The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 10, 1938 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, May 10, 1938
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HISTORICAL OEM. 62 IN LINE TO "BE GRADUATED -AT HIGH SCHOOL 22 Seniors Also Candidates Tor Diplomas at St. Cecelia Academy BOTH SCHOOLS IN LAST BUST WEEK Names of 62 candidates for graduation in the 1938 senior class at the Algona high school were announced this week by O. B. Laing, superintendent On last .Friday evening, the senior class play was ably presented to an enthusiastic, receptive audience, and .won unstinted praise for cast and .director. . • Saturday evening the annual jun- • ior-serrlor banquet was held in. the high school gym, Royal Neighbors. served by the Lyle Anderson. Digona {Upper jltome* Established 1865 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, MAY 10. ' hiirlit Pnjres VOL. ':17.—"NO. FOUND INSANE AFTER GIRLS' CHARGES Plan Safety Day Parade, Ceremonies junior president, was, toastmaster, and Robert Muckey, Btftior president, Meredith Richardson, Margaret Egesdal, Richard keen, Ruby Turner, Mary Lee Nugent, Phyllis Sawyer and Jerome Nielsen were on the program. A dance followed the banquet Although the list of seniors that follows'are candidates for graduation-, they must still meet required scholastic standards In the interval between now and graduation to be eligible for diplomas. The'senior class list follows: Dorothy Alt, Juanlta Anderson, Harold Banwart, Charles Beardsley, Everett Black, Marian Boone, Maxine CaidweU, Ted Chrlscnilles, Henry Dearchs, Jr., Wayne Douglas and Eugene Drager. Margaret Egesdal, Mildred El more. Helen Erlckson, Enid Fuller, Elvira Geishecker, Norlne Gretner, Barbara Haggard, Bud Halpin, Darlene Hansen, Ruth Hendren, Imogene Hill and Harry Hull. Hazel Jcnklnson. Ted Jordan, Amanda KadinR. Richard Keen, Russell Kelley. Chester Knoll, Maxine Larson. Jack Long, Kenneth Lynk, Joe McNelll, Jane McWhorter. Lois Miller, Joyce Mittag, Robert Muckey. Richard Norton. Arlene Olson, Marjorie Phillips. Sherwood Potter nnd Mildred Pratt. Meredith Richardson. Maxine Robinson, Mary Runchey, Harolc Snbin. Lavon Sankey, LeRoy Scheppmann, Gayle Shackletord Louise Smith, and John Spong- The Kossuth County Safety Council i» planning a Safety Day" program" to'include safety-flag raising and a parade, Thursday, May 28, at Algona. Similar affairs have been held. in. other towns In Iowa-, sponsored by the county safety councils, In the past year. Officers of the Kossuth County Safety Council have appointed countywide committee to have charge of the affair in an attempt to public- appointed in- ze the movement. The committees elude: General Chairman—Ralph H. Miller. Publicity Committee: D. E. Dewel, chairman; N. C. Rice, D. J. Zerbe of Wesley, Harold Clark of Bancroft; Ray Sperbeck of Swea City and C. H. SchwarU of Featon. - i Speakers Committee: Oliver .6 Relley, chairman, L. E. Linnan, J. D. Lowe and C. B. Murtagh. ' Flat; Raising Committee! W. E, McDonald, chairman, H. M. Smith, Joe Kelly, E. a Kinsey, Ralph Mfedke, and Eugene Murtagh. Parade Marshal: Sheriff Casey Loss. Parade Committee: W. G. McCullough, chairman, A. E. Kresensky, Fred Tlmm, Frank Ca.ugh.ey, F. I- McMahon, Grady Phillips, Alwln Huenhold, W. A. Murray of Bancroft, W. E. Wietner of Ledyard. Rtrby Smith of Burt, Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer, Mrs. E. C, McMahon, Mrs. Robert Larson, Mrs. H. E. Woodward of Whlttemore, Mrs. Ida Larson of Swea City, Mrs. L. L. fcease of Wesley, A. L. Brown, O. B. Laing, John McDowell. William Shirley, W. A. Lorenz, M. G. Norton and M. J. Pool. Band Committee: H. R. Rasmussen, chairman, John Belser, Lawrence Gillespie, Ted Larson. Dr. L. C. Nugent, Chet Williams and Howard French of Titonka. Preliminary plans call for a noon day luncheon by officers of the Safety Council for distinguished guests, with the parade to follow at two