The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 12, 1938 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 12, 1938
Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 12,1938 Hollywood Dance Master Host to Contestants Here Sunday THEATREPARTY FOR CANDIDATES ON 'TREAT DAY' New Dance Steps May be Learned by March of Progress Entries Gene LaVerne, famous Hollywood dance instructor, who personally has been instrumental in the dnnc- tng success of O?ro!<? liombard, Jean Parker, Kitty O.rllsle, and the late Jean Harlow, will personally appear on the stage of the Call Theatre, Sunday, July 17. afternoon and evening, for a special appearance. Manager N. C. Rice of the Call Theatre was able to make arrangements for Mr. La Verne's appearance here, and is specially inviting all March of Progress Queen contestants to be his guests, and meet Maestro LaVerne. Dance with Loral GfrN As a matter of fact. Mr. LaVerne will dance with a bevy of Kossuth county girls, both afternoon and evening in which such steps as the "New Hollywood Tango" of "Dance of the Stars" will be featured. One of the features Is that he will teach the contestants who volunteer to appear on the stage with him a complete dance routine within a very short time. Some 10 girls will appear in the afternoon from the district outside of Algona, and another 10 or so In the evening from the Algona district The winner of the contest who receives the 18-day trip will make a personal visit to Hollywood early In the fall on the route around the western states. " - • To Award Prizes After the appearance of the girls on the stage In a few dance stepj, audience applause will determine which of the girls will receive a special prize. Each girl appearing on the stape will also receive 2.500 extra votes In th,e contest, and all girls attending the theatre party will receive 1,000 extra votes. The show will be free for all contestants, who have already received, or will receive ii complimentary pass for that day. It'll be a lot of fun on "Treat Day" next Sunday, and all contestants are urged to make special plan.3 to attend. Those not dance-mindtd can sit back nnd enjoy the regular moving picture program and the Btage appearance of Afr. LaVerne and the dances .among the group can enjoy themselves and nt th • aame time get some valuable and free dance Instruction. Who knows! Perhaps some day one of the Queen contestants may make her fame on a Hollywood stii- dlo lot. .< i Dance Instructor of Carole Lombard To Appear at Call Theatre Sunday BURTREBEKAH LODGE INSTALLS NEW OFFICERS Burt: Officers were installed at the Burt Rebekah lodge meeting Thursday evening by Mrs. Lucll? Dillinjror, Algona. district deputy president and her installing staff. Now officers nre Mrs. Velmn Mc- Bridp. noble grand: Mrs. Ella Stcw- nrd. vice grand: Mrs. Paul MacAuley, secretary, nnd Mrs. J. P. Stow, treasurer. Appointive officers include Mr?. Lillian Sheldon. Mrs. Ben Bahl- Ing, Mrs. M. L. Vinaas, Sellnn Clif- tr.r>, Mrs. Henry Gettmnn. Mrs. C. F. Mann. Mrs. J. H. Graham nnd Lulu Hawcott. A cnfetnria supper \vns served after installation. About ten Algonn visitors were present. GADEFAMILYHOLDS ANNUAL GATHERING IN ALGONA SUNDAY The .1. G. Sewick's spent the 4th at Lake Park. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rachut were visitors nt Manly Thursday. Mrs. H. W. Manns will entertain the Birtnday Circle Thursday afternoon. Mrs. A. H. Meinzer and Ruth Hodgson were Fort Dodge visitors Thursday. Ardyth Rahm. St. Benedict, is helping at the F. L. Ryerson home this summer. Mrs. W. J. Lockwood ano children spent from Thursday to Sunday with relatives at Irvington. Isaac Freman. Des Moines, wa in Burt last week on business in connection with his farm. G. J. F. Vogel and J. P. Trunk- hill are driving new Fords and R. F. Hawcott has a new Chevrolet. Darrel Geist returned Wednesday 'rom Iowa City where he had spent n few days at the University hospital. Boettcher Bros, have had a new loor laid in the back room of their meat market. W. T. Kennedy did the work. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lee and Mrs. W. C. Hathaway. Eagle Grove, spent Thursday at the J. N. Holding home. Mrs. Jeanctte Goozey and Mrs. Margaret Murray visited Thursday at the Charles Bierle home near Lone Rock. Jack Wallace. Mason City, came last week and is staying nt the G. P. Dinner, Supper Served to £ onnie Roeber and Au * ust Roeb '! S^phe™' Hc " Mrs ' Haw " 100 People at the Reunion Lotts Creek: Mr. and Mrs. August Gade and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gade held their family gathering at the ball park at Algona. Sunday, July 3. Those present were: From West Bend—Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Gade and family, Mr. nnd Mrs. August Gade. Mr. and M-.s. From Algona—Mr. and Mrs. Hu-n | Gade and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell and family and Mr. ant! Mrs. Art Gade and family. From Lotts Creek—Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Faulstich and family. From Fenton—Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gade and family and Gale Hase, Mr. an,d Mrs. Emll Bler- stedt and daughters, Mary ard Carol Jane. From Fairvillc—Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn and daughter.-;, Ar'ene anil Phyllis. H.W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds Long distance hauling. Everj load Injured against ;oa or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. 33- it Bcil and family. Mrs. Fred] Dinner nnd supper \vn.s served to 101 people. The afternoon 'va.-i spent by visiting and playing earruv John Emmert. Mason City, spent the Fourth at the Jay D. Graham j home. Lois Graham returned with I him for a week's visit. ! Mrs. Vernal Hardgrove and her daughter of Algona, spent last week with Mrs. Hardgrove's mother, Mrs. Bertha Schwietert Mrs. Tressle Rlngsdorf returned last Tuesday after spending a few days at the home of her brother A. E. Giddings at Wesley. Evelyn Bierstedt had a week's j vacation from her duties at Smith'.' I the v.-eel: with friends at Wis. Mrt. Art *.. and Mr. and Mrs. *„...-. Haas and .-on. Charles. j From \Yhiternore-.Mr. and .Vr , | Herman Gade ai,d grand'-on. P. •>• ! Th<> Lotti Creel-: L-id'e-i'Aid moc-t ; I Mr. anil Mr-. Gordon French nf ; j mond Mover. Mr. and Mr-- \r".-'d ' Friday afternoon in the parochial i '''"i "lelphia. Pa , called on Burt ' • • • fr,-.d, l.,,t Wednesday. Mr- f-:.-n h i; a daughter of the la'." T!i.. J Grahams attended a «a'i--' '.rir:g in honor of Paul Wille'.s birthday HI AlKona l-i.-t v.-i-ei: Tiic-dav .toy •• Giaham hii> been spending ':•. ft'.'.• day, iit the Au_;. Ktroni hornc )•; i Gade and 'irmly, Mr. and Mrs. T. .d '• : " ' h ' 1 " 1 b".>t rn< r.i '•vith ; Meyer and dau:,'h>t-r, f/,..<h a-, ! Lawrence Gade and June Wehr-;. >:i. : Mr. nnl Mr- Ar' P.II-. h a'i i firn- j Wm. G-ide. Mr. arid Mr.-. Wm. M.v- i ily and Mai;,.. ,rd H>-lt-n i er and .sons. Krni.-st and E!\;:;. I '.'• >•• r V.-,T- H'i::dav . \ei,u,^ vi.-it; Mr. and Mr,. Hirnian Mever and o: - at th. -I l>uo Kanl-ti. h ho". -. '!.iti.;hter. Gertude. Mr. and Mr , Mr. and Mr- KM I M, v- h ••! I \\erner Gade and family, Mr and;. >,..,,• h • •• ba"v. I ••',••,'••-' I.'Mr,. Otto B.1I and family. Mr. and;,' They"named ' her Manivn A,:n ..'"*'«"• jMrs. \\rn. P.ocb'-r and family, Mr. | .Spo-i -or . ua-re M,. K r ,.,| p,,..,,,.'. .. .1 H .-;. I and Mr- !Iii_o, Meyer and Vr. a,:d .