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THE WASHINGTON TIMES, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 1914. IMBERS IN EARTH MAKE STREET SI THEIR BRAVERY WINS CARNEGIE MEDALS 2E Canal Is Likely to Be the Only I Solution of Permanent Repair of Condition. (Continued from First Page.) icrong with the tunnel, and the onll building whose foundation is affected bj the operaton of trains tnrough the tunnel is the House Office building. Desp te the utmost pains to insure that that building would be perfect. solid at the point where its foundations rest on the ifK)f of the tunnel, it lias been found a seismograph in the southeast part of the House Office building re-irds bratlons when trains pass through the tunnel.

man handling th seismograph, who didn't know there was a great railroad tunnel tar down in the bowels of the hill, would suppose Uu.t an earthquake as in progress. Street Keeps Sinking. I ut while Capitol. Library and the Office Buildings are perfectly afe. and the tunnel itself Is solid enough to last for centuries, the earth above the tun-tnl persistentl sinks and cames down the surface of First street.

It will be recalled by those interested in the remarkable engineering feats connected with th fmnel construction that the double-tra car line on First street was operaieu throughout the time when the tunnel was being made Immediately under it. The center line ot the tunnel and the center line of the uil track are coincident for a distance four blocks. The street railway company was unwilling to suspend or remove its tracks, and the contractors for the turel were compelled to handle their borings in such fashion that they should not interfere with the surface. Most of the engineering authorities favored building the tunnel by the ODen-cut method: that is, digging from the surface down, a section at a time, building the tunnel, covering it, and going on to the next section. But this was impossible in view ot tne Protests against disturbing the surface, and the engineers then accepted the plan of boring directly through the hill.

A Timber Tunnel. In doing this tho plan was adopted o' constructing a temporary timber tunnel to sustain the earth above while the workmen were building the permanent masonry arch. So when the task was completed there watf a double tunnel, the permanent mfsonrj structure and around and above it the temporar timber structure. The work bimg constructed in sections of twentj feet, the earth wis packed, as tight! as possible, in tne zone of about live feet between the masonry arch and the wooden structure. Rut, however they would try to do it, the workmen found It Impossible to restore the original condition After the work was completed.

t'ie earth between the wooden and the masonry arch Inevitably fell away. The masonry arch has now begun to de-c rty and the earth above Is falling donn into the space between the timbers and the masonr structure. That Is what Is making the trouble at the surface of First street. The "ilstrlct government and the Washington Railway Company are both suing the Pennsylvania railway, which built the tunnel, for damages, and to r- quire a restoration of proper surface conditions. In turn, the Pennsylvania Is suing the construction company that rJt In the tunnel for it: and tho series litigations gives promise of being long time reaching bettlement.

An Urgent Need. Meanwhile there Is urgent need that the surface work be attended to. En-gneers. insist thit the one safe and per- way to do this is to open up the c-rtire line of the tunnel across apltol Hill; to bare the roof of the masonry tunnel; take out the timbers mposirg the old protective structure, id then put back the earth. Doing this would.

In effect, repeat the vroie experience of disorganizing and pplng up Capitol Hill, which has been an almost perpetual condition of h-os in recent jears. It was thought, at the time, that a preat trimph had been achieved when the railroad tunnel was buH the bonne process; now. it seems the troubles that were avoided 'emporanlv ma et hve to be undergone Cutting a great canal across the too of (apltol Hill would of course, be done sections, as they would build a subway In New York. Bu: there is danger tiat many of the beautiful trees In the apltol Plaza might be affected, per-taps destrojed, th question of responsibility for the cost of the work far from settled Is believed that JlOO.iBO would be eiulred to do the work, under the most 'a-orable conditions The Item of restoring street surface, sidewalks, etc oald cost about MISSOURI UN DEMAND SUFFRAGE Think Husbands Have Enough To Do Without Voting If They Make the Living. PAUL J.

ZENTNEP. AND DONALD E. RYAN, Cousins, both eleven, were skating on Lake Winnebage, Wis. Another boy broke through the ice. Ryan tried to save him, but broke through himself.

Zentner saved Ryan by heroic daring. Zentner was awarded $1,000 toward his education and a medal by the Carnegie hero fund, yan was given a medal. Pope Sees Tango, Calls Dance Sad and Gloomy KEPTHERWEDDING PARIS, Jan. 28. Le Temps causes a sensation by publishing news concerning the Pope and the tango that arouses enthusiasm among the dowagers and the great ladles who give tone to Parisian society.

