The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1938
Page 6
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Algona, Iowa, July 12,1938 8 North Dodge Street J. W. HAGGARD & R. B. WALLER, Publishers Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postofflce at Algona, Iowa, under act of Congress of Afarch 3,1879 Issued Weekly Opinions of Other Editors First Place Award Win, in33. In«-n*« "Most Outstanding Weekly, •Indeed by Stale University of Iowa SUBSCRIPTION RATES IX KOSSUTH CO.: One Year, in advance yi 50 tipper Des Moines and Kosstttlj County Advance in combinntinn. per year ". $250 SUBSCRIPTION HATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year in advance ?2 50 Upper Des Moines and Kossuth County Advance in combinntion. per year ...." $4.00 ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch 35r Want Ads. payable in advance, word 2c "Let the people know the truth nnd the country I* safe."—Ahrnhnni Lincoln. A IULILION DOLLARS— A MILLION WOES Barbara Hutton r we'll use the American name> was raised in the wealth and luxury of the land. pampered with the fruits of finance, wrung from the bodies of undernourished and under privileged girls working in the Woolworth 5 and 10 cent stores. Money was nothing: there was nothing Barbara could not have for the asking. And there wa- very little she could not buy. She boiicht lv:r- self a prince and then a count, nt Iccift one cf then; something of n pri.-p |.l-,or,c y. and the second me now in the doubtful class. But like rr.mmon. orJinary pfo;-K. Barbnr.T i; her trpubles. Wrrst r.ii-tnkf r-.-.^.c thup far. scrr.-.« to be th? pivinrr up r< hrr I'. S. eitizenship. It i> really too bad that FJ-ir'nn bri imo so awed with forciun nob- ili'.y. fai:e title? n;-d u.~clf?> imlc c!^!i:c.=>. She nv: ht h \:\ r.yji i ;> ,-J ..rnio con • ym:r;: Ann ri' --.n fellrw ;.:.,} hr,<! - ;, : , f f;;n in life ,-it !l,i > u.a time RADIO'S GREATEST PESSIMIST Ho« DOM the Jackas, Keep « StrniRht Face and Look So Dumb nnd Solemn? ,.,» A . m " ic . n " Jo » r nnl of Veterinary Medicine: Over <£M ti Pd " mn " r ' ehind n mule dra «-ing a plow. Said the man to the mule: "Bill, you are the mule, the son of a jackass and I am a man made in the image of God. Yet 'here we work, hitched tip together year In and year out" I often wonder if you work for me or I for you Verily. I think it n partnership between n mule and a fool, f or surely I work as hard as you. if not inrdr"- I lowing or cultivating we cover the same distance but you do it on four legs and I on two. I therefore r!o twice as much work per leg a<= you no. "Soon we'll he prepn.rins for'a corn crop When the crop is harvested I give one third to the landlord for bring =o kind as to let us use this small speck of God's universe. One third goes to you and' the- bnlnn.-e-is mine. Y<ni consume all of your potion with the exception of the cobs, while i'divide mine between seven children, six hens, two diuks and a banker. If we both need shoes you get em. Bill you ore petting the best of mo and I ask you is it fair'for n mule, the son rf n jacV:as-. to Mv-ly.cVc a mnr- n !or.' of creation, cut of his substance? "Why you only help to plow and cultivate the ground, nnd I alone must cut. shock and husk the corn while you look over the pasture fence and hee-haw nt me. "All fnll and most of the winter the whole family, from Granny to the baby, picks cotton to help raise money to pny taxes nnd buy n new harness nnd pay the interest on the mortgage on you. And what do you care about the mortgage? 