The Bourbon News from Paris, Kentucky on March 6, 1917 · Page 3
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The Bourbon News from Paris, Kentucky · Page 3

Paris, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1917
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1917. THE BOURBON NEWS,PARIS, KY. PAGE THRST ' f- x. ) SALESMEN! LIFT YOUR CORNS OFF WITH FINGERS . Do you want to sell something that Teis How to Loosen a Tender Corn everybody needs? Something that, or Callous So It Lifts Out everybody is familiar with? Some-1 Without Pain. - ttiing that everybody wears? Then ' write to THE FINEBRAND RAIN SOCIAL AND PERSONA!.-Comings and Goinrs of Sur People Here, There and jg Llsewherp s&ososoeiMi You reckless men and women who Mrs. Gus Christman has returned 9 ivrltK S SUPPLY GO. RCBNEEL BU3LD2NG, COR. EIGHTH AND MAIN, PARIS, KY. COAT COMPANY, HIPPODROME are nestM-Pil with rnrnq i7Z w f -7 , .. n uas reiurnea ; -rvrr. nrwror xt .i :.,- are pestered witn corns and who have from a visit to relatives n Danville 2 "1 XrTinr w V;: ,. !.?,; ? I1?81. OMe.a Mk e11 M lu' -Miss Elizabeth Steele is Yisit!nL"3 Pvopihino fSiA STaKmaK WQr5c o I nwoe Pnccilc DfiAC fc rclUcj.g -jr c.wH,BflH .wp -ww, a w.xr . ..,. j; A!! Our Goods the Best That Money Can Buy. Buy the Best at a Saving of From 5 to 25 Per Cent. particulars advance. We pay commission in doath from lockjaw or blood poison in Knoxvillo, Tenn., and o'her v-OLi are now told by a Cincinnati authority in the South. to use a drug called Freezone, which Miss Carolyn Roseberry is Found. ,the moment a few drops are applied home from a pleasant visit to Mrs. J lo any corn or cauous tne soreness 13 B. McKee, in Versailles, relieved and soon the entire corn or Mr. and Mrs. William Grimes and 'oallniis. rnnt nnH nil liffa rfF wiHi flm "M.o aoii;n tr.i i. . . , , .., .. vtt W1 io. oamc xaeugeij ieit yesteruay ior A nice raincoat was found at the nugers. a trlip to points in Florida. Traction Co.'s office on Saturday Freezone dries the moment it is ap- Mrs. Joseph Martin has returned night. Owner can have same by pay plied, and simply shrivels the corn or to her home -in Cynthiana after a visit mg lor tins advertisement and (proving cauous witnout inuaming or even lrn- to Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Fightmaster. at '9 9 , property. (27-3t) : 19 Three unfurnished rooms at No. 73 iaung tne surrounding tissue or skin Eld. and Mrs. J. T. Sharrard, i a smau ootue ot Freezone will cost have returned from a visit to Mrs. W z very little at any of the drug stores, K. Griffith, near Broadwell, in Harri- 5 out win positively rid one's feet of son county. w m m e Inlin IWrP Farn ImnlprnPTBTQ Three-horse Plows, guaranteed to scour in any . J 01111 ieere rami impiemeniS. iand. Breaking Plows, 50-60 Tooth Harrows, fc. Cutting Harrows, Corn Planters, Walking and Riding Cultivators, Sirjgle, Double, Three and Four Shovel Cultivators. Mowers, Self Dumping and Bull Rakes-, Binders, Drills, Wagons, Manure Spreaders, Garden Plows. 'Oliver Chilled, Vulcan and Syracuse Point3 40c each. J. I. Case Tobacco Transplanters. All we ask of you is, before you buy take a look at our machinery and we will show you why you should buy John Deere Machinery. r UK KLIN i . evnZ"arTr or soa, cor? r I'ned Mlss EdUh stjvers has returned a ,,frniBl,rf m . ,,, S1"?"8- " 5UI d??15' Wasn't.. any. lu Newport atter a visit t0 he. NOTICE par Stivers, on Cypress street. Mr. L. B. Keal and' daughter, Miss Ella Louise Keal, have returned from The most .progressive development ' jnclSer '" "' i' reuiiniK iih. t::iii nii if :i r unv wnnin x - t -. . --. Wnlknr nvpnuo Wnt o i.i ,,,.. ,. , ,?:. - ; " . f". r. anu lurs. J. 11 ... .w.v.w. .liwi, uuu vuiu n uic s:iih itiiit nnimp mr vnn inriiri and other conveniences. Call Home' Phone 339. (ian30-tn i ADt ik! -tdacci mnc ' nn i iii uni i iw uuiul.1 in the post which stands at the inter crrHT T 4-x e 4- r r I --- 4-V -. I - suuu ut "" ancc niiu oaiiia unc INieSSrS Alex Rice. Charles P. RffPPtivo frnn, dnto nf i7 ji Q,- ,aatolst w "lio