The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 5, 1938 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 5, 1938
Page 2
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, July 5,1938 A Fed, Savs. & Loan Plan Suitable To Every Type of Saver Savings Share Accounts are an *asy way to save money. The Savings Share Account may serve var lous purposes. It Is designed for the person who desires to save a part o his regular Income for future use An account may be opened with anj amount and savings may oe addcc at tegular or Irregular Intervals Earnings are credited seml-annually and allowed to compound and accu mulate with the account. Such an account has an especia appeal to persons with regular incomes who may wish systematically to save a fixed amount each week or each month, with a definite accumulated amount as an objective It offers a strong incentive to the desirable habit of long-time, systematic thrift. Lump sums of money, in variable amounts, may also be invested in this type of account at any time— the earnings thereon being credited to the account and allowed to accumulate and compound along with the principal. The plan is thus suited to the needs and desires of every type ol saver, as well as persons wishing to Invest lump sums of money for the purpose of creating a future cash estate. A share account book is Issued to each holder of a Savings Share Account as evidence of his investment in the association. These accounts are redeemable In cash, according to provisions in the association's charter, and are not subject to market fluctuations. Because of their many Special Features, Savings Share Accounts are especially adapted for Business Reserve Funds Educational Funds Investment Funds Juvenile Accounts Old Age Retirement Funds Find out how much you will need for the things you want in life and then decide to save a certain amount each month to reach your goal. Insurance Accounts up to $5,000 is your protection. The safety of your investment in a Federal Savings and Loan Asociation Is insured up to $5,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an instrumentality of the United States Government. Federal Savings and Loan Associations are privately owned and privately managed thrift and home financing institutions. They are chartered and supervised by the Federal Government under an Act of Congress and operate under well defined principles with regard to KOSSUTHLEAGUE HAS OPEN DATE lending-policies and investment safeguard's. On account of the mutuality in their plan of operations and the conservative form of home-financing In which they specialize, these associations (,ffer an exceptional , medium for the safe investment of funds at an attractive rate of re, turn. A Federal Savings and Loqn Association is a mutual, local thrift Institution based on sound, time- tested financial principles. > It is operated under Federal Charter and under strict Federal •upervUlon, It offers a safe Investment for /unds with a reasonable rate of return. Its funds flM loaned to home owners, secured by sound first mort» gages on their property. All Share Accounts arc non-ai- sessnble and no repurchase or with- fees of any kind may bo Averages of Loop Hitter? Prior to Final Games Announced Sunday being open date between halves of the North Kossuth base ball league, none of the games play ed by the Kossuth loop nines ha any bearing upon the race. Firs games of the second half schedule will be played this Sunday. Open ing games are: Swea City at Wes ley. Whlttemore at Bancroft, Ring sted at Titonka and Lotts Creek a Burt. Standings of the hitters for com plete first half are not yet avail able but the figures given include all games up until the final contests of the first half. Kossuth League Averages Ab H Avi Lichteig, Wesley 17 8 .47 Lloyd. Wesley 25 11 Baas, Whlttemore Welp, Swea City 23 10 .26 11 F. Hanifan, Swea City ... 