The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia on April 30, 1915 · Page 6
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The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 6

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1915
Page 6
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'C THE WASHINGTON TIMES, FRIDAY, APRIL 30: 1915. DIXON'S PLAY IS NOT INDORSED BY WILSON Letter From White House Explains Why "Birth of Nation" Was Produced There. Kfforts to nrnke It appear tlint President Wilson Unci Inrtoroed the phntopltiy "The Biith of a Nation," reflcctlnB on the character of tho colored race, were nipped today when 'President Wilson, throuprh Secretary Tumulty, dliected a letter to Congressman Thatcher of (Massachusetts, denying- that the President had given the play hN approval. Tho "Hlrth, rf n nNtlon," which Is based upon Thomas DIon's play '"1 he Clansman,'' was recently shown tho President, members of his family, and Cabinet oflicers at a private exhibition at the White House. Mr. JJKon and the President were classmates at the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, and at the solicitation or the latter, the letter to Thatcher explains, tho exhibition Was permitted. Resented By Colored Men. ' Because of tho severe picture which the film play draws of the colored 'Wian at the close of the civil war. Its production In certain Northern cities. Including New Vprk, has brought ,,abou t several near-riots. Treading1 ) Colored men of the country have bitterly resented its pioductlon, qlalm-lng: that It w as defamatory of tho j trace, and intended to prepaie the 'mind of the people for the reduction 3Qf the colored rare to a state In which the full 1 Ig'hts of citizenship aro denied. The President has received many letters protesting against his alleged action in Indorsing the pictuies, and to-Vlay W. It. Lewis, of Boston, the only colored man oer to hold the position of Assistant Attorney General, and Bishop A. Walters, colored, of the A. M. K. ZIon Church, of New Jersey, called at the White House to add their protests. Thev were shown tho letter written to Mr. Thatcher, which read as follows: My Dcrir Mr. Thatcher: Replying to our lucent letter and Inclosuros, T beg to say that It Is truo that "The I Birth of a Nation" was produced before the President and his family at the White House, but the President was entliely unaware of the character of tho plav before It was pre-puited, and has nt no time express ed his Hnprobation of it. Its exhibition at the Whl'o House was a cour- tesv extended to an old acqualnt- I ai'ce. Slnceielv ouis. J. P. TlMnpY. t Se'-retan to the President rishop Walters stated that Chief Justice White, of the United States Supremo Court who was also quoted as naMng indorsed the play, had also vritten a letttr dening that he had done so. . Leave Petition At White House. The xlslto.'s left at be WWte House the cop of a petition prew ntcd to the maor of Boston uiglng him to piohlblt the production of the pla. In this .- 1 tltlon It is stated that extracts from President Wilson's history of the Amcr-t lean people are thrown upon the screen I to make It appear that they are recent statements fiom the President Indorsing the play. Theso passages. It is stated, placo the President in the position of Indorsing mob vlolenco against the colored race. I CHANGESAREMAD E IN INI BUREAU Secretary Lane Announces Shifts in Personnel of Employes of Department. Changes affecting the personnel of Patent Office, the General. Limit Office, the Geological .Survey and other departments of the Department of tho Interior arc announced bv Secretary L-ino today as follows: Charles W, Hcrold, of Missouri, appointed on piobation as skilled mechanic In the Secretary's office. Mi'ila C Kissinger, of Pennsylvania, as an examiner at J1.500 per annum in the Patent Office; Clarence L Berrj, Ailrlinas, as laborer In Patent Office, at $540 n year, and Rdward Hnnnan, O C., as plumber In Geological Suivey ut J7.' a month. The following promotions aie Included In tho changes: William 15 Patton, ropv-Ist In General Land Office, .JiKiO to clerk, $1,000 James II. Montague! Walter T. Goodwin, Jerome P Lynch, ln-mond L Thomas, nil of the Dlslilet from nsslstant map pi Inters at 75 ents a day to nsslstant map prlnteis nt $1 25 a day. Victor H. Harnett, Indiana, has been reinstated as a geologic nii In the Geological Survev. Ernest