The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 4, 1953
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPT. 4, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE i&KK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE US Queries China On Korean Peace Talks Attendance Formal Request Sent Through Swedish Embassy WASHINGTON Wl — The United States has formally requested the f. Swedish government to ask rwd China whether the Communists would attend a Korean peace conference Oct. 15.' Sweden, which has an embassy In Peiptng, Was instructed to give the Communists the choice of three conferemnce srtes — Geneva, San Francisco and Honolulu. U. 8. dlploatio officials who disclosed this today said the regent was made in a note delivered yesterday to the Swedish Foreign Offict. The American note, officials Bald, expressed readiness to consider Communist proposals for another conference place if the Reds find all three proposed sites unacceptable. In keeping with U. N. Assembly lesolution adopted last Friday, the Communists were to be Informed that Russia, which supplied the Reds with arms and equipment in Korea, can sit on the Communist Bide If Bed China and North Korea desire It. 17 U.N. Representative! The U.N. peace delegation would Include representatives of the 17 nationi which contributed fighting forces to oppose the Communist invasion of South Korea. Western diplomats believe It likely the Rites Tomorrow For J. J. Bledsoe Services for John Jefferson Bledsoe, 75, of near Dell, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow in the Cobb Funeral Home Chapei. Pallbearers will be Andrew Overton, West Markham, Bus Lewis, Udell Rogers, Tom Simpson and Troy Ramey. Survivors include his wife. Mrs. Loucella Bledsoe; two sons, Ira J. Bledsoe of Indianapolis, Ind., and Percy Bledsoe of Georgia; one Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Oct Dec Mar May Farm Union Head Asks Cattle Price Supports | DENVER (AP) — James O. Patton, president of the National Open High Low Close Farmers Union, sent a letter to President Eisenhower lodny asking 3332 3360 3388 3390 3336 3362 3392 3393 3328 3356 3386 33S8 3335 him to Instruct Secretary of Agriculture Bensoi 3360 prices at 100 per cent of parity. 4 to support cattle 3387 3330 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct 3330 3331 3325 3323 Dec 33J5 3339 333J 3350 Mar 3385 33SO 3384 3385 May 3387 3390 3385 3390 daughter, Mrs. Crystal Paschal of {Chicago Corn Chicago, 111., and one sister, Mrs Florence Perkins of Bipley, Term. Francis Oyler Dies at Huffman Sep Dec Communists will turn down all three conference sites and denounce "the form of the confer- .^encft as well as the absence of neu- Pltral India from the lineup. The U.N. peace delegation would Include representatives of the 17 nations which contributed fighting forces to oppose the Communist invasion of South Korea. Western diplomats believe it Jikely the Communists will turn down all three conference sites and denounce the form of the conference as well as the absence of neutral India from the lineup. The Reds, It is believed, may propose New York as a conference place, a site which American diplomats flatly oppose because U.N. headquarters are located there. Secretary of state Dulles is reported to believe any peace conference in New York while a U.N. session Is in progress would give the Chinese Communists a tailor- made propaganda forum to plug for U. N. admission. The move to get set for the Korean peace parley came after Dulles gave notice the United States .would be .willing to talk about end- Ring the 8-year-old Indochina War against Communist rebels if ihe Korean conference shows the Reds are reasonable. Services for Francis Moore Oyler. 81. who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ruby Hagewood, in 'he Huffman community this morning, will be conducted Sunday at Mar 1:30 p.m. In Mountain View. j N y . c f . Survivors, Include three other'"!;*! ° SK daughters, Mrs. S. L. Capps of Ely- and T theville, Mrs. Ollie Snyder of Sand Amer Tobacco Springs, Okla., and Mrs. M a r i e Ani>conda c °PP er Hljfh Low 156'/4 152% 146ft 143 >/ 4 Chicago Whear High Sep 191 Dec 196% Chicago Soybeans Hlph Low Sep 259% 255'^ Nov 255 251% *•" 25714 254 257% 255V, Low 188 3 /4 194 Close loSli 1461/, Close 1901/2 195% U.N. Storey of Booneville; and one son, Hulon Oyler, of Mountain View. Beth Steel Chrysler Coca-Cola Burial will be in Mountain View,' Gen" E^c'trio with Holt Funeral Home in charge. Close 259 254 257 2571/2 155 1-4 75 32 3-8 48 67 7-8 109 3-4 72 1-4 (Continued from Page 11 decision which would ive the slightest aid and comfort to an international force—communism — which i has caused 140,000 American casualties under the nlted Nations banner in Korea. "It is unthinkable that a single individual who refuses to answer questions as to whether he Is a member of seeking the the United a party engaged violent overthrow States government should be permitted to work one single minute for the United Nations. "It is outrageous that any such