to Uie Uiglit" has been Mann, Allie Rowland and Thomas neSons mechanics Ld' Innl'' made by the Httle City f Md6St0 ar2 Marsh were on a Prospecting trip id Sh SSl wfffnH P ?PVJ' bcing made artistic and ornament21 Spencer county last week, merchants, etc., are notified not to concealing their utilitarian purpose as i charge to my account or extend credit far as possible. TJiey are built of ! Ned Wallace Brent, little son of m my name except a written order concrete, cast in a decorative mould,! Mr. N. Ford Brent, who has been IP from the undersigned, authorizes tae Pna topped .by a concrete basket at his home on Pleasant street far same. This notice forbidding unau- v,hich holds ferns or flowering plants several days, is improving. LIW11.WU weuiL applies equany to aiiJust belov the basket and set in the orders for labor, materials, repahs, thickness of the post is the red lami-etc., supplies to tenants of my prop- which warns drivers at night, ernes, or to any person, except apon written order signed as below. NELLIE S. HIGHLAND. (feby27-tf) SPRING COLDS ARE DANGEROUS .Notice To me Public! 'Ms? Sudden changes of temperature and underwear bring spring colds with fluffed up head, sore throat and gen iru cum syiuiJiums. .. uusts ui uv Discovery is sure relief, combination of antiseptic Mrs. Curtis P. Smith, who has been a guest of Mrs. W. II. Renick Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Bell and Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Renick, in Paris, for several days, will return this week to her home in Dallas, Texas. I linlenrtici nlonre tlir liror1 orrflioc? film ... ... ... I will pay this season the nighesi ' . tZ TlnZri S tmiXt ?"tertai"mg L .su??5 r.aa"! V . ..-. o--- mi. iuiss ksuuiu uuvis. ine iusl PUBLIC SALE! Thursday, March 8, 1917, 6 AT 2 O'CLOCK, P. M., 2 Scott Avenue, Paris, Ky., near water pumping station: 1 mower; 1 turning plow; 1 cultivator; 1 smoothing harrow; 1 dump cart; 2 brake carts; Some light training carts; Some harness; 1 buggy; 2 old surreys; Some household and kitchen furni- ture, including large Radiant Home heater. Miller range, iron kettles, etc Also, roll top desk, rocking chair, 1 upright desk. Some Rhode Island Red hens; 1 bronze turkey hen; Some chicken coops, etc. DOUGLAS THOMAS. . M. F. Kennev, Auctioneer. (2-3t) up prices that have ever been known m iaY Paris for horse hides, beef hides, heqp pelts and furs. I will also pay the highest market price for Rags and Paper. I will send after it any place in the city. Call by Cumberland phone 374. Office on Eighth Street. (20-oct-lyr) MAX MUNICH. Lav in es luncb- ve been a lingering cold is broken iprize was won by Mrs M j . Don't stop treatment when relief !At tho r-nnoinsinn nF thn is first felt as a half cured cold islecn was serve(i in the dinimr room tuiugerous. iuku uv. iviug s new Discovery till your cold is gone. (adv-mar) iano Tunin Since the death of my father, Mr. J R Hanna, well and favorably known over Paris and Bourbon County ior years as an expert piano-tuner, I have succeeded him in business, and will continue his work. I have been asso ciated with him since childhood, and i I know what to do. Will be in Paris twice a week. I am factory representative for the "Lester Piano. Call or write, OSCAR F. HANNA, 485 West Sixth St... (2mar-tf) Lexington, Ky. Mrs. M. H. H. Davis was the charming hostess at the last meeting of the Coterie Club, a recently-form ed social organization in Paris. The i 5? , j . i , . .... -i w nosiess was assisteu in receiving anu es 0 & o o Q) 5 $ O (3 Q o Harness Buggy Harness 812 to 25.00. Pony Harness $10.00 to S15.00 Breeching 6.00 to $10.00. Back Bands 25c to Si. 00. Belly Bands 50c to 75c. Check Lines $3.50 to S4.75. Hames 75c to Si. 75. Trace Chains 60c to 95c. Hame strings 15c to 25c. Bi idles 81.25 to S3. 