The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 2, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1938
Page 6
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The Algona Upper Peg Moinea, Algona, Iowa, Aug. 2,1938 aiffona tipper He0 jfloines 9 North Dodge Street 3. W. HAGGARD A R. B. WALLER, Publishers JBnUred as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice at Aleona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879 Issued Weekly Flint Pliice Award Winner, 193S, Iowa's Most Outstanding \VcrUly, Judged by State University of Iowa SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN ROSStTH CO.: One Year, in advance $1.50 Upper DCS Moines and Kossuth County Advance In combination, per year $2.50 SUBSCRIPTION' RATES OCTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year In advance $2.50 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year $4.00 ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per Inch 35c Want Ads, payable in advance, word 2c "Let the people know the truth and Otf conn- try Is Mtfe."—Abraham Llnroln. MINISTERIAL MISERIES Every line of work, of course. h»s Its woes. But while you may feel blue about your own. consider that of those gentlemen of the clergy. First, their salaries come from donated support of the congregations. That means that when one group likes a minister, they may give freely. When they don't, they give sparsely. And. very seldom does one find any congregation which se*s things in the same light If the older folks like the pastor, chances are he may be a bit too stodgy for the younger ones If the younger ones like him. it is likely that older folks have the reverse idea. If the preacher sticks entirely to the old method of preaching, using the Bible and its quotations in detail for his text, part of his congregation prefer? to play golf or sleep late. If he u?es modern them?v and discusses questions which more or less hav< i bearing on present day life, interpreted from the angle of religion of course, he is breaking awny from the old method and although he may drav.- younger folks into the church, many of the elders will find it hard to stomach. It is a debateabi.' point as to which type Jesus Christ would prefer. If the minister joins his congregation in lively gatherings or maybe his wife goes to a card party. he is looked at askance by some of his congregation. If he refuses to mingle in such gathering". he foregoes a chance to really become acquainted outside of the church with many of his flock. If the roof leaks, it Is the minister's fault. If the hymn book pages get torn, it is his fault. If attendance drops for a month as compared with a year ago, it Is his fault.' If the other pastor down the street gets a family into the church that formerly went to our church. Its the pastor's fault. If he has ideas and expresses them, he is too forward and too far away from the gospel. If he doesn't express them, he Is either being a hypocrite, or worso, perhaps doesn't have any Ideas. The life of a minister must be one that certainly will bring its reward in Heaven, for to us there are angles of It on earth that remind us of stories of the other place. Opinions of Other Editors will have it. We are all In the same fix. Inflation will ease the load. The danger then is that we may do as Germany did, and listen to some Huey Long who will promise to ease our load if we will give him power to use force In his plans. Pressed on all sides by debt and ruinous taxes there Is a slight chance that the people may listen. But the indications are that strong men will come to the front at that time and point to the straight road ahead and the people will follow It. The Auditing Draft Humboldt Republican: In this Issue Is a clipping from the Clarion Monitor relative to the "auditing" of the city's books. The work of the various auditing committees over the state seems to have left a distinctly bad taste in the mouths of the citizens. It is said that the committees have chnrged sometimes as high as $1,000 to audit a cltys books—and a small city at that. The general opinion is that "something smells." Kruarhel Between Two Fires Clarion Monitor: Governor Kraschcl la In H pretty tignt jilacc since he is a