The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1938
Page 4
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Mr*. C. ft. Sheetz Dies in Florida received this morning »w»- , the death of Mrt. C Saturday, April 30, In a She has been W ftofe, and cancer. Sn* Is survived i>- about a year or death was caused by a half sister '• ™»ncuciejr, who has Petersburg most of the cousins to- Mrs. Sheetz lived in Algona for many years while her husband was employed In the old Sheetz drug store which stood on the First National Bank building corner. After his death some twenty years ago she went to Florida. She was a woman who made hosts of friends wherever she went. Her happy disposition and quick wit endeared her to all who knew her. While In St Petersburg she took an active part in the church life until her health failed. AlgonaUpper Pe.MotoM, Atom, !„», May 3. 193 g 'OTFS Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hoppe of Port Wed In California—. M. H. Falkenhainer, secretary of the Druggist Mutual Insurance Co., and Marie Wehler of Oakland, California, were married Wednesday April 27, i-, Berkeley, California, at the University Chapel. They are Beta Sigma Phi— A 7:1S banquet dinner was served to Beta Sigma Phi, business girls sorority members at the Hotel Al gona, Monday evening. Five pledges were initiated. The pledges were Carmen Raskopf, Katherlne Carl- ANNOUNCING The Opening of the New Afeona Home-Made Ice Cream Shop FREE DELIVERY SERVICE We are eoiner to feature Frosted Malt and Giant Malted Milks To Acquaint You With Our Special Drink THIS COUPON AND 5c Entitles You To Entitles You To A FROSTED MALTED MILK GlANT MALTED MILK Located Just North of Iowa Theatre Tv.1 „„„. »r „ „ a J?, £ Mrs. Palkenhalner is n daughter of the late Fred Wehler. urer; Alice Payne, recording secretary. and Irene Hutchins, corresponding secretary. A toast to the * — „..,. Inl . CI .ieu wenier, i'"'"""K secretary. A toast to th« prominent Algona jeweler of a few pledges was offered by Alice Payn* f nenn "^o. and Mrs Wehler of Oak- and a toast to Founders Day by land. California. She has been em- Helen Corey. Mrs. George Vance Ployed in a bank in Oakland the|*ang a vocal selection^ and Vale"" Picket! and Carmen Raskopf sane t* v*rw*« I *l...n* ~ • .. * *- "»«*; flnd *«t,j mother disposed of their property a vocal duet here and went west. Mr. Falkenhniner is a son of thc late Al Falkenhniner and Mrs Falkenhainer. He has been connected with the Druggist Mutuai the past twelve or fifteen vcnr* and upon the death of his ffi I MillerTcoun*^ommVnderVtoe was made secretary of the organ ' *—•— - - mmanaer of tne zation. About Toti>n Say* One of the three pictures in a ser^atfnn^ **l* , IOW ? St * te Con - cvc " WIln one ^ouia-oe tale teller Stm .? ... u ml * 8loft ls the riv-r she may have erred in selecting her uam at ine nrlfitra n*i*>frt* *** *«..«.... !«.**.»•* u..& _..—.^>.«._*. _ . _ . .. . —1*1 •*• on highway 169 i awearea in tne aa section at her ts the name, J. D. Lowe, President, expense of about forty cents. All %in » Algona. Citizenship Cla« There were 40 In attendance at a social meeting of the Cit olnss held In the Bryant , :, Wednesday evening. Mothers-Daughters Banquet— There u-ore 203 in attendance at He Mothers nnd Daughters ban- net held in the church dining room t the Methodist church, Friday eve- i . * —«.»»j i-vimuniiucr oi tne American Legion, talked on "Value of Training for Citizenship." Dr. Lee Nugent, commander of Ha«rir Post, spoke on the subject, "The | Historical Background of our Government" Community singing was led by Evelyn Graham, teacher in i He local schools. Musical num- —^—^—^^^^^^^rnrnf Tuesday-Wednesday, May 2-3 Continuous from one o'clock Lewis Stone Gene Raymond, Olympe Bradna in "STOLEN HEAVEN" News—«E arl , o f Experience" Thurs.-Pri.-Sat., May 5-6-7 matinees-School matinee Thurs. 