According to the Vatican correspondent. Pope Plus has made a thorough investigation of reasons that Induced the Vicar of Rome and other ecclesiastics to Issue inhibitions against the tango. Pope Plux received two young members of the pontifical aristocracy, a prince and his cousin, a princess, who in a strictly private audience danced the tango. The Pope regarded the women with astonishment, and said: "Well, mv children, you don't eeem to get much fun out of it It Is a sad and gloomy dance." But before allowing the couple to go away, embarrassed as they were with the pontifical Irony, the Pope said: "There Is no reason why you should not dance to our heart's content, but Instead of adopting these ridiculous barbarian contortions, why don't you dance that delightful Venetian dance that I often saw in my youthful days and which Is at once elegant, merry, and graceful. It is called 'La The prince and his cousin asked, greatly surprised: "La Furlana?" "What!" exclaimed Plus "you don't know La Furlana?" The Pope suddenly arose and began to indicate with gestures the harmonious evolutions of La Fur-ana, as danced not only by the gondoliers and the people, but by Venetian partricians.

The Pope explained that La Furlana was danced In couples with uplifted arms atjd then with alternations of groups ojf couples. The measure Is vivacious and slow by turns, the music being Inspiring and harmonious. The prince and his cousin at once set about to learn La Furlana. Chevalier Rlchetti, director of the Roman Academy of the Dance, is collecting all the variations of the old music of the Venetian Furlana, which, now launched by the personal authority of the Pope, Is becoming the vogue In Rome, where, according to Le Temps, it has completely supplanted the lano, and, judging from the enthusiasm aroused here by the new.t from tho Vatican about "the Pope's danco" Parisian society seems likely to follow the example set by Rome. M'DEVITT MAY HAVE PA! raw "Millionaire for a Day'" May Run Afoul of Capitol Police With His Statue.

I RCH 0 SECRET 5 MONTHS Former Miss Henault Continued to Work as Stenographer for Congressman Pepper. PAGEANT PROPOSAL Winifred Waters Henault. who was stenographer for the late Congressman Irvln Pepper of Iowa, didn know how marriage might affect her employ ment In his office, so did not toll anyone of acquiring the name of Mrs. John J. Hurley.

In Baltimore last August. The recent death of Mr. Pepper, however, left the pretty young stenographer without emplovment, and today she decided to tell her friends of her marriage. The ceremony was performed by the pastor of St Ignatius' Church, in Baltimore, on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 20. Returning to Washington.

Mrs. Hurley continued as Miss Henault, stenographer In the House office building, and John Hurley dally served the District of Columbia as an assistant ercineer and draftsman. The bride Is the youngest daughter or George M. Henault. and Is a graduate of a local commercial sohool.

She. hn been assisting In the office of the latfc vuitKiccsiuan rcuuer lor several vim Hurley is a graduate of Rock Hill fnllArrn 17lllnn. IT. 1 uit.uii -ij. no in out? of the crack athletes of George Wash itigton University, being a member of the basketball, football, and baseball teams.

Mr and Mrs. Hurley live at 201 street northeast. COLUMBIA, Jan. 23. With suffrage to east of them and suffrage to west of them, Missouri suffragists are (organizing a campaign which they ex- pect will secure "votes for Missouri women." and make a "white strip" on the equal suffrage map from Indiana to Utah.

Initiative petitions for a suffrage amendment to the constitution are be- ling circulated In two-thirds of the Congressional districts of the State and more than half of the 23,000 signatures necessary have been obtained, according to Mrs. Walter McNab Miller, of olumbla, president of the Missouri Equal Suffrage Association. "Many people have" the wrong Idea of woman suffrage," said Mrs. Miller. 'Missouri women are not going Into this campaign with any feeing of antagonism.

We feel that the men have too much to do. Wo have been asking our husbands In the past to earn the living, and at the same time, carry all the burden of public life." Man Who Saw Lincoln Assassinated Is Dead WHAT MISSOURI WILL VOTE UPON The amendment to the Missouri corrsfitution, which the women expect to submit to the men of the State by an initiative petition follows: "Females shall hereafter have the same right under the same conditions to vote at all elections held in this State as males now have or may hereafter have. Obituary Notes Daniel Ballauf, eight-five years old. maker of mechanical models, who witnessed the assassination of Lincoln, died at his home, 621 street northwest, esterday Funeral services will be held at his home tomorrow afternoon, the Rev. John T.

Huddle, officiating. Burial will be in Glenwood Cemetery. Mr. Ballauf was In the old Ford Theater, in Tenth street, when j-Jncoln was shot. He said Booth, the assassin, did not shout "Sic semper tyrannls," as Is popularly believed.