candidtae for rcclec- tion. A large majority of the people favor the* Maytag Co.. while on the other hand the various unions naturally support the C. I. O. stand. The governor has handled the situation very tac-tfully up to thin time. With nearly half of the union members willing to go to work, it would beem their cause was weakening. • * * Tin- Huge Deficit Humboldt Republican: The United States treas ury has ended its eighth year in red ink. The national debt now is approximately $278 per person or about $1112 per family of four. Remember, this in national debt alone. Figuring state, county and municipal debt the American people right now probably owe a total of $2.000 or more per family. When you subtract the families that simply can not pay their share it will run to many times that on the families that can. In the meantime the poorer folks are paying taxes on practically everything they eat, wear or consume. These taxes add materially to the cost of living. Six years ago the administration told UH that in a very t",w years the budget would be balanced and we would begin to pay the debt we had accumulated. Now a balanced budget is never mentioned. It is taken for granted that the debt will continue to pile up until a new administration comes in. At that lime it will r.robably be arouid forty- five billion dollars - -the limit that financiers set to Uncle Karn's solvent y. After that the whole thing will, if we t'.o not rhange- our ways, blow up like a bubble. How will it blow up'' Well, we will have inflation. We can'l hi IP it because we can never pay our debts ;;•> they .ilaiid No administration in the future will dan- t'i put the people on a budget that v.-iil p-iy 'ill the present debt. Then- would he not and Mo'odihrd. So inflation will be a necessity. Not only will 11-. re be inflation here, but all the world That must have been quit* a sight wh«i Bur- dftte Agard walked into a dance pavilion at Okoboji. recently, with his three sisters-in-law, his mother in-law-. and his own daughter. Ruth Ann. as well as his wife. It seems they were all visiting here, and wanted to dance, so Burdette says, all right girls, let's go. and they all went— and he danced with them all. too. • * • And on* of «ar htwtlin* young Ho*ifw<n men op* and gets Saturday afternoon off so he could drive away over to eastern lowm and eat Sunday chicken dinner— at the home of a cute little Algona *cboel teacher Fo*tw i* awmy op thw in Alaska, and rr is Jim Farley. Probably Andy will come home with a post office position tucked away, or ma he'll have Jim for a week-end guest- be the ranberry by hK wife be«m«* hi* watch had been in a jewelry store for a week, the down on Cemetery street replied. ••Well, guess Til just eat when Tm called—that's all I wanted it for anyway." Barn a« the Giant Panda of Turkestan ore hriirlit red. sinsle-piece lower underwear for men. But if you think it is a reflection cf a sur.set that y. u sec- cut at th? Country Club. r. is Wade Sullivan. Postmaster Wade ha? a pair of nice, red trunk*, and he makes quite a spectacle when he pets down to near-nakedness, and only his trunks on. Where in the name of Hart Schaffner & Marx did you get them trunks. Wade? • * • Our** tome of the wive* and sweetheart* of the- Nsif.onal Guard figured the boys needed guarding. We see where about 50 of them have been sent home by request, from Newton. HEIGHT OF IDIOCY—An eight column, double- deck headline, with pictures beneath, reading— "Can Rich Little Gloria Vanderbilt Crack Icy Shell of Society's Dictators?" Now who cares? • * • If Kiwlper* about other people could only hear other gossipers talking about them—well, thire might be less gossip. • * » letter to the editor—Recently I heard Texas had no state song. How about "I Like Mountain Music." • • • DAILY DOITBT—A republican in Omaha is settling an election bet by dropping 50 one-dollar bill* from an airplane. AH of them are In envelopes addressed to the "republican county central committee." He thinks 40 of the 50 persons finding them will turn them in. • * » I-Vrn I'wlernon and Lawrence Flndley, at summer athletics directors, get to know Algona children pretty well or you might say too. the children get to know their directors rather well after a few- days. For example, one tow-headed urchin demanded flatly. "Where was you born'"' Miss Pederson replied. "Ames." 