The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 5, 1938
Page 4
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CSreek Literary Ono— The annual election of tne rfTic- ... Of tne PIum Creek Literary Club was held Wednesday afternoon " "" Teager. They were president; Mrs. H. E. Hopt vice president: Mrs. Elsie second vice president; Johnson, third vie* . , ...,-s. Paul Black secretary and treasurer: Mrs. Hugh R-»~, ey. assistant secretary and trM*-.r- er and Mrs. Ray S. McWhorter th" corresponding secretary. The e?-- eral theme of the meeting pertVn?.- to safety and roll call was answ^M ay safety rules or current every*' Mrs. Hopkins gave a paper c-s Iowa History", and Mrs. G* Benschoter gave an interesting tcie on "Plum Creek's Old Ind;*-» Battleground." which she. herself compiled. Mrs. Lewis McWhorfr' gave a review of the booklet. "Death group of highway safety'rule/Tho " erved a delicious luncheon : the business meeting with i nr« = "A t S decorated '" Easter colors and favors. by the Rev attended b. - husband. Mr Mrs. Glen Culbertson. The high school two year* ago ™f J;? 5 " nce b *« n em P'°y?d at the Elk ( !«aners. Mr. Bales is managing a thamplin oil station at Livermore. The new Mrs. Bales pHns to £?*««£ - work at the E ' k for I e«!<n> Auxiliary >teet<< M*r.>,N?t"> of th* Legion Auxiliary r-.?. F>-..:-,y night. Numbers on the £v! C ^~\* ere * * rou P of dances by ..^i «•,• i.w-u,,,,^ and Betty Court- -rr- Ft*i-.-> selections by Arlene Har- irv.u-v*. ttd twr> violin numbers bv The A^tTpperDes Mollies. Algona. Iowa, April B. 1938 Bel Cnntn Clnb—. Mrs. Fred Thics of Bancroft was hostess to the members of the Al- Bona Bel Canto music club Wednesday. The study subject was led by Miss Nora McEnroe on Expression and Interpretation, part one. borne twenty of more members drove to Bancroft to attend the ie next regular held April 13 Th«Ma« About Town Says M of Mrs. Fred Geijrel. Woman'* Awli Mating— Portland Card ** . .* I tne middle or last week. He rettirn- virOUPS Have Fun ed to *'«<"»» then front Cherokee *^ m '*" rerun where the Cottncll Oak Co. had iture Co., having made the change the middle of last week. He retunv o. » .t »• Portland: Mt. artd Mrs. Albert Baa * entertained four tables transferred him two weeks pre- Mr Twenty-si* to one odds hi favor of Bud Zender. Only once within [ the last 28 years has the weather- failed to drop snow £ ri « »«* to J r SP'* Jr *"d *?• °> E - Slgsbee. if* by Nfrs M G. Bourne .;•? «-» 5 rKyed with prizes go- to Mr*. Hugh Past and Mrs J Bartholomew. Members o junior auxiliary present nisi t-'I snmes and Betty Courtnev thp prize. irrle w tare charge of thWojrra'm. Mrs i; E Gcnrich will give a book rc- iew. and Rosalie Swnnson will rrsent a dancing number. r Mrs. ocl «elt dinner fol for M C«- JeM Martin . daughter. Patty, of Austin, Minn., [and the former's sister, Beth, were week end guests at the home of Mrs. Bradfield'8 mother, Mrs. B. P. Benson. Mr. Bradfteld and Beth rned, Sunday and Mrs. Brad- fleld and Patty will re*maln for two weeks at the Benson home. Adlne Thompson Weds *£ r?r n .Tb^o" of AlionV. and Glen Bales, son of Mrs. Frank Bales of St. Paul. Were married on Helping Hand Society— The Presbyterian Helpine Hand , society will meet Thursday after- AdineThompson'; "daughter of | ^e^l'be Mr"' ^"ffi "— Fred Geigel. Mrs. George man and Mrs. " ~ Tuesday-Wednesday, April 56 Continuous from one o'clock Six girls make date dii Kaeh f jtf-a-!ot Clnh— Mrs. Bert Cronan was hostess to the members of the Laf-a-lot bridge J-liib Tuesday afternoon at her home. At the card games Mr* George Mahoney received the high --core prize. Mrs. Jim Watts [he travel prize, and the consolation prize went to Mrs. Tom Dailev A luncheon concluded the afternoon's entertainment. o. E. s.