24 10 Schuler, Swea City 25 10 Rowe. Ringsted 20 8 .4IC .433 .42: .416 .400 .400 M. Bleich, Wesley 13 5 .385 R. Menke, Bancroft 26 10 Stewart, Burt 13 5 Diem, Swea City 16 6 6 9 9 3 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 3 8 7 7 7 6 6 Krause, Ringsted 16 Welp, Bancroft 24 A. Menke, Bancroft 26 Hanna, Burt 9 Wieg, Wesley 24 Rippentrop, Titonka 24 Ackerson, Bancroft 24 Boekelman, Titonka 21 Batt, Titonka 22 Keene, Whittemore 22 Vogel, Burt 23 .10 .25 3. Meyers, Ringsted 23 Manus, Burt 24 24 Deitering, Bancroft Fleming, Ringsted .avrenz, Burt Surwash, Ringsted 21 Intermill. Titonka .21 T. Hanifan, Swea City ....28 8 •Crumm, Swea City ..18 Wood, Titonka 19 artner, Titonka 23 Juinn. Whittemore 23 Jrummer, Wesley 27 1. Weiske, Burt 20 1. Weiske. Burt 24 Sigsbee, Burt 16 Valsh, Bancroft 20 Meyers, Ringsted .'25 V. Salts, Whittemore 17 Solster. Bancroft 17 latten, Bancroft 13 Srdman, Wesley 13 Soyken, Titonka 27 Cunz, Wesley 23 ilchllter, Bancroft 28 foight, Whittemore 14 Kalstad, Whittemore 19 'arrell, Whittemore 19 cely, Ringsted 5 .ssr .335 .375 .375 .350 .346 .333 .333 .333 .333 .333 .318 .318 .304 .300 .320 .304 .291 .291 .286 .296 .286 .277 .263 .260 .200 .259 .250 .250 .250 .250 .240 .235 .2r,5 .233 .230 .222 .217 .214 .214 .210 .210 .200 Randall Hoffman, Jr., Emmetsburg, short waltz, and Playful Ronds; "I Love You Truly " sung by Carolyn Hoffman with Mrs. Randall Hoffmann at the piano; Virginia Soper, Emmetsburg, "Little Drummer" and pastorale, "Remembrance. Ruth Stahmer, Cylinder, Sail Boat and Follow the Leader March; Shirley Frank, Fenton, Minuet in O, accompanied by Phyllis Frank. The award of practice contest was won by Virginia Soper. GRAIN BUYERS TO MEET TOMORROW A school for grain buyers will be held tomorrow at 9:30 a. m. at the Bryant high school. It will be sponsored by the Chicago. Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad with S. J. Oberhauser, agricutuleral agent of the road, in charge. The program will last until about 4:30 p. m. The purpose of the school is to give buyers special Information and training in the handling of malting barley and soy beans which will aid them In their work. Buyers should come equipped with eye glasses and grain tweezers. William B. Combs, marketing specialist, Ed Dyas, agronomist. Mr. Stanton, plant disease specialist. Howard Kurtz, federal grain supervisor, W. O. Putnam, secretary of the N. W. Crop Improvement Association, will work with Mr. Oberhauser in conducting the school. Mrs. J. W. Dorrance Visits in California Burt: Mrs. J. W. Dorrance and Maude Banna took Mrs. Dorrance's mother, Mrs. W. E. Stahl to Ames Wednesday evening, where she took an early morning train for Van Nuys, California, at which place she will make an extendeo. visit with her daugnter, Mrs. F. J. Mann. Mrs. Stahl, who is 86 years old, was accompanied by her little grand daughter, Celia Barteati of Oak Pant, 111. Mary Jean McDonald, wljo h:id been visiting in Ames, came home with Mrs. Dorrance and Mrs. Han- nn. Mrs. Will Gorman entertained the Fortnightly club Friday afternoon. The Sewing Circle met with Mrs. C. H. Schrader last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. G. C. Giddings entertained the Birthday Circle last Thursday afternoon. Mrs. C. C. Smith was confined to her bed by illness several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bussis Hospital News Ko§suth Hospital Tuesday. June 21 — Mrs. Ernest Hermann of Algona entered for medical treatment Wednesday, June 22 — Mrs. W. R. O'Donnell of Lone Rock gave birth o a baby girl. Thursday, June 23— Mrs. Monty Scobba of Algona gave birth to a iaby boy. Friday, June 24 — Birdie Schulz of rvington underwent an appendec- omy. Friday, June 24 — Shirley Harvey *f Algona, medical patient. Friday, June 24 — Robert Dolan f Swea City underwent a tonsil- ectomy. Friday, June 24— Robert Mittag f Algona had his tonsils removed. Saturday, June 25 — Kenneth Fras- r of Algona underwent an append- ctomy. Sunday, June 26 — George Rnth of one Rock, appendectomy. Sunday, June 26 — Sidney Lloyd f Wesley entered for medical care. VIOLIN STUDENTS HOLD REC1TA1 Fenton: Mrs. Hilbert Hantelman presented her violin pupils In a recital at her home last week Monday -afternoon. charged. Its accounts aro checked and Verified twice unnually— once by the Federal Examiners and once by qualified Public Accountants. All officers and employees nre adequately bonded. Ask for our folder. —Adv. the program as it was given: Carl Ortman, Fenton, "Holy, Holy, Holy"; "Mother's Song" by Betty June Wright, Emmet:,burg; "My First Piece, in Joous Mood, Ray Ortman, Fenton; "Sun of my Soul" and "Twilight sons", Ruth Stahmer, Cylinder; "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone" and "Cuckr-o. Cuckoo,' 1 sung by Eunice Stahmer. Delond Vottelcr, Fenton, "Long, Long Ago," and "Auld Lang Syne" General Hospital Tuesday, June 21—Stanley Moor?, itonka, tonsillectomy. Tuesday, June 21—Claire Moore, 'itonka, tonsillectomy. Tuesday, June 21—Dick Walker, Algona. tonsillectomy. Tuesday, June 21—Mary Moe, Algona, adenoidectomy. Tuesday, June 