'Well, how far away is that?" asked the urchin. "Oh, about one hundred miles." he was told. "Well." quoth the youngster. "I was born in Michigan, that's about a thousand miles away." Tin* sleuth waited impatiently for the kid to !ii>k Miss I'ederson how old she was too. hut that question was saved for another moment A npure tire on every car i» a program the rubber companies might sponsor which would meet with the hearty approval of at least one state highway patrolman. The state copper came upon a car stalled near Algona and investigating found that it was encumbered with: one ill woman, se.'cn <7> children, and one Hi flat tire, and yea. no spare. When those factors are added up it meant that the patrolman had to remove, patch and replace the tiie on one of the recent most sultry days, thereby subtracting several pounds from the said patrolman. • * * A nutty republican mint have thought thin up: "FOR has a Phi Beta Kappa key that he got 25 years aftter he graduated He shouldn't be ashamed of that—mathematics is probably the only subject that kept him from winning it in college. And another rather staunch (i. O. I'.Vr crucltn— "I M-t- wlu-re Koosevelt might run for a third term. It would seem there is some money that hasn't been spent yet " Thai'. 1 ) for Homer Anderson's benefit. * • * i-'amoiit Luiit Lint—Wi-ll, Mr. ( i.rrittun, and hiitv about it nice course of ll>ing Imoims? The MARCH OF TIME . o.s.rnT.0**. Prepared by UM Editor* et TIME Th* MEXICO—A SPOILED NEIGHBOR WASHINGTON: Although the U. S- has alwnys reserved the sole right to spank its Latin-American neighbors, since 1933 it has spared the lod in the interests of President Roosevelt's "Good Neighbor" policy Meanwhile, the Mexican Government has seized without compensation oil lands, mines, ranches and farms belonging to citizens of the U. S. and foreign countries. After President Lazaro Cardenas seized great foreijrn oil properties Winshlp congraHJatPd the excited crowd on "standing flrn". call?d it "a most convincing proof tnat American Institutions are understood hcie." "NATION COMES FIRST" SAYS GOV. MURPHY TRAVERSE CITY. Aboard the Roosevelt Michigan: third-term band wagon last week stepped Michigan's Governor Frank Murphy. Speaking at Traverse City, he said: "The nation comes first . . . We may have to draft the president for four more years of leadership.' this year. President Roosevelt explained for Mexico's benefit thati the Good Neighbor policy " can ! DEATH FROM THE j\IR never be mere! unilateral ... It is bilateral nnd multilateral and i IN SOfTH AMERICA the fair dealing which it implies j BOGOTA. Columbia: Watching mu«t b» reciprocated." But still.! an air review opening Bogota's President Cardenas did nothing : great new Campo de Marte military ahnut raving for what he had grab- field last week. Columbia's Presi- b(?d ' dent-Elect Eduardo Santas turned Franklin Roosevelt had just fit!-; to War Minister Alberto Pumarejo i-hed fishing in Mexico's Pa^iiic ! ur d said: 'I don't like the way our backvard la-=t week when Secreta-y, Plots are stunting over this crowd." Hull'sent Mexico a note about ex-,'-".vein? the visitle perturbation of propriation without compensation.! the oiplonutic corps In trek grand- Vot once in 1 400 well-cho«en words: •••-...-.a a few yards away, 11« War I did he mention oil wells, gold mines i Minister nervously replied^ "The or vast ranches but he began with I Pilots assured me they would avoid n juicy preamble about the sympathy I c»ngerous acrobatics." of a^ms exisiting between President | Then acrobatic Fight Lieutenant Cardenas' new-Meal for Mexico and! Abadia. who once was suspended President Roosevelt's New Dei", for from the air service for "imprudent ~ fl^-i nrr" r\ot<\AaA trt finioVl ofY wit V» teck offered better than ordinary grounds for exhibiting the limitations of the law. With the consent of th« girl'* parent*, he P*" 0 ""*? th* operation seven weeki ago, wen asked Scotland Tard to arrest him for his act It did. To a Jury of two women and ten men, Obstetrician Bourne present* ed his case: "The law of England cannot be so craty