The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1938 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1938
Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moinea, Algona, Iowa, March 22,1938 Illl is Time TO THinn OF RINGSDORF WINTER ARKANSJ Portland: Will Ringsdorf spen the winter months with his daugh tew and family, the Pete Whites « Harrison. Arkansas. He return ed home last week, stopping a' Maxwell, Iowa, for several days anc accompanied his wife home Wednesday. Mrs. Will Rlngsdorf returned last Wednesday from three weeks' stay at the W. O. Shlpler home, Maxwell. Mrs. Shlpler. the Rlngsdorf daughter, Neva, underwent a very serious operation at Mercy hospital Des Molnes. Feb. 18th, and was In the hospltai two weeks. She is now able to be at home and Is slowly recovering. I5th Birthday Sharon Mann celebrated her J5th birthday Sunday. Quests were: Mr and Mrs. E. O. Mann, Dean Mann, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mann and daughters, Wanda. Joan and Gwen Lyle Mann and daughters. Letha and Lrf>ls. and son, Fay, also Mr. an Mrs. Chas. Mann, Burt. Sharon, high school student, is a daughter o Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mann. Dave Weber Birthday Saturday was Dave Weber's birth day, and neighbors helped him eel ebrate the occasion In the evening by having a SOO card party. High prize went to lona Godfredson, low to Clarion t/ong and travel to Coren Clayton. I lib Birthday Mary Janice McWhorter celebrated her llth birthday which is on March 18th, by having a Sunday dinner. Guests were grandparents, Messrs, and Mesdames Bert McCorkle and Ellis McWhorter also Mr. and Mrs. August Slagle and children, Aurdey and Roger, all of Algona. C. E. Slbsbee. the expert cattle dehomer, was on the job in this vicinity last week. Geo. Lianning is nursing a badly nured shoulder received while un- oading posts at his home. The Chester nnd Del Fitch fam- lies spent Friday evening at the Tohn Nordstroms, Algona. Mrs. Ted Rlngsdorf and daugh- ter, Patty, spent last week Frlda at Bancroft with relatives. Lois Mann, who teaches near For Dodge, spent the week end at th E, O. and Lyle Mann homes. Mrs. Bert McCorkle. Algona, ac eompanled her daughter, Mrs. Raj McWhorter. to the Brides' School In Burt, Saturday. Mrs. Alfred Godfredson and he daughter, lona, spent last Thurs day In Mason City with Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Godfredson. Ralph Roberts was suffering t. such an extent with what was termed boils, he had to be taken to a doctor. He was taken to Algona Tuesday. Portland Peppy Pals have postponed their Saturday meeting until i later date, due to the Music Fest- val at that time in which some of them take part. LeRoy Lee and Letha Mann visit•d Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Reno Ortmann at an Algona hos- >ital. Mrs. Ortmann is recovering rom a recent major operation. Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. McFarland were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Waterbury, Mr. ind Mrs. Arnold McFarland, all of Irant: Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Long ind Bob Hamilton. Quality Tfoduck- F. S. 