The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1938 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1938
Page 3
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Farewell Party Held for Ruth, Eunice Stahmer , honored at l party | nst week Wednesday S«m ," St lhe R K - J*"«°n home. Games were played and JftJr" f V!! 1 , l ° thc winnin * tenms after which lunch was served. Ruth «ntno.? U 1 IC ? Were P re! «>ntod with autograph books which were autographed by the Ruests Attending were Virginia, Marian, Betty and Mnrlys Henge). Geneva Olson, Duane Giffcn. Shirley Siems Carmen and Cordellia Miller, Dor's and Klmor Blcckwenn, Lois Lnrso-i Lrnvomio Wchrspann. Dclorcs Bleck- wcnn. Lorraine Wepener nnd Eun- Iro Johnson. Ruth and Eunice arc daughters of R PV . and Mrs. H. D Stahmer, Fairville, who are leaving this week for their new homo at Hiiiton. Iowa, where Rev. Stahmer will he in charge of the Lutheran church. Entortnlns in Honor of Gumt* Edith Wolfe entertained Thursday afternoon In honor of Lcona and Lillian Baago of Ringsted. Bridge and 500 were the diversions and n lunch was served. Guests were Verna Sorcnson, Esther Larson, Virgic Hanson and the Baago girls of Ringsted and Mary Ann Bohn of Fenton. Lillian and Lcona are the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Hans Baago and were graduated from the Ringsted high school this spring. This fall they will go to Mason City where Lillian will take The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 12, 1938 Toil? £ S INTEREST «'H CLUB .MEMBERS ON U. OF I. JOI.R—The proper method to use in trimming a horse's hoof was one of the demonstrations 4-H club members saw at the horse barns when they attended the 1938 4-H club university tour at the College of Agriculture, University of Illinois. While this group was gathered at the horse barns, similar groups were receiving pointers at thc swine, beef cattle, dairy cattle, poultry and sheep barns. ^,._ >r „ .,^, t uiiiimi will tUKC a course In beauty culture and Leona will attend a business college. Irene Krause, clerk in her father's store Is ill with the flu. Burton Skarre of Jewel la visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Skarre. Mary Ann Bohn spent several days last week with Marjorle Johnson at Fairville. Bobby Comer, Minneapolis, is vis- lung at thc.Adolph Peril home. He Is a cousin of Mr. Peril. Mrs. Mary Miller returned horn.- last week from Minneapolis where Khc had been visiting relatives. Ruth Bspc started work last wcc-k Monday in thp home of the Methodist minister and wife at Algona. Bert Huskamp of Chicago will twit-hide a two wc-eks' visit with. h«r parent*. Mr. nnd Mrs. E A IIu.s- l:!iinp. tills week. Glenn Hammond returned to hi^ l-.f.iiiM ill Waterloo lust wppk Monday jiftcr a few dny.s 1 visit at the Elmer U eisbrod home. The Fairville Lutheran Aid .society Met last week Thursday afternoon jvitl: Mrv. R. (;. Ik-nxcl. Mrs. A. J. i-.ruu.--p of Fenlon V.-.-IK a ir'.iest. Thp Fenton Luthci.,n Aid .society nut Wednesday at the church pa'- l(.r.