The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1938 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1938
Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, April 12,1938 200ADVEOT1STS MEETSATURDAY * District Convention Plans Complete; Delegate from 50 Miles Expected A district convention of the Seventh Day Adventlsts church will be held here, April 16, It was announced this week by Glenn F1H- man, district superintendent of the church. Friday evening, April 15, D. S. Osgood, president of the Iowa conference of the church, will apeak, Saturday morning at 9:30 o'clock, representatives from all churches within a radius of GO miles are expected for an all-day session. Some 200 persons are expected. An attractive program of talks have been arranged, including K. L. Gant, Minneapolis. At the close of the morning sermon, delegates will go to the Baptist church for a baptismal service. Lunch will be brought by the delegates, who will picnic at Call State park at noon. A special young people's meeting In planned for 2 p. m., Saturday, and special music will be presented by representatives from Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska. At 7:80 p. m. a social gathering will be held nt the Call park shelter house. ng to the manner In which the charges are being made, said Charges being based on simitar charges as made some 30 years ago. A committee of the two county auditors, county engineers, and two drainage district attorneys was named to attempt to work out a reclassiflcatlon of all lands In the district. • * * A NEW CITV MILK ordinance was passed by the city council and appears In today's paper. It provides a new set of rules for sanitation, distribution, production and handling of milk and milk products for the city. • • • JUSTICE COURT CASES: Louis P. Behounek, Uvermore, $10 and costs, no muffler and clearance lights; Myron Tokum, Algona, case dismissed; Geo. Schumacher, Irv- Ington, $5 and costs, overloading a truck, all in P. A. Danson's court • • • STRICKEN WITH a heart attack in Foster's store, a Mr. Bradley, traveling man, was taken to the General hospital, where he suffered Ma* Murray, bty 30 Bobby Beemer, bty 40 Honaul Holland, Dty .iO George bcmldt, Jr., bty .30 Edward Mynes, biy 1 uu l'. A. Danson, j. p. fee» .... B.o" H. A. Van Alstyne, marsh. fetK 1.70 Victor Schultz, wit. fees 60 George Larson, wit. fees .... .t>0 M. P. Weaer, Q. C. deed 87.10 Hazel F. Keen, S. W. mtg 1' Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, O. A. P. Invest 10.00 J. A. Mueller, mtg 1.00 Chas. Weisbrod, mtg l.oO E. C. Fauerby, mtg J.OO W. T. Ohm, mtg. 1.00 A. H. Krause, mtg 1.00 Harry Sabln, mtg 4.00 John Gerber, mtg 4.00 diet Robinson, mtg 4.00 M. N. Phillips, mtg 4.00 J. P. Peterson, mtg O. H. LJnde. mtg. ." T. L.. Thorson, mtg Kossuth County Farm Bureau. approp 1125.00 C. N Robinson, quar. exp. .. 2.30 W. H. Rlcklefs, quar. exp. .. 3.50 E. O. Mann. quar. exp 2.90 Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., supplies a stroke, and died. Minneapolis. He was from 8.00 8.00 8.00 227.20 10.80 Bnrled at Whlttemore Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoflus, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor and the C. Dearchs family attended the funeral of C. R Holdridge of Olendale, California, last Wednesday afternoon with burial In the family lot at Whittemore. Mrs. Holdridge who Is a sister of Mrs. Gerret Dearchs, will remain here for several weeks' visit. Rewrites Of Ntwi From Lnt Thundcy't Kottuth County Advance DITCH ASSESSMENTS made 30 years ago bobbed up at a joint meeting of Kossuth and Humboldt county farmers, who are affected by a new drainage assessment on joint drain 2. Some 50 were present, Wednesday, In the Kossuth auditor's office, when the hearing on the assessments was held. Only the main ditch was cleaned and farmers on the laterals are object- DR. R. O. MOORE, Dunlap, a former Kossuth county boy, and a son of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Moore of Algona, will be a candidate for congress from the seventh district, on the democratic ticket. He is peeking the post now held by O. D. Wearln, who is a candidate for the U. S. Senate against Guy M. Gillette for the democratic nomination. ATTENDANCE AT THE Advance cooking school set a new high on Friday 1 , with 638 registrations. Thursday's attendance was 571, and 512 were present and registered on Wednesday. NEW GOC ENROLLEES at Bancroft are Walter Abbas, Buffalo Center; Donald LaChance, Algona; Francis Higley and John A. Fish, Whltteniore; and Ralph Gerber, West Bend. • * • TWO WERE INJURED when cars sldeswiped on the crest of a hill near O. Runke farm, Fentoii, Friday evening. Cars were driven by Arnold Meine, Letts Creek, and Raymond Dreyer. Injured slightly were Mrs. Dreyer and Lorena. • * * ALGONA CEMETERY officers were all reelected last week. They are: W. H. Freeman, president; M. P. Weaver, vice president; D. D. Paxson, secretaryvtreasurer, and superintendent, J. L. Bonar. A TAX ALLOCATION of $103.449 fiom the state treasurer was received by M. J. Duffy, county treasurer. This Is the sales tax "divvy" on homestead exemptions. • Tills has been allocated among the 70 Kossuth taxing districts, town, township, etc. Lafe Simmons, labor LIBRARY FUND St. Paul Book & Stationery Co., supplies B.14 Charles Scrlbner & Sons, supplies 1.60 Simmons Book Concern, sup- Piles 5.37 Maplewooil Press & Book Co., supplies 4.80 Harper A Brothers, supplies 2.41 C. P. Putnam & Sons, supplies 2.62 Iowa Pupils Reading Circle, supplies 13.76 B. P. Dutton & Co.. supplies.. 2.55 Workmans Book House, supplies 27.99 lown Puhlic Reading Circle. supplies 8.64 Follett Book Co., supplies .. S.10 Iowa Public Reading Circle, supplies 20.01 St. Paul Book & Satlonei-y Co.. supplies MS Follett Book Co.. supplies . 6.48 Book Supply Co., supplies .. fl.50 FAIRGROUNDS FUND Kossuth County Fair Association, appron INSTITUTE FUND Dr. R. W. Eaton, exam. exp. INSANE FUND Katherlne McEoy, clerk fees 15.00 Ueo. C. Eden, labor i'eter N. Tnliges, moor ..ty C. .\eisun, laiior .101111 "he-ding, .-llpi-iiis ,. ... .-oiineiibcig, snipplhas iloeuk .Motor j^L-iVice. siui-iye .rtv.iuerK -Auto .Supply, sup- pli.-S \rnuid Motur Supply, supplies 1 Mrs. .Anna liahl, supplies ... r. S. .Nortoi; & Son, supplies p'armers Co-op. Elevator Co.. supplies Kossuth Motor Co., supplies Dutch's Super Serv-lce, supplies l«26.4!i Koninnas & Spllles, supplies Botsford Lumber Co., supplies Garrteld .It. Drainage Ditch, re-/tssess. Interstate Power Co., light .30 VB. In I.A'.' lH.o.. 6.71 4S..37 • Central Slates Klectrlc Co., light serv Central States Electric Co.. llgl t serv Tltonka Telephone Co., tele, serv Advance Publishing Co.. print- Ing .1. 1. Merryiiian, bridge work Standard Oil Co., supplies.. Standard Oil Co.. supplies ... Peerless Oil Co., supplies ... Swar.ey Oil Co., supplies .. Olobe Machine & Supply Co.. 17.6$ 1.05 14.40 1.65 MS 1.43 1.9.1 3.60 6.00 960.7:1 485.4K 11J.SII Casey Loss, sheriff fees P. A. Danson, comm. fees . J. L. Bonar, wit. fees C. H. Cretzmeyer. pliy. fees Earl Griffith, wit. fees Mrs. Earl Griffith, wit. fees .. John McEnroe, wit. fees .... Mrs. .lohn McEnroe, wit fees 200.00 10.00 5.25 33.69 3.00 2.10 3.00 2.10 2.10 iio 2.10 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND K. 8. Klnsey. bal. due, Fenton Tp . 