The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia on January 13, 1913 · Page 2
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The Washington Times from Washington, District of Columbia · Page 2

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1913
Page 2
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"V . V V,VJi.r-V - ""-Hr"' -' !? 'VifeK? . . : wx - .VS1 TUT: WASHINGTON TIMES, MONDAY; JANUARY , 13 1313. -H--P-! "w WOOD ORDERS SNAP TO FEATURE HIDE ON INAUGURAL DAY Major General Wants Marchers ' to Avoid Tiresome Waits of Former Events. Major General Leonard "Wood, chief narrhal of the Inaugural parade, has tlcn orders that this year's parade must bo 'snappy.'' His views were Riven to Chairman R. Is. Harper to-Say In a conference with Lieutenant Colonel Allen, chief assistant of the rcneral. Considering the plan to have the District civic organisations at the lead of the parade too revolutionary a thange. General Wood has decided itfalnst the plan, but has arranged lor' a gpod location and 'or such rcan- Igcment as will avoid tedious -wuns. JThe divisions of Mr. Harper's sec-lion will be so manipulated that they will not assemble until nearly rr.ld-iaV on March i and then only in time to -swing directly Into the parade. "General Wood promised to give a pood position to the civic organizations branch, and placed his approval n tho-plans for a division of Indians nd uniformed fraternal organizations. Marking Historic Sites. Chairman W. P. Van Wlckle. of the Historic sites committee, announced today that a better and larger plan 9f marking would be followed this Thnnnniiii of booklets and sev- tral hundred markers of points win be distributed under the committees now headed by Dr. Marcus isenja""". twt.wTrv- T. Owen. Henry W. Samson. .- Ti.n n -Proctor. In the meeting f the general .sites committee, historic taformatlon was given concerning the Sffi .choolSutBTavern the rraves ot revoiuuuuj .-. - -- - fanl-ton. the old subdivision of the District known as Haarlem. Wheat Row. and old TuncllfTe Tavern. All these spots will be marked awl -ataiogaed with many others, not here- "on? of & features of the coulee's work will be the marklngof any roots, with which Presi-e-60! YL& on has been connected. There are only X. few here, but the committee is seek-iiig to get all the - data concerning them. Contract for Badges. Desplter the Retail Merchants' Asso-llation protest, the contract for medals and badges for inauguration has been warded to an out-of-town concern-Chairman Brooke, of the medals and badges committee, expiainea i. however, that the brevity of time compelled his committee's action. "My committee, refuses to be drawn into any controversy ,on the subject . -n-r. award." said Mr., fcrrooke tediy-'We found that- because'- K the shbrfUme from now until Tnau-rurallon It would be necessary to have aSSct relations with the jnedals manufacturer rather than through the me-atumr Washington dealers acting middlemen.- Consequently we have rerean?re"wXaSeS thCOnthT,'manfacture. Washlrton lealers submitted "iiBractory lhat the terms were not as ""ftoty Ma direct contract, nor -nould It bae Ken possible to obtain the medals within the desired time limit. Bill Is Held Up. The bill granting use of the Pension umi... for the inaugural ball was tcheduled for action today in the House ftf Representatives, but at the opening of the House this .forenoon it was understood that the postoffice appropriations bill" would have the right of way. and that District bills would come up tor consideration later In the week. Many matters before the sub-committees of the inaugural committee are -...i t uie action of Congress on the Pension hall, so the leaders In the Inauguration movement are urging as rarlv action as possible, "chairman R. N. Harper, of the civic priaruzatlons committee, today received nrdtbat several delegations from Chl- ind Harrisburg, Pa., will march totho parade. He has had no answer om his communication to J? Hill asking whether this big Derao-2e "ganLaUon plans to send . . 