The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1938 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1938
Page 8
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V TheAlg ° na U]PPer P6S Moines ' A1 «ona, Iowa, July 12,1938 thej>qssroad State of Ihel^ation, A Most Hospitable Host RICH IN LEGEND PLUS RESOURCES TOUR DISCLOSES Algona Editor Tells of Si Day Tour in Mountain State (By Rust) Waller) West Virginia is a real i-Sta tnte. It has scenery for the eye, histor> or the head, the mountain-? fo ralth and hospitality for the heart In addition to that, as out of the ewest states in the union, <t finds self at the crossroads between the orth and the south— n state cut in vo by the Mason nnd Dixon line, ts people have the soft, pleasing rawl and accent of the southern w £ A R AP ,°2 ?' OI:N TAIN VIEW-THI* view from l ?',T ute 9| thre . e miles west of Berkeley Spring. IB rated by authorities as one of the finest in tfh« United States. In the foreground are seen the tracks of the mainline of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the Potomac River. On the opposite side of the river is Maryland, and the bed of the old Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the tracks of the Western Maryland Railroad may be seen. The village in the distance is Great Cacapon, VV. Va. ates. but in personal activity and ep are strictly northern. White Sulphur Springs The 1938 National Editorial con- ntion was held this year at the reenbrier Hotel, at Whitr Sul- <hur Springs. The village of White ulphur Springs has only a fcv lousand population, but the hotel itself has some 900 rooms and is °" r '» Civil War. The camp Is the first and largest state miltary of the of the National Kdltorlal Ass'n were banqueted. om the deposits of limestone and arble found throughout the rest the state. Through the Bluefield •ailroad yards stream every year a ne of cars that would stretch many mes around the globe. Visualize train of coal thirty to thirty-fly,; les long. That Is what passes er the automatic railway scales Bluefield every day of the year. .^c.» mis Home OTAJ rooms ana is I Beckley is the home of Ted Mc- one of the largest in the nation. Dowell, editor of the Post-Herald Its main lobby runs for 800 feet, and guide on bus one to which we A track meet could easily be held were assigned. Seven chartered ''own this hall. buses of the Atlantic Greyhound Situated only four miles from the 'ines (all new super-coacheq) mr irerinin lino th« r!*.oA«k..'«. u__ _ rta/t |U« 11* i_, . . . — f . .„... ........j ttuni me i ---•—— >i.i, iiwv supci voHciiGs i car- Virginia line, the Greenbrier has a ried the editorial party on its lone histr,™ rt»»,-nc. fc.,,1, ^ 0 £ivil War j -jaunt of some 1.000 miles over the Visit State Capital Charleston, state capital, was the visiting editors. At once the editors without their wives lost from 20 to 40 years, and became as frivolous as a bunch of kittens. As our wife was along, we did not seem unduly interested In the proceedings. George Washington is said to have traversed west to the present site of Parkersburg, and was enraptured by the beauty of Blennerhassett island, In the Ohio river between West Virginia and Ohio. Aaron Burr of treason fame was a famous visitor to the island in 1803. - —-^ «..v«.. & uo.v,n tv/ \_-lVll VVtir I J""** 1 days, during which time Greenbrier state county was the scene of the- first engagement of the war between the ™,, , . states, a guerilla skirmish at Lew- „„?•"' ca P'tal, was the isburg, eight miles west. ™ .* lm P° rtant st °P- Daniel Boone It ™ here ' and was " member of «*.* U. S. OoW Cour S e tne^rgi^a 'E^ TrT^ a Hrtrol K n « »...- t_*! ..