2.00 L. A. Barslou, listing dogs . 6.42 Hoot. Bunkofske, listing dogs U.UO Wesley Bernhard, listing dogs 11.00 F, 1 : 6 ' 1 .- 0 ' w ,??? n . er -. !'•»"?. d .9»» ^ BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's Office, April 1st, 1»38 9:00 o'clock A. M. Board of .Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with --all members present. .... Motion by Fraser and second by Morris that the following Petition* for. establishment of Roja Districts Number 48, No. OS, No. 488. No 484, No. 4S5. No. 43« and No. 437 be placed on file. Ayes: all. Motion by Murrls and second by Fraser that the clerk's i|imilerly report of fees collected, the record- era and auditor's report of fees collected and the Hherlff'H <iuarte.rly report be approved. Ayes: all Motion by MtirrlH and second by Helken that the petition for mildlem exemption of Ulen \V. Jer.klnson on 1827 personal property In I.nlmi township In- approved. Aye»: all. Motion by Fraser unit second l,y Morris that the continuation certificate by Arntrlcan Mirety Co.. for Beer Ilund of H. .1. tiankey In- approved. Ayes: «1L Motion bv C'oKgroVH and second by Fraiier tlmt the petition plo-elil- fA to the Hoard by KosHiith County llee Keepers he placed on file. Ayes: Motion bv Fraser and second by <V>Hgrove tlint April 29. 1»S8 nt 10:30 A. M. be time set for gasoline letting and April 29. 19:i* at 1:30 P. M. be time net for grading letting. Ayes: *'Motion by Morris and second by Helken that a transfer of I1S.01W.00 be made from the Fund to tie tieneittl County Fund. all Motion by Morris and second by Fraser that pauper notice be nerved <m the following persons: «len Rlke. Uilhnrt Ooodmlnson and family. Kmll Hessey and family. I.elloy Jud- tiiin and family, Kenneth Irons. Ayes: alt M . Motion by Morris nml second by Helken tliat the final estimates of McOlllle Hlollleis No. 1-'. No. 13. NO. II No 20. No. 24. No. 1». No. 25. No -1 and No. 43 be approved. Ayes: nil , , Motion by Fraser and second liy MorrlH that nn iippropilall.M: of not to exceed I3IXUIO he made I" defray « xpense of Htule Inspectors rendering service to Kossntli County llee Association Aves: all. Motion by Morris and si-oml by Ilelki-n that u refund of 1*7.78 he made to .1 \V. Men* HM balm- uniuuiit was paid t«i Treasurer n» un erroneously aollected dralr.uge asse«s- ment against the S\4 NE'4 NH',4 tiectlon 27. Township »8. Itange 30 on District Uruln No. 69. Ayen: all. Motion by Morils and »erond t-v Hiikcn that Fraser be appointed to make repulrx on Drain No. M N" S iind H -K. .It. No. 2. Ayes: all. Motion by Fraser ar.d second by Heiken that McDonald be appointed to make reuulrs <m Drain No. Cl. No. »3. No. 132 and No. 10«. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Fraser that Helken be appointed to inuke repairs on Drains No. 111. No. 166 and No. 86. Ayes: all. Mutton bv Morris ai d second by Praser that the Homestead Credit for 1937 on N 49H ft. of I.ot It Ulock 3 Calls South Addition. Algona be cancelled, reason claim made on new Homestead. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Helken the School Fund loan applied for by Tlllle Wagner be disallowed. Ayes: all. , , Motion by Friiser and second by Morris that the 1937 dog lax charged against John Welland be abated, same being paid to u»»e««or. Ayes: Motion that the following Resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, there U a surplus and a balance on hard In drainage district No. 168 In the amount of itp- proxlrnately Six Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars (|«700.00). and WHBHEAS. Muid amount was collected uw a reuutfessinent on suid land li: order to pay for a cleun-oul project, and VVHEREAH. said construction work lias been now fully completed and all assessments paid in full, and WHEREAS, a portion at salfl surplus 1ms already been refunded to th* various Individuals paying In »!>•• same ar.d It appearing to the Board that the balance of said surplus now In said Drainage District should be refunded back to the Individual* paying In «»id assessment. BE IT NOW RESOLVED, that pursuant to Section 7488-el of tlm 1935 Code of Iowa, that all of the surplus in the hands of the County Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa, In Drainage District No. 1*1 be refunded back to the individuals paying In said assessment In direct proportion to the amount they have paid In and tl.e County Auditor la !•;- structed to Issue warrants for said various amounts accordingly. Ayes' Nayes W. E' McDonald None Chas. MorrU .1 H. Fraser F. J. Helken W. 8. Coigrov*. Hollls dogs Ihno A. L. C. Uer.dchoter, llsUng Oerdes, listing dogs 7.50 2.40 10.30 :i.oo 7.30 2.00 8.8(1 15.20 7.40 4.50 l.SO 7.20 lo.lo 8.40 ItPKolutliin declared adopted this 1st day of April, 1»38. Motion that the following Resolution tie adopted: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, the Iowa Htate Highway Commission nan designated the former county trunk highway running (ram tbe Town at Whlttemorj, Iowa, nortb along the eait side of the Town of Fenton. Iowa, an a part of the State Highway System known BB a part of Stole Highway .u 44. and WHEREAS, the above part of the highway Is at present mulntnlneil a* a gravel road, and It Is apparent that the truffle over this portion of t.hlH mail In too great for a. surface of this klml to properly Lear. NOW'. THEREFORE. HE IT RESOLVED hy the Hoard of Supervisors of Kussutli County, luwa: That we hereby rei|iiest the lowu State Highway Commission to properly surface II.Is road In Its present locution with gravel and oil or construct what Is locally known an u blHck tup Hiirface. Ayes: Nayes W. E. McDonald None Chan. Morris I 1 . .1. I lei ken J. H. Frailer W. H. Cora-rove. Resolution declared adopted U>|B 1*1 day of April. 1938. E. S. KINSEV. County Auditor. Motion bv Helken and second by Mini I* that the ll».'!7 taxes be HUH- iwndeil on the NV4 of Lots three and four of block 44 Original I'lat, .Algniiu^ as recommended hy City Coui-cll. Ayes: alL llullun by Frailer and second by CosKtuve that Ihe HomeHtead Credit application on Ixjl 6 Black H LakoU. \X'. A. Moore be not allowed as recommended by the Town Council of l.akoia Aye*: all. Motion by Helken and second by Munis that the I&CO.UU Ilolul of 1'hnrlcn Llndliui-Ki by Ainerle-un Surety d.. for la:ik be cancelled, reason Iliianl accepted prlvule buinl. Ayes: all. On million Hoard proceeded to uinlll uli'l iillow bills a« per 'Schedule of ClainiH" hereinafter written. COI'NTX' Fl'ND XV. XX'. Sullivan. P. M. postage $ S.OO Chile Hrlmow. lily LOO X XX'. Hill '"i... tele. nerv 6*H M -I. liufTy. adv. bty a.3J \\iilier Rich, bty I-" (l Stale Cumplroller, school fund lilt fcM «i I'ily ul Algoiu, llylit serv. . j^.-iu Lafe osley. biy '•>•'•><> Albert E. Could, bty lull XX'. XV. Sullivan. I'. M.. XX' W. Sullivan. 1' M . postage * 00 Mr. anil Mrs. C. W. Albright el ul, contract HI-I! deed . . Ufi.iHl W. W. Sullivan. P. M.. postage- s.oo Axel Erlcknon. biy 140 XX'. XV. Sulllvun. pomagu . . 15.4TI Norinu Anderejftc, bty I «u XX'. XX'. Sulllvun. pontage ... 