Booth made no sound. Mr. Ballauf declares. Born in Hanover, Germany, Mr. Ballauf had lived" In Washington since he was twenty-one years old.

He leaves a daughter, Mrs. E. Heinrichs. Quick Treatment Saves Girl From Bichloride Three Commercial Organizations Will Support "The Fire Regained" Spectacle. 50,000 Wives of Farmers Want U.

S. Instruction At the Emergency Hospital today Miss Anna Pfelffer. twenty years old, of 417 New York avenue northwest. Is recovering from the effects of swallowing a bichloride of mercury tablet by mistake. The young woman's error was promptly discovered and a hurry call was sent to Emergency Hospltaal.

Because she was given medical attenUon almost Immediately the poison had slight chance to pervade her system. ONEDQSE RELIEVES A COLD-NO QUININE "Pape's Cold Compound" ends bad colds or grippe in a few hours. Relief comes instantly. A dose taken every two hours until three doses are taken will end grippe misery and break up a severe cold either in the head, chest, body or limbs. It nromDtly opens clogged-up nostrils and air passages In the head, stops natv discharge of nose running, re- Bullttins telline rural hoimxti'ivo.

hnwi Ueves sick headache, -dullness, fever- Bremner Much Improved Under Radium Treatment Congressman Robert G. Bremner of New Jersey, who is being treated with radium for cancer at the Kell sanitarium In Baltimore, Is Improving slowly. Miss Helen Bremner, the patient's sister, who visits him dally, was greatly elated on returning from Baltimore last night over the improvement noted In her brother's condition. lie is better than at any time since the treatment was declared Miss Bremner. "The radium has cer- iuiniy cone wonders for him." Miss Bremner Is the only person ex- n.tiijb me doctors and nurses who Is permitted to see the patient.

Several of urcmners mends the House have visited the hospital, but were told they could not see him. 20 Cents Will Shave a Senator or Cure a Hog "For Just twenty cents Uncle Sam can have a Senator shaved In the free barber shop In the Capitol, or can inject enough serum to cure a hog of cholera." fcoramanted Senator Kenyon tlLay' ln discussing his hog cholera Any Senator can Rpnrf tv.niv t.i friends to have their beards removed It not ne better to save the life of one hog than to have a Senators face mowed and powdered MRS. CORNELIA ABRAMS. at her residence. H15 Glrartl street northwest! Janrary 26.

DANIEL BALLAUF. at his residence. 621 street northwest, yesterday. LUMAN CARPENTtTR. at his residence.

1222 Kearney street northeast, yesterday. MRS. S. J. KNAPP.

at Mount Vernon, N. yesterday. MART WALL, at her residence, 143 Eleventh street southcaslvyesterday. MRS. MARGARET ATCHISON, at her residence.

1013 street northeast, yesterday. MRS. MART A. BRAWLET. at her residence In the Woodward, yesterday.

MRS. ELLA COTTPTRTT.T. ar hmr. icsiuence, iiui uorcoran street north' west, yesterday. EAT What Ton 1TI1I TThen Ton "Will Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Will Digest the Xeal Easflj and Surely.

Food in Itself Is harmless. The reason stomach troubles arise Is due to faulty digestion, brought about by overworking the body or brain, sickness, overeating, late hours, etc. Funerals Funeral services for Mrs. Cornelia Abrams, at the residence of her soh-In-law, H13 Girard strftt nnrthw nAav at 11 o'clock. Funeral services for Luman Carpenter, at her residpnro IT" street northeast, today at 10 o'ejock.

Funeral services for Thorn WmraTi at his residence at Mt. Rainier tomorrow at 9 o'clock. Later services at St. James Catholic Church. Mt.

Rainier. Funeral services for Philip G. Har- HI rjum aMmmi NSSfSK Et1 Wiy, TbafM My Middle Warn JVott, But I Alrrayn Take Stuart DyspepMa Tablet After Meals' to Plajr Sate." The only way tcxcorrect faulty stomach troubles and digestive mistakes Is to do what nature wants. All that nature needs Is a little assistance to do this work. This is why doctors tell you to diet.

By not eating, nature Is com mon, at his residence. 1623 Wisconsin polled to aid herself. Tou do not then avenue, today at 8:15 o'clock. T. ur r.

vices at Holy Trinity Catholic C'nurch. Burial ln Holy Hood Cemetery. Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Wall at her residence, 143 Eleventh street southeast, tomorrow at 8:30 o'clock. Later services at St.

Peter's Catholic L-nurcn. Funeral services for Mrs. Marv a. Atchison, at her residence. 1013 street normeasi.

morning at" 3 o'clock. Later services at Holy Name Catholic Church, with burial Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Funeral services for Mrs. Mary A.