'xot a damn!! You ornery cuss, I even have to worry nbout the < mortgage on your tough, ungrateful hide'. "About the only time I am your better is en election day. for I can vote nnd you can't. And after the election I begin to realize "that I was fully ns great a jackass as you and your papa. Verily I a:;i prone to wonder if politics were made for men or jackasses, or to make jackasses of men. "And that ain't all. Bill. When you're dead that';; supposed to be the end for you. But me? The persons tcils me after I die I rrottn. go to hell for ever. And n-.nst of whit he says keep? me from getting any kick out of life. "Tell me. Willyurn. considering these things, how can you keep a straight face nnd look so dumb and THAT 1VILL SUIT ALL OF US / solc-mr. ?" Politicians Eating; t'« l'p •flM City Oinettc: The central cruise of the en isn't hard to find. To tbe contrary, nnd conspicuous to anybody sim; M-? rurrrn; r--.•(-.- • it i? relatively w!;n'M lode with open eye nnd mind. It i = tint cr.vcrr.mcnt is spendinp too emit p. part of thr nritinm! in< fine. rhv president |-..-,rp= mir'h on inrrfisins: the THINGS A RE LOOKING UP — BUSINESS '5 GOIWG TO BE BETTER SOON health and spirits who escape. The open sore If not outright scandal that was long French Guiana made little impression on successive FrShch governments until Leon Blum became Premier. Then the penal colony was described as a failure. The escaped convicts wer said to reflect on Frenchmen every where! Explains the bill finally ad opted: "Such a situation cannot b prolonged with out doing injury t the prestige of France." The MARCH OF TIME Prepared by tbe Editon of TIMB The Weekly Newsmagazine PERIPAPETIC PRESIDENT HAS BUSY WEEK WASHINGTON: President Roosevelt journeyed to Wilmington iyde Park. New York City. Wash- ngton and Gettysberg last week in union. They might have done so but for oldsters who were Billy- be-damned if they would march under the Stars and Stripes or the Stars and Bars. When Blues and round of activities that included j Grays tried it 25 years ago. at the ;isiting the sick, laying a corner-/ BOth anniversary of the Battle- of purc But how n (om-.- fr,o;pj'n 1- ft -'f:< - tone, speeches, dedications, and a picnic. At tile grounds of New Yoiv- City'.= ircf v,V,:!d's Fair he laid the i ornerstone of the Fair's Fed- v :.= intr.iduied by r to I'M.IV', cor.ven- thc National K.i-i- j ' - ;i :; '"'-•-(• f.-if:,.;'. At G; tty.-bur ,. | '•:-, -.:-.,. :v>- n:.'rvi. r.-ary of thv b'if- i ''••'• '•( di -!.. -to! an "ite»ml IHnio" News rnr, .atr-r- kr.ov.- thiir . supposed to. at Ir-ist. Anil v.-c Fiipp'si. pui pooei fvior.d. H. P. Gr., of Des Moines' WHO knows his stuff. But without casting nny reflec'.inns en Mr. Gro-s' choice of subject matter. w<> <li> \vi-h to inquire if Mr. Gro« s f; !; ri< nnth!iiK ill the v. n;ld to coinnicnt aliout evci pt flo:i<:, fire, tornado, disaster, cartb.ciuaki . drouth and death For several years, now. we have listened faithfully. each time in high hope that the sun micht s'.iinu through the clouds and rnvi ,'cp .