The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1938 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 21, 1938
Page 3
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WESLEY LECION AUXILIARY ELECTS NEW OFFICERS Mrs. Edna Flom is the Hew President of Organization Wesley: The American Legion Auxiliary met Tuesday evening for the annual election of officers. Mrs. Edna Flom was elected president; Mrs. Viola Studer, vice president; Mrs. Mary Forburger, secretary; Mrs. Josephine Meurer, .treasurer; Mrs. Helen Johnson, chapain; Mrs. Clara Hauptmann, sergeant at arms. The elective executive committee members are Mrs. Maren Flom. Mrs. Martha Weter and Mrs. Selma Alne. The auditing committee includes Mrs. Marie Bleich, Mrs. Clara Bauer and Mrs. Edna Flom. A paper on "Fidac" prepared bj> Mrs. Clara Erdman was read at the meeting Tuesday night. A pot luck luncheon was served. The rtext meeting will be July 7, when installation of the new officers will take place A county Auxiliary meeting wil be held at Burt Tuesday afternoon July 12. Akona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, June 21,1938 Marie Fisch Weds Ray Thilges at St. Joe St. Joe: On Tuesday morning June 21st, at the St. Joseph's Cath ollc church at eight o'clock, Marl Fish, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Fisch, became the brld£ of Raymond Thilges, oldest son of TOr. and Mrs Nick Thilges. Rev. Father Theobald officiated at the marriage ceremony and Mrs Nicholas played the wedding march The bride was attired in an embroid *red net gown and carried a bouqut of Johanna Hill roses and babj breath. The bride was attended by he sister, Lorcttn, and she was attirei in a pink silk marquisette gown with white accessories and carried a bou quet of white carnations and sna] dragons. The groom was attendci by his brother, Alfred. A reception was given at the horn of the bride's parents to 120 relative .and friends. A three course dinne was served nt noon. A weddln •dance was given the same evenln nt the Floral Hall in Algona wit the Rhythm club furnishing th music. The newlyweds will live on th Stewart farm north of St. Joe, whlc they have rented. Rita Becker is at the George Ret ing home attending to the house hold duties. Mary Ann Mergen of Whlttemor .spent the. past week at the Ralph Reding home. Mary Jane Reding from Whltte- more spent the past week at the John B. Reding home. Mr. and Mn. Nick Mergen and family of Whlttemore, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mergen and ion and Elizabeth Mergen of Algona and Joe Reding of Whlttemore were Sunday evening .supper guests at the Ralph Reding home. Mr. and Mrs. George Reding from near West Bend are the parents of a baby girl, Mary Ann born Monday, June 13th. The Redlngs now have a family of one girl and two boys. Anna Kayser from here Is caring for mother and child. Wilfred and Sylvan Zelmet from Milestone, Montana, arrived Saturday evening via train to Algona to upend the summer here with relatives. The boys are sons of Mr. anc Mrs. Nick Zelmet of Montana and grandsons of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zeimet, Sr., here. Billy Finnestad suffered a serious Injury to hi* right arm Friday when he fell from his bicycle. The arm was Injured at the elbow and a first wa» thought to bo broken X-ray pictures showed the bon was not broken but bniUed and badly Inflamed. Billy is the son o Mr. and Mrs. Amos Finnestad. REVIEW OF RECENT MOVIE PICTURES Of all the rolllcklngly fanny movte* which have been shown here In the last few months none, I believe. Is funnier than "Bringing Up Baby" starring Katherlne Hepburn and Cary Grant and a certain leopard. It makes you want to read again Max Eastman's book on laughter to find out just what in this zany picture makes you laugh yourself sick. It was just as funny to me as though I hadn't known from having read the story what to expect next. Maybe it was even more amusing because an anticipated joke hits you harder. It is a shame to miss any of the lines. There really should be timing that would allow the audience to catch up before another laugh Is sprung on them. As a