8ec- Uon into tne P""""" "-', vlfrfnla Mr ' From several places in Virginia, air. Harper today received assurances that he will have assistance in his fight a-alnst horse speculators. He has the Sfom "e of a number of Virginia's fliw. EtftSs so now be feels that there "will bnfounta enoufh for all governor their staffs, and for the Indians an Thewo"? committee Is schedul to meet today to discuss contracts l the pyrotechnic display of inaugui. WMk. Chairman Gans expects to ha one of the finest displays ever given . this country. Committees Named. The floor committee, composed of nearly 500 prominent Washlngtonlanr, is as follows: Benjamin S. Minor, chai.-man; William C. Marrow, vice chairman; Hugh B. Rowland, secretary. Mdes to the chairman: Arthur D. Addison, Pern- Belmont, Cornelius C. Billings. Alexander H. Brltton, Fred-irick H. Brooke. CapL Philip S. Brown, Robert Callahan, jr.. Frederick E. Chapln. Emery Cox. J. Henri de Siboiir. Col. George F. Downey, H. Rozler n,iinv. 1r George P. Eustls, Capt. , Frank E. Evans, Preston Gibson, L. Lee Harban, George Hellen, J. William llenry. William F. Hitt. George Howard. Charles E. Howe, Harry A. Kite, Arthur Lee, Joseph Leiter, Alexander B Legare. Major James A. Logan, Jr., Capt. Louis M. C. Little, Robert F. Ma- son. Paymaster John H. Merrlam BaMI Miles. James F. Mitchell, J. Vnshur Moorhead. Charles Mulllken. P. S. Pear-Fall. Arthur Peter. William Harrynmn Rapley, Lieut. C. Raymond P. Rogers, John O. Selbcrt. Morven Tliompbon. Lawrence Townsend. Edward H. Wnles, Theodore L. Weed, Horace H. Wectcott, t Tee Whltmore, John F Wilklns, Eugene -B. WHHs, and Charles H. Woodhull. General committee George N. Acker, Anthony C Addison, Charles G. Allen, TVilHam E. Ambrose. Bert T. Amos. Walter S. Andrews, James B. Archer. .Clarence A. Asptnwall, Jesse C. Atkins, George C Aukum. Edward S. Bailey, Robert, L. Bains, Brooke A. Baker, lames M. Baker. John L. Baker, Perry J. H. Ball. 11. Clifford Banga, Ralph P.- Barnard. John Barrett, J. Breckinridge Bayne. Morgan H. Meach, Richard J. Beall, Alexandria H. Bell, Collev IV. Bell, Charles G. uennett, Claude N. Bennett, forborne Berkiev. Clifford K. Berryman, Col. John Diddle. John M. 8Iddle. W. T. Bingham. Charles BIsp- TO CURB A COLD IX ONE DAY TtVe UXATIVE BHOMO Oulnlne Tablet Dr-iMs refund money If It falls ii cur. t W. GIXOV1TS lUniturt U on ercb tsox. So. ham ,Z. D. Blackistone, Gist Blair, John S. Blair, Montgomery Blair. G. Bealc Bloomer. Joseph W. Bowie. Edmund Bradey. Lieut. Carl Bradford. Edson Bradley. Joseph H. Bradley. S. Duncan Bradley, Thomas C. Bradley, E. C. Bralnerd. E. C. Brandenburg, F. falter Dnn.nkiin' v.dtcnr s Brashears, Newton Brewer. Arthur T. Brlce. Lieut. Com. W. F.tBricker. William W. Bride. Capt. Mark Brooke. Cuthbert B. grown, William S. Broughton, A. Brltton Browne, Evans urowne. jusep:i . Brjan, Charles S. Bundy, A. Landon Burchell. John W. Burke, Joseph A. Burkhardt. Charles Henry Butler, David D. Caldwell, Charles Campbell. J. C. Kennedy Campbell. Ji Mandcvine CarUsle, Randolph D. Carmichael. ll-bur J. Carr. Charles Francis Carusl. Frederick W. Cauldwell, Col. John L. n-im)riiln T. Morrill Chamberlain. Pminii a rhase. Harry W. Chesley. John J. Chew. Thornton Chesley. Wil-loughby W. Chesley, John W. Childress, G. Bowie Chlpman. Charles W. Clacett. Harry F. Clark. Thomas A. Clayton, Lewis P. Clephane. M,urray A. CobD. A. W. Cochraine, Malcolm A. Coles, Michael