4 DISNEY'S first feature class of the church. Mrs. « rril smith of Storm Lake was the speaker of the evening. Mrs. Wallace McDougal was the toastmistress. A toast to the daughters was given by Mrs. F. L. Tribon. and a tonst to mothers was given by Bonnie Phillips. "-- • — --• - - eral _ .•"• *nio. v^nn vohs of West Bend played a violin solo accompanied at thc piano bv Mrs. Sylvirt Gunn. and Mrs. E V Pierce nnd Mrs. Don Hutchins piay- ed n piano duet. Gifts were given out one Algona man on the list Interesting—Hartshorn, North End Brlggg and Bunkofske. Burt; Clem eht and Merrlfleld, Bancroft; Steh Je, Fenton; ShlltA, Tltonka; fisser Whlttemore; Furst, Buffalo Center; two from Brltt and two from far away. • * A lady friend who received honor in this column was the but.t of excess ribbing. Thinking to get even with one would-be tale teller she may have erred In selecting her „- of town 'tfrarty, but nevertheless an article On the front page appeared In the ad section at her > T-nm. D...U.-4. (expense of about forty cents. All are well and resting easy with the boss happy over the extra business. Do yon like to play golf on Son- j iy? Like Sunday baseball? Fond j 'movies? So do other folks. Well, its funny, (meaning the other Several men have talked Iy ngalnst Sunday base- enough force to consider biggest sin on earth. They | and attend on week i nil right. Its their _ in their own way. Some of these same men are out playing golf on Sundays. Never heard a, word wrong about Sunday golf. If you like one or the other » * * A young lady, evidently in her ate teens and a stranger, sat down on the running board of the Jack Johnston autmobile while it was larked In front of the house. The Johnstons anxiously waited and agerly watched to see what she Tx.u, do ' The glrl dusted heri b , olbthlng with her hand, patted her it the bluest s 1 t a r I e r et and in° 0k o e u d ,c U k P Td ^-^I'^VSK glances. After a long half ..„, causing nervous wonderment girl quietly got up and walked away. On first reported swim of the season occurred Sunday when Clarence (Nanny) Bruns and a lovely lady friend went Into a lake while fishing. The affair was Impromptu and unrehearsed. Clothes, cries and all received a ducking. The more lucky friends of the party helped pull them out Vie Lowe Is confined at homo with the mumps. Fenton Girl Hurt Fenton: Lavonne Bailey suffered a painful Injuty Saturday morning while fishing. As she was going through the woods & stick of wood pierced her thigh aft inch deep She was taken to Dr. McCreery who put in two clamps to close the wound. Lavonne la the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Bailey O f Seneca. of * «-t-»»u iiiii^u II11U IJIC road bed, abandoned cars and occupants of others pushing and pull| n i one Bn " n VhVn" Minn. Haley of El- wpnder the . __• — *• »-.«»...3 •» ti c given to Mrs. Margaret Bishop, the oldest mother. Mrs. Bernard Yeoman tne youngest mother, Mrs. B. F Sparks of Hobarton. the mother having the largest number of children, and to Jeanette Sorensen the youngest daughter. • Merle Yeoman Weds— The marriage of Merle Yeoman son of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Yeoman, to Lois Johnson, daughter of «r. and Mrs. D. L. Johnson of unmetsburg, is announced, with he fleremony occurring. Friday April 22, in Boulder. Colorado. The marriage rites were read by a Meth- dist pastor at Boulder. Mr. Yeoman Is a graduate of the BrMgettv Club- Mrs. Ted Larson entertained members of the Bridgette club at a here at home past the Call and near the Orton place beautiful scenic road through impassable this was planked for a a nrinenn luncheon at her home, Thursday fifty feet or r afternoon. Mrs. D. P Smith won Itlofri w?. e to acc ommodate the first rize a b ™ ' '° f 8 ' used to b the first prize at bridge. M» E. W frZ Humh M? °' T? at USed tO be Hanson the second prize and the Humboldt north every spring. ™^ "^X.TTcM?- ^ L^, I ~' II "*- ~ <~* >"George Vance, and Mr/DP K'^""* ' lk j? others fr <"» the Smith were guests of the clubMrs talk n °th«n«, EM? 3 *. tenke ™" can T. H. Kirsch of Fort Dodge will ..I-""-! 1 !"*, ""i 1 . footba » ?"