— ~' ~ The Order of Eastern Star will bold n regular meeting at the Temple at . :« a p. m . Tuesday evening. New officers will be initiated A short program will follow. Ri cn - nrd Keen will give several selections, and Phyllis Sawyer will give some clarinet solos accompanied by Mrs. Donald Hutchins nt the piano Some youngsters traveling home from school south of town have taken a hold on the modern mesns of not walking, and altough from five to seven years of age they are experts at pointing with the thumb. It seldom falls in saving the feet • • • An Inquisitive pup, one of a litter from the show dog of Dr. Magnus Lichter of Burt. was the cause why George Lichter purchaser a new shaving brush. The pup took the old one apart to see what it was made of. They frequently saw Clara atives. Forty from Ko«<stith county at- l'i"i' P '! .?" ,9' iver factor meeting eM at the Klassie Motor Wednesday evening. A talk was Monies, which was followed by open dj.sru.s S ,on nnd a tractor show A luncheon was served nt the close of the meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Little acted as hosts. Bridge nub— • •«.*«, 11*1 ill IOJ Bartholomew received the nig! score prize at bridge, and Mrs A Granzow who was a guest of the club, received the second high prfzc Farewell Party— ~ f™?' H J ' Cow-an and Mrs. Dick Cowan were co-hostesses Friday an i" r" at n handk erchief shower and farewell party honoring cAdrn M H °" f T d ^ Brid * e waa •"•*• ed. Mrs. E. A. Genrich received the St Thomas Guild The St. Thomas Guild of the Episcopal church will meet Wednesday afternoon tor a Ste 0 'cJ«k luncheon at th* home of ...rttom (ROADWAY, AND EACH WANTED SOMETHING DIFFERENT IN LIFE! CONSTANCE Blllle Burke Alan Mowbray Bonlta Grunvillr WELIV Also News -Band Act. "Listening to Lu EASTER X'ACTxFIT SHIRTS With In the new Kay-O-r,..., so attractive or bro.-id tans and plaid.-,. 50c,75c, $1.00 and $1.50 25c and 39c Shower— Mrs. Edward Zender was honored at a post nuptial shower given nt the home of Mrs. L. E . Potter Wednesday afternoon. Other host- \ivf* t7 PrP Mrs ' Np " Poftp r and rAr'^'- , r . ry r° tter - The honoree oreiveu lovely gifts from the 20 A luncheon was served fol- social afternoon. \lggo Christiansen of Bancroft visited Algona one night last week and took one of the fine graveled roads north on the way home Just outside the city limits he turned to cut over on the pavement and became mired in the mud. The next morning a couple of trucks pulled the car to dry land. .Mickey, a not so old doe. living in a fine house on East State street "-asn't fooled alone on the first dav of the month but gets it every dny His guardians keep n supply of rubber bones on which the dog thrive^ Appeasing hunger and practice on hiding seem to be the chief benefits Kin of Browns Passes at Britt Irvington: Funeral services for Mrs. Edw. Peterson were conducted at Britt last Friday afternoon. Mrs. Peterson was the mother of Mrs. John Brown, former Cresco township resident. Those from here attending the services at Britt were the JLoren Ralph and A. J. Brown families and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown. Mrs Peterson was the mother of ten children. Mr. Peterson preceded ' her In death some years ago. • * ••«., T»«;IC in \ji cguu from November is until becember 15 and spent their time at Salem, Sublimity and Mt. Angel. L. E. Krantz | came home on the train with them. He spent the entire winter at Ix>ng !!