and cruel . . . It cannot possibly be unlawful to avert the consequences of a felonious trespass on a child. In my opinion as an obstetric surgeon It may have been dangerous for a girl of her age to bear a child. Ninetynine per cent of my colleagues would be agreeable to an operation such as I performed." Many of Britain's best medical men, including the King's Physician In Ordinary, trooped to th* stand to support him. In only 40 minutes the Jury voted acquittal. •NO TTPHOIO ON prrcAiRjr ISLAND NEW YORK: For 147 years after British mutineers colonized Pit- cnirn Island In 1790 the Islanders had only occasional contact with the outside world through vlstWng boats. Last year the American Radio Relay League secured for this South Pacific speck a modern radio transmitter. One nljtlit last week Operator Andrew Young of Pitcairn talked with Operator Dorothy Hall of Queens, L. I., told her that all ships were avoiding the island because of a false rumo* of typhoid epidemic, that Pitcairn was In desperate need of medicines for Inhabitants who were ill from other causes. Two nights later, plump, matronly Amateur Hall stayed up until 4 a. m. to tell Pitcalrners that Manhattan's British consulate had cabled the high commissioner of Suva, Samaritan to Pitcairn FIJI, Mrs. to help Hull has them. talked . every nigTit since. Said she: "I have never been anywhere, but my voice has." FIRE? DOJTT WRITE. TELEGRAPH PUNJAB, Indian: An Indian subject wrote to the Punjab state fir<5 brigade that his house was on fire. The fire chief acknowledeed the letter, got official permission. last week called out the brigade and arrived at the scene of the fire to find that the citizen had bu'.K a new house on the site of the one that had burned down. S. CHILDREN SAY ITS SWELL TO BE FREE BALTIMORE. Maryland: Sev*n U. S. children, aged 14 to 16. last week wrote a letter to 40 German children, aged 14 to 16, visiting as exchange students in Baltimore homes. In their letter, which was other; and Spain's .pttyfi* war had time Wd again thf**twwd to become a Itttofian t*t*-tot-iM. With Rlgfrtftt atltti «£ iw*««*»«) of iJttW'ft&ftto 0* M Swift, with Rightist Arml** steadily advancing, mo lait that Franco wtw headed for a final •Hctory. promptly copied by Baltimore papers, they «ald:— "You ate probably learning a« much about Baltimore as possible In your short stay ... Have you read the editorials Ml the BilUmore "Sun", criticising our President ttooseveltt... Have you observed ttiff even the small grocery stores in all sections of Baltimore have plenty of butter and eggs to sell? . .. Don't yon thing It's swell to be free all summer, to have ft good time and not be forced to goosestep around with a gun Instead of a baseball bat? ...Did you observe If you saw the Orioles play, that a fellow named Grcenberg was right In there with the rest of the boys? . . . Did you visit the zoo. . . that's the closest thin* we have to a concentration camp . BRIDES AT . -q" A BARGAIN OSTRUGA, Yugoslavia: Three English tourists from Chelmsford, Essex, Impulsively bought brides last week in the marriage market, married them In the local Orthodox Church. Sosta Stankovlch, matchmaker, crafltly charged them tourist prices. Prettiest bride, Mll- iza Radosavlgevlch, went for $400. Ordinary price for an Ostruga bride —$100. SECOND YEAR'S END OF SPANISH WAR MORA DE RUBDZLOS, Spain: Celebrated on both sides of Spain's ever-changing battle line last week was the second anniversary of the blood civil war In which more than 1.000,000 of Spain's 23,500,000 people are estimated to have lost their lives—In battles, In street fighting, before overworked execution sqads of both sides. In two years, cities, villages and countrysides had been ruthlessly pillaged, bombed and destroyed; .the country's economic life had been ruined; Important — nations had aligned against each Read The Want Ads—It Pays. Patricia the U. S.: "The Is not whether Mexico should pursue social and economic policies designed to improve the standard c/ living of its people. The Issue is whether, in pursuing '.horn. the property of American nationals may be taken by the Mexican government without making prompt payment of Just compensation to the owners in accordance with