21—Fern Schaeffer Of Algona, underwent a tonsillectomy. Tuesday, June 21—Mrs. Clifton When In need of glasses have your eyes thoroughly examined by DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. A, gona , |BW1 . Hauenstein of Algnoa, major surgery. Wednesday, June 22—Pearl Scribner of LuVerne, tonsillectomy. Wednesday, June 22—Donna M.H}', Olscn, LuVerne, tonsillectomy. Wednesday, June 22—Donald 01-1 sen, LuVornp, tonsll'.cctomy. Wednesday, June 22—Shir.ley Ol- scn. LuVerne, tonsillectomy. Wednesday, June 22—Robert Ol- scn, LuVurnr, tonsillectomy. \Veclm;.siI,'iy. Junn 22—Marjoric Olscn. LuVerne, tonsillectomy. WedntMlay. June 22—Mrs. M. H. Duntnt. of Algona. gave birth to a baby girl. • Thursday. June 23—Irma Lea MI Cullough of Algona hau her toti.siis! removed. ' Thursday, June 23—Harold M°> Culloush. Algona. tonsillcc'tomy. Thursday, June 23 —Robert Schaeffer, Algona, tonsillectomy. Thursday, June 23—Lorraine Garmenz, of Fenton, tonsillectomy. Thursday, June 23—Vedolia Kla'.t, Fenton, tonsillectomy. Sunday, June 26—Mrs. Ben Hinders of Wesley, baby boy. Sunday, June 26—Weber Yager Fenton, medical. Sunday. June 20-Mrs. Frank Schumaker, Curlew, medical. Monday, June 27--Mrs. R. K. Richardson of Wesley entered fur minor surgery. Monday. June 27—Eleanor Jenkins Algona, tonsillectomy. Monday, June 27--Mrs. Hu,h Carroll, <\lgona, medical. spent the week end with relatives at Avoca, Wis. Mrs. Martin Griese has been 111 the past week. Leona Neltzel is working at the Griese home. The H. L. Sauermans arrived Friday for a visit with Mrs. Sauerman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Al Staehle. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thayes left on Friday for Chicago, where they visited over the Fourth with relatives. Jacqueline and Betty Person spent Wednesday and Thursday at the home of their aunt, Mrs. Tom Trenary. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Meinzer visited friends at Fort Dodge, Sunday. They spent Monday with relatives at Manning. Aleeda Toebben, who has been working in Chicago, came Monday for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Anna Toebben. Mrs. E. C. Bierstedt and daughter. Mrs. Walter Sorensen attended a shower for Lola Warner at Fenton, Thursday afternoon. A group of friends went to the O. H. Graham home last Monday evening to help them celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary. Edwin Manus, who plays with an Omaha orchestra, visited his parents, Friday. The orchestra played at Fenton Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Chipman and son, Lawrence, visited the Twin ities Friday. Their son, Richard, who is -working in Minneapolis, came home with them for the week end of the Fourth. The American Legion held a special meeting at the O. H. Graham home Thursday evening to make plans for their annual celebration. They decided on July 22 and 23 ns the dates on which to hold it. Mrs. Jennie Davison, Xew Virginia, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Will Ringsdorf, for some time, spent several days last week with Mrs. Tressie Ringsdorf and other Burt friends nml relatives. The Rev. L. Richmanns went to Readlyn last week Tuesday to attend the silver wedding anniversary of Rev. Richmann's sister and broth- er-In-Iaw, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wld- dell. They returned, the end of the week. . i- - - • •»• -••.Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Scwiclc. Mrs. Art Lcnson, Mrs. Albert Sewick and Lura Sewick went to Ircton. Friday, to be present at the silver wedding anniversary of their brother !ii:-l iii.s wife, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sewick. which took place Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Bleich left on Friday for Xew Richland, Minn., where they \vere to he joined by relatives and then go on to Eau Claire. Wis., to visit the Will And- bers to spend the week at the Christian Endeavor conference near Minneapolis, received the highest honor for Bible work of any In the junior group and was awarded a gold Christian Endeavor pin. He also sang a solo before a group of about 3,000 people on Thursday eve ning. ersons. They phinnt'd to d< some fishing before returning home The R. C. Dremmels took Mi.