00. Breast Chains 50c to 65c. Collar Pads, all sizes, 30c. Saddles worth 825, now 517.50 Saddles worth 824, now $10.50 Saddles worth 810, now 87.50. Boys' Saddles worth $9, now 87. Boys' Saddles worth $7.50, now $5.50. All kinds of Horse Blankets and Buggy Robes. Churns Dazey Churns, 3, 4 and 6 gallons. Also wood churns. Cut flowers and brooming plants in the living room spread a delightful fragrance. At the dining table where the guests were seated for the luncheon, a French basket of lavendar primroses, tied with lavendar tulle, occupied the center. The place cards for the guests were of primrose designs, in water colors. The hostess for the next meeting of the Club will be Mrs. Charles W. Heck. (Other Personals on Page 5) FRED MACE, FAMOUS MOVIE COMEDIAN, DIES SUDDENLY SeaBesP Pumps, Etc. We are agents for Fairbanks-Morse Scales, Pumps, Engines, etc. Paints. We have on hand about 1, 000 gallons Simmons Paint. , No better paint in the world. Bought last year. Can sell for 40c per gallon less than we could if bought to-day. Also a quantity of white lead bought at the same time. If you are going to paint, see us before you buy. Linseed Oil and Turpentine. All kinds of porch and inside paint. Studefeaker Autos. If you are going to buy an Automobile let us chow you the Studebaker. Et lias everything you coidd wish for in an automobile except the high price. LoGks, comfort, power, room, workmanship, material the best. Goodyear Tires and Inner Tubes, all kinds of accessories, Gasoline, Auto Oil, Bumpers, Spot Lights, Sparks Plugs, Pumps, etc. Good Farm Machinery Oil 25c per gallon; our Special Auto Oil 40c; Gas and Sieam Engine Oil. Crude Oil for your hogs. Cream Separator Oil worth S1.00, now 50c per gallon. Hardware Look over our list and see what you need; Saws, Hatchets, Hammers. Planes, Axes, Mauls. Wedges, Locks of all kinds, Drawing Knives, Pruning Knives, Table Knives and Forks, Pocket Knives, Butcher Knives, Carving Sets, Kitchen Knives, Shears and Scissors, Sheep Clipping Machines, Horse Clipping Machines, Sheep Shears, Rakes, Hoes, Forks, all kinds of handles, Nails. Screws, Bolts, Horseshoes and Nails, Grindstones. Feed Baskets, Clothes Baskets, Egg Baskets, Cistern Pumps, both wood and galvanized, Ice Cream Freezers. Water Coolers, Buckeye Incubators, United States Cream Separators, Lawn and Porch Swings. Take a look at our STOVES and RANGES. We sell the Never-Rust Cast Iron Range. No better made. Guaranteed for 20 years. Worth 60.00, now $40.00. Four-eye Cook Stove $12.50 to 816.00. All Kinds of Staple Groceries. Seed Potatoes. ?ne S10.00 bbl. in cloth; Best Flour 1.25 per 24 pounds; Meal per peck 35c; Pure Cane Sugar 100 lbs. $8.00; Pure Cane Sugar 25 lbs. $2.05: can Corn LOc; can Hominy 10c; can Pumpkin 10c; 30c California Peaches 20c; 20c California Peaches 15c; 30c California Pineapple 20c; -20c California Pineapple 15c; Arm & Hammer Soda per lb. 7 l-2c; Matches per box 5c; Rice per lb. 7 l-2c; pure Lard per lb. 19c; Smoked Bacon per lb. 20c. AH prices subject to change without notice The markets are strong on everything. We will not raise prices unless absolutely necessarv. We can't advertise everything: give us a call and you will see then that we can save you money. 8th & Main FARMERS SUPPLY COMPANY Paris, Ky. HTENTUCKY TRACTION &. TERMINAL COMPANY Interurban Schedule. CARS LEAVE PubSie Sale OF Paris for Lexington . 6:45 a. m. 7:30 a. m. 8:15 a. m. 9:00 a. m . 945 a. m. I 11:15 a. m. 12:45 p. m. 2:15 p. m. 3:45 p. m. 4:30 p. m. 5:15 p. m. 6:05 p. m. 6:50 p. m. 8:15 p. m. 10:05 p. m. Lexington Fred Mace, the famous movie comedian, whose large figure and comic acting have amused thousands of p2v pie in the movie houses in the United , States, and who has proved one of QWMOCC tt8f 9i3tftf tiimtHHHmMt tjlie most popular movie actors in tin. ' cot estimation of fun-loving people Oi Paris, was found dead in his bed in a New York hotel, Friday. Mace, . .,.i. i,.i i, ,.r.,:o,wi e o .,i r. locauiiK lust ui juuueu aiw uiuu Lf vr with rUfforot rnn mu is the function of a newljr patent de- enacted nearly a year ago and has labeled with the approximate .per j 01 jears win a uerenL moue con . promfses tQ pnve a friend been in cffect sinCe September 23. centage of purity and genriinatioA. ILClllO 1U VJIH1.V UIA, "UU ..Hi.. w. Los