The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1938 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1938
Page 12
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The Algona Upper Pea Moines, Algona, Iowa, M&y Card of Thanks We wish to thank each and everyone for the expressions of sympathy and beautiful flowers during the sickness and death of our beloved baby son. 21» Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Bush. HOOD'S I. G, A. Store SPECIALS WED.-TH UBS. Pork and Beans „ C r 18K, 16 02. cans ..«'*• Corn, No. 2 cans 4 t6t Peas, No. 2 cans 3 for Oxydol, medium size 1 pkg. Soda Crackers 1C r 2 Ib. box ltM> Coffee, Butternut, orFolgers — Fresh Pineapple each .... , 1 A 0 1UC Pork Steak, per Ib. 21c Boiling Beef, ,- o l/ 12/2C Beef Roast, per Ib. _ 17c Veal Chops, per Ib. 24c TWO TIED FOR KOSSUTH BALL NO. 1 POSmON Titonka and Bancroft stood today at the top of the North Kossuth baseball league, following the second round of play last Sunday. League results for Sunday follow : Wesley 2. Titonka 4. Bancroft 11. Burt 5. Ringsted 3. Whittemore 1. Lotts Creek 4. Swea City S. The Westey-Titonka game was close all the way. Timely hits by \Voov!s. Intermill and Gartner of the Titonka Indians turned the trick. Lloyd of Wesley was the stand-out hitter, connecting in three out of four trips to the plnte. flYdman and Froehlich were Wesley batteries, while Boekelman and Batt worked for the Indians. In the Burt-Bancroft contest, both teams played good ball, but costly errors by Burt and a few timely hits by Bancroft did the trick. Bancroft chalked up 12 safe hits, while Burt made five errors. Standings of the league: Team W Titonka 2 Bancroft 2 Swea City .' .- 1 Lotts Creek 1 Rlngsted 1 Wesley 1 Burt 0 Whittemore 0 May 29, the schedule calls for games between Swea City at Burt Wesley at Rlngsted. Bancroft at Lotts Creek and Whittemore at Titonka. Bridget Clnb— The Bridget club met with Mrs. .1. W. Little for a one o'clock luncheon at her home last week Friday afternoon. Covers were laid for 12. Guests were Mrs. T. C. Mich- Annunl Party— Antoinette Bonnstetter, school nurse, and Bert Cronan, custodian at the Bryant school building, entertained at their annual party for the school teachers. Thursday afternoon after school hoxirs. Refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon. Neatness Shows and Pays No expenditure gives greater satisfaction than that for regular xise of our cleaning and repair services. Furthermore, the actual cost is small—you save by getting more wear from yi mr clothes. Free Storage Don't forget our free storage service. Have you)' winter clothes cleaned and pressed now and we will store them for you during the summer months. The ELK Cleaners 330 We Deliver Classified Ads For Sale FOR SALE—Roycroft auto house trailer, fully equipped. See Ben F. Sorensen. call 150. 31 FOR SALE—Good used two 6.00 x!6 white side-wall tires at 80S South Ridgely, Algona. SI* FOR SALE—I am dealing In Hudson and Terraplane cars. See the new Hudson 112. 1937 Terraplane sedan, with radio and heater, like new. 1936 V-8 Ford sedan.—tJoyd Gross. Algona. It* FOR SALE— McCormtcW-Deer- ing 102 corn planter. Must be *oM at once. MeCormlrk-Deerinif N«»4. manure spreader. Two Farmall cultivator. P-» tractor with all rubber. F-9P tractor with stw! wh^fK Two M<Oorn»rek- Peering 10- «> Jr*«-<<^ which will be sold che*r if taken quk-kly, WANTEt>—We boy hides, we us first—Joe Or*enb*rf, Algona. S-tf 1WTSH TO ANNOUNCE my candidacy for the republican nomln ation for supervisor of the Second district in the June primaries.-Claude A. Samson. 16-SS* 1 will be * candidate for reelec tlon as county supervisor from the second district. Tour support will be greatly appreciated.—W. E. McDonald. 8-tf I MB a candidate for County Supervisor of the Second District on the Republican ticket at the June primary. Tour support and vote will be greatly appreciated.—A. R, Crttikshank. 12-19* Store, FOR SAUR ;*SS FWrvl 1H !«V) U O. A.