The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1938
Page 6
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FAMILY AT WEST BEND IS STRICKEN Daughter, Mother 111 With Scarlet Fever; Both Very Sick West Bend: The Oscar Maberr family have been quarantined fo two weeks with scarlet fever be cause Delia Mae was ill with i Now Mrs. Maberry has taken it an is very sick. Elsie, another daugh *? r - IS caring for the sick. Mr waberry is staying elsewhere tlm he may be at his work, buying stock for J. B. Afertz. Mrs. Sam Bnmvart. who has been ill with n severe cold and flu, is somewhat improved. Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Needing attended a supper at the Rodman church Thursday evening. Mrs. Jennne Simmons has been quite ill the past week. She Is being cared for at the Wm. Rileys. Mrs. Riley Is an aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter were Algona visitors Saturday. Miss Gez- jna, who teaches in Wesley, cama home with them to spend the week end. Lyman Riley trucked a tractor and plow to Graettinger Wednesday lor J. B. Mcrtz. It was delivered to Howard Munson who is farming near there. Miss Louise Needing, who had a Infected ear, is about again, th ear having; broken open Monday She is unable to hear out of her ea yet, but the doctor thinks it wi clear up all right. Mrs. Raymond Wilson left Tues day evening by train from Whit The Algona Upper But Motn&i, AlgMtt. turn Jforel, 88,1S$J "MARK BRINGS SMO.OO—Edwin Ncuhauser of Adams county. Indiana, hns just .sold the purebred mare pictured here to an Akron. New York, breeder for the magnificent sum of $900.00 one of the highest prices paid for a mare for some time. Neu- hsuser says this a!! goes to show that the demand for pood horses Is growing. CAPELLA CHOIR TO SING MONDAY AT WHITTEMOREIUTHERAN CHURCH temore, for Elgin, 111., to be will her sister, Mrs. James Moadinger Mr. and Mrs. Moadinger are mourn ing the loss of their baby son born months ago. Mrs. Moadinger was Esther Schmidt before her marriage, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs Henry Schmidt, retired farmers. ST. JOE NEWS Returns to Canada Francis and Edward Froehlich took Father Lukas from Marquis. Saskatchewan, Canada, to Mason City Monday after several days at West Bend, where he left by train for Canada. Sylvester Wagner Is driving a new Chevrolet coach purchased on Saturday in Algona. • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ebert of Whittemore were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Hackman. Darlene and Joel Reding spent the past week at the home of their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Illg. Alvin Erpeldlng returned to Sioux City to Trinity College Sunday after ten days at home recuperating from A recent appendicitis operation. The James Weydert family moved the past week to the Louis Jenk- Inson farm southwest of Algona The Weydert farm will be farmed by the Wagner brothers. Francis and Edward Froehlich of Marquis, Saskatchewan, Canad i, who are visiting here with relatives spent the latter part of the week with Rev. Dobberstein of West Bend who is also a relative. Also Appear on Program of Mankato Singers