2J.OO Wulltr Rich, biy 5.UO Delnmr Fischer, biy 21.»0 i'baa. CUpnaddle. bty. 4.SO Glenn Sabln. bty 1.00 Hill Marlow. bty 500 E. V. Pierce, bty 2.40 Evelyn A. llole, salary Ci.aO Mary K. Saridx. salary 96.0n Durutliy T. Shatto. salary . . 65.00 Lucille' Dole, salary 65.00 Thus. Morris, comm. Si 8es- • loti 20:1.75 J H Fraber. i-iuiiin. and sea- Hlon 195.55 XX' S. OobKrove. ciiiiiin. and sestdoi: 1KS.45 P. .1 Helken. comm. and scs- XV. 10 Mi-Donald, comm. ami M. 1. Duffy. <"u Tli-us.. ailv. frgl. and bty National Heeniployineiit Service, office exp Advance Publishing Co.. prlnl- Hutchlns, listing dogs A. E. Ogrcn, listing dogs .. Paul Phillips, listing dogs . I». C. Ellis, listing dogs George Haas, listing dogs .. E. H. Beardaley, listing dogs . •I. W. Holllg. listing dogs .. Guy Bone, listing dogs Joe Cogley, listing dogs .... Thomas Crahan, listing dogs . Ray E. Hansen, listing dogs John Hartshorn, listing dogs Mike Helderncheld. listing dogs L. H. Junkermeler. listing dogs Marvin Vaske, listing dogs .. F. H. listing dogs .. O. W. I'.erggren, listing dogs Leo H. Uuerdct, llsllng dogs . O. H. Graham, listing dogs . D. C. Gardner, listing dogs . Andrew Elbcrt, listing dogs Frank W. Elbert. listing dogs Pearl Illcklefs, listing dogs . W. U Reynolds, listing dogs Oscar Frandle, listing dogs . Wm. O. Flalg. listing dogs .. Kd Chamber, listing dogs Otto Wolf, listing dogs .. Chas. H. Llndl.orst, Listing dogs W. H. Patterson, listing dogs W. R. Stewart, listing dogs W. c. Stamer, listing dogs .. Harry Schroeder, listing dogs T. B. FUND Dr. J. B. Wlnkel. T. B. Insp. 142.40 Dr. L. W. Fox, T, B. Insp. 146.40 Dr. H. H. Raney. T. B. Imp. 48.80 Melvln J. Rl«k«n, Indem. cattle 7.B4 Dr. Tt. C. Ball. T. B. Insp. ... 289 00 Dr. .1. H. Wlnkel. T. H. Insp. . 24 20 Mr. I.. W. Fox, T. B. Insp. ... It. SO l Dr. Harold E. Woodward. T. B. Ir.sp 70 00 Dr. Paul C. nellelifeldt. T H. Insp IK] :)n Dr. M. I. I.lchter. T B. Insp !"T. !in fleorgp Wlnkel. Indem. cattle 7.50 0.80 5.SIO 6.30 5.30 S.10 1.70 KM (I 10.40 3.40 1.40 t!.30 9.00 1.40 8.60 8.70 R 20 8.30 7.60 1.90 2.60 V Claud E. Dearchs, Inilein. cattle Ferdinand Mueller. Inilein cut tie 9.7.' Mill. E. inn-wash, Indem. cut- tle Dnvl.l I,, (ii.dden, Indem. cattle Hen W Held. Indem cattle . Mrs Jiilln Reynolds. Irdenl. cattle Charles W. ItutledKe viidetn. cattle Ed Weisbrod, Indem. cattle .. Raymond A. Winter, Indem. cattle Paul Xlelnke. Indem. cattle.. COUNTY Fl'ND P. A, Danson, j. p. fees .... Casey Loss, nher. fees .... I Km Myers, wtL fees Delia Welter, j. p. fees Cu«ey Loss, slier, fees CONSTRUCTION FUND J. 1. Mcrryman, labor ... 'cGuIre Brothers, grading N. W. Ry. Co., freight 636.4S McUuire Ilrolhers. grading 3:<:<:i.Di The Hunter Co.. supplies .. h61 1J MAINTENANCE FUND C. & N. W. Ry. Cn.. freight . N, W. Hell Telephone Co., lele. ferv HrudY Transfer & Storage, freight Iowa Union Telephone Cn. lele. Ht-rv 11. W. 1'iwt. fn-lgbi Al. .1 Huffy, Co. Treu». lulv. freight W. W. Sullivar. P. M . poni- u Be Raelf Miller, II. XV. I'osl. freight City of AlKonu. IlKhl Hi-rv. . Hain-ui'k Cuutity 'rt-eiisiii-ei-. laxeH Kninict Counl> Tieatiurer. la\i-> Hert Shellnieyer. labor XX'lll. l >. l.udwig:. adv. palrol . Kaiiwuy At»eiii-y. frelgjil .luck llalile. lal.i.i XX'ni. Miickcv. labor Liiyd Hailbark. lahui ^ XX'. 11 (iuddcn, ^e-conil hand truck Lawrence Term-*, labur .... Toney Seller, labur M .1 Duffy. Treus., adv. 188.85 i.f District Court, Df- Clerk lice expense c. II. Oslwlnkle. del. tax. (Vsey I'.OBS." SheV.." b'd'. ar.d lodge prls Win. Shirley, travel exp I J Doolev. office exp I,' A Wlnkel. office exp Bancroft Register, printing.. Haggunl & waller, printing.. H. A. Phillips School Serv. supplies Omaha School Supply, Co., supplies A. H. Borcl ardt. sup. ........ Wesley News-World, orlotlnu JenHnH-Fergemamj Co.. supplies '••,'.'• Won office Supply, supplies Bert Deal, labor city uf Algonn, labor Pi-alt Taper C'o. supplies.... United Chemical Cu . supplies Foster Furniture Store, supplies H. D .Idines. supplies Dr. P. V. Junse. «B*d 74.81 194 47 7.45 90.11 538.60 44.70 4.17 620« 7S.76 145.80 15.59 12.13 3.22 •i. SI »n 1701 6.42 3.60 13.77 21.80 61 :'0 l.OJ 3.50 10. in 16 "0 10. Gil x 11 lMi.7'i 1H.OS IK.flll H'.fis t' 6U ir..5o 24K.40 265 US 14."4 3.41 2 -< ll t,7 7. Mi 1.110 10.7.' 17 on 35.00 200 00 11.7" 15.30 Fred .1. Coon, palrol Juhr. lianselinun. palrol . . . Jim H. Merryiiian. labor . Hulph Mai kla. patrol S. ll McDonald, patrol Win. F. Gronbach, patrol ... XVm. O. Ludwlg. patrol . . . Tom XVelr. palrol E. L. Huber. palrol Bert Shellnieyer, patrol . . . Harry Helmke. palrol Joe M. Exser. pulrol Ed Fucli8on. palrol Hubert Mergen, patrol Clifford Holme*, patrol . . I.yell \V. Miller, patrol M I.. Worby. patrol Peler Mov'ick. patrol Reindi-r Kroininga. labor .. I. E. F.:lk. pal ml Dli-k Ha.i.le. labor l.ynii Km henreuthei-. patrol Oliver Yuunif. pan.] XVIIbur A FUlier. putrol . , A .1. Hll,!in:in. pulrul .... X'erm Mulliiili-r. pair. I .... 1 H. Moliltf. inery. patrul . . Mike Hakir. patrol Ed Baker, patrol Mlmer Ewlng. |.utrul .... Clyde Sarders. labur .... HuKh Uuttertteld. ptttlol . . Richard Ourrelt. labor ... Itoelf E. Miller, labor Pete Leeper. labor Ed Wlllurd. labor Henry Wol lern. labi>i- .... Arnold DelpcrdanR. labor Alton Ptltlt. patrol J F, Quliui. patrol Chester Alme, patrul Melvln Hawk, patrol Earl Earing, patrol Mervln Marlow, patrol ... J. M. Long, patrol Jav Gc.dden, patrol Loyd Hawback. labor . . Win. Muckev. labor .... Walter Johnson, labor •lack Ha Me. labor . . . Robert Wood, 'flbor . will Knlcht. labor ... '"'eo. F. Ornham. labor .... Henry Tinder, labor . *rno Rlstaii. labor . . Dwlirht GruhBin. labur Art I ar.son. labor "!. .1 F«liner, labor Phillip Fourage, labor U'kn *u . 98.00 184.60 3.50 94.50 108.00 94.50 67.20 94.5(1 31.00 94.50 155.65 94.50 84.00 94. 5u 'J4.50 95. i 4 91.00 94.50 55 65 1 If, "U 52.7<i 89. a:. 90.61 l!7.f,7 '.fj 4<i 88.55 •J1.70 aL'.nr, 83 Ii5 100.40 14.00 si.r.u 11.40 "s'.'io 9.25 14 40 4;'. 00 114 40 H; 75 91 15 ss :•<• 91 '•!' Sft "' 91.:". 75 6« 2 4" 8 4" K'.dii 3 JH "1 00 17 (" supplies 250.57 Central Auto Electric Co.. supplies 5J.76 Standard Bearings Co.. supplies 37.71 Barton Warner Co., supplies 28.91 Kelley-How-Thomson Co., supplies 38.89 Cords Piston Ring Co., supplies 9.52 Wilson Road Machine Co., supplies 91.99 American Hoist & Derrick Co., supplies 618.55 Sargent Machine Co., supplies 83.59 The Balhnch Co.. supplies .. 6.S4 Sleg Fort Dodge Co., supplies 13.93 Ft. Dodge Auto Wrecking Co.. supplies 36.52 Iowa Machine & Supply Co., supplies 23.20 J. D. Adams Co., supplies .... 25.50 W. H. Rlcklefs. labor 3.00 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 4— Carl I. Anderson, labor .... 4.90 E. O. Stlnstrom. labor 22.00 Dr. No. 7— Dick Baade. lahor 5.20 Edwin A. Krekow, supplies 6.20 Dr. No. «8— Virgil Lamb, labor 3.30 Dr. No. 69— Katharine McEvoy. court costs 20.60 Dr. No. 83— Hubert F. Schoby. labor .. 2.00 Shell Petroleum, supplies.. 6.27 Dr. No. 91— Dick Baade, labor 240 Harry Thllges. labor .... E. .T. 'Palmer, labor 6.On Dr. No. 127— Hubert O'Brien, labor 8.10 Dr. No. 133— Leo Delperdang. labor . . . 10.80 A. C. Anderson, labor 8.10 Jake Keller, labor 9.45 Dr. No. 134— E .1. Palmer, labor 6-00 Dr. No. 16fi— , E. G. Stlnstrom. labor .... 