^fr. (jrn«f. in its warming rays, and p.ereliance brin? a smile to his faco and a little cheerfulness to his radio eomn.enL and choice of lopirs. But evidently the sun lias no effect on the news room of WHO. or else Mr. Gross is something iikin to n tabloid of the nir. At nny rate, as we said before. Mr. Gross knows his oats, and there was even talk of his runniim for governor. So maybe after all the best policy is one of ullra-pi-ssimism. only trosh it must bn awful to go around feelini; that way 21 hours in each il:iy. i avr.n n.i ]i. % mnncv I •>•'. I'-.".; It is r-ln-rr outL-o. yVi-r>rdm™!v the wise rriiv-i- i- to (•:•:-.nvnt wh|. !-. :-'•(•! <]• thr mi'-.imuni r. tcriir-n "".d th( di/; < iv-ii.r- of i-i-tin. the re~t of the top-!unvy .structure, rid of the- Furp!n = pay-rollers. I'rnspcute the Orient Lights RlnssU-d I'lsp-itch: Pund iv n-cni: Fort PfidKe nnd P.Ki^-'ed (his' v.-ri;. '• forced into the did h ;i d'l.-tn time-- bv <:1 Th" driver:, refuse'] to drop their lipiits ;t!thou..:h signaled them dnren? of time'; and every one ,_,f the dozen or .--o cars \verc new and could drop their li;.;ht-i. They came roarinp down the highway at breakneck speed, entirely disrefrnrdinfr the rights of others on the highway nnd not caring whether others on the hiphu-ny were forced into the ditch or not. They were potf'nti.'il murderers, everyone of them. Adju.lin;; th.-ir hrndiiphts to comply with the law or Ki-ntliniHiily droj pilif, their lichts wnen ; i',-n:il( d •) luit tluy wen , nri-Ks.-, and took Id • au.-(- no a>- -idcnt. i!'-ni ahi,ut the death toll on our In short.' <;et l.'.-twe:Mi ; ,?' ',- lights. Thr;. c i:ii-i:,7 the •,•.-(-..'--. thr p' •".'•'.•:: L.. t ., :• d S-ved:;-h rovalty •-( !« ' m. <! C.-own I'r.-ii.-,. <;,,, \.;..'f (-;' S-.-.i'hi' r.--y. -,r-old hei: I .':i-y<.--\r-oM Kir._- (.;-;-;-if v. i;-, ' i. i: ri.(.r.i n.: M.irh .tt-in's Ci-l\; b.;i-Presbyter;,in Midn U fen' i '.-.-.• i diiy.-- i-.-i-viou-ly liir- prcsid I'.'td stopped m a henvy ruin at \VI!- mi.i-:tor.. I'c lav/.-u-" to help dcd.'< at'•• .".-,. .num.. nt by P al; •.-;- i',r' V t-' l!ii :;eti!j,.™ the:,.-, tlnv. i cnturii'-i nun. of tin fir-: .' ; -..\.l, -,i,,j K,.. :I . in America. Hut th"! rr.-v.i: I'riii'i.-. painfully -!rii!u-.-i at tli- l.-i'-t r.i'mcnt by a kidney .'.'.OIK-, n;. i to let hi': third snn. 20-year-oid !'r::ue Bertil. present the' monument to the president. At thc hospital the president chatted for a half hour with the Crown Prince, invil- Gettysburfr. cussinp nnd fisticuffs discouraged subsequent attempts. This vol.", tile 17. S. Government stepped in with a henlir.;,- offer of free l.-a:;.:pni-tatio:i. fo | :i =t wcc.': a: Gi'.*:,-: bti: p. This time they rot G. A. H. and U. C. V. tried ' i-:: 1'eautifuliy for the r.irn were i.x- ceiiffni-'y oM. their nv, r-: • a--. '•! Scari.hii!fr for eligible invitees. UK- War Department found only 1(U5:>7 living Re!-s and Yanks, about two --1 to one Southerner i( -;i Oldest was N t - ff rn William A. tSai-i- •; : ?e. 1112. of Oakland. Calif.. \vhr "• ! brought an ample pin suppjy. •' , Youngest v/c-re several of M. va i •" j were 13 'having lied about t!-.--ir • • | aL-i" that afternoon when Pickett';; } l i ch.-irpe lapped thc crest of Cemetery •"i PJdge and rolled back crushing the •'-'| ii.'P 1 .-' of the Confederacy. ..! Last \vcc-K-. Cmifi d- ••: ...- .!••..:. c ^ ! Smith, Kjj. of the -K,th G,orgii- '.. I Ke.-.inient. toid how dining thc ba'-j tie h" ri Khed i::to l-.n , iouth .- itniovi'rl the bulkl that lr,,! l:;ir. cd out two of l;i s teeth, pau.