The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 5, 1938 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1938
Page 8
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The Algona Upper Pea Moinea, Algona,, Iowa, July 5,1938 Most Eligible Bachelor At Livermore, Own Cook Livermore: We read about "The Most Eligible Bachelor" In tow and hear about the courtesies show some of these fellows, and we we <fer sometimes just what it takes t make a most eligible bachelor. Remaps m tne sight of the ma, orlty it would mean the most ham some and not always the most re liable, but In either case a "little o both combination" would be nice. If such a contest were to be pu on at Livermore, we wonder wha the decision might be. But a unusual case does exist here, tha Is a well known fact in this com rnunlty. William Frisch, better known h everyone here as "Bill", is a genlu in many ways, and whether h m|ght be termed ffs the- most elig IWe bachelor or not. jytfuld depen .Wholly perhaps on the requirements /but Bill is one of those independen •characters that seerris to be per fectly satisfied to fry his own chick en, do his own house work, malt his own delicious* jarhs and jelly and Innumerable other delicacie that go onto his basement shelves In 1917 Bill bought his home am four lots from Karl Knutson. The place is located in the exereme wes part of Livermore, and Bill set ou to beautify the place. First, he graded and seeded the yard, which was a decided improvement. His front and side lawns are kept as smooth as carpet, with just a slight tapering off to the rear lawn that adds that something that a wel groomed lawn needs. As one enters the front picket gate they see the neat little cottage painted white, everything about the place giving the appear ance of neatness, a place for everything, and everything in Its place. On either side, fruit and shade trees have been artistically set, and a row ofblooming honey-suckle with lllles-oOthe-valley In the foreground make a pretty color combln- . atlon. A narrow brick walk leads one to the rear of the building and Into one of the most, we will venture to say, the most beautiful flower garden in Livermore. It is not one of those messy kind of flower gardens that one cannot walk through because of one var- Jety entwining another. No, there they are, each seems to have Its place, and the arrangement Is such that Bill has flowers blooming from the time almost that snow leaves until it comes In the fall. Bill may be practical In many ways and we believe he must be for having accomplished what he has by his own efforts, for he is a day laborer on the section, but he certainly has spared no means when It comes to buying the best for his floral display. Roses that measure several inches across have been an attraction. and we counted 22 varieties of other blooming flowers recently. Yes, there Is plenty of fruit, too, including pear, plum, apricot, cherry trees. Then that strawberry bed, and other small fruits havs their place. Thirteen years ago Bill planted an acorn. The tree as It stands today, furnishes plenty of shade. Other pretty shade trees of walnut, weep- In willow and Chinese elm are also to be seen. Small buildings to house tools, a prettily painted 16 compartment rabbitry filled to capacity with fine fryeri th?tt Bill enjoys is an added feature. Swift & Co. Not s A "Big Bad Woff" Swift & Co., through its local plant here, replied today to thi 1 chifjjss of Henry A. Wallace, secretary of agriculture, that it was or had been "unjustly discriminatory" in its dealings, by