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Hawaii Holomua-Progress from Honolulu, Hawaii • Page 3

Honolulu, Hawaii
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NOV. 20,1894. c0 II Tn 'Th 1 Fr Sat 12 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Jo 16 17 IS 19 20 21 22 23 24 05 26 27 2S I 29 30 Last Quarter 5 Full Moon. 13 First Quarter, 19 riew Moon, i err VESSELS FIJI PORT. NAVAL VESSELS.

HB1IS Hyacinth, Hay, Esqnimanlt, C. French warship Dnguay-Trouin, Callao. MERCHAKTMEK. S. Australia, Hondlette, F.

Bk Aimarn, Brown, Newcastle, W. Haw bk Manna Ala. bfct Kllkitat PtTownsend. Ani sch Alice Townsend hr Robert Lowers, Goodmen, Lays an Is. 15a bk C'adzow Forest, Mclnnees, Ncwc'stie.

Km I'ktue Castle, Hubbard, S. F. Km Vk Albert, Griffiths, S. F. stmr Xanslian, Kinp, Kobe.

Jii scnr E-a, Klitgard, Eureka. FOnCIGX VESSELS EXPECTED. An Hchr Pn ritan Nov 30 Nov 30 Ger bk rani Isenberg J)ec 10 ship HF Glade Jan 30 FOKEICX HIAIL SERVICE. Steamships will leave for and arrive from San Francisco and other foreign ports, on or about the following dates, till the close of 1894. Leave IIoxolulu! Doe at Honolulu for San Fratcsco or Vancouver.

Fm. San Francisco or Vancouver. Arawa Monowai China 3 Australia. 3 12 Nov. 22 24 1 11 20 24 29 15 Alameda.

19 Miowera. 1 13 31 31 xiustralia. Oceanic. Mariposa. Arawa Australia.

Tho Pantheon Saloon is the dejiot for the celebrated Enter-priseBeer, where it can always be found cjoI and fresh on tap. We do not deal in ''Fredericksburg Beer" as the morning Paper through some mistake has advertised. Call at the Pantheon for re-freshing drink. JIM DODD, Proprietor. Talk about braying asses.

Tho town is full of them. McBrayer's whiskey is only to be found at the Emoiro Saloon. And when it's found it stafs. D. W.

McNichol of the Empire Saloon has made a new deal which will touch the hearts, or at least the palates of many a thirsty wanderer. He keeps -'half-and-half" onjdraught and serves a most delicious and cool beverage, far superior to "plain" beer. se 17 tf J. J. Williams tho well-known Artistic Photographer is making a specialty of portraits on Watch Dials and Silk Handkerchiefs.

Complete sots of Lantern slides lectures can be had at the gallery. For they are sold at a reasonable figure by the dozen or by the hundred. Ilanrwai BatTiHrnisE The unders'gnod having Leased the well known Ilaniwai Bath HorSE at Waikiki, begs to inform you, that it will be run as a Strictly First-Class BATHING RESORT. jfJF Special accommodations for Ladies and Children. W.

S. EARTLETT, Proprietor. p.s. Tram-cars pass the plaeo ocS IPOUND ASTER'S INOllOJli. Notice is hcreb nrrt nt til Ul mSuSnded.

or rlgt white spot OB Ult vui jee, nouc lreahoree branded on T. on thceasio leg. wkuia urauuA liMUll i oiacK marc iw same ISO W.KAAPA, FonBdMMter. Employment Biean. oiacK marc uu alm Any person or TSce tbc ais are requecj 4th ISM on or before 12 o'clock noon, Ja i P4 IN DEFORMATION Mri: A nt BfcaS0T May, Mr.

ad SEsa-ssSl LOCAL NOTES. The Kev. E. Wig will preach at the gospel tent tonight. The band gave a concert at the hotel last night.

Earthquakes are reported from opreckelsville. No damage done The Coloraaleft this afternoorl ipr Hongkong. There will be a fine Innah of. the St. Andrews fair next Saf nr- day.

The Oceanic sailed at. 1 this afternoon for San The band was in attendance. Geo. Malina who recently was acquitted on a charee of larcenv been arrested for perjury. Captain Folger of the York-town was presented this morning to Mr.

Dole by Minister Willis. How many dancers caught cold last night at the American League ball? The engagement of Miss May Waterhouse to Mr. D. W. Corbett is announced.