matter of fact. I remember one such movie not so long ago. It gave me quite a feeling of satisfaction to be able to enjoy one joke without missing the next one. The more I think of it, the more I think that is really part of the art of creating a movie. It is the same principle applied to a different point of departure, to which I keep harking back In the movie-making of Alfred Hitchcock who made "The 39 Steps" (an entertaining thriller if there-ever was one) and the "The Woman Alone." Sight, sound, story, audience reaction are all balanced with as much care and sujeness as an expert dietitian balances the meals. "Bringing Up Baby" has put Hepburn on top of the heap again. {There had been serious question whether she wasn't out of the running). She teams up admirably with Cary Grant, but then Grant is a success with any star in any picture. Remember Thome Smith's "Topper", with Constance Bennett In which they materialized and immater- ialized at will? And again with Irene Dunne In "The Awful Truth?" And now "Bringing Up Baby." There still lingers in my mind's eye the image of Grant trying to get in a word edge-wise, trying to stem the flood of Hepburn's endless nonsense. The good-natured wrestle between the leopard and George, the little dog of "After the Thine Man" fame. The leopard rubbing against Katherine like a house-cat. Can't figure out yet whether It was faked or whether the leopard had no teeth or claws. The picture, although rather long, is a delightful comedy, well-directed, well-played. It is one of those practically imposible stories which are so excruciatingly funny By Eleanor Fr***r) because they are caricatures of some of the "crazy" people In real life. Now "The Joy of Living" starring Irene Dunne and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., though not so extravagant In its humorous situations, seemed nevertheless more artificial. Fairbanks is no less polished an actor than Grant. Wouldn't he or Grant make a perfect Rhett Butler for "Gone With the Wind. Perhaps Fairbanks would do better for he has a more sophisticated manner, a more devil-may-care look. Sneaking of "Gone With the Wind", didn't Watner Bros., "Jezebel" steal the thunder from the prospective producer of the former story? Won't they find it difficult to get a Scarlett O'Hara as good as Bette Davis who played Jezebel? That was a fine play well filmed. Except for the striking movie scenes of the Yellow Jack panic which were added to the original play, it was more like a play than the usual moving picture, and consequently more interesting. Fay Bainter, who did such a splendid job of acting in "Jezebel" was selected by the "Hollywood Reporter" as the finest supporting actress In the May previews for her work in "White Banners . Don't miss it, it is soon. * * * "Snow Whlto" offers one a good opportunity for consideration of composition. Almost everyone is agreed that Walt Disney's first full-length feature is a delightful combination of fairy-land and the latest developments In the art of movie-making, although In England youngsters were not allowed to see it without being accompanied by their parents. But it seems to me that there is room for improvement in the composition of the picture—that is, in the way it is conceived and put together. Disney has developed a method of designing the settings which Is realistic to a considerable extent. On the other hand, the drawing of the dwarfs is absolute caricature, and in spite of some simple shadows on the figures, flat, two-dimensional. The queen, Snow White and the prince, however, are not conceived in the same style (with the exception of the queen after she has been transformed), and they are not so well drawn. I still think that "The Country Cousin" Is Disney's best picture in draftsmanship, composition, and consistency. ^ Plillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllm Will This Be You! Anticipating the wonderful 18-day vacation with all expenses paid? IT CAN BE DONE! BLANCHE MARIE HENDRICKSON OF OTTOSEN, MARRIES WILBUR STONE Ottosen: Miss Blanche Marie Hendrikson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hendrickson