pointing out that original complaint contained eight charges with two additional counts added after the hearing started, and that the company was exonerated on seven of the charges, including the most important one of price discrimination and reciproc- ily agreements with steamship corn- panlei. In its appeal the company opposed the secretary's findings as contrary to the evidence presented. Matt Lamuth, local manager stated. The secretary's action in permitting a small group of competitors to assist in the prosecution caused Swift & Co. to charge in its appeal that the proceeding was not in the "public interest," but was instituted for the benefit of a small group rjf purveyors. G.O. P. PREPARES FOR FALL DRIVE (Continued from Page One) sembled, do hereby reiterate and reaffirm our faith In the principles of the Republican Party. "The present Democratic administration came into power in 1933 Its express platform and alleged policies endorsed and approved by an overwhelming vote of the American people. The party and its leaders have not only flaunted and discarded its express promises, but has definitely violated its covenants with the people under which it attained control of the government. Even a summary of these violations would be too extended to be included in these brief resolutions, but we set forth herein a few of the glaring instances which we whole-heartedly condemn: 1. We condemn the expenditures of vast sums of public money with no regard to not only the immediate results attained but to any method of paying such money back. 2. The creation of so many useless and unnecessary bureaus aivl the placing on the public payroll such a large percentage of the population. 3. The fallacy and failures of the jolicy of the present administration Mr. and Mr*. Paine Depart for Home In California Doan: Mr. and Mrs. James Paine of California, who had spent the past ten days with the latter'* parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson, and sisters, Mrs. Charles Barrlck- man and Mrs. Bruce Eckhart of Alona, left Wednesday forenoon, June 29 for their home. Mrs. Paine is the former Florence Nelson and this was her first visit home since her marriage a year ago. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson have another daughter, Mrs. Bernard Hurn living in California. Richard Shrrman of Hollywood and Edward Sherman of New York came last week for a few days' visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Sherman. Dorothy Mathias Honored on Birthday Wesley: Dorothy Mathias, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harrj Mathas, entertained about a dozen of her friends at her home last Wed nesday afternoon, the occasion be Ing her ninth birthday. Games were played followed by a delicious luncheon served by her mother. She received many gifts. Presbyterian Home Study Class Meets West Bend: The Home Study class of the Presbyterian Sunday School had its regular meeting of the month nt the home of Mrs. Jos. Mikes. This class is for shut-ins who cannot get to the regular Sunday School sessions. NOTICE The Board of Directors of Algona Independent School District. Al- Rona Township. Kossuth County. Iowa, will meet July 22. 1939. at 7:.'