— \V R trw* wit* er*^ Kw - i Mrs. V V Na»Ml»in entertained C. R*>Jins ?*>,•»* Kf. St I th» r««n>*r!t of the I* O. A. class th* t\wisrepstlon«l church at her FOR SAUR tr.!*TT,*1*w>*? V. W j h<vm*, Tru>rsd*y *\-«ning. Mrs. P. B. 1RSS. r-« !v« trwrk. Most *•» f> Smith «-*.<= the assisting hostess, disrxxsed pf *t «««*.—F. C. ^»nX | F«4)«>win^ a bxisiness meeting games phone 5S. A5$t«»s *5 ««rr pl»y*d. There were 15 in at- ttttdanc?. ATTRXT1OX Safe driver rewards—«««r holders always save frwn * —Coast to Coast claim serrk* aoo- restricted — standard coverait**. Buy Standard Protection at lowest cost.—Algona Insurance Agency. C LaBarre. l*-tf ENLARGEMENT FREE— TOms developed and printed for 30r and one free enlargement. Nine pictures 'or 30c.—Lusby's. 14-34 BLUE RIBBON BLUE RIBBON S. • A SPECIALS Here are items that will make hundreds of friends for this Store. We are going to give your dollar the opportunity of doing a big job for you— QUALITY and PRICE. BlUE RIBBDNj STOP AT Sampson's Tire Ser.•ice and look over their lug grip tires for snow and mud. -"'' 6-tf LET US VULCANIZE those broken tires and tubes. All work guaranteed.—Sampson Tire Service* 6-tf For Your Car t , ,.-„--. -^••- r-" DROP IN at Sampson's Tin 'Service when in need Of a used Ufe or tube.k •-'. «-tf Wanted Teddy Hutchison celebrated his sixth birthday. Thursday, May 19. at « birthday party at his home. S»v«r> liltic boys in his neighborhood trtre guests at same* after tchool. and at a dinner, served by his mother. Mrs. Ther, Hutchison. Irvtngton Aid— The Irvington Aid society will meet at the church this Thursday afternoon. Hostesses will be Mrs. M. L. Roney and Mrs. K. P. Roney. They will also hold a bake sale at Mrs. Setchell's store this Saturday. WANTED—One furnished light housekeeping room, not over $4 a week.—Mrs. W. B. W.. c-o Upper Des Moines. 21* WANTED—Auto loans, refinancing. Lower payments.—Western Credit Co.. Algona. 15-tf WANTED—Your dead stock- prompt, sanitary removal. Phone 7, Algona. We pay all phone calls.— Algona Rendering Co. 11-tf Tlmr. Only, May Work Trousers (iivy i-ovcrt, saiit'orixcil -Lruuk. Men. \vc ur^o yon TO >«•<• t IMS SJMM-- ial; we're mighty proud "i' it. ;';ir l: ' j - »iio 700 Pairs Men's Work Sox WANTED—Ride to Chicago by mother and son. Will share expenses. Phone this office. 21 ANNOUNCEMENT I wish to announce my candidacy for supervisor in the Third district on the Republican ticket. H. J. PRESTHUS 20-22* HELPFUL HANNAH'S Hoosebbld Hints Be sure you buy some of the delicious specials Mrs. Wilson is featuring for Blue Ribbon Day. WHITE AND DARK CfP CAKES regular 25c value 20c doz. GLAZED DOUGHNUTS regular 25c value 20c doz. Wilson Bakery Phone 43 ATOI0W1WWO""™ Mrs. Chartfettt Parsws announces th« mftrrl«t* of h«r daughter, Janet f. Parsons to Ralph F. Cooper on May 14, 1988, M COltt*, Iowa. Mfe Moat CTwb—'~ The m*mbtr» of the Idle Hour brldjr* club will meet with Mr*. W. O. McCultottgh for » on* o'clock luncheon. Wednesday afternoon. M( . (liulll w.-i-lit— Mark, l )K(VV . md „.„,„,,,_ ,. ]iair • A Real Blue Ribbon Value Pre Holiday Needs ! Children's Wash Suits A ur»iij> of chihlmiV \va^h Miits, .fl values __ Mcit'> Sh.iH Slci-vc, Ankle l.-n»ili Unit If If* I'M ion Suits * 9w^ .Men's and iJ-.y^ Work Shirts Blllr ( 'llilJulil'ity. H/c- »i 1.i 1" ~ Blue Uilihon * I lav Onlv 1 iiion Suits • I rillt'olvril \Vi ar lacked OOD STORES Arniour'h Star SLICED BACON SPAGHETTI MEAT 2 CORNED BEEF HASH 2 AIIK''|UH ( f llu I'iii-k MARSHMALLOWS 2 ' . Ib. cello 1C <i*. etui* 1(5 oz. (ill* 16c 25c 29c 23c • 'I riple Slil < Ml!' lillle liilibon I'ricc Dress Sliirls Km ini-ii—Xo AVilt < 'ullars— !?l-!jM.LJ3 value MEN'S SHOP AND CHORE CAPS 15c BOYS' COMBED YARN KNIT BRIEFS 17c BOYS' COMBED YARN SHIRTS TO MATCH 17c M.-u's <!oi,d (irmli- H i ' i 11 r \ i * i Ml-Srllldl' \\ ol'k < il..Vr- -. A iarj/i- ^i'nii|> of nicn'.> 'f^.