Whittemore: On Monday evening, Man-It 28th, the Bethany college cnpolln choir of Mankato will nppenr in Whittemore for n spring concert. The program is beinp sponsored by St. Paul's Lutheran Orrraniot Pianist tnl Mr ancl Mrs. Walter Wtgener. and urganist-±"ianiatto Mrs . Albert Blcckw . enn £ FafrvlIIe SWEA GIRL HAS BIG BIRTHDAY Jean Marie Peterson has Real Celebration On Eighth Birthday Swea City; Jean Marie PetersSW was eight years old last week arrd in honor of the event and her mother Mrs. Art Peterson, and two aunts, Mrs. Dewey Cochran and Mrs. Herman Bowman, were hostesses at a birthday party Thursday afternoon after school at the Bowman home Another aunt, Mrs. John Sanftner had charge of the songs and games All the little girls from the second grade were present. Including Violet Gcerdes. Lavonne Hedges, Mar- eye np Barker, Delories Lien, Dei- oris Kluger. Mertam Peterson. Dor- John Blum. Indem. egttle .. Harry P. Fl«h, Indem' fattle .. Scorje UerhnrdB, Indem, cuttle David A. Nosier indent, cattle InaocRon & Llnde, Indent cattle .... Alvji Knhler. Indent, rattle .... Clarence Seefleld. Indent. cntOe a?ft 17 01 10 35 51 25 14 65 v.u.*.tiw mrciicm. lllllflll. ffll^H? Herman F. 8od«rberg\ Indem cuttle 79 90 gelmer B. l.'hr. Indem. cattle . 10 43 Clarence W. Knnkofike Indera. cattle ". 27 88 Oncnr Hammond, Indem. cnttlr? 5 :m John L. Hnn|wrt, Indem. cut- Albert' C.' 'kol'lit'nch'" ImlVmV c'nt- fam E'.' Moi'leX 'iMem'. rtiVtie'.'.' iot R«Rp. v 1nden^|«ttfe Chrlstldft Home 0r»hann£e, „ __ care ,,,.• ............ ,. ....... Ho 00 George .7, Kalger, funeril — 6560 W. O. McCWonifh. fnnernl ---- »» BO Delbert FlBlwr, moving ..,,.... 800 H. F. DonorMH rent ....... ..... 2000 W. TJ. Martin, rent ....... •<.. 800 Mrs. J. E. Mo«M«. rent ....... 800 , ...... CONSTRUCTION FUND tfoa T. Xagent, tatntf ........ , Frimer, ro ntf .. dtattn »m 23 *K 2i SI 23 74 153 00 10 BO Harold Sclimlift, rent -. 20 ( A. H. Colllnsom. r«nt 10 ( E. Rons, rent 0 Of Alex Miller, rent low Mm. Dearch, rent 00(1 Dint. No. 8. Dr. Jansp. inert. ........ Cnt Bate Groeerv, ffm. Dr. CrctJtmeyer, med. 1<XM KoMrath Ho.ipltnl hf»p. on re 17:) « Bert Oooden,>«>'"- B. Moore, Leonard KolckW. Panl H*arry "SankeyV'labW*" Carl Bnach, labor .,,-t*. 16 DC 160 8 W 8 00 I I>r. Janse, nied Not Allowe . John 1>. , ..... H, M. Smith, salary . ......... 230 TO McOntrp Brothers, prndlnp ... 70S n M, M. Smith, (.nlnry ______ ,.,.. 2,1000 l)on T. Nugent, salary .,,,... 15300 JBsmnwon lards, Inc., sulies 1811 :io J. I. mnw . Sfe , .,,,... lards, Inc., supplies ryniBn. bridge worfc Mrs. John Schulz and daughter, Birdie, were Mason City shoppers Saturday. church. \V. H. Disrher. pastor. Brth- nny college rnpclln chnir Is n group nf 4fi voices under the direction of Oswald Hoffman. It specializes in siiiRinR snrrocl music and hns ho- come well known throughout the northwest. The choir wiff bring ns its nsslst- ng soloist, the brilliant young organist nnd pianist. Rhoda" Nil- c chhr. The concert will hp given in . Paul's Lutheran churcli niul wil nt 7 -If) n m. A silver offer ng will be taken. Bunco nt Chtirrh The Whittemore Lutheran young eople held their social meeting on Thursday evening In the Lutheran :hool hall. Norma. Mnxine and fayne Bell. Alvern and Harold ehnke and Elda Baas were hosts, unco was played at seven tables. Helen Hahn and Harold Voigt won high, June Wehrspann and Roland Esser won low. A lunch was served by the committee after the games. Peter Schumacher and Harold Knecht attended n meeting held in Algona last week Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartlett, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Anderson attended a buttermakera' session held in Burt Thursday. Mrs. Tlllie Wagner left Friday night for Chicago where she will spend a week with her daughter, Dr. nnd Mrs. Schaefer. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jensen and Mrs. Henry Kueck of Lone Rock were Tuesday of last week callers nt the home of the Art Helden- withs. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigl, Mr. nnd Mrs. Henry Schultz. Edna and Elaine attended parish night held in the Lotts Creek Lutheran school Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Eiiward Oreinert, Mrs. Clifford Frink, John Wegener. and Louis Greinert. Whitfemore. drove to Waterloo Tuesdav of last week to attend the funeral nf Mrs. Heidcman, n relative. Rev. G. H. Schaefer of Livermors had charge of the Lenten service here in flip St. Paul's Lutheran church Wednesday evening. The theme of his sermon was Umter Estimating Physical Power. Rev. II. D. Stahmer of Fairvillc will have charge of the service. Wednesday evening. othy Patterson, Velda May Floyd. Doris Knutson, Shirley Ann Kol- laseh, Norma Jean Johnson and Jenrr Marie Peterswtr. Teacher on Program NaoirtJ Hewitt wa* on th* committee at a state conference for 'better spwch" last Saturday. Miss Hewitt is" primary teacher ij» th« Bryant bulf*ing at Algima. The past mwtrons' club met with Mrs. Rena HrfRluhd Tuesday. Th afternoon was «pent playirig bridg» 1811 :io 214 20 .., I.TO fid . railing ..., 18050 C". M. St. !•. & Pacific R.T., ' . . . McGwire Brothers, grading McOtilre Brother*. " I- L - J r ! 1 . m '* 0 "' '"»•*•"'•'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'." 81)0 . . , Tom Reid, rat*. Guy Reid, rat If, Kl«k, . mt* , , Paul Hrttsfee, mt(t Ili'i-iiuin \v. Har . , A. Bnh"(ieu.«. mtir. A. Seltrnm, mtir. nitR. 5 70 * SO ?« jy B- Kss/^jbj? 1 '*' •••••'• o ; *S H. F. Sclitrttz, mtft. A. A. SchlpaH, mtg. Hnrr.y ,Sabl» mtfc. 0 55. Wa Her E n gs Mooi mtg 8 50' 8 70' (1 no . . Ehrleh, mtg K. O. EwolrtC, mtg, "•'-•• •»•"! \>n»"v iiit'ftr •••••••• »» tnF Indrew A. Fnaimma, mtg. .. 7 10 i'. M. Chrlstenson, m tg. 0 SO •• iV-' [' Bst ' m "* 7 "O vr. .miiotr, men * tint Aiiuwtr »r. Efloff, med Not Allower Dr. Andrew*, med J*n8bPHflers, nrov Jwfeinprtero Grocery, prov. .. BpimckCT Food MarkPt, pf— Krs. Malt Krilmnn. prov. T"«rnrer* Coon. Soc., fuel Hflrttr. fnel 00 0 20 00 11 6 .1 02 21 9 _ 10 0< T. ''P/TioSrrl friel" '.'.'..'......... 10 Oi Henry C_ Nelson, rpnt 2B 00 ewr? C.'Jfrtwn. rent •, " "" Dint. No. 4. ossrtlTi rinrnltal. hosp. cnr»' Alfoffprf. Pr. LTapMnfini>. m«l 50 00 oo I>r. Ilfilpller. rirwf, Dr. West. miM, SIprrlir Brothers, mrd Store, pror nrtmrvt Store, M.-Mullens (Jrni-pry. pror JB 50 t«no M 00 T50 2IP50 . filbert, Derlup, -harl«i Plnthe. mtg. 640 4O At Pre-NiUKIa! ShbWW Mrs. John Thul. Amanda. Rita Mr. nnd Afrs. Eugene Thul and son. David. Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Wagner and Rny Berker spent Sunday with Sister M. Georgene at Bancroft and Richard nnd Mr. and Mi's. Sylvester Wagner ilfctffe to Eagle Grove Saturday evening to ffttend R pre-nuptial shovvW in honor of Tn?ne Franrh. daughter of Mr: and Afrs. Steve Frnnch. Miss Franch vrilJ be married Aprif 28th in Eagle Grove to Wright Hiirst of L>t>n, Town. Mrs. Steve Franch. motlier fff the bride-to-be is * cousin of George and John Thul.' Agntlta Thiiges spent the pa:>t u-«Bk at the Paul ErpeUM'ntf hornet N ew EASTER BONNETS Delightfully pretty Easter bonnets! New poke bonnets, sailors, tip-tilteil vvatti-aus, uc\v wider brims . . . \ r (>nr choice i> casv. (Jailv trinnneil straw.-. felts. $2.95 $5.95 i:un : BOARD PROCEEDINGS IVIirnnry is. l|i;!X. 10:i»i A. M. , 1'iiln AH,, Comity I'.oiml of In wltu visors sllth Cuiinly lionnl. Mi-mln-rs nnwuK. Tiirojf. Conloii jiii.l Ciittiiiii-t/m ..f r.-il<>. Alto County nnil Fr:i.«i-r r.'nifr.mi. Morrl.i. lli'lkpii mid Mi Dontild ..f K>»»- suth County. Joint Knurl! proi-ivdiM l.y .-i|,i...|.il ag Cottlnct.iM tn in t as ('Initrniiini and Klnsev tn net an- Htfr-^lirv. Motion by Morrtn nnd wmiileil by C6nlon that gravel HK**»sMiitMits for Co. II Mi'GlnuJs. Irty lienhr-n I..Mi<lik/-. hty rpsii Apencv. ' frciplif \V. W. Si r. \V. W. Snlllvtiu. 1'. M_ imstjijfp KilwnriVi l.udtJo*. lity W. \\. 'hilllvnix I', ii, postnire Axi'l Krli-kson. lily Rupert tjililtkiv lity Frank r^psnildkt lity. . W. W. HiilllvaOk.'bty '. City of Alitiina. light sen-. ... C6lfmnn, bty. Li'iiiuii iu«i Kruvei iif*j**»sNiii»'iu.s [or «;"'•«*•• Y«"^""H>, <nj. ...... Joint Boail Districts No. 41(1, So :;«. $* rt HalL. hty. " .t.usrene Mrers. l>ty. ... Annnbelle Semon. snlnry .. • Henry Gettniin, w»od i-oium Mary K. Sandn. inlncj .. iKvelyn Ui>le. siilnry .Dorothy T.'. Wind* suUry iS? rl< J le « I ''« l * "nlar.v .. in. S. Congrore, c»oini. . , ; . b* (tinflrrmvl nnd that salil asB«»s- l>e «prpnd over illsrrlct n« » out. Ayes: All. K. S. Kl.XSKV Cownty Auditor's Offlee March 1. Hiss llftaril of Stipfrvlnors mpt piirMiimt to nfljonrnmwit vrlth ull' uinmhera [ire went. Mntlnn by Kr»»er n Coi-prove that the t _. petitions he plncrd on file. 42H 42» and 430. A>e»: A«: Mdtion bjr Helken anri il nwomlrd liy liiK arnvol . No». ,L'7. My Mnrrln that the Annual report and I be wml (nnniil report of County Trea»« »m>r M. J. Dnffy be approved? AyeiK Xtotliin hy Fra*cr nnd seconded hy. Cnnirrovi- thnt the Homestead credit- lalm of fieorue I!. Ilim.-oll f"r I!fl7 he cntii-elled an ri'iiuenled. Ayen: All. I'.ll.iu l.y Mnrrls nil.I R.-.,,n,|,-,| hy tlfrnri' that the flnnl estlinnle« "f M.-liilir,- Itrnthers he »p|rrr>vi>.l n« f..l .,«». No. :i. x,,. •(. N,,. ir. \i,. it No. Ifl. Xii. I. No. 17. N'o. l.T N<.. I iin.l \i«. II. Ayes: Alt. Mi'tlnii In- Tr r nnd sei-i.ndnl hy 'o«|{rrive Hint tile (lid Au-i- I'eti.lnn Tux. liiti-ri-t iin.l p.-iially nf i;|-.|.-r iiirnnt c.f the yi-nr* \'.r.'~,. nn.l l!iS7 ie Ay.'H:' All. M..||..n l.y Prn»er nn.i ^itonded liv '"-irr.'v.- tlinf l.,,i« 7 an.l -. HK,.-k '-'. A hlltemore. li.wii. he .