• 11111111111111111111111 i i minium iimiiiiiiiimiiniiii Notice to Public We are now exclusive dealers in this vicnity for SHELLANE BOTTLED GAB and are properly equipped to serve you at all times. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF GAS RANG&S Howard Hardware g«W«»«9a»S38»X»3»»S38S»»»» Hospital News USED FARM IMPLEMENTS Harry Feltrr. living south of town heard a commotion in the chicken house out of the ordinary. He sneaked in closing the door behind him. When Harry emerged he was the victor in a duel to the death foi- on the end of a long pole was the body of a white striped pussv cat It's been several years since i-rank Miller worked on the Advance force, but he can be remembered as a good singer. One his fine qualities is a blending voi< capable of harmonizing on an quartet. Frank is back again. One often hears the pro and co regarding professional whatever the belief Bert comes close to being in this cias< Few cases have been tried in justic thp^f , wUhOUt , his ""-ices ove tne past several years. It'si h his daily custom eyeing Dnig »by watching the curb fo home to meals. As expect Lusby drives up and Mr opens the car door and Invarlabh 't c ° nverR ation is but one word • • • A young meat cutter who work, hard all aay in a market of one of the grocery stores entered the 1-tmz distance telephone booth at the Wil son cafe presumably to make i (Mason City). An hour Jatei *... ^ disturbed »from a peacefu attitude of eyes closed, head res" the elbow one. Mr pa rdner - Mrs. Leslie Huff Ho?' ". lPassel1 - M". Tom Holmes and Mrs. George Schlieff. Kmbroidery & Utrkin Club- Mrs. H om o r Anderson cntcrtnin- J the m.-n.her.s of her Kmbroiderv •ifi'l I.Jirltin ,-lub. Wednesday after- iioc.ii. Thft.. were 12 uut-sts Dres ™«^JSEj.r^' "feUirS'^E^H upon the top of the served hy the hiwt- flrntkfitst Club '~ Mr. and Mr.-i. Frank Shilts wen-' tl ""« ^ ttS ' S t0 the n>««nber.;! the club at a break-I their home. Sunday morn-1 Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hop,,,. O f tort Dodge and Mr. and Mr- C!,-,'l Stewart were guests of the i-lub. i A tr,M- rests, N tlll. on the lot line hrtworn the Ben Sorensen and the Hoyd NewvUle home. Floyd took ' u-or,,| rutter to show him the tree ••nil^-xplam the art of removing it During a nobody home spell the >wn one of the the Xewville m-t-t Ht the home of Mrs. E J Murtagh, Wednesday afternoon ac * one o clock luncheon. The Em- metuburg chapter will give the pro- jsram. .Vine women are expected to he pre«nt from Emmeuburg. Aid— "~ I-idiei Aid of the Methodist h will meet Thursday at the • hunh for * l: 15 o'clock luncheon Mr, Henry Johanatn. Jr The A i -. . divUion will ho - ktnt.tin^ : y Jifte r- ' I'jm hecin :' from. rir .l by mistake. Floyd\vant» to hnow ; -Have I got a n B ht to • • • Tht-M- words may no t indict uny- »,1f ,^ n is hish time th e widely educated, uplifted nosed society th'. l nu?h a " d PUh ' ie ofTicia 's. who n nk the> are somebody and don't 'luitc qualify only j n their own ou- .n.on,. were brought into court '"me™! • violations and given the re r c"ves PU ^ cizerl . JrunkeT^riTer leceives. They know better but from their driving and actions feign tne above reproach" attitude A hundred patrolmen and policemen '•annot catch all violations and Ui proven a one or two dollar fine wi not utop them either. A regulation baseball gaini. witli out the ordinary fine sse wat play e'l on the diamond south of towr Sunday. March 27. A record? Koasuth Hospital Tuesday. March 