«! cook- i« , ies. sidetracked loni; *hbugh from i to teT foursome of .».. , a „ fticujuaie 01 me Algona high school, and since his graduation, he has been associated with an apparel firm as traveling salesman. The bride is a graduate of the Emmetsbftrg high school and junior college. entertain the club'at h^home, I these and dlveVted 'alt _ _ ' ing of a prized picture Clapsaddle Twins Birthday- ' ° f - mMlionnir es on the Jack and Jill Clapsaddle. twin on and daughter of Mr. and Mm. 1*11 iTniMrtwV^'"*." H. D. Clapsaddle. entertained at a''"- •- u • - • birthday party at their home, Fri- ... day afternoon. They were four boy. years old. Guests attending the -. -—v. ••« * c u^rcfj or 2O* a n ™mh e Q "2 ?u° b was a "-ember- a member of the caddie club as a . M.ler. Maxine Gibson. Janice Bar- of paper hanging it The L O. A class of the Congre- work at it by the dav Yeoman r , o' IT? °h ,, Sprin «f s »M ^t ' and other w e within the next few weeks. Fm X I'l" to visit in A1 «° Emmetsburg with relatives. to Lake cities Later and -.._ +*. ,_,. n v.ias.1 ui me ^ongre- ••"••"=" >»urK at it by the d< gational church met Thursday eve- ro " a "d receive pay or char™ ,,,~h ning at the home of Mrs. H. D. ? »«le bit. the skilled men are at a Hutchins. Mrs. Pearl Potter and loss to compete with them Wrs. Bert Deal were the assisting • • • lostesses. A business meeting was , Someone nlUi not much else to I held. Mrs. E. W. Hanson gave a ^ discovered that the barber, here book review, and Mrs. George Vance have c °me for the great part from ran? a vnrnl oolorti™ small tnwno „...„ .u. .. v . • . m Matinee prices-—10c 26c Night prices—16c-36c Sun.-Mon. ( May 8 9—"IN OLD CHICAGO" THAT'S THE WORD FOR THESE LATEST AIR STEP MODELS! Counc/IOak Store Wednesday SPECIALS Tac-Cut Coffee, Broken Grapefruit, O Xo. :;i»:: can OC Kidney Beans, Apple Sauce, " Camay Toilet Soap 11 \VM cakes f-n- **C P. & G. Soap, MX bars f.»i- Dried BeefT J«n- 'ork Chops, ,-nd Uts. ]„•!• II). ^ric ChopsT •r '-IIT-, ]„.)• ; 23c jOc JTc 22c ELECTRIC FENCER $6.00 AIR/STEP -THERE'S A HIVE • Hondpicked to meet your demondi for th» »mortest in style,' and fh* ultima^ i n comfort. Their »lyl« is pleojin 9 '0 *• e>« end ir.« "magic sols" that cuihionj sve,, •lep l> pleosinj | 0 th a fsof. WITH AMAZING NEW FLUX DIVERTER o::-3 v/.:e ir. l:-jr.i stakes hills -' rang a vocal selection. Bel Canto Club Election— Mrs. E. C. McMahon was elected president of the Bel Canto Music club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Eugene Murtagh was elected vice president, Mrs. C. C. Shierk. recording secretary and Florence Kirsch of Bancroft was made treasurer. M/ss Lucia Wallace wa« appointed historian. Flower Club Meeting— The date of June 8th was set for the annual spring flower show of | the Kossuth County Flower Club. I by thc chairmen of the committees nt :i meeting Thursday evening. This show is to be held in the hi-<h school gymnasium. Watrh the papers for schedule nnd prizes. Rcnc/it Bineo Party— Friday afternoon, the P.ebek-ih lodge wi.'l sponsor a benefit hin?r) Shirty at the Dthnert hotel. Mrs. l~>xr,-ir Anderson ,-intl .Mrs. L. F. Rice are the leaders. Prizes will ' he given, and -i four o'clock lunch- i eon .served Surprised by Friendv— Relatives surprised Mr. and Mr*. Henry Thilges of Ottosen on their 26th wedding anniversary Sunday evening. The evening was spent playing cards. The guesU present•d the honorees with a purse. Helping Hand Society— The Presbyterian Helping Hand j society meets Thursday afternoon '• at 2:20 at the church. Hostesses! will be Mrs Marc Moore. Mrs. R. j H. Guderian, Mrs. L. W. Gillespie. nd Mrs. Robert Vincent. Dorca* Society— The Dorcaia society of the First Lutheran church will meet at the church parlors. Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The hostesies are = Edwin Hovey, and Mrs. D. D. Observe 50th Anniversary— Mr and Mrs Presley Sarchett o.' Union tc.-AT.--.hip will celebrate tr.cir golden wedding anniversary T^-aijy May I'j. Open house will Zi r.t.'