« trt 1-7(11 "* **"'" -I I y'J The hotel has two regulation 18- { ° <!ue to the -— . ,...* u . V u me laiaiiu III 1CHJU. Blennerhasseett, the island's owner at that time, joined Burr in his desire to set up a "Western Empire. 1 Had they succeeded, the entire course of national and world his tory would have been changed. Wheeling Into Wheeling Wheeling, overnight stop, is termed "workshop of the central west." T ' has steel mills, glass factories. I - - — - "•• • V.UUM4 V^3-~— UUrt I, (J|| for gas. salt brines, lumber, limestone '"-' |—all surround it. It possesses the largest axe fac- U. S., a nine hole fellow who uses no woods, is irons none too well. Italian waiters have charge of the I tory in the world andTs "th* *tt. ming room, and as the hotel is run of ihe 27 mil on doMar 4aval Ord n the American plan, it is needle,* nance plant, erected by the Us" o say that we al! ate right heart- government'during he World War' Near here is ury. ™ in the background and in the furthest back' ground on the south side of the river, the new Kanawha City residential development. Laidley Field the Charleston athletic stadium, is In the upper left e.vs ride their horses around the track then located at the hotel. He then bought the best horses, traveled to Charleston (state capital* robbed the bank, and made a safe getaway on the horses which outdistanced all pursuers. Start 6-Day Tour After a three day convention, the members of the editorial group were guests of the State of West Virginia on a six-day trip throughout the state. If the committee In charge missed anything, It was be- cau«« they didn't think of it. Bluefield and Beckley In southeastern West Virginia, are situated In the heart of the plateau which abounds In rich treasure, both above and below the ground. Providence has been kind to thin Black Diamond empire—what la <nown as the Appalachian fault dlv- des the rich Pocahontas coal fields - „„ V...VIL the river under a mountain that it did to do the construction work necessary to build a dam and plant in the ree- ular river valley. Every important state official was on hand to greet the visitors, and we shook hands with all of them inviting them all to come out and se- Iowa—a state which, by the way' many of our new acquaintances seemed to think was one big dust bowl, and as flat as a pancake. Plenty of Potato Salad ' stop, civic We didn't notice any of them closed down, although some were not working at "full capacity." The term "full capacity" seemed to mean three shifts of eight hours each during the 24 hours, so it didn't worry me much. Wheeling is a source of power and ideally located for distribution of important products to all sections of the nation. Oslebny Park is the pride and joy of Wheeling, and well it might be. It consists of 750 wooded, roll- ng, beautiful acres, overlooking the Ohio river valley. It has a swimming pool, golf courses, p!cni<- grounds, bridle trails and plenty of room for fun and fresh air. However, they had an editor there who was called upon to talk, and he began fighting the Civil War all over again, from the Union side. He had almost reached the Battle of Gettysburg before we pulled out and The latter la the boyhood home of Stonewall Jackson, and also Is the site of the largest 4-H camp In the U. S. A view of the camp is shown on this page. We had supper there —including potato salad. The state hospital for the mentally deficient Is located at Weston. There was a touch of humor in taking all of the editors through the grounds. Many of their readers back home probably think they should have been dropped off at this point. Sees Mm. F. D. Roosevelt Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt per- left him. Funds Motor Vehicle Use Tax I < rrnanent School Temporary Kchool u ,'^ ra ,' Btale Revenue'.'