-i-»,.»-,.,l nf $Tli.llO '.-I. 11 ,-i- re.-i.liiiiien.liMl l,v T"wn Cmmi-ll 1 (Ml 1 00 3 oo 1 1HI -tr, 7.'! 1 IX) t <x> l oo v> no - . . ......... lenry J. Kohllinix. mt(t- ....... 0 10 t. It. Lnppp. mtft ...... ........ 700 f*n Atndorfpr. mf^r, . . ________ . Jt.DrpeMnnn.mtp; ............ J. H. HoK'ornh. nittt. ______ ..... „ Rpotjo. F.. nnttprflel.l. mtic. ... •1. I. Mprrymnn. hrlilirc work . StAlNTENA WE PPXD' Cenf«s) states KHwtrh* Co., llirln sprvlcp ..... ^ ...... ____ . Interstate rower C.o., 1'. Jfi-nhnnfd'. fn«-l 25"W . A. Afiirrny, tm-\ 01 Xf Angnxta Ilelt«, rarr 14'OW I. I'. iMi-Onhernn, rent 1000 'Inrdy Knell, rent BOW 3. II. Sherlrt'nn, rent 1000 f. II. Sherldhn reirf S 00 C, II. Schroder', rent n 00 Ocnernl iTior. )frt. Ilerth pMlmnn. Jntitrr .. 750 Mrs. Kthel .Iqnes. Inlinr L 7 K . .. ...... MilfnnI Fire K Tnrnmfo In*nr- 1 Co.. prMilnin 1 7 .To 820 SIM) 2S3 73 i oo loivd ITnlnni Telephone Co., telephone serv , Tltonkn Telpphone Co.. tele. .T. Koott, Inlior _ Krontlnicn. labor . Inl.or It, V. S1or««»l[. inunr AMIrpw Kromlnicn. inHor .. I'llr of Al«nn,-i. llRht serv. llert Shellmnver, Inhor .« " iMer Ctu. K»plilli>s :lnrry HelniKiv lulior ..., Mnr.'. Mnore. lahor ln*V»r KromlnffH. Inhor .... H". , If, Kli-klpfH. sit |i|i] |p« P. W.-ilti'rs. j>npp]|t>.o Se»- KVOd (ITi IM) J. . . Hlon .......... .. . _ ..... Mi-Honnld, conitn. •Ion a. ii. •ion 178 75 121 85 157 45 1ST 03 150 G5 P. II. Ontwln'Kip.'Ylel.'TaY.'Voif at*rj Lorn, Hoard am! tn-lfr. p*rl»on"— Wm. sill.. (HpbtVh. Ii efnd'e cru ...... . lrlrj-. irfflri> t«p Vrr* K. wi 1M .|ptiTr. Wolf. M..II..M l.y Fr:i- l.'lk.-n Ili-if Hi.. 'rilnn T«,wn^hl|, Ml II«-ili.-n "II III. in by Frnn- it |.;ui|< , fiilluwlliv li.lltl.--. (i^nrgc fniiilly. A. It. I'n ilk-ilk :i I Hurry |',r.,wn itli.l f/iinily. I vU nnil family. Mr-. Currli- nn-l Kwlnir r,-iirM.ii,-f. Aye* •: All. li.l.-.l l.v •',l| Tnv riiiniT 111 . n'H.-f.M !'•. A.vt'- : .,• MTV,-.I .I.,.- I .on,, nn.l l-'amil.v . if- ;,,,,! All. ••oll.l" I l.v ni'l . .H llant'i' '_"• Million by Ili-ikHti iiiiarl.- L".i f..r Town 1...1 I I'or Hi: Ili-tri't Town-lil|. :i S..I.H.T- i:\i-iuplloii lie r|.-h nf f..]]..«ni(.' .|e-. 1-iH- I!. On.- ijii.irtt-r s\\' l in.- 1>: T.,WII-III|, '.in Iti.uce 1 I... I M| Alu'on.i t i .,f l.uV«-rn K I Oriu' It ..... I I 1 . Wolf I... \..:.-r:tn. :.< . ha iv.- n^'i.i :,t,..| r.-..-..n. ill.N -t I'rank inli-.i wur M..II..II I,-. Fraser Illur i. . i ru- i ^ >.ii f.nmhi'i-. l'.|.- I' ill M. I'., k-l I... M ,r '. I '•'. I- k IV M . f lull.I A..-.. ,\;1 M..II..II I.V M..I .Mr^. Lee o «l""T'nlllV i.. A. winki-iVorVi".;. ".•M'I. r/.','," r " r '' '•"TO'"'f <"S,. fllllynnl ClMin|.-al Co.. il^r Hnini I'ti-rrx fj.k-f.ffi K.v^r.l!' iirlntliiL-' .M.HI l'.-irr,.rl ,v S..IIK Ci. J|2;«^|"/;fin; H iw'''c : . /• J ' ; ; 1 '; lI ;.' oii ' I ''K»"''"''-i ! ''' l ' ll i^.. '"»«,'I' FI 'M" i; "'''''"'"'•••''•«"'''• ; -'-"' : <ii'! J_i-nklii^ iVi irrfmp. r.... vnp[,]ies L'L'.-ir.l ,v \V;illi>r. |.rlnnn-j .. Itnin-rnfi. lif.fl-ti-r. iirlnnn-.- I,!!,"''""""' '' llnm l' ! ""i print- WenTey Xe'wWorid.' ,,'nn'lVn'c "'"l.v !!,...(,,,-r. I,Iv. . .. Kill J. ftnrnen. Illy. . . I'I. k Sli-tnhnnl. 1.11 I'. A. r>n»«im, .7. P. n-i-s ( ll-i'l I.uss. »llerlff fee~ K. Specht; inuyiir fee« '.'