The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1938
Page 4
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Pfn- AioUie i A IUM Knitmiilw9 C^0fc~* Krs. U J. DeGraw entertained til* member* of the Union Moth- Algona, Iowa, Jdy 12,1938 Janet Zerfass to Wed ™ur*d«r, w-ith Mrs. Julm Dearths a lL ""*•' »"?»•««« Hero, and Mr*. St John, a truest of the club. an interesting talk on how j «, Mrs: Jake GttMon M« ^ n w 5^r hf °' f^?™- ™r , " O 'dr«are. GJendal*, California^ and Mr*. Kate Anni? «nd dauRhter. Beth of Miles City, Mont Ana A two course lunch eo** w-asyervedbytheho^^. The next meetsnir will be held Julv 34 wit!: Mr*. Lawrence Giwli and! Mr« Gee Kohl assisting i Dinner— Mrs W. L. Gr*p?o:- e-.tervun«i at a surprif* birthday dinner at the Floni H.i'l at the fur; Sunday, in honor of her htsfbsnd"? birthday. Those attendine were Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Rpnn«?ftt<»r of Corwith. Mr and Mrs O L Miller of Irvjnpton. Mr and Mr« Waiter Falb of West Bend. Mr and Mr« Frank U Miller. Mr and Mrs E E. Wildin, Mr. and Mrs Jess Ls«h brook. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skill"; ing and sons. Mr and Mrs Cha< Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Skilling. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shilling, and R. G Fry and daughter. Audrey and so.- Ernest •*;! of Altar.* The dtr- ner was followed by a kittenrs': Mr and Mr? D P Smith and Mr and Mr, Chet WH!iam« «' n! ,r " tmnfd at * dinn<-r-r.rid P e P srtv v the Smith homo. Fridsv'evenink A I wen o'clock dinner 'was serVed i and bridge was plaved Valerii'i Picket won the high ."core r"- i and a jtuest prize ws« civpV tV ! J"*ie Bandv of De? Moine.« Other ; p^t, were Mr. and Mrs. Gus Lee i and Mr. and Mm. F. R Bandv .,-.1 daughter. Jane of Britt Mr *r,1 : Mr*. W G McCul!o-:gh Bob W : ' isms and Craig Smith S,,rr.riv for >Jr^~PaHerMm- »r r . T ,. ^ . ... „ u - [ ,. T and Mr.« E i i w c!rott " rf hostejse*«d«- at s ?urpr;*p party in h^ror of Mr- ' . Jar "' -* F«»*™n> hir'na^y at".!-: latter « horr.e. Gue«;.« xvrre Mr* L M Ower. Mr* Je?«;» r>Vr-eI V- Pear! Potter, and Mrs 'Xet'e "F Krisr-p. The afternoon ws« * r - • .«<-. -.o>- ar ,d refre«hm»nt. served! " Pre-Nnptial Shont- r— \r^. r- r> it -. .. . C , B Murts ? h ««>*«»»««>»* ^< M«id«v mar be Jo* Sleil cj«i contest it if he •wants a dispute for Charlie xril! take all oonwr*. LOCAL NEWS At Hw {Murk «r«rtim flm) program for. • • At Hw RM» street liv» twt> crow* emptoved in a funernl Xot r«>t it " of MM. Fred Ward of Hollywood, HI., Is j visiting in Algona at the home of '• h * r " unt Mrs J' 1 **"*'". and xrith the Canadian-Pacific railroad. Mr. and Mm. C. W. Morek and daughter. Virginia, drove to Minneapolis, Minn., Sunday and vUlted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Fletcher. Mrs. Morc.k and MM. Fletcher are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Morck returned Sunday evening, and