o'clock and the flag-raising and dedication at 2:30. Governor N. G. Kraschel has been invited to give the main address. Others invited Include Dr. Robert O'Brien, Secretary of State; Lew Wallace, Motor Vehicle Commissioner; John Hattery, Chief of the Highway Patrol; Earl Hall, President of the Iowa State Safety Council; Phil Sproul, Secretary of the State Safety Council; Lester Wilkie, Treasurer of the State Safety Council; Vic Stueland, State Safety Director for the American Legion; and Matt Thompson, Eighth District Director of the Iowa State Safety Council. The Idea of raising county safety flags in the county seats was Inaugurated over a year ago by Lloyd Edson at Marshalltown. The safety flag is purchased and raised, and Is expected to remain at full staff until an accident Involving Injuries or fatalities occurs in the county, at which time it is lower- ed to half staff for twenty-four hours. Last year KossMh county suffered twelve fatalities In the last six months of 1937, and fortunately, to date this year no one has been killed as a result of a motor vehicle accident In the county. In appointing these committees, President R. B. Waller of the Kossuth Council, suggests that the band committee endeavor to have not only the two local bands in the parade, but bands from other communities, especially, from Kossuth county. He also Is asking the parade committee to arrange for participation in the parade of all school children of Iowa and rural schools of the county; suitable floats de picting safety features and a full line of trucks and cars; he also urges every car driver In the county to join the County Safety Council before Safety Day, so that every car will have the yellow safety emblem on the rear license plate. 36 Republicans, Democrats File for County Offices Here Bullheads Are Biting—And Titonka Woman Knows How to Get Them at Night . Ruth Stell. Raymond Steven. Helen Stewart, Roscoe J. Stewart, Willlam Tjaden. Thomas Wagner. Curtis Ward. Ruth Will. Don Wlllas- son and Shirley Wolf. MAY 20TH FIELD DAY FOR SENIORS Field day for the high school senior cloM will b« May 90th, and I home 16 G. 0. P.'s, 2/0 Demos in Race as Deadline of Filing Passes Friday was the deadline for fling of candidates for county pol- Ucal offices, and the office of the County Auditor E. S. Kinsey was busy this week preparing material and forms for the printing of the official ballot in the June primary election. Candidate* filed for Kosiuth office* are as follow: So. Kossuth R. E, A. Line lir-wfwowi TO GRADUATE MAY tt Graduation exercise* for St. Ce cella Academy senlora will take place on May 22nd. Candidates for diplomas are Wm. Bestcnlehner, Quinten Dotlds. Kol- sey Dunn, Vincent Esscr, Rodney Gllbrlde, Joseph Hegarty, John Lee Holtzbauer, Albert Llchter, James McEnroe, John McEvoy, John Penton. Leonard Selpman, James Watts, Eileen Aman, Mary Bllley, Mary E. Godden, Irma Dee Her greaves, Jean Insey, Alice Mahon ey, Mary McEvoy, Florence Thll- ges and Mary Wagner. The senior play, "Climbing Rosen" was presented last Sunday, and was admirably done. The Juniors «vlll fete the seniors at the annu-\l ban quet this evening (Tuesday). Fenton Victor In Lone Rock Game Fenton: Fenton high won Its flflh game in eight starts by defeating Lone Rock, 8 to 4, Friday afternoon on the Fenton diamond. Geronsln pitching for Fenton, was stingy with hits, giving only four, but Issuing nine walks and striking out ten. Marlow of Lone Rock allow ed only six hits, walked three and struck out six. Blanche rd, second Lone Rock pitcher, gave one hit and three walks. Batteries for Lone Rock were Marlow, Blanchard and Ack erman; Fenton, Geronsin and Schmidt. HOPE'HOPPERS KILLED OFF IN MAYSNOWFALL Inch of Snow Here, With Four Days of Bain, in Past Week Helps Aid Serve Supper; Dies 32 Hours Afterward Swea City: Mrs. Myron Johnson of Swea City, died suddenly, Saturday morning, after an illness of 32 hours. Mrs. Johnson had