The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 31, 1938
Page 4
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The Algoot Upper Da Moiwt, AJgma, Ian, HtfK, ISM O7ET f**r W«M 2 NEW FRONTS ON WEST BEND North East Kossoth News the a* the Country Club evening in the elwb and 1 their were ttie hosts and toostesse;-; were M follows: Mr. and Mrs. I t, A Hftggar* Mr. ».n€ Mrs. Mc.l! r*atenhainer. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. F. j iHiwSle. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Larson, i Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ho'mes. Mr j 1 «M Mrs. Ch«t Williams. Mr. and ' ' Its*. R H. WiHer. Mr. and Mrs D. B. Dewel. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Poo!. t»r. fcnd Mrt. W. D Andrews. Mr. Mason City, second state vie* president, j A f :30 bantruet was served by j the local lodge at the Wilson cafp j The tables were decorated with ; snapdragons of pink and green At j 7:36 p. m. the evening session con- '• tinned at the Legion hn!l Mr* | Billmar! and Mrs Laura ! gave talks. \ loca.1 lodg? put on the regular .rwk and the Estherville put on the special initiatory , Mrs. Bronsor, was presented ' with f. gi't and the closing work '• was done by the local in3p«'. All of Bend: Workmen finished in twt> new frojrts ir, business houses on main street One in Pert!'? c8.fe and one ir. Drusse!'? hardware store Wbe- they ttire oat the old frtir.ts. the I- beams were rotted and new Ftec 1 beams were put tr. The store fronts e^e *~t"~y attrart-ive wit.r. t.h? isrge window? ir front work. Hn* M>s. Albert Ogren, M.T. a»«jjthe fiov^g* used in the dw.>rati TrrmMe v.-p.f : ALBERT FK1T2, 72. TTTONKAN, FUNERAL RITES Five CMdrea, All Laving In Titonka Vicinity, S-orrive Him i JRewSsmw W. 3E. Qut- knerbt. HJhner Hanwm gaifi Mttw i Betty An*enwm crftertBrnefl thf 1 Prcs*yteri«fi Aifl at the ehim* nr. 1 Thursflay aTternnnTi and a 3F cetfi I him* was spm>fi. rnntinuing Strrinft i A? MrT^R °L Williams wu* in thr fnllowinc pr CAWOl REASX, WAYMIffllHl Titrmkn: rswrnl I. Rennnr. flniljfh tnr nf Mrs. FlirrmrM 1 Tiejunrr. nnd THillnr. «mn nf Mr. nnd Mrs For v?rr pufttoned for '.hr coid nf th(- lodpe anci the money <3onit.e3 tp thr flower fund. Trin't.j- The Ladies' Aid church Aid— Jfft. Fred K«nt. R. J Harrinpton. J D. Lowe and Cordon Dewei. A «:«5 chicken dinner war served. TV-umberc on the program were s j&tmo selection by Jane Cretzmpyer * clarinet solo by Pbj-llis Sawyer *^tw<rvocal number* by Rtehva , juu , lwrira t:Durrl! „„„ , Keen. Three MHWtuevou* Maids' i afternoon s.t two o'clock iraa a a&ncing number by Emog;*' 1 ? Ringer berg, Rosalie Swanson. and Betty Courtney, pupils of Berniw Stock. Mr. aufl Mrs. Joe &«en- toei* WOB the fcj^h feMfctiy ptf«. a t ggjfr- and Jfe* 'Wlfcllt to »nd the dor-'.orj! there it slr.Uf trouble »•" —.. Mr 5n^5 MT?. J. Jftp^f prtfr of the Trintty " ** th <" ir bridge riub Wednesday Thursday • * ms 8l tbpir in the Mr. and Mrs Verne Killer SPTTl-e V-«-id TriirRday afternonr. nt thr Gntvfi Hnvf Luthmr rhurnh fnr A\ber: Friit. wit* Rrr A Kilisr, in '."bRrcT JrTr. Frit7 passed awny &T '-he »r* of 72 TTHTT.. after s Itmp