Virginia remained for a twj weeks visit with friends. Mr, and Mm. Carl Pearson and Stanley and Norlne Grelner returned Saturday, from a two weeks' trip They saw the Black Hills. Tellow- stone National Park and Seattle. Washington. From Seattle thh>y drove down the coast to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Calif. The return trip was made via Salt Lake City, and Denver. Mr. and .Mrs. R. \V. Cndlwell returned Wednesday evening from a ... .;.-•-•. R reunion in me onice OI j three weeks'trip in the west. They :-.t town of Wesley for it can boss; C B Murtagh. state comptroller it drove through the Black Hills. Ye!having the best playing infieM I Dse Moines She is a verv compel- lows tone National Pnrk. Twin FaIN f. , * * r^f«u A *^J —..i * — d r /~>_l:^ field ent young lady. ">{r. and Mr«. Raymond Beamish ?rd children. Jean Rae and Jem- • Jthe tulkinit rtaire they make" a lot j 1 of noi*e at the hack do w ! • * friend. Mildred Pratt f noi*e at the back "door wafting ! Wr - *"* Mr *- c - *•* K*"™"' of Kmt- snd bfrfttrinjt for food. Sranetifnea i »whft were guests of Mr. and Mrs. they Mhe to sit on the neighbors' ! W. W. Jacobson from Wednesday white clothes while drying on the i until Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ker! >ne. " ' j spy are the uncle and aunt of Mrs • • • i Jacobson. * f !T .**''*"* "««rtr »n th* bjw-; Uiln Spfrsw. danirhtrr of Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Speraw of Algona. has taker, a position in the office of •s!l fields in north centra! Iowa, one t" hsr.d a compliment to the lit- Dodgre Sunday and spent the week end there. Mm. Laldley knd the children remained for 8 ewra weeks 1 ! visit at the home of the farmer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Nichols. Mr. Laldley and Mr. CangHey returned Sunday evening. Mrs. Caughey and two cbUdren-, Prank Jr., and Beverly, are Citing j n ., , Minneapolis since last Thursday. •>. the territory Other rals wo'.ikl do wisely to vis ; t tafce pointers. " j * * * i f-5 ir the pavement at the where Call and Jones streets intersect —Court e 5v tn o'clock dinner was served in the B'ue Room of the Hot?! Algona Covers were laid for 12 An informs! evening was sper.t at the Mur- home." Janet fas* Ttiii r. De Zerffiss. dsuchter of Mr and ii b- n-.arned Saturday. July if Moine? The coup!e will make their Mrs P P ZfT- ^,, Verv-eer home in De« " - -. rf Kr n-1 P. A. Cfcnson. celebrated hi* birthday. Friday, by entertaining 16 friends at a birthday mr- ty. Max Bartholomew, an " older playmate, took charge of the games in the afternoon. Those attending were Jack Spongbere. Cecil Dit«- vrorth. Janice Bartholomew. Bobb-:» Donovan. Frances Ann AHwesre. Mary Ann Timm. Richard and Charles Walker. Jerry Ludwie Veri on Harp. Gary Mi Dor..->.:.!. GT.- Waldron. Pan! Wjf«e Billy Lf Fox and Biliy Oi:dfr;r>ri A '•>;'-• f beer, was serrctJ bv B.