V Mechlin, nn examiner, $1,800. and Clifford II. Spence, messenger, $t20 have resigned from the Patent Office. Tho irnWnntlon of Lester K. Cook, of Virginia, a messenger, $190, Is also announced. EXPECT IRE SUITS TO STOP MUNITIONS Federal Authorities Are Watching Closely Action Taken By German Sympathizers. MM PARK TO v. VOTE ON PAVING The major ard council of Takoma Park, Md , have ordered a referendum on the methoc of pav merit for future utreet Improvements, and ballots aro being distributed today on which taxpayers 'will Indicate their choice of four suggested methods The ballots are' to be signed by tho property owner, and voted cither In person or bv messenger at the municipal election Mondav. The voters will select one of the following plans1 First, that two-thirds of the cost shall be assessed against abutting property, and the balance paid from tho general funds of the town; second, that one-half shall be assessed against abutting property and one-half from the general funds of the town, third, that the cost be paid bv a $,0,000 bond issue, and. fourth, that the entile cost shall bo paid from the general revenues of the town. . "TIZ" FOR SORE, - TIRED FEET-AH! ij'TIZ" is grpnd for aching, swollen, sweaty, calloused feet or corns. "Pull, Johnny, Pull I" i Ah' What relief No more tired feet; no more burning feet, no more swollen, bad smelling, sweaty teet No more soreness in corns, callouses, bunions. No matter what alls your feet or what tinder the sun you've tried without getting relief, Just uae "TIZ " "TIZ" is the only remedy that draws out all the poisonous exudations which puff up tho feet. "TIZ" cures your foot trouble so you'll never limp or draw up your face In pain. Your shoes won't seem tight and our feet will never, never hurt or get sore and swollen. Think of It, no more toot misers no more agony from corns, callouses or bunions. (Jet a 25 cent box at anv drug Mors or department store and get Instant re-lief. Wear smaller shoes. Just once try 'TIZ." Get a whole ear foot comfort tor only 35 cents. Think of . Advt. . Convention Plans Made. Branches Nos. 17 und 19, of the International Unlpn of Stereotypcrs and Electrotvpers, discussed plans for the entertainment of delegntes to the .in-nual convention hre June 11 to m at a meeting at tho Raleigh last night. Elmer 13 Voung presided, and Frank Hursh acted as secietary. Government officials today were keenly Interested In the lcpbrts from Milwaukee concerning the tiling of a suit to obtain Information In regard to an alleged conspiracy between the Allls-Chalniers Company end others and tho Bethlehem Steel Company and others to mttniif'to'lter ind ship war munitions to ntiroprnn belllgeients contraray to Wisconsin law. The suit vvns (lied by Samuel Peal son. who wns n genertl in the Boer war, nnd who Is n German svtnnnMilyer It ' Is said to be preliminary to nn InJunc-I tion suit to prevent the defendants car-'rving on tho so-called conspiracy. I'uitlicr. It is said that suits like that one filed In Milwaukee are to bo tiled In Pennsylvania and Illinois At once the question trope In Washington whether tho Federal Government wns to be drawn Into tho controversy. The opinion generally expressed by tho best lawyers about tho War and Stato Departments was that It would not be. At the Department of Justice rumors of possible intervention by the Federnl' Government wero brought to the attention of the officials, but it was said the matter had not been considered The reports from Milwaukee do not malu It entirely clear whether any of the contemplated proceedings are to be undei Federal law, but officials here took the view that If the litigation was confined to State courts under State law the Federal Government would not become Involved. It Is known, however, that the Ad ministration Is going to keen a keen eye on tho developments In tnls case. It Is lecognlzcd that It may have much more far-teaching effects than might appear on the surface. G. tUliSlfOOL LD CFLEBRATON Celebration of the semi-centennial anniversary of the establishment of the George Washington I'nlversltv Law School will begin tonight at 8.30 In the I'nlverslty club, where an Informal smoker vvl'l be held. The annual meeting of the alumni association, at which the elect'on of office) s will take placo, will piecede the smoker. Kach of the llfty graduating classes since the establishment of the lnstltu-t'on will be