-,„,( M-,., ;>,,tr-ifz ' MH. Allied Hell and famiiv. M=,.[ Mr ' „„,, Mfs _ o , l() Hllhnk ,. ^ = children. Lorna and Kdwar-l. Mr * -n , and Mrs. Win. F'.us< h, Hr lei and Phyllis M find.- vent to Alchi.ifin Kan-a Hatrrda--«!o -p-nd tre v.-.-ek did the «.'|,arl<-, Ki-nnmg home and Mr:,' ba.'k Mr- K. hroeder. svh.j Must This Go On Year After Year? r.-morc drove tf< Wood Lake. .Mir n . .-'unday to attend the !,,th wedding :n:.i'.er,-.:;,- of Mr. and Mrs. Henry M irkyraf. a . ou ,in of Mr- Win P.u^h. GARDINER ATTENDS FAMILY REUNION da d THEKK IS A WAY Ol I-I.KT I ,S ll.LI. y,,,; now JllltO.,,|, VOl K OWN HO.MK DC \|.|;u I' «• Ill,- III,.,,,, ,,,„ „, Itr st.i,.,, • Irui-ll ,1, ,,f ii, with u .|.,.k. IK- 1,111 ll.inai,, n, Ki|iil|in,i in I,,, a l-j,,,, U I'll : 11,., l i Kl, . I ii<ullt O.M-r it,' Bupyl} ri,,|, u; a ,,j KOIII.Ht I'll lilil'v,,, "U I he L.-InlLi IIOII.UCS * IHI.MIOlis i.. j. MI Ki.i.h.i iv.ini UK iiuvui., iiu.l.-r Hie Hrlllii,is ,,l ., \\.-n ,,,„. iiaii.i r.,,,,|, , «i,,,i,,,,n lh» n..,.,jrv « HIT !.-> for llu U.itlir.o.tii . U \\ NK fill. Ill I C.I.III. KlOht.K* of A! K.I.)- II,. MM. IIMfc IMVMKST Tils . r.)....IIU—IHif lo \,. u r i.. r.) Your Family Deserves n in .1 III,' riMul l,.,l,,r Mil.II .|,,| i.. d". liuMlliu Ihrougl, , ht . , 't v.lll l,,. „„„,,,,., ..,., „, »l|' ..f .-I.-, Irl.-H,. •» "i-r ii, j,.,,, i,.,,,, H..-J,. l. ,11, II,, IJIII.- Itllllliluil A «.iii-kli u huuvr I HOME "ill, m.,,1,,,.,,.. , u L,,^ ( ' Oil,,., u v,,,l, r ,j,,,-ui | make II Hoi,,,— ""i-^iv, 0 ::.. 1 . 1111 ""••"" •»>•-»« v ''°<iii!'u' r ,'i, I i 1 ,," ill ! 1 ,i"'" I) ',,^" 1 ""' ''• "" "^•'.""•f'.'i;.'"""•-•"- -"« MKS<>.\(;E NO. i Tkw is the first of sut-ral "Mcbba^cs." subat-qumt i follow In n liui<.-!,alf l>ibtribuiurs ol Wuwbing nod Heatiiiu I'roducu. Oil liurtur* and Slukvra MYEBS FUMPS & WATER SYSTEMS CaJJ at Our Shovroam to Make Jour Selection* - I. ntlli ol .Ju'\ Ci-li-hriit'-il :•' . .'! :ii of July ....,, , ck-hr.ited :: ''-' ' •'•' ''.• ' in tin.-. ' omnium! .. > n.-I dim,,-i, v.'ere mo-liv 1 u .H:m- the d iy and ' elehr.-.'- •ii AJ,,o;..i. Gari.ei and Hum- nr --ev.-r.-il -.'.-tek.s there i-.'iit.-r. Mr and .'.r.. . p. F. Ha' wen' Half i H --aidav to ;,-et Mr- II ,-.-.. ••''-. oro'::... John Madden ,-,,,,) •*' •••• d :.v ' M -:t at the Haw,.,,11 I.:- Tilev l! ,ve t,ee,, V|,illlli; . •! I'-.-- in M:ni-..-.i,t , and Jo'.', i •'•'-' I", i; P -in-- v.-eni |,, (; ,i 'I'ii F:i I iv to .-, I i,,., d-.'i.:h'. , " ' •' !.' •»'.'.. V. llo had bee I '' '•'• -I i'. - -."i. ii i,, r M ,i • ••'••:• - SI ' ' ' '•': ' i .--I! -Mi - S. he,, ,. I' :i •>•'. i 'I iiiLjh'er. l.o: i ni.,.. ij-.a m ;,. . . ! . i lo ( '-i'if 01,1 : U ,. vi itin,' i ,.|.,i ]V . . .V , here ! "i -'I- .id Mi , U' .f (;.,,,.,„, v . • ' -' ' . a;:d .1 in ;!.. , j;.;, , x .... '•' , '•'"•>'• <''•'••• and Mi - W ./ Ka i. , . '' ' iy_ <'"l .I" H :i.ld -...'.a,, ;;'!.- • i o. ; \S'i dn.-.-d,iy . vem/.- at (he ./..ha '•' P.e.'i:er tiome Mi - Ka ...,,-rlv i. "• • in i.n. d fol a t,..v d,,y.,' .,,,,!_ .. Vlt ), ),..,. '• ;^e. Mr,, J'.t, ;(,.,-. •''' : - N ''•• Gror:;.. Woidni. ,i(,n iJonald "•: i :..i,d daii;:iit.-r \Vilin .. -.vent to Ijo-v, [ Fiid iy to a'te-nd i |,;,-,t nuptial liov.a i lor Mr. and Mr.-. Marvin Andei -on, v.!:o >v. re married a cf,>ij,l, of v.-e.-k, ,-.<,.j. M,--,. Anderon i> a daugliter of tile WordeiH Mr- Worden and ihildrui remain••<i for the v.-etlc end. ! Twenty-Three Burt MT~j.-,,t -...•,.,.;< t,,,-\ Women Attend Doan Ladies' Guest Day: ! Kv.a Pfef | H Ji t: Tv.'enty-ihia.-e Methodist i niiinij tlu-jr | •.voiiieii from in n.- atteini.-,J the jiu,.,t r ii'--i. M P i lav of (he Ij.,aii La.iie,' Aid '.•.•:' ' '_ ! | ;'riiiii.,day iiftvi noon 'I ho:,e attend •'''• ' He.'iiv 'A'iili.:m.3 .->t ('a-.