The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1938 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1938
Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, March 22,1938 • : FARMS IN NEED OF MODERNIZING Make 1938 a Year of Farm Improvement, A Good Slogan Financing, necessary on many farms, where the CASH income is received later in the season, is really easy. Building and loan associations, banks, federal housing administration—all are ready to furnish necessary financial help when called upon, and where security is ?ound and the improvements are Messages of bnildinp contractors, all experts in farm building and construction, who are ready to gi\ whether the Job b* a wheelbarrow full or a carload. They are your neighbor*, they know your needs, and you can rely on their work and fairness. MAKE 193? A FARM IMPROVE- Since 1930. farm homes have had comparatively little improvement j •ad the same can be said of farm j WENT TEAR! buildings in general. j This spring, building materials Mr. and Mrs. Del Fitch enter- and supplies have had a real drop tained 19 guest* test week Monday to price, and there is every reason i evening at 7 o'clock dinner and 14 for farm homes and buildings to be guests Wednesday at dinner, both improved by taking advantage of being followed by 500 games. The this fact. i prizes were awarded Monday eve L. S. Bohannon Writes Graphic Tale of Death and Flood in Southern California FORMER ALGONA GIRL'S HUSBAND DEAD IN SLIDE Two Million People in the Floor Area; Many Dead Unknown WALL PAPERS Wa Paoer 1938 Patterns Editor's Xotr: Mr. Bohannon it to California test year, •ftn- flrraitl ye*ra as amfetant manmrrr of the Kmrafli Mutual Insurance Awt'n. He H now with Rnntngton Rand at Pasadena, OBfifornta. Braueip he S* wtdejy known, and hi* story fe» most descriptive of the recent California flood and Iand«Hde terror, we reprint in part • rr- c«it communication received from him. Elerant Hesiirns Priced right 14c 24c 19c 29c P«r Double Roll Quality considered no one can beat these prices, and they are seldom equaled. No Free Wall Paper —luit priced right to begin with. You pay only for what vou tret. Alpona Upper Des Moines. AlgonB. Iowa. Dear Sirs: I have regretted it very much that you were not our here to cover the preatest flood California has ever had. You could have kept plenty busy "knocking" cut stories if you had been here. | Fortunately we were living on j high ground, so we did not suffer j any from the effects of the water, I but the destruction wrought was terrible in some place?. It rained for about four days and nights. Monday I came down with the flu and fortunately enough, had to stay home from work. Along about Tuesday noon we started to get reports over the radio that parts of the valley were being flooded. It seemed odd to us that homes were being swept away, people were being drowned and crushed to death from land slides, so close at hand, when on looking out of our front window, everything seemed so serene and calm with rain falling gently and making the grass look all the more green. Radio Calls for Help As each hour went by the reports kept pouring into the radio station for help and as the announcer read the bulletins, we got out the maps of Los Angeles and started to trace the areas where the waters were raising havoc with the highways, bridges, and homes. That evening the lights went out for a short time. We then were a little uneasy as the radio was our only source of information, so that we could keep track of how fast the water was rising. We understood later that part of the power line from Boulder Dam had been washed out. consequently the city had to go bark to its own source of supply which rame on after about 30 minutes. Again we had the radio working and we were greatly relieved. Evelyn had occasion to open the front door that evening and we could hear a great roaring noise. About that time her brother came over and told us the noise was from the | Los Angeles river whic-h was about I six blocks from our place. That i t-ure took a load off our mmds>. XWtWCHXHJO^ MODERN! HEATING! A i s s u res Com fort and Health An Up-to-date Bathroom at Small Cost . . . : >J i;i-.A . : j I'iuiliiiill- ali.l iltalili^ Sj,,.,,.;;.', \\" » .,i ry a « 'ninjiit u- St,, : -k ••!' H; : i:.;..