J. Colbert, George L. Coiuere. Charles R. Collins. Arthur V. Connovcr. G. Fred Cook, Edward K. Cook. Blaine Coppinger. A. T. Coumbe, Lieut. Commander C. E. Courtney, Theodore S. Cox, Charles H. Cragln, U. uowoom Craighill, Harry D. Crampton, James C. Crawford, J. Harry Cunningham. R. D. Cunningham, R. D. Cummins, William T s Hiirtla. CaDt. Pnmunl F. Dallam, George W. Dalzell. John W. Davidge. II. Bradley Davidson, John C. Davidson. Edward D. Dean, Capt. AVarren Dean. William C Dennis, Col. 1 L. Denny. Rov A. Dent. Lieut. James Dickey. Edward W. Donn. jr.. Robert C. Dove. Carl A. Droop. G. Thomas Dunlop. John Dunlop, Henry F. Dunlop. l. ivemo uuvai, Andrew B. Duvall. John P. Earnest. John EcUer. J. Orville Eckcr. John J. Edson, Jr., Frederick Elchelberger. James R. Ellerson. James R. Ellersonjr. Franklin H. Ellis, William P. Eno, J. (Lindsay. Capt. Julian R. Llndscy. Joh London, Francis u. ""'"' ";" P Lovlnc Horace H. Lurton, jr., Edvv a'McCalmont Ormsby McCam-mon, .Lieut. Com. Edward McCauIey. Jr Col Charles I McCawley, A. Garrison McCIlntock. Malcolm S. AlcConllie. vrthnt- McConllle. Capt. Frank R. Mc-Cov?7. NotMcGfll. J. Clarke McGuirc Frederick D..McKenney. R. C. McKIn- ney. George a. 'rrin drf ir .nnn. uiiu.i.c -" --- - J. McQuade, CoUn E. c.' Horace G. Macfarland, D. S. Mackall, Samuel Maddox. John H. Magruder. John D Maher William II. Mallon, Arthur D Marks. L- Randolph Mason. William B Mason, Henrj' S. Matthews, JV."..m v-Sr.. Arthur 3. Mattlngly. William A. Mearns. William H. Jlcr-riam Oliver 3. Mctzerott, Benamln Mlwu. Richard "mIcou. Benjamin Miller. Harrington Mills. Edward A. Mitchell. Barn- Mohun, Edward B. Moore. F. D. SJLi, Maurice M. Moore, W. Cabell IKS. James E.' Mulcare. Wallac-W. Mnlcare Alexander R. Mullowni, Mharfe7'j Murphy. William Musser. GM&e "ifwl MyVrs. Sidney C. Neale. iirr'4?-- hnin iMward A. Newman. F PS. 'Newman. L. Cloud Newman. John'H. Nolan. Harry Normcnt. James L? Norrls. Jr . Frank B-Noyes. Howard S. Nyman. Hugh H. Obear. C. 1'. K. Ogifby. Jr.. Daniel W. O'Donoghue. J. A. C Palmer. Andrew Parker. BralnardW. PnrkerV Lieut. G. S. Patten. Stanton C Peelle. Wslter S. PcnHeld, jr.. waiter G? Peter. Frank Sprlgg Perry. R. Ross Pcrrv. jr.. Alexander K. Phillips, P. Leo Phillips. Francis B. Poc. M. T. Pollock, Paul Portncr. Ord Preston. Frederick B Pyle. Buckncr M. Randolph, Ralpa Ranlett. W. H. Kapiey. ji. j. . nvuur, Howard S. Rceside. V. S. Rcpburn. Thomas RISKS. W, IJcnry Robertson. Norburn Robinson. Lieut. Charles K. RockwelU Henrv C. Rothrock, Philip S. Roy, Edwin S. Ruckcr. Sterling Ruffin. ni . Tj.ifrm Ilnrrv L Rust. H. T. Sage. Preston Satterwnltc. Charles oEir Thoman F. Scott. Lieut. D. Spalding Flannery. A. C. Flather. Ed 1 a. Searles. F. A. Sebrlng. James Albert BEAUTIES TO RIDE IN WOMEN'S PARADE Dl FANCY STEEDS Will Lead Mounted Section of Big Pageant for Suffrage Cause on March 3. Pure Food Babv Leader in Pageant D. Flather. William J. Flather. jr.. Robert V. Fleming, R. W. Flournoy, William J. Flynn. Norman P. Foster. Thomas J. D. Fuller. Eugene L. Gd-dess. J. Eakln Gadsby, W. Gwynn Gardiner.. Lieut. Creswell Garllngton. A. T. P. Gamett. Peter Gcrrj Lieut. Com-nuiutpr TVnltpr R. Gerhardl. Freder ick R. Glbbs, Lieut. James B. Gilmer. Col. Melville Gillett, John C. GltUngs. Henry W. Glassle. Larkin W. Glaze-brook, Charles C. Glover, jr.. Eugene Goft, Erskine Gordon. Kllbourne Gordon, J. Holdsworth Gordon, Spencer Gordon, Arthur P. Gorman. Henry R. Cower. Thomas -Grant. Capt. Ulysses S. Grant. 