linErrinr illness Ht wes borr. in Pommern. Wavnr ano Norma Hebron Taken 01 r>T Ht WES borr. in Pommern. Ger- Hebmr,: JCnrma Oaiano WHS tp.teen a! many. Sept 3S 1865 At the aire a! > '•err sick with appendicitis last Sai- mnrt-h will hp played by I Mrs L F. Cnllies. nnd Jacquelin 1 CnllieR will sinp "O Promise Me." ! Thp hricte will br nttenflefl by Clnr 1 ir-p Ftilk nnfl the proem by Arthur Thp brdlp will wear ankle Icnptti dress nf white satin nnd full length veil held in place with a band of irsarlR and parried a hmiquet nf nlnU roses and lilies of the valley. Thr w'cJock the dtfb house, 1 Itry an t>on Huttihfoow* committee in Ltanan. Che committee . Mm. TV. B «?»«>rt(>n Men T, Agord. Mr* G. K. Buchanan, and Mr*. Call Hoffman. CeavrttVoa— church parloTT with Mrs R E^reyer I lonis are . , _.,_. ... ... . _^_ _. . . S!i<3 Mr*. E I>reeKm8.7i a? the hort- *hr C. C. Miller and H. M. Msntr I K h«> rnanf to th«> TTnftm* £**•*«>< n-nfl : uraar evcninK. Dr. RUBS was called " I • • ----- --• —- - - — — —-. * - , , . - j i*ijf*i?pi HIIU n HITS* in ntv v«nv,» • *•••—::— i Mr* Golds Wnoley ana stir. Kt>r- : Sprick. Fir? chtiarer. -srere bnrn t? jto the r>olm&ire hospitui ^or an op- . hrjaegmBia wore an ankle length ! er of Nevada It-wa. camp Fridsr j them: William. Herman Reinharn. ! fawtitm at mron a? possible. At ten flrmll . ^ ntrib a - 1k m-cnnrlr and par' e-> eninc for a week end visit trim i Emma and Esther. AH t»f them ! o'clock she was operated on and IP relatives. 'live in this vicinity, also R:K prand- j now petting along nicely. Mr, Ada SUmn returned Wrf- i-^ren . ^^ ^^^ ^ j ^^^ f . tf ^ r ^ ^^ ^ Mrs Odfc— Walter Klamp ent.ertaJne.3 1 the members vf her sewing c'ub at her home. Wednesday afternoon KB». IVm. I>eh.nert and Mrs. Delia nesday rnomin? from Cedar Falls. troutman urere gucrts of the r'ub i where she attended a family reun- Fotlowin? »n afternoon of sewing, j >or ovi>r the week end the club honored Mrs. W. A. Sigs- j Misse? Phyllis Jaeger and Bet- bee on her birthday by surprising j ty Mertz came home Friday from j " " gift*. A »tK o'clock dinner j Carroll. Iowa, where they spent the | Two sister* survive. M3ss gried spent last Sunday with the Os- Tillie FriU and Mrs Bertha -Callies car Frandies. ! of Titonka. Interment was made in the Good II*** «er\-e<l fcjr the hostess, in I part year attending hi£'u school. Pra-XttptM fitunrer— Hrt»n r.nrfr with Kathleen Holtzbauer were co-hostesses at the Corey home at a pre-nuptial shower honoring the approaching marriage of Ruth McMahon recently. The \ Weigands. George Meyer. Frank A large number of the Presby- ! Franzen and Wm. Larson terian and Methodist Ladies' Aid j members went to Whittemore on Thursday as (ruest* of the M, Aid there. Mr. and Mr*. Philip Fogarty and children of Storm Lake spent Thursday at the home of his par- The district Degree of Honor con-I bride-to-be received gifts of hose | entg . the Dan Fogartyg. and her Poppy Pouter Priw-s c &cnu&! Poppy Poster cos- vwition was held in Algona. last week Tuesday, with 42 delegates registered from Mason City, Em- Esthervill*. Spirit Lake test. Louis Oesterreicher recerred first