-rbie's rr.c -i - er. Family Picnic— A * -... - % - . •- •••• > F!ir.;-.- ' wis ?frv- f-'i r:: thf iawr. ?;jrd»v r~~~ t'r.c h--rre -of Xfr Mr*' H^-.-,- Ar.i«r.'-:r. G-.if.'tf tvfr f Mr= \-' ''. There will be s re,cuHr meetinc rf the Rer-?kah itxJcf Tuesday eve' r.:np The r.ew officer? wi'.i be •-.• •"!?.*>: f.-> s f-,i;; at:er.d.irtce 1? df- , fireci "i r.e new oft'icers are Mrf ' Chft Dj;i!.-!ger noNe frand: Mr.«. Waiter KHmp. vice grand: Mr? Myron L-JJ-.V;JT treasurer: Mrs Hf-- ry secretar;- S. S. S. Oub—"' ~ Mr? Bfn Pwcr.afr rt.vr.e .i •'-.? S ? ? bridge oub at her V.;_eh^ score rrire wont to Mr*. Chas. v.i«5frve-d. Mr? T:::':e"F.i«Vau"'wi S ' Cotmtr- Picnic— A county Mssonjc picnic wi/1 he heid at the Ptat? Park Sunday. July 17. at one o'clock p m A r-ot luck dinner wzll he sen-fd fo;- Ic-wed by a speech by Kari Hiiicr cf Corwith. and a j-rograrr. County lotion Meeting— A Kossuth ccur.ty rr,f?t;r.£ cf t':e Leg-.or. Auxrjsry will b* About Town Soya Portland 4-H Sees A Butterfly Exhibit 1 At Recent Meeting Portland: Portland Peppy Pals : met Wednesday with Marilyn Long. A talk on butterflies was given, with mounted butterflies shown by Vj r - c^n:s McWhorter. A paper en x-Tist the Tuberculin Test Means" was read by Dorc-thy Stewart. Miss Pepoon demonstrated portfolio mak a ^ M «- ™*»- Beamish and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reed. ,, „,,_„-.,. . .. Mrs. Ralph Winkel and Ihree children of Morris. 111., is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Behlmer. and her husband's mother. Mrs. Mamie Winkel. She will be here for several weeks. Marion Corey. Elaine Hilsteadt, Theadora Larson. Irma Dee Phillips. Mary Corine Fleming of Whittemore. Esther Pratt. Betty Edg? ' and Isabelle Greenberg will leave Sunday for a week at Clear Lake Mr*, Charle* Rotipe and gran,-- daughter. Donna Jean, returned 0:1 Wednesday from Cedar Rapid, where they had visited for two weeks at the home of the former'- ing snd \ irginia Trenary gave a re- son and wife. Mr. and Mrs. A. W port on the recent 4-H convention i Roupe Idaho and out to San Jose. Calif. From San Jose they drove up th-> coast through the Redwood Forcn to Tacoma. Washington. On the return trip they went to Portland. Oregon, down the Columbia Rivc-r drive to Twin Falls, nnd through Wyoming and Nebraska. Mr. and Mrs. Dow Lnldl»y and children. Gladys and Rosalyn. nr- compand Charles Caughey to Fort Ear ere ft. at fgicr; Hal A bv flrit^rtain* at Lali*"— IVnffit Guild Oub— •?*•—<-.; ry MVT Ux f r«c~'.< Hirris rr.n-.her ard and dau-' s:«:f-r Mr* Vv. Evangelical Society Holds July Meeting T*w fHlon who delivered and I'-r-,.:-.?tra*e-d the new truck ;ad a few idea? rot in line with no?i of us country folk. State trt-et w.\s used a? a training prourit! cr driver?, back ar.,1 forth all cay -. heavy tr.-ifT:.- As .1 feature four " :f \"-- •"' " "-'fr Mere turned o:: '". •* "•"'• •'' Ch=r-.bcr c,f Commerce -: '..r.: M the sr-f{ water porn to '.