1.20 Oeii."(i. Eden, labor fi.16 H.-K. No. 2— Haggard & Waller, notice l.ij F. S Norton * Son. supplies .SB Shell Petroleum, supplier.. 2. < 1 H. L. Zinr.el. labor •>."" Simon P. Stnresiiiid. labor . . 7.32 POOR FUND Dlstrict No. 1 — Dr. Janse. med Dr. Jensen, med ".n. Dr. Corbln. med 41.73 Dr. Cretzmeyer. mod 50.ill. Dr. Kason. med '0- mi K. D. James, med 2-04 Wnldrons Grocery, prov. . . H.fln linkers Dairy, prov 3.10 I'aul Ernst, prov 4.on Huff Restaurant, prov II. W. Cleelan. prov 2I>.0<> H. R. Jtumach. prov 3i. 0« Klnsi-tr & Son. prov 1B.O" Joe Muto Oroc.. prov Wltmers Groc., prov sn.nn Albert Schneider, prov l.».1<i c. S. Johnsor, prov 4R.OO Cut Rate Groc.. prov 42-.00 Moe & SJogren. prov 18.00 Hoods I. O. A., prov in.on McOuIre Brothers, supplies.. 26.91 Whlttemore Elevator Co., fuel Farmers Elevator, fuel :i.35 Kun* drain Co.. fuel 14.28 Fullerton Lumber Co.. fuel .. 7.14 Stanford * Llndebak. fuel .... *.0> Botsford Lumber Co.. fuel . . 7.14 Mrs. Joe Llchty. rent 10.00 Martin Rise-held, rent 10.00 Hugh Raney. rent Hugh Raiipy. rent II. F. HurtlH, rent ti.OO c. H. Llchty. rent C.!> ' District No. 2— Dr. -Inline, med i.' 11 ' Dr. <'ret7.lne\'er. mod'l Cut Kate Oroc.. prov I:'."" Hoods I I. A., prov 45.50 Butsford I.umber Co.. fuel . . ::."..;" Mr. Keneflck. med Dr. Cret/meyer. med. ..Not allmv.-d Marv Taybir, care -IS "" K'.HKlltli Hi.xpllHl. hoxp. care II'IOH In XVnllace. mid 10 on Dr. M. ll. Hoilrre. med !». nil Mrs llebecca Lowman, rent 10.on XX'in. F Hehiike. rent '.'" on Dr. Andrewi*. med. 1.". ",•! General Hospital, hosp. care :i2.i'>> Dr. Huiirne, med 1S.ini lir. .lanse. med 7">.iH. Dr. Keneflck. med 56.50 Dr. Evan*, med 1 l.;i'l KoHmith Hospital, hosp. care 24.50 Dr. Clapcaddle, med 4.0.1 Dr. Wallace, med Dr. J W. Woodlirldge. med. . . M.tio Dr. Haker. dental 11.C" Mrs. H. I.. Turner, med IS.OH Horchardt Drug Co.. med l.HJ Mrs. Ella Brlggs. care 42.90 KoHgulh Hospital, hnnp. care 2.00 Palo Alto Hospital AHHII., I oup. care 57.00 SoreiiHen Cirocery. prov i. D' V W. T. I'llcher. prov 992 II. A. Chirk, prov S 611 Mi.e & SJ.iBren. prov l.'i.oo F. S. Norton & Soil, fuel . . 1071 Farmers KxclmiiRe. fuel .... 714 Standard Oil Co. fuel 72 \\'. E. Nuudaln. fuel I "'i Mrs. Win. Myers, care !".«<! Christian Home OrphuiuiKe. eaie 2ll.0ii Alt x Miller, lent 1" "" Mri*. Di-Hichs. rent *.<'0 Mrs .1. E. Moulds, rent >> «" \. il. <'iillinsuii. rent IIMI" I!. F. I Kin.ivan. rent 10.Oj Ilarol.l Schmidt, revl in.mi XV C. M'.-Cullnugll. amh. serv. 4."!' DlBlrlct No. o~ In- Wallace, med O:(.IHI lir. lilchardsun. inert J- - r 'ii I'aliies HI.ire. prov In.00 Cut Itau- Groe.. prov 7.f,u ivraus tJruc.. prov I'.fiti Kleinpeti-rs Store, pmv iij.yti Hiinaekel Fond Market, prov. 'i.r.e Fashendurii. prov 'J. 1 ' 1 ' Mrs. Matt Erdinan. prov I . r >*> Farmeib Elevator, fuel .'I.. r i7 Ilenrv C. Nelsnn. relil I;{.IHI Leo llanlg. rent 1000 Distriel No. 4— KusbiUli Hospital, liosp. caiv. T^.ou Mrs G F. Wohnke. hu»p. lure 4».0» W. A. Murray, fuel 20.15 W. A. Murray, fuel _'o.4.; Dr. ClapHuddle, med 16.Oil Dr. Bahnson. med jfs.45 Appleijulvt Grocery, prov. .. S.OO Kennedys Store, prov 10.Ou McMullen'n Store, prov 4«.uii Hooils Slore. pruv 25.5il Sinllh Dept. Store, prov 28.50 Merrill Bros, prov 2J. 00 Freeniai-.'B Groc.. prov 4.00 O. P McDonald, fuel 16.12 XV. A Murray, fuel 14.U' Augusta Beitz. care 15.5" .1 II. Sheridan, rent D Oil C H. Schiader. rent y.On J B. McCuherun. rent lu 0» District No. 5— Dr. Sti.ley. med -- - r » l) Dr. Minkel. med It.5'1 Mrs. Win I'kenu. pruv 4 :'l E. I. Han.-cil. pruv •• 5" A. C. Lin.1.-. pn.v li'.r.. 1 J p Sehissel & Sun. fuel . <:) (IS In- Euan, med K." 111 Park Hu-pilal & Clinic. I ..sp. jsslst. beneflls 9.03 >\. i>.ivei:porl. Inbor .... IVM.I ine'r 1' storage ....'.'..'. 6.0U .e *.- f>J-'gieii. prov s.-i:: S. .luiinsun, supplies .... -.''I N. Nm-ton & Son. fuel 4i.'il Ini lu lining, liuior ;.".MII x auto Mioit, labor 9.yn ....isiord Lumber Co.. supplies 37.10 l rnnk U Miller, 11*1 l serv. Thus. Akre. prov no 1:1 .Selsim & Le-nslng, prov G.M2 II. A. Clnrk, prov 6.45 Cut Rnte Groc.. prov 10.56 .\ llfrt-d Runge. shoe- repair . . 1.30 Dr. Wallace, med 1.00 Dr. Bourne, med 100 A. H. Borchardt, med 2.55 C. H. Klamp. subscrlp 6 00 r'red Park, exp 2.25 Robert Runchey, labor §.02 Dr. Fox * Wlrkel. vet. serv. 35.70 Frank D. Fisher, truck 500.00 Leo J. Wegman, Treas. of State, tax returns 12.7s Kohlhnas & Spllles. supplies 5.3.1 Ko.«siith Motor Co.. supplies .86 Wm. C. Dnu Garago. supplies 4.50 DeKalb Hi-Bred Seed Corn Co.. supplies 40.00 Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Corn Co.. supplies 38.50 Algona Rendering Co., supplies 13.50 Higley Chemical Co., supplies 41.25 Vestnl Chemical Co., supplies 3.65 A. H. Borchardt, supplies .... 1.97 K. D. James, supplies 6 36 RESOLVED: That the County auditor Is hereby authorized to issue warrants for all bills allowed at this meeting as per 'Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written. On motion Board adjourned until 9:00 o'clock A. M., April 4. 193S. E. S. KINSEY, County Auditor. Auditor's Office, April 4. 1938 9:00 o'clock A. M. Board of Supervisors met at regular session will the following members present, McDonald, Morris. Fraser. Cosgrove and Hetken. Motion by Helken and second by Morris that the minutes of last regular session and all adjourned sessions be rend by secretary. Ayes: Motion by Helken nnd second by Morris that the in I mi tn* of last regular session nml all adjourned sessions be approved as read Avos: all. On motion Board proceeded to audit nnd allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written. COUNTY FUND Matt Pnrortt & Sons Co., supplies | 01.S3 Whlltemore Champion. print- Ing 33.05 George Hlggins. bty 25 P. A. Danson. .1. p. fees 300 Cn.'py Loss, slier, fees .... 15.75 Knch Brothers, supplies . . 10.92 Fldlar & Chambers Co., supplies 2.90 Alwln Huenhnld, mtg s.OO Frank Kohlhaas. mtg s no H. M. Harris, mtg son W. E. Hawcott. mtg '. . S.OO W. A. White, mtg son .1. F. Overmypr. mtg. s.oo MAINTENANCE FUND Elmer K. Johnson, labor .1 nr. Frank Dlprs. lahor '. 1350 Bppil Hardware, supplies .. 21.7fi Georirp Hpltzhaupr, supplies a.fiii c, any visible any dint 'lirt ibv If it contains or be oont.iiniil in which Is nut .-ieim. (ci. If It be obtained from any animal ImvliiK d.scase. siok!i..-?. ul.-. r. nhscess or rnnninK .core, or \vhl'-h hn* been oMalivd from n cu\v within fif- leen I!."') r1a.\s b.