prize. GeraJdine Bruns. second 1 prize, and Dorothy Peterson, third priz*. There were ten entries. Editor Clark Entertain Tbehua Frandle and Loraine Le- trried are spending a few days with their grandmother. Arlet Halveraon is working at present for Mrs.. Archie Frandle. helping to clean honse. Mrs. Cecil Penpil and children spent last Friday with ber sister. Mrs. Edgar . . J «» _ **™ bridge. Mr* E. C. McMahon received the first prize, and the hon- and Algona. The afternoon ses- or ee the second prize. •ton was opened by an address of —-:— welcome by the local lodge presi- Dinner Party— j dent. Mrs. Roy Roeder and the re-! Mr. and Mrs L E. Linnan enter- I ponse was .given by Mrs. Esther tained at a 6:30 o'clock dinner par- j Merr of Mason City. The school of ty. Thursday evening, honoring JJr. i instruction was under the direr- \ Eru-* E. Mahan of the UniversiV ' Uon of Mfg. Etta Bronson. Spirit i of Iowa, who spoke at the high; Lake, pawt national president and ' school r.ommenrement herf Other: regional director. Other speakers! gyests w<;e Mr. and Mrs. Theo. j were Mrs. Rosa Harvey. Dubuqu-. ' niris'^illM. Mr. nnd Mrs. G. T). ' first state president and nations! ! Shumway, and l>r. and Mrs Lt-t ; adviser, and Mrs. Laura BiUman, : JS'uzent. i and handkerchiefs. The 12 guest? j parents, the Frank'Sweeneys. „_..„ ^.__ M ,^_». h^." 1 v« "S'r? 1 *^.^,^! **• «v^ ^ r d ^ I Mitor - d Mrs - Frank aark ™children. Gerald. Bobby Jean and i tertained at a six-thirtv dinner at ited Thursday with Mrs. George and Joe Johnson near Lakota. Ed Simser and Alvin Hunter have dress of pink silk nrpandy and parried a bnuquet nf rarnations and lilies nf the valley. Birth bridegroom and best man wore dark suits and roTsapes. Immediately following the ceremony a reception will be #ivon at a cafe in Nashua by the bride's mnth- er. Mrs. Florence Reaser. Out nf town relatives and friends planning on attending are: Mr. ana Mrs. G. G. Pefferman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mfller and family. Mr. and Mrs, Orville Miller and family, all r.f Bancroft: Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reed, Swea City: Mr. and Mrs. Olenn Stratton and family. Nevada: Mr. and Mrs. Charies Hobbs and family. Forest Ctiy: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hobbs and family. Britt; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Reaser and daughter, of Austin of Newell. S D.. sper.t the ; the Wilson cafe Friday'evening. 12 off Grant*: Meadow. Minn., are spend - ten days here visiting her | editors and their wives" of the North | ing the week with her mother ant! been quite busy doing some .painting Fort Dodjre . and Rev. and Mrs. for Ward Richardson the past week, j den and f amilr . Boone. Mrs,, Henry Larson and children | Those planning to attend from Smith, wm iff J8r. aOril Smith, **» te * stirihwft ITnJvsnifty iff XhAmqae, Krfi* 1 * supply charge *t 3M organ, Minn. yww, liw accented * chfcrge -SBiwwiHHi. »ontb of for the Hammer. S* Ctrttflmfe .