The Government band and the National band will both play at the St. Andrews fair on Saturday. Be sure to visit the Kilohana Art League exhibition, on Merchant Street above C. Berger'B office. Don't forget the St.

Andrews Fair and Luau next Saturday. All work for the fair should be sent in before tomorrow. Tho French commissioner pre sented his credentials to Mr. Dole yesterday. Chancellor Gif- ard accompanied him on this occasion.

It is understood that Mr. Geo. Lycurgus left in the Coloma this afternoon. He will probably ake soundings in the channel between Maui and Molokai. From the 1st of January, next year, Honolulu will have only one elephone company.

The follow ing are the officers: W. G. Irwin, president; Cecil Brown, vice- president; H. A. Widemann, Jas.

Campbell, W. F'Alien, Godfrey Brown and F. Brown directors. F. Brown, Secretary; Godfrey Brown, Treasurer; C.

O. Berger, Auditor. Mr. Gassidy will be the superintendent and general manager. THE KLLOHANA ART LEAGUE.

A BriUiant Opening. Althounh the weather was rather unfavorable last evening a large number of invited people i .11 gatuerea at tue room oi tutj jq.uu-hana art league, and it can be truly stated that every one was charmed and highly satisfied with the unique exhibition. Great taste has been shown in fii hiTimurr of the many paint- Vuw inns and the posing of the works mt of tho sculptors. xne room was brilliantly lighted and a 5 most artistic enect was secured. Messrs Howard Hitchcock and ah TTfr-liinson are of-course "the most not exhibitors but many i of the works oi our arasiours uuu of members of the coming generation deserve more than passing notice.

Wesnauiase piuuauio to review the exhibition in a com-in issue when a more thorough ODenea every day can D8 nau. jluo thejpublic until the loth of December 1 and evervbody in terestedin art should hasten to visit the exhibition. The reception committee lasi nicht was composed of Miss Parke, Mrs. W. M.

Graham, Mrs. TW ana Messrs Hitckcock and HutchifiSOO. I 1UA nnnimili TlBttDIS M- S. B.D01.. JtoUtor A.

S. WiUu ad ait. t.R Walkr.Mr.httdMrs. hp Oh! So Scared! Smith and Hicthock Tremble I Tl xt naa been well-known for some time lhat the authorities have endeavored br all means to disarm certain citizens who ware possession of arms given to them by the very same authori ties who at tfcat time desired the valuable services of the members of the so-called citizens reserve, The marshal has not been al together successful in his en deavors and most of the "sus pects" coolly refused to surrender arms which were granted to them for services rendered to the republic. Such a refusal has made the authorities feel rather shakv and they have adopted all kind of means todsecure themsftlvoo A the imaginary dangers spirited forth hy'the Wetmore gang.

ine following report of the methods of the marshal reaches us irdm a most authentic and responsible source. Last Friday between 7 and 8 o'clock the house of a prominent Portuguese was visited by three tools of the marshal who ostensi bly came to see if -the rifle in the possession of the gentleman in question was in good order as the authorities feared a rovalist uprising. The rifle was showed to the emissaries of the marshal and found to be alricht. On Saturday one of the official spies also a Portuguese told the holder of the rifle that there were suspicions that the rifle in question had been sold to the royalists and that an investigation would be made. Thoroughly annoyed the gen tleman who was subjected to such petty persecution.

by a couple of insignificant counter-jumpers picked up his gun and handed it over to the marshal from whom he took a receipt. No explanation was offered but the small tools of the ex-autocrat ofHilo will probably in the future devote their time to flour and codfish and leave rifles alone. Wheelers. Everything except the" weather is now arranged for the bicycle race which will take place next Saturday. The start will be made from Union Square at 4:30 p.

m. Besides Terrill andlGriffiths from the Coast, the following local "humps" will enter: Henry Giles, Jack Atkinson, H. E. Walker, H. Balstead, Henry Ha- pai and George Angus.

Civilization vs. Barbarity The Oriental War. The attitude of the Japanese army and commanders, has been most admirable since the begin ning of the war. The men have bohaved more humanely, and more honorably while in the country of their enemies, tnan nave tue "civilized" European soldiers in recent war3. Tho Koreans and Chinese have been surprised by receiving a treatment from the victorous army that they never dared to hope for.