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Good brickwork can be pro duced in winter, but certain pre caution* are necessary In freezing temperatures. The work should b undertaken only when the temp eruture Is rising. The bricks should be thoroughly dry and kept pro tected by a tarpaulin or othei weatherproof material to preven accumulation of Ice on the bricks until ready for use. When ready to Install, the brick as well as the sand should be heated to remove 'rost, Ice nnd excessive moisture. Miter should also be heated. All Inished work should be protected 'or a period of 4 hours or more >y means of enclosures, tarpaulin, or other protective methods. Q. Is there any standard thlck- s* for concrete sidewalks? If o. what is it? A. Thickness of sidewalks will ary somewhat with subgrade con- ition.i. All sidewalks, however. hould be laid on a leveled bed of grnvel. cinders, or other approved material at least four inches in thickness. In general, the following dimensions will be found more l«>r less standard: For business districts—5 inches. For driveway crossings where heavy vehicles may be used— 6 inches. Q. Should copper and brass piping be painted? A. The only reason to paint them Is to produce a desired decorative effect. Copper and br?ss are corrosion-resisting materials, and do not need paint as a protective coating. Q. Is it true that water-softener equipment will aid the working of a hot-water heating system? A. Where the water supply is definitely "hard", the installation of water-softening equipment will not only aid the working of the water system but will oftentimes pay for itself In the »avin£ on piping and equipment. "Hard" water contains varying amounts of mineral content* which have a clogging and corrosive action on plumbing lines, heating planU and cooking utensils In addition, difficulty is experienced in laundering and washing of all types, because it is hard to make suds with such water. Water-softening equipment, by filtration and chemical action, neutralizes or deposits out the mineral content, leaving the water *oft for washing and reducing clogging or corrosion in plumbing and betting equipment to a minimum. LONE ROCK NEWS I he ('. 1! had a party at th<» liurrh t>ar>i>nazi- Friday cvf-ninz. | M:i!,y frotn (,,.,,. att<-jjd«-d the j rnn<-r«l of Cdw. Mario* at Hurt I Mr I l.i-r .• Krijfiui X\n;:,;i. ,Suc;i fVy. .'••. M... (;.., Swai.Mjii. ari'l i Tf,.-. Fllfl \V, .,•,..,. r . .,]„.;,» SUI1- | 'lay with Mr. ar,d Mr.-. ]..,ui- Wi-x- i<Ti<-r. A;>-.)'ia. ;,ii'i ralU-ii i>ti Marian .-v,.- -!,••«• at thi- li'dj^iial. , Th.- f. i: H'lmi-li'ildi-rs were j SuMJay raiit-M at Mil|.,n Mo<,r< V J \\V.\M. Mr. and Mr.-. It. F. Haw-' f«tt railfi] , JU ((,.. Moorcrt Saturday. Mr.--. J»-,.s^ Stifl»niz and dau.-ii- Ifcr^'.'aihfim*- left .Sunday for Jic« Moinwt, whctf- Mrs. STcbritx \vjh to out-nd a fj»m(jtulo>;i/,t K1 ",,n- Th«- Jim ArkariuariK s^nt Hun- day aftcrnooo and fv«rnin« a; JJ«-n CuetW'n, near K«tberville. and Mr and Mi>. Frank Kudn i»,-r<- a I HO T iif. f *, Mr and in a. JcoUrt Afkarujan fj*ra Hun'ia> at H. K. TraiDtr'.i Kaiia*iia Mr-. John lJc-rni)»fc> i>p*-n! th>; afu-uioon at John Arho- an-t'f,. FIT,ion M;-. F. F. H<-hro«-d»-r. Ft-nton *>-t:t from la,i »»-ck Tutv-dai till Fi.da> ar F F. ». ' Mi. ia.-i **rck "Jij»-sda> ihei*- Mr and Mi.-,. Ji. J Id, ^ M , ; ..,. -Saturday ul Fort bod.-.- wirh M, ami ili,. S <, Kord Th.- I. V\ •.»,oi,,, HM- a , M.». Ji. J. Ka- 1 on - AliJoua, i/i Hit attern'<on. Mi and Mi». A:.-X itadi^ aiiend- »-d a i did ljuny at "Nu-k" (;ens- i--r'-. J.otir ( ,(,ek, rfuuday tven- i :(i/ '( n(- Willidiu l£ath.«. Al^oxw, | 'I'l'' tn»- iU> at Mr«. Manila Mi^ l(o> Jku*en (-HK-I tain^d la*-t *»tk W«lne»da> in honor of Mir V J,. Wimleu'/i hiithda>. At- i'-i.d.n_-: Mra. W'halen, I>olliver; M:-, I. M Ji-n.-,t-a. and Mr» W J ' otton. Konald ( hriKteuion, J(-».se Jslanr hard, Marvin Acktrson, l^nu and liayinond nunworih. iiani roft, aitendtxi a i<a.-,kcthali tounit-y at l>ir.-- Moiiic.i Kndav and Mi and Mr,. Ma>i.aid Ku«.