< witfc MJH. Dnn Hnntelnmn and An-s. .Tohn Hdijimi ,,. N ho:itc>s:,i;,. Chris Lien a!ten.led n birthd.v, iinnivi.r.i-iry parly in hrnor of hi- nan. Carl Lien, at the latter'* hom. 'it Kweu City, Friday ivenins. Gladys Stoeber, Virginia Frank IIa/.c..| Weisbrod. Mntliiidu Iluhnk" nnd Ardi.'i Volgt left Thursday for a few days outing at Lake Okoboji Hildegarde and Roth Kabelit/ UauKhUr «f Rw. «md Mr*. R. w. Kabelltz. are visiting relatives nr.d rrienfls jn eastern Joivn uliuo intt week. Afr. and Mrs. Mikp Ucseh and Mr. and Mr:i. Kuymond Tietz retuin- td home W«'djii-wlay t -v<-fiijig froi.i n week's (iHhitiK in northern Mir,. iii-.tot,i. Mr. >ind Mrs, Alfred of Ames returned to their home la H Tuesday i,(ter a twu weeks' visit with Mr.s. Em ss' parentH, Mr. <uii| .Mr.s. Jens Mnlvi-rson. M.ui.' I'erll who ha.i just cur.i- I'leU-d a course in heaiity < ulture in Minneapolis, returnr c| ' home la t w< ek for a visit with her pareiu , Mr. and Mr.s. Adnljih Pert I. Mr. find Mrs. Henry Wt-jji'iR-r of Algon/i spi-nl liiKt week Tilewl::y mid Wednt-Hday at the hnim. of (heir !-on in law arid daughter, Mr. and Airs. K. K. Johnson, Fnirvillo. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Dreyer took the former's brother, Ernent Drcyer to hiH borne at Chitrlea City last week Monday lifter a visit here witli the Dreyeru and other relatives. Mrs. John Kramer and son, Harold, who uptnt three weeks with Mr«. Kramer's |»ireiitf>, Mr. and Mrs. .Vela Krogh lit Lulu-Meld, Minn., returned home last week Monday evening. Marlys Hengel, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Hengel, fell in the barn last week Sunday anc broke her left arm at the elbow Thc bone xvas set and she is getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Omer Edwards of West Bend and Mr. and Mrs. Albin Nelson and family enjoyed a picnic In the Emmetsburg park last week Monday. Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Nelson are sisters. Thc Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Meyer was baptized Marilyn Ann, a \veek ago Sunday at the Lutheran church In Lotts Creek. Sponsors were Mrs. Fred Boettcher and Alvln Potratz. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ohm returned Thursday from their wedding trip which xvas spent at Des Moines. They will make their home at Rolfe where Mr. Ohm is employed In thc August Zumach pool hall. John Wegcner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wegener, Fairville, has been seriously ill thc past week xvith KtreptococcuH infection. Friday he was taken to the McCrccry j hospital, Whittemore, for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wolfe of Waterloo fame Thursday for n visit I with the former's father, Free.;]...) and brother. Hex and family. They xvill also visit Mr. Wolfe's sble.i. Mrs. Calvin Ilourcholdcr and family at Lone Hock. A large bay windoxv and txvo glasse.s in n pop corn machine were broken Friday night of lint \\-eek when the pop corn machine toppled through the front xvindcnv of the Alvin Zumarh tavern. Thc windo-v was covered by Insurance. Mr. and Mrs., William Hartvijr and ;.