individual be given a single dime as was closely Identified Roosevelt and Truman Patlon with the Democratic administrations. His letter outlined a plan which he said would enable Benson to "stabilize the price of range and feeder cattle." He declared action is necessary "if we are to save hundreds of thousands of ranch and farm homes, and if we are to have an adequate basic herd of beef cattle to provide for defense and for our growing population." Patton asked that the government take "non-recourse loans at 100 per cent of a fairly calculated parity directly available to cattlemen for such a period ... as is necessary to protect the interest of the government and accomplish the objective of an effective price support program." He said a non-recourse loan : made directly to the cattle produc er on his cattle. The lending agen 847 Crews May Train In North Africa WASHINGTON W — North Africa this may provide winter for training sites 1347s — the an indemity." The U.N. employes cy holds the cattle. If, after a spec involved had been charged with ificd time, (he producer docs no gross misconduct because they invoked the U.S. Fifth Amendment against possible self-incrimination when questioned about communism POWs (Continued from Page 1) day. No Figure for Sunday They will bring the total of Americans returned to 3,486, well above the 3,313 the Reds promised before the exchange began Aug. 4. And there may be more Americans in the final day's exchange Sunday. The Reds have not given any figures for that delivery. Seven U.S. sergeants returning Friday estimated there were still uetween 450 and 500 Americans in Kaesong, the Red collection center 'or prisoners to be repatriated. The Communists also delivered i British and 200 South Koreans Friday and promised 25 British and 13 South Koreans Saturday. The Allies and Reds agreed Thursday to end the huge swap with Sunday's exchange. The Reds said that If any unforeseen difficulties arise, they would notify the Allied command Saturday. The remaining two days are expected to bring back a special group of Americans—men used by the Reds In their germ warfare propaganda. Gen Motors 56 1-8 by a federal grand jury, the Senate Montgomery Ward 57 1-2 [ internal security subcommittee, or N Y Central 21 5-8 both. The Senate group ordered a Int Harvester 26 1-4 ; new investigation after the staff tri- J C Penney 68 1-4'bunal ruled that the 11 had been Republic Steel . Radio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp 44 7-8 discharged without proper grounds. 32 5-8 There was some talk at U.Ni '.eadquarters that the question of j indemnities would touch off a ful 52 1-8 new debate on U.N. personne redeem his loan, the cattle becor.. the lending agency's property. Th farmer's nole is sent back to hir stamped "paid in full." Patton acknowledged that sue: a program could not be operate without "risking some loss o funds." He said he was convince) that the cost of stabilizing livestoci prices "is as fully justified as an' dollar which may be spent by th •overnment this year." Sears 56 3-4 Policy in relation to the U.S. loyal U S Steel '." i 36 Sou Pac 39 3-g Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill W— (USDA)—Hogs 4,000; opened fairly active; barrows and gilts 40-75 higher than yesterday's average; sows strong to 25 higher- bulk choice 200-250 Ib 25.25-50- latter paid mostly for 220 lb' up; The leged Communists 'confessions' broadcast al by American fliers during the war that they had dropped germ bombs. The charges were denied stoutly by the Allied Command, which accused the Reds of torturing the fliers to extort the "confessions." Dulles told a new« conference [ Winning Models Named yesterday the Korean peace cussion could be followed by a second session in which states of Indochina, could participate. Coo/ Air on Way BT The AwocUted PreM A broad band of cool air chilling showers moved slowly touth and east from the sun-baked Midwest today, pushing from its path a stubborn heat wave. and In Fashion Show Here Miss Jaunita Overman. Mrs. Alice Eaton and Mrs. Ada Johnson were winning models in last night's fall fashion show at the Darling Shop. More than 250 persons were on hand to view the show, In which some 30 models participated, Mrs. weights over 250 lb scarce: most 170-190 lb 23.50-24.75; 150-170 lb 21.75-23.75; 120-140 lb 18.75-21.25 lows 400 lb down 21.50-23.00; few 23.25; heavier sows 19.25-21.00 boars 12.50-16.50. Cattle 700, calves 800; fairly ac live selling at fully steady prices; some cows as well as butcher yearlings showing strength; few commercial and good heifers and mixed yearlings 13.00-18.00; cutter and utility offerings 8.00-11.00; utility and commercial cows 9.00-11.50; canners and cutters 5^50-8.50; utility and commercial bulls 10.0012.00; canner and cutter bulls 7.009.50; good and choice vealers 12.0018.00; few prime to21.oO;utility and commercial vealers 8.00-12.00" culls 5.00-7.00. Joint Ministerial Meeting Planned The Interdenominational Negro Ministerial Alliance will hold a joint meeting with the Blytheville