.. .1. BlUkeii. iii.-iyur f.'i-k j i||p T. MI.IIIII, iiiur>»,,n f^^ ; I. K. .tVortiimii. l...-nl r.-i;l~tnir II. II. lireyer. rcKiatrnr . .lilll.i \nski'. li.ral ri-iiUtrur ... ir.r ; ••-" It. II. l-'lliiuell. I..-ill l.-i^'.stVn A.l.ill I .Ill-nn. I... .ll |-<l K |.||- al . I Ifcn-n.,' |n,fr. In, A| rt-KUtrar 72 50 110 40 -1«7 4.1 47 63 2rt SO \. IVtws. lnlm.» A: C. *'hlnsei. supplleV."!!!! l"eiik Motor Serv.. sni'pjtes . •'rank-I*. Klsher..«n|.piles .... Oreenhere A'iitr>. Supply. R»p- >llt.'h''! Super Servh-e. sinipUeH . Norton *.- Wm. supples .. «irmors Coop. SV»_ «ii|,pl|.r« . "e M. Knser. pnlrol '.•t Knrh»m. patrol' Tom \Vnlr. patrol' «Mfih Mirtiln, imthevl John IInii|»eln»nu. pntrnl U"i«,.o. l/ailwlir, imtrol K. L. lluinf pntrnl' Fre.l J. Coon, pntro! , S. I>. Mi'Donnld, patrol nnn Ai Qronhack, imtrol ... Hubert Merireii. pntrnl „ ........ iatm| patrol Clifford Holme*, nanrol I-.vell W. Miller, patrol refer M'lvli-k, pntrol M. Ij* \Vorhy, pntrol- •Inr fladden. Inbor '.'.' ArnoM IVIperdanit. Dthnr Alton- r<?ttlt, imtrol J. !•". Qulnn. pntrol Mervln Mnrlnw, iintroi MelvlT* •' " C 07 IB 15 (t SO T >* S 40 7 -II r.n v T2 3! 3-4 (tt^ xi m') U-' IUI -.M 7 Oil 4 (H) .•3:00 !•' W.I 7S 10 Mrs.. Iterthn IVpttninn. Innor .. Kthef Junes. Inhor .., Bertna Dettinnn; Inhor Kthel Jones, Inhor Kthel Junes. Ijihor Mrs. flerthn Detrnmn. I'nnor .. Hllin Ontruin. Inhor Chrlsi'l'rtlles Store, mlpplr Urnhnin-s store, sitpplles' .. Moe *- SJOBren.- supplies ....!.. Pole Ohrnire stiiip|le« O. r. McDonntd ,« Co;, supplies '_ 1 80 7 fiO 7 no 7 no 7 no 7 no jTO 00 21 00 2ft 10 1 sn IS 00 RS ."0 Nick Neinmern, labor »" Earl Dltmvorth. Inbor ..* }J * . John Mc-Oovern. labor C. Neramera. Inbor B. H. Jones, labor 10 01 10 OC 2 00 5 23 PWry Torlne. labor ~ »£ C«I1 McVay. lahor ...- 3 W County Farm. „ M Dr. .Innse. med. ^ "" Dr. John Hennlii med 9 m ng, labor"!!...:..., 50 00 Frlnk L. Miller, . , llRht serv. F. S. SJd«on £ Ron, snpplles Chrlsrhllles Sterp. snpplles ... Dr. W'iillin;e; nwif .............. ~red Parfe frrflrtit .......... ohllinns A- Pfp-IItrj". supplies . irCormlck Deerltif Store, sup- pllesi ...... . ................... C. A. Heard, labor ............ Rlchnrdson 1 Pivrtrffiirp Co.. mip- l»lle ICE 40 m X 0." 850 i 75 1 JS 2 IS 2 iHsotiVKlV: Tnwl Ihe County Auditor" Is hereHy, airtB»rl*ed tn Issue war/tinta for ollfs allowed nt this neeflna- ns "per £ern»rfnl>' o Clnlms lerelrthefore Wntf.?!!'.^ Motion hy Frnser nrnl neconded hy Morris* flint tBeTe befiw no fnrther b-islnef* nt thl« rime, tn* Bonrd nd- lonrn until Marclt 2K 19TW. Ayps: All. F,. S. K1XRKY Cowinty Auditor list. No. 5. >r. Wllllrtms. meiT, Ifl 00 >r. Dolmit«>. mftf. 23 2.1 .larjorle i«elnlt». Dire „.. 2S 00 lowen * Ornpp, pfov. 800 ty-Klte Orticnry. nrnv. 1000 tloomsters Grocery, prov. 17 00 [III Top Lfelry. pr.'v !• 04 'Tmsern Orncvry. pror 400 rrtnherir ni*rery. prnv: ., 1800 lily Vroomnns Orncery, prnv. 1." 