The following paragraphs from the Kobe Chronicle are significant: Seoul, Korea i Oct. 14th, 1S94. Since tho taking of the Ping- yang I have read various reports regarding the battle, and as in the main they are true, and inasmuch as at present the woods are full of correspondents, I deem it best to give only a few reasons why since said battle the feeling of the Koreans in the. provinces of Pingyang and Whang Hai towards the Japanese has become most decidedly friendly. When the Chinese general first entered the city of Pincvane lie immediately issued a proclam ation caiung upon toe Korean authorities for money and provisions for hU troops, and 2,000 young Korean maidens.

The Koreans at once seat their wives and daughters 1 oat of the citv to a place of safety, only allowing wosea.OTer. fifty years of age to reaain behind, naturally think-ing of course that oil age would be respeoied eve by tka Chi- Such. However, was found not to be the case, and the horrible treatment these poor unfortunate wretches received at the hands of the Chinese "braves are beyond description, and so exasperated the Koreans that since tne iall ot Pingyang they have offered their services to the Japanese, and are ready and willing to assist them to the best ot tneir aDiiuy. It speaks well for the disci pline of the Japanese troops in Korea that since their arrival not a sincle charge of cruelty, has been brought against them, while the Chinese are known to have treated the few Japanese prisoners they made with marked barbarity. When some time ago tney caugnt a Japanese cavalry officer and six troopers, they first ran ars iron ring through the noses of their prisoners, attached a rope there- and led them about the streets for a few days, after which the unfortunate men were decapitat ed and their heads nailed to the city gates.

A like fate befell innocent Japanese merchants who were unlucky enough to fall into the hands of the Chinese. The Chinese who were taken prisoners by the Japanese are expressing surprise at the treatment they are receiving, and since the fall of Pingyang hundreds of the Chinese braves are daily surrendering. A few of tho Chinese prisoners I met have ranklv stated that, if it were umversallv known among the Chinese troops that in reality hey received better food and iinder treatment after surrender ing to the Japanese than while serving with the Chinese colotirs, but verv tew "braves would hink of offering any resistance the Japanese. Many of the Chinese prisoners are now employed as coolies, water-carrlors, by the Japancee Military Au- uorities. Fresli, New and MEM wm.

0 413 Fort Street. jVXei'eliant Tailoring- A SPECIALTY. Notice is called to our window of UNDEKWEAK at 75 cents per garment Great Bargains. KCCall and inspect oar stock. VANCAIIP, JOHNSTON STOREY.

413 TORT STREET. nov 17 tf An invoice of the Celebrated SHASTA WATER just received direct from the Springs in Shasta, California. "SHASTA" is the finest Mineral Water in the world. It is nsed in. cverv leading hotel and on all the railway dining' cars in United States.

"SHASTA" is the Queen of all table waters; blends perfectly with liquor of all kinds, and is a natural relief for all disorders of the stomach, kidneys and liver For sale bv all DRUGGISTS and the TRADE GENERALLY Macfarlane Co. Sole Arent9 for the "Hawaiian Island CITY CARRIAGE CO. Corner KING and BETHEL St. CAEEIAlGrES; AT ALL HOUES. 3oth Telephones J.

S. ANDRADE, Manager? june 15-t. LEWIS 4 CO. WkftitsaJe smI Rrtai! Grtceries AND PBOYISION j)EALEBS. IKES GiuFowni mm oh ici SyXTtrr Salt Salxov tx Bakuxs: A SfX'iLTT." taixiin Goods x.


The run on these goods has caused is to continue the sale for another week. We siill have a sweet variety of patterns. An encouraging lowness of price, because they are Quick Sales and Small Profit prices. If you pay less you can rest assured you get less. The sooner you appreciate this fact, the sooner you will realize that vou can Economi-j ze and still be a Fashionable Butterfly.

We want your" trade and will have it if goods and prices are an obj ect to you. As the time approaches for our proposed Tolcano trip, the Question: "Who has the most tickets?" is asked daily. We won't give it away, but simply say keep every one of your own as j'ou may be the lucky one. One thing now we want call your especial attention to is our Embroidered Cashmere Shawls in all shades We have handled shawls for forty years, but this'Mot beats thorn all. They are the kind we like to look at, and yet they are like tho rest of the goods For Sale.