of Ottosen and Wilbur Franklin Stone of Schenectady, New York, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Stone of Ottosen, were married Thursday, June 9, In TrinRy Lutheran church by the pastor. Rev. Karl Schleede. The wedding music and selections during the ceremony were played by Miss Virginia Sands, organist. Bride In Blue The bride wore a pale blue marquisette gown with a shoulder length veil of the same shade. She carried a bouquet of Talisman roses. The maid of honor, Miss Agnes Slv- erson of Schenectady, wore a yellow chiffon gown and a corsage of Talisman roses. Marvin Siverson was best man. Following the ceremony a reception took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Owens on Vischer Avenue. The house was decorated with summer flowers. Will Live In New York Mr. and Mrs. Stone will be at home in Schenectady upon their return from a trip about July 1. The bride is a graduate of the Ottosen high school and also a graduate of Waldorf college, Forest City and taught school In Wesley and Lone Rock. The bridegroom Is also a graduate of the Ottosen high school and of Iowa State University. He is an employee of the General Electric Company in Schenectady, N. Y. Marjorie Barger Weds Glen Clark Swea City: A very pretty wedding was solemnized Wednesday afternoon at 4 p. m. at the Wil Barger farm when the daughter Marjorie, became the bride of Glr.-i Clark, the Rev. R. P. Bronlcewe of ficlating. Attending the young couple were Glenls Funderburk, cousin of the groom and DonaiJ Barger, brother of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Clark have purchased a little cottage where they v/ill live and farm with the groom's father. Portland Progress Club Met With Mrs. Russell Shipler Portland: The Portland Progress club met Thursday afternoon with Mr». Russell Shipler. Thirty women attended. Roll call was answered with titles of favorite songs. A story "The Famous Mailman" was read by Mrs. C. E. Slgsbee; music by Mrs. Alfred Godfredson and son, Al- vln on the saxophone ana guitar; a *hort report on a history talk heard at the 4-H rally day by Mrs. Will Grover. A short time was spent in visiting and a very satisfying lunch was served. Assisting hostesses were Mesdames Arch Burger, Frank Burger, E. O. Mann and Dell Fitch. Russ Shipler lost a horse last by foundering. Lucille Watson was at Woden two days last week. Mrs. Henry Smith visited at the Geo. Lannlngs, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Roberts were Sunday guests at the Dave Webers The Helping Hand club met on Wednesday with Mrs. Geo. Lannlng Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Trunkhlll »pen Monday evening at the Will Grov ers Vernon Godfredson, Bancroft, was a visitor at the Alfred Godfredsons ast week. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dittmer left on Thursday for visits in Puget Sound and Montana. Mrs. Ivan Long attended the birthday circle meeting at the home day tut mother of Mrs. J. N. Holding. Burt. Thurs day. Her mother, Mrs. Holding, was the honor guest. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Larsen, Planning to Build or Remodel? We- wn hefy yw>- Our building service i* broad, helpful- cover* all home-building and remodeling problems. We cun show you plans and ..ample- of material., help you keep co»U down, Ld put you in touch wilh contractor* we know to be reliable. We can help you arrange your financing, too-whether it'* for a new house or a new roof. . . . And incidentally, If you •"«"»"»• of reroofing, be sure to *ee Barrett Shingles. We have them in styles, colon, and weight* to suit every taste, at price* that suit every pocketlwok. We invite your consultation on any building problem. Botsford Lumber Company JUI I>OOL ' Waterloo, visited the S. M. Peterson and Geo. Lanning families Sunday. Mrs. Waif Waltman, Corwith, n 'ormer member, was a club at the meeting In the Russ Shipler home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Elvldge, daughter, Kathryn and son, Ronald, were Sunday guests at the C. E. Slgsbees. Roland Fethknher, Storm Lake, nephew of J. P. Trunkhill, made a short visit here last week