The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1938
Page 4
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The Algona Upper Peg Koines, Algona, Iowa, April 12,1938 CAGERS BANQUET AT LONE ROCK 38 at Friday Festivities; Coaches, Players Give Short Talks Lone Rock: The girls' and boy*' basketball teams were entertained at a banquet Friday evening by the mothers. Thlrty-tix attewJei. The following program was given: •Strategy." Mr. Furnau: "Copera- Uon." Marjorie Jensen: "Training", John Sprank: song»: "Why I Play Ba*ketoaH". Jewe Blanchard. Jr.: "Accuracy and Sp*e4." Marjorie Pettit: "Playing Hard But dean". Dorothy Jensen: "Coaching", Strpt V. V. Frye: school song. Monopoly •K-ax played. Merton Larson. Jesse Blanchard. Mr. Furrmu and Eugene Angus winning prizes. AtnfHarr Meeting The American Legion Auxiliary met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Jim Ackerman. Carpet rags wer» ffn\ to the Veterans' hospital at KnoxviHe. They will *pon*or a poppy potter conte*t in the fifth and Mxth grades of the local school. Three ca«h prize* will be given. The next meeting will be with Mr«. I. W. Nelson. The Observation League *pon- fored an oM time dance last Tuesday evening. Z, ST. JOE, CALVIN BODE ALGONA, TO WED APRIL 20 : pc»9poo3X«*x««!00oc^^ § a f The Harley ghetlitos. Ames, spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday it the N. I*. Cottons. Mrs. John Dempsey spent Thurs- dajr afternoon with Mr. and Mr*. Chris Godfredson. Rlngrted. J. M. Blanchard and son. Harlan. attended a lumbermen's meeting and banquet at Algona Wednesday evening. Otto Jensen. Albert Hutchinscn and J. M. Blanchard are driving new Chevrolets. Leona Schulz is driving a new Ford V-8. Mrs. Sylvia Wiebush, who ha* * pent the past few weeks with her' Pre Nuptial Shower Held Sunday; Bride Oets Many Gifts St. Joe : A pre-nuptial shower was given Sunday afternoon in St. Joseph'? hall for Regina Lenerti The afternoon was spent at cards and socially. In bridge. Mrs. Ted Wagner was awarded high prize and Mrs. Nick received the high 5W Eischen priZie mother. Mrs. Lillian Worthington.i 8Vrarded the door pri « left Monday for DCS Moines where fhe has employment- j ac fc Cunningham was bride-to-be receix-ed many pretty and useful gifts. A delicious Your Money's Worth Depression. Rectsfion c-r what ever is around •h<° corner. Neville's Store has gone on with the largest sales for January. February and March. th*t we ever had. FCT the three months we had a SO't increase in sales over the same months last year. A mixture of inspiration, perspiration and lucky buying has kept the ball rolling. Trade has been very pleasant, no grumbling. Customers all pleased with the many bargains we are showing. Help is happy and working together for the good of the store. A laugh and a joke is much better than a long face. Lots of fun around 3 store if you are on the sunny side of life. Saturday. I wag fitting a bie. fat man with a pair of shoes. Right beside me one of the clerks was fitting a well dressed lady with a pair of pumps. As the front door opened a gust of wind blew her white handkerchief over into the fat man's lap. On looking down he noticed something white and supposing it to be the tail of his shirt, he reached over and tucked it in. She lost her handkerchief, but the fat man like all of Neville's customers, got more than his money's worth. Your money's worth and more is our motto. You will find the same shoes for lens money at Neville's. Our Intlies' slippers for EasUr are all here. The •*.