29—Eugene Kcl- ley of Algona entered for a mastoid operation. Tuestday, March 29—Everett Lee of Algona. medical. Thursday. March 31—Mrs. James Lloyd of Ledyard entered for medical care. Thursday. March 31—Mrp. Henry Lensing of Bancroft gave birth to a baby girl. Thursday. March 31—Verna Willis of Titonka. mastoidectomy. Friday. April 1—Mrs. Lewis Wingert of Wesley gave birth to a baby girl. Friday. April 1—John Trunkhill of Burt. surgical. Sunday. April 3—Mrs. George Long of Lone Rock, surgical. - Monday. April 4—Mrs. R. B. Hop kins of Wesley, surgical. Geneal Hospital Wednesday. March 30—G. Hayne of Algona. major surgery Thursday. March Si-Charles IT}, • , . , , Barber of Bode, accident victim. | A l lce " ngfllt. YOU DON'T NEED X-RAY GLASSES WHEN YOU BUY A USED CAR HERE! Ton cut count on II—any R«Q used car you 9*1 here has been renewed and !« guaranteed to Ford factory H«G ip«cUlcaaon«. So you don't h« T « to b* a m«ehani- <al wtoard to know that If. , gooj bur «nd wUI tfr* you nc »ttml s»rric«. II your old car Is la aw««• condition, no doubt It will cover the down payment Then »|«| «>• n«»d car you want and wall to II thai you lit. u,, 1937 Ford Deluxe Fordor E jiiiaroon, color, with radio, " lieater—an R. & O. Value. word Jf s by .„v...,,. or thai fooling although thi u,age is given as collo Ueb^tt-r Be sure its Gltt •lu.i with accent nn the "di' sounded as "die." of tne First /,,t-t-r ; lt the afternoon at '^-'r^nd and will meet Fri- 1. -it 2:.% p rn. i program has -. a t 'yorj n-.-ld An SOX Portland-Burt Preparing Booth •»ust IM we could look up to the t'An clock, and have returni/i or I ! '"h'lh U ^ e f ° r goin 8 to work or lunch the blame thing went hay ,*,,**?*'"• rhl »t should be A an the boss. Bob iMnan ha. a brother in Mln- '.eapoli.1 who was the cause of Bob neiiig on pms an entire day and uu •' i ,".1' Ca " a every {ew minute, -i.,ked the same queation. "Was that your brother. Bob'" A fel low from that tow ' (Ired I'.n e ••»' of i r, BELTS AND SUSPENDERS SILK HANDKERCHIEFS ^ LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS 25c, 35c'aud'afc Becker of to Madsoit & Hanson TUB HOME O* C'LUTU£8 for Jay ,»t Burt. were Mi-a- '.'-tt 1'runk- I'-an Loin.; • •• Kay Mc- l'"i>iid ""^"n WouM Has Strep Throat Mi.-,. (•. K be up aflc-r itreplococ-eu.i inia I^iltuicr. •ii^tcr. hu.j bten .Sig.ibci; ia a week ir. throat ia- R- N.. Al- »tation 4 as having won a hun- an.j »,fty grand on a horse t-ut :t wasn't the brother • • • happening in M ttr< . h Uli% the unusual variety the i'i« in like ti lamb and like one but beware the .. '">••>- Marbles were t-u-ly m the streets, with to cubbing because the kid* lot move by horn or otherwise. Bullheads and black suckers who' ""iV^' 1 «»«• by flshermen ".ho ..ouldn't wait. Sowing of O3t <. c o;,J.:,, 1K of frogs, -slapping of moa . "UIKA.-.S, the,sw,itUiig of flies, .spray- i«K the- countless box elder bug, un- c'overiiijf the pit- plant, changing to Portri ^ U '* line ,'''"-'• D< > n ' 1 >"' u member all these things when next Mar'.n rolls around, und one is busy with the a/rjw and coal ahovela? Mrs. Lucy Waguer and ion Or- villejpent Tuesday at Wesley wui, Theodore Schroeder j £ ^°* a Fltcn> Ix)U and Father, and P. W. Hansen of Sexton were dinner guests at the home of Mr and Mrs. Jack Will at Garner recently. On Tuesday of lasc week Mrs. Fitch and Mr. Hansen were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Seaman, AJgona. Nettle Fisher la (pending some time In Algona. The past few- days she,has been at Burt looking after some repairs on a cafe build- ng she owns there. She expects to pcnd the 'summer visiting some elatjve.s she has not seen for a umber of years. film .Moore and wife drove to Ayr- hire Monday, where Mr. Moore cgan work as manager and but- -Jrmaker at.the Ayrshire creamery rs. Moore went to look for a house. lr. Moore has been employed her or some time in the Algona Co perative creamery. Mrs. .Martin Coonan of burg stopped for a visit with h. daughter. Mrs. M. J. Streit. Friday on her way home from a trip to D«> Moinca. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Strei and son, Michael, were guests o Mrs. Streit's mo'.her, Mrs. Marti Coonan at KmmeUburg, Sunday. Mr. and 3Ir». B. P. Klchardnoi and daughter, Meredith, drove t Ames, Friday, to arrange for Mer eaittt to enter Iowa State Colleg • "»• They wer« accompaniei Mrs. W. K. Ferguson, who visit •d her sons, Lewis Md John -m< Joe, McNeill. who v§LdI relative at Ames. (•(, Hr. und Mr«. Cha«; Hobinnon an, daughter, Donna Jean, of Ma""n City visited Sunday at the L c" Hanson home and also with Mrs Robinson's mother. Mr*. Ruth Look, who is taking care of Mr" Ph° df » y Donna Jean remained at the Hansons to spend part of her spring vacation. H- W. Bteeker, who via* formerh employed at the Council Oak s'ore '- now with the Richardson Furn 1937 Plymouth Coach tau color, not a scratch. 1937 Fdrd Fordor hlue color, a nice clean car R. & G. Value. 1937 Ford Deluxe Touring Tudor, hlue color, low mileage, R. & G. Value. 1937 Ford Tudor color, reconditioned. An K & G. value. 1937 Ford Conv. Coupe just the car f«.r the youu« man or lady. White side" wall tires. 1936 Ford Deluxe Tudor special color. Heater and defroster. !{,.„! ft. & fi. value 1936 Ford Tudor Hi-ay color, re< and priced right 1936 Chevrolet Coach low mileage, clean 1935 Ford Tudor grey color, reconditioned 1934 Chevrolet Coach f'Hiauled, will sacrifice Many other Cars to Trucka ; r in price from $25 ind up. AU, MAKES ALL MODELS! Used F-20 Fannall Tractor. Rubber all around. Good used MeComiick-Decnng No 102 eorn planter. Good used McConnick 15-80 tractor. Good used McConniek-Decring three bottom tractor plow. ,| rs '' d 1»32 International 1U ton, LWB Good used John Deere two row cultivator J'our Jiorse hitch. •1 used McCorniick-Decriim- two-row >'. Pour horse hitch. Used ^rcC'onnick-Beering 10' disc harrow .s K" d - S ° ait ' Cnnni(>k -Decrinp Xo. 4 manure Two used John Deere endgate seeders v grass seed attachment. , Cheap used three section lever harrow. McCormick Deering Store Algoua, Iowa Opeq Eeveniim and Sunday Fix Up Winter-Worn Buildings Now Wim,.,. is Jianl .,11 all buildings. It is Inrd --•'«• insidi. hwauso people or animals .. m nn- •""I "s,. tlieni long and hard in the winter. This wuit<.r-wc,,r is m vr in you,- building », another year If s tiln ,. t(( lnak } £ 'hsh-r'lm '' wlmtov<>1 ' jt lna - v he—l,roke,i n ions, oangcd-iip woodwork, etc. Your walks may liave suffered from the r-old weather, too. Th.-y should he fixed «„ bcfow some one lias an accident on them. And vm, may need some new walks. Use our fresh" cement tor any jobs you have to do this spring. UM,,*« I"* "i^ lmvc <<ome to vou 'hiring the u inter tor changes you would like to make inside the house, barn or other buildings Al-ik.. them now. * ' JldKt ; , : Jg:±.aSt;i'^&t^ F. S. Norton & Son Algoua, la. PJione 229 ---- --"•••••••WWVV>fl Colwell Live Stock AUCTION Fair Ground, Algona, Iowa, 1 P. M April 8-^ale Every Friday ^SS&X^^ of TERAW_Cu.h. proinpUy. H. M. Colwell, State Book, Clark ColweU EBAD U. D. M. WAMT

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