Brawley, at Meadvllle, Pa. Burial also at Meadvllle. Lost Key Costs Life. NEW YORK, Jan. 28.

Climbing the fire escape because she had forgotten her key, Mrs. Vilma Dolmar fell four stones to ner aeatn. "Qualities High Store Hours: fSCN 8:39 a. nUo 5:30 p.m. llSsey Prices Low" overwork her when she Is already ex hausted.

Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets go Into your stomach just like food. They help digest this food. Then: they enrich the blood, and thus when, the next meal is eaten the system Is better prepared to do its work without assistance, or at least less harmfully. By following this natural habit you will In a short time correct stomach trouble, do away with Indigestion, and remove all danger of fatal digestion troubles. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets zts the best tablets made.

They are composed of the very best natural ingredients: one grain of one element will digest 3.000 grains of meats, fish, vegetables, grains, soup, etc Always take a Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet after meals or Just before bed time. By doing this, you "wrlll be actlns wisely ancT playing safe. an to mm dniETnst anywhere ana buy a box now. so cents. mti.

$1.00 and 1.25 Ribbed Underwear i 39c Very low -price for superior Ribbed Underwear. Choice of Women's Wool "Vests, high neck long sleeves, high neck short sleeves, low neck with ihort or no sleeves; also Combinations with high neck and long sleeves. Odd lots, and so the close-out price a garment tomorrow Is 39c Main ioor Bargain 'rabies. Many Opportunities to Practice Economy in Buying Merchandise These Last Days of January Coats' Featured Tomorrow to lighten their work, shorten their hours, sive money and make their homes more attractive, will be distributed by the Department of Agricultuie ln the near future. Fifty thousand wives of farmers have tiled requests lor the bulletins.

Instruction in housekeeping. food preparation, fruit preserving, and kln- Fog Lifts After Causing Damage in New York Bay NLVt YORK, Jan. of thf fc aviest fogs 1 orK has had ears lifted todaj. after having held up ocean liners, causing two pf and landing um boat aground One hundred passenger? on the Laeka- anna ferryboat Scandinavian betann- i a ir-strlcken wht-n the vessel was onmed in midstream bj a -ar float, rid carried upstream a mile before tua4 -Id Jlnd it. The municipal ferr boats Brooklyn Manhattan crashed, but no one wa? a red steamer San Juan ran at round mi OTtrnora Ibland while lost in th.

fog One-Room Schools Are Indorsed for Lighting VAD1SON. AVis. Jan 2 -The one-oom schvol building was highly corn-ended lure today by speakers at tho nms tenons of the Fourth mcon-n life i cn'orem Commissioners of ati inspectors, superintendents. i re. tor-- of ountry choo from re State-, and prominent educational ial.sf- from the country at large, among tuose scheduled to discuss i jtV.

leaktrs pointed out that in one- Khnols pupils are afforded vastb lighting and ventilating facilities Ht can be glxtn in lioul buildings do not permit of exposure on all s'des John Ja. better known as "Butch" The nioDosal to present the Greek McDevitt. of "mlllionaire-for-a-day" pageant. "Tho Fire Rasamcd." next fame, may have a nice little parade June was indorsed at a joint meeting Sred subjects will bTrfven February 3, when he comes to Wash- Chamber of Commerce, the Board of ington from his home, in Wilkes-: Trsde. and the Retail Merchants' Asso- Barre, in the hope of being im- cirtlon, ishness, soie throat, sneezing, soreness and stiffness Don't stay stuffed-upl Quit blowing and sniffling' Ease your throbbing head.

Nothing else in the world glvs such prompt relief as "Pape'3 Cold Compound," which costs only 25 cents at any drug store, it acts without assistance, tastes nice, causes no Inconvenience. Be sure ou get the genuine. Adt. mortalized by presenting the nation with a statue of himself, which he wants placed in a niche in Statuary Hall. Major Sylvester said today that under the law an citizen could have a permit to parade on the streets of the National Capital, and that if McDevitt makes application for such a permit it 111 be granted.