!0 P. M.. at Hin School. Taxpayers wlli > -p heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures at thai time. 1234567 Prop. Bal. on Est. Est. Amt. Expend Hand Surp. Income Neces. Expend Expend Est. June 30. of bal. other than to be for yr.for yr. 1938-39 1938 on hand tax. raised 1937-3S 1936-37 FUNDS General as shown by the fact that while jSchool House MAN ON THE FLVINQ TRAPEZE—UNDER WATER —Ojala, Fla.: This unusual under-water photo shows with what ease pictures may be taken at 50 ft. depths from glass bottom boats in the clear water of Crystal Springs near Ocala. JUNE NEHXY WEDS NOTE Rlpley, Miss.: Mr. and Mrs. P. G. McBride of RJpley celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary recently and proved marriage can be a success after living in one house over 70 years. hey have almost doubled the public debt, the employment situation is even more acute now than it was in 1933. 4. The labor policy or lack of labor policy of the present administration, which sought to stabilize and increase the employment by expenditures of publi^ money but which has resulted rather in an increase of unemployment together with an overwhelming increase in the puu- lic debt. 5. The wholly unwarranted assault upon constitutional judicial authority by attempt at appointment of political puppets to high judicial power and the unlawful delegation of judicial power to politically appointed adminietrative boards and commissions without right of impartial trial and appeal. 6. The tenaency of the administration to consolidate unlimited and unrestrained power and authority in the Presdient of the United States which tends to destroy the tend and purpose of our democratic form of government. 7. The undermining and destroy- ng of the public confidence in bus- ness which has led to the second so- called recession, which is, as a matter of fact, a second depression and which is laid squarely at the doorstep of the present administration. "Be It resolved that this conven- ion go on record as upholding the Constitution of the United States n its original form. That we are opposed to any method of changing TOTALS ..$ 91,000 $18.538 $ 14.000 26.634 11.600 taxation $13,000 $70,400 $81.200 $75.970 10.000 15.317 14.412 $105.000 $45.172 $11.600 $13.000 $80.400 $96.517 $90.382 Number of persons of school age in the district, 1257. Taxsble Valuation (19371 ' $2.638.231 Moneys and Credits (1937) $ 800,392 ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT School District of Algcna Independent, Township of Algoa, County of Kossuth. for the year ending June 30, 1938. We hereby certify that the following report comprising Pages 1 to 5 is correct as required by Sees. 4242 and 4242-bl, Code of Iowa. GAYLORD D. SHUMWAY, President LEORA ST. JOHN, Secretary. RECEIPTS—General Fund General Schoolhouse On hand last report Normal training aid Gtneral fund tax levy Semi-annual apportionment Tuition Other sources $35.936.87 571.37 . 50.000.00 .. 1,869.75 . 10,986.49 274.38 y Williams Duanc Ocwci Dick Co R Digest a Guild a. Music Magazine... ision Div. U of I ... Foth >y Fritz Mfg Co iret Fussell Gander Gander "> C Gardner s n H. Gardner 3. A. Genrich Biological Supply al Electric X-ray ret Gilmore i Godfrey Sodden i Graham Hagg McCreary Hale Co. . . urt Brace & Co d Hardware r Brothers r \fr-Tntlro 2.06 2.00 8.81 10642( I.BO 20( 15.00 S623 1.00 867 SO 2.81 .... 10.00 7200 1 30050 358 397 2244 1875 . .. 58.25 1.34 ... 830.00 6.33 1,005.00 5.00 2.50 3000 42.20 303 4.00 3.02 5.40 511.23 .. 942.r,0 7.00 .. 830.00 3.90 8.00 2.83 8.80 4.10 1.42 «977 K. I* King Music House .. Ruth King Music Shoppe .. Klrsch, Laundry «'. Klipto Loose Leaf :.. Koch Brothers Kohlhaas & Spllles Leona Krampe Kruse & Blossom G S Kuhn L. H. KurtJ Co O B Lalng Laing & Muckey B E. Landes A. V. Larsen S C Lawlor Little Brown & Co Harvey Littrell The Lloyd Thomas Co Long's Food Shop Lorlng Supply Co Irene Lounsberry Lowe & Campbell E. W. Lusby Lussky. White & Coolidge Lyons Band & Instr. Co Macmillan Co. M. & C. Maintenance Co. Manual Arts Press Manual Train. Revolv. Fd. Earl Mason T G McDowell Cecil McGlnnis McGraw-Hill Book Co 'frKnichf & McKn.