-fore, or five (.M da\s after colvinp (d). If It be obtained fiom a cow stabler! in nn nnnonlthf\i1 plnof or frM upon any substance In n state of putrefaction, or of nn unhealthful nature. ie). In cnsr of milk. If It contains less than .1 per cent of milk fnt, or less than 1D,4 per cent of milk solids nnd in case of cronm. If It contains less than 16 per cent of milk fat. (f) If procured from a milk producer or milk distributor whoso prpmlws and equipment have not been Inspected by the health officer or any properly designated member of the City Council. SECTION 3. PERMITS. It shall be unlawful for any person to produce, bring Into or receive Into thp City of Algonn, or Its police Jurisdiction, for sale, or to sell, or offer for sale therein, or to hnve on hand, any milk product defined In this Ordinance, who does not secure a permit from the City Council of the City of Algona. Such permit number shall appear In a conspicuous place on the dairy barn, milk truck, milk plnnt, milk wagon or store. Such permit may be revoked by the City Council for violation by the holder of any of the terms of this Ordinance nnd/or In any emergency when In the Judgment of the City Council the milk supply hag become a public mennce, provided that the holder of thp said permit shall, after complying with such revocation, have the right to appeal to the City Council of the City of Algona for reinstatement. All permits shall expire as of July 1st of ench year. SECTION 4. INSPECTION. The city shall appoint a suitable persons or persons, who phsll have chante "f the Inspection and supervision of the production, snle, nnd distribution of milk under rules and regulations prescribed or adopted by the City Council nnd State nuthorltles nnd shnll perform fuch other similar duties us may be assigned to them. Any properly designated member of the City Council may Investigate nnd take samples of mPk and cream to determine the quality nnd wholesomeness of the snme nnd th«?y may make or cause to be made, an fxamlnntlon .if the- snme to determine whether or not said milk or cream compiles with the provisions of this Ordinance. Tne city health officer or any properly destn- nnted member of the City Council shall Inspect, or .-ause to be Inxpret- ed, ns often RR deemed necessary, all producing nnd distributing nuencles supplying milk or crea-n to the In- i (a). Milk Truck." jor wnjions jitrkinp I limns for ih-llt pasti urizntioti plants MKOIIR shall bp kept in transportlnx milk • Nn snbsiam-e capable of rontnmlnat- IIIK milk or milk products shul) b<- transported with milk or milk products In surh n manner ns to peimit contamination. Milk cans shall be covered nt all times with a clean canvas In mich n mnnnpr nK to pxclmlfl heat, dust and dirt, and fhall always be prot'-ctpil from the weather. Truck drivers shall kppp thp outside of said ans clpan nnd In n sanitary condition. ib>. Schpdnlp: All milk shipped by truck or waRons from dairy farms All milk trucks shall lie disposed of In conformity milk from dairy with the irqulrpments of thfl city 1,1 bottllnn or health offlcfr. In the City of) ill. ci.»nnlnB .in<l rlWnfcctlnK of •k-aii whilr i «--*Mi containers an-l apparatuR: All milk milk products, container* mid milk apparatus shall bp tnnronanly clpnned aftf-r each us- api- flii'l disinfected In a manner ap- prov-d civ the r-lty health officer before i-in h nsaRp. (m\. StoraRp of contnliiPrs: Aft<-r dlsiiifpf-tlnn, nil bottlPs, cans, and other rontnlnrrs shall bP stored In such manner as to bp pvotectPd frmm contamination. in i. Handling of containers and apparatus: IlPtwprn dlslnfp-tlon anrl usapp, all contalnf-ro and apparatus shall be handled In such mannpr as to prevent any pni't of th" p»rson or for delivery to hottllnft or pnstenrlin- jclnthliiK from comiiiR In contact with tlon plnnt* In the City of Algonn, shall be collected nt the farms nnd delivered to pasteurization plants on a reRtilnr time schedule, snld schedule to be fixed by the City Council: (c>. Transferring or dipping milk: No milk producer or distributor nhnlt transfer milk or milk products from one container to another upon the street or In nny vehicle or store, or In nny place exceptlnK n bottling or milk room especially used for that purpose, except n« mny be specially permitted by the City Council In the cnse of milk being delivered In bulk. The snle of dip milk Is hereby expressly prohibited. (d). Bottles: All milk Intended for delivery to consumers shall be bottled pxcept In the CHPP of consumers tnklnp two gallons or more nt one delivery, and phnll be delivered In the original bottle. No dirty, unwnnhed bottles shnll he returned to n delivery man or store, nor shnll milk bot- tcs be used for any purpose than for milk nnd nillk products. SECTION 9. RAW M1I.K FROM TESTED HR-RD. No rnw milk shnll be sold. exchnnRpd or cxpospd for •nip nr delivery or brounht to nnoth- er for domestic or potnble use except that produced from n >ienlthy cow or herd of cows ns determined by a physical examination, nnd produced from n cow or herd of cows which havp been placed nnd maintained under State or Federal supervision for the erndicntlon of tuberculosis, nnd contagious nbortlon or abortion disease, provided that n cow or herd of cows from which milk or milk products In now sold shnll bp considered under such supervision when there Is on file In thp office of the lowi Cotn- ml«*lon of Anlmnl Health an application for such supervision, or which have been tested nnd found free of tuberculosis nnd contagious abortion dlsenFe by nn "accredited" practicing vpterlnnrinn. A cow or herd of cows other than those plnced under State or FedernI supervision shall bp tented for tubereuloslu nnd tested by the agglutination test for contagions ab s-up- telV. 1..V! 2.KO 2.7fi !l7.dn 7r..'m .56 2.01 Town Public Sorvli piles Tltonkn Telephone C ferv Town Union Telepl oi:p .^rv tele, serv '.' Globp Machlnp & Supply Co' supplies ... POOR Fl'ND Mrs. Mnrv Taylor, cure .... Slmsprs Oroc.. prov. Mutual Fire ft Tornmlo A.xsn". premium Georep Holt/.bnupr. supplies RESOLVED: That the County Auditor is authorized to IHRIIP warrants for all bills nllnwed nt this meeting ns per "Schedulp of Claims" lipre- Inbefore written. There bplng no further business nt this tlmp thp Honnl mllnur-icd until 2:00 nVlnck P. M.. April Illb E. S KINSKV. Crilmfv Auditor Auditor's orfli-c April 6th 19f!R 4:40 P M. Ponrd of Supervisors mot pursuant to adjournment with nil members present. Motion bv Fraser nnd wecnnd l.v T'plkpn that H. M. Smith. Conn!v Bniclneer. be called uprm (n ruik" renorts on Secondary Gravel Itoiid Dl«trlct«. Ayes: all. •On motion Board ndjoitrred i-nlil April 2(1. 19.18. E. S KTNSKV. fount v Amlliu". il. M. In,-r. pn.v I." mi Hl.'lnstfi '* linn . prov 1'fi tin .StelubeiK Grnc., prov 12 on HM! Tup Diilrv. pruv f..5l> \'ruutnan>. pruv 1" un Uowen i- Grupp. pruv sort xx'urbui iun>. nri.v 31.00 Gulden Sun Milling Co.. fuel . 7 14 C (! Gruv fuel 7.11 Farmers (Oh-vatur. fu.-l ]4 vn .1. P. Si-hl.-se) & Son, fuel . 714 .lens'-n A: Suns, fuel 4 S4 Mrs. Hen RuMitun. rent .... 10.00 Uenrv Kline, rent 10.00 Gtrrerul-— v .'] Dablha user, supplies .... 1" '"' Mrs H.rlha Dettnian. labor 7 5'l ••il,,-l .!,,...-*. 7 50 Sub Division of Aid to Blind. ''•-•(ha Jiettmaii. labor .... " f.i' F"'el .liineir. labor 7 50 "••' Hertha Detlman labor . 7.50 t-'i'.-l Junes, labor 7511 Ethe' Jones laiior « rtn 11.. u.. ,ibi, D.-ttman. labor .. 