The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1938
Page 6
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&lgona tUpper Be* koines; 9 North Dodge Street J. W. HAGGARD & R B. WALLER, Publishers Entered fts Second Class Matter at the Postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under act of Congress of March 3,1879 Issued Weekly The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 19,1938 First Place Award Winner, 1938, Iowa's Most Outstanding Weekly, Judged by State t'nivprslry of Iowa Stj-BSCRIPTlOX RATES IX KOSSUTH CO.: One Year, in advance $1.50 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year $2.50 SUBSCRIPTION BATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance $2.50 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combination, per year $4.00 ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch 35o Want Ads, payable in advance, word 2c "Let the people know the troth and the country Is safe."—Abraham Lincoln. TRAVELING PRESIDENT NOTHING NEW One might assume from certain caustic utterances both verbally over the radio and editorially in the arch-republican press that President Roosevelt, by making a trip across the United States, was doing something unprecedented and unfair in American history. It might also be assumed that to have the president seem particularly friendly to him during his last administration was an outrage. American history records plenty of traveling by U. S. presidents, of both parties, and they didn't always travel to see the country, but sometimes had political motives in mind. Personally, aa a big nation, it seems to us that to have the president of the land get out and travel around occasionally, interview people, and see what Is going on and how they live west of the Allegheny mountains is a good thing. We've have too many presidents who failed to keep in touch with the rank and file of citizens; if we have one now who likes to see men with sweat on their brows and women in gingham dresses, we're glad of it And if he puts in a few good words for hij friends, what of it. He's elected on a basis of politics, and he can be defeated the same way. What is unnatural in having the nation's chief executive traveling around, meeting people, defending his administration, and boosting his friends? And (^rangely enough) with congress adjourned the stock market comes to life. Perhaps it has been congress more than the president who has cast a cloud of misapprehension over the land. Or is it the election of a 31-year-old man to the head of th« New York stock exchange has brought about a change in attitude. In any case, it is most welcome. IS THERE PLENTY OF WORK FOR EVERYBODY? A criticism leveled frequently at all attempts to provide relief for unemployed is that the unemployed do not want to work anyway, so why should those who do work have to care for others out of work. The Iowa Employment office in Algona reports that it has 125 men listed who want farm work, but BO far the demand has been at a standstill. There seems to be at least 123 in this section who would work If they could find something to do. Relief has become a nightmare and seemingly a never-ending problem in many respect*. It h.v« been abused, mismanaged, und overdone. But the fundamental fuct still remains that men who want to work are out of work. Until we can hucceed in readjusting our system somehow so that everyone with a desire to work has a chance to do so the question of relief will remain a paramount problem of the nation. There arc, of course, bums and panhandlers just as there seem to have always been. The real problem 1=i not to care for them, but to care for a better tv-,~ of cituen who have had jobs in the past, or might be expected to get jobs if the jobs were available At Charles City, a pet dog died from overfeeding and too much kindness, which immediately brings to mind our friend "Nippy", who watches over Norm Rice carefully, but who Is gaining in rotundity that bespeaks too easy a life and too much food. * * • Frank Sbilt* In commenting on the Hughe* flight to Europe, told the following story about a colored boy who had said he preferred to be in a traln-wrccK than in a ship-wreck. "Why?" he was asked. "Wai, sun, on a ship it's 'where are you' and on a train it's 'there you sre.' " * * * Joe Lone and Pine Room waitresses vie with each other at noon to inflict jokes on the other. First Joe offered to pay for his meal with a $20 bill, then the girl gave him a piece of pie thin as a knife and Joe retaliated by ordering a nickel piece of pie ... the thing has no end of possibilities. * • • July Is the month of picnics. It has been suggested by our Picnic Editor that the same effect