"Butch" may even hire a section of the Ma-nre Baud to escort him from thJ station to his hotel, and if the pi-crsslon get big eiiourh to 'variant it. he villi bi given a nolle" -s-ort The Matue which McDevitt irj to present to t'oiigresis. but which It is eApeJ-id. will promptly r.fu.-.r n-ay al-o marrh along in the parade so long i as it doesn't obstruct traffic or make it- I self obj tionahli- in any way When it comes to parading through the Capitol ground" or other Federal reservations with the htatue. "Butch" will liifet ith some Interference, unlpss in the imaiilline lie persuades the Superintendent of Public Build.

nKS and Grounds tt issue a permit If Congress won't accept the utatue, McDevitt says he is going to hire a room a hotel and Mart a little fctatuary hall all his own. Sidney Hirsh. author of the nageant conferred with the committee. A committee of if will raise a fund of $23,000 to finance the undertaking Three thousand people, eomprls'ng members of the smart set. -vlll be asked to take parts In the pageant.

The fiageant will be staged either on the Ellipse or the Monument Lot. and the profits will be turned over to charity. DROOP'S 1300 Street Refused to Scream. PITTSIHRGH. Jan "No.

sir. I read people get heat up when they scream I think too much of mv face," was the xcn-e offered by Mrs Iulu Chambers rubbed bv a liighwitvmun, for not screaming Concert Today By the U. S. Soldiers' Home Band Orchestra, Stanley Hall, at 3:30 p. JOHN Director.

Miller Keler Bela March, "Military Days Overture, "Comlque" Entr'Acte (a) "Nocturne Op 15 Xu 2 Chopin (b) "Prelude Op. 'i 13" Chopin Selection. "The Little Cnrjll Spanish serenade. "Ia P.iloma" (requested) Yradler Potpourri, "Vienne-e Folk Songs," Komzak Finale. "Jlammj Jinm Jubilee," Muir "The Star-Spangled Banner.

Ivfiui KjTVEflff1 ff K7 Faint Without Oil Remarkable Discovery That Cuts Down the Cost of Paint Seventy-Five Per Cent. 1 Trie Trliil Pneknr Is Mallril to Kierjoiir 1 lio 'Write. A Li HIce, a prominent manufacturer of aanis hajj dtscov ered a process of Miking a new kind of paint without Die use oil He calls It Po derpalnt It comes in form of a dry powder and all that is re- 4 uired cold wnter to make a paint weath- proof nre proof, and a durable an oil fjnr It adherefl to any surface, wood, stone brick, spread and look like oil paint. anl coot about one-fourth as much Write to Mr A Rice. 4SS orth st Adams.

and he will send ju free trial packase. alro color card and ill -mation showing you how ou can I a a cood many dollars. Write tody. I Advt TAKE A GLASS OF SALTS TO FLUSH HE FYOURBACKHUR TS Advises folks to overcome Kidney and Bladder trouble while it is only trouble. EatlnK meat The moment our hick hurts or kidneys aren't acting rinht.

or if bladder bothers you, set about four ounces of Jad Salts from anj good pharm.u, take a tablespoonful in a of water before breakfast for few davs and jour kidneys will then act tine. Tin- famous salts is madj from the arid of! crapes and lemon JiiUr combined with, llthta, and has been used for Kenera- 1 tlons to flush clogged kidneys and stiin- I eventually pro- ulate them to aetivlt.v, ulso to duces kidney trouble in some form or, neutralize the acids in the mine It no other, says a well-known authority, be-! thlla ''ladder cause the uric acid In meat excites the jai Salts cannot injure uiivoiie. kidnevx. they become overworked, pet 1 makes a delightful effervescent llthla blugglsh; clog up and cause all sorts of water drink which millions of men and distress, particularly backache and mis-' women take now and then to keep the ery in the kidneys region, rheumatic kidneys and urinarv o'ganx clean, thus1 twinges, severe headaches, acid atom- avoiding serious kldiit-v diseabe lad ah, constipation, torpid liver, sleepless- Suits Co. New York 'vsent Don- I Hens, bladder and urinary irritation ncll'a Drug Store.

Advt, New Victor Records FOR FEBRUARY The New Victor List Embraces Some of the Best Dance Numbers Ever Published NEW NEW TURKEY TROTS NEW ONE and TWO STEPS NEW TANGOS 17489 35346 35347 I 35348 17508 All for Military Band tin llir Mono moon KxprenH Medley Turkey Trot Tn-Mtei I The Junk Mini Hag Oue-trp or Tou-ntep laic d'nnmur Waltz Hesitation FloTvrr (ardrn llull Turkej Trot Iljdropaten W'nllr lspnun nit 7. Hesitation Ilr'd lime to tiet I mlrr, etc. Turkp Trcd One-step Tberr'n 11 t.lrl la the Ilrnrt of Msrjlnnd Turkej Trot roinp Dunce Turkej Trot Snn-I'inn-I'nii-Ainrrlrnu Tvo-slep Best Victor Service in Town! E. F. Droop Sons Co.

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