«* Werlnm HeBihmo 1 , flanghter of Mr. anfl Mrs. Jerry HeoHsna, will graduate from the University ot I>n- huqnr in ."June, where she has cora- nletefl B two year teaching course Btifl she has a position for next year Mr. ana Mrs. 3. H. Wftrtmrton vmre business visitors at Alpona. Trnmiu'By.gpnd witnessed th*> Saf«ty Pnr- paraae. JaRper Steenlmrfl, who lives near TOR City, is suffering with a nrperc case or blond poisoning: in one foot cnuaed from stepping on a rusty nail. A group of women from LiRota hnia a layette shower last week Wednesday in honor of Mrs. Ev- orott O. Rippnntrop, who lives near Swoa City. Mrs. Thomas Berg, who lives in Hohron townnhi«. is at home again following a major operation at the Mayn hospital in Rochester. She is reported as recovering. Mrs. Harry Mussman and her mother, Mrs. Frank Hester, of Elmore, drove to Britt last week Mon- da.v to visit at the Penn Eckles home. Mrs. Eckles is a cousin of Mrs. Mussman. Mesdampn Jerry Heetland, Chan. Egperth and J. H. Ho'icomn attended a home project meeting "at Bancroft last week Wednesday and helped with the writing of the project for 1938-39 which will be Making the Best Use of Home Produced Poods. Mrs. Ladle Cochran from ;he extenBhSTi office WRB present to direct the work and the meeting iroved interesting to thorn attending. LEDYABD HEWS rrvlhfr. Mrs relatives. H. Sloan and other Titcmka are Mr. and Mm. Ray Miller. Mr. and Mrs. H. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Keil and son. Maurice. Mr. and Mrs L. F. Callies and Mrs. _ ._. Florence Reaser and son. Doyle. at the Zion church j Clarice Falk. Harold Krantz and , ...„...._. i Arthur Peterson. - - . the Clark home and the men held a ' Mr? Carl Halverson is takin«-• The ^ r '^ e was graduated from Hftyne to take the train for Spo- business meeting at the Topic of- j treatment at Albert L"a She '£• the Buffalo consolidated school with Press Association which includes smaller town editors of Kos- A good crowd came out Sunday B. J. Walker returned Monday j suth. Palo Alto and Emmet coun-! evening to hear the Waldorf col- , rQ|n , M " odman Bn S1er ' Mr!: where b« took (ties who meet once a month J. P. Walker of \ dinner the ladies After i lege ouartet in Rake. ... ^ .. , v \ .. i Bernice Stock's Second Annual Dance Revue Friday, June 3rd High School A«dit>main, 8 o' Presenting 75 rhythm minded dancers in a series of beautifully costumed novelties. Buy Ti«-k»-U Irian HtudVnU or at Dtmr —No K»*> i Mr*. Haugrn Giv«i Party June L».rson entertained at a • fartwtll p^rty last Thursday afler- ; f.oon. honoring Mrs. Haugen of : Swta City, .vho leaves this \veek to ,jo:r. i:<: r husbsnd who i(v einploytd Vjy the r.'cr'.hrup King hybrid seed • orn >'.'rr.]>--triy at Hampton. Guest« ;:i' !u'3t-d Mesdsrnes G. Johriso:i. Hr.y Jo!:n'o;.i. H. Hewitt. V.'rn | c.*!i!-;s".nst-r! F. Torine. Arden Jiov- j fy. Lun'.-ls vas sef^'ed and Mr«. Hau^en was presented with a wall mirror by the guests. ?ice. Harold Clark of Bancroft 'president an4 Carl Schwartz. Fen'.on. secrelirj- and treasurer. Mr. and Mrs. Vene \Vilison. Aljror.-i visited Wednesday at the J. E. WiJ- fdn home. EveJyn Hansen. Wesley, began the r ,r?t of the \vetk working at th? D'-nton drup store. H P,arbut. Burt. v.-a.