^.i: .... Mrs. E. C. McMahon C R McVeigh Herbert Merrill t (fetropoliton Supply Co Midland Chemical Co Alt-Ana Hflllaf 4.83 1.89 54.2? 68.9! 69.32 91.89 623.00 146.20 38.80 8.29 2,909.17 4,266.66 336.06 1.47 191.10 1.06 867.50 50.00 15.69 24.12 830.00 479.55 44.63 60.01 13.52 42.46 942.50 7l50 6.01 100.00* 10.00 2,007.50 2.46 11.14 inn 56.00 33.75 14.65 658.03 146.44 1 ion on Practiw Practice Pratt I Gladys Pyramic Quick Quarrle Esther Rand J Glen Ra Howard H. Rasr Chas. R Howard Refd-Wi Dorothy Remlngi A. J. I Richard! C. E. F Theo. B Aria Re Carmen Sid Ros Fred Sc H. M. £ Scholast Leland Wm. Scf Paul A. School 1 Mary S Scott Fo Chas. S( Security Virgil S C. C. S Silver B W. A. S J. A. Sim L. W. S Hawcott & Ogg Health TOTAL—General Fund $99.738.86 RECEIPTS—School House Fund On hand last report School House fund tax levy TOTAL—School House Fund RECAPITULATION On hand last report Total receipts, current year $35.936.87 . 63,801.99 $26,451.63 15.500.00 $41,951.63 $26,451.63 15.50000 he Constitution other than that prj-1 Bank, coup " " ~ TOTAL Disbursement current year Balance on hand this report DISBURSEMENTS Carleton D. Beh, coup. $ 405.00 Crc-sco Union Savings $99.738.86 $81.200.82 $41.951.63 $15.317.50 scribed in the Constitution Itself. "Be It further resolved that we endorse all of the Republican candidates but particularly the candi- Central State Bank Muscatine). coup Central Nat'l Bank <Des Moinesi, coup. dacy of L. J. Dickinson for Unit.-d | Emmet Co. State Bank, States Senator and the candidacy of bond and coup. W. Stillman for judge of the First Nat'l Bank <Oel- j'ourieenth Judicial District and J. C. Skow for representative." weini, coup H. J. Green Iowa Des. M. Nat'l B. & T.. coup Iowa State Bank, bonds coup Purchase NeW Home Merchants .VafI Bank Schimmel, lots . r rank Sweeneys 585.00 225.00 4.090.00 135.00 225.00 22.50 8,140.0.1 247.50 500.00 West Rend: Mr. and Mrs. Frank) Sweeney and family moved Friday TOTAL . $15.317.'") into the Pat Callifjan estate home mant-nwMt-viM which they recently j.urchascd. DISBl IWEMKNTS They have been living in the rot-1[Advance Tub. Co. . $ 117.0 : .) ,'c owned by Mrs. Frank Foley Thos. Akie $18.538.04 $26.634.13 Katherine Carlson 830.00 Dora Carlson 1,145.00 Cedar Specialty Co Chrischilles Store Christensen's Store Christensen's Machine Co. City of Algona Classroom Teacher 6.58 3.20 John Hegarty & Sons 1,662.52 Hertzberg Bindery 16.64 Naomi Hewitt 16.64 Jess Hill 32.70 Betty Hilsteadt 20.25 Hillyard Chemical Co 171.50 J. I. Holcomb 51.21 Holley School Supply Co. .... 250.10 Geo. Holtzbauer 1,543.71 Hood's I. G. A 20.36 Houghton Mifflin Co 3.83 H. S. Activity Fund 890.08 The Hub 29.88 Hueser Music Store 60.58 Josephine Hughes 838.61 867.50 80.33 39.60 27.54 1.91 4.S1 13.47 Inst. for Research 23.25 K»D. James 161.09 Jenkins Music Co. Anna J. Johnson Margaret Hullerman Hunter Mfg. & Distrib. Co. A. Hutchison Iowa Blind Products Iowa Pupils Reading Circle Iowa State Bank Iowa Tuberculosis Asso. 9.73 3.00 C. E. Johnson 7.00 C. E. Johnson . C. S. Johnson Kenneth Johnson . Johnson Service 4.09 8.8S l,7B2.G!i! 1.00 1.21 4500 675.80 2.947.35 1.666.02 1.7j 1.82 Ross Cutler 1,006.00 Wm. C. Dau Bert Deal Deckers Brothers Mrs. Wm, Dehnert Dcmco Library Supply Denoyer-Geppert 33.75 86.74 2.00 43.90 W. Elliott Judge 10.00 Roy Keen 15.00 25.80 27.22 7.70 ... 