750 Rtb. l Jones, labor S."" i....n,,, iiettman labor K nn Hilma Oi-trum. labor 33.00 vli-ioii of Aid to Blind. ORDINANCE NO. 254 AN ORDINA.NCE DHFJ.VINKS MILK AND CERTAIN MILK PHODI'CTH, MILK PRODl/CEKS, PASTEURIS- ATION, ETC., PROHJblTNG THE SALE OF ADULTERATED MILK AND MILK PRODl'<TS. DHOV1D- INV; fffiH THE TKSTIN1J OF DAIRY CATTLE AND FOR THE 1NSPE<TK>N AND REGULATION OF THE PRODUCTION. HANDLING AND DISTRIBUTION OF MILK, OB BAM AND MILK PRODUCTS, AND TO BNtPORCE SANITARY REQUrRiEMBNTS THEIRE- FOR; PROVIDING A PENALTY FOR THK VIOLATION 1 THKRE- OF. AND DTn'EALLVG ORDINANCE NO. 192 OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA. B?3 IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: SECTION 1. DEFINITIONS. The following definitions shall apply to the Interpretation and enforcement of this Ordinance: (a.) Milk: Mlik Is the whole, fresh, clean, lacteal secretion obtained by the complete milking of one or mure healthy cows, properly fed and kept, which contains not less than 3 per cent of milk fat nor less than 11 Vi per cent of milk solids. (bj Cream: Cream Is the fresh portion of milk containiiiK at least It per cent of milk fat which rises to the surface of milk on standing, or is scparatell by centrifugal force. (c.) Skimmed milk: Hklmmed Milk Is milk from which the cream has been removed, or which is poor in fat, containing less than 3 per cent of milk fat or lets than JIU per cent if milk solids. (ill. Chocolate milk: Chocolote nillk !» milk to which has been added, in tanltary manner, a chocolate nynip or flavor coinjxjsed of wholesome ingredients. Milk from which inoculate milk Is made must conform to the standards herein fixed fur whole milk. (e). Butter milk. Butter milk Is the product which remains when butter fat Is removed from milk or cream, sweet or sour, in the proivsB of churning; it contains not lets than "U per cent of milk solids, not fat: ultiire butter milk Is the product re- ultlng from the souring or treatment by a lactic acid culture of milk or milk products. (f). Milk products shall be taken to mean and Include milk, cream. skimmed milk, chocolate jnilk, butter milk and culture butter milk. (g>. Pasteurization: The term "pasteurization," "pasteurized" and similar terms shall be taken to refer to the process of heatlnK every particle of milk or milk products to a temper- habitants of .the City of Algonn. or to any pernon bottling ml": or mam for sale or distribution to the Inhabitants of the City of AlRona; nnd the plnces where milk or cream Is stored or offered for srile. A complete record of conditions found, with the results of the ana'yslR, shall be kept In the office uf the City Clerk .ind open to public lop^r-otlnn nt nil times. 8E<TION .5 DAIRY FARM EQUIPMENT AND SANITATION. A. DAIRY BARN: Such sections nf nil dalrv bnrns. wherp cows nre kept or milked, shall conform to the following requirements: 1. Adequate llRhtlnit, ventilation ftnd window space, as determined by •he city Counci'. 2. The floors nnd gutters plmll he constructed of concrete or other Impervious and P8J>lly cleaned material unproved by the City Council nnd shnll he graded to drain properly nnd shnli be kept cl.'nn nnil in pood repair. No pigs, fowls, etc., shnll h.> lermltted In parts of the barn uprd for dairy purposes. s. The wnlls n.rJ c»lllni?s of nil lalry bnrns phn'.l be whitewashed nt east once each year, or painted nt east once every twa years, or fin- 'shed In n mait'vr approved by tbe City Council, and shall bo kept clean nnd In Rood repair. In case there Is a second story above part of the bnrn In which cows nre milked, the cell- Ing shall be tight. 4. All cow yards shall bi> properly graded and drained and kept clean. ~ Manure shall not be allowed to accumulate wltbtn fifty (50) feet of barn and shall -be removed and stored or disposed of Ir such manner as best to prevent ihe bre<-1InK of flies. B. MILK HOU-5E OR ROOM: 1. Construction: There Fhall he provided n separate milk house or milk roi/m for the handling nrd stor- nce of milk and the w-.islilnrf and disinfect I ne of milk apparatus and utensils, provided with a Hunt floor constructed of concrete or other impervious material i»;;I Bi-a-Ie-I t'i provide dralnnce. The wills an I ceding" '•' the milk ho'if • 01 room "ii»:i be SIM h nstrnctlon as to permit easy clean- InK, and shall be painted at least once each year, or finished In a manner approved by the rlly Council. The milk house or room shall be well lighted nnd ventilated and all op»n- InKS effectively screened to prevent the entrance of files, anil shall be used for no other purpose than the handling and storage of milk or milk products and other operations incident thereto. The cleanliiK and oih- er operations shall be BO located and conducted n» to prevent any contamination to the milk or to disinfected equipment. The milk room shall not open directly Into a stable or Into any room used for domestic purposes. Those producers furnlshinK milk to pasteurizing plants In the City "f Algona nt the- time of Ihe pasisnife of this ordinance who do riot have a separate milk houf-e as herein rco.utr- ed. shall have twelve (1:1) months in which to construct such a milk house. L'. Cleanliness and files: The floors, walls, cellliiKB. and cipilpinent of the milk hoiiM- or room shall he kept clean at all times. All means necessary fur the elimination of files i-hall he used. :!. Water supply: The water supply shall be easily accessibli', adequate, and uf a t-afe. sanitary quality. 4. Utensllu: All contalncrx or ul'ii- lis used In the handling, BIOI-HKC and transtHirtatlon of milk, or milk proil- UCIH. must i-unform tu the following -Huh einents and he given the "an? hereinafter jirovided: la). ConHt ruction: They must In- made of iioiuitisorbent nialerlal and f such i-untilructiun as Io be easily cl.iini-d. and must he. at all tinnis in good repair. JolntH and t-eams, shall be Huld<-r.-d flush. All milk pails shall be of a narrow mouth design upprov- d hy the I'lty Council. (In. Care: (D. cieanlnK: They must he thor- ughly cleaned after each usage and kept free at ail times fri»in riu-t. (2). Disinfecting: They shall, between each usage, be disinfected by steam, hot water, or chlorine, or in a manner approved by the Clly Council. (3). SloraKt: They shall he so stored as nol to become contaminated before again being used. (4). Handling: After disinfection, no container or utensil for milk or milk produt-ls, shall be handled In ortion or abortion disease, at least once a year, nnd where iny reactor ature of approximately 14;, degrees P.. and never lets than 142 degrees and held ot this temperature for at least 30 minutes In pasteurizing apparatus approved by the health officer and provided that such apparatus shall be operated as directed by the City Council. (h). Milk producer: A Milk producer is any pen-on who owns or controls one or more cows, a part or all of the milk products from which is sold and delivered to any person. il). Milk dlstiibutor: A milk distributor Is any person who has in possession, off eis for sale, sells or delivers milk or milk products to consumers. (J). Disinfectant. A disinfectant shall be taken to mean any nermlci- dal substance approved by the I'ity Council of the City of Algona, Iowa. (kl. Person: The word "person" as used in this ordinance shall mean "person," "firm," "corporation," "partnership," or "association." (1). Whipping cream ur whip cream: Whipping cream or whip cream that contains not less than 30 per cent of milk fut SECTION 2. ADULTERATION PROHIBITED. No person shall distribute or atliinipt to distribute within the corporate llmitB of the city uf AlEona, Iowa, any milk. skimmed milk, butter rollk or milk