-on. Carl, and daughter. Lillian of Fort Dodge came a xveek a-:o Sunday for a xvetk'H visit at th" home nf Mr. mid Mr;. I->iiest Ho'-:,- eistn. Mrs. John Xu-*fbiirih nri.l Mr, and Mr:i. Herman Haaclc. They returned home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Hartmv, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis VosiuOl Kathleen Hodge returned to their homes at Waterloo, last week Monday after a visit at the hom« of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Bleckxvcnn, Fa!-- villc. Mr. and Mrs. Hartmnn n-c relatives of the Bk'ckxvenns. Mr. and Mr.s. Joe Nc-umiin~Tind daughter of mar Lnkrita xvi-re di'i- /K-I- f .-ii,-:.ts at (lie F, e.l Urc;wr. IIK...L- last wec-k Monday evening. 1'earl Nelson aroiii),,inic,l tin- /, c -n , home for MI inrletinite Mi:; -\.-'-on ,„,,) -Mr... Xcuinan.-.n-...,.,t .,« anil daii-li!. r.s ,.f Alvin .Vc-Nim. L. M. Ilolldorf ancl twin daiiKi:- I. r:i .Inn. »n.l .lean of Ci-y],.;, Mnii. Klla Kyhl and Koliert 'I'liri; of M;,.s,,/i City xvi-rt visitors in the parc-ntv.l M"rs. Fred Jentz and their families. Mr. and Mrs. Kressin and daughter, Joan left last week Wednesday, accompanied by Mrs. Krause and daughter, Gladys and Mrs. Jentz to visit their parents at Barnev. N. D., and will return home this week. Birthday Club Has Meeting at Paulsen's Seneca: The Birthday club met at thc Art Paulsen home Tuesday afternoon and helped Ruby Paulsen celebrate her birthday. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Ole. Oftedahl, Mrs. Irvln Classo nand daughter nnd Arlene Stafford, Mr. and Mrd. Curtis Olsen and daughters, Harriet and Alice nnd Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cody nnd daughters and James nnd Enrl Norris <vime in an helped her celebrate. A thresher meeting was held a the Chns. Jacobson home Thursd.v evening. Irvln Classon's sister and fnmi!\ of Enst Chain spent Thursday evu- ning at the Classon home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson and Ruth Johnson of Fort Dodge sppnl the Fourth of July nt the parentn Carl Peterson home. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Yager >'e- lurned from Florida one day the for part of the week where they havp spent thc winter months. Art Swan of Duluth, Minn., spent •••pvernl clays thc past WPP|< nt thp Deverd Swan home nnd visited h!:; mother. Mrs. Haskins who has been seriously ill but is improving. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Finnestn.i. Mrs. Sknar and daughter of Outlook, .Saskatchewan, Canada, and Mr. and Mr- Sim Olsen of south of Rin«- sfed. palled at the Curtis Olsen nnd Albert Cody home Thursday afternoon. Algona Folks Touring Europe Prof. G. O. Naudain and his wife, who are touring Europe this sum- j mer, send the Upper Des Moines a I card under date of June 21 saying "We had a fine Atlantic crossing but with much rain and fog. Europe, and especially Switzerland u-ere beautiful. We expect to land iti (Alexandria, Egypt, at four p. m. imd then go on to Cairo and Luxor and finally Palestine. The Mediterranean is nice nnd blue In the bright *un. It has been cool all the way but now Is getting hot. After Palest ine, we expect to spend a month in Switzerland and Austria." Prof. Naudnin, who is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Naudain of Algonn. is on the science and chemistry class in the state school nt Rock Hill, South Carolina. MARRIAGE OF GRACE BERG AND CLAYTONROALSONANNOUNCED Thc mnrrlneo Oniro BOIT; nnd Clayton Roalson was announced J.i.