-•;.-. ,.,., Kiti-i; ( -u I-"]\TI.!-,- L\l\4.->ll 4 1> North Dodj;r t-h>,i., *M HUME UK ntt .Mci>o-\.'vi4J uu. tttAitK ,'.CfC'.C' V.V Cr.OOCa»»C. w^i,£^£is^?£E 'jid* Mi^wr H hisD y r w ai "L^, ^^^ - "; ^"•o'EMi V" ch™ ports of what was occurring and up the damage already done. The radio kept bringing reports, advising people to stay home if their property was on high ground, telling where bridges were out. calling for vol- Mr. and Mrs. John Joi.gberg nnd son Arden, and Mrs. W. Kesler. of Armstrong, drove to Spen- rpr last Saturday and Arden and unteers and giving instructions to Mre . Kes]er cong",,,^ an eye spe . ^i^-5^"eto«a^JC out and have a look around. So I Mstn,^ nf th« cn^n/..^ ^S^Zr^™*" &- former*^ Baptist of the been hearing about The Los Ang- Vw V ritv rhnrrh Th « «i ,>!«.« H™.r «rae •-oiii^. .i nn . «H?h I hwea ui ? church. The Mr. Siem- eles river was rolling along, with chairs.'tewrs^s'arfd p& rid! !£* '"ft™* «*» }»f« "e and ,he ing the crest of every wive. About ^^^™$$£ ^gS at the Estberville Baptist church March 20. ten of the twelve bridges that crossed the river were washed out Many of the homes that were built on the sides of the mountains were slashed in by land slides that started above them. Other homes were buried. In some areas it was a pitiful sight to see the fine homes half submerged in water and sand with a fine silt-like mud covering everything inside. Oieerfnl Despite Disaster Cou couldn't help but admire the spirit of the people whose homes were partly submerged in sand and water. They were at work digging and bailing out their homes and were cheerful about the whole affair. One lady remarked that she could use the fine sand that had come through her screen door to plant flowers in. i A mortgage company across the | street from where my office is, had a $4.000 mortgage on a house and lot. After the flood they went out to see if any damage had been done and when they arrived on the spot where the house and lot should have been, they didn't find either. Friend Was Killed When I was out here in 1936. I met a fellow by the name of Warren A. Atherton. and was with him when he bought a home. It was a beautiful place on the side of a hill. By the way. his wife had lived in Algona about 20 years ago. but I don't remember her name. We went over to look at his place and found that a land slide had torn the house from the side of the hill and had crushed and rolled it across the street. There were tons of earth where the house had been and we saw a number of men digging in it. After making inquiry we found out that Atherton had got his family out of the house and then had run back in to get some valuables, the slide came, wrecking the house and burying him. We heard later that they dug for two days before they found his body. Total Dead t'nknown While the newspapers out here have been giving reports on the number dead, no one will ever know exactly how many lost their lives, as tons and tons of this sand have been piled up in the valley which may contain the bodies of a good many no one knows anything about. To give you in a rough way an idea of the way this country is laid out. and how a little rain can cause so much damage, just picture a string of mountains in the form of a horse shoe, the open portion being toward the sea. Then place close to two million people in this valley <and on the sides of the mountain) for»ied by this horse shoe. When rain starts in. that which falls on the inside of the mountain drains into the valley. The streams corning down the mountains unloosen the earth. c-au&irig the land tlides and this earth and water come rushing into the valley And we were told, that uhin trai .sand and water comes dr.ivn it comet as a big wall. Will have to dose and get to work; trust everything is top notch u-itr; you E'. t!yn u, fine and the tjt.-y ih growing line a weed. Best regard. 