-)*! and >L'.7.1 \ Jhvss $1 7Q 1§l U BOYS' OVERALLS, LIBERTY STRIPE, BIB OVERALLS, SIZES6toi6,39c^ There is Value, Quality at Low Prices waiting for you- - - Items listed for one day only, Blue Ribbon Day, Thursday, May 26th The HUB Clothiers "THE CLOTHING CORNER OF NORTH IOWA .Mother Kt-rn'n Yellow Mustard 24 oz jar lOc Hnrilt-n'h KaK'f Brand Cond. Milk __can 19c Thoinpfton'ii Choc. Malt Milk 1 Ib can 39c Yukon Clu Aktd. 28 oz. boU. Beverages __4 for 29e plu» So bottle deposit Hirek Root 3 oz. bot. Beer Extract 22c Cracker I'4 oz. pkK*- Jack 3 for lOc Armour's Slur ( orned Beef __12 oz. can 19c Armour's Star Roast Beef __12 oz can 22c Wax 1'aper Cut Rite _^sm roll 6c l,ge. rolls I7c AM>orted Paper Napkins -.3 pkgs. 25c Soft Twist 'iO ot loav««, Bread 3 for 25c Kunii j lirld Flour __49 Ib bag 1.20 WbiU- Houh« 14'- oz canii Milk 4 for 26c R. S. P. Cherries 2 no 2 ens 25c Superior Soda Wafers 2 Ib. box 15c Blue ROM; Bice 6 Ibs. 25c Del Monte Early Card No 2 en Asparagus 19c Cleanser -.3 cans lOc Ann Paice Stuffed Olives 4V4 oz bot 19c Post Toasties 2 for 17c Ige pk|(. IOWA PROOIXED Canned Foods Week ! IONA TOMATOES 2 2i* 15c IONA CORN 3 ^ • 23c NEW POTATOES 10 Ibs. 29c HEAD LETTUCE, s«e 24 each lOc FEESH PINEAPPLE, size 24 2 for 35c NEW CABBAGE per Ib. 5c Owned and Operated by the Great Atlantic « PacUic Tea to. Colwell Live Stock Auction Friday, May 27 We arc expecting another good sale this w.eek. Stock is selling very \vell. Bring in your cattle and hogs, demand is very good. H. M. COLWELL Mgr. Baby Chick Prices are Down Now is the time to fill jmir brooder house with chick the best baby chick tndnth &ha prices are down. Eg and with cheap feed prices you will make money, NEW LOW PRICES r White l*ghorM, (large type Engttrii) ..................It^p^felft V-tm Baft, Brown Leghorns, AncoriM _.. ...:.A.....O:.:..H«MI» $5.50 Barwd, White, Buff Rook* : .....7..,..per 16ft f«J» White, Bolt WyMidotte*...- ...^..A-*^*. Jter 100 $WO 8. C. Bed*. Baff OrpftfgtoM «.:*...?. ......f*r 1W «MO New Hampshire* -..^.-^^* 100 fjfjjo Black, Buff Minorca* ...„ - ..»..» ;r.«...&....-...;i*e* 106 f*6o Heavy Mixed - „..,;*......:.,..£ .pet- 100 |»JJO tfibred (W. B. * W-1*. Crow) - .p» WO »M« Leghorn <uid Hlbred Pallets .-../..t...-.......-:..per 1W $11.00 Heavy Male* - -..- - P« 100 $7.60 Heavy Pallet* - per 160 $7.50 Assorted Cockerels per 100 $1.90 Seconds * - - .per 100 t&OO Started Chicks always on hand at bargain price*. Hamilton Hatchery BANCROFT, IOWA EXTRA BLUE RIBBON SPECIALS Chrischilles Store, Algona -1 Day only This is a real BARGAIN EVENT. Items have been reduced below cost prices in an effort to stimulate extra business for this one day. If you are wise you will shop at The Chrischilles Store Thursday—it will pay you rich dividends. Big Garment Slaughter RIBBON Each In acordance with our policy of offering ONE BIG READY TO WEAR SPECIAL for these BARGAIN DAYS, we are giving what we believe is the greatest COAT, SUIT and DRESS VAL UE OF THE YEAR. We have a collection of about 50 garments, in a full size range of coats, suits and dark silk dresses (no summer dresses are included) which represent original values up to $20.00. THESE ARE NOT OLD SHOP WORN GARMENTS but are simply broken sizes, unusual colors and in MANY CASES, styles which are too advanced for immediate selling. WE URGE YOU TO LOOK THIS GROUP OVER CAREFULLY. It is the most unusual collection of HIGH GRADE COATS, SUITS and DRESSES you have seen for a long time. Buy two or three— the savings are tremendous. BLUE RIBBON Each Check These Marvelous Values Pliofilm Rain Coats, cut and belted like a coat, ^100 transparent, each 1»W Unified (Jin-tains, 52 inches wide, white ground, Qftf* colored designs *fO\» Ready made Towels of all white huck or linen, with IQ^, colored borders, each Uv Remnants of M and 50" Oe- .HALF PRICE Lace Panels, 45 to 50" Wide, 2V4 yds. long, natural and $1 AA ecnie color, each '— »«W Boy's and girls* gauze weight Union Suits, French 1Q*» 9O/» leg, sizes 2 to 10 1JL-AJC Outstanding Values From Algona 1 * Bargain Store ANNEX ANNEX Any 9«€ JDress - - 88c Any 4*9* Dress * - 3.99 Any 5.88 Dress • • 4. [ EVERYTHING GOES ]

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