can be had by picking up a few stray ants, mixing them with sand, and sprinkling liberally over sandwiches right on the kitchen table. * * * That New Vork gent Ham Fish, raps the democrats, raps Hamilton and raps F. D. R. That makes him an outstanding Rapublican Representative. # * » The retort snappy, between bachelor girls who share an apartment, but met in a local store: "Where have you been for two weeks. I haven't seen you?" "Well, if you'd come home once in awhile, you'd find me there." The epic klttenball battle between the White Rose and Hub teams cost Junior Kelly the slight sum of S5. He passed up a job which would have netted him that much, in order to play with the Hub. But despite the fact that he hit a long homer, his team lost, so Junior might as well have earned his five bucks. News Items of Wesley Vicinity Enjoy Trip to Ledges I Mrs. Vernon Ewing of Swea City- Mrs. Nels Johnson, Augusta formerly Katherine Cruise, visited One police call light is hardly enough. The other rlay the lone light on the telephone building burned out. and until contact was made with the police on foot, the call could not be answered. A second light woulr! double the quickness of response to calls, atid also provide an emergency light in case one should burn out. * » * Boli LnBarre says that the I'niverslty of Iowa team this fall will be the best in five years. Here's hoping. * » » The \vind—or something—played u mean trick on Sheriff Casey Loss, Thursday afternoon. Tt seems that Casey went Into the vault in the auditor's office, and while in there, the blamed door blew shut and locked him in. About that time, the fuse blew out. and there was the sheriff in total darkness. He WHS in the vault about 20 minutes. Casey, however, being in the sleuthing business, is a bit dubious about the wind having blown the vault door shut p.nd also locking it, and does not consider It a mere concidenco that the lights went out at the same time. He is working on the case, and says if he finds that someons was playing monkey-shines on him, he has u nice bed over in the jail which someone is going to occupy. * * • J. D. Ixme played a round of golt, last week, and after threatening to quit twice, finally ended the round. He says he never was good at arithmetic, so didn't bother to add the score. Next day he got a telegram reading: "Have heard of your sensational golf game of yesterday, Invite you to enter St. Paul Open for $10.000 in prize money. Signed, Ralph Guldahl." * » • Can It IM- the extreme warmth of the sun, or Is it just our imagination, but it stems to us that more find more of our citizens are Inking on an extremely sunburned complexion. * * * If Dutch I.orcnz and III White don't get to the Pacific Coast, it won't be because they di'ln't get plenty of advice about which road to take and where to go. Hi thinks if they follow all the advice they may wind up in Mexico. Look out for cactus, boys. Swainson. Mrs. J. T. Bohannon oi Algona and Mrs. Esther Skow and Harold went to Boone. Sunday, ta visit Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Josephson. They went through the Ledges and returned home through Cowrie, where they left Miss Swan son to visit friends. Enjoy Fishing Trip Charles Krails and two sons. Donald and Chas.. Jr.. returned home Wednesday from a fishing trip into northern Minnesota. Alvin Loebig helped the ladies in the store during the absence of the men. at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cruise, Sunday. Vivian Studer returned home on Friday afternoon from the University hospital at Iowa City, where she Laura Hansen is spending the week at Okoboji. Ethel Brnley began work in ) Marshalltown drug store last Thursday. A thresher meeting was held n£ the Wallace Donovan home. Monday evening. Mary Ellen Bottom returned on Sunday from a sorority outing at Clear Lake. Several ladies helped Mrs. L. L. Lease celebrate her birthday Friday afternoon. Harold Brook of Oskaloosa came Thursday and spenl the week end at the Kraus home. Mrs. L. L. Lease attended a bridge parly al Ihe T. L. Larson home Thursday aflernoon. Mrs. Barbara Schrauth entertained several ladies at her home on Thursday afternoon. Gaylc Studer (3 working at the Leo Waldchmidt home east of tow.i during Ihe harvest season. Irene Loebig spent a few days nt the home of her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Loebig in Algona. had been for the past two weeks. A thresher meeting was held at the Otis home last Wednesday evening. One was also held at the Henry Sherman home that night. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kudge and two children and Joe Johnson of Klemme were Tuesday evening visitors at the Dr. H. H. Raney home. Tom Forburger took Eugene Lloyd and Bob Studer to Bancroft. Monday afternoon, where the two | boys helped Bancroft defeat Rip| pey in a 17 inning game. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bleich and family went to Fort Dodge Sundiv where they met her brother. Mar'j Smith, and family of Harcourt. an< spent the day together. Mr. and Mrs. Charl Schimmel and two children of Blue Earth. Minn visited Sunday at the home of hi* parents. Mr. and Mrs. George Schimmel. who live north of town. Roy Kleinpeter. Erwin Olson. Dr. Pfeffer, John Meuhe and Tom M.-Mahon attended the installation ot officers in the Knights of Columbus lodge at Algona, Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Koppen, Billy, Lucille and Betty. J. Studer. Bobby Kirkpatrick, Leslie and Donald Hill and Ralph Taylor, the latter three of Algona, had a picnic at Call State Park Sunaay in honor of Billie's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Studer and Jeannlne. Mrs. Alf Studer, Max Studer and Mra. Ed Hildman drove to Bancroft, Tuesday afternoon, to tee the ball game between the Junior Legion team of Bancroft and the Junior Legion team of Rippey. FarnoiiH Lust Line usually trump*. -.Men without women are It Costs So Little to own a Good Reconditioned Car CAR DOWN PAYMfclf 1937 FORD 4-DOOR SEDAN 1937 FORD TUDOR "60" 1936 PLYMOUTH COACH 1936 FORD TUDOR 1934 CHEVROLET MASTER COACH 1934 FORD TUDOR $175 ..$175 $150 -,$150 --$ 75 $ 75 1933 FORD TUDOR .. $ 65 1930 CHEVROLET SEDAN $35 1930 CHEVROLET SEDAN "!!"!"!$ 20 , Perhaps Your Present Car Will Make the Down Payment Easy Payments on Balance KENT MOTOR CO. AlXiONA. IO\VA Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm»mummmmmmmmmmmmmm NAT1Y.W.C.A. SECRETARY AT FENTON FRIDAY Fcnton: Frances McFall. Cedar Hapids, national secretary of the Y. W. C. A., spent since July 5th at Okoboji. attending a V. W. C. A. convention. Friday, enroute homo, she stopped in Fcnton for a visit wtih her grandparent.'). Mr. amj Mrs T. N, McFall. her aunt. Mrs. W. R. Wolfe and her uncle. Frank McFail. Saturday morning she left for her home accompanied by her cousin. Edith Wolfe who will visit there for two weeks. Monday for Minneapolis. Marie has just completed a course in beauty culture and on Monday took the state board examination. Martin Peril, a brother of Marie, spent a short while last week with his parents. Martin is a student at the State University, Iowa City, working for a doctor of medicine degree. Mrs. Allen Bellinger took her daughter, Kathleen. 2'n years old to Iowa City last week Tuesday merning where Kathleen will have the cast changed on her legs. Kathleen was placed in a cast from her hips to her toes, two months ago when it was found that her hip:, were out of joint. The hip bones were broken and reset. In spite of her affliction she was able to walk before taken to the hospital. Doctors have hopes that she will be well and able to walk again. Mrs. Ernie Wallace was taken by Virginia Ruth, 4. daughter of Or I Jnrs tr "'e Wallace was taken by and Mrs. J. A. Mueller, suffered a surprise Wednesday evening when deep gash in her forehead Friday! a K ro "I' of relatives gathered at her when she fell on the sidewalk while '"""" " playing, her head striking rid returnedj , „, — „ a rock Three damps were required to close the wound. John Wegener, son of Mr and ; Mrs. Walter Wegener, returned , home last week Wednesday from ! the McCreery hospital where tie had i been a patient suffering from a s'.replocoei us ihroat infection. He i • improving. Mr. ;,>..) Mr.-, f'.. I.. Padgett ; U ,d •-":.:• Teli-me Harold and Hobbi- l:.r,V."l l:,.-t Week Tuesday t< Mi I'adgftt who 11 a < oi.tra i i.iM-r will >.,i|.i-i-nti-nil i) u.K (it the LuVeine gynii.; WPA piojert Mr.-: Fred MrWheiu-r .^tti Kldora if.-n^el noiiii; \\'.:dni;.iday fjoin Ko< heater. Minn, wtiere Mrs M< \Vhertei underwent a major operation. Mr,, M'Whciler V.HI taken to her horn.; near Winltemore. The Independence Idealists 4-H dun rnet Thursday afternoon, July M. at the home of Frames Juhl Two leaders, Mr». W p. Weisbrod . and Mrs. H. <;. berkeland ai,d U number* with two visitors, deo [ Kil.-.worth of .Spirit Uike and Mar. g.iret (Jowans attended. Mr and Mrs. H. H Ijrtynr arid ; daughters, Aivma and Kuth took : another daughter, Alice, to iJea i Momea Friday where the latter will • '-include her nurses' training at the 1 Lutheran hospital there. Alice was- graduated in nurses' training in : June from the .same place. ! Mrs. (i U. Stevens Wa.j the g'jtai ; of the second birthday surprise party Thursday evening when member., of her bridge club gattiertu at her home. Bridge Was plaved ut three tables with Mra. Vernon Meyera winning the high score prize and Mra Alvin iiumuch the low. Mra. Kaymond Priebe was u guest. A lunch brought by the guests, uaa served ufter the game. Marie Peril, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pert!, left last week home lo celebrlae her birthday anniversary. For Ihose who cared lo | played cards while olhera spenl Ihe I lime visiting. Lunch brought by the guilts was served. Attending ; were Mr and Mrs. Walter Grem- ,'meU of .Spirit Lake, Mr. and Mrs. ; Fred Kuecker^ Mr. and Mra. John Wallace. Mr. ami Mrs. Julius fjrenr mels. Mr. and Mr.