-••- '•''•'• f-i?y it ws? to Vow •:• . dollar cr.slauch: Mr< C. E. Sie?bee. Mrs. Martin Mrs Ray MrWhorter .-*-.1 r. Joan, nttende-d a Methou- of Algona. bp- •. can work with the State Commer.-» : Commission as assistant auditor at ' I>es Moines. Mr. Altwegg is a neph- i ew of Wm. Altwege of Plum Creek. Mrs. Altwegg is the former Irma Windell. V lr dine? sr.<5 fsrcih- ,- '.Veslev.'a- r-tint. Mf 5 l^\\, f T»::~iar:'cf : ston. I'! Foliowjr.g the r:.r.i r,er the group drove to Wc.«: to visit the Grotto. Mr- ri.r- B<-:d To Honor Guf^t— '•':- W C Ir<:-,-. :<..•'. -T-.:f-».^%y hrr.cTjr.c Mr? Kirsch ef Fcrt DixJge Eirl« 'at cwr :> b::t their ^ the h,-.-:. !.u«.h>'« rollinc 5carette.< A circle;-. T. K "••f racs then it's lien- .»nu- fo nu-als or just a snack. Try Our Sunday Dinners ar.dMrs E R W \.-.t r w Mar:e Fr:Utmt ir^r frr.rr. tr.e •F.f-h:..;d::-.i: Rur f-.-.-i* M*rk> has whf-:i w:r< were wrr-i best to !*: he furrt:-.t the fo'.d chib met en /h;ir?dsy «-;th Mrs Neitrel. Mrs. •^ec-rpe Lnnning entertained Mc»- :i?.rr.c? S M. Peterson. Ssm Wir, )>-:! .n.i A)frcd Gmjfredsor. Wedrodn- •iftf.-.-::>--.. .*•:.-. and Mr?. Victor Fitch sper- ^> :-.-'-.y w:th the John Koestlcrs" Mr in,i Mr?. C'.arer boji. where they had spent the pa?t week. Dr. Andrews joined them for the week end. Mr*. T. F. Sullivan nml four children of Port Arthur. C-in.ifi.-i. r-:- turr.eJ to their home Monday after .". ten day visit with thr form«--r'- ?i-«ter. Mrs. W. H. Godden. Mr Sullivan i? rhicf train, disj.atcher on Binder Twine 3.75 50lb. - Sib. Balls Coast-to-Coasl Store Theatre •Thurs. thru Sat. July 14-16 The best Buck Jones western In .1 year. r "HEADING EAST" Second Feature Sally Eilers Paul Kelly "NURSE FKOM BROOKLYN" Serial "Fighting Devil Dogs" Sun. thru Wed. July 17-20 Gene Autry Special 'GOLD MINE IN THESKY" , spent Mond.iv with the nttf-r.'J- it r r«v;fw :5;cr. sf.; : Arr.f .-:,-» beer. ch.-,'< Rob o!d on hi* coif. watch hi- on No i ro .c r.e Cf-lar- Falls b<-.r;r.r «-» Mr? Pa-j: Blur Mr* Fred Merk;<- - ; h-fr,:.<- c.'Kj.'iia Fr; rr.a?terly drive? > Crffr. Three t:r cuVhfJ for an ."i%irfl;.? y\r-! tn-.; '. twfr.ty AS thf fr.ilier>- turr.r-.l r< .--..iy to f:nd better enttrt.-.inmers- Kc-b did get on n fine one with a!t- -Vr r,r,.i Mr?. Albert I '•'. the- finu-ra! cf Mr? > !'.--/->o. a r.K-tc- nt Eninit t^'-urc c--o <?'.y la«t week. Mr? P.ny MrWhorter -ir.d r!-v.;q:.- '< r- Virpini:!. Jfary an.-} J- in i enioyt i Saturday w:!h t ; -.- IP.crt McCorkles "cast of ASzf'r.'i Mr. r.r.d Mr?. Gcnrce I .-> r. r, i r. ^ vtr.t tn Victor Saturday ar.d ie>~ turned Sunday bringing a Nfr?. Hi:! !.er work for several weeks. HELPFUL HANN/H'S Household Hints Onwter* \»»'n Mrrtinc xt.