B. F. EHLERS CO. KWONG SING CO. He, 303 King St.

Sao; to Brits JOBBING Promptly Attended to. nov 15 3m Wpegale Wiqe Liqnoi1 Dealer? 19 Nuuanu Street We would, call your attention to Our. Special Brands Long life tf.Pure cream RYE WHISKEY. 'i Fredericksburg BEER au2 in casks or bottles LEWIS J. LEVEY, Eel Estate and General Auctioneer.

Corner Fort and Queca Streets, Honotafo Personal attentioa given. to Sales of Furniture, Real Estate. Stock and General Merchandise. Tebofea 23- XftHUCE. ti few dmiy a tkorid to receive aad receipt for all wms owiag ae J.

LTJXTNG, at aayoftee uata drte W. EUSIKO. MtlTtk lH LOST. A Saabkin Cap Iai Bijkf, oa Beritaai, Akkat, or Skaaid StraeU. mat Ho41.

Reward will ftaid if raturad HIRES ROOT NERVOUS. HIRES ARE YOU! Can't sleep, can't 25. HIRES' eat, tired, thlMtj! It's ROOT a tonic vou want. HIRES ROOTBEER UC0 NC THSPACKACE purifies the blood, tickles the palate. WILVTS THE DIFFER ENCE You drink HIRES ROOTBEER i BEER rk cost APPETIZINQ anil WnOLSSOVl for pleasure and get a rocgRAXCB Pgre la m.

world, tstjt. tonic You take it as a Aak jour Srocvtst or ror t. tonic and get pleasure. uidc-c "dZJii nc-i nui Morning, iSToon, jNTiglit Good all the time. It remove the Linmor of sustains the energies at noau, lulls the weariness of night HIRES ROOTBEER delicious, sparkling, Good a a luxury, good as a tonic.

It Is beyond all dispute a wonderful drink, and It Is Terr aasv for an one to understand why this is so. The root, herbs, barks and berries, from which HIRES ROOTBEER is skillfully made, are the identical things from which physicians set their most helpful remedies. Fbr instance: Do you believe that sarsaparlila'ls a valuable remedy Welt HIRES ROOTBEER contains more sarsaparilla than many sarsaparillas. The same Is true as to other ingredients. It is dolnr more to advance practical tempc.fcnce than many people realize.

It used and recommended bv the most cantious and conservative temperance people. Th most scrupulous abstalnercan enjoy HIRES ROOTBEER hlmselt. and recommend It to others as an agreeable and healthful substitute for the strong drink which he opposes. It Is a homemade and homemaking beverage. It Is very easily prepared, ami if the plain directions are followed, it will alwavs be pood.

Every member the family, from the baby to the grandfather can enjoy HIRES ROOTBEER. and every one of them will hare better health for each swallow ther take. It Improves the appetite, purines the Wood, and tones the -whole system. Children especially dellcht in HIRES ROOTBEER. Its prepara-tion Interests them, and its does them good.

In thousands of homes, "HIRES ROOTBEER that mother made," will be among the happiest recollections of childhood. BEWARE 1 Do not confound It with other Rootbeer preparations, as It entirely unlike anvthlnc else of the kind. Beware of extracts advertised lor making- Rootbeer, as they are composetl chiefly of coloring matter and oils to give them flavor, which excite the nerves and cause nausea. Hires Improved Rootbeer packages makes reallr the most harmless of our fashionable drinks, yet nourishing and strengthening the blood. It cleanses tho system of the polsohus humors that develop in kidney and urinary diseases, and in fact, in any case that arises from an impure -tate of the blood.

Hires Improved Rootbeer is offered to the pnbllc with full confidence of Its mrlt. It contains no poisonous or injurious properties whatever, and an Infant may take It with pee feet safety. OUBERS: HOBRON HOLLISTER DRUG BENSON, SMITH CO LEWIS CO ti Honolulu, Ocuaj; HOLLISTER CO. Importers, Wholosalo and Botail Dealers in Pine Cigraars, SmolrirLg ToToaoco, and Smokeis Articles-Agents for the Celebrated G-. 33.


BEER Suppose Nbgara end; less stream It be se arraajrtJ By raajic queer, HIRES ROOTBEER Ctoukl suddenly changed. Think wktt a meca it would be For pilgrims, day and night, To stand and drink ups tke brink Its nectarous delfghto IMPROVED ifc BEER EASCf MACE MAKES FITS CAiW.HS Wholesale Draggiat. Wholesale Grocers. WATER. CONSOLIDATED Tin to thiaomct.

,274. iOTS i 5t.

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