The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1938 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1938
Page 5
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ItJd t.** 1 "" 811 of Des D tJ£m Par !, ntS ' Mr and Mrs. «tid ' dUrln f the En*H«h Lenten services t»in wh ° Mr. ****• Albert Nauss and threo Children spent last' week with ti* mother ' MM - c ° ie * & »»Hey returned on Mnneapolta a™*r~™".'~"' r , l "'" i Or "f!th drove --• Swea City. Sunday, to visit HIP former's mother. ne Tasker and Diane Falkenhalner ^fh U tU°7aK SSJ^JS!! hainer for a time. *«i«en son, r bfc n k1e, "rove *? MaS™ Ci"ty »sundny to vi^it IWr ninn*****. _. «t. <•» u n ;L lr- "loom s mother, Mrs. Sam Bloom. "r. Kay Potter, vctprtnnft- nt xj«iv«ii*» . "-M^rmarj of ocnaner, was a guest at the home of W« mother. Mrs. L. E P^ttc" Thursday and Friday. to^Ti ?H d Mr "' P ' •'• "ran" at- th2 I? n 6 , d . edic atory services of Q " I A Luthera " "lurch at oarner, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Homer Anderson nnd her Daughters, Mary Joan nnd Joy" May spent the week end at the Reed Anderson home in Spencer. T 0tl D Bi " y Lec> and Dr - and Mrs -J. B Winkel were guests at the Sunda Weber homc ln Bancroft .u 1 ^^" " prvlc '" 1 will be held at ine First Lutheran church. Thursday evening at 7.30, with the theme £„ VS™ 0 " 1 " To the CT'OM with Opened Eyes." un'T' ancl ! * lr "' Ha™"?' Knnpp und cnildren. Alice, Ralph, Phyllis r,nd Bob of Mason City were guests of the former's mother, Mrs. Aggie Knapp. Sunday afternoon. A claw of eight children mill be confirmed In » .pedal service next aunday as on Pahn Sunday, In the local Trinity Lutheran ohurch'. beginning at 10:30 o'clock. Mr. and »fr». J. H, Morgan of Pasadena California, and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Byson of Elk River. Minnesota, were week en.l guest* of Mr. and Mr«. H. E. Morgan. Superintendent and Mr. o n and Mrs ""' dau f hte ' «* Mr week's Sir. and Mrs. Ehvood Norton n f fl qfTlr?anf «..». _. .. * v "- 3 _ c t W/1O J«J Mr. and Mrs. C. *. Nugent and James Anderson of Spencer wr guests of Fred Anderson. Sunday afternoon. Fred Anderson is the father of Mrs. Nugent and Jams Anderson. Rnth McKee spent Sunday vs« h;* 1 Paints, Mr. and Mrs. G C. McKee at Mason City. Mr. McKee brought her back to Algoni Monday morning and spent the day on business. Mr«. Floyd Fo*» and son, Mel- yln of Haynes, North Dakota, were visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs Dennis Pratt, Mondnv and Tuesday (today). Mrs. Foss is a cousin of Mr. Pratt. « n ^ 'M*™ "S* ^ 1>tona '" to '"^ Ml> and Mrs. Fred Pooch, Fred I seems owns a residence in Liver more, and last week reported to the Llvermore Gazette his intention o moving there next July and mak mg Ms permanent home there. .n^J ""u. Mn - A"* 0 "" Johnson and daughter, Charlotte, returned Sunday from Excelsior Springs, Mo. Mr. Johnson had been there for several weeks, and Mrs. Johnson and Charlotte joined him and had spent the past week there „*??* Cardan of San Francisco, California, arrived Monday eve- for a few days' visit at the T? F*- and Mrs - R c - Scan. He is returning to California from a business trip to Dayton. Ohio, and is Mrs. Scanlon's broth- in-Jaw. Mr. and Mrs, a E. Vincent re- o^ fK me ? unda y a«ernoon following the winter In San Antonio. Texas. Mrs. Vincent was ill about three weeks while therel They Brown "-turiw-d lo after vmn eS M ° ines ' Sun °ay niier visiting a week at the w"n da ^* h . ter ' JalH ««, and Lament Wellendorf drove to Emmetsbure. Sunday