Angeles. He had come to Now A WATER PIPE DETECTIVE. WARNING TO SEED BUYERS. who' comply Buy only of people with tihe law. Yhe new Kentucky seed law was Insist that field seeds be honedtljr York tor the purpose of taking a 1 course in weight reduction, his in- for 6:00 a. m. creasing weigth having become a 7:20 a. m. .source of great annoyance to mm. attributed to a ii:ou a. in. banting to i:zu p. m. 2:50 p. m. 3:30 p. m. 4:20 p. m. 5:00 p. m. 6:00 p. m. Live Stock, Crop and Farming ImpSements. reduce his flesh. H3 friends assert that in six weeks lie had reduced his weight fiom 2b7 pounds to 200 .pounds and that the violent exercise tr the nlumber and to the municipal 1916. Everybody concerned has had Insist that sealed packets of seeds ity which has to repair its water-pipes, ample time to comply with it yet it bear the exact date of filling and the The new machine is expected to prove seems there ar& people who are no percent of germination in large type, useful by cutting the amount of dig- familiar with it, and some who intend if you find, dodder, sour dock, oc ging necessary to locating a leaky to defy its provisions. Briefly stated, wild onion seeds among field seeds, pipe down to a minimum, a very use- it requires that all field seeds, such ?end us samples for testing. It wllL ful oualitv where paving has to bo as those of clover and oats, must bear be done free. Seouro a cony of the law in Circn- needed where a leak must be found ity and of germination, and that seal- lar No; 5 of q Department of Ento-quickly to prevent flooding. The de ed packets of vegetable and flower moiogy anu Botany, and read it care-tective is an electric 'one, consisting seeds shall bear the date of filling fUny ot two connecting wires and a micro- and tihe percentage or germinauon. j GORMAN, 8:00 a.m. Mace's death was r - - i . l. 2 Al il 51 -k f r Tr ,r,Unt alT0Re 'aFT.TLTTJ:"Z:Z torn w. Such a device is also badly a label giving the percentage of pu- .LU.-U I. I". HIS - OUCUUUUa WUIOC Ul GA61 tlOV ... hP had been takin' "Qe worn by the man operating it. Failure to label seeds properly ren- Hea(1 0 Division Ky. State Expert-e iionitii Hp wnq X The connections are fastened to the ders the seller liable to a tine of ment Station Lexington. Ky. ... .. y. k iiip.nrftst terminals ol ine mue, aim uv num ?. v -- 20 p. m. remarkably active man in bpuu ui -,,.. , the microph0ne the oper- The Jaw was enacted for the protcc-i :10 p. m. great weight, and had gone throufet listeni h X directly over tion of Kentucky farmers and seeds- ' :00 p. m.ihundred8 of the severest tests known ator can . tea wnen ne aireccij o If CITY CARS ONLY. Owing to my health I am compelled 'to give up farming, and will sell at public auction on my premises, four miles east of North Middletown, on I Friday, March 9, '17, f J at 10 o'clock a. m., the following de r scribed property: J j 1 pair mares, coming 6-years-old, in J " foal to jack, weight 1,300., extra good; p Wl black filly, coming 4-years-old, broke to ride and drive; J 1 aged mule, good worker; i 1 horse pony, coming 4-years-old. broke ; 1 horse mule, coming 3-years-old; 1 chestnut filly, coming 3-years-old, by Richelieu King, registered; 1 Jersey cow, calf by side, good one; 1 red cow, will ul fresh by day of sale 2o' or 25 barrels of corn" in crib ; 1 wagon; 1 bed and frame for above; 1 Deering rake, good as new; 1 corn planter, check rower, rods wire; 1 2-horse sled, good condition; 1 24iorse cultivator, JWery; i R.Kimvcl -tobacco plow; 2 breaking plows. Vulcan No. 12, left-hand; t , . : . One-half interest in Deering binder practically new; , One-half interest in tobacco setter; 1 Frazier break cart; , 1 set cart harness; 3 or 4 sets work harness; 2 sets wagon harness, leather tugs; 1 3-section A harrow, with sets handles; 1 Randell harrow; 1 marker; 1 rrass seed stripper, 2 sets combs, 1 boring machine, with all bits com- Plitarpaulin 18x24 feet, 12 cunce; 'x Hoef forks, and many other things too numerous to mention 100 Lve. Court House am 7.45 am 8.15 am 8.45 am 9.15 am 9.45 am 10.15 am 10.45 am 11.15 am 11.40 am 12.00 m 12.45 pm 4X.15 pm 45 pm 2.15 pm . 