-cd ;'-; U) i I-,]! mini ( ,u his skul! v.-hen' onther bullet nicked it, and fou FUN ON THE FOURTH MANCHESTER, New Hampshire A few minutes after Alfred A. Cote of Manchester touched a match t 1 n newly laid fire in the kitchen tove last week, the lids started to louncc, things began popping nnd vhizzing inside like a banana repub- ic presidential campaign. Busting, Cote's wife knew immediately •hnt the matter wns. In the oven he had stored the family's Fourth f July fireworks. -o— UGGAGE LENDERS IAKE MONEV CHICAGO: Frank Masterson 28 n ambitious Chicagoan who enter- i his father's contracting firm a w years ago, wanted a business his own. In December a Marall Field & Co. advertisement of raveling bags piqued his curiosity found that plenty of people came , look, few to buy. Luggage, he oecidcd. was too expesnive to sel readily. He wondered why no one had thought of renting It. Visiting railroad and airline offices steamship and travel bureaus he planted an idea: if vacationists could skimp on luggage, perhaps they would splurge on trips, in partnership with 37-year-old Austin vvyman, who put up the money he opened, ns a side line, the first' V , t !5' g /?? C rentin * sen-ice, distributed folders headlined "Rent Your Luggage'\ urged Chicago vacation- ists to ask travel agencies about the service. To nil agencies he offered n ly'r commission. Last week Frank Master looked over his books, then left hH fathers company to give nil his time to "s own business. In June, its first full wont),. Luggage Rental Service catered to ion clients. broI<-> oven, doubled its business en! h «-ee, { . Its luggage, boueht \vhol«- sale, now includes 3f.O pieces of baggage in various ;:rn d es mui ,. n l- oi's. Clients pay a ?r, deposit nnd a two-week (minimum) race vhirh ranees from ji.z.-j to ?li per ba. ..prnple <harge: n woman's three- i'le-e set. which sells for .«45S- -'ep.ts for two weeks for JO. J n bt--' f.ven trip, a.l! bag, are str,,i]j^,j •UK: rcccmditioned so that Mn<sv r ' "" ;: : ' : ' c , ft thfm f " l:'.st longer than the :.,n days he allowed in fimm.-,,, <.(-pr...:-ifUion. Although he stresses "cnting he lr,s .ipparent.'y dis, over,'I ;,r. iimeni-ais method of retail- Mr : lire. s n f.,,. HK - nf hjs r , ic , n(i . .'..-ive decided to apply rental charges ij-'- h :;^" i! - ( —- ^.^^ of a days no employer with a grai of sense would /fire his men fo joining a union. Once they hav joined, the Wagner 'Act leaves th boss no qholce except to recogniz their union, or find some other ex cuse for getting rid of them. N fools, directors of the Richland Cen ter Co-operative Creamery last weel forestalled NLRB prosecution b> promising to deal with an A. F. o' L. union which some of their em ployees had joined. Next day five o: the six directors stood by whi!< 500 farmers racketed into Richland Center. For much the same reasons that farmers around Hershey, Pa., ejected Hershey Chocolate Corp. sit- downers last year, the Wisconsin farmers \vere concerned lest the creamery pay less for their milk if it had to pay more for labor. They forced seven union employees to quit, ordered 15 others to sign a iledge: "I hereby agree not to join nny orgmiizntion bordering on or pertaining to labor unions." Vexed NRLB's Wis<{onrtn Regional director Nathaniel S. Clark vowed le would not be "buffaloed by r, )iinch of farmers", rooted out n Wagner Act section which makes nterference with NLRB a penal of- ense. The young Mayne twins were over light visitors at the Kelly home Thursday. ATTOftWlEY» AT LAW R. J. Harrington J. D. Low* HARRINGTON A LOWE Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bk. Bid*. ALGONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALGONA, IOWA W. B; QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Co. Savings Bk. Bide. Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE O. HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW ecurlty State Bk. Bldg. Phone 281 J. Van Ness G. W. Stlllman VAN NESS ft STILLMAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices in new Helse Building hone 213 Algona, Iowa We buy you newspictnres! YOU. TOO. CAN TAKE NEWSPICTURES THAT SELL FOR BIG MONEYII We buy you newspictues! We pay o ninimum of $1.00 on ocrsp.'once' Many briny as high at S 50.00 and higher/ For Our Contributors . tt,?.,,,,, if jtlfltll l »mt cd Cro\vn Princess Louise to Hyde Park for Saturday lunrlu-on. Al- ht All - knrnv u uoxj; \VI;I:K on. Dr. Capers C. Jone.s. of JJirm- insham. Ala., ill, barked nt Secretary of War Harry Woodring: "Give me your hand. I nin't going to bit- you." Shouted Yankee Daniel I'.a:f- ion. M. of Kore:;t Grove, Ore.: "riv, v . if ,. •"•'••' <•'' "' ••'•'''I never hec;; !;is-.- ( d."' i f-'aid his h.nri'd atendant: "Have- I I bad a time trying to keep track of ' him!" And ll;ou,.|. t!-,.. sjiirit v.-.t- dM i;-.-. i- I., -h \.-.: . v.'i al;. .Some o isj'Ndi or FARMI;HS VIOLATK \VAO.VKK ACT rilCHLA.VD C-EXTKH. Wi.-.: Now ._ OMOI 3 TCB»T raoa Wtltt totkyh: i:,, ^Mrilura t«Uin« kow you loo cm like pidar.i Ih.l w, tuj Iron »ou! Addteti P.cluit fci:!si. c«r» cf aylord \p. Shumway Edw. D. Kellw SHCMWAY & KEM.T ATTORNEYS AT LAW fflce In Qulnby Bldg. Phone 5» ALGOfTA, IOWA HTBAM B, WHITE ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DAWSOJT ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Phone 460-J R e8 . s5 ALGONA, IOWA ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Llnnan S*rr,uVAN.>PSIAHON & IJNNAN AUiona, Iowa Phone 2 8J Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldjfc ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WI>TXEL ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) Office over Quinby Building _ PHYSICIANS A SlTtOEONS •I. N. KENEFTCK r>«, PH 7 SICIAN ' * SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr A. n£ Rl ll ° vcr Rcxa " Dru K Store Off.ce Phone 300 Res. Phone 32fl ALGONA, IOWA MOM--KM-;- FEAT URES INC. •KO Hcrth M.chi 3 .n Chlc«3o. 111. It m Hiiuni: ju-t n-ttmicil from 11 \in-:ttinii u.. r in verily Hi,. --•,-,d-iM' i,t <.f iiij'.tiur t• ,v< V i \vl>i. >.v, ,.! west ,11.(I ii'ioii n-tiiMiir;: t' .; lni.;.r. : i m it !•;• .; ti .1 ill l):l(l her!] Hh ;in "M! i-xi'lLSl- t(,ur." * * * And tlii-n then- N tin- local fellow ulio «:is visiting ir, ;. ( jty. Mid had an ;.].|,oir ; tiii(-iu to r.ii-it a fru-ml in a hnu-1. H. i!i l.-iyt-d. via a l.-ir. c-nroii!< :•-. i arrived late Hi-, fiuiid was 'jc.m-. so lie i-tn H) m , hall :i!i,i lui-lu-u tm- tll •.„ ,n.,,.i. He wan,•,! -,i..| \\tiiti-d. Kin-illy a K'ihfv .^me aionp "Yi.u aieift," I.i .-alii. ' i.y ,i;:y . !,-i;,ct Wiiitiii^ fo- the ell \ itor'"' •T'.nn riiil.t." v.,-1 ,, m f, ,, ,., : -] ,,, , ;M _,,,,,. ,„ Wali. .1,,Wll tl.i.M- Mr,!!'- " 'I'll 1 ' I'l'il I nv -t, ,.,j .. ,,,, ,, , , , . , ji; ,| , Ilf , ' ' lV< '•' " ••>•-•.'t ii.