3d, John K. Graves. Cary T. Graj-son. Lieut. St. John Greble. jr.. James M. Green, Louis S. Greene. Naval Constructor W. G. Groesbeck, "V . New ton GuIIck. Frank W. uwauimey. waiter B. Gur. Charles Hagner, Francis R. Hagner. Randall H. Hagner, Ed A. Hal-sev. John J. Hamilton. John Hays Ham mond, jr.. Thomas V. Hammond. Leo p. Harlow. jacKson . xiarper. j-ma Low Harrlman, Rear Admiral H. T. B. Harris. Harry Harrison. Ainun " veycutter. James Hayden. ltonert c. Hayden. &. Lawrence nP-! " Hege. Arthur Hellen. John B. Hender-. ii- J. Malcolm Henry. Samuel J. Henry. Tyler Henry. Alexander T. Hen- ron! Frank D. Hester. J. Clinton HIatt. William B. KIbbs, Charles S. Hlllver. Reynolds S. R. Hitt. TViUIani Hltz, Adolph A. HoehUng. Jr.. John H. Holt. R. Arthur-Hooe. Rice Hooe. William D. Hoover. James H. Hopkins, N. Monroe Hopkins. Vemon Houghton. Charles Lowell Howard. Walter B. Howe. Reginald S. Huidekoper. Charles Hume. Howard Hume. Rawlins Hume. Robert S Hume, Thomas L. Hume. Robert . Hunter, Thomas B. Huyck. Franck Hyatt, jr., B. Lowndes Jackson. Hunt- Jackson. C. ainton James, William JeM fers. Tracy I Jenoros, nennen jcu-nlngs. Guy H. Johnson. O. H. P. John-TZrT rrhnriMTT. L. Johnston. Eugene A. Jones. Louis G. Julian. Henrv "B. Kane. Rudolf ivauumann. tikiui- jiauuumu Harry M. Kaufman. Lieut CoL Jeffer son K- itean. jonn j.iwauui, . Kenpedy. W. M. KennedrJ: "er Kenyon, Harry G-jamball. Sargent P. Knutt. Henry Krojstad. NayaUCon-.mnrrv a iand. Lieut. CoL "William C Langfitt. Cary D. Langhorne. Major ? T. Langhorne. John S. Lar- combe. Jr.. John E. Laskey. Philip F. Shaffer, W. E. Shannon, K. fresion Shealey Fielding Simmons Douglas Slmms 'Lieut. Bethel Simpson. Joseph J. SInnott. D. A. Skinner. J. Henry Small. Jr.. AugusUn Smith, Frank S. Smith. Frank Smith. Henry AV. Sohon. Jere South. John Blair Spencer. William R, Stansbury. Robert Stead. Jr., Henry Qav Stewart. Robert King Stone John P Story, jr.. William Strong, jr.. Joseph D Sullivan. Samuel E. Swayze. Kdwln A Swingle. Conrad H. Syme. James L. Taylor. William C. Taylor. F A. Tcn-nant. Mangus S. Thompson. Richard C. ir..n.M William E. Thompson. H. G. Thvsonlr.. Charles T. Tittman. Leon Tobrlner. Wilson L, Townsend. boutn TuXhi. mivln F. Troupe. Walter R. Tuckennan. Frederick & .Tyler, George S. Wainwrlght. Major T. V aer. Hugh C Wallace. Edward J. Walsh. Henri- H. Ward. Richard Washington. Aubrey G. Weaver, John L. Weaver. iSutaV Weaver. John Sidney Webb, Francis R. Wcller. Michael A. JVeller. Robert W. Wells. H. Wlnshlp Wheat-i,.y William Wheatley. Charles V. Wheeler. George C. Wheeler. Harry VX'hee er C Albert White. Sanford Whltvlell. Walter D. Wilcox. Robert C. mans William T. Wlllett. Major Don ill?"!' iiiTJU Mniland Wilmer. Batch W Wilson. Charles F. Wilson. Clarence Hi W 5 Major Blandon Wlnshlp Al-exander WolfWaddy B. Wood. Nathan C Wylth. R. E. L. Ydlott. Robert II. Toung, Henry W. Zeh. (Continued from First Page.) and ono of the most ardent supporters. Her name also has been added to the list of the advisory committee. It Is proposed to carry out a campaign acr the stylo made successful on ho Pa- Congressman and Mrs. Henry George of New York and Mrs. Jumes w. I In-chot. mother of Glfford Phjchot. al-o have signified their Interest In the suffrage pageant and have been assigned places on the advisory committee. "Wc shall have at least 1.000 marchers in the secUon of home workers, declared Mrs. Caro G. Moore, chairman of the committee which is organizing that section, today. Mrs. Clark Aiding. Closely associated with Mrs. Moor in are Mrs. Champ Clark ami Mrs. liarvey W. Wiley.. It Is proposed to have uniforms provided for the women taking part in this secUon. of simple design, in keeping with the sentiment of the secUon. but providing for similarity In dress among the marchers. Prominent among the members of the secUon devoted to pioneer suffragists, will be many whoso names are house hold words in connecuun ii " movement. .. -.. 