helped the Lutheran aid last Thursday evening, but'about eight o'clock tnat same evening she was seized with violent abdominal pains, and was quite 111 through the night and Friday, but Saturday morning she said ihe felt much fetter and expressed a de- TONY DIDRIKSEN HURT IN CRASH HERE SATURDAY Glen Gadd, Claude White Also Injured in Skid Near flfct Treasurer—Fred ington. Clerk of Court—F. L. Thorpe, Algona. Sheriff—no candidate. County Recorder—Carlyle H. Seeker, Algona. County Attorney—H. B. White, Algona. County Coroner—L. M. Merritt, Algona. Supervisor. First District—F. J. Balgeman, Whlttemore. Supervisor, Second District—A. R. Cruikshank and Claud A. Samson, Algona. Supervisor, Third District—Ernest Peterson, Titonka; Hans J. Presthus, Portland; W. A, Schrsm, Buffalo township. Supervisor, Fourth District—A. T. Foth, Bancroft; L. J. Kockler. Banrcoft, and Charles Morris, Lone Rock. Democratic State Representative—Phil Algona. J. epidemic. Thr -hopper* d 1 to h«v» laid their eggs sons, In a most healthful manner, but with several days of rain, plus a freezing temperature Sunday, it is believed that they have been pretty well killed off, or at least reduced. Weeks' weatner: •ad three' bothers, Lorrio, Louis, and George Thoreson respec lively, and a sister, Mrs. Algof.t Swanson, and a second sister in Oregon. Date May 2 May 3 . May 4 . May 5 . May 6 May 7 High Low 83 76 66 52 57 50 63 61 51 43 37 33 32 Prec. trace .25r l.OSr .54 r ,25s .70s Best light butch., 140-160 . $675-7.00 Best light butch., 180-180 7.00-7.10 Beet light butch.. 180-220 7.30 Best light butch., 220-250 720 Med. heavy, 250-270 7.05 Med. heavy, J70-290 6.BO Med. heavy, 290-325 6-75 Butchers, 826-350 «-80 Butchers, 860-400 6 -<*> Packing sows. 276-350 «-40 Packing sows, 360-400 «>.30 Packing sows, 400-600 6-20 CATTLE Conner* and cutters 12.75-3.76 Veal calve* 5.00-7.50 County Auditor—E. S. Klnsey, Algona. Treasurer—M. J. Duffy, Algona. Clerk of Court—Katharine McEvoy, Algona, and Alfred H. Semon. Sheriff-Casey Loss, Algona. Recorder—J. J. Dooley, Algona. County Attorney—L. A. Winkel, Algona. Coroner—Dr. R. A. Evans, Algona. Supervisor, First District—J. H. Fraser, Riverdale. Supervisor, Second District— Fred C. Beermann, and W. E. McDonald. Algona. Supervisor, Third District—W. S. Cosgrove, Wesley; John A. Sleper, Titonka, and Anton Stork. Supervisor, Fourth District—Julus W. Bollig, Seneca; C. M. Gross, U>ne Rock; Arthur Lindsey, Bancroft: Charles H. Newel, Fenton; and Thos. J. O'Donnell, Lone Rock. Stock steers 5CO-7.00 yearlings 6.00-73)0 Fat steer* MO-».M Bull* Fat cows GRAIN No. 3 mixed corn *•« * No. 3 white corn ** No. 3 yellow corn .... No. 2 white oat* Barley, No. 3 £008 Hennery* No. 1 No. 3 Ca*h cream- No. 1 No. 3 4.00-G.OO . 24c Hen*, over 6 Ib*. Hen*, 4 to 5 lb«. Hen*, under 4 lb*. Leghorn hens Cock*, under 4V4 Cock*, ov«f 4^* Geese, live Duck*, live ..We 14c lie .. lie Irvington Farmer's Sheep Are Attacked Irvington: David King suffered a heavy loss, last Thursday night, when twelve of his sheep were killed by dogs, and many small lambs were Injured in the attack. The Kings have a large family dog themselves, but he did not create any special disturbance during the night, and the loss was not May 8 38 Weather forecast for the rest of the week was fair and warmer. PETE HEIKEN TELLS A WHOPPER P. J. Heiken had his fellow members on the county board of supervisors sitting open-mouthed, Monday. Pete related that up at Swen City, after Saturday night's wow, he had 18 inches of snow to shovel from his walks. He also said he sent the county plows out in his district. The supervisors still don't know whether he was telling one in preparation for the fishing season, or if it really happened. Divorce Granted; Second Is Filed Granting of one divorce and filing of another similar action, were recorded in district court here, on Monday. Helen Benton was granted a divorce from Delbert Benton. The couple were married March 30, 1937, at Fairmont, Minn. The plaintiff charged cruel and Inhuman treatment, and habitual drunkenness on the part of the defendant. Mrs. Benton asked custody of a minor child, Gary Dean Benton. Pearl E. Wilson filed an action for divorce from Tennis Wilson, Monday. She charges cruel and inhuman treatment, and excessive use of liquor on the part of the defendant, and asks custody of minor child, Delores, aged 17. discovered morning. until the following .. 