products, or cream which In adulterated. For the purpose of tills ordinance. milk, cream, am] skimmed milk shall be deemed adulterated In any of the following Instances: (a). If any water or other substance has teen added. Is found. It must be permnmenlly removed, unless admittance again to the herd Is recommended by the Iowa Stnte Veterinarian. No cow ur oows shall be nllowed to nssoelnte with or be added to n cow or rwrd of cows which hnve been found to ho free of tuberculosis, nnd contagious abortion nnd nbortlon disease, ns .ibnvc provided, except such cow or cows ns hnve been found free of tubercu'.nsls, nnd free from contagious abortion nnd abortion disease by the ngglutl- natlon test, ns above provided. No producer or distributor of nny milk or milk products shnll be grnnted nny prellmlnnry or provlsionnry tlm«> for Tiill compllnnce with this section or nny portion of this Ordinance. Every operator of n dnlry fnrm shnll. with In twenty-four (24) hours notify thi City Council having Jurisdiction ovei his milk, of the presence of nny <!ls i-nse ninong his cows. SECTION 10. LABELING, (s). All milk or cream sold or ills trlbutcd In the City of Algonn shal be labeled ns "pasteurized" or "raw milk or crenm ns the case mny be and "hall bear the name nnd addres of the producer or rtlsUUrtitor, If ra\ milk or crenm. The delivery of mil or crenm and the collection of milk containers from quarantined residences shall be subject to the special requirements of the City Ooune.ll. fb). All vehicles In which milk or cream are delivered shall have pnlnt- ed or permanently affixed upon both sides thereof the name of the person, firm or corporation causing such delivery to be made. In letters not less thnn two (2) Inches In helfrht: nnd there shall be such oontrnot between the color of the letters and the background as shnll rentier the letters plainly legible. However, when the vehicle used for delivery of milk or cream Is the family iiiitomoblle used for purposes other thiin the delivery of milk then there shnll be displayed on ench side of sin h vehicle n sign with letters as prescribed herein nt all times while being used for delivering nillk. Nothing contained In thin section shall prevent the delivering of milk or rrenrn from nul more than two cows by the owner, by any method lie wishes to use. (c). No pcrmm. firm or corporHllon shall offer or expose for sale, sell or delher any milk or cream, under any other name than its true name, trade name or trademark name: and no ream shall he labeled "whipping cream" or "whip en-am" unless It contains at leant 30 per cent of milk fat. Id). The products enumerated be- ow shall be labeled on the side or top of the container or package In which placed, kept, offered or cxpnn- ed for sale or hold. Hiihjex-t Io Ihe following regulations: (t). Skimmed milk Mhllll be labeled with the words "skimmed milk." but If In bottleif It shall be properly marked If the words are printed on the cap of each bottle In letters not smaller than 1'J point i.uthlc caps. SECTION' II MILK PLANT- BUl'IPMENT AND SANITATION. (ill. Fluors: The floois .,1 all looms, in which milk IH handled shall !>c nslrllft'-d ol eolirl'tr ur other *-i|i:ailv iinp.-rvluilH alu) t;isilv ''Ifiine.l nmttTiiil iind *-ha)l hi smouih. prop.-r- v di,'lined and provid, d with trappid liains, and ki-pt clean, i hi. Walls and celllngH: XX'alls and illin^s of rooms in which milk i» hamil.u ->r Mor.'ii slmli iinvv a sinuulh. wa.siribli-, Ifuht euluit-d HII- far.- and hi- ki-pt cli-an. (el. Doors and windows: All op. n- hMH Into the mill r air shall In- • ff< <•lively ben-.-n.-d to pn-v.nt Ihe acn-ss r ni.s HUMS .-h.iii i,,- Hfir-ciuHinK. such a manner as to permit any part of the person or clothing to come In contact with any surface with which milk, or milk products may conn- in contact. SBCTION t; MILKING (a). clt-an COWH: The ndd.-ra. flanks, bellies and tails or all milking cow.s shall b.- clean and free from visible dirt at th.- time uf milking fin. Milkers: The milk.-rb' hands bhall be cl. an, linard with ii dlsin- fectant and dried with a clean low.-l immediately before milking. Should the milking op.iatluns b<- interrupted. the nillke-r.-' hands must he n-dUln- fei-ted. Wi-t hand milking l.- prohibited. Convenient facilities shall be provided for the washing uf milker** 1 hand*. Mllk.-rs, and milk hand!.-is. shall wear ch.-in out. r garments wliil.- worklng, and ini!k Muuls shall be k.-pt clean. SHI TH IN 7. CARE OF MILK. la I. Runijval of milk: Milk .-hall hi- removed linmi-dlutely aft.-r milking to u cl.-an j'lux-e aiul trtvuin-il through a m-w euttun ur uther i:l.-an. efficient Ktralner. Milk shall be cool- id Ltnnie.liat.-lv afd-r milking tu u ti-mperatun- of liO degrei b K. ur 1.-.--8 a nd inainluini'l at that t. nij",| a t tu t- until di-llVt-reil. i.-xci-l-'tlng dining tin pruivi-ri uf pafcteurUallon. i bi. Bottling and Capping: Milk shall be buttl.d from a container with a rradlly cU-anal'!*- valve ur by mi-ans of a bottling mai-him- approved by Iht City Cuuncil. Hottli-a mu.--! hi- capped by a max-hlne whicli *-hall lie ck-aned anil disinft-i-tt.-d l.efuru l-acii Ufcuue, Cupb tliill W purch u>i-d In sanitary i-ontainers and kept therein until ut-i.-d. SECTION k. DliMV'KRY OK MILK, (ill Lighting iind ventilati All ven- lightid and mi) contamination HIM milk-plant op- l.ji-ated and fuii- any (.•ontainlnii- tu the dlslnfect- rus shall In tllated. (el Protection fr ami files: The varl< '•rations shall be so ductt-d to prevint tlon to the milk or eil .-tuiiiniii-ut. AH for ihe elimination of flies shall be UHeil. This reijuircinent shall be Interpreted tu Jnolude a separate room for receiving and weighing from the paMcuiizing, cooling and hollllng op- erailons <'aiiB of raw milk shall not be unloaded directly Into the pa>>- t'-urUing room. I'usti-urlzeil milk shall not be permltled to come in conlaet with eiiuipm. ni wilh which unpuMeurizi-d milk has been in eun- lui-l aubae<|ii<nl to disinfection. Rooms in which milk or l-r.-ain. or dibinfi-t-ttd uleiiHils, or conlaint-r.s are handled or Muted shall nut open cll- nctly Iniu any siabu- or living 'ii:ar- or into any building in whl'-b gasolin.- or any of it^ ilrivativ-d ib sold or ston-d. fl. Toil.-t facllltii-.s: Every nnlk plant shall be pn.vld. d with toil, t fai'ilil l.-s ''unforming with thi <ndi- n-jni-is if the I'ity of .V.gon.i. Tin r. shal] b,- at least on-- iu,,jn. ,,r '.i-.-ll- bule. not lined fur milk pm,-,..-.:. b.- twn-ii tin toil., l room an I any in which milk. «;• milk piu;l^<i-. .u. handled ur tiorcil. The doom ..f all toil, t rooliib shall be .-. lf-c!u»ing. Tul- lit rooina shall bi- ke(il in a i-ltan condillun. in good r. pair, and well ventilati-d. In tax. (-rivi.a ur -arth clotiit.- are linnill.-d anj II.-M it. It), v ehall hi- s.