242.85 11.04 .._ 33.75 Kendaville Brush & Broom Co Kennedy & Parsons Co Keystone Envelope Co. . 7.20 i Keystone View Co 59.B5 Killiams Music Co. David King Donald L. Miller ................ 648.74 Geo. L. Miller .................... 248.05 Minn. Paper Co ................. 134.00 2.0tf 64.25 Pratt filettrle Co 301.10 Gladys Presqott 1,105.57 Pyramid Metals Co 63.40' Quick Grip Clip *,.,.«.,...., 4.06 : Quarrle Corp 48.60' Esther Qulnby .*....„.. 1,126.20 Rand McNally Co. ..»*....i.i 31.3S Glen Raney .'If.' /.I 18.00 Howard Raney 6.09 H. Rasmusson ». 1,866.20 10.30 11.85- Refd-Way Corp :......L. 147.60 Dorothy Relf ....; ~ 1,068.08 Remington 23.48" A. J. Richards 79.0tT 1.02 C. E. Rldenour 1,087.65 Theo. B. Robertson 183.95 Aria Rocksvold 830.00 1 Carmen Roskopf 1,005.00' — 4.50 Fred Schoby 33.fS H. M. Schoby 22.50 2.00 50 Leland Schmidt 266.67 10.00 14.63 2.25 1.75 9.2% 5.1$ 2.5> 1.59 15.00 2.80 7.65 1.82 9.23 3.00 1.00' Misbach Clothing Modern Dry Cleaners 2.45 26.71 Moe & Sjogren .................... 51.14 Andrew Monlux 48.03 Evelyn Moore 33.75 Morgan Vise Co. 1.81 Barbara Moule 1,005.00 James Murtagh 266.76 Naden Electric Score Board 6.50 Nat'l Bldg. Maintenance Nat'l Debate Nat'l Educa. Asso Nat'l Safety Council Nat'l Sporting Goods Erik Nelson Nelson Hardware H. F. Newman & Co Noble & Noble Alfred Norman Oscar Norman Northwestern Bell Tele Northwest Univ. Press F. S. Norton & Son Norton Machine Works 16.66 2.60 4.00 5.00 1.83 5.23 345.22 2.18 2.00 42.20 9.00 228.08 3.40 1,255.12 108.39 A. J. Nystrom 141.56 F. A. Owen Pub. Co 3.25 Madelyn Paetz 605.00 A. N. Palmer Co 3.66 E. J. Palmer 10.00 Martha Palmer 276.80 Donald Parsons 26.00 Fern Pederson 897.50 David Phillips 1.092.50 Physicians Supply Co 7.08 Pink Supply Co 16.24 Platform News Pub. Co B. H. Potter Brooks Potter Post's Dray & Transfer *.62 1,060.00 3.00 92.64 Elliott Skllling August Slagle 18.75 L. C. Smith Typewriters .... 187.20 Ruth Stansbury 645.00 '•'lite Treasurer '•', fit L. E. Stemmler C. W. Storms 54.0t 135.69 Mrs. VV. F. Steele 33.42 Mrs. Stillman „ 16.00 1 Leora St. John , 360.00 Anton Sorenson „. Sorensen Grocery C. H. Thompkins Thorpe Wood & Iron Works University of Chicago Press University of Minn. Press Unhferstty Press University Pub Co Vance Music Co Vonnegut Hardware 22.50' 164& 4.0323.95 .75 2.0O 4.08. 11.114 3.02 5.9S Mrs. Agnes Vohs 25.00 O. G. Waffle 391.43 Chas. Wagner 88.2O Walker-Turner Co 148.09 J. D. Wallace Co 1.89 Lucia Wallace 4.00) Dorothy Ward 25.8T Lucile Ward 830.00 14.00> 25.84 Donald Weaver Webster Pub. Co, W. M. Welch Mfg 18266 Paul Wendell Music Co 33 4O Doris White 1,118.75 White Cut Rate Grocery 1,18 Karl Willason 16.95 Ruth Will 3.00 H. W. Wilson Co 8.35- Hattle Wilson ........................ 1,201.20 Delores Woito ........................ 830.00 E. H. Wray ............................ 3.0(4 Young America 6.48 Florence Young 1,036.20 Cleveland Safety Council Coast to Coast D. W. Collins Cowan Bids. Supply H. R. Cowan & Son Bert Cronan Thos. Y. Crowell : Cummlngs 8.G1 678.00 j 243.S7 21 j 152:: 15 W and Mrs. Foley will now live in thii Mr. and Mrs. Geor«e Hart- Algona BaVing CM. Algona Creamery Co. nett, who have been living in thj|Al({onfi Flour & Feed house, have moved into I Alvona I r e Cream Fact. Me roRMICK HEIR MISS- IN<«—Albuquerque, N. M.: Mecl- ill McCormick, 21-year old scion of families famous In American publishing and statesmanship, was found dead in the rugged Saniiia -Mountains ten milts east of Albuquerque. He is the son of Mrs KiUh Hanna McCorrnick Sirnm-i ami the late H<-nator Medill Mc('ormick of Chicago. He and a companion lost their live-, while mountain < hrnbiiit'. -ooni.s back of their cafe WEST BEND FARM SOLD WEDNESDAY \Vf*l Bend: M. T. Munson closed a dtal Wednesday when he sold th.