00 ii»l ApplNiuTnt. prof. (t 00 II M. Over, prov 1500 . \i. Hfln.irn prov .IS 00 Vnrbnrtons Grocery, prov. ... R2 00 '. C. I.lnde. p-rov. — 500 . B. Smith, prov. ........... WOO fs? Win rkcn.Y. prov: ,... * 74 nrnws Klevntor. fuel I* sn rs Hen RuMiton, rent Tn 00 enfr Kline, rent TO 00 rt l>stcr. rent' 10 00 On motion Kiii»rd nd.loitrned antlT ATTOWSTET8 AT LAW R. J. Harringtm J. 0. Low* HABBtKOTON ft LOW* Rooms 212-14 FJnrt Nat'l Bk. 8Mf. ALOOWA, IOWA 9. I* BKRTAIt ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will reeetre prompt attention ALGONA, KJWA W. B. QUA«TON H. W, MtLLER ATTORNEYS AT* LAW Office over (Co. Saving* B*. Bldg. Office Phone Vft ALGONA, IOWA A. HCTCHISOtf DOKAI.D C. HVtCHlSOl* THEODOWE C. HUTCHESOX ATTORNEirS AT LAW Security State Bliv B\dg. Phunre 291 !. J. V^n Ness G. W. SUITiBaa V AW NESS ft iRELLMAT? ATTORNEYS^ AT LAW Offices in new Hobe Building 'hone 2T2 Algona, Iowa. CoUtTtV Auditor patrol' I-.nrl Rnrlntr. patrol ClipRt^r Alrap. patrol •J. M. Long, pntrol _____ ....! . I.PO .. labor labor 77" no 7i> mi r.L so- 70 4.". irvr !>•. si on 84 «•' *« 40 71 filr M no 77' 74 7S 40. 77 S." nr ir 8 10' ni no 01 00! ST ir. S7 s.-, sr sc *i nr, 7n IB ft-40 1 17 SO J. B. F.Ik, patrol ...... mj m IMck IM.d*. l»mnr...:.. . .. ... max A. J. Oliver Young, patrol ...... Lynn. Kurnenrmthpr. p«tro }.V?,,5!?" Illl '' r . P«trol Kd IlflKpT. patrol Hilffli llutterfleld. pntrnl ivte i;«-per, lalfor ... Mike IfiU'er. pntrol '.'.', J. It. Mniitirmiierv. pntrnl . '.liiii-r KwliiB. rmtrid 'nine. Kejsn. labor •> 'ji ii- \ V ' K ' Xel*«n; «iiripil»-< r :.r i "''"I'M Ntnndnnl Serrli-p s plies Knot Itnrdwiire. Hnpiil'leV" Kohlhnns A Spllle... mipplh.'i A. !!. Twreli'i). supplies Patrol patrol' ."."."; ffi ad A4 a!r 7(1 .TO m i.% 7fl on 71 .V, .14 y, MI no so n !M 40- IS 90 '?5! f li-ttliiK for D 11 • l!,.H .f I...t : M.-..I! :!:•! s ml.-.I l.v < ii-..<-...I ntmlr...! I.I..'k '_'H tii'i.'i.,., I..w.i tl..- • .-..I Vl)ll.,lj.,fl I... .,!,.! ,,h:,l...l .(„ |,, H .. -t.-^t r.iv.^l l.\ flir. .11! "II Are You Ready For Spring? Scud us Vniir coat <n hi; cleaned and pn-ssi d. Our repair department, can take care af alterations ni' .^liurti'ii Viiiir coat. Fresh Clean Curtains Brighten Your Home Van will like the way \M- Call us today Elk NORMAN £ PKHUY Phone \Vi' Deliver ,1 i;.. f'.r 1'.'' 1 l.-.l A. II :i r '•iii-.v TJu'li-ii. nil_< I'I-III-II-III-IMIUI. V. II u-1-..V iTi - "• Ii HI-. i: K«ll\. in;-. lo.ji •I -I- t 1, • A\.-M..II..II I.', ll-II . -. !:iir.'.,.i . ,-inn. .11.. ,, :,• • IM.I.-.I nn.l H...I in f I ."illil.Dll h^ in:!.!.- 1. J-;il 1:1 Miir.-.iM ;is [ir< i..- ..i r.'-.i r...i,. .,i M.>ti.,n l..\ |-'i-ii.!-r M..II-I- rliiil Mvilli- . inciiihiTnlin, I,,, appro I'll i'...n "f K..--.I1' il I ..IHIt V »1.|-.| In I Tni.t.-r foil.i. Ay..-- All. tin.I -.-. oi r |,.,' I,-. Kl... k.- )»• iiivi-n Mluki-l. Until., I '• A-.- ii.. ll.-. Slu.II.i Illhil r - f, T. l.rn ^M.,1! ifl\ . n t.,n (,] M..II M.-ili.-i s i:. .-f *: M M..I : ! i. AU..W.III. .- ,.f $10(Kl |,,- r in.iulli ,-in- .,r Kln.-Kv n~ ..t l-t. 11i:-.->.'K Ail. I.i ll.-lk.-n iiii.1 :-...'..!,.I • I I > t! Fr.illk II. Ki-b.-l tn- ntr.i. i l,,r ('!,.-. r .i.-i ,,n.. u.ill up iru. k. A vi'- : Ml Hill l.lll,.,! w. ii'"ei,'ki.'i-' ; !'.••! I t'mlrr. l( u,i ll. II t>r>rr. -in I'r. Ja[i,,- i I'I C. Ii s, KM.I.. I..,,,. A M. IIIIlu; p|. lull' ll. O. A. I- 70 1IC.I '. •II (17 42 nn Ml SO 1 <KI I III) i.-i no in ni .t on 1 1.1 2 .',0 l 7r. ? .