-parati-d fi«m th>- binl.lini; and shall lie cniibirufir-d. locuted and operiiti-ij In conrurmity with the ()i- nny surface with which milk or milk products mny come In contact. to.) storage of caps: Milk l>ottlp cups Mmll he pin. h«wd nnd store.! inly In sanitary tithes and shall bi ;ept therein until used. p). Pasteurisation: Pssteuriintion ihflll be performed ns described in the definition section of this Ordl- liince. All pnst'-urlzlng apparatus • hnll be rqulpjMl with a standard type automatic tlmp and temperature recording device whloh shall be nttnch- ed, adjilsted, nnd used in n manner prescribed by the City Council. The time nnd temperature record charts shnll be dftted and preserved for a period of one year for the Infov-rna- tlon of the City Council. No milk hall be pasteurized more than once. No milk or crenm or milk products produced by cow or herd of cows which hnve reacted to the tuberculin test nnd to the agglutination for contagious nbortlon or abortion dl^ense shall be wild for human consumption, whether rnw or pasteurized. (H). Cooling: All milk or cren.m shsll be cooled Immediately after milking to n tempeintnre of fiO degrees F., or less; nil pasteurlted milk or crenm shnll be Immediately cooled a tempernturc of ."iO degree* F., or SB. and maintained thereat until de- very. (r). Bottling: No milk shnll be bot- e^l nt nny other plnce than In the illk house or nillk plant, (s). Overflow milk: Overflow milk hlch has become contaminated shall ot be sold for human consumption, (t) Capping: Capping shall be done y machinery approved by the. City ouncll. (u). Cleansing exterior of containrs: In addition to nil the other re- ulrements of this Ordinance, the ex- erlor of all container* of milk or ream shall be thoroughly cleansed fter Arriving at the milk plant and efore the contents are dumped or mptleil. SECTION 12. HOTELS — RES- AlltRANTS - LUNCH ROOMS. No nllk shall be sold or supplied as a eversKe by the owner of. operator f, or any person employed In, any hotel, restaurant, lunch room, soda ountaln. or public place, making a business of supplying milk for such purpose, other than milk which hn» ieen bottled at nn nuthorlied dnlry r pasteurizing plnnt and which has been kept In such bottle* with cap iitnct. when delivered to thp pntron, excepting those using serving devices approved by the City Council. Where milk Is served from n serving devlc*. i certificate must l>" expose*! In a imminent place showing approval of he health officer. This requirement shnll not apply to mlxcrl drinks. All milk and cream sold at retail from dairy, milk plants, milk depot, creamery, grocery store, \vn«on or other place or conveyance, shall be sold In bottles only. SECTION 1,1. PU1UTY OF MILK AND CREAM. No other milk, cream nr milk prodiK-4s excepting tho*e produced frrim n cow or herd of cows, as provided for In Section Nine (8). shnll be sold, exchanged or exposed for sale, or delivered or brought to another for, dnmeitlc or potable use. except It snail flrrt have been efficiently pasteurized. No raw milk or pasteurlxed milk shnll be sold or offered for sale to onsumers which contains more thsn an averagp for one month of 75,000 bacteria |x?r c c from April 16th to October 1ftth, or more than an average for one month of 50,000 bacteria per c c from October 15th to 'April 15th. No rnw cream or pa*teuruM6 cream shall be sold or offered for sale to consumers which contains more than nn average for one month of 350,000 bni'terln PIT c c from April 19th to October 15th, or more than an av- rnge for one month of 100,000 bacteria p. r c c from tx-tnlK-r Itith to April Uncterlal counts of milk received »t niHli'urizatloii plnnts of over I.OOO.OW per c c are undesirable and repetitions of high bacterial counts will tin sufficient cause for the exclusion of such milk from the ''Ity of Algona, SECTION 14. PERSONNEL: (a). Heiilth Certificates: Every per- or. cunnc'-tcd with th" distributing of raw milk, or In tin- employment (>f a pa.steinl7.fng phml. whom- work brings him in contact with the pru- dncilon, handling, storage or lran u - mirtatlnn of nillk. or nillk products, exccpilng thoiwi (M-rsons who handlo milk in Healed con* liners ttnJ cap* ily. shall furnish a i'.-rliflcafc of Health at the time of employment, and annually thereafter. showing Freedom from i-oinnmnlcable dlseas'-s, satisfactory to the cky ht:iilth i)ffie-'i. (b) Not'lflcatlon of diKeas.-. Not ee shall be sent Io the health rlilctr Immediately by ,iny unit producer or distributor upon whop..- dairy farm, or in whose milk plant any cane ff sickness or any Infection!*, contagious- or communicable dltteaae occurs. (c). Cleaiillni HH: All persons coin- Ing In vonlacl with milk or milk products, containers, or equipment, hull wear el.-an outer garment* and shall k.-ep their hands clean ut all tlmi'H while thus engaged, SECTION i.i. PENALTY: Any person violating : n> of the provisions of tin.' ordinance uliali be deemed guilty f a niisd.-iiiranor for each wffeiiBe. and shal). iipun conviction, be fined t 1> SB than t.n dollars (tlOuOl, nor iii- than on.- bundled dollars i|!««HH'l. ur bv linpriMinnu-iit In the IMV nut lu CM-HI! thirty (.Hi da vs. SECTION id. PNC«>N.STITI;TION- Al.ITY d.AI'tiE: Should any bi-c- tioii, paiagraph. H.-III. ni'e, clautie, or I'iiras.- <.f this ordinance be. declared iini-unstltiitiunal, "r Invalid for any r--»Mjn. Ihe remainder of said ordinance bhall nul In- affcft.-d thereby. SECTION 17 KKi'K.AL AND DATE OF EFFECT: ordinance No. 19^ of tin- I'lti of Algona. luHa, and all other ordinances or parts of ordinances In conflict with this ordl- naip e, are hereby repeal* d. and this uiclinunce gball be in full force and ffi-ct Immediately upon its adoption and publication as provided by law. ADOPTED AND PASSED, by thfa city Council of the City of Algona. luwa, this 31st day of March. 1*W. ADAH CARI^O.N". City Clerk of the City of Algona. Iowa APPROVED, by me this 31bl day of March. 183*. C F. SPIOi'HT Ma • • "f HIH I'll'- .if Aliruna. Iowa. ATTEST: ADAH CAPUSO.V. Cil V Clerk. (llnanci s of <«>. \Vut.-r >'i| pi>' ^hall be i-a Muate. and of a Ity. i hi. \X'a*hing facilllies shall I I'mt runtiiiig Wat luwila of a type health offic.-r. Thi tuW.-l ia prohibit.-d ii>. Milk l-iplng milk pIplliK" "f a • •> i-JaiuU with city .f Alg 'I'll.- wal< u anitary faciliti. s: proviJ-d. inelndiiiK .-a nitit ry thi- city common military can In ll li>- uf (.h. Cunstructi i-i|U'.p!iimt with whk- contact .-hall be con.-t: manner as tu be t-aaiiy (k). Disposal uf wast . i|>jipr milk uct,.l in Notice of Probate of Will STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss. In District Court, No. 4375, March Term, 1938. To All Whom It May Conoe-rn: You Arc Hereby Notified. That HII instrument of xvriting purporting to be the last Will and Test- uincut of M. J. Jones. De-ceased, duted April 21. 1933, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday the 2")th day of April, l'.*38. is fixed fur hearing proof of suinv at the- Cuui-t House in Algeria, luwa. be-fore the District Court of said county, or the Clerk of aaid Court: and ut nine o'clock u. m., of the day above mentioned all pe-r- sons interested are he-reby notified and required to appear, and .show cause, if any they h'tve, why said instrument should n->t be' probated! and allowed as and for the lust Will and Te-atanu-iit of said deceased. Dated at Algona. Iowa, March 25, IMS. KATHARINE Me EVOY, Clerk of District Couit. ALMA PEARSON. Deputy. Sullivan, McMuhon & LJiman, at- turneys. 13-14-15

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