The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1938 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 16, 1938
Page 12
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Open House at New Hdwe. Store, Wesley Wesley: Open house wa» held on Saturday, August 13, at the Leases' H*» hardware stor* in the center of Wesley's business district. The 22 by 100 foot hollow tile, with brick front, building, was built at an approximate cost of $5,500. The coit of fixtures is about $1,000, and In all they hnve nn investment running well over $10,000, with new stock arriving dally to add to that amount. The Lease brothers «re to be congratulated by the residents of Wesley and vicinity for building and equipping this modern hardware store following their disastrous fire of Dec. 6, 1937. March of Progress Days 8rf (lie new fall sample* of woolens on display hero, and mnlie your selection nmv for o hand tailored suit. You are always well dreswd In a hand tailored suit. MADSON & HANSON The Home of Better Clothes XKXSfBXf PROGRESS! The Raesly Lumber Co., at the Milwuakee Depot plaza, came to Algona to make this progressive city a little better place in which to trade. Visit our modern lumber store. Let us show you as we have shown your neighbors, our stocks of quality building material, including Weyerhauser 4-Square Lumber, recognized as a "yardstick of lumber values. ' ' See our lines of Paint, Fencing, Steel Posts, Roofing, Shingles. Brick, Tile, Cement. Insulation, etc. Each line carefully chosen to give you the greatest value for your money. Then let us explain the Modem Method of building by use of our carefully designed plans. We have a finance plan that will enable you to build, remodel or repair, just as you wish. When it comes 1o coal, we have chosen coal which in our years of experience has proved the best vstlue for our customers. You will see how we are aiding this thriving and growing little city to be a better pjace to trade in. Then, like your neighbor, when you want a little better lumber or coal for the price, you have been paying — Call 234 RAESLY LUMBER CO. Mel ariffin, Manager ON DISPLAY FOR March of Progress Day AND ALL THIS WEEK sturdy, lightweight, easily attached picker you have wanted to own, A I-row outfit for your F-12 or F-ll, it picks, husks, and loads eight to ten acres a day. Next time you're HI town,stop in. See how y< u can cut picking costs wilh this inexpensive McCor- aiick-Deering picker. McCormick Deering Store Algona, Iowa Mrs. Dormoy, Sister of Mrs. Winkie, Dies Mrs. Ben Wlnkie received word Sunday that her slater, Mrs. Emmn Dormoy, 83, had died In Detroit that morning at the home of her niece Luclle Foex. Funeral aervleeg wlli be held Tuesday afternoon nnc hurlnl made In Detroit beside her husband who died about 26 years ago. Mr* Dormoy was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hollls Potter, who came to this community In the early day. She lived here during her girlhood and for a good many years after she married Fred Dormoy. Their two sons died about 20 years ago. Mrs. Dormoy made her home in Minneapolis for many ypnrs, but had bren living 1 with her nicc-e for the pnst three years. The A]goM Vpftt DM Motmt, Algona. low», Aug. 16,1938 ADS For Sale FOR SALE—White Skelgas range. Priced to sell. Call this office. 33 FOR SALE—Benutiful two piece living room suite. $19.50; also two rugs, two tables, one kitchen cabinet, nearly new. Phone 520-W. I AM DEALING In Hud«on-T« raplnne Cara, Acquaint yoursel with Hudson 112 which has more inside room than any other low-priced ear, and a great record for fue economy. Big In every way, bu the price. Also 1837 Terraptane Sedan with low mileage, radio and heater, spotless Inside and out. Will tell at ft bargain. Lloyd Gross, Algona, Jo. 88* TO WHOM IT MAY CONCEHV Llvermore, Iowa, July 30, T938 This is to certify that I have this day received from the United Counties Benevolent Assoclntlon of Algona, Iowa, the sum of Five Hundred and Two Dollars and Thirtyfour cents In contributions from the members of that organization In memory of my daughter, Hazel F. Christian. I have paid $12.00 Ir. death contributions during the four years my daughter was a member. 33 Signed: W. M. SMITH. LET US VULCANIZE those broken tires and tubes. All work guaranteed.—Sampson Tire Service. 6-tf For Bent FOR RENT—2-rom apt. on first loor. private entrance, also one room. 202 Diagonal. jj* (IBS). station* of clearing and grubbing and old bank* leveling; of np- Pjojlmstely thlriy-slx thousand (S«,•009) cubic yds. of excavation; of lev- ?"