.' Soldier's Bonus . .. Old Age Pension ....'.'." Bovine T. B General County ' " '. County Cash R oa d Bond' Court Expense .... County Poor County School '.'.'. Btate Iimare . Koldler'a Relief Secondary Rd Construct I Italance Jan. 1. 19:18 . .1 4S.S1H r.ii 1.6D4 M 19.J6U :;t; O.SCH.C? 62.21(1.11 2.203.31 l,404..'.lf 6,Cf,4 HI 8,kit) SO 15.761.72 9. 1 ](J ho 2fl,3*h 97 1-.U7.27 13 ft S6 2.482 14 60,706.< on . a Emergency .... Fair Ground» .... ........ Homestead Exemption".'." Institute ....... .. Assesments on Bk Dpts '.'." Primary R,l n,) Hedempt School District Library Ke, unitary I(d. Itedempt...' Secondary lid. Anernts. . . . < emetery ...... City Specials ' " .......... Corporation Funds School nist Funds Ilraint. — Balances ..... Overdrafts . , ! ..... Bridge ............ ' " ' Co. Cash Road Prl Sec Kd. liedernpt.' '. " '. 1936 Tax F<efuml ... Total Ha lances ..... '.' <">verdrafis Total . . Overdrafts ei.own by • . <K' 1476. j.s.i.ii.i 2.2J7.47 172 76 r.ii 25 577.21 170.48 4f.4 74 197 3f, I'.r,.!i6 fc.i7.-l 37 » Hii» 2* >>.71(i *7 ttlt 37* 27 20 21» (.2 9 tt f.9 42 "CM. :J7« r.:n ei> tecelpts li \ >»•,.(,,•,(, ,,r, 4.:il7.41 r.diMio 1.365.21 63.1(47.07 »,325.08 1..'197.46 h. 504.26 67.16U.5S 19.12X.OO 5.499.27 26.298.14 6.507.64 7.760.47 1.990 25 r.fc.97.1 0* 92.ft28.46 2>«6 22,093 *5 2.211 21 55.24* 64 44 94 3 03d f,2 94.125.00 3.338 *5 k97 76 1..183.06 32.7K, 96 2.11.01 y yg 15.739.2:1 'ts iJlBburcemrtH f SM.5B7 M 4.9M.22 1.700.OS 23.145 45 .41 2.73(1.16 9.702 95 59.326 6.'! 23.480 67 6.426.37 23.921 56 7.063.28 9>3i;.4fc 2.196 e» 32.919 06 53,769 4.1 <>i2 62 23.501.17 i:i>(> In 54.917 36 10 00 3.038.52 93.HO do 575. »9 -' 0X2 4J IS26.352 SI Balance May 31. 19.1k I 44 4H1 7.; 1.031 "2 19.769.36 5 593.Mi 102,911 73 ll.r,2;.9k 63 kK lii^i'i' :i!s 3 .'TO 22.763.55 2.275 70 76.76il.49 100.117 34 f..:i3(i M klO i:, kuii kij .'07 6!) Ml' 2". I 32 17V 4* 3 794 T,'I 144 7k 270 49 3 f.91 <•', 37 046 fc; 97 5711 21 • 5Of, If, !7 20 2 I H f. 2 a n- f,.) j.. r, 7'.. 4^4 4 •. • r ,l'fi '','. \:,lr 9K. Id outdid themselves in providing music, food and entertainment. The gang finally got so that it could 1 tell a batch of potato salad from a distance of fifty miles. Huntington was a night stop, and next day we pushed up the Ohio river valley to Parkersburg. where a bevy of pretty girls boarded the buses and acted as hostesses to the Stonewall Jackson's Home From Wheeling down into central West Virginia, we cut a corner of Pennsylvania and Maryland, to Weston and Jackson's Mill. ,sonally met the convention at Arth- r urdale, and conducted the visitors through her pet project—a resettlement plan for down-and-out farmers from that section. Each family had been given 50 acres of land, a government loan, and in turn signed n loan agreement. They all seemed happy about the whole thing, and so did Mrs. F. D. R. After all, chances are that If the same families were not on the project, they would be on relief somewhere else, so In the end it didn't make a whole lot of difference. There Is a possibility, however, that like Matanuska Valley in Alaska, which at first seemed a joke and s now really making a go of it, something good may come of it in a permanent way. Historic Harper'*) Ferry Martlnsburg was our overnight stop for two nights. It is called the Gateway City to the Shenandcah Valley, and nestles beautifully In the fold of a couple of big hills (mountains in West Virginia). It is only some 5« miles from either Washington, D. C., or Gettys- burg, but time did not allow for seeing either. However, we did make trips to