« in town or. Thursday loo>Kinr »fter businev. •;nd meetir:;; r4d friends. Mrs. J. Tj. Bree?; re!urr,e-d Satur<\»y from a week's visit with her r. Stella Mac. Aizon having her tonsils burned out with electricity. Mr. arid Mr?. John and Josie visited Thursday niiht with Norma Osland at the Bu^alo Center hospital. A farewell party va? given for Boyd Jordahl last Friday niEht at the home of his mother. He ii-nvt-v June 1st to join the For ^ f past years siic haF been living in Titonka having formerly lived in Fort Dodg-? and Los Aneelps. California. Mr. Miller was formerly a Bancroft youth, having finished school there For the past two years he hss lived in this vicinity, farming with his father southeast of town, The couple will take a two weeks wadding trip which will take them Mr. and Mrs. Jack McDonald and family attended the graduation exercises at Bancroft last Sunday On Wednesday afternoon the Methodist Sunday School held its annual picnic at Interlaken. The young people skated during the afternoon. There were OT who sat day mftrnin* for «»lr MUM In BirnHn^iiwa, after « weeV« vlsH at the D. B. Hayw hoih*. Mw. O. B. Mayer and thre* d»tt|*t«r«, lff«*iirMi, ftuft»*» «** INJgy ac- pontpanled them Home for a two week's viRlt. Nicholas Keller returned home from the Buffalo Center hospital on Thursday. Albert Barnes. Jr., accompanl** his sister, Mrs. Ernest JorgenMfl of Elmore ho»e to rlrtt tat * few- days Sunday. Coundl Oak Store Wed. Specials Bean Sprouts, No. 2 can 7c Noodles, Chinese Maid, No. 2 can-_ Mixed Veg., Chin. Maid. No 1C r 1 * 1 *" Pineapple Juice 12 oz. can 9c Sardines, 3 cans lOc Coectarrat, % IK bag lie Powdered Sugar, 2 Ibs. Castile Soap, per cake 4c Soap, Blue Barre], 2 bars 13c Orange Raisin Bread, per loaf lOc Cookies, 0 kinds mixed, pound lOc Tac-Cut Coffee, per pound 24c OOiXi«W£WO^X^«0<«W<«ftW^ .... J. Winters went to Cilraore City! for her pupils in school Elmer Leibrandt autcx-d to Iowa j into northern Minnesota and part City last Thursday to bring horn? i of Canada. They will be at horn" his brother. Melvin. vrho is -irtend- ! June JDth on « farm southeast of ing the university at that \-'.-\~t. ; town. Their many friends wish Miss Aanes Ha'ugen hvt-3 r, ; irn-c [ thtm success and happiness. l*tncb«Mm for Gue«t— Murtagh entt-rtain- e. bridge luncheon ccmplimenting ! ber bouse guest. Mrs. P. W, Husb of Nevada. Iowa, who arrived that*tfay to spend Memorial Day. He Will also visit at Ottosen and Manson before returning. Mrs. Andrew Peterson and h;r sister. Mrs. L. C. Hart. Wiliiston, K. 014 friends at Wcdey and .lip" ri'.'t .>"'j Mr. mod Mr». L. C. Gartner Je't Friday for Vlllisca to visit until to visit until after Memorial Day. j after Memorial day. Mr. Gartner Mrs. Hush and Mrs. Hageman. also | will also attend an off kerf' train- of Nevada, were house guests this > ing school at Fort Dodj;*- for a few ;/HM wttk at tf.t Murtagh home. ' days. — •:— i Mrs. R. L. Krantz »rA daughter. I^oris. went to L>«^ Katur- day to bring home Mildred !o r -, \is:t until after Memorial day M;l- •jrt-d i» attending a bt-auty ru^ur*- sn. hool. Kupt. and Mi> C. A Hoot, tj.f.t frore Saturday ur,'..! M'jr.dav :..'