Ministerial Alliance this month. Date for the meeting has not yet been set. The Negro ministers met at Carter Temple CME Church ;his week to make plans for the 'oint session. The ministers noted the problem R. F. Kerbough, store manager, re- of absenteeism from school by .Ne- ported. gro youth and said they hoped "something will be done in a tangible way to prevent tills." Bead Courier News Classified Ads. Chained Rock Turtle Back Rock, overhanging Pineville, Ky., Is fastened in place with a massive chain, so large that a number of mule teams were required to drag It up the mountainside. FEEDING A FELLOW REPATRIATE-Pfc. James H Sweeney of Waco, Tex., a returning POW, takes time out to feed ice cream to Oscar,, his pet magpie, at a mess hall In Freedom Village Sweeney found Oscar in a Communist orison camo. MANILA, ARK V Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 'Tour Community Center" SATURDAY & SUNDAY DON'T MISS! DIMENSION Coach Hors« The most popular horse (or harnessing to stage coaches was the Percheron, which contained Flemish blood crossed with the Arab. It still is widely used for draught purposes in Argentina and the United States. campaign. No Favor Expected However, French Ambassadoi Henri Hoppenot said he did nol expect any furor. He said the as sembly would vote to pay the damages. A representative of the Asian-Arab group, which sought a special personnel policy investigation Jnst year, said he did not foresee any great debate. British and Russian spokesmen declined comment. The Indian delegation had taken no stand. Wiley said that unless the tribunal decision is reversed by the assembly, "it would cause a further disastrous decline in the esteem which the American people hold for the United Nations." At the same time he cautioned against "any rash action against the United Nations." saying: "Some few persons have looscjv recommended that we get out of the United Nations. "That would be like recommending that we abolish a city police department because we didn't like couple of policemen, or because we don't like how it handled a particular case." "The United Nations and the cause or world pep.^ ar 1 ? infinte'v more important than this single ssue. But because (his issue ; m- jqlizes the United Nations attU/;de oward communism, it is es.semial that this issue be met headon — with utter repudiation of the Reds." GERMANY (Continued from Page 11 istry claimed it had shattered big Red plot by arresting 7,500 of the agents sent in from Eas Germany and had assured the tranquillity of Sunday's voting by mobilizing; a civilian army of four million youths and athletes to back up the police. , A West Berlin newspaper claimed, however, that thousands of Red agents had slipped through to carry out assignments of starting riots, raiding polling booths and attacking election officials. It also reported a new Communist plot to smuggle in 40,000 forged absentee ballots to stuff the boxes critical areas. AIR FORCE Lake fish live through the winter when ice freezes over them because they live under the ice, where th water is a little above the frezing point. Arkansas Textbook 'nvestigation To Be Requested LITTLE ROCK UP) — Rep. James R. Campbell of Garland Oou .id today he would ask the Arkansas Legislative CouiTrl to •estigate the ue of "leftist" text- looks in public schools and col- eges. The veteran legislator has pro- pared a resolution directing the ouncll to determine if Arkansas chools are using any of the 83 sociology textbooks recently cited as advocating left wing teachings. Fresh and Sail Waters Each 100 pounds of sea water contains about three and one-half pounds of salt. Our lakes and streams are spoken of as fresh water only by comparison, since the salt content in them is about 200 times less abundant than in aea water. (Continued from page 8) ighting in Korea and new estl- nates of losses and damage Irom accidents and similar causes. As for the 151 B47s represented by the cancelled orders, Douglas aid, they would 'be in excess of he number needed even to meet he 143-wing goal scaled down by the new administration to 120. Wings range from 30 to 75 aircraft, depending on type. Douglas did not disclose what planes might be ordered in place of those dropped, but did say the Air Force has already ordered more of the new supersonic F100 fighters and that serious consideration is being given to developing n second manufacturing source for the B52 heavy bomber. Sen. Potter, from a state which holds a large share of defense contacts, said he thinks the Defense Department should spell out Ihe extent of the order cancellation and tell what plans it has to place these. Douglas said the Wichita, Kan plant of the Boeing Airplane C would be least affected by the cu back, but that the Douglas Ai craft Corp. plant at Tulsa, Okla and Lockheed Aircraft plant Marietta, Oa., would stand a larg er share, of the cancellations. The .Boeing CO. in a statemen Issued in Washington last night said several hundred employe would have to be laid off at one in Wichita, but that