- 200 acre farm, tenanted by Clarence McCollough. The consideration was $115 an acre Alfred Wirtz an I his father-in-law, Henry Monta^'. were the buyers. Vr. Wirtz i* now | living on the Uaiiman farm a mile :' north of liend. | -- . -- er anil wife, Mr. ami Mrs. O. C. Jacoli.-,on, Lake. Algona Ins. Agency Algona Park Commission Algona Upper DCS Momes W. D. AHen Mfg. Allyn 1- Bacon American Library Asso. M. F. Amfahr Anderson Grain & Coal Anderson Grocery Lyle Anderson W. D. Andrews Antiseptol Co. Inc. Byron Arnold Ruth Arnold Mrs. Rae Ascher Harry Bak(-r Walter H Baker ft, W. Banwart C L. Barnhouse M. J. Barry Co, A. W. Behremls i Airs. ,1. \V. HaKKarcl i* entertain- 1 r;i;,,iy-i Heighler M:-,-, Lillian _ i I.avoid and Mm.-, Carol Axell of Moline, llhnoi.-,. Ml.-;, L-ivold U a : •- ' < (',\ \'.'.' 11! t- r of .M !' (i !1'i Mr. I 4 *• r 111 < 11 I'aul John Bihhop Bjustrorn's Klakke.sUi'1 Musi<- Co. Mr. und .Mm. Harvey K Paul were week em! KU*-.former's parents'. .Mr. a George Kohl of Union tow brother and wife. Mi h) of St. S Of the in the Lutheran . li at t . Heml. liev. S( hwicM'-r. pte^i'lerit J^ lVu lii. former resident., of Algon i j (I'.vt ridolyn Bloker of the Iowa In-.tri' t, v/:il be one o: i ;ill ,i .\j ra . Haggard'.-. me<e. The ! Antoinette Honnsetter tlie .-peaker.-. ! Kills expect to go to Chicago in aj A. H. BorchariU Mr. and Mr>. M. \V. JiM-ohmm \in-i tew da>u for a with relatives j Boston Music Co. Men tile foif.ei'.-, brotnrr and wife. • of Mis.-. Axell. Both girls are tin- • W. H Bo.sworlh Ml. and Mri. L. M J-i' .,r, -<<i: it 1 ployed in tne Moline telephone • •:•:- i Bot-ford Lumber Co. Mr.s. p. his Ira Kohl and hii ii.-.tera Lula 'and .'• *•'>'''''•>"'• Hund*}'. and Monday they c h.»rige and arc taking their annuilj (Jam-It Mable Kohl " vi.-.ited at the home of ar.otr.vr oroln : \aiation. j Bruce Pub. Co. The Lutheran (VnU-imlal Mie..Un<|— iMilU ' ie Burb " nl< of the Algona Circuit will be helj 1 next Sunday from 2:30 to 9:00 p. rn. j 5 'J) \ 2.70' 21 &2 2 00 200.77 104.011. 4C...V, i 21?.52 ! - l.Wi 4.00 j 4 Ml 2.&77.M 32 '-•O ' ' 3 M I 13.00 | 14.401 630.00 j 4 VI' i r, i: 30.71: 270 ' 1 Ml •••_' \ h.'JO <v> | 1.4 f,fi T, ' l-CI'M fcM.iYi '.t'.M V i 11 r, M; :: if) .';* 42 B .15 4 ::s rjMj Bureau of Dental Hygiene Bur. of E(iu< a. Kehearih How Would You Like This? "When Ydiir chief interest in life centers around raising .stock and cultivating a few crops, then it's time you cheek the Waut- Ads to get what you want . . . and can afford. Upper Des Moines WANT ADS Classified Ads For Sale RASI'BKKKIK.S Raspberries lo.-,« i • 20'i of their truit value within 24 hours altei they are picked. Order j freih hfiiiv* iiom Orton lieriyj Farm phone 7-K-ll. 27 2^" .SMALL UI'KI'JHT 1'IANO ?!0 per month on balance due. fan be .-em in Algona. Write (,'ntrheit Piano f.'o, De.^ Mojnt.-j. -ti-i;7* For Your Car SPECIAL LOW pi ire on binikr j twine. July t,th-lMh. .S H. Kla.s- >.:e. AlKona. 27 j FOR -SALt: l'.,ed 7 It. rcfiigtia-i tor. Two u>.ud oil btcjvcs. Gumhile .Stoic. -'•' ! 'ii/nuinc Knyravcd Wedding A'i- noum tiaeiit.i in any style of en- yraviiiK. i!< .Vj for do or le:,;j. At home cards to tnati-h. Sec them at the Alyona Upper I )ts Moiiics. 26-!f KOK SAI.K 240 acres 7 rnil^s west. 1 mile north of Algona.---Mrs. .",'ona Butler. Whiltcmorc. 28-2'j* FOR SALE Purebred Hampshire sows, bred tor fall pigs.