Harper's Ferry and stood in the spot In the small arsenal where John Brown was captured by Union troops after his insurrection, and where two of his sons were killed. Harper's Ferry Is at the junction of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, and a more beautiful view would be hard to find. This section combined productive wheat and apple raising with industry surh as the big plant of the 'nterwoven socks people. Down Shftinndoah Valley The final day of the tour was one of the prettiest We cut down be- ween the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains, following the Shenandoah Valley most of the way, and in Virginia proper some 00 miles. Here was rich, fertile land, com- ined with beautiful mountain scen- ry on both sides, and the swift- owing Shenandoah river thrown n. It was up this valley the Con- ederate troops marched on Get- ysburg, the deciding battle of the 3lvll War, and down this valley that Jnion cavalry forces pillaged and aided during all four years as they made quick thrusts into the south. To attempt to put down briefly the sites and points of historical Interest seen would take more space than we have available, and still leave much unsaid. All In all, we feel as though we really saw West Virginia, came to know Its topography and its people, and feel the heartbeat of a state that combines productive valleys with rich, mountainous natural resources. To Alaaka Next Year The 1939 National Editorial convention will be held on steamship, en route to Alaska. The conventions are shifted from east to west, and from north to south, purposely, so that each year a new group of newspaper folks may attend, without covering all of the U. S. to get there. And. after 12 hectic Says of travel, we're glad to be home and back Into the harness. But if you're ever . over that way, be sure and through West Virginia. go California™ Leave After Month's Stay Swea-Eagle: Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Hovey and daughter, Clarice and Mrs. J. Edward Larson and her daughter, Ebonnie, returned to their home in Inglcwood, Calif., last Tuesday after a month's stay here visiting relatives here and at Willmar, Minn. BOARD PROCEEDINGS 19:00 O Clock AflHTOH'S OFFIfK M. June 14, IBM ,.,rv *• * ,ui it • . .»•, >fune l«, ii»«w» The Il.inrd (if Supcrvlanr* met with nil ineintiers lire-Kent. Tin- Hoard of Sii| n» nn ex-»fflclo Ilonnl of County Canvas- serii pro'.ppilnl to ojicn tlic poll bi.okn nnd cnnviiK* the rHurns rrorn each Toting precinct of the county si shown by the poll books returned from the severnl elwtlon precinct* nnd HIP following In a statement of the nnmpi of the cniidldaleB nominated hy the prliiuiry election and thi- offlrp for which (hey were nominated nnd n statement of the officer* for whic'i mi nomlnatloiiK wen- made at Ihe Primary Klectlun held nn the Oth County Auditor TrcuMirer ... Clerk of It. C Sheriff HIM .inter County Attorney Cnuntv Coroner .. NupervlHfir, let JMst. SupervUor, 2nd Dint. Superrlsor, 3rd Dint. On hand .lanut:v IM. 19.1& Krcjin Current T-ixeK,' 1937, Inttri-bt uiiii r ( ,Ms UralnuKt TaJie* . City Specials Highway Rectijjts .... C/.iw.liiit Tuxes ... I H.I Al-'e Pentii.r Atheeements on Bank Deposits Motor Carrier . . Primary Hoail M,,mi he'dVin'pY. '.'.'.'.'.' • 'K^rette iJcerifreF Principal of School Fund iMrreM on St Kool K'in.1 Ktate Appropriation f..r Inn'it uie ' ' ' Salt- i,f Moti.r Velil. le l.lcenn-H * l..ek from (Mci-l, , f C,,iji t Firts from Other Officers ..'.'.'.'.'.'.. fine ,.f Patients a t Sti, t,'. '(,', M ,, ' ; ., ;,',, < are of Patients ,,t fomitv I,,,,], ,,),. Kile of Plod-ice from Coiji.f, F,, m !