1.arA It !t KT10Wn that women are too old. to marcn in the parade It Is proposed to have them carried In automobiles. Mrs. Jane L. McCreery. eighty-three years old, will be one of these. Mrs. Mary Lockwood, Mrs. Etta Haley Osgood, for many years president of the Maine snffraf.e organizations, aro aiuuui, muoo .. -ride. Other prominent lioneers ,'no will be present are Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt. lnternaUonal president of the Woman Suffrage AssoclaUon; Dr. Anna cunw natlnnnl nrS(1nt- and MISS Jane 'Addams, national vice president of the organlzaUon. Very important irom me iuu. view of the suffragettes are the meetings to be held between now and March 3 in the "drawing rooms" of the District, when discussions and lectures on matters relating to woman's suffrage will be carried on. The first of these will be held tonight at suffrage headquarters, 10 F street northwest, under the direction oi ansa r.ucy duiu. I MACHINERY TRUST HELD RESPONSIBLE OR HIGH L UMBER i -. L'-s-"71 ' A 4. 'II "CASCARETS"BEST BOWEL CLEAffSS HeadcTiersourUonmcbV biliousness and bacHaste . gone by morning, . , . t.... Tonruc. Bad. Tste. Indlief- tFurtaiioV Skin and Miserable Hetd- S'iffLSnS from torpUl-liter ..,. ,, ..-.'WttSW NOrin UarOliman UeCiaiesillClc "" 'Uich iouw and ferments uk I. fin Snhmhito of Minl0SlX&2r& ,w ..- --..-. 'foul gtt. u",Vi-,f that Is-fcrrlW Haiainea By Association, if ISStbsffS I out by rrtornlng. Tay HARVEY W. WILEY, JR. -Photo bx.Harrii & Ewlnc- trL ir.iS.We d swurttw ye? niltwo" ---r- h. wnric -wmieyoa . out by njonuiy., -; yotje,drJif1st Free lumber, on condition the nVXSSt on "iruat" conirouea raacuij Millions ot muii -"r"-. stom ach, llv day, said lie had been considering-the proposition of permitting . the youngster to appear In the pageant-behind the Votes-for-Womcn oanne; Mrs. Wiley, from her home In BUtmore street this afternoon, went her husband nnn hatter !JVlntT that In all PrOU.lT bllltv the oung hopeful" would be Pastor Would Tar Thp Stotesburys its manufacture was removed, was' ad-1 caret ccated by George W. Jones, sccrctMry Qf tho North Carolina Pfne Association, before the Ways and Means ComniltU teday. Jnnra flrdarcd lumber machinery could b bought ,cheaicr abroad than In the. United. States. The present $L23 duty per thousand on lumber, "jonea said. wa3 greater than the sawmill owners- profit, under present condftlons. Jones denied Chairman Underwocd's claim that retail lumber pssccla'tlors In various territories mah.-tamed a schedule selling price. Jones admitted to Congressman James of Kentucky that free lumber would lower It nrice. Then don't you think that rathcr4 than legislation for a few manufactur ers, we mlgni legislate lor aouui "' : or nine million families living- In rent- 1 cd houses? asked James. I "Yes," admittea me wimcso. 'i-l - (..mi.i moment-1 Don t fe&AJftEWSSK need a good, gentle cleansing, too. Grogan, -' , Specially reduced prices havfc been marked onithejoi- Iowing articles, for tomorrpw- - nnllf- " i" $65.00 Bet, regular price J80.C0. golden oak. finish, hand-rubbed piano polWh. -Urg French plate mirror. plnh-lln-ed silver drawers. PHILADELPHIA, an." lt-Because At, v.. T. Stotetburs- is reported to right there, his six tcetli and alL By' haVe perniltted her woman guests at a A committee representing the United German Singing Societies will consult with Chairman Percy Foster, of theln-augural music committee, today In reference to the parUclpatlon of their organizations in the inaugural concerts. It 1j the Plan of the United Singers, consisting of the Saengcrbund and tho Arion Gesang Verein. to extend to every incoming President a welcome to Washington auguration of the future was passed ; led t0 jead the Men's League for at the meeting of