. J. (^ Ijtj'jr. visiting Mr. and Mrs T. M< '.;» ti.I^owtl. Monday to V.'tdne^day'..'.••:,• last ThursdiO'. All the rhiMren enjoyed a good time with plenty of refreshments and ice cream. Marjorie Oswald returned home last Tuesday from the Dolmage hos- pHal at B«5K»lo wliere underwent an operation for appendicitis about two weeks ego. spent I^^M-rt <1ul>— Mr- (• .') S'haAj.. \vas hosles> fj ".t rr.iu.vus of t.t • I>e»wrt clu'j a*. •,i r h'j-M Tr;w.rt.dav nf'trt.'X'n. Mr-s H !.»'.•;. «.rty Mr> H 1 . !-t,2>. M Mi j. rt ^tr "j>-tt of the : or. receive 3 < S (J And- Mfj •td w Boyd and Mike Jordahl Tuesday t.ijjht with their ?r.'j*.rifr <;t th*- Selrni-r Thompson K:i*. i^ forrr.tny of Hebror. town >hi*' *rid - Legion-Church Join Hands in Titonka Rites News Items of Gerled Vicinity Continuous Sh'jws from o.'.t | via;t*d Rev. and Mr.- Krr.t-st Hoor: ; at P»trl<-i» Ktb» M> u« Uu: Hull" fV-ttv Bovp Tbur».-FrL, « Z-3 y V.'i'it Dog Show i^ PRIZES 20 K. r. w. ciuk— Mr* Hert Crorinn was hoi the rii«rr;,i>rr» of the E T W «.lutj at her hi'>rnt Friday afiernoon Brioz* wa» J'laytd »t two tatJv> Mrs Aj.drew f>odfrtd»on won the h;£'- pr,i* Mr* R/jy Hoeder the Charles Reynolds and daughter of body dret.std ir. utiifor; Milwaukee Wis who have b*en vi»- itjng htre tht past wtek with hi* mother. Mrs. Marian Reynold* and band i brother. Frank, returned to >> jrtie Friday. Mr and Mr* Earl Ktott wUl tnove K».-ld S'jr.^yy e'.'^ a*. I•UlJa.^^• Ktform i hurt r, The J o ti.t Ainern'ar: Lvxi'jn a'ter.ded in ; The fo! wing program was giver.: Organ prelude and profession*! <on<;ert by Titonka their i band under direction of A! jRike: invocation: hymn Our Fathers;": offering: The D. O. Friets family and Mrs. L, I. Finn went with full basket* to Elmore to the home of Albert FrieU on Sunday. Mr. Friets has been his own housekeeper while his wife visited in Des Moines for a week She returned via Radc-lifte and brought with her her grand- ety years of age, bv- : father, C C. Cammack who will 'j spend the summer with his daugh- I ter. Mrs. Finn. ( Miss Deloris Mayne missed the I last of the school year festivities j due to an att;ick of mumps. She : has re-covered and is spending a week with cousins In Armstrong. Mr'. Frank Kelly attended the shower tfiven to Miss Alice Mayne at Ledyard Friday. ' Mrs. Ed Dontje has been paln- I fully ill with an attack of the I mumps. i Edward Honken has been quite | ill with an attack of throat trouble. Melva Thackeray Is visiting her school 'God ~, i Mrs Finn attended a garden par- ...arfir, 0 ' ty K' ven b >' the Thursday club in leading th( . garden of Vj& ^ QT Sperbeck of Swea City. This garden U a show place and all the flower lovers were delighted with this opportunity to view it at close range. ;, ^ «'tl"rt-.*.»^J fax M" \v w . : <*''*» t-b« Univtrtity of JOWB. Tiw-y <^P* Lloyd ttillt :^.* Trn» it tne la»'. r;.tet!ng }or; '^turned nomt Halurday ; Meraor'ia.1 Day I .