«**.?' new T 011 banks; and of the installation of approximately four hundred (400) feet of 16" corrugated pipe and the installation of approximately two hundred (200) feet r 18" corrugated pipe. Mpe are In he £? .*• overflow pipe through banks. . ». specifications and proposal forms for the work may be seen and ff"/ be secured at the above office, The County Boards reserve the right to waive technicalities and to reject any or all bids. All proposals filed shall be on the form furnished by the County, sealed nnd plainly marked; proposals containing: any reservations not probe rcjcct ' e " BOARDS OP SUPERVISORS Humboldt and Kossnth Counties By O. H. Johnson and E. S. Klr- »ep, County Auditor*. ,v}-3< FOR RENT—Service Station for ease. Very reasonable terms. Phone 895, Algona. 33 For Your Car FOR SALE—Piano, be^pjtlful and good condition, $35.—Bjustrom's. 33 DROP IN at Sampson's Tire 8«r- 23 vice when In need of a used tire or tube. e-tf FOR SALE—Two used furnaces; one a Torridalre steel furnace. 175; one a cast Iron furnace, $80; both in good shape.—Bjustrom's. 33 FOR SALE—Very good mangle, $38.—Bjustrom's. Horton 33 FOR SALE—Hampshire brood sows, September and October far- row, eligible to registry.—Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. 31-33-35* FOR SALE—Commercial cafe; beer license. Best location In town. Hotel and living rooms. Good income.—J. G. Prltchard, Buffalo Center, Iowa. 33 I AM MAKING long time farm loans at 4'iCe Interest with no stock to buy and no red tape.—M. P. Haggard. 30-33 FOR SALE—Western feeding lambs. Immediate or future delivery.—Chester Bailey, 2F23, Algona. 31-34* FOR SALE—10 acres close to AI gona. Modern improvements, $125 per acre, good terms.—C. W. Nlcoul- in, Algona. 33 FOR SALE-Hampshire brood sows. Bred for October pigs.—A. B. Schenck, Phone 20F11, Algon-i. 33* FOR SALE~Set of trap drums almost new.—W. White, Livermor..Iowa. 33. FOR SALE—One ton Chevrolet truck with 30-Inch grain box.~R. J. Keene, 421 West State, Algona 33« LosuFound LOST — Fraternity pin. valubale keepsake, substantial reward.— Harold Gllmore, Iowa State Bank. S3* Wanted WANTED—Family and piece washings.—Mrs. A. B. Pannkuk. 121 So. Jones, Phone 819-W. 33* WANTED—Local man to represent large automobile finance company. Attractive proposition for the right Individual. Write c-o this office. 33 1 WANTED—Your dead stock- prompt, sanitary removal. Phone 7, Algona. We pay all phone calls.— Algona Rendering Co. 11-tf WANTED—Clean cotton rags at the Algona Upper Des Mrlnes. Notice to Bidders Sealed bids will he received ;it the fflce of Hi- Auditor of lluniliitldt I'ounty, l'i\va. until U:00 o'clock I if, on Autiutt i'!<, I!'.'!*, for rleniiou \-ork to he don.- In Humhuldt-Ki.x uth -It'lnt ItruiimK*. liistrlct No : llumlinl'lt anil Kossuth Counties WH. Kids will ).e Htifne'l at tl, 'ive ntri'-i- promptly aft'-r tli» Urn r 1 i ».< <•!\-1nif name han elos.'d A rerllfled check, or cashier's ehecl i'HlritlMK to live (f, I per cent " hid. rmi'li- pnyalile to the Count Auditor. shnll !••• filer! With .•:!. .Id. which In ca.".- of liiddt-r n-r.-lv nK the nward, should he f:ill I xccuie a cuntract and ftle a bnn within ten (I'll d;<ys lifter the m- <>-|,!uiic«. of his hid. shall he r>-t;<ii> ed hy the us liquidated dam ugr-n. T):'- proposed work con&lsts of ftp proximate) v ore hundred flfty-Hssii AMAZINGT 1 now folks. \vill look riur n in front— Notice to Bidders I. Sealer! bids will ho received bv !he Auditor of Humboldt County n ils office In Dakota Cltv. town, im- J 1 . 1 .. 1 ' 0 ." °' c ! ock H M.. on, AuRiiHt 198S, for tho various Itemx of r.m- •oi!Mruction work listed below. i. A certified check, drnwn upon n olvenl Iowa bnnk. In an ariiount as set forth In the proposal form made payable to tl.e County Auditor hull be filed with cnch proposal his check may be cashed and the roceeda retained by the County in IqiHdated damaRes If the hld.lpr fnlls o execute n contract and file'nn 1-proved bond for the faithful p,.| nrmnnco thereof, within len day. fler the ncceptnnee of his bid H. Piano, speclflcatlnrs and propn* nl forms for the work may be seer. and may be secured at the office of the County Auditor. 4. All proposals must he filed nn th« forms furnished by the f'ouni- scaled and plnlnly marked. 