the Verelnlgt SaengerUyoman suffrage, in the pre-lnaugural SrfX at the Saengerbund Hall last night. I Dageant In Washington next, March. at which a tentaUve inaugural nccr nlan was mapped out. -j;1. IStterT received by the UnUed'Slngers irom out of town singing societies lead to the conclusion that many German singing organizations from .other cities U.r .i.in9t. in th inauguraton fes- ... TXrep.tor GumDrecht. . of the "Pure Food Baby" To Be in Parade Of Suffragettes rrt.. mnil lrnnlArflll babv 'r. the world If you don't believe It, ask Dn- Harvey W. Wiley, wnose asgcruuna be vouched for by Mrs. Wiley Is sched March 3. she explained, there stiou.a' be more than fclx. Of course, Marcn climate, she- added, must be taken Into consideration. " . . Th, "Piiro Food" haoT. while lieallhr in the extreme, probably would not like to venture forth in a blizzard, regardless of how much he might be in sympathy with the movement. "The boy is an ardent suffragist." Mrs. Wiley continued. "Like botli his father and hia mother, he believes that women hould be permitted' to vote." Harvey the second can't walls a stup yet. Mrs Wiley was told this, and was asked what could be done' about It. She said that hadn't seen figured, put yet. She was told that ur. wney nan hinted that perambulators have -not oef been barred. She declined to say whether the younster would be whecltd down the Avenue on that occasion. Dr Wiley will not be In the-parade. Stress of business wlilch will carry hint Into other cities the 1st of March will prohibit his being In Washlntgon on the 2d. ' Kaiser's Shirts for' Sale. BERLIN, Jan. 13. A newspaper "want" advertised for sale "suitable for museums or priyate collections some shirts which belonged to Kaiser Wit-helm I when he was a child In ISC Guaranteed genuine." wont function at the Bltz-i-anion to j smoke cigarettes, and also supplied the little rolls of tobacco, tne ev. ur. tor-rest E. Dager,- -pastor of St. Paul's Reformed Episcopal Church. Broad and Venango streets, assailed them In a vigorous sermon.' ' "It ls'a? burning, shame.." said Doctor Dager." "that persons prominent' socially should give-parttcs in'one of our leading hotels, and. then by their example and encouragement degrade womanhood by kJP5 cif&"M , he tarred and featticied. I refer to-Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Stote3tniry. . , i Crushed to Death. DOVER. N. X. Jan. ll-ilrs Frank. Gibbs. discovered her husband; deserted, three years. Just, as be. attempted to board a train, slipped, and was crushed J lo ciqaui. 7T If your child has Craup, Whopping Oovgk, Cough Dr. Ball's Coosb Strop will fsrepo. liblescrioosillsess. Safe. Sara. BetUble. 25c Ttere'SMd Dr. BulT OrthSfTOtortrooPw Mn.AwleBiitss.aS.2wSL.XaMair Ku. IS FftEC 9Mfl!sG'mf& $25.00 DrcwiM TM regular price J30.00. in blghly polished mahos- "any. , French plate, mirror; $4 Parler Takk, regular price S6.60. a P"g .? -convenient size, finished' In. uir-casslan walnut. S12.SO US? J, regular n-lcir 16.;oV handsomely Cnl"?-?d IS "ahony. atrongiy. built, convenient .drawers and compartments. $50:0 Parlor Sme, ''regular - h dO. three pieces, loose- cushions, velour uphoutery. h?Khly s polished mahogany frames. k $25.00 3rcM regular, price. 