«t work. Cii.r daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Andro-v nnd Clayton, ?on of Mr. nnd Mrs. Olr Roilson. \vorp iini'ri! in mnrriagp. Sunday. Juno 12. :>.t Princeton, Missouri, by tlip Rr-v. .< (". Franz. Baptist pnMor. Thp bride, a Rrndunte nf t!v "•-.•;• \ City high srhool nnd n liu«lnp--* •ours? a( Waldorf toiler-. FVrrM !"ity. during the priRt yrnr hns hcon •mplnypd nt thr O-imblp .'-tore. A'- cona. Thp hridpgroom, n' nf Hip Ru-cn City hi nil sc'honl ,-ird Wnldorf collpgp, is nt present tin- >loyed by thr Citi/pns prrvirr 'V 'onipany. Mr. and Mrs. Ror.lsrn havp li'-c.l nost of thrir tinip in this rommin-. ty. Their future plans havp not >pcn Irarncd. Sv.' : City xveiv ill Do-; M-iiiie- -. "'' '- •' " SIII-.V.Y tn :,f. M.I th fin:, f.f Mi - ,'-:-i--n--.- . • .,., M •. Ardr>n Hmey of Pxv,.-, City '.'id (!->ii"htor. I'imnr- nre ..(i.-, v . •'t the \\"ni. Meyer home. Mr. H.'IV. y '.'.-•l" t:iliiMi »n the K"-. >-|i!!i lip ;,it ,'i AlpoTin, Ir\-.t week W< dncsd.-iy, v'-r • '.. li:idei went ;in api'cndi:; r j'ei.-iti.v, .-ml i- n . ovcrinn i Iv. Tues.-Wed., July 12-13 Shows from one o'c Pinky Tomlin in SWING IT PROFESSOR loc Hubert Kyhl hoi,ii- over tin- Fourth. Until Mae Kyhl m c umpaiiiKj 1m .'•nter, Klla. nnd Mr. Turk l,ii.-k to Mason City laM week Monday for a two wi-«.-l.!i' vi;>it. Wt'btr Yager wlio has been » I atient in the (Jciici-al hospital. Al- K<>na. tor the past two wcel<s .sufftr- in« from Momuch, ulcer*, was able to be brought home in the Ne\iv! fiminilance Fridt-y morning. H.. will be confined to his bi-d for sonn- time, but we arc glud to ri-]rort thi.t he is Improving nicely, Mr. and Mrs. Huso Kres.sin and daughter, Joan of Chicago, came a week ago Saturday to visit the fonn- tr'h Mater, Mrs. Walter Kraust and Thurs.-Fri., July 14-15 Luise Rainer HITS. Harry Lindie nnd daughter. Mnrine. are at Clear Lake for r. vock's outing. Avis Eckholm of Willmnr. Minn.. K visiting at the Claude Fangest iome In Enst Chain. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Spittle of Waterloo visited last week end nt tilt home of Mr. Spittle's sister. Mrs Floyd Trent. June Larson visited frlencH nt Cednr Rapids over the 4th and is now Visiting Mrs. Ingmire Hauscn ! at Hampton. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Anderson i.f Chicago were Inst week end visitor' at the home of 'Irs. Ande;--on parents, Mr. and M -.;. Ed Fosgrei. i J. Burnes of Peters',. :-.?. :;. T'. was last week fnd gue 't nt 'h.-l Dettmer Thompson home. Mr. Curncs, several yenrs aco Mip- i crintender.' of the Swen City schorl. 