«l shipment came yesterday and what a showing. A wonderful variety of the newest of the new. I •annot describe them all in this ad. There are all kinds, all colors, sizes from 4 to 30. widths from AAAA to D. If it is new. we have it. Price* (S1.98, S2.4H, «.»« and M.95. Mr. and Mrs. Honas Osber and lunch was served by the hostesses daughter. Black Duck. Minn., came I to 150 guests. Friday to the E. M. Jensens. Sun- | Miss L«neilz. oldest daughter of day. all drove to Graettirger. toi Mr. and Mrs John L/enertt win be H. Hen-; the bride of Calvin Bode, son o) j Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bode of Algona ! cm Wednesday. April 2Pth. in St. s Joseph's Catholic rtmrch here. the day at the A. ningsens. I: Maxine Bormann spent Sunday with Rita Thul. Adekne nig spent last week at Alethean 4-H Girls Met Last Saturday Union: The Alethean 4-H club. girls were entertained by Jean] the George Wagner home. Marie Sarchett last Saturday aft-' ~" " •rnoon. April 9th. The program consisted of a paper. The Golden Rule" by Lois Gardner, and "Why We Should be Examined" by Florence Dodds. Th«r remainder of the meeting was a discussion of their future work. Four- Yours for a Happy Easter and well-dressed feet. Jimmie Neville O <j O ^OOOOO<>OO<X>OOOOOOO< teen girls were present, served by the hostess. Lunch was Serlou* Operation Mrs. John Erpelding of near St. Benedict, sister of N. J. Krieps of Union, underwent a very serious operation at the Kossuth hospital at Algona last Wednesday. Reports from her bedside, so far. have been favorable. Jmkin*on at Friends will be surprised to learn that Lou Jenkinson has again been a patient at a hospital in Rochester. Minn. He underwent an operation v.-hifh was performed iast Friday. A leport on his condition has not been learned as yet. Mary Krieps. daughter of Mr. ard Mrs. N. J. Krieps. was ill last week and confined to bed with a streptococcus infection of the throat. She is on the mend now. Give-* Strike Rrport Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Egel received a letter recently from their daughter. Effie Egel Van Stenbcrg: >>! Flint. Mich., in which she tells of the terrible conditions in that city due to the effect of strike-*. Hott-i.-ver. both Mr. and Mrs. Van Slenberg and Mrs. Van Stenberg's brother. Lewis Egel. still have employment. ONE CENT BRINGS" HOME THE EXTRA PACKAGE WEONESOflr. THURSDAY. ForTeefh/M fVloo.-Lo£ Tooth Pot AnM«p«me Toorh P Pemlor Dental Geo Anlii*pt.n« Tooth 4 BIG DAYS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY For Shaving Comfort Colonial Club Shoving Creom Colonial Club Shaving Lotion Colonial Club Tolc lor Men Colonial Club 80 K Rurr Colonial Club L'loc Jfor .$1 Colonial Club Raior Blodei, 5i (Single Ed 9 « or Double Edge) . . . t far .16 Nelson'i BruiMree Shoving Crani 1 '«' >)6 < for .SI S for .SI S for .16 1 for .SI Oats Ready To Sprout in Irvington Inrtngton: The snow and cold weather the past week has somewhat hindered the farmer* m sowing oat*. However, in many case* the dampness has caused the oats to swell and with the advent of a; few warm dayii they will be tooot-i tag sprouts. HM Two Operation Mrs. John Erpelding submitted to a major operation at the Kossuth hospital on last Wednesday and also a second one Thursday. The children were all called to her bedside Saturday evening. The many friends of the Erpelding family wish for this lovely woman a most rapid recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Chax. Egel and son were Sunday dinner guest J of their son. Ernest at Algona. Jewell Patterson has been ill since last Thursday with the flu and