1'roposais containing any reservations not provided for In the forms furnished may be rejected, nnd the County Hoard reserves the rlRht to waive tech- nicalltles and to reject any or alf 5. Attention of bidders Is directed to the Special Provision* covering the qualifications of bidders and subletting or assigning of the contract. The proposed work consists of approximately 32.000 cu. yards of excavation and the Installation of approximately 424 feet of 15" concrete entrance pipe. Thl» work to be done on the county-line road between Sec- tlons 1. 2. 3, and 4, Township 83 North, flange 28 West, ard Rectlons 33, 34. SB and 3«. Township 94 North. Range 2* West. The proposal guarantee shall not J>« !«•• than five (5) percent of the bid. August 13, 1938. BOARDS OF SUPERVISORS Humboldt and Kossuth Counties By O. H. JOHNSON, County Auditor By E. S. KINSEY, "•34 County Auditor. To the Bare Walls • Better than a Fire Sale! Two Big Bargain Days THE ANKEX Wed. and Than. August 17 • 1* Everything Must be Sold Watermelon Day is always the big day of the year at the ANNEX. So important has it become on our bargain calender that we save our greatest bargains until this time. WAIT FOB WATERMELON DAY has become a slogan at the ANNEX. ' EVERY SUMMER SILK DRESS MUST BE SOLD About 60 ANNEX silk dresses are left—values to $5.00—some beautiful dresses are left—all sizes from 14 to 44—prints and plain shades—your last chance to get a bargain this season—choice of the lot—everything goes for only ___ _ $1.88 ALL MAIN STORE SUMMER SILK DRESSES MUST GO About 30 high quality summer silk dresses are left from the Main store. These are not ordin • ary garments, but dresses that sold for as high as $12.86 and $16.00. For two days or as long as they last .„_ >__$2.99 ALL SUMMER SHEER COTTON DRESSES INCLUDED This is your last chance to get one of our famous cotton summer dresses at a real buy. These are not cheap, poorly made dresses but the best we can buy for $1.00. For these two big days they all go at 59c, 2 for $1.00 Red Letter Bargain Days Prices Carry Over Friday and Saturday where Quantities Permit -^ ^ -^ ^ ^ two Biggest Business Days of the Year at Chrischilles Store Wed. - Thurs. August 17 -18 Combine Business • Pleasure by Taking Advantage of SUPER VALUES Hand Bags Special group white and white black, navy and combinations. 1 ulur SI values. of and tan down* and Pajamas . Made of voiles and bntUten, neatty trimmed, assorted color prints, each 49c ea. 69c ea. Gloves Fabrics in light and dark bhinU'N. Excellent $1 value*. Spec- for this mile 49e STRAW HAT SPECIAL Our entire .stock of 1'oi-tis Straw Hats. Value.-; from $1,<);> to ^{.(X) 'now POLO SHIRT SPECIAL All of our "Skipper" Sportswear liy Wilson Bros, that was $1.00 and *!.;"»() now Hot Weather Winner Wash Goods Special Lot Including printed voiles, bit- i Summer Suit Special PRICE Hit- rjitin* irmaiiulrr of uur nuniiin-r nuU *tt(xk it* on »».il'- II(j) it Uiii *iUJii/(i<'r, H4-;ir it jir&t Mttmurr. Men's Caps Neck Ties I Summer weight in u Viincty at pulleriih, ill'i ui.~>O Willtt'b. THKSK Sl'fct I,U. f KH fcH »O« V>Hl AMI THI HM. ONLY 19c 35c IP IT'S NEW - IT'S AT STEELE'S listen, MIUMliflH •election. dimity splend 19c Pillow Tubing 42" Utdy Peppered quality. Thi» In thu finest quality tubing obtainable. 25c yd. Euffle Curtains with tie hacks. 44" figured rnarquifiettu.; Ivory, green, gold,' rose. 2'i yd. long 79c Chenille BedSpreads 86x106, gold, orchid, beige, peach and b^own. Values »5.78 to $8.95 2.95 and 3.95 Cottage Sets and full length mar- qui*ett« curtains, one and two of a kind Half Price Anklets Children'o anklets in pliiin, uolid and fancy Phoenix Kliutwear 10c- 19c pr. Bathing Suits Jantzen and Bradley. Style does not change much from yuar to year on good quality Swim BuiU. Half Price '' Rayon Silks and uceteten, plain and prints, Includes Chateau crepes, vpuM rayons, Uernber,; iht-eru 59c yd. Cotton Dressea All our butter summer cotton dresses are Included tn thig jrand clearance, »i»*s 14 to 60, all »h««rs, choice Slacks rhin Includes some beautifully styled & well made slacks. 1.98 values 1.29 $1 values 79c Lacs Drciftos All our «ntir* »UwM of line cotton IM* /i«vy, «1*9« 14 to 4i, Sheets 81x68 and 72x89. Full bleach utandurd qual- 'ity. 93c. ea." Better Bummer Silk Dreaaes ThU includes all hop- nuking*, wanhablw, noveltle«, your cboieo of all Mize* and styles. Value* to 5,06^ Prices Carry Over FrL-Sat. Where Quantities Permit

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