and then went to Minnesota for a further visit. Mrs. Milo Brown and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Leo Brown of Garner, were Thursday dinner guests at the Will Ringsdorfs. The women are cousins. Mrs. Geo. Lanning and Mrs. Ralph Roberts met the latter's sister, Mrs. Fred Larsen of South Dakota, at Elmore Wednesday. She is here for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Godfredson and Mr. and Mrs. Myrle Woltz went to Cedar Rapids Wednesday and to Des Moines where they visited Mrs. Woltz's sister, Mrs. Jack Kelly and liss Fern Hanson. Dell Fitch purchased a full blood- d Percheron horse from Vern Gross nd a four-year old horse from H. Buckholdt, Titonka, one day last week. The team looked too nice /or lis old harness, so he went to town ,nd bought a new set. He also hi's . new plow for his tractor. Rev. John Zimmermann, nephew jf Mrs. Paul Krueger, was married June 5th to Miss Wheat at the Fort Jodge Lutheran church. There were JOl) guests at the wedding and 100 at he reception. Rev. Zimmarmann las a charge at Wheaton, S. D. He was ordained in the spring. Mrs. Victor Applegate was a vis- tor last week at the home of Mrs. Sylvia Nail, a sister-in-law at Corwith. Bobby Applegate stayed for a longer visit. E. E. Applegate and Richard Nail were gone for several day. Doris Applegate Is spending a week with her grandparents, th Elmer Potters, Algona. Mrs. Sylvia Lanning of Algoni and Raymond Lanning were Sunday guests at the Walter Smith home. Mr. Lanning is principal and Smith Hughes director in the Delhi high school. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Robinson and Jsttje son, accompanied by Mrs 1 . Robinson's mother, Mrs. Ralph Dotson, drove over from Graettlnger Thursday evening and called on old friends here. Miss Lily and Mildred Llnde re- 'urned last week from Denver, Colo., where they spent the past college year. Mildred attended-college and LHy who l« *m-«*gl8t«WS "Wn**; worked In a hospital. Jean Looft accompanied her aunt, Mrs. Chris Nellsen to Chicago for a visit with the Nielsens and other IT CAN BE YOU! Raymond Stoeber made a business, trip to Des Moines last week Monday. He was accompanied to that place by his brother, Oliver and »oi Blllie, and his sister. Gladys Stocb- er. Oliver attended a Register i Tribune salesmen's convention and Gladys visited friends. The M. E. Ladies Aid society me n the church parlors Friday after loon with Mrs. G. B. Johnson, Mrs E. W. Ruske, Mrs. Truman John son and Mrs. W. E. Stoeber a hostesses. A musical program wu presented by Lavonne Newel, Bet ty Jean Schwartz and Shirley an Phyllis Frank. A large number o guests attended. Frond Jentz accompanied by Ge Goetach, went to Sioux City Frida to bring home Mr. Jenta's so Walter, who was in a hospital there with a broken arm. Walter broke his arm Tuesday while cranking a tractor which backfired. Because the 4 break was of a serious nature, the local doctor took him to a specialist. He is getting along nicely. relatives. She will return around July 1st, with another aunt, Mrs. Raymond Anderson. This is Jean's Srat trip to Chicago. Mrs. Hoeck, widow of the late Henry Hoeck, went to Algona last week to make her home for a time in the home of Mrs. Harsch, who will care for her. Mrs. Hoeck has been confined to a wheel chair for many years, a victim of arthritis. Friday night was the opening concert for the series at the Reynolds park by the Swea City band under the able direction of Gerald Niemeyer. The program was well received by a large crowd of fans who gathered In spite of the mosquitoes. R. V. Frakes, son of John Frakes of Fairmont, and at one time a Swea City business man, died Monday at his home of a streptococcic th-oat infection. Funeral services were held at Fairmont Thursday afternoon. He was buried at Bancroft beside his first wife. Bruce Farrow of Sacramento, Calif., stopped Thursday night at the Frank Looft home, enroute to the home of his parents at Sauk Center, Minn. Mr. Farrow is a nephew of Mrs. Looft, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Farrow, who at one time lived on the farm now occupies by the Archie Dita- wortti