-ali T ' lfl -- 'ej.'.rt a line program iind ;; -'•' ! ' i ••:• I'm,; a'. (I!..- Jion.c ol i.. r ; 1! I'-'ious li:ii' heon \va., ,-erved j ' •' -|--l -lie. the P.,.-,- ;,,,d M, , | Paul Uilliai,).,. ' „ ... . f ' -Mr and Mi, Hob.-rt Ma-t,., „„ < t-allfortlla VlSltOr i •'•" ""t;:;; 1 , 'X.^\Kl- rl Departs for Home) O.-Pae Godlrey at Lu- Seneca: Mra. OWn of California! .-. spending several days with her ; bisters. Mrs. Irviu C.'liisson and Mrs. i Kvan.i, Sc.. ...'id M Vel ne. -Ml and Ml-M.' md Mi:,. Harold Kvans and Bc't - I f'urti.s ly Lou were last -Aeek .Sunday vi- ' itoi , at the liome ol Mii Ellen tJv '"' at i-;.i,;le Grove. -'|'." ci.i-en, ... 'rerj,e.,tru and her '. i.i-;nt-.-i , Ii.irlene. and .-Saudi,i ai-.- ; uidii.^ , I.-.,, v.-cck ;! va.-aion a- lin. i.oiuu ..1 ii. i |,;,r, ,,t , Mr -M: ' I-'i an.'. C. H..',.,mi • and l Mr., tJinil tju Mrs. Frank Noriis spent aevf-iali days the week with relatives | in southti'/t Win. ( Mr. and Mrs. Geoiy,.- Andeiaon! and family of ('iii.ago are visiting at • the E. M, (liudner homo. ' j The Senem school bus route ,un:- i lion wua he-Id on the .Scneia behoul ' Friday evening, July 1st :-M, i;i,| Mr, -Ihom.!, Mad.on, Mr. I Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Noi n ," uf i i", „ ,v;j Mr"' y ^'M- ij w of f / w -'" ubbarja " j<; ' j y Nw '-^^'»p- 1 i f I rJl'"' ' '"" I t0 " " 1 "-'" t ' ht Wttl ' k t ' 1 "- 1 ul t"« Mis i , . a 01 ije.i Moint-a. | Frunk Norrls huine. ! METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. W. D. Eaton H. M. Potter W. E. Roberts O. M. Smith W. H. Walker J. E. Hayes DR. C. D. SCHAAP DENTIST BERNICE STOCK'S SCHOOL OF THE DANCE IOWA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE DR. C. C. SHIERK PODIATRIST MURTAGH & SON INSURANCE— BONDS— REAL ESTATE MATT STREIT LA BUDDE FEED & GRAIN CO. An Invitation To the Public To Visit Algona's , Newest Office Building ft has ben the hope of the build- Ing trades firms connected with the reconstruction of the former Quln- by building, and myself, to offer this community as modern an office and store building as Is possible, and in keeping with the March of Progress which is characteristic of Algona today. We feel we have succeeded in this desire. The firms who will occupy the second floor of the Hutchison building will tie moving in between July 15th and August 1st and will occupy the offices as shown in thin floor-plan. To the general public we l.«ruc n cordial invitation to visit the Hutchison building and become acquainted with the new. modern and spacious office quarters, at the first convenient time possible. The S. & L. firm will occupy the main floor of the store building, which has been completely remodeled and rebuilt. The store, will provide that Arm with a fine bu»- iness home in a thriving city and county. It give.s us real pleasure to h« able to Invite the public to view the re- cults of the .splendid work done by our local firms who are directly responsible for Algona's newest office and store building. Sincerely, T. C. Hutchison. STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE REST • ROOM REST ROOM HHUMV.'AV ,:• KKLLY ATTOH.-.'KY.S AT LAW L H. BOHA.N'.N'ON INSURANCK Real Estate KO.VD.S H- H. WHJ'IE ATTORNRY L A W1NKEL ATTOH.YEY General Construction Materials For Algeria's Newest Office Building GEO. L. MILLER MILLER LUMBER CO. State SI. at \. \V f{ J{ r,. .. , • ii. u. n, i< us Plumbing and Heating and a tmw McDonald* Stoker installed in thin building by Laing & Muckey Fainting and Oocoraiiiiu in thin buildinji done by RELIABLE DECORA TORS PLUMBING & HEATING Klectriuul Work and KUture. in A l ¥ o,,a-, N B w est Building Supplied by the Pratt Electric Company

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