- v ..:. a: v •.-, : t,. \ ,:• • , ,-, , the I;- fli.'u- m.'.v " Our citnera i- i, ;l il»-ai,,| u.'ll n-, i> ..!;,.( ,, ;.i.d tl I i. i Hon. tiir<-ati ning the cr.mpanv'. iib.tni^ men and women from 'I'lu- t(i\'.-n eif Neu'ton mav b-- ju-t another plate in tl,..- -i.i t.'iey will defy tilt law i- their way thf woi;: ( -r- ba.-k to their job'-, r.'c-'.v- i-v h ,.1 | >- ioii--: Wa.-- -ii;-! H,,ur- Olympu- .''."a'ion-il P,r': n-ii more |,ill , uliir h tl,- \-.-t. ,-,! | (> t -A i-i-k v.a-re on. 'oronriflt, meniririal :,<i ten! H' .1- .1!;.-! .1. f, Hufr!" *o-!:. M-,-. who ^ol^.il L 1 li( DM) % i;,\H OF \\.\Il IN CHINA i "JOKYO. J ,,..,1,. •]•„ ' '• Ke.l v.a n. ( i.m:, . '>!.' e , onl.dl.'.tly pn:, • l.i t only a few month' .ei (-nd year Week '.- •-[ill-utl'll - A'llll ll .l!lj:-|:l U t,.{| Wulliil ,. entered it- Witli Japan from her linnlly-aiiiinu.' 01 11'|,I,,,.,.-!,;_' Chlne-e l Chl:in;; K..I- --ni:k's 11 ali-.-iiiK. i.; -luuiit. In fact, the Government of Pnin ler 1'nni.t Kumimaio Koitoye '..':-, ; Ion id in pull Ja;.an'.-. belt a h;tl | tr-'iUei tu c (..p,.- v.-ith t,..- Clean • Sportsware Ready For Any Occasion ^ "ii 'I! en jii\- spurts so nnn-li more if your dot h- !•> arc dean. Fr<-i|ii«-!it dry cli-aiiin- not only makes suiiuiier <lre.--ses look Mnarter, it is a pra«-l ical service. ^iviii»- added wear to fabrics and a cooler effect tor the verv hot (lavs. ELK CLEANERS PCITV \Vc Deliver .\.\\K SAVS IT'S U j:\KIxdMi-; (.HIM) l:r'ITK Moni;,,. ,- some ' ial ttoina. h. It •17 type- ,,! .-,,;. .:.t. i otlri'.; ciiith OH: li ); ii.. \\i, t: ',<t (in ;> ATI I C. II. CRETZMEVEU, SL D. Phone 44^1-310 SURGEON & PHYSICIAN O(Ti cc John Galbraith Bldg. SIEIA7N- O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over old Post Office Phones—Office 197 R e s. 1 OSTEOI-ATHS «a.iaiv -AV -s -aa Ostcopathic Physician General Practice DENTISTS •' I>It n. ji. OLSON DENTIST '- C. NFGBNT DENTIST •. Algona, Iowa I>«. C. IJ. SCIIAAP DENTIST . . . GENERAL DENTISTRY 10m0ldPoslo ^« Block Algona, Iowa ____ _ KAHL R. HOFn|.\.v~ DENTIST SEE THE AMAZING II.-'h ',', ,.,! , It.',.; An i p 111 I'ml ..I i ur - i. i i at!> i, 1 m ... il I, .. i: , |... i".'- '•• i.. i • I.i :. i • :. ''.....I. ;, . I ' an: " :t:. • v . • .- : ' •. ; • •....: A 'fill li. lltltlill-' II h,.:li,ll III. i,-,. ,,l t ill I.i • I ;;: : ':!:.- i - I i . .:.':;•. ! . . :. giive him i... .:.y . - .i.| i.. n ..;: < ' ;,.- ' and he u'eiit ti.. u ..-li.^h. !:.... '.',..•; i :.. unlays, Sunday.-, and ii. ,.i.i,r..- Kajuuus coupons t -\\ill 1'ork Barrel I'ulilii-s Hum bold t ImJcpeiidei.v. Hi-i,,i.- ,.ie i.i U.e UlUt tilt proposed aeven billion li'.-lkiio 1,1 used in \inri a- a "pork Imru-l" piodj.-t or >o tributtd judiciously willi un e\e on u.-. re Novt-'W'ber us well as relieving the eliairessed. icians have btt-n known to do such tinny., of tlu-m lo,..; ; ^,,od , n P., 01. .11. ' 'I ill., I,!' li. .10,i tica! lu ,i. '1 l.i- J...-V.VI l];el ! : V. I. ojaiiii;.! iij r.i.-'a M, p,;i:y wilh ti.i be di.i- tiu... , oiiu- into ihe i ,rh , ult.. i'i I...- tully IK.-I-I ve- I or ha l j u!ll- yi'ijund in a pel lod whii in-ai.ity ;,.- thi- irau'ii ha. t:i - '<••; . . | l a\e an a, i lo:.,i[ '"•: :;: '" ' a' on i a, h iru.-k and t n p | er day. I,..- >•.'•• ,- I I;, ... i '' '•'' I '•:: '.!;. I,! | , ... ; •.!,;, , .. -,,,] :it ;,, ! ! -- i: ''-'• '111 :-' :!.1'> til. lo tivi-lve I for ,.',]; '••• ; '>"' ' : -'- '• .