the universally recognized rules of law and equity." From 1S15 to 1S27. declared Secretary Hull. Mexico seized 161 "moderate sized" properties of U. S. citizens. "Not a single claim has been adjusted and none has been flying", decided to finish off with r super-specatcular dive ending in a "half roll" swoop between the two grandstands, barely far enough apart for his plane to pass between. One wing-tip hit the diplomatic stand, the plane rebounded against the presidential stand, burst Into flame and sprayed burning gasoline an fta propeller slashed human flesh. The whole flaming mass crunched down upon spectators between the stands, slithered 65 feet. Instantly killed were 34. including Lieutenant Abadia. Many of the 150 injured were taken to hospitals where eight later died. There were no serious injuries among paid " Since 1027 additional prop-' mats or dignitaries, although a few erties "chiefly farms of a moder-1 hfl( l to snuff out drops of burning ate size" with a total claimed value! gasoline. A broken part which of J10K!2?,8» have been taken by came hurtling off the plane, bruised Mexico. "This figure does not in-l tn e wife of the Japanese Charge .hide the large land grants frc-M' Affaires. quently mentioned in the press" None of these seizures has yet been paid for. "Certainly on the basis of the record above stated, the United States government cannot be accused of being unreasonable or impatient." Declared Secretary Hull: "The MILEAGE TONIC There's no summer slump for cars that are filled with Phillips 66. This extra energy gasoline is custom tailored to fit the weather conditions right here— which means a cooler running motor and more miles. It was verified that all pilots had received orders not to fly lower than 500 feet. South Americans especially regretted that the Colombian tragedy occurred on the insth anniversary of the birth of their great hero and "liberator", Simon Bolivar. taking of property without compensation Is expropriation. It is confiscation. It ia no less confiscation because there may be an expressed intent to pay at some time in the future. Therefore Mr. Hull requested that Mexico arbitrate the question of whether it has complied with international law l "It is the considered judgment however, of the United States that the Government of Mexico has not complied"', and th; amounts and terms by which Mexico will make good. In short, for Washington no more "inanana." VOTE FOK F. I). R. "WHY NOT?" WASHINGTON: Said WPA Ad mimstiator Harry Hapkms last week (jf his. relief ilients: " fallows art: not a lot of robo'.s They are '.', OijO Ou<t Aiaeiiiai; < itizth.-, anil they all h r.-'..- pol'.'ii al vi.--.vs,. And mi idenUiily. I think I kr.ov. 1 jnlty mm h wl";' tiu-ir views ait. At least !«<> pcr.v.t of them woyl.l \Mt- for I J res.i<lt-ni l'o'\ H t if he were up for ri-t-lt-i.tio i -why not?" TKKKOKISM AT orri'I'ATION DAY .SAN JUAN. Puerto Rico: Governor lilanton Winship of Ku Rectal Diseases (Piles, Fissure, Fistula) Varicose Veins Hernia (Rupture) I give special attention to the treatment of these diseases by ambulant methods, which means that you can be up and around and lose no time from your work except for the few minute* you spend taking treatment in my office once a week. Dr. S. W. Meyer, D. 0. First Floor Sawyer Bldg. Formerly In General Hosp. Bldg. ALGONA, IOWA 29-tf Patricia is In town. First shipment of the new styles 'or fall arrived yesterday, and are they ever beautiful? I will say for beauty and style they surpass anything ever shown in Neville's Store. Any lady who ever wore a pair of Patricia Pat's will tell you they wear well and are very comfortable. We always did like Patricia bu* 1 . now we love her. We are thoroughly enthused over the new arrivals for fall. Only half nf the order ha;, arrived. The other half will be here In a week or ten days. If there is a better line of ladies' $5.00 low shoes Jn the market, I do not know who Is making them. We could get $5.00 a pair for them. The towns around us get $5.00 for them but that Is not our way of doing business. It takes time to extract $5.00" from a woman. We can sell five pairs at 82.98 while the other fellow Is selling one at $5.00. So we are going to stlch to our old plan and itill sell them at $2.08. All sizes, all widths, all colon. Tour choice, any pair of these wonderful slippers at $2.98. Jimmie Neville ALGONA, IOWA WAR MATERIALS HOLD TO ORIENT BY U. S. HANKOW. China: Attired i.