1 - L K BOHANNGN. Mrs. Hugh Raney spent Saturday and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. C. W. Patterson. Ottosen News H. 8. students, Paye and May Van Busklrk, Prances Enockgon, Wehrspann, Kenneth Sween, Leo and Erlck Dahl spent the Week-end at Des Moines. Percy Watnem and his son Paul have been sick. Floyd Holt was a business call er at Des Moines last week Thursday anri attended the boy;;' state basketball tournament. The fourts six weeks honor roll for the Ottoaen high and junior high schools le out. Calvin Jacobson, Mavis Holt, Alfred Lee, Norbert Veerkamp, Mary Jane Hofius, Connor Starln, John Hansen, Leo Wehrspann, La Von Hansen, Thomas Olson, Richard Jacobson, Jean Ann Jacobson, and Duane Kroph made the roll. The March meeting of the Parent-Teacher association was held ast week Tuesday evening in the ilgh school auditorium, and the ollowing program was given: one-act play, Luncheon for Six, by Read The Want Ads—It Pays Stanley Enockson taking part; pl- ao solo, Miss Mood; one-act play, Pink and Patches, by 7th and 8th grade pupils, Jean Ann Jacobson, Bertha Longseth, La Von Hansen. and Richard Jacobson taking p«t; selections by H. 8. nrixed chorus. Yes - Lowest - Cost Save time and worry—purchase with confidence. Know you have the best—we meet the requirements. Automobile Liability Insurance—Dwelling— Household Goods and all other forms of insurance coverage. ' See Us Today for your Insurance Requirements Good Insurance Pays The Algona Insurance Agency State Street ' Home Loam C. R. La Bar re Automobile Loaiu Phone 06 Insurance SWEA CITY NEWS weeti wilii ail a Mn- i i'uej-!<- Eiti Mrs. :,0 M.-i- W; O A. Jeti.-on »t-re unday tt Stmuei . 2 X!; W. :l(-0 <"tiairi- Jamefc Devfcry i> Saturda> to father, ~» bo it Mifaiij 7 boiii poor; jfl Gordon v*-re > from Friday, 'it Ciui.-t.U-r Mr*-.. H»-iir> Or in en nave ;e.ta:.l I.MIK '.I M,t Ml (jKltlj .! frill - .<j 1. f - <--». : i. a:.-; Maij'.;,, M....-K.-I,. <,! • • • .- • .• • . i:'!«-ri'i'<j ; i.t FfcCtrii- . .-•* ' '.. * c.'. !JL •; .->.; s u T ciii y '..',< •. ;.:.<) :•.'. • .)',!.:.'>i. A!- I * r t i.<: :>;. :i.a. :uii'i, wt.- r.trvt-U ;j -J:. I-.-.• j;,,.:: Li»,- itcovtstd j •••• ..-: i.••;>• f.'J >. (j|.n*itioii ill Hit i / • -. ;•' • .-0 Lxiijt- i Lit r, • j. '.-'-»•« • -'id t.i,ii Miirlyn it sta>- Q i-.'.u i!'.- Jii<-,jb f'tttrt'Uij % '. ' :.Ui ' !..< < i. ij' t t LUfct'.iIl£ iOJ 9. j.' ',~. ' ' : ° r 'J". u ""; ' U * "i"**' *i, » till PLAN NOW TO BUILD OR BUY A HOME THIS SPRING! Figure it out... You CAN Afford to Have a HOME of YOUR OWN and PAY LIKE RENT We'll Help You in House Plans! We're ready to help you in choosing the home you like most. All the new 1938 house plans are <>n file here . . . complete with floor plans and architectural design. FRIENDLY INTEREST IN YOfB NEEDS EVERYTHING INCLUDED IN YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT • This Association will handle the financing of building your "dream home" or assist in financing remodeling or modernization of your present home. • Those building new homes can pay for r>. home of their own in monthly install- nients, just like rent. These payments cover all expense including interest, mortgage insurance premium, application on principal and if desired, tire insurance. There are no annual payments. Financing Your Home is Not Difficult or Confusing I—Loans are conveniently arranged to be paid off in monthly installments, based on what you can afford to pay. 2—There are no renewal charges, due to the fact that loans are long term. 3—Loans are made to a responsible proportion of appraised value of property; we help protect you, as a result. 4—Interest rates and charges are very moderate, monthly. 5—Through direct reduction plan, interest ratio decreases and paid-up principle ' increases each month. There is no con fusing finance. For 21 Years This Association Has Been Helping Hundreds To Own Their Homes - Why Not You? Algona Federal Savings s*?5\Sif^ CJ INSURED and Loan Association H. H. rowan, Pres. Ml H. Norton V,Pi, S . ,-. K . l.aliam s He,-,,va.. (i. W. Htillinan, Cornel H. M. Hauberg, Frank Kolilhaas, AJ. i'. \\Vaver, A. J, IVtenwu, Direotuw & 'Mn /i:: i. j-.i^af,h'jL, 'i iicj,ei«iy &I-• S tt.'tiUOL Alli.f.tliJt.'il Oa\ (tiartisj >?j^^rSj£j&s&SsZt£i&Sj&!j *t-'* Iti-Ut atO L Jjifc: tw-U up j EAST STATE STREET, ALOONA, IOWA

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