---.'e of Scl,,.,.l B,.,,ks . Fees from County Auditor I t-cs from Count,- Tre.-iMir.T JVe< from <-•, .„,,,,. Recorder fees from Cl,-rk ..f nistil.t Court Fees from Sheriff '•• . laiin,-,l P. . . fron, ,•;,'.,' k Hurnt-Mta.i Exemuuon 1'-.- T;,x ' .' Transfers — A'jni Fees Other Trar.feri Total Accounle.l f ( ,r ' '. Htale Treasurei's T:,. ( *'iiitw County Auditor's \Vuriants Dralnatte M'arrants Hon.l.s Ctnllily Boniis F!,-,], ,-meri Ti.'erest on County Hon.] Interest on Primary p.oa.l Oily Specials '. Orders on Co. Trc-as. l.v %fa. Orders "n Co Tre.-.B l.v I'rc Township Cletke Receipts Kec'y of Slale Recell.tK for Mot Homestea.l Exemption Transfers fo Pun.Is Billii'ice or hand, Mav ^1 19^!l!l Total Accounted for . .... I. M .1 IiIIFFV Treasurer that the report jjiyen above i.- a fd h> me us said trcatuit-i di.iih i .".I i ii H 1M 2" i r ,i;3 (if, I're.-lni t AU'ona Hnftalo Hurt Felltou (;«rfleld tflTllldU UruDt ____ (ireeltwood llurrison Hebron IrvlDirton Led yard Lincoln Lotls Creek Lu Verne J'luui Creek PortUoil Prairie KuIIIl-ey Itiverilale Seueca Sheniinn Tnion We>ley Wliltteiuore of Pence Constable Hclmlcr f ' Superrlnnr, 4th l)li,t| ',','. I>KMOCK,IT1C NOMINATION^ OF JfNB «, ltl'8 Trustee ^fir Tenu 1M9 Pemocrntlp K. K. Kln«ey M. .r. Huff,- Iviitherlne McKvoy CiiMev LOHK .t. .1. Iio.,],.y L. A. Wlnkel I'r. H. A. KVIIIH J. II. I'm HIT W. K. M.l.omil.l W. H. Co«|rrore JtllitlB Hol!i({ Ilepubllcan Kilwln C. Hovcy KreH S. (Jelicel F. It. Thorpe None Carlyle II. Itecker Hiram II. White Leon N. Merrltt V. 3. llalKeman A. H. Crulkxhank \V. A. Schrniii Charles Morris Farmer-Labor None None None None None None None None None Nono None Truntei 1 Term 1WO J. II. Sheridan W. B. Lenlle O. G. Studer Joljn I hleuLuke V. J. Kattlme Art LfKttt A.iaui Luikslnger Joe Von Hank K. M. Ilernlnicliatu HennuD Hlcklefn J. K. Coyne Joe Katie B. F. Edward! Joieph Loetack <•<•(:. Orlene Chat. I'latbe John P Byson IJenry Hherinan Fred Kullaach Herman Harm* John Cortlen John Karstoa K. P. Powers Klcbard Potrats John Arndorfer A. H. Lappe H. F. Scbultx I'rec lu< t AlKona Ililffalo Hurt Creiico Ft L ton c;arlm,i A. Iian»ion l»ella Welter Howard Andrews Iver Nordlu Hoy Clark C. C. Waterbury U. L. JoLnhoo l :;f,r, :i 44 <tt ^f: II- 4 1 V f, I it Vc 11 4n r . Vkf V. Amount t 'i'l k7< :• : 17-i r,7k on 11 III ....... 4 4t.' ..... &!> H.l,l ,10 1M2 r . 4 "17 :i r, •••t K Alt S-U!'N C,,i .1 I! r. 7 1. i j. j, i 1 1 4 . i r . v k e, '. I.e Dili 1'. ' 1.1 ..... if '••-- 11. i - if.- Iowa • •! '.].,- , . in -|,,, i>. M i I.I-.-KV r 'J Ti,., M; ,, , Constable K. A. Newvili,. w"ii. 'itnl^i W. H. steward <i*o. Moore J- It. Clark Albert Barnes roTer Keotz MOM1MATION8 OF Jf»J« 6, 1*U Trustee Term 1D30 C. Kcbutjen K. O. Ewoldt Kobt. Pearson Alex Ksdl( L. W. Klirlcb K. H. Mawdsley J- H. Il(ijcuuit> Louis llackbartb . A. 8cbjf>uJI Motlou by Morrl. aul tecouded Ly '"'' """I"' 1 "'''**'! "til/ Trustee Term UNO Cbrli Brandt A. M. Hanna T. L. Thoresom O. ii. JotillstlB Tom Her*B. J. Derln* frank Clapsaddle Henry Bailey L. C. Cast R. K. Anderson Henry TJaden O. K. Flciu OlerU Mike Wagner John Ilorkelmsn Albert Kollanch J. J. Anderson O. H. Nelson Bert Coder Martin Me/tr Oeo. B. Lodwlg Karl Cuibuaa Jubn Borman K. A. Harvey C'bas. Bormsn Clerk K. P. Hsnsen U«-t>. P. WVsley Bern hard Mike Lois Root. Bunkofukl M»r»ln Vsske Lawrence Hjtchlns John Hsrls'iorn Henry l',tler«,.ii Andrew Kllwrt W. K. Htiwurt otto woir I-'. H. Mesrbcr Wm. Hsiun-r Joe U. N. p O II. Llade U. H. •--• « ivujp. uuiiaeij beetle ,,. - "*^.ia rweiv.;d from p U ChrUteuseu a>, uiliuinistrator for .are and keep of Joi,,, p. CLri.teu.en a" i£L±«" A 1 ;;: 1 "^ ^s ^^ -urea uuade by Ku.sutU county. luws. .Motion by Krsser and he«,u.|e.l by o» K rou- that the aindl.