—P. W. Keeie. Khnore, Minn. 25-ZU LET US VULCANIZE those broken tires and tubes. All work guaranteed.— Sampson Tire Service. 8-tf ENLARGEMENT FREE -Films developed and printed for 3Uc. One enlargement Free with each film printed. — Lusby'a. 2ti Al.'TO.MOBII-K OVVNKKS ATTENTION \ .Safe driver rewards our policy i holders always save from 2u to 30': ("oast to Coast claim service non- restricted — standard coverages. Buy Standard Protection at lowest cost. --Algoria Insurance Agein y. C?. K. LaBarre. 18 tf DROP IN at Sampson's Tire Service when in need of a used tire or tube. 8-U Wanted WANTED—Your dead stock- prompt, sanitary removal. Phone 7, Algona. We pay all phone calls.— Algona Rendering Co. 11-tf MAN WANTED to handle dis- tiibution of famous Watkins products in Algonu. selling and serving hundreds of satiafk-d customers. Excellent opportunity for right party. No investment. Write J R Watkina Company, DUK, Winona, Minnesota. A&P FOOD STORES • OAHrU »NU OrtKAMO *' 'Hi '.HIAI 4II6MHC. 1Kb CAdllt ll« CUMC6NI The real »pr«-u<l . . . I'l-rfict for cooking BUTTER- Ib.SOc A. X I'. 'i No. 'i'j Can* Sliced Pineapple __-39c Tuiiuito Juice No. 10 can 25c Extra Special NORTHERN JUii<-u-lze<l TISSUE 4 rolls 24c Extra Roll Ic or 5 rolls 25c RED HEART The DivertMed Diet DOG FOOD 3 16oz. cans25e Drink More Milk! I* More Product*! 'Hoops, My Dear Big Bargains at ANNEX You. too, can "hoop-la with joy if you will drop into the ANNEX and bee the great summer bargains that are found there. You know the ANNEX was started an a turnrner clear- ante and it Mill in the greatest "bargain center" in Algona. Right now. we are featuring the grandest line of cool, bumrner cotton dresses you have ever teen. Not job-lots or speri-il clobe-cuts', but good clean, standard merchandise, bought right and sold for only U8c. Also a complete line of silji frocks, bernbergs, wa&hables, novelties and every conceivable summer hot-weather material-sizes 12 to 46 for one of the.'e prices— $2.98 $3.99 $4.88 AJX blMMER HATS FOB ONLY Wlc li WHITE SILK TWO VOU'K TA1LOKK I) 8L ITS—A clobe-out for only tH-8tt "values to $10.00) New Garments rushed from the Main Store for quick clearance . . . Don't nUb» bhoppin^ at the ANNEX during the «uru- mer months where "Bargains ure born." Oh- You'll Need Plenty of Hot Weather Apparel Before Sept. 1st. CHRISCHILLES STORE [ AIR CONDITIONED ] A Great Sale of Summer Coats, Suits and Silk Dresses IS NOW ON Our Loss is Your Gain! A beautiful collection of pastel colored summer wraps, made from soft, fleecy Mello-Suade and all wool coating (in summer shades) — sizes 12 to 20, an unusual opportunity to secure one of these practical, dressy garments for cool summer evenings at only ____________________________ About 15 pastel and dark colored summer suits, plain tailored and very dressy; sizes 12 to 20, real values and so distinctive for all around wear. Values to $16.50foronly ___________________ !_. We have taken about 12 white tailored suite to the ANNEX where ybu may buy them for only $4.88 SilK Dff€SS€S Our entire line of summer silk dresses is included in this After-Holiday Clearance— hopsackings, washable novelties and sport items, including Sea Miat, Queen Bee and Bharksskin, The majority of these dresses are now selling at $6.05, $8.95 and $11.95 but we are featuring about 50 which sold up to — — — $10.00 for only _________________ ._, ......... , ___ 5*95 *• * or TWO FOB TEN DOLLARS All Cotton Lam Dresses All Bradley Summer Knits - Reduced SHOP IN COOL COMFORT HERE!

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