1 IWra. Ai livxv Dcr;;. Jay and Lnxv- rence St. .,0.1 n;'' F:iirmont. r. id Mr. nnd ;irs. Frank Hajvrs of g SWEA CITY NEWS f •.•ooooo oooooooooooooooooo The William l!ii>iii> Icr- nnd Mr .•mil Mrs. \'c-i n.. I.mid arc in I'.un- sylviinin for t«,, ^,.,-ku ,.f v , i.^ Mr. (in 1 Mrs. I, O. MiN'oil \;^- tl.c Fourili. ilrlvine ihr-re S.-IMU- dny and letumini; Tues-day. The Pkroinnip fainllv, nccn' iod by Moris lioalson, was at .\jiic." ox-cr the xvcpk-Mid. 'lie Fourth and vlsitini; relatives.' F. I,. Dyrnns. Prtprsbiirt:. N. I).. »x'a.« liorr Saiiji-day iileht, sliakini.' hancN xvith c.lil friends. He wn« siiperiiileiiiliiiit of schools here 1 sciiac \e;i|-« d^o. AI". nnd .Mr.-. Cliariep Kp'-slcr dr.uc to (iruvi-r Sunday nflpririon I" aipet Mrs. l\ps«ipr's sister in-.l h-.i-ihand. Mr. and Mrs. !!",]vrt ^.(C-at-, Atiantlc, « h.-i are vnciiflon- n^ at !ii" Ol:.)!)o.ii.". Mr-. Olof I'c.-ii'.son entertained out-o.'-toxvn relatives last week: Kdw. .S'va:i"i)ii, Fnrlbault. Afliin., In-other of tlic hup Mr.«. J. I). Johnson his sl-ncr-in-law. Mrs. c. i,. Pi u;i;l. ()\vat<inna, MJIIII.; and txvo c- ll-'jis. .Mrs. Alilton Ulan and .Mr'. 'I lioi.'.-i;; Aii.i.-triini;, h.itli h:i Anu. Ic'J. j ^' ! and Mr- Kar! Hani-eii p|>ein j Sunday ai..: M.iMlay at i!,,. iar.-n limn.' of M-s. llan-fn'c ppople l>r>- !'-' c-r n Hiiinliolcl; anil For; Mcnk-,.. ; .-nil n :>..- Tii.^.l.i^. 'I h:s h.iM" In*' ' < ' II in : he ! an ! y l',~ \ e.i . -• ., i ,| j u •'' ' ' ' •'' •!• '-•« 1 •'•' si'ii - anil cl,ii|i-!i- : ' -i ." M' - Han-en'- fa'ii. i •-. i o ill.'.I i" i >,-.-,.-. ,,i.,, T;,, | ,. ,., i. M:.- llan-^.n! '" " " " ' ' _ I 1 .i -r i l':.' 1; ,:. |', r ,-l., „ • . |1! . i N ' !. .! a: Pie.I .iii h,-'; an.l .Inh', 1 ' I' lllll.i's I ' ll'll S.-illll r! !\ I ;',] ' 'i'll.--.l IV Sir. V. ... ,.-1 , i,| 1:i . t ,, I 'i. C>|...-, : .., : i .. -,.])( a« dell _:.-rti to a , 1ir\\ 11 - o; in r r :J'.I.IHI |i(,;ni'a; '"!! ' M---- I'.i. MI•'] va - I..M n in-.i" SH f-.i 1 'i. '! m !.!• • " r Mi. and Mi-.-. Knol! Legion Post Starts Excavation For New Building Hurt: Knoll I'o^t (.f tlu Anuii< :i Lpjiion mfVer 1 - h-vr startC'il r\. :r.-- ntion of a basf mrnt on HIP lols r . I I • f tin- tijvn pumping station, which Hify pun Ivupil sornr (imr n^o. Thrv plan to lay » door whi.-li mi, !;< n; crl for dinr-ing nt thp I.i^ion ml.. I.ration wlii. h thpy will hold July i2 and 2.1. It is liot yet dr.'initply decided whether Ihpy will BO on with thp creation of a permanent bnil., iiiK now or not Inrtnrntirp DepnrtniPnt of town DPS Mninp* ANNTAI, fERTIFH'ATK FOK PrBI.K'ATIO.N of Weed and Kennedy, a'.lr rncv ft Mib:<c'fibers, under nnmp or desi ",nation of American Exchange tjii'l- ,"wr,':et-i. with principal offir-p nt ." PW York. New York. Wht-rens, there has been filcrl in the Insnt-anrp Dpp.irtmpnt of Iowa, n M.itpn.pnt under oath by Weed nnd Kennedy, attorney for sub- .••rrihfrs. under nnmp nr designation i of Exr-hange t'ndprwrit- fi" with prinripal nffiro at New York i N'i'W Vrrk. wliprp snrh ."nbsrrlbers prnprv-,. I,, fvr-hansp fontr.irts of in rlPinnity mining thrm«r-lvps, as per- iv.itti.l l,y HIP prr -,-iMoi^ of Chap- tr-r rio of i!,. c,,,],, r ,f fr,,vn, J93), .'howinp fonrlitifin ',n tl;n thirty' fir^f diiy of firrrmbr.r. |( l .