130.00. polished JfwWef Mlw large drawers. French- pwt SlS-or. one of th attractive , patterns. J $32i50' TW, reg- .M-i-i : : k-H'-h 1 1 r I'M : : i-'M'M- National Hotel Larner. Major wmiui Lnsslter, ,J. -' yenWbVnd. and Prof. Karl Holer, of SS&SS WBii3i fK'uTin conjunction with the re- ahrrRobert-L..Lehnert. William P. tMUe, clor -"gSSeVieett, &&LawrRee -nCertS the .. .r a n Ani AvnTalnAfl Mrs. wucy iui BiwiuwHi -"'! "; "T thkc weather jpftrmuuns ne renew Pdre Food" baby will be irt the parade. onnirmnii.M iur v 11111 1 iv - -,-c made by a whole office full of women t, in wasninBiun iwi. ,v,u..i ""' who bears the Ule of Harvey TV.. Jr.. Is six months old and has a tooth for every month of his age. Father Wiley. In New York yester- See Rent List of J. L. Kolb, 933 N. Y. Av. Adt. The Man's Store Announcement Extraordinary!! D. J. Kaufman Puts on Sale Today Every $20 Suit Every $20 Overcoat In the Man's Store 1375 No Exceptions-No Reservations-There Are Just 278 Suits 231 Overcoats in this sale and the chances are they'll all be sold by Saturday night i- Every suit and overcoat a Man's Store Make garment admitted to be the best clothing sold in Washington the only clothing sold with the' guarantee of Money's Worth or Money Back D. J. Kaufman 1005-1007 Penna. Ave. t 1 7. 1 1 1 ! 1 1 1 H-Eff 4-i-j i : 1 1 1 1 :: 1 1 u Vox the busv man w ,-r ' - It who' wants to rjinch cofrifortaWy and ? , K Table d'Hote t.uncheon'firom s ; v 12 to .2at 35c The Winter;;Garden Dinners art not only, elaborate in variety, but perfectly served. . Every Evening from 6 to B . $1.00 per Plate Orchestra and Soloists throughout the evening J. D. KYNASTON, Manaeer. Tke TlFKAJTr-B ATT CO..Jc. Pkaaes JA. 333S-9 nil.. n.Jj fac-slmlle. Tyiie-I writtea Letters wltH salutation Mit..iin a- ho standard wnlcn I all others attempt to-lmttatcOur, ' nrlcea.aro TeasonttDiCjjva- ular price $40.09. 5 Inch fef, extends to 6 feet, heavy ped- estal. highly pousneo' siue oak flnlsh. -. The payments of a 'charge account witt be divided as ydu "max wish. For cash or a -30-days settlement we .allows 10 "per cent discount. - Peter Grofit Jc Sim , 817 to 823 ScvcndtxSt; . . u l,. ,:jSPEQWl. N0T(CES Tltli NNlAI- MEETING, or the tock-"oia or IM WASU1NOTO.V JSAUAVAX i. EUECTKIC- COUVXSr. tor th purpose or eltcttB a Boarr pf -Directors- to asrve. tor the en?uln yearind to transact Jch oihjcr DalnS-.a mwrproptrly coutKJior the roeetlns. will be held at th office ofi the ComponV th and East Capitol btrett. WaDiaaion.-U. C. on Saturdij. January is.. 2l " KM C'Sfit.nBOWEN. Secretary " ' - - . 111Ui iHiir" minium; LOCATION - QUAUTY - DESIGN ilU.V THESE TRUI-r DISTINCTIVE HOMES TIIi:V OVEHLOOIC V.OKIUS ROCK CREEK NATIONAL PARK (10th Street Xo.aU0-aj50 HardTTOoa noora imuui". ' t THE AKXUAI. 1ISETIXO ot Jhe atock- bolders or me Aix.M-uaj.. c vv.v I-Sr. RAIlJtOAU COMPANY, for the pui' BIV n,. ir ircilnir a. Board ot Directors fj r , -. , j. .- inair aucli other business as may property conu I A . . . . ..-.... . . t --- berote tb meellns. IU be held at theffiw , .;..! :- f! ''" I ';gg - FECIAL JtQTICES T Slop in and try onej of 'our. !AJ10t ".' i-ira S. fa 7at D.O. "-- - -, . XJiUNCH gc .DINNEB ...... .75c J J. nminnni A tA CARTS! l J. FBOSt 7 TO I3 1". .M. . T X-.OR. lSTH U N. W. " .." M- Wj- V ot the Company. J4th ana east. vaP".- Strtets. NvasnlnctonV U. C. on eaturuay. January IS. lilJ. at 12:00 o'clock, noun. a. . .... .-.' 2-story and attic. 8 rooms and bath. ..- Large front and rear porches. Lots. 22x125. 20-ft. alley. ated. . Blinds to all windows. These homes are built ot tUe manshlo Is strictly high class. In Beautiful hardwood staircase. Decorated bath, with shower. J.argerKitciren-Ba J'""J itfrlcerator. Cold storago lJfiwdry.. servants room and toilets. . Artistic electric fixtures, very best materials and the work- $7.250 Terms as Easy as Rent e Mount Pleasant" car id Lamont telU Tlk Wo blocUs west. iibtrrt till 0 p. tn. Salesman on premises. it RREUNINGER, Owner and Bnilder 8 Tfmi 1 1 1 1 miimmtmtttmtmm: iiiimTirii'M""'"'Mmmmm:i:t:: Inspect This Evening THE ANNUAL. MEETING ot tne. ocx-. holders ot the OEOROBTOWN AM tennaLlytown RAIUWaV COMPANY. for the purpose "ot- electing a BuarJ of Directors Xa ere lor tne. ertsuln. year and to transact such other butiheas j may pibperly come before the nwetlns. Jtu be Held, at tne onjce mo "i"; COMMITTEE. rOxntnTEE ON.EUBIJC'COMFORT. i' IXAUCCRAI. Roo"ms Ctf and Si. U, Trust BiMtaf . Venn-n-lvanla ave. and Tenth U J. w.v " All parties' Ceslrlns; to funusii avanerj vt liu and Bait Capitol btreets. Washlnstou. p. C.." on Saturday. January 1,-1S1 J. at 1I:W o docu visitors during; Inaugural perjod are jer nueited to call at tW office 'or- atai d-l"."