8c lOc lie Market* subject to change by the time of publication. Fenton Firemen to Give Slimmer Hops Fenton: The Fenton Ore department completed arrangements last week for the rental of the dance pavilion here tos ths summer, and will hold dance* each week until Sept. 1. The first dance wUl fee held Friday night, M»y 13, with Paul Moorhead'* orchestra furnishing tho music. Proceeds will go to the Firemen'* fund, and the dances will be man aged by the firemen. Two Drunk Cases Two case* of drunkenne** were brought before Delia Welter, justice of the peace, last Thursday. Charlie Adam* wa* fined $5 anc co»U on the charge, and Todd Richard received the *ame sentence Algona Girls Rate 2 State Excellent* Jane Cretwneyer and Phyllb Sawyer, Algona high school girb both won excellents at the state music contest at Iowa City, last week, Jane played a piano selection, and Phyllis played a clarinet selection. Dick Keen, tenor soloist, and Betty Merritt, who plays the bassoon. will botli enter the regional contest at Minneapolis, May 19th. In cases where the regional con- te»t i* closer to the city of the contestant than the state meet. they have their choice of entering the state or regional. Dick and Betty chose the regional. JAS. CRUIKSHANK IS DEAD AT 87 Respected Pioneer Succumbs to Heart Ailment Leaves Fine Family The death of James Crulkshank ast Thursday at the Crulkshank home on East State street removes another of the honored pioneers of Kossuth county. Mr. Crulkshank died from a heart attack after suffering for several weeks since his return from his annual winter vis- t to San Diego, where he had for several years spent the colder months with a sister. He was brought home several weeks ago by his bon, Arthur. Mr. Cruikshank, whose sterling qualities had endeared him to all during his 38 years of residence in Kossuth county, was born Feb. 20, 1851, in northern Ireland, his family originally coming from Scotland. He came to America in 1873, locating first in New York state and later he came to DeKalb, Illinois, where he engaged in farming. In 1900 he came to Iowa, and purchased a farm five miles north of Algona in Union township. September 26, 1879, he married Evelyn Hoisington, who died ten years ago. Following her death he made his home with his children and spent the winters in California. Mr. Cruikshank is survived by five children: Arthur and Mrs. J. L. Ditsworth of Algona, Frank* and L. A. Cruikshank of Burt and Mrs. A. L. Jackman of Lone Rock. H* also has two brothers living In Australia. The funeral wis held Saturday afternoon at the M. E. church with Rev. Burgess In charge, and burial WHS made in Riverview cemetery beside his wife. The pallbearers • were: John Byson. Frank Reibhoff, merit, who recerveir VeVefe injuries and bruises, the extent of which will not be determined until x-rays are taken, when his machine and a truck owned by the Elk Cleaners and driven by Bob Stevens, collid- Ided at the intersection of McQreg- or and Minnesota streets in Algona at 5 p. m., Saturday. Didriksen was thrown against the steering wheel of the machine, ami BURT FARMHAND COMMITTED AS FIN ALE TO CASE Youngsters, 8, 5, Tell of Advances Made by Man of 67 Night-time fishing has Become a popular sport in Iowa lakes, and pictured above is Mrs. H. I. Torgersen of Titonka, lown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe, as she hooks a bell to her line, and prepares to wait for results. The above picture of