-::a!-.i.d *' ranci-', uii.-i a! ih.ei.l -.1 j ..';(,!<;•. : i.-i -• , •. 1: ' L '"'' v '' remained smxiilarly un.'•• • •. i , : i: ' : i r ' ' ' ''• by in.- .- | : ..nor MOIL-, ,•;,:;.-. , ! '•'" I •••<> I" .M-- .<•-'-. Kr;:l,, . '., )',.;,;ii , ;:.-.- , •;, . '• |. -,t I ;-,,, | M,,,-..,-, ,.t il!. d |,, ,1.. • ''..ivlhlli'-C about llu i el.-il ; olo.i ,'. •' -' ' '-.. < i. 1'icmiai Kdoiiiird Dalii- '•" ' >''.•' li' ' fee pl\:-.i rilied 1 blo-.v ' ' '" ; '-' r •'• No muiv pii i,nti.-i aru |p . ''.- .(.M (/. L -;i-, hut 1,1, li.,. , th, . • at:d i.i,|.c ,..| 11,,. f,.o,,,, ij,,.,-,. ,.,,,,,. • 111 be !e|,.,l,; ,[,.,]. Him e II;- , ol, *•'•' '<•• 'be at Ihe rate i,l abo.a r, 11 :•• -'I 1 - 11 will I:,,!,. ai,.HH le.-i yeai. ti- l:.|tll.i-ite the pci. .1 , l.lony.' 1 hi- men who | ' : '" : "' '''' lt;o " Army ha., ituently n jutiiaied over '2(>(> men who h.ave ••i ved out iheii- time. About 'J.'i.OOU iivn I , li-ive been sent to French I "--inn.,; one i,-]|, | , j- ,j :iv ),,. ,,, n ...n.i.ii . • l v u ueeil .sell!, to French | ' .-laplet.e the job m about live *' ula "'' -^"cc the penal colony was munth.,. .-fii-liaj; thi:, ueeif. -j\., o <-''abli.shed in 1H52. Some comment- I ! 11' --1 i li - ! '" ' J * J ' J '" • •"' 11 * 1 .'1J^ t n l:i \\ t't'jt. 'Y\'-l} I ~ " ' -••-•-•• in t utj*,. ij'Jijn; It.iJJJJJJL'JJ , lri] . ati,j.. have pictured the colony as; to n.,i tile ea.-.e- of the k- of lou,;. U'hetiier . I: ,il |, t . Wl!1 al ; ., JH11J of the- peupk- whi.-h t ao near national known '''<,.:,( (iuuiii.^men will lidi- on earii tl'U.-'k. but hold-up, :;,,. ,.,, t ; : |,ti,.- ipated becuusu bar silver makes bulky luot, ia hard to dispose of. ">•'. VtJAHS AFTfcK K»K Bl.l i: A.\l> OKAY GKTTYSBUKG. I-a.: The- Grand Aimy of the Republii- and thc Uu- Ued Conti-dt-ratf Veteiaiia liavi- talk ... -arefret settltmtnt. The ! French Guianu climate is always humid, with the temperature rang- ijig from Ga to 90 degrees, wilh frcijucnt trade winds from both southeast und northeaat. Undeniable fact, however, is the large- number of deaths, which each year has generally equalled the .ConuderateVcteian.huvttalk. of importation^ us w^ 7. th lo, >e,u a of holdma a jomt re-| large number ot men of broke, IIUUJ Colemari S i* i •• r i r HEATING IRON STREAMLINE MODEL No. 609 ____ VETKRINABIANS Dr. Typewriter Paper Ue have received a large shipment of ream imckaif '-•(Hi sheets) which sell for 75c lhi* is a good grade bond and will make an excellent bchool paper. The Algona Upper Des Moines for 500 sheeta , ., I and See how this marveious new Stream_ linefl Coleman Iron saves miles of steps and cuts your ironing time one-third. It glides along like a streamlined train-no tiresome pufihing, pulling or bearing down, oilh a " y ^ here -j n «»» c °°'*st room in the hou£ or out on the shady porch. Makes and burns its own gas. Costs only y 2 f an hour to use. Lights instantly from outside This new Coleman has new speed, new streamlined beauty Natural-grip Bakelite handle with built-inTumb rest relieves muscle strain, Non-tarnishing vitreou. ena oody, chromium air-cooled hood and baw. Big Demonstration at our Store— SATURDAY, JULY 16 lie Mire to come and sc-i- this marvelous iron Howard Hardware Inquire at The na Upper Des Moiue* office for partruclars

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