it appeare the long range effect "will be n stabilizing one for the Wichita community." world's fastest known if weather and the Iron Curtain cramp them in Europe. This was disclosed as the greatest transatlantic transfer of jet bombers ever attempted, involving two .medium bombardment wings of 45 B47s each, gdt under way. Wherever the big six-jet planes, capable of carrying the atom bomb nnd fitted with secret electronic devices, are used, they have orders to stay at least 300 miles from ihe Iron Curtain. That is less than half an hour's flight for them. One squadron of B41 of the 305th Wing flew from MacDill Air Force Base. Tampa, Fla.. to Limestone Air Force Base, Me., yesterday. Today the squadron took off for England at about the same time that a squadron of the 30(ith Wing. now in the United Kingdom, sets out to fly nonstop to Tampa. The transatlantic flight record was made this year when a B47 flew the 2.?S5 m'lcs from Limestone to FMrf^-ri in four hours, 45 minutes. A second 15-bomber contingent flies from Tampa to Limestone today, to effect' a similar exchange with a Tampa-bound squadron from England tomorrow. The third 30-plane shift will take place Saturday. The B47 leaving England have completed a three-month training period at Fairford, 90 miles west of London. The 305th Winf will go to another former Royal Air Force base— Brize Norton— about 10 miles northeast of Fairford, where runways are reported in better condition. The air force confirmed that bases suitable for B47 are available in North Africa and that if Britain's winter weather limits combat training too severely, units may operate temporarily down Morocco way. The restriction against B47 flights within 300 miles of a Soviet or satellite border, to avoid incidents and possible loss, keeps the jomberj out of a good swath Two Auto Collisions Reported by Officers Two traffic accidents occurred and near Blytheville yesterday an this morning. Cars driven by Marvin Lane Blytheville and O. B. Puckett. Kansas City, Mo., collided th morning at the corner of Broadwa nd Walnut streets. Damage wa done to the side of the Lane ca vhile the fender of the Pucket ca fas damaged. Mrs. Sue King, of Blytheville, an Mrs. Jimmie King of Taelauga, Ala 'ere involved in an automobile ac ident on Highway 61, five mile outh of Blytheville. No one was Injured, but consldei ble damage was done to the bac f Mrs. King's car, according t 3eputy Sheriff Holland Aiken In estigating the accident. Coconut Cargo The coconut palms, to whlc Palm Beach, Fla., owes its name were the result of the wrecking o a Spanish cargo of coconuts off th coast in 1819, according to the En cyclopedia Britannicn. A cord of wood contains 128 cubic feet. En joy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort •Sat. Night at 10:30 P.M. Sun. •Mon. Sept. 5-6-7 Continued Showing Sunday From 2 p.m. G er ^*l^ L Bl<>n4e$ RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. •*•••*••••••••«•••*•••* TONIGHT ONLY HAPPY GO LOVELY In Technicolor With David Niven & Vera Ellen SATURDAY SPOILERS OF THE PLAINS With Roy Rogers and "Trigger" SATURDAY OWL SHOW WEREWOLF OF LONDO N Henry With Hull and Valerie Hobson SUNDAY & MONDAY THE GIRLS OF PLEASURE ISLAND In Technicolor With Leo Genn, Don Tnylor, cne JJarry, Audrey DaHon Dorolhy Hromiley, Joan Elan THE "HOSS"—In a mock political ceremony at the Children's AU.l Society's James Center in New York, this six-year-old boy was elected mayor of "Tot Town." The tiny politician with the familiar stogey in his mouth waves his hat from the door of City Hall as he thanks voters for returning him to office. Two-Way Channel Swim Try Fails WISSANT, France W) — Florence Chaciwick gave up her attempted round-trip swim of the English Channel tonight after 16 hours and 7 minutes in the chilly waters. The California woman already had covered the distance to France from England In the record time of 14 hours and 42 minutes. She came ashore only long enough to eat an orange and taka some sugar. Then she waded back into the water for the return "to see how much further I can swim." An hour and 45 minutes later she gave up. "I'm not tired." said Miss Chadwick as she was pulled out of the water two and a quarter miles from where she started the return trip, "I'm just cold. Oh, I'm so cold I just had to get out of tha water." ••*•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekday* 7:09 p.m. Sat. & Sun, 1:09 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION THEATRE On Our Wide-Vision Silver Screen LAST TIMES TONIGHT Come Back, Little Sheba CARTOON SHORT GEM THEATRE "Osceola's Finest" LAST TIME TONIGHT M-G-M DOES IT AGAIN!/ Now a NEW dramatic | spectacle brought to the screen. The j flaming love story of a Queen! -^ T.rtii ~, airjiirtiu ; SIMMONS GRANGER DEBORAH CHARLES KERR-UUGHTON: • SUN © MON. « TUES SHAMELESS, SEDUCTIVE PARIS... with lifted skirts and open arms she awaits you at the Moulin Rouge! ROMULUS JOSE FERRER A ...THE MOST STARTLING AND OARING tOVE STORY EVER TOID!

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