Mrs. Torgersen in action was printed recently In the Des Moines Tribune. Ellsworth Stnley, 57 years old, who has lived in the Burt vicinity the past 30 years, doing odd lobs and working as a farm laborer, was committed to the state hospital at Cherokee, Monday, by the county Insane commission, as a climax to a case which presented shocking developments. Staley had be*n working most of lust winter, and this spring, as tt hired hand at the farm of Emil Person, northwest of Burt. A few days ago, revelations of advances made by Staley' to tho two little daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Person cnme to light, and an Immediate charge of attempted rnpe wns placed against him. Threatened The Girl* When spring houseclcanlnR time nrrivcd. the cider Persons changed brdrooms, so that they took a downstairs one, and the little girls, Belly Lou, njred 5, nnd Jacqueline• ngod 8, occupied nn upstairs room. Stnlcy nlso had n room on Ihe scr- ond floor. That was several weeks ago. A few days ngn. the little girls, in conversation with n little neighbor boy. told him Rome of the things that were occurring and He In turn told his mother, who called Mra. Person nnd told her what had been related to her. The Persons Immediately took the little girls to Burt, where Dr. Clapsaddle was called. He then brought them to Algona. They had not been physically harmed. The little girls told their mother that Staley had entered their bedroom several times, and warned them that If they told their mother of his presence, they would get a whipping from both him and Mrs. Person. ' •" •' •'••' ••.'> '' • Admitted ,AdvanMO ' Saturday Is Deadline To Sign; County Unit Asks $175,000 Extension f>f a rtir;il electrlflca- ^ _ __tjon lino from HumboHU county in- painfulTy injured. It was thought ] to Kossuth WHS practically assured that perhaps he might have a broken shoulder, but an x-ray will be necessary to accurately determine the Injuries. He is confined at his home at present, until his condition Is such that he can be taken to n hospital for an x-ray. Both machines were badly cracked up. Glen W. Gadd and Claude White, both of Algona, were injured late Saturday afternoon near Burt, when their machine overturned enroute to Algona. The car is said to have skidded on the pavement. They were brought to Algona for treu> ment. Gadd received a bad cut on the leg, and White was bruised. SHERIFF WARNS REPORT REQUIRED BY LAW Sheriff Casey Loss, Monday, issued a blunt warning. Accidents in which the car damage totals over $25 or in which any personal injury has resulted, requires a report to the county sheriff. Neither of the above accidents had been officially reported, Monday afternoon. Failure to report such accidents would enable county officers to bring court action, if they desired. this week. May 14th is the deadline for securing Kossuth memberships, nnd County Agent A. L. Brown stated that nbout 330 farmers in the southern tier of townships had been signed up by last Friday, with morejn prospect this week. The project must be presented in Washington by June 1, he added. A request is to be made for $175, 000 for about 175 miles of extension from Humbohit into Kossuth. Power is to be furnished from the R. E. A. plant at PornhonUs. The cost includes transformers, lead-ins and individual meters. Not all of the south half nf thj county will get power, it was point ed out, however, us the line must Austin Gardner. Lynn Keith, Fairbanks, and H. M. Harris. Lou Hurt in Cycle Crash Wesley: George Vltzthum, Jr.. second can of Mr. and Mrs. Gco. ViUthum, WM quite painfully injured in a motorcycle accident near Irvington. H« suffered a broken finger and *prained ankle besides being badly bruiaed on his face arm and on* side of his body. TRIBUTE FROM A UNION FRIEND Friends in Union regret the passing of one of the township's oldest Kossuth Students in Iowa State Veisha Several Algona students at Iowa State College