->7 > 3^ v.-hrrcn-; si id Wr.-r| nnd Kennedy, nttr.rnry in f'>rt. Ins fully romplip'd with thr |.tovi«if.n.« of snid art; Tlir-r.-fnrr-. in pursiianrc of law. I, M:ui:-ii ( \'. 1',..,.., Coiiimissifnier 'of Insiran,.. ,],-. h.-rrhy .Miify that Ut-f-d :-Md K'rnn.«!y. altlonipy of Am. i ii :-,,-. }•:••:•. iiinrj'- ! •.•id.>nvrlt«>r.< with prir.c i; :i| nffi. <• at XPW York in (IIP -.tali- r.f :-,'fw York, is pntitl- "1 to nit in thp State r.f Town, in arc or.! n:, < uilh t!i. laws thprpol", •'••'i <•<-'' ••<•' In liny bp !.<:nlly Pin- I ov.r !-.,] by hi, |. ttr. r - of np'point- input, for lh.' individii-ils. (inns nnd < 'U !.oratir n • nn.-t itii:i;-,2 thp sub- sir in flu pxclunu'c- <if rnipro- ral or intpr-insiiinu r iontrnci.4 npniiv-t lo:-'. by Firp until thp first .lay of April. irr.M', I further certify th.Tt the slnte- inpnt shows 1st. Thc ngprrgatp in- romp for thp year 1M7 to bp ? 182,437.45 2d. Thr nggrpgatc PN- ppndituips for tho year HT-17 to >>e l!H.4!*"».n 3d. The aggregate amount of Assets December 31, 1M7, to I)P l,fir,2.!»77.34 4th. Thc aggrpgatc amount of Liahllitipv inpluding thp amount required to snjr-ly reiii'ilfp all outstanding. risks December 31. 1H37. to be 438.787.80 In Testimony Whereof. I have hereunto spt my hand and affixed my seal of office nt DCS Moines, this first dny of June. 1938. (Sen! i MAURICE V. PEW, 28 Commissioner of Insurance. in TOY WIFE" ON OUR SCREEN Sunday - Monday, July 17-18 In- fill "T/c-: liny' Quoin Can.liiiat. lain] i if II.i'.vl Vou c'an'l ii/ford 10 on "cheap" paint conuiuirig water and an cxccsi uf t^hcr cvaporaiiny licjuids. And you iir-cti not. There* is moncy-iaviiiK ccuuuiny . . . more actual paint per gallon in every can of I.OWfc UKOTH£K*> HIGH STANDARD HOUSE PAINT. It spread* easily unrj eveuly . . . saves labor tost iiiij a»*ures you much longer-lasiiiiK protection and beauty. So, for greater satisfaction, lower costs, depend upon HIGH STANDARD quality. Have you received your 1 -Rt'li copy of Lowe brothers beautifully illustrated book containing more than 1 50 Practical Him» on Painting aoj Decorating? If uot, ask for it. F. S. Norton & Son I'll. 11 it- ±29 a, I«wa Here comes the world Champeenship rodeo of rip-roarin* romance and riotin' rhythm! Call Theatre Sunday Only July 17th THE WHOLE TOWN'S , INTERESTED IN THIS/ NOW IT'S HERE - OiiOm. Stow IN PERSON KOftR f FAMOUS SCREEN SfiS '' . , S^ludiiosWeAre Able to Present tkid FAMOUS HOILYVTOOD'DMCE BlRBCTQft ' \ 3? Fun - Frolic And A Big Forty For All fc'ntri.s At "Treat Day" For March Of Progress Ouccn Canidates he,i' n- St;i':c. ONE MONTH MORE TO GO IN THE CONTEST 'III- Hill Ill'l' r'll ll-U ')' l'ri'-l'r» ( V t'l'i'.-ilii.ii. AiiL'iiM 17-l.s. TRADE IN ALGONA ^' ; - ;i " - H-l \. ill I'" i-'-iM ! ' ..• ]> ,| ,\- ;,ji ,. X i" h ~ ' I'-l'i 'I'M' '" 'i" l',i'-:!i.' ( '.,.1-1. Hi- ''III. lll,l: ||,,iU U i GET YOUR COUPONS HELP YOUR FAVORITE

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