Mrs. Chester Schoby is suffering with a shin infection. Mr? E. H. Thomas has been having B serious time vrith an infection in her eyes. However, at present she is slightly improved- wiH be work supplied for the afl- ernoon. The fUverrlale Woman's club met last Wednesday with Mr*. Verne Barker and due to the inclemency of the wwrther the meeting wa» not very well attended. The May meeting will be held with Mrs. Kate MetteA. Moyer Child, Doan, HI, Scarlet Fever Doan: The Wave! Moyer home was quarantined for scarlet fever last w*ek Monday. April 4th. Trt* youngest child. James, is ill with it gfetef 9tjl»mly U Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stoll wen- called to Webster City Saturday forenoon by the illness of her sister. Mrs, 'Frank Hutchison, who underwent a serious operation and was in a critical condition. April IMh The annual spring bazaar will be held at tae Doan church Tuesday. April mh. Supper will be served and the public is invited. Mrs- Florine Hood is hostess to the Aid April 14Ui- Mrs. Katie Elefson will assist. Mr. and Mrs Ted Mori from Fort Dodge visited with relatives here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding and family were Sunday visitors at the John B. Reding home. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Thilg»s from West Bend moved to the farm vacated by Leo Weydert. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fuhrmann if Algona were Sunday visitors with Mrs. John Fuhrmann. Annette and Roth Ann Becker. aughters of Mr. and Mrs. James Jeckcr. spent Saturday at the Joh:i Thul home. ! Henry Geishecker accompanied Emil Welter and Dick Dumphy of jvermore to Omaha Monday Mr. Jumphy shipped cattle. Mrs Frank Asa and Mrs. Cha« The A. J. Martineks and Mrs Egel will be joint hostesses at the j Ruth Sparks drove to Mason CHy Ladies Aid society meeting Thurs-! Friday. April 8. and brought home day afternoon at the Annex There' Aline Martinek who had been there Algona Co-operative Creamery Co. Price Paid As Follows, March 15-31st Whole Milk Butterfat 38c Sweet Milk Butterfat 34c No. 1 Milk Butterfat 32c F 0. B. ALOONA CASH PAID FOR CREAM Open Saturday Nights UAI UJont (kU-1hi Quickest UJoy to Itoiitoli !?ast Selected At Fenton To Give Operetta Fenton: The grade pupils of the •'enton public school have begun practice for an operetta, "Honey •irates" to be presented this spring. "he cast selected includes Betty tan Schwartz, Harold Padgett, Harold Kramer. Lavonne Newel. Anna Marie Mitchell. Georgia Gerhart. Ruth Ellen Humphrey. Darrel Don Dreycr, Dickie Theesfield. Jackie Gerhart, Robert Lee Pad- ett. Lloyd Kramer, Beverly Schul- tc, Phyllis McFall. Mary Newel, Charlotte Riedel and Betty Holldorf. Flowers, first and second grades; bees, third and fourth grades with Jumcs Wkldel and Vcrdell Riedel as leaders: drones. Merlin Boyken. Delond Bolte. Sidney Bruce Humphrey and Truman Bergcson; start. Floris Gibbons. Kathryn Bleckwenn, Phyllis Mae Gibbons. Lorraine. Gramenz, Mary Holld-orf Marian Widdel. Shirley Mae Haase Alvera Schweppe and Betty Schott The operetta is under the direction of Miss Anna Finn. Aniit*pf,n« Liquid, 16oi G«ovol«d Emulllcn ...................... • {•' Loioli»« Cold Copiulu .................. • for .SI Bort Cough Syrup ................. » fo' e«.rrr:r. . . ................ C for .SI 1 for .16 9 bT »for .1* 1 f«r .14 « for 1 for .11 t for .t* t for .41 1 for .H 1 for .16 Soli, 8 01 . *'•' O.I. i c<oitd O.i. 7 o« Aod C,*v!a!l 4 Gl. t l*r 1 «0f S for » for > for .16 t for .56 tfor .11 1 for .16 for .*• t for .61 1 C.1 IctltriOOG) FOR THE BABY -,- '.:.