are actively engaged in preparing for Veishea, the annual, three-day open house to be held May 12, 13 and 14. John Ferguson, a senior in forestry, son of Mrs. W. K. Ferguson, is working on the student vaudeville. Russ Medin, a dairy industry junior, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medin, is chairman of the dairy industry open house; Elfrieda Paetz, a home economics junior, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Paetz, is participating with the Homemaker's Congress and is assistant in making cherry pies for the home economics open house. Bradford Stevens and Harold Newel of Fenton are others pioneer shank. residents, James Cruik- Mr. Cruikshank was always found occupied at some sort of light work during the latter years of his life until the past year or so. He was a kind neighbor and father, interested in the topics of the day, his garden and work and always a jolly word for anyone who chanced to com,e in contact with him. He has spent the years • ince the passing of his wife with his children and the winters in California with a sister. He has left to his memory a family of which any community may .well be proud. They have the sympathy of this community in thtir bereavsment. Rufus Inman Rites Held Here Sunday Rufus Inman, husband former Sally Briggs of of the Algona, passed away last Friday at a Mason City hospital, following a stroke Funeral services were conducted in Algona. with burial at Titonka Sunday afternoon from the Merritt Funeral Home. Military rites were held. Mr. Inman saw overseas ser vice in the World War. He was a member of the American Legion. Surviving are his wife, and parents who live at Portland. Oregon Pallbearers were Donald Schmidt Orville Abel, both of Mason City and Edward Walker, Clear Lake Tom Summerhays, Mason City, and Bernard Yoeman and Joe Uahlhaus- tr of Algona. Graduate, Lu Verne LuVerne : The science room of the iiigh school, decorated tf.s an old- fashioned garden, was the settinfe of a banquet with which the junior class honored the seniors, Friday light. Giovanni Smith, home economics instructor, is the junior .ponsor and under her supervision he first year cooking class cooked he food and girls from the sopho more class served it. Betty Burtis. junior class president, was toastmistresB and Phil Lichty responded. Robert Chapman spoke on "Ivy", Mr. Evans on 'Four-Leaf Clover" and Mary Alice Bigings on "Picking Daisy Petals". Miss Harriet Beattie gave a vocal solo, Walter Peterson a saxophone solo and a girls' trio sang several numbers. The LuVerne high school commencement exercises will be held on the evening of May 18 with W. R. Hamilton, Mason City, as speaker. Twenty seniors to be graduated are as follows: Gladys Alexander. Shirley Blumer. Velma Bowman. Jacqueline Conway, Gordon Dimler, Merle Eggleston. Phil Licthy, Phyllis Lichty, Kenneth Marty, Howard McClellan. Vtlmu Meyer. Hazel Nygaard, Viva Ristau, Kathleen Sanford. Maxine Smith. Edgar Thomas. Merle Thompson, Delores Voss, EUan Wegner and Elinor Mae Woito. and most concentrated sign-up ti found. Any section not receiving power this summer will still be able to do so Inter when sufficient signers arc rD'-t>iveil to mnke line exten sion worthwhile. However, If by Saturday, all south townships sign up henvlly. the entire section might be included. At present, it seems likely that LiiVernr, Pniirle. Wesley. Buffalo. Sherman. Irvington nnd Plum Creek townships would be Include! in the first extension. Fiisnrrs have also been numerous in Giirflclil. Rlvcrdale, Whittcmore and Ix>tts Creek townships, but may not be .sufficient to insure an extension at this time. A deposit of $5 Is secured from each farmer signing nnd will be returned in case no lino is built this summer. At a general meeting held last Friday in the court house, Henry Eischeid of Irvington township and Cha». Borman of Whittemore town ship were named to represent Kossuth on the Hiimboldt