-s Leila Sperry and her son, Darn-li. back to their home at Osakis. Minn., .Saturday. They hail spent a month here with relatives. Mrs. Dremnu-1 &n<! the children remained at Osakis for a visit with Mre. Dremmel's iiar- tnt.s, Mr. and Mrs. Sperry. L. R. Daniels took his little grand son to hih home at Lake Crystal. Minn , Friday. The child had been staying with his grandmother, Mrh Augusta Beit/, while his inothci. Mrs. Joe Beitz was in the hospital following the birth of a daughter. Mr. Daniels visited at Lake Crystal over the Fourth. Hubert, son of Mr. and Mrs. 1. O. Thaves. who was one of the grou;i of Christian Endeavor mem 3**£3: jM3^ «us§£o<! mS<O^ shows you what a price they pay for gasoline in some of the countries overseas. Gasoline certainly comes reasonable in your own U. S. A. And right in your own neighborhood the lowest-cost mileage you can experience is assured by Your Mileage Merchant's genuine Conoco Bronz-z-z-z gasoline. s oe&veett Wray Service Station Harris Bros. Service Station Army Recruiting Begun This Month The War Department has authorized the resumption of recruiting for the regular army. Last January the army was over strength and recruiting was discontinued ns there was Insufficient money available to pay additional soldiers for the rest of the fiscal year. Beginning July first new funds appropriated by Congress will become available. In Iowa the army post of Fort Des Moines, located just outside the City of Des Moines Is now to be brought up to authorized strength. Vacancies exist In the Fourteenth Cavalry, Mounted, and the Eightieth Field Artillery, Mounted. Young men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, in good physical condition, single and without dependents are eligible for enlistment. Army recruiting stations are located at Des Moines, Cednr Rapids and Mason City. "I CAN SHOW YOU ABSOLUTE PROOF this Paint Job saved me $ . rn ' ACTUAL STORY OF ELMER T. MeCARROLL, PRESIDENT OF WHITE PLAINS FARMS, INC, RACINE, WISCONSIN • "TheDevoe2-Coat System saved me money and gave me the whitest job I ever had." FACTS SHOWfD there was well grounded, scientific development back of this new Devoe fc-Coat House Painting System. It looked good to me. mnmciTOmv.. «™«™. • .••••• ——^-™ 2-COATS COVERED my extensive form buildings better than any three coats I'd ever used before. I had tested 6 other paints before i put on Devoe's. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Zwlefel and daughter, Ardls and Iris of Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Will Voigt an.l family of Cylinder and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weisbrod and sons, Wallace and Robert of Ringsted, spent lmt week in northern Minnesota on a fishing trip. tM-AK-CO MOTOR Oil. ENARCO MOTOR OIL lubricates them all WMIT« no«» Phone 123 or 88-W White Rose Service Independent Distributors STANDS OUT brilliantly white—the way a modern dairy should—and we're money ahead of the game with these new paints. " All mOTS tell me they spot our bams miles off—use them as a landmark. R EPORTS like this come from all over the country. Devoe's 2-Coat System is creating a sensation. It's different from old-fashioned painting methods. It uses two different paints—an undercoat to seal the pores in new wood, or cling to old paint—a special top-coat to resist the sun and weather, and outlast other paints 2 to I. Together, they give you a Get the facts. Come in and get much better looking paint job proof that you'll save money. Emfloy • RtpatM* Panla-Vit oar BaJftl fin THE NEW 2-COAT SYSTEM DCVfLOPfD BYAMfUCA'S 010EST PAINT COMPAHY-KT, 11S4 Botsford Lumber Co. Phone 256 Jim Pool This World-Famous Brand 1 A SPECTACULAR NEW 1938 IISflEY-SAVING VALUE—of amazing quality—built by the world's largest producer of rubber. O PATENTED "U. S." TEMPERED RUBBER—the « toughest tread compound ever developed —known everywhere for long, safe mileage. 3 EXCLUSIVE "SAFETY BONDING"—makes every ply a safety ply—adds approximately 12 pounds of pure virgin rubber to every 100 pounds of cord material—providing maximum blowout protection. 4 "U. S." LIFETIME GUARANTEE—protects you to the last mile—without limit as to time or mileage the tire is used. 5 A QUALITY PRODUCT THROUGH AND THROUGH —with an amazing array of famous • "U. S." safety, comfort and mileage .features. COMPLETE I LET US QUOTE SIZE RANGE I ON YOUR SIZE Guard STANDARD AMAZINGLY LOW NET PRICES $O35 Q 4.75-19 5.25 18 $05 5.50-17 TRUCK OWNERS $ VALUE 9 10 26 $ 20 6.0016 95 32x6 TT (8 ply) MEYER'S SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR U. 8. TIRES, BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES PHONE 30 ALGONA, IOWA

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