-., •] 1 for .16 '-.'*. 1 for .16 1 for .1* r , ,-...- •- '..-..-.'.. •-... t: 1 for .16 <-.'-•-, '•..-.- '.f.f. .Ifor .16 fc-.- - /- fc-.. -. f- -3 >,, -l-,M . C FOR THE HAIR AND SCALP ; 1 for .11 H-, • I fco, Km fcvond 16 CI.. :i '..,(, He.. Hi.r O•! «.ii H M. K. Mi»i»ion M<-«'tinic The Woman's Foreign Missionary jsoutty met in the M. E. r.-hurth ! parlors Thursday afternoon. Mrs. I Kv;i UottU-her had «.-harK<-' of tht ! devotion-. The hofiety cleared 112 i iit their hake Mile. Mr?. John Light i v,-;i:-i a|)i,ointed aa delegate to the ' missionary convention at Clear 5 \jihv. May 4. Mrs. W. !' Weisbroil I wa.-i appointed aa an alttrr.-ite. Mrs. i Alfred Meyers reported on the thank offering speaker, Miss Jone who will speak in the Fenton M. K. church on Sunday. May 2. Tru- following program wa.i given: Mrs j V. J. Taturn read "Christian Col- I lege Students Around the World"; i Mrs. J. O. Waterman read the his| lory of the hymn entitled. "From Greenland's Icy Mountain". Hostesses were Mendames Lily Humphrey, Ellen Brown and Mary Smith. 4 BIG DAYS- WED.-THUR.- FRI.-SAT., THIS WEEK HEW GARDEN COURT CREATIONS Foct Po^de/ ........................ » <er Ptiluine ............................ S <«' Built-in.. ik Tiiiuu Citom Cltciin ."y Citom 1 (or .il Lip Stick § 1 A ' n' (- t .SI DC Ak- C'.mtmijlion Cearn . .SI B'.-i.i'.-n oricj Alinoud Citotn lor for for for for .$1 .51 .$1 .SI .J1 ST^CK UP • SAVE MONEY • ALL NEW. FRESH GOODS Lusby's Drug Store Mrs Freelove Wei.sbrod was In Algona last wt-ert serving on the l/ttjt jury. Mrs. William Krau-.e of Lone \'.I,('A visited iu-r 'i;iugh!c-r. Mr.-,- It L J'aijgfctt and family .Saturday l:ev ii.'.d Mr- I T .^nydtr ar. 1 -on. ^^'>trrt-^ ;iMi. 'Jaii^r.'..^. f'hyl- li- ',! Alt<i vi.i^td Kenton friend., Mr-. Alvin Zuiriii-ri i r.'.ertainefl the He.'.' and .So < iub a', a iiuiltiii^ ty at her hcrne Uisl -A'eek Tut-.i- afternoon Mr arid Mrs. Arthur /r,r, i,i .Sv.ea f.'ity vi-.ittd Mr arid Mrs Hoo- ert Kylil Thursday evening- Mr.-. Join,.-.on is a nle< e of Mr.- Kyhl K K Johnson, of Fairville. waii a businesa vi.iitor in Austin. Minn, Friday. He '*<*.-. a< < ompamed by f.' F Wegener, Fred H Bohr, ar.-i Art VoJgt. Mrs Dor. Weisbrod. Mrs E C. \Veifcbro<] Mrs. Chai Newel, Mri E. J. Frank, and Mrs. George Boettcher attended the Ko»iuth county Achievement Ljuy at the Burl gymnasium Friday Mrs Martin Hantelrnan entertained tne Fairville Lutfieran I-ad- ie»' Aid society at her home Thursday afternoon Gue«U were Mrs I' F Mrs £ C Fauer- and Mrs (.'h«<> .'.'tUo/i. Mr a/id Mrs Chiib NeUon and Mr and Mra H.jrlan <jnm<i of thi.-. place attended the 2fctn wedding an- fir.fcn»i?.ry of Mro N'fcUon'ii parents. Mr. and .Mrs Franti Wright at Cylinder last wtek \Vtdneiday iveninj;. Mrs E VV hu-.f.e and Mra Alfred Meyer» mtrnber>> of tne Fen- Ion Woman's club, went to .Swe.i f.'jty Wednesday to meet member-, of the I-akota Woman's club ', , plan the program for ths KO>M>U!:. county federation wieeting to r>*: held in Fenlon in May Mrs W. K Wolfe enttrUmeJ Mrs. Oliver Stoeber. Mm K 1' Newel and Mrs Carl Midkilf at bridge las.1 week Wedntisday afternoon Mrs Midkiff is the form-r j Florence Burton, who taught ;i. c( liiv Fenton schools, and was a. houivc i gucnt of Mrs. Newel all last weeU ; Mrs. W. J Weubjod entertamtd : .it 4Uiltliil( |jarlieii ac-veral da>o lail | ! vvt-vk. Attending were Mtsiiamc., I Eaiiuu Kuake. Hernaiii iJteyvr, J i i; Wateiruan Htnry Keiinera. Frc-iJ j : I-iitu, E. (' Weisbrod. J A Sehwarlz. | Anna Uaborn, Cnuc Newel E. J ' Frank. V. 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