icniesented, nnd hilef speeches heard from main old students David A Boer, of the class of 1I2, Is chairman of the committee In chnige The ce'ebrallon will culminate toinoi-low night with a banquet nt llnusch-ei's. Pi of. Kveiett Fmser, dean of the law school, will be lo.istmaster, and the spenkeis Include Solicitor Geneial John W. Dnvls, Chief Justice Walt,ei Clark, of the supreme court of Noi th Carolina; Hear Admiral Chniles II Stockton, president of the unlveislty; William Biuce King, of the clnss of 1K0. and Shlrlev P Jones, of the class of 1915. Cut Glass for the May Bride If it Is your Intention to remember some bride of Maj with a w eildlng or anniversary gift of cut glass, vou may be jMjsltlvc that any selected from oui large assortment Is genuine, deeply and ailsllcall tut, and reasonably priced. R, HARRIS & CO. i iiu .n:wi3i.nns Sevrntli nnd I) ftts. 39c Boys' Ktiaki Pants Made of good -f g quality, splendid I U washing khaki, In X L bloomer stvles. 5 to H jears, 19c. 12c Children's DRAWER BODIES Children's Draw- rm -x er Bodies, all '- taped seams, clou- I L ble low of buttons j made verj strong nnd durable, all sizes, lc 25c 50c Women's Neck wear, The correi t shapes of dalnt.v, fluffy Nekwe.n, fashioned of exquisitely embroidered Voiles, Laces, fine PK. bolting cloth, etc. Dutch shapes, military collir and cufT sets, nnd othor pretty features White, cream, and black Women's and Misses' Parasols Women's nnd misses' choice patterns Mercerized 811k Para- ( sols In all plain colors or with fancy flowered borders, cord and tassel trimmed, and finished with neat, fancy lu.ndles, 9!x 98c Children's Parasols Little tots' pretty Parasols, In c erv wanted color, either plain shades or with contrasting borders, IMc 24c $2.00 White QQn Dress Skirts 30b y r U M r-s Splendidly tailored skirts, made of excellent washing qualitv heavy nubbed white r.Ulne, PK., and I'nlon linen, In belted wnlst line, two hip pocket, v oke or wide cut stvles y "WHERE YOUR DOLLARS COUNT MOST" EHRENDS 720-722-724 7th St. N.W. Saturday's 75c Women's Coulll Corsets 49c Htionglj in.ulo Corsets of c outll will wear, .splendidly made, long nnd dioit medium lengths, w i t h high o i low busts and long dip hips, laco trimmed vokes, finished with garter support-eis. All sizes, Specials 39c Brassieres 14c Women s Coin-bilc Brassieies, made with pret-tv cmbroiderv-trlmmejl ukes a n d armholes, strapped rc-en-forced seams, nnd perfect fitting All sizes in Corsets New American Lady CORSETS $1.00 Guar a nteed ab-i hitch satisfactory weai ing, or inoncv i e-func cd on nnv of these or-et at this pi be B v i r v Iltfiire aii bu fitted, $1 0 $2.00 Crepe, Voile jnrl PI? Silk & Hundreds of entirely new. original stvles, fresh from New York A most wonderful assortment made with long or short sleeves, lll-lo if Dutch Cftllnis and c juisltelv trimmed in dozens of n ii 1) l v effects, with finest of Ince anil etn-brolderv Insertions and handsome ilcu pearl bullous. In W bite. Black, flesh Van Blue and CVindv Stripe. Saturday's Big HOSIERY SPECIALS 39c Women's Silk 25c Puie thread PUk Hose. In black tan, and colors, high spliced heels, double toes 75c and $1.00' Women's Silk 49c K v e n I n g high shades and elegant quality nil-over or boot stvle. Lisle Silk Hose. 15c Women's and Children's Women's black and Hn white Lisle and Chll- " dren's fine ribbed, with double poles, Jtneo.H, heels, and toes. 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In the best colors. 50c grade reduced to 35c Blouse Waists. Without reserve. Choice of our entire stock of 50c BJouse Waists with and without collars. Reduced to 39c Of Course We Hold Straw Hat Leadership Count the styles, compare the values, consider the prices and this service of ours has no competition. The biggest stock but the most critically selected, the finest braids, but wonderful values at each of the popular prices. And to cap the climax, a sale of sample straws at a price that doesn't cover the manufacturer's cost of the cheapest hat in the lot. Our Annual Sale of Sample Straws It has been customary with us, as you know, to inaugurate the Straw Hat season with the distribution of Makers' Samples at a special price. This season we have received the delivery of the samples of a maker undoubtedly the best in the trade for this initial offering. Heretofore they have not been available until June. 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