-. a rev uniform of pa'c laver.der China's G.'nf-n'issiiro Ch'anx Kals,:',.'k la-t -vcfk told prvsi corrcs- puondents in Hankcw that the U S.. Great Britain, Russia, France and other nations-n their own interests-"should make a joint display of firmness and solidarity against Japan." They shovi'd learn, he said, "that compromise cannot maintain peace, that aggressors must be defeated by force!" Washington statistics release,! last week disclosed that during the PIS! 14 months the U. S. has sold iKi.TM.'j-OO worth of finished war materials to China, $!).384,000 to Japan. LONDON SPECIALIST MAKES TEST CASE LONDON: The most momentous test case in the history <'f the Kng- law covering abortion came uj; last week. Defendant in the case i harged with performing an abortion on a 14-year-old girl who was .'-even weeks with child, was Dr Aleck William Hour/if. 52. topflight gynecologist and obstetrician England's law permits operation.) went to Poiue last week wil:i; only when necessary to save the lift •>> visitors to help < t-it-brat j^ of the mother, and Dr. Bourne, who ti Enjoy the Advantages of Big-City Gas Service "«— Juil imagine the thrill of cooking on one of the new Skelgas range* with iU waist-high broiler, beat-controlled oven, and other novel improvements. You will find out lust what a good cook you really are with such ment This thrill U now youri. Skelgas makes all these things possible and at a lower cost than ever before. the loth iinnivers.'try of the U. H. oi. i upation. \Vith native ou"vi,ii.s, im:niiii.-i o of ti.t Insular Nith.nal <iualli "Kntfi i (loir, tilt i t.-t " Stop in and Try HARMS OIL COMPANY li. n in uiii nl Di^lritjiitur*. Aluona. luvui !•'. If. ll.ii.i.-in;.)!. Hulk Siali'-u Ai;i'!it I'...,in -.- 11 ..(•."»> fillips 66. two years ago. prepared a weighty it-port on abortions for the British Medical Association, has long wisii- i<l to broaden the law to allow reputable MirKeon* to use tht-iv own ih.-i ration ir. terminating prt^iiaii- i n,- in .sjirrial < A large share '>i b.-ih.-h nit-<ii<'tl opinion .-xrt-t'i l.-. a i le.-t i a.-.c .-noulii be i.iadu to Mill.: '!,*. law hi:lolf tllf A wide fre.-h faced aiH cf Hi I'M Ijj'Mi 11 a pa iia.,i:ni4 ovir lii •i.i am! i-nliyiikt I •>. a li'ii.-l ut •ui.'.'Kiil.v I'.ilu-d tin mi'-w iii'J ti-liid Plicit,., Hi. aii .Sui- nij '.'-a uti-.ein. fatally \\ oiimK-iJ Liojiul GiJaid ottii i-r. The r.i wi-fi .\.iiion.ih-st .mit.iioi., ui tit-i.uuju t'.i tr.c ' tit. Oi ati<-ii i'OIKC iL-st'JllU Old'J! KU -.4 ilionahal. Lnhurt. (njvt-rntr tilt- Whitehall, v.-a.-, of the Koyal H invit'.-d by r-i- <Juarci;i tin- green c, uvo to t-f ' tht l.or-ie witli tail" in liitir stablt-s. In-i) troopers raped her while lathers lu-lil her. Arrested and brought to liialn nioiith.-! ago. two troopers wuri: yivm si-iiltncta of lour yt-arj tach. a third ,M-nttnted to 22 months in prison. Learning tiial the girl was with child, Dr. Buurnt- decided that i.IT a^e and the nature of Iht ut- SKELGAS IS BACKED BY A PERPETUAL GUARANTEE With Skckjos. you oi« <juojont»»d continuous, uninterrupted s«rvic*. Th« vast IMOIUCM ol bout th* Slwlqas Co. and Us associate. th» Skclly Oil Co.. insiu* th* permanency oi this s*rvlc*. Costs No More Than Big-City Gas Thu *xp«ri«nc* ol hundred* oi Skalgcu users indicates that Skelqas costs as little or less than biij cily qas of other iuels. No installation chatq*. Nor do you pay lor necessary utilization equip- menl. No cyUnde* deposits. No delivery lee*. W* charge only k>t th* appliances you buy and In* Skelqas you us*. Cacy to ln*taV No Bother to You! You hwdly n«lii* wbto SluigM U teinq liuull*d In YOUI bom*. Oui *jip*rtly IB* •nU» UuUlUtloD quickly ud without bothering TOU. Gill for Your FREE SKELMSHOIISEHOLB IEFEIEI6E BOOK Ce*t*fau • weoit* e« h*4u- M MenMHe*. tabUi, rec erd foreu. etc—uecHlceUy lose* 1 f*r Ike hewewKe. Is y«m, MM. fer Mw Richardson Furniture Co. Where Furniture Bella for Leas West, of Oourt House BARRY'S BEER IS BEST

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