} trom two untii rive o'clock. I nion Tea— Tr.c L-j.ion Mother.,' Day Tea will be held Thursday at the Good Hope church. Each member is asked to bring a guest. There will be a small '•:<: for each one attending. I,af-a-Ix)t Club- Mr, M J. Duffy will be hostes-t to tne members of the Laf-a-Lol bri.i^e club Tuesday afl*rnr$3n, ^e will be played at two tables. >'. (. T. r.— ~"~ The W. C. T. v. will hold a. reg- ulir monthly meeting Wednesday •ilti-riuxj/i at the home of Mrs. L E. Potter. It's A Curious Thing "Why the slit In the back of man's coat?"—It is simply a car ry over from the times when th coat* were made for men who lad to ride horses frequently The utter conservatism of men n style has continued the prac ice though no longer necessary Send us your curtains, drapes nd rugs for good thorough leaning. Modern Dry Cleaners Phone 537 We Deliver You Spend One Third of Your Life In Bed LET BJUSTHOM'S BED8OOM PUBNITTOE MAKE IT MORE COMFORTABLE QUESTION What is difference between a machine- less wave given under contract which controls the shop price, and a macllin- less wave given with same materials in shop without price control, ANSWER $4, haircut, shampoo, fingerwave and Morrison's guarantee on results. Morrison Beauty Shop Algona, la. •*••«• ss^ssszzac*—^ •«—•—•!«•• Rings of Dirt in the Bathtub? That's Nothing Compared To The Dirt In A Motor Cleanliness is a virtue humans have been taught for many generations, and the same principal is true in anto motors. . STOP: THINK! Can you IMAGINE the condition of your motor after thousands of miles without a bath. V nTRT n thc ?^ S i !?,^ llr bath tub - SE E DIRT we get from the inside of your mot- Baths By Appointment For Your Motor/With Our New Motor Cleaner Cleans oil lines, valve stems and guides, rocker arms, oil pump, behind piston rings, and removes sludge from crankcase. COME AND SEE THIS NEW SERVICE \mi will agree it is a REVELATION to engine performance, and understand whv it increases the life of your motor threefold." It will free your motor of dirt, film .and all foreign matter. DUTCH'S Be«l Room Suites 69.50 In Mii|»]cainl U'alnut, Early Ainci-icaii. Hand Rulibed Finishes. re^U-ahies, at Phone 33 SUPER SERVICE Algona, Iowa Other 4 piece Suites, $69.50 to $97.50 SPRINGS Helical Coil Springs, dou- bh' and single deck, with lifetime guarantee. Get Our Prices MATTRESSES BBANDWEIN LINE All type of iniK'rsping with 10 year guarantee. Unheard of Prices. "Invest In Re«t" Venetian Blinds hie steel and cr.n- BROWNELL'S SHOE COMPANY A Tremendous Saving r ,r>. p-.sis^ v/:re, 'jaies. ti.T.e and • -:^r. Saie s;x-vo!t baite.-ies iiiit :~.r '••-'->''• c r .^A ,,.,. " " e HOBARTON CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR Portland Woman 111 With Asthma Portland: Mr.-.. MirrmuU Trui.k: hiJl hua bvt-;j »u!ft(»ig tiiu i^ week \vuh u.->thm<i. | Bobby J:indl attended a birtn.i l'->tly honon.-.g Jeral-i B.jii^i ritunkit. Saluraay afternoon. Mr. and Mr:,. PeU-r Heldt u;;,j fauuly .-pent Sunday at Emmets- ififi! with a daughter. Mrs. EOW-tf Mis. Tor.y J.u;dl uilj ch;!'Jr t -ii Aiithony. Elda. Lavina and Bobby with her airier. Mrs. Bub Colliiia,, -, nni iiu^banj. Eiiiiore. jjjcnt Su^;'Jay at Botna. Uuuurd Uoeuk U uble u> t«- duwu town again after belli,* ill wita the mumps the past week. I s Mt-a^urc \-(»iu- home and <-.>timuti-.s on Venetian V QiiJ'.lity Lin,- of iilinds It; l.i-r. : Biustrom's FURNITURE-HOME APPLIANCES Sunday May 8 Give Her Flowers Cut Hoses $2.60, $3 doa. Bouquets— What U more appropriate on Mother's Day than a lovely bouquet' Get one. $1.00 and up See Our Selection of Mother's Day Flowers Potted Plants Lovely Hydrangea* Humbler K<we» f ^ : >SX f.: *!S* wr ~/ * 1 1» , • ;^-A^..-. FetunUu PttO» y Bu»k -Mixed Pot* Out Flowers flue Cut Flower* Hnap Dracoo* CartwUoa* Proy aelivery in time for Mother's Day We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere OIHJU Sunday, May 8th untii noon Phoue 305 GREENHOUSES Algona,

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