R. E. A. board. Other active workers in Kossuth in the R. K. A. matter include \V J. Krlinml. cimnty elmim-mii, of Wesley townMiip; George I'eter son of Buffalo. Albert Johnson of Prairie, A. A. Sehipull of LuVerne. Lawreiue Hmnmn nf Sherman. John Kain of Plum Creek, Lawrence Thilges of Riverdale, R. B. SfrninghHu.s of Ciarfield. Jot I'rU'sti-r of Whittemore and Ea:-l Elbert of Lolls (.'reek, as well ar dozens of others who have aided in the work. County Agent Brown estimated thai another 100 would be necessary in the Mgn-up since last Fridaj Increased Liquor Sale Liquor sales for April in the Algona store totaled $6,814.74 and at the Bancroft store $3,842.51 for the same month. Bolh slores hud increased business of several hundred dollars over March. To Band Carnival Some 50 or 60 high school musii fans will participate at Webster City in the annual conference Band Carnival, on Thursday. H. R Kas- mussen will have charge of the local group. All schools in the conference are sending their bands to the event. Is New Assistant The Rev. Charles Knitp will be (he new assistant at St. Michael's Catholic church, Whittemore. Ht was recently oidauu-d at Sioux City. ALGONA ADVERTISERS' DIRECTORY PAGE TWO Foster Furniture Co. Borchardts Klassie Molor Co. PAGE THREE BoUford Lbr. Co. Clopton Tailor PAGE FOUR Call Theatre Mlibach'b Jimrnie Neville Council Oak tiohthaas & Spillcb Laing & Muckey Miller Lbr. Co. Kresensky's PAGE FIVE Lusby's Biruni-Olson Cu Iowa Theatre Elite Shop Wilson Bakery Hub Clothiers Brownell's PAGE SIX Wray Service Harris Bros. PAGE SEVEN F. S. Norton & Son Algona Produce PAGE EIGHT Chribchilles Store A. & P. Store Jot Greenbd'g H. M. Colwell commit rap*. charge, but said he had not harmed either of the girl*. Authorities at this time, became aware of the fact that Staley was not acting normally, and then turned him over to the county Insanity board, consisting of Dr. Cretzmey- cr, Mrs. E. J. McEvny nnd P. A. Dnnson, who after studying his family history and questioning the man, immediately ordered him sent to the Cherokee hospital. The criminal charges were accordingly dropped. (The Staley In question is not to be confused with the Stchle family at Burt, or other families with similar sounding names. Ellsworth, Staley in a bachelor, and is not related to them). Staley is about five feet, four Inches tall, anu weighs only 115 pounds. KOSSUTH FLYER READY TO HOP WITH AIR MAIL Hauptman to Stop at Algona, Wesley, Ft. Dodge, On to Des Moines Wesley: John Hauptmann, Wesly aviator, who has been flying for more than ten years, will pilot his plane May IB in the state-wide air mall Dick up service, word received laat Wednesday morning by Postmaster Hazel Gerdes revealed. Hauptmann la scheduled to pick up air mall at three Iowa towns: Algona, Wesley and Fort Dodge and! fly it to Des Moines where it will be dispacthed to the regular air mail routes. Hauplmann's route will start At Algona, where the leavnig lime has been set for two o'clock on May 19. He will then fly to Wesley, where the leaving lime is set for 2:25 p. m. He is scheduled to arrive at 2:10. From Wesley he will go to Fort Dodge, from where he Itaves at 3:0fl for Des Molnes. He it to get to Des Moines at 3:45. 2 Wedding Licenses Two licenses were issued in the clerk of courl's ofTic-e last Thursday, lo couples desiring to wed. They were Jakie F. Peterson and Irene Weringa of l^akota, and Donald K. Matthews and Fern M. Brown, both of Mankato. Fishermen Ready Algona delegation of fishermen i it, preparing to leave for their Casa I Luke rendezvous this coming Friday Exact nuiuucr going will not I be known until the. boys get start; tU this coming Friday. ! Boy, 5, Injured 1 N'urrnan Gude. 5. ion of Mr. and i Mrs Hugo Cade, of Algona. iuf- i fc-rc-il u fractured leg Friday, when i he fell on the sidewalk. He was i playing with a pt-t dug when ha (tripped and fell.

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