?- im. .tstimr fli number of pVrsonVthat can- be supplied ' with beds or StsVwith or .without n--hi. Urms;ete, M. I. WEI.UEK tnauroan. v Committee on Puhllcjt-oaifprt.,. noon. & R.,DOW'EN. Secreun,-. THE ANNUAL -MEETING or tne mock- .WAV OF. .WASHINGTON, for the purpose of eiecuns; a jwvra u. jjumui. VL . the ensuing year and to transact such other business. as "may .properly lome fctlore the meetlns.lll be ueld-at the offlw f tile CompanyVlh-and East Capitol Sueets. Waihlnaton.'D. C. on Saturday Jsacary Is. IMS. at 12:00 o'clock, noon. "r S. B. BOWES. Secretary. ! -rrttt DOCLT.MAD1SON CANDIES ahsoluta- N.W. Phone 3C BH. The- IB-' CJ THE ANXUAL. MEETING of the stockholders of the BRIQHTWOOD KAIIAV'AV COMlANT. for the purpose ot clectins a Hoard of Directors to ser e for tho enains ear and to transact such other business a may properly come before the meeting, wl" k h.Trf it ihft nfllcr of the CuntDanr. llin and East Capitol Streets. Washlnxtun. U. C.. on Saturday. January IS. IMS. at ISSW o cloct. 3. R. BOWEN. Secretary. noon. . a. m M Biggest lBargams vlsf M S" n m psiillllllllllllllBHtaBitev-i'- jjilsDfiC I s(111.31111111111111111111111111h I islllllllllllllHiMsistel ftA yf HislisiiiiiiiHB(lliiiiiiilililsWk'rlBiBMl ssHHsBMssiiiiHiL '--Ajjfc--T4 vEr j. iL-l I Ever Offered in This Section 737to74ll2thStS.E. Just South Pa. Ave. Inspect these houses today. Open, lighted and heated until 9 p. m. Only $200 cash and balance like rent. The homes with big lots. Room for stable, garage and garden. Don't delay. Inspect today. Only Tvo Left. Price, $3,500 THE ANNUAL MEETING of the stock-ki?.i. r ft.- POTOMAC EI.ELTK1J POWER COMPANY, for the purpose of decline a Board of Directors to sert for be ensulne year and to transact suclt olher business as may properly come before the rocetlnc. will be held at the off 1 ht the Company. I4th and iJist Capitol Streets. Washlnston. D. C. on fcatiaday. January 18. ISIS, at 12:00 o'clock, noon. 8. R, BOWEN. Secretary. r THE ADF-QRD LBTT.ER CO.HASMUVfcUviu 607 -15th 'ST., ' Over FORD & GRAHAM'S, Opposite the Treasury, v MR. FRANK BORZE wishes to announce that he has moed bl business across tha street, opposite hU recent establishment. n. st- Shoe Shop. L THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER. PiUlf 2lPS "GENUINE" HOME MADE SAUSAGE. ALU PORK- For sale at all leadtas stores or coiuraaia, t-ror. . jj- . - Hot Griddle Cakes Are delicious anu wnoicsoa when mado of MILLER'S Self-Ualslns' Buckwheat, IL' economical, 'too pacxac) contain mora buckwbssst. than those of other "brands-. tS"At your erocer. No conructers supplied. Wfcoleaa'ers. Ilth M 5ty 9. M. "WEDDING RECBPTIONsI FINE CATERING MILLER'S Self-raising Buckwheat 3 Q&WWC4, SUCCESSFUL JVOMAN COLLECTOR deslrej bills to collect: hTe city references. Ad-1 dress BOX 518. Times oWce. BANQUET PARLORS US Sifii s: v. ear "T f ' -" i; XftftomMllP-, iiia F AT. N.W or 7th. ANO 17 o io.n-fc. lmum;:mjnmwtwmjim?mnwttwmtmtmttttttmwmmmw The Servants' View Point . Good servants are hard to get hut servants say that good places are hard to get, -too. o, ifyou .have the place, and advertise in'The Times, the chances are that you will get the good servant. '- . f ' . . . i. ? fl i-.lns-5 A

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