-atloi, for a or'a^'cl^'r U "' 1 L ""' J U "' 1 "''('"' utlD " Wto. U. Deviiie. St. Joe. low'u' 1 be anijroved. Aye»: All. Morris that KonnutL county ai wurkmeus cyuipeusailou policy ,VH\ ."'" Kuj|iloyer» Mutual ualtj Coiunaiiy of IH-H Moine. I hrouuh their repreaeuUlive ' C Ajes: All. J K w. t: Hjrrj J. P te .i|.pi i,led ut ] AP.ATMK.STS I k.'iiu U'.irburli u >>ilJAt,«J Jt ^J 0(1 by ept fir Cua owa F ' 1 on ta" bt!24 WB. Ifrsak. C'arl IluU-blns Curls Dahl O. L. TuoresoD Fred Tbuiew W. C. W. M .. 8, Uroeder K. (jutkae. Lt (i. Han*ou J. WuoUwortlj K. I'r. K. P. lielieufefd A. C. Klocke It. II. Murray John Kelheudorfer Ayes: All. • in mullou board w o'. lo. k p in Ayea: All. -b.0.'t 114.37 47. W H74 U.O-J 7tt.Si .'i.:« 3.0H War. 4.'« l'b.15 War.444 :•«« War.44R 1C.17 War.448 adjourneii Juue 14tli, until I«a8. H. H. KIN.SEY *" -- - ~ . . VU i. fij*n, flu. Moliou l,y Helkeu anil seconded by Morn, ILilt M( . J)0 , JaJ ,j ^k* O e,*i.«ry |ri|.ulrb ou ilraiuuKt uislrl.l No. 114 and No. 61. Ayea: All. ''^ V*""" »'"' ittonded by ai Fraser make ueiessary rejiairs on draJo a| {e districts No. <W. v-r'i! 1 ?? ^"'ri.t drain K. K i," 4* »o. 80. No. 4. and No. 1(15. Ayeu: All! Mot '°" oy Morriii and necouded by Helkeu that a resolution adoiiled by the Town Council of Hurt fuc.. to abate Lloyd Krulser the amount of tax paid due to nsne.Mueut o" per- l"e" yfil"' 1 " ' or 1««7. Abate 14.41. Motion by Morris and kecouded by •'"Iffove that the valuation of SEW u •<,. , s *'' tll '» X* Townnhlp 100 Range SB be raised to »MOO.OO a. resolution ..a.M..,! by Board of Review o Grant Totviutiip. Aye«: All Motiou by Helken and seconded by ongrove ttat the county auditor be Uirecu-d to make application with the \taje comptroller for a transfer of .iOUC.OO from the Emergency fund to he Genera! C'ouuty fund. Ayes: All. The above motion was made, seconded and approved an of June l.t '"~iUuii of Board of Supervisors. w. E. MCDONALD. Chairman Motiou by Fraiier and seconded bv Cosgrove that a refund of |2tf7W) le Henry KV.sin Oeo. B.iaa Akstisor Raj Baststn Ii. F. Hawcott Eleanor* Potter Ho/ Penrson Mike' iX' L. A. Barslou Oscar Frandl* Hugo Faulstlck Ed Caaabcr* < • UcuscuoUr J«b« N. Ludwlf A. E. N«lson Milton Carlson }'. C. Oardotr Henry Nelson E. 8. KINBEV, tkicretary Motion by Morris and set-ended Ly Frauer tbat Arnold Lelbe be klveo a refund of H.OO poll tax paid and also worked In Kentou township for 1837 receipt No. 00 W«r. No. 447. Ayes: Til Motiou by Morris and .ecouded by iieiken tbat a pauper notice be serv- - '- Charles Hlldujau and family •9. MUU *•« — •• *»-.__.. - ..* Ayes: All. E. S. KIKBEY C'juaty Auditor Court Ho'ne June 2* lias 9:00 o'clock a. m ,-.—r d °* Bupervlno s met to call of Auditor with all r- —'---- - - , for Homeatead lulnn," for 1938 In KoMiftS Iowa. B. a Court House AlBoru. l owa Jun« 2», 1838 Secretary P l^nF«S^£' P -Jalms ror J»3g"be lows: District Inc. „ Claim Numbers —irt Inc. ...;. i Fen ton Inc. 'i •• Lakota Inc. .'.'." i •• Ledy»rd Inc. . . . ' j •• Lone Rock Inc. . I •• & 82A * — _......„ inc. ... l to Swe» City Inc. . f » Tltonka Inc. . l •• Wesley Inc i >• Whlttemore Inc.': I •• Buffalo Twp i " iurt Two. ... ''' 'J .. Cr«sco Twp. .. " i i. US 14 79 19 72 17 >« fit 41 41 Fvnton Two i garfl«Jd Twp i German Twp. '" l Grant Two.".; "J greenwood Twp i Harrison Tw* j Hebron Twp. . ''} Irvlngton -f wf • I - i • Twp. . —-• «.u 0 Twp. ! J'J.'Jfi' 1 ^ T "P . I •• 1 " 1 •' 1 " 1 " 1 •• g«w»ey Twp. ' Rlverdale Two i Seneca Twp. ":.;;} oosmian Two i "^*p.'::} (7 i» 41 II 38 «3 4* 34 n 25 87 35 51 43 45 24 as 50 53 Cl ltd. . : none. w - E MCDONALD «• i •ecretary.

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