to see the movie, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Mr. and Mrs. Everett Andervn-i and son, Phil, moved Monday form their house nt the end of South Jiarlan street Into the Dr. F E 'Sawyer house on South Harlan. Mrs. Murl Potter of Hunil.oldt spent the week end with her parents, Mr. ancl Mrs. Tom ReirJ of Union township, ad with Mr Potter's mother, Mrs. Pearl Potter. Roger Michel, son of .Mrs. A. E Michel, returned Saturday from Eagle Grove, where he had been visiting his friend, Duane Van Deelen, during his week's spring Dr, L. W. Fox Is mourning the death of hla fine Boston bull terrier. The poor little dog was run down by a hit-and-run driver on North Thorington street a few days ago. The car was doing fifty and the driver should have been arrested. A glimpse of his number, rip and he was gone. Phylll, Crawford, daughter of t ?H rS ' Norma " Crawford t the past week with Mr. and Mrs. James Crawford at Whltte more, her paterna , Krandparne]n ' tes Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hensen will SensV° S 1 C CUy th " wee " Mr Sr VT h u has been employed Oak a t± UtC v, her K at the local C °«"cH Phat llty ' haS bee " tran! "«red to George Swanson and Joan R O b- w?,r !hClty -""'ed o^ « wln be Kuesta of Mr w H "I" T> V 1 Robl nson- until on W » M 8day - Joan ls a sl »ter of T L. Robinson. Mrs. Olen McMurray of Delinond tit* re at ' ve » a "d friends here a few days last week. Mr. McMurray proprietor of a variety store, ' ' ' r. ' T - Geor se Kanouff, and George Jh, and the Albert Ogrens from Algona. Mrs. Joe Cosgrove returned last week Sunday evening after spending the winter with her daughter Mrs Stuart Hazeitfne at Fresno California. Fresno is located in the San Jonquln Valley, nnd suffer»d considerable flood damage. Mrs -osgrove said that the water wns up over the running board of lh= car m the streets, and that tho most exclusive residence district wns wiped out. During the winter she,ylsited mnny points of interest in California, and stated that although she had n very ple.ishit winter she was glad to be back in Iowa. Mrs, C. H. Crotzmeyer, prwiden or the local woman's club, and Mrs Weiss of Manning, the distric chairman of the eighth district o 1 MI ^ eratlon °' Woman's Clubs vv-m attend a county federation meeting at Buffalo Center. Wednes? y .u Mrs ' Cretz "ieyer will speak t the meeting. Mr». Oeoi*e Thompson and little daughter. Sally of Esthsrville R'W wm 318 « the home of Mr - »»<» R. H. MHIer. Wednesday and Thurs- M' V ' J^' lry ' Bother daughter of Mrs Thompson, visited all of last week at the Miller home. Mr. and Mrs. Miller took Mary home Sunday, and were guests at the Thompson home. Miss Margaret Durant will „,> to Buffalo Center, Wednesday, to attend rf meeting of the Federation of Woman's Clubs of Winnebago county. She will have a part on he, program and will give poetry read Ings from her own poems. Th< county chairman presiding at the meeting will be Claire B. Olson a former Algona teacher. Mary Foster, music lonrlirr ii the Primghar schools, and her friend Dorothy Fox. sixth grade teacher also of Primghar. spent Thursday night visiting Mary parents. Mr and Mrs. W. A. Foster. Friday morning, Mary left to spend the week-end visiting friends at Cornell college at Mt. Vcrnon, and returned Monday. She left today tiuesday) to resume her tearhinit duties nt Primghar. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ogren returned Sunday from San Antcnio. Texas, where they had spent the winter. They came home behind the cyclone which did so much damage around Columbia. Kansas, and other southern poinu Mr Ogren reported a more enjoynbY winter thaji usual and played golf practically every day. Mr. and Mr: > i ,LT )OI J er ' Jr - have bpen l '"<"r. in their house while they wr» gone. " " i Ruth McMahon, who teaches in ! Garner, spent the past week with i friends nt Iowa City and arrived on ! Saturday for the week end with I her parents. Mr./nnd Mrs. S. E M"- i Mahon. Sunday they drove to' Storm Lake and were guests at tiio home of another McMahon dau»h- ' tor. Mrs. Richnrd Srhmitz. Little 1 Peter Schmitz is in bed with n hn'- I en right leg. Peter broke his I**' when he fell from the back sent of the car. Charles Beringer spent Thursd in Des Molnes attending a Sh Petroleum meeting. Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Alger of \ ton were week end guests at tl home of Mrs. Frank Green. Mrs. F. E. Rugger of Lowp Iowa arrived Monday for a via with her sister, Mrs. O. E. Butter worth, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Elbrrt an their twin sons. Ronald ar.d Don aid spent Sunday In Eagle.Grov with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Danghan an sons. Bill and John, attended th fimornl of the Daughan niece. Mrs Ted May at Britt. Monday Mr. and Mrs. Matt Selrer drov to Mason City. Sunday, and brough their daughter. Catherine, home "itli them to recuperate from n re cent operation. <,J V r ln " d ',V nl * ht "angellstlo services will be held at 7:45 p m nt the Gospel tabernacle. Midweek cottage prayer meeting will be on Friday night r n * Hl(% " ppk of "P r <"K vaca- Carmen Roskopf of the school faculty attended a National Musi, i-jflucntors conference at St. Louis, Mrs. Henry Anian returned to her home Thursday after caring for Mrs. Clarence Detrlck and babv daughter, horn Monday. March 28 I he baby weighed 8'i pounds. Mrs. ,Iohn Lnnlcos and son, Boh oie of Chatsxvorth. III., were gues-s of Mr and Mrs. William Daughan from Thursday until Sunday. Mr" Lawless is Mr. Daughan's sister. Charles Stevenson and Jack Dunsworth of Minneapolis and Bob ».„ I A ° f St Peter ' Minn • "'ere «eek end guests at the home of the former's mother. Mrs. Theo. Herbst .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Catighev and n« r S lly ha ,. ve rcturned fr °m F°n Dodge, where they were called a week ago Saturday by the serious w h illness of with rheumatism. She has been at Spencer part of the time and al"o t Storm Lake and Primglmr M ~ ' > r ""<• Momes. Friday and Saturdax eturmng Sunday. M r . Waller at ended a committee meeting of th own Centennial, of which he is icmber. . .T. H. Dohson returned t, ler home at Alexandria. Soutl Dakota, last week Ttiesdav aftp en days visiting nt the home o er son and wife. Mr. and Mrs H . Dobson. .Mr. nml Mrs. Arthur Parsons o ngle Grove spent Sunday as guest' the home of Mr. and Mrs H R Cowan.- Mr. Parsons, a cousin o Mrs. Cowan teaches in tht Eagl. Grove high school. Mrs. William Finn, Sirs. Hnxvarr Srhore $nd Mrs. Norman Crawforr drove to Emmetsburg. Wcdm><. ln> afternoon, to visit the latter's sister- in-law. |rtrs. Wesley Behlmer and her new son. Terry Bob. Teddy and Bobhy Voting of Mn- son City arrived Saturday to spend a week's vacation in Algona. TcH- dy will be a guest at the H. I.. McCorkle home and Bobby will b<- a guest at the Ray McCorkle home. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hendrirks and son. Bobbie and Nels Olson of Sioux City were week end gui-sts of Mr and Mrs. R. G. Richardson Mrs. Hendricks and Mrs. Richardson are Mr. Olson's daughters. James Murtagh, Bob Harrington •ind H R White attended <> Junior Chamber of Commerce convention nt Rurlington from Thursday until Sunday ns delegates representing the lornl chamber. Mrs. I,. .?. Dirkintnn nnd Irttte grandson. Lynn Hunter, will i»o to Des Moines. Thursday, for i few days' visit with Mrs. Dickinson's son and wife. Mr. ami Mrs. Call Dickinson, nnd Lynn's mother. Rut'i Dickinson Hunter. Sir. and .Mrs. Arnie Horsford moved to Fort Dodg? Sunday. Mr. Ftorsford. who has been the assistant manager at the Gimble storj hrrc for flip past four yeirs. ban brrn transferred to the sim? position in Fort Dodge. Ho begin work there. Friday. Mrs. Hors'ford was employed as clerk at the Bon Franklin store. Tuesday-Wednesday, April 5-6 Two Tops! NO. ONE Joe E. Brown in 'WIDE OPEN FACES NO. TWO The Jones Family in LOVE ON A BUDGET Sit; Three \Vay Show 30-21 c Thursday through Saturday Charles Starrett Eric Linden in w were guests of Mr. and Mrs O. C Barton. Sunday. They came to help Mrs - Barton, a sister of Mrs. Cook celebrate her birthday. C. B. Murtagh of DPS Molnc» nr- nved Saturday to spend the week end with his family He was ac- nZhf^n byh G ™ ce Kouba a "d Sm "h ? r" ch> who spent the time with their families nt Wesley Or. and .Mrs. I.. «. Baker dro» to Kannwlm Sunday and visited n the home of Dr. nnd Mrs. Ifr H Stewart. Durwood Baker remaine there for a week's visit. Mrs. Bak er and Mm. Stewart are sisters ' »nM « , r "- ' ' M "h'«-ni» and Mrs. Muhleman's sister, Mrs A E. Zennink of Los Angeles. Callfor nla, drove to Omaha last week o Tuesday, where Rev. Muhleman at tended a conference of superintend ents of Methodist churches of Neb raska and Iowa. They also drov to York. Nebraska, to visit an orph anage supported by the Woman' Home Missionary society of the V E. church. IT'S a wonderful feeling, being a part of the Easter parade, and it doesn't cost a fortune either! It is really not necessary to buy an expensive new outfit . . . not when The ELK will clean your present clothes so well and so economically! Gather up your clothes and give us a ring. We'll pick them up promptly and return them looking like new . . . and then, you'll wear them proudly in the Easter Parade. The ELK Cleaners NOBUAN 4 Phone 330 We Deliver Call of the Rockies" I "Midnight'lntruder' Serial. "The Lone Ranger" >Mf *<fSSMAt*fffJJVJVWWWJW^** Off Face Hats, Rolled Brims \\ li.-itcvcr ymii' clmicc ... tlio idea l>ack "f Ilir ncu- S|iriiii>' h.iMiicts is that 1 IHTC s nothiim tnu t>-ay for vnur licad. Crown your curls with' a sailor... flower or veil trimmed. Elizabeth Holtzbauer Next to /Sender's AVAWWWW Let's Go To The Hub" For SMJ Easter Apparel • Vou will be just as proud of your purchase as you are of your appearance if you buy your Easter suit or topcoat from THE HUB Clothiers. Vou will be Smartly and correctly fitted. Vou will have ganuine quality, excellent tailoring and value. * THE HUB Clothier, offer you a storeful of beautiful clothe, to choose from, sturdy worsted,, rich woolens, distinctive shetlands and colorful tweeds; smart two button and sedate three button models, double-breasteds, free swing, and ,port back,. 1 The variety of pattern, and colors leaves nothing to be desir- ed. Vou are bound to find a suit and topcoat that are altogether to your liking. Moreover you save. * 1 Vou get pride, satisfaction and service from THE HUB Clothiers suits and topcoats. Leuthold - Willitmi - Reynolds HUB CLOTHIERS "The Clothing Corner of North Iowa'

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