-. t " r-i. »- The* Bartholomew hrother« h:\\ on hand at all times something :>' wild life. At present thcv are re-"-- i C«meterj' Association meeting on Thursdav. Ju.'y M This is the nn- rif"ic and will be he'd a; report the car it rides like a dog. jump* nround from seat to seat, climbs shoulder and caresses its on the Fatnih Rj-union USED CARS '35 Deluxe Chevrolet Coupe ;30 Chevrolet Sedan with trunk 30 Chevrolet Coach '31 Plymouth Sedan '29 Plymouth Coupe '32 Ford Conch Hoenk Motor Service \\". -• ,.,:' i "(1 at sportsmen. the serial at t>:, v.a« heartbrea'-i- ' me.-,!- ',-:• '• hurrit--d to •!-.-• • of ftvorit. t:me Morj-htu- n't !• t i:-. Four Corners Mothers and Daughters Meet F«ir Corners: The Four Corner* Mothers and Daughters club held its first day meeting of the new year at the home of Mrs. Edna Mit, ci-.ell. The program consisted of the opening .-ong. roll call, n.iymer.: ry the secret iry. A paper. The Original Story of the D.-. l.iration of I-:<ie;.endi-r.i i- was read by ElsK-'.-man. Music u-:is fu'rnishel hy the hostess. Lunch was .served. The- r.txt m.-.-tinj; will hi- Ju'y ::- ••'.rh Mrs. P.uth Harlau To Poach EKS-' E.i.-ier -lot the water come to a rolling boil, drop the eggs in. turn out the fire and the eggs will finish poaching in the boiling water. Healthful material.- in abundance in our baked goods Trv them regularly. (son Phone 43 Bak ery T1in«e who pl.t>ed coif the -.- : F ],-,,. ;,.--.: i:,,- \, ,r ,-,re ,-«t •.Ji-r-tir.d h.-.w r.,. kr.--:,«. !v-.-•!• It WHS estimated if all ^-;.r,t;on Johnny left on the - :<v.;.-i he E-.tiu-rrd up it \\ ou!J hog,i -Mrs Minnie Wilson, daughter. AM- and .-on. Corwin. >;tent pnrt of . .-t v.-itk :it thr Edward P.i.-h ho:i'..Miny :u:gli:n-,rs and iri.-r.d- from this viiir.ity attended the Wt-ddin- ditnre of Mr. nr.d Mr>. Earl Mil! •/• .-it the fair grounds Inn Saturd-iv evening. A daughter Annriht!!,- 1^,.^ Wi , ^^ • Cool and Comfortable At All Times Here I'lc.'iM- Help t's I iy Makinir Y<mr AjijMiiuiiitcnt Several Days in Advance THERE'S A REASON WHY SO MANY LADIES PREFER THE Morrison Beauty Shop Phone 279—Now! tr.f r- .-»oit«- d(M-%n t S r| up town a* he ii iictuatomed to for "ng i laim to the best g-ar- i< • .!y UTio ever the judg. pounds and •l.-iuiihtcr of U'.thiirr. is the second grand- Mr and Mrs Everett REPORT OF CONDITION OF Security State Bank Mid - July Specials At it\iCKi:irs flEE' Pur MI.U SHOE UCES «..!* »«fC>.S4» 5 £ Succoc WHITE SMOE CLEAdER PICNIC NEEDS 10 CANDID CAMERA 398 BATHING CAPS 23 ( 2 f- RAYON PANTIES Sister from Kansas VisiU John Von Bank '4 iT.O30.00 3.500.00 20.500.00 ! JUT I'.C 15 \\ 9c FREE BRUSH With 2 .paste 19c ft.r Siiriifiu-r \Vt-a i'> Aiiklct> 10c GLASS BOWLS 9c Large JO'. mc |i s i ze OILCLOTH I' 1 , <>7.. Wllili- SHINOLA 9c _9c WASTE BASKETS S|M-<ti| \ iiluc; GLASSES E A. S--. t-to.- i-.' >ti fr«<.dtr;.t '•HI.HAAS Vit« Pre* "( 'I'm ikrx" ! I.CH.S 19c BIO t PAGE Sniuii loukuig UiMgn -• —. • 'iut Tin ( '"!'•- 3for 9c SLikU: 'if 1^'A-j R V/ <~A.i.I.-WEIi -' i'll; -F.r. r SHfMW, K M HAl.'BERO -i t;...- xr. :...,. i« J.. ; ,- ;, KU.-RA i lias tint '& BEN F w. T. Butler. Owiu-r

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