*-»*'11 Ai r: rtce&teiof.a!. •>*)' th« AJt;t-ncar. l^ Mr atd Mr* Albert Hora>js and ; gion dreksed in uniforms pla'.t : farrniy AJb«rt lx=a. Mine: Mr. and j wrtatht. on their tornradrs grave- Mr. IJoyd Pr.illips, s/id fanjijy.'Tftt color bea/er* firirigvjuafll'HOW Ciirior.. Mr s;,d Mrs del M, *J,d daujfhl»:r JVortf.wo'jd uj. RUNDAL/B! " » . "B o j EI H t er j^irU. arid Buy Hcoult J>etf,on Hall at eignt o %-i'jjf < en Catholn V iO »erv»f at thc k Colwell 0ve Stock AUCTION Fair Grounds Algona, Iowa Friday, June 3rd V./iJ (** tail lh>- l»-tulf Ui<- i; iin. \\ r tu IttKXi rilWUUlO, trK oid h.>«-(j Jilt l«u/.l» ai4; l/uu t»i*< k fu« (*-llovt*. >. v» .1! rft*r:f f . >-* i-'.t *.i; : jj" i, o:< >•. v: M f c J; I' .>//.; U^ t < H' 1« J'. -; <~. { **% u f • f. - id*; ' t*>*>— >. f ' .-: *.,t:ti ',* ':.i: li.r'.Lcay «•- T .•«.'..* ^' ' f.»r r.Vf.'.t Of Mfe / M'/, -..'^^r. l /i'*Ci,fc4,'i;»y tfi- j - «1 i - '.' I.t, ',•-'- rt ;:, t»C £»*;! '. f rf ,?'.'^' ; " ' ; " ' !-t ' !ur; -'^ : -- — :• — M»*-UnK — ::.~f.:,e :t tr.t l^'.Vt f.'ret^ -t « 4 /f f i^o t '..i f>e f-el'j o/. .rca/ J -re 4 a'. '.:.e r.on.e •>! .. o."gii,,ita i.i. f, o/ eeve:, .•.".'.•/ - • — if*" J-UXl<'i*^-4>U •s V.' J' i-/.;.-/. tr 't-ri;--: <.-' ; ' ''"."""'"'*""" '..*0-t 0 '>! ' ^.'.-U<L''l ^£?. f-'_f f.OJJit •i '. o ! ' •- • :. v>r Mr*- J^ J* K'j ' i . ' > . . .*. r, .^;, ^(.'yj t j/j ;/.t J- v; f -^ ' ' *:- '-^'-O^t p-i3>'>J-^ ti I'A'v v»; j ^:.' /.*.'>;. v.'a.* itrvt'j by li.t cii fii»t: yii AJJ-UiV*rf*ij-> — ^/.<J M;t i-'. L 'IritHsu uti- •r *-'J •; : U,i_-j r.'-j/jf o:* ti-vjf v, <;<i'J;j^ o /.;..» t/ftary iit ^ t,-f >J;J.J r.*. .' Vi'(,'ii*t^i*a/ fcVtj^/^ L-J -A t / c M r uj. -3 M / » W A •:/ u.-.'j Mf ^.r.'j Mr* J t". Over- .-r. rt-r.a<iy rf.oOfi a» IMr ±-;ed AO- i; T: fef;r. ho/r.t 'ii> >, i.r,i: t^at 'A tt/. lj<i;r,' r x ' ' t r vr ' ', f K ifc t tort 6u i Id: f . jf '^f..' • «- ^-fi rj> Vf^t Ijowf^ft ^;/ot t-ry ir.o ^tfi- en-.e 7ulUfc paiu'.ed U»t front o! tnt litfc-; r.^r d'.va-re tvf.'jrt Tr*t Ijt-yioii At /' • fv i r"'-' /i.te'.i/.^ ar.d fr'ida.t pro^rarri afternoon at trie hoint of Mrt l^u^.'; M;.itr ilri ';aun!ia '.'o-j^r ar.-i Mil Iftr/.e PeUrrtor. were astistji.^ '•'.r'uTot* s,'^d" t 'o ! j.' t baTur''Lv i * ! j'''."''' 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( Jii Ui/l.ttr &ffk J»O*'j H 14^9r.v.(,r: Uf fi v:«:'.»-d the fo:!f. *: '~>) t>«rr '.'i».efc VVe»-ie,v V <jtj t»e f * f>' 'J 1W: .«;a !: Kefvrn.t'j ' eir,( the iiulfaio Cn'-ed < i:ve- a', tea Shower a F< Tn.or.ka: A rj vvat jf;ttr, -n L Heaier Tuead* Jwe- rioo.ii crjyj Wo>r.e Miiier A &j»i>rt progi < oribi*ttd of 'A vnt to (he bi rjiar.ce ar.d ea.< fa 1 , ofi'.e re<ij>e '-•-4i'.> bfcautifi «;..• h were pr -a/^i. May oa ar.4 lyo. 'J'r,ot.e fro«j 'r.e tfcowe/ \ ' li^biic arid dai Mr* Roy MM* tr Mr» G. G. I i Kriett arid daujj ' Mi's J>ile Rti M<u-ftr^aiJ Krifc* Hob(>» arid di Ho*e Hoista ! -Mr aj-id Mti i cfi»etery ;-J '>J «erv;< e? eri.etery Flown the waters of Cretjj ji, hor.or of de- wf.o lost their >,ho»-er ' f.'arroll Lakota Class Of '36 Holds Fine Reunion l^akota: Moadaroe* P. L. Koppen arid J. H Warburton were hostesses to the JS36 high school Kraduatinj < la»» for their second class reunion at the Warburtons lat>t week Tuesday evening and all the mernbeit. with the ex< eption of four who arc married ar.d Meriam Heetland who i* attending Dubuque University, were present for the event. In c onnertion