-< k t-n'.-. JJuujljuJili. Vt. .-iid NVelaud »ei. : i' ' : --' I " '•• .'I. . Jiid th,- l(...l:4 i :1 ' : - ' '•••• • >-'ii .'.. ,ii Joi,:i .-. •••:• i. ><• - ' ;, , r. •>i- I..-; ,.:. «:,i ih.n-ion i,u - ,,.. ' ••- '• -J ::'.:ii 1 !. I,.,!... Hi,,-;.- ..;,(.. -..-:i- -J :..•- .i^u-i.u-i. Mr, !'-!i"i-' ••! H..:ni».-:niv. and Mi.-, iial.t... O.-OJI. i.;u.mU .-,!!.• . 1 -,j I in: lia:r> llol>.iun.-. aa.l ! lie Ut:.d.-:. ){»(«.• i to tatni!> ncie Suu- •4u> 'J^.',..,-; -ui.-i:, at i) l iioij- ?o. r . .-. ban a:i-4 tiVfUti;-' -uv.^Us u[ Harry'* were the D. T.'s Dr. an Mr*. Raymond Hob»on, Marenti! and Raymond, dau(?hter« nererl and Betty. The James Longs were Bands) dinner guest* at Richard Ijong.'* The M. O. Richards family »pen the day with Mrs. Eliza Rlchardu Algona. Harriett Helter wag i Saturday uuest of Nlta BurtlB, Al The Alton Hurlburts, of Whltte more, and Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Kueck were Sunday dinner guestfl at Wflllam Nel«on>. Vera Morris, Cowrie teacher, spent the afternoon at the parental Charles Morris home. The Raymond Bierstedts. Mrs. Calvin Householder, and the lat- er'R children spent Sunday afternoon at Edwin Allen's, Swea flty. Mm. William Fish, Whlttemore, wa« a Saturday guest at J. M. }lanchard'«. The Charles Kruegern. Ceylon. islted Sunday at the home of Urs. Kate Hawks. Charles Hawks, plrlt Jjake, spent Saturday night lere. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Prlehe, ancroft, visited Saturday evening t Ernest Priebe's. Mrs. A. D. Newbrough was call- d to John Ncwbrough's, It-Jint, last week Tuesday by the ckness of Mrs. Newbrough. The xiwrence Newbrouelw drove down unday to bring Mrs. Newbrouph mie. John has scarlet fever. Sunday morning callers on Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rowe were Glen Kowr. Mrs. Fred Atwood. Mrs. .James Moline. Mrs. Gertrude Howe, and Mrs. Bessie Guentber. All of Kewanee, 111., Mr. and Mrs Fred Rowe accompanied the vl«I tor* to.E«thervllle In the afternoon to visit the H. B. Rowes. Mr. and Mr*. Jo*. Madden, Ring «ted, spent Thursday at R. F Hawcott'e. Mr. and Mr*. Ora Hurl hurt spent the week-end at J P. Boohr's and Earl Shalley's Nevada. The Harley Shellltos, of Ames, (pent Saturday and Sunday at N. L. Cotton's. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dlttmer, accompanied by the Leonard Olttmers, Burt, spent last week Tuesday at Ma«on "Ity. Seneca Elects Harley Hoeck, School Board Seneca: The Seneca consolidated rchool held Its annual school elec- lon Monday. Harley Hoeck waa rated In place of F. W. Baasett and *oe Crowley wa« reelected. Mrs. Sheldon Merrill helped her sister-in-law, Mrs. Henry G.-o?n, care for meat Tuesday. Mrs. Eulah Williamsen, matron at the teacherage in Seneca was on the sick list part of the past week. Curtis Olsen has been hired to drive the bus route, No. 11, which was formerly driven by Sigurd Olsen who moved March 1st. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Petersen spent several days the fore part of the past week with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson at Fort Dodge. NOTHING WORK WONDfcRS LIKE PAINT- AND IF YOU WANT IT DONE RIGHT, CALL \ Harry Baker ALGONA, IOWA 1'lione 778 421 Hall St. FOR QUICK RESULTS—USE THE WANT ADS FOR BUILDING, REMODELING AN D REPAIRING-AT YOUR SERVICE \ II. R. Cowan & Son "Kossuth County Builders Since 1870' Building Is Our Business . . . We Guarantee Satisfaction . H. R. CO WA^ & Office Over Iowa State Bank GENERAL CONTRACTING Algona, Iowa

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