2.45 pm 3.15 pm 3.45 pm 4.15 pm 5.15 pm 4.45 pm r Lve. Station 5. 7.15 am 8.00 2m 8.30 am 9.00 am 9.30 am 10.00 am 10.30 am 11.00 am 11.30 am 11.50 am ' 12.15 pm ' 1.00 pm 1.30 pm 2.00 pm ' ; 2.30 pm 3.00 pm 3.30 pm 4.00 .pm 4.30 pm 5.00 pm 5.00 pm to movie people in the performances in which he took part. the hidden section. DANIEL BOONE RELIC. winter A huge chip from one of the most historic trees in the State, a slab from a beech tree in Letcher county and bearing the initials of Daniel Boone with date 1781, has just been brought to Lexington and is in the care of Mrs. W. H. Thompson, of the Bryan Station Chapter, Daughters of theAme-ican Revolution. The relic will be mounted, put into n class case and sent to Washington to be permanently on display in the Kentucky room ol uonunenuu nun, as the gift of the chapter. Permission to remove the big chip was secured by Mrs. R. L. Pilling, historian of the Bryan Station Chap ter, from W. H. Potter, of Kona. owner of the land -on which the tre- stands. The tree for generations has been n landmark. It is on Boone's Creek. 300 feet from tne lventucny rvivui. Within recent years it has been visited by thousands of tourists who desire to see the initials and date cut there by Daniel Boone. WATCH YOU STEP. Even H-oboken has gone pro-Ameri con. Richmond Virginian. t m .1-nV.f tViof cSlanna io crrtlrtanr men and this onen letter is an appeal " "" KF:zTv & to them to uphold it by insisting that HousGt who has achieved a reputation, it be complied with. f0r diplomacy and statecraft by mere- Do not receive seeds that are not jy keeping his moutn shuL Moatgom-labeled as the law requires. ery Advertiser. Tourist Tickets The postoffice department at Washington has issued a fraud order against "The National Mail Order Brokerage ExcUange. ozu uiodb rumu-ing. Minneapolis, Minn." Letters addressed to that firm or any firm of a I similar name at tne same uumuw, "- not mailable, and are sent to the 'Dead "Letter Office, at Washington, Round-trip Winter Tourist Tickets 'when there is no return address on on sale daily Oct 1, 1916, until April the envelope to indicate the sender. 30 1917, "with final return limit May This firm has been attracting tne 31 1117, to all principal tourist points trade of women chiefly, and thas been. In' Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisi- discovered by the Postoffice Inspect-ana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North jors to be a fraud pure and sim.ple. a. Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and number of Paris women have been tt .,-, rvo oiirvwinir Hhfiral stor.- nniiwht hv th swindlers. At the local XlilViuui, vuui, ... o . -W.-C, - S' 1 , c ! If''' ' I j , . - - y amxyTBLa" - ... t -. - .' -,-- : 3i-i : i . .j in t ' ' I 1 ( Mvv,, . WZ&S UL-1' ' T -J ' sale. !ofer privileges on ibotk going and re-' postoffice a number of letters address-turn trip. Also fow r7und-trip Home-,ed to the firm by Paris people are seekers Tickets onjsala first and third 'being held for return. Tuesday! of each month to points in Watch your step! Don't be caught o numerous u Alabama, Florida, Louisiana ana, by extravaganuy-wu-i ueu wibumu - TERMS Made known on day 0IississiPij with final return limit I attractive promises from mail fprdec , . . .iHr'jA. , j nf c.iQ i,..o Q tiiniieanri mil Pt awav. where GEORGE CFfANDHmS.; 1Xtoer'iSoriatton;l on or aJ you have no recourse. Patonlze xrnrth T'iddletown, Ky, s . R. F. D. NO. 1 . GEO. D. SPEAKES, Auot. Xe nimar-l) dress, I W. V. SHAW, Agent, or J. K. SMITH, T. A.' unma mpriShants ,who you.tknow are "reappnteilile for,, the: character of go6d Shey sell you. f. "Feeling Tough, Jim I had spells like that, too lazy, blue, no 'pep' until wife gave' me INSTANT POSTUM instead of coffee. harmful Now I sleep better, smile oftener, and nerves behave. Never knew haw ful coffee was 'till I quit it. Why don't you try Postlim?" f "There's a Reason n !r k.

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