with the reunion. Irvin Hopper, a member of the class, celebrated hi» 21st birthday, and teveral of his cousin? wer^ aUo guests. Supt Earl Grabau under wiiorn the 'labs graduated wag also a gue»t. The evening wa» spent i playing games after which Irvin op- i ened hii> package* and the young people tang "Happy Birthday." T(t Alumni Reunion A Tip on Sportswear Don't f'orjrH w <;t\-<-yn\\ frci'Hunnncr storage on sportswi-ar jii-ovirli-<l you take full advantage of our cleaning jMi4 rcp.-iir services. And the rougher use given them nercs.sjtaies nmre frequent attention. Free Summer Storage Done forget we give you free sununer storage on your winter garments which are cleaned and pressed now. Elk Cleaners 8 | Phone 330 Norman & Perry We Deliver Q * a:ttga:a «*»*«^^ . ¥ iv«r. wru< h bride. autoCiOOJie ro ea-cu xutal wrote tl»e.i- Tr.t bride receive ^ and useful gift, reteuted to her a; • rvtiiy Jeai, J^uriit,in were: Mr* Chjtrl«t i ***' Koit»t City: i cittl OrviU* Mill i. Mm A M oft ,ty: 1 City: & • ujjteUr Briu; Cry*UJ J^ttk* ; to attend an bcfaool banquet Friday evening Mrs. WarburUin in u. former graduate Mr and Mrs, Saxnuel War- t>ui'tor< will Rianage the grocery store duriijg their absence. Mi re. K. Mrs iffrt ML K. Aid ii.e» Ea,rl Oratiau. Harry Alitoii Aiiderson, Olto id Carl Hammer arid Ed- were iiosttsj** to Uje w>- mte'.iijg of the Methodist Ai/l at church ls.«t week Wednesday >£• X^igiit Qt l&e dime cal- v>'e/e iia^idvd lu and otUer* j will it* reiunied Utter. The wooieu swill fcerAe H is t;*ul ssupp*i- ut the Juiue »th tuiij Mr* Guy wiil eiiltrtsiu ' ar.d j, wi-rt f.'Uy H. M. Colwell, Mgr. Mr a,-..j Mr» M. ;.i.-. Hs.pii.g H.»«.fJ •'-'.ty fi Ij Mr a/id Mi* ;'. '1'tiu/a'lay ifltr- Ktitgk- Mr, aid Mrs K a^c4 Vriil i^e Mr^ r 'ie*.rf kLic~.b&iuit;u a&d Mr aj^4 Mr&. f .'cJ^fof^ia TKey ii«.ve f tMJiv Mrs C. H. Ktd- i-'iji^x Ha',ui'ia> for a wctn ttd v'i»U ; >«<tJs. out fiaoj lv jtu.u.ui lini: ill liie I'eUrM/u <>outb at Uit aciivuJ UUOM tuid Wuj-UUtui wuj rfU'i Ul It is Mutual "If it was not for Jimmie I do not know what we would do for shoes and clothes." One clerks tell me they have heard that remark at least fifty times during last week. Well good people, it U a mutual affair for if U wasn't for my good customers I do not know what Jimmia would do. I never did like a one-sided deal Live and let live is my motto. • I have a great many faults, in fact I am full of hotel, but I have one virtue. All my life I have bean able to M* the other fellow's side of a deal as well M my own. I hftv* a wonderful buying line-up and make some very good buys. I rhare every one of these good buys with my customers. Doing so is what makes volume for the store. With good buying and plenty volume any little profit will do. It helps you, it helps your neighbor, it helps me, Jt is mutual cooperation. It U pleasant dealing where all parties are made happy. Even with repression, the "ghost of depression", trying tc scare people we axe doing mare busta«M so far tm» year than any year we ever ran a store. The reason u reliable goods at low prices. Jimmie Neville

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