased from 78.233 to approximately 66.600. The moral is, drive safely. CAPT R £ JCANSON StMO, . 1872 In the special stamp pictured herewith you see an outline of the state of Iowa. Across tne top are the words "Capt. R. E. Jeanson— 1870." Below is "1872-Svea—1892." In the center is a replica of the old Swedish "company house." Below the house is Swea City—1892. Settlement Start* in 1870 Dear to the hearts of our pioneers is the history of the Swedish settlement in old Svea in 1870. Capt. R E. Jeanson was the leading spirit behind the movement to settle his countrymen in the northwestern part of Kossuth county The Am- the weather permitted he assembled his countrymen and set sail for America. Among the passengers on the trip was Mrs. Victor Eckholm. who at the age of 88, is enjoying good health, and likes to recall the days of the early settlement, remembering the events and dates as if they happened but yesterday. Company House Built in 1872 Plans for taking care of the settlers were made, and that is how the company house came into existence. The emigrant company in 1672 built the house 16x22, one and a half stories high. It sheltered ommunity, and the late Capt Jean ton acted as locating agent. He maintained an office at Castle Garden in New York, and when the emigrants came to America he helped them find homes. The fall and building was erected by Peter Eck holm and his son, Victor. Lumber waa hauled by ox team from AJgona. At one time as many as seven families numbering 40 persons, were housed in the building. It was used . — - ••—«*—• * «'t *o,j» diiu tiuuocu in me Duiioine it w* winter of 1869 he spent in Sweden, I for religious services public and during the winter months he' 1 ' interviewed the prospective emigrants. His ship was docked at Copenhagen, Denmark, and as soon ai ings and as a school house. The J. E. Hedin family were the first occupants, and Mrs. Hedin cooked the meal* for the busy settlers a<s they were building their own homes. Trunk- holding their personal possessions brought from Sweden served as tables for the different fam Hies. What other building so outstanding In the history of the community has a greater right to be honored? The old company house burned In 1932, and naught remains but the golden memories of the past. J. B. Johnson First Postmaster In March, 1872, the late J. B. Johnson, father of Mrs. Olof Pearson, came to Swea, and lived in the company house a short time. He was named local agent for the emigrant company, and In 1872 he received his commission as first postmaster in Svea. He held the position ten years. He was succeeded as postmaster by Ole Olson. Olof Pearson was star carrier from Bancroft to Fairmont for several years. Mr. Olson was succeeded as postmaster by S. P. Haglund in 1882. He served till the following year, and then turned the office back to Mr. Olson who remained as postmaster until the. office was moved to Sw*a City in 1893. In any commemoration of the Svea pioneers the following names shoud be Included: A O. Anderson, Carl Anderson, Soloman Anderson, C. Adolphson, John Martin, E. Swanson, Sten Stenson, August Gustavson, Ole Olson, Chas. Bergland, C. J. Appelma«, Chris Thoreson, P. J. Anderson, P. O. Erlckson, C. A. Er- Ickson, C. Burgeson, C. A. Mollnder, A. Jensen, Harry Larsen, Andrew Bengstrom, C. J. Peterson, S. P. Haglund, C. F. Miller, A. J. Llnde, J. P. Bromark, Leo Berg, N. P.j Pearson, Carl Tegelberg, F. M. Bravender, C. E. Bravender, and Olof Pearson. Among the pioneers of Harrison township you will find such names as Olaf Mollne, C. A. Mol!ne, Andrew Erlckson, Carl Larson, Carl Pearson, John Bengston, Lars and Nels Anderson, John Larson, L. A. Barslou and many others In 1892 the coming of the B. C R. A N. railroad caused the present site of Swea City to spring Into existence. December 5, 1892, the first train made Its appearance. The town site was laid out and was called Reynolds, However, the Swedish settlers in Svea resented this name because with the coming of the town they lost their post office in Svea. Using diplomacy, the late R. M. Richmond was Instrumental in having the name of Reynolds officially changed to- Swea City and our first settlers were satisfied. And this is.the story of our air mail stamp, which was used during air mall week to perpetuate the memories of our pioneers. Old Time Seneca Pioneer Retired When 45 Yw. Old Not many men today can retire at the age of 46 years—but that is the story of the life of B. W. Van Dorston, who today looks back on 78 years of Ifle, 60 of which he spent In Kossuth county, although he does make it an annual habit of wintering in Florida or California. Mr. Van Dorston came to Kossuth county in the spring of 1878, obtained a job as a farm hand in Seneca township, and worked there for years. He saved his money, and purchased land for himself from the Milwaukee Railway in the same vicinity. He also bought four wild steers, and traded them off for oxen, with which he started farming for himself. He did so until 1908, when he retired from his farm and moved to Armstrong, where he has since lived with the exception of travels to California or Florida every winter for the past 18 years. (He calls Kossuth his home, even though now living in Armstrong, and we're willing to do so, too). He still owns his old home farm, having refused to speculate during the wild land-boom days. His son, Frank, is now farming the Seneca township property. Other children of Mr. Van Dorston are Roy of Hlllsdale, WIs., and Mrs Bertha Richardson of Portland, Oregon. »•••••»++»»»«»»»»»»»»»»+•»»»« ON IOWA'S 100TH ANNIVERSARY-AND KOSSUTH MARCH OF PROGRESS DAYS YOUR COUNTY OFFICERS JOIN IN A SALUTE TO PROGRESS IOWA' I838-J9J8 It has been the desire of your county officers to provide this county with a progressive administration. We have endeavored to do our work accurately and efficiently to the best interests of the citizens. 'Duke' Kinsey Kossuth County Auditor Katharine McEvoy Kossuth Clerk of District Court Casey Loss Kossuth County Sheriff J. J. Dooley Kossuth County Recorder 'JT'fl'l M. J. Duffy Kossuth County reasurer L. A. Winkel Kossuth County Attorney COMPLIMENTS OF PHILIP J. KOHLHAAS State Representative - Kossuth County BILL BARRY WANTS TO SEE YOU OIV MARCH OF PROGRESS CELEBRATION DAYS You'll always find it cool and comfortable and friendly at Barry's—on Progress Days or any other Day. 25 Years Continuous Business (Barring A Fire) In Algona BEER SOFT DRINKS - SMOKES - BILLIARDS Brunswick-Balke^Collendar Co. tells us we have the finest of any Billiard Equipment in the State Today.

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