- George Boll-.- j ;»i.d Mr :,r;d Mr.-,. Maurice Wallace. : Mi- C, H .Steven-, and Wilhui H>.':<:•.:? v. en honoied ;;ue ,ts of -., i ,c,i,.t l,:rtbil::y .-ui|.ri.,e party at the. St. vet., home la:-.!, week Tuesday 1 i,ii,g Five hundiid was the div; ei.:ioii with Cha.-. Glau- winning tin.- iu^'u .v ore pnze and Wilbur I/oll- doif the low. Other guests were Mi.,. Holldorf. Mr.- Glaus. Mr. .Stev- amj Mr. and Mrs A/thur Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. John Kramei daughter, Beatrice, Mr. and and Mr Raymond Tittz Mr. and Mra. Sam Waint-r, and Mrs. John Gramenz. Lunch, brought by the guests, was served. The Kev. and Mrs. H. I). Slahm- er were honored al u farewell party at the Ernest Voleler home last week Monday evening. Other guests were Sunday School teachers of the Fairville Lutheran church and included Mr. and Mrs. Hilberl Hai;- (eliiiu/i. Mrs. Martin Hantelman, Hidonia tiierstedl and Clara, Dorothy i-.nd Laurnetta Bruhn, Lavaun I'riebe and Alice liuntelman also at- lended. Five hundred was the evening's entertainment with Alice Hantelman winning the high score prize and Mrs. Stahrner the low. Hoslessca were Mrs. Edw. Priebc and Mrs. Ernesl Votleler who served an attractive two course luncheon. Janette Mason 111 Lu Verne: Janette Muson. who underwent u rnujor o|jfi'ution Ihe first part of June, became ill again last week anil wau taken to the Mercy hospital at Fort Dodge Tues day evening. Will Attend Reunion LI verm ore: Mrs. Bertha Wilson Is making plans to leave Llvermore early in August when she will go to Covington, Kentucky, to attend s reunion of her people, when more than seventy relatives of the Ackman clan will meet From there she will go to Burlington, Vermont, where she will visit a daughter. On her return In the spring, she will visit at Rushyille HI. ' Notice of Probate of Will STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. No. 4112 if) District Court, March Term, 1938. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that nn nstrument of writing purporting o be the last Will and Testament of Mary Bruhn. Deceased, dated ! une 13. 1936. having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, he 15th day of August, 1638, Is flx- d for hearing proof of same at the ourt house in Algona. Iowa, before he District court of said County, r the Clerk of said Court: and at en o'clock a. m., of the day above mentioned all persons interested re hereby notified and required to pjjear. and show cause, if any they ave. why said instrument should ot be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Tetament of J said deceased. j Dated at Algona. Iowa, July 11. 1938. KATHARINE McEVOY. Clerk of District Court ALMA PEARSON. Deputy. Burt & Davidson. Emmetsbure Iowa, attys. 39.31 STANDARD RED CROWN 't S4SOUNE •'* |;:S;v;:::;;::;;/.i.;-;Ji : >: : .K;;',:.::;..::.;;.:-:, : :V -V.V '.' ' ' ' : • - / ••i't;' ^4^K:. KM-W^'fw^^^'''^t-..-'^fiii^^ flMILEAGIl GET SOME FROM YOUR STANDARD OIL DEALER FOR QUICK RESULTS—USE THE WANT ADS TRYITANDSEE Cut Your Thistles In Accordance with the dates as shown below July 29th , 30th August 25th * 26th September 22nd ' * 23rd October 19th , 20th Be sure and cut off Canadian Thistles even with or below the ground, for the best results. These dates compiled by C. C. Scharlock, authority on control and elimination of these thistles. KOSSUTH COUNTY BOARD OP SUPERVISORS Mr, Farmer CHECK YOUR HARVESTING EQUIPMENT 3-Tine Fork, first grade $1.19 Leather Gloves pr. 49c Thermos Jugs $1.19 Make sure you have the thiii£8 you'll lu-t'd — 3 tine forks, belting, belt dressing, belt hu-iug, thermos jugs, gloves, etc. - Belting, 2" to 6", 3 and 4 ply Belt Lacing 5 ft. f", 15c, i" 25c Belt Dressing, liquid and stick Mr. Farmer's Wife Look to your kitchen equipment. Some ties, Pails, Pans, Mixing Bowls, Knives, etc., your harvest work easier. You'ia sure to find need here. new Ket- will make what you 24 qt. canner with dipper — _: $1.39 Mixing Bowls, set of 3 enamel, 3 colors 69c Paring Knives, Remington 10c-40c Water Pail and Dipper ___-85c Rotary Ricers, aluminum 98c Kohlhaas & Spilles BARRY'S BEER IS BEST

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