family south of town. The Farmers Co-Operative Elevator Company held their annual meeting in the Legion Hall, Saturday. Harry Linde was elected president Martin Molinder, vice prea- dent and O. A. Jensen, seeretary- reasurer. Hold-over directors are oe Kennedy, Alton Ferguson, Wm. rumm, Richard Newton, Ole Joanson and Walter Engstrom. The Rev. and Mrs. Raymond C. wanson left last week for New fork City to attend the annual iceting of the Augustana synod of IB Swedish Lutheran church. They Iso plan to attend the Swedish ercentennary at Wilmington. Delavare, and Philadelphia. They will Iso visit Washington, D. C,. and •ill be away about three weeks. Included among the Swea City oiks who attended the Northern Association meeting at the Algona Baptist church last week, were Mrs. Floyd Treat, Mrs. Chas. Kessler, »lrs. John Jongberg, Mr. and Mrs. ). W. Fults, Miss Mela Dreyer, ktr.s. Emil Larson, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Jensen, Mrs. Ed Hammond, Miss Florence Alberts, Mr. and Mrs. Sel- r Uhr, Miss Marjorie Hilsten, Mrs. Frank Looft, Philip Looft, Lois Looft, Mr. and Mrs. James Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Will Sanders, Earl Berg, Glen Olson, Freda Bureson Mrs. Alfred Anderson, Mr. nd Mrs. S. P. Eckholm and Mr«. W. G. Smith. I Contestants! [ Enlist your friends and relatives now to |- secure votes for you when they make, [ purchases at Algona stores — the girl [ with the most votes will win—and it I may as well be you! Think of it — 17 [ days in the west—in the Pacific North[ west, San Francisco, Hollywood, Old • Mexico, New Orleans-all the places un- i dreamed of in your past. This all ex[ pense tour will go to some girl in Kos- • [ suth county. Shoppers! Save your coupons—ask for them. Help some deserving girl to take thb wonderful trip of the west—to see the greatness of this country—to come back enlightened and educated by the wonderful advantage of travel. Select a candidate and help—help all you can. It'll be great fun. There is no limit to time of entry. Have your favorite enter now if she hasn't done so. The rules are plain and simple. Stores that Give Coupons = Richardson Furniture Co. Wilson Bakery Mrs. Amos Finnestad was taken by surprise last week Monday evening when a group of friends and relatives surprised her on her birthday. Bridge was played at three tables with Mrs. Walter Jvnlz winning the high score prize and Mrs. G. B. Johnson the consolation. Other guests were Mesdames F. H Buhn, W. V. Yager. E. K. Johnson Truman Johnson, C. F. Wegener Geo. Jentz, Onus. Newel and Dorothy Gerhurdt. Lunch brought b> the guests was served lute In th evening. Gamble Store Pine Room Klassie Motor Company K. & H. Oil Station Kossuth Implement Co. Geo. Elbert Garage Howard Hardware Graham's Misbach's Kohlhaas & Spilles Cumming's James Drug Store Brownell's i Council Oak i Steele's t i I Coast to Coast Store : I Dau Garage : I Nelson and Lensing • • I Kresensky's • I Marigold Beauty Shop • Morrison Beauty Shop | Cora Miller Beauty Parlor | Ben Franklin Store I Dahlhauser's I Madson & Hanson i Algona Bakery Hawcott & Ogg The Hub Clothiers Merritt Funeral Home Klamp's Service Station Johnson's D-X Station Gene Wray Conoco Station Zender'a Harris Conoco Station Solberg Service Station Red's Service Station Champlin Station Deep Rock Station Algona Insurance Agency Call and Iowa Theatres Kent Motor Company Dutch's Service Station C. S. Johnson Holtzbauer & Hull Lusby Drug Store Anderson's Jack Sprat Hood's IGA Borchardt's Long's Food Shop Cut Rate Grocery Dr. Scanlan Modern Dry Cleaners Bjustrom's Foster Furniture McCormick-Deering Store Sorensen's Grocery Norton Lumber Company Smoke Shop Barker Drug Store Algonquin Clopton the Tailor Sportsmen's Tavern Laing & Muckey Kossuth Motor Company Elk Cleaners Raesly Lumber Company Barry's A. & P. Store Dr. Sawyer A. W. Amunson Hovey Implement Co. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. General Hospital Algona Laundry and Dry Cleaners Chrischilles Store Brown Studio Pratt Electric Co. Moe & Sjogren Cooper's Sinclair Station

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