^ 4 M 1 -tl I IM I no > no I no > mi * on N O.J b IDI -. IW S I* 1 l»l I Kl 4 'M I m> In wi IH mi . wi 4 Ui Iiilernntlonnl ii *.ii|.)ill^« nhrvp.«tf-r Arnolil XIMor S'ui'iiU- VI. |,. P H:iL'lnn.l. .iij,|,| si-niiiiril H.-iirlnm ('„ I'll.-B f'f.r.l I'l-rnn Him.' fn., MI Sllitp ir.Mi Slur* I'ft.. vil '•wnidiinn T....I «V> MILi K<-llv How IIIIIIIHIIK'OII ("•„ .1. ll. .tllMinv Cn'..'iilni'ijli StJiiiilnril Supi'lr C*i m lill.i.w r,,,,k Tniftiir '<;,. f't-ntrnl Auto KlH-trl'c'V'Ii' I.II..K l-'t. II.I.IBI- Auto Wi-t-i kin tlpjiilp«i . ni|'- I 21 in 10 4 TT, 52 ,-!^ 17 ?.ft S ||,,. T!.-| I'.ll-li.. l.ll|,l,|lei< ... re Hf)B<l MSf-li. ('I.., su|i- * & iip. iri- 111 I...I,, fill ItT I ( NlV H. .1. KitH.-ninii. i-.-|,,,rl.-r n- .i.'iiii ii. K..HI i.jihir Frnl,.l, Huvi.1,,,-1. r,|,.,n,-, r,.,. < u.i.-.*-}- I,o.-. iiilli-a«.- If. -I. Klllli-IH.ll, II;, 1,^, ri'j,," " Ii. W. siillm.ii,. ain.riH.v f M '. 'I. II. I'I'.Ml I'i .1. T. U.ili,- T. )•.. i Uh| , rr K\ >|.. .. 4 .» 3 75 ••', HI 'J (Kl Ifi t»l Ii INI ll.|.llo» 'Ml OU u m> -s 2I. .'.I UI ID V, 51 71) s no IU DO I-'t. tV)., >.ilii|flli I..'.':. Ml,.1,11. hUl^|flll*H . . (,|..l»- M«, A «II;O.H«- l"W:i l-ulill.- Sor\ >*'I'V IVlltr.ll SI;il.-> III.' » IS .1.' in C7 70 Jll XI 471 -1 17 Tl 4 74 2:1 or M' K! A: Supply C,,. Supply Co., lral Stall- < iri.- l.aiJiri'l* A.- fiVavrr, 11 .1. I. MITI-V limn, l.rnli.'. K. A if. nil r./.'. MII'I'.II'.." >t»n.|;ir.l iril I'.,., ^npt'ih" \\"llf.'l(T I.fllllll.'l- 4-1... »ll V/. K. MI ijh.inil.l. su|i|,)|,., I'UAIN.AliK fl N". I .->njilci'». luo..r ... M. K. :: HI* l'....|,. C. Dr. II. K .N... t Alt in I'.jkih I,I...r In-. II. K. N... •rtlll. ^1.' HI.rk . '-•H mi ITU r. t I: t «.• 1 IHI :a»i Vi r-t •»! ift T.I tW ••!! «4 fell 7U I OU J1.|,1U-- L' V! l.iauuii riinii -.I. In. in. l ;i .l.iin.-M K..|-.,. 1,1 I'l Tri. ^1. M:,I.3I, Tli..Jl| "I, .I.IJII.-.1 Inill I'l I'M. .S... 1. I'r. Ciirhin. Sill. HUI-I..I,, .,f AU I I 'r. .In iihc. IIH-.I I'r. l:;isi,n lll.-il )lrn. A. I'-. I'ulilikiik M/a. A. II. I'liiiiikik. '. ii I'll Ilul.' i;r,,..-ii. |,i,, - .. . Ifuki-r* t/«Ir>-. jrf-wr •Suuki-ys sturv. |>ru» o. Klnsi-tn. |iri>t Mm: A. Sj..i,-r,-i». i>rur Ht-liro^tf (iroiery, p>ri>r \VUson (Vro.i-ry. i.ror Huff RfMtauraut. (»ri>r A. H Whin- Co.. IM-UV II. 1C. Xiiliiurk. l/ror J..I.M Will.Iron. i*rwr AMwrr -S.-h&iri.lfr. i»tttr ' Ill mi 111 IU! 4 IH) s mi ll no ii mi S3 .'.tt II) IX) 5 00 14 IX i 4 IIU 17 on 11 (Mi ?.". HO 5 tit) :i on I.... 1. . for All. i- t!i.-- I 1 ....i.-.I -IT I ' '..II.,I;. >r li.i-. l;..:ir.l I. -. all.I IMI-V I hr.-. I,-.1 Ii. irl I! .<v*.,n l.. II,.- I-.ii-' T'.ivn.lili II.- In- . M .1 I' M. i ' i.-w bill, ll.-i.-lnufie . KIII-.I-.V S,-. | rtjir v ,.ro. i- ( -.lf.r t.. mi. Ill "iicr S.-Uedult! of Written." Krui i:.i«.ii-.i •I'-m _ Mi -. lvlli;i ll.irr. ln.|.-ui . alllc H.IIV..J .I.-ra. u ...n. liiilciu ,, l!.. A .l.-in. .ail H.-UI.I A. M,,!i,,,.. In l.-iu'. ",'.,"i VI, |.,r Hun. liLli-nt. , ;ntl.- ".'.'.' AUXU-.I Kr.uMi in.1.-in. <altl.- I'Vun.-l. I). Cu, Lriin . atll- 1-ranl. X. l)i-it,-i-iij;,- i-allU- I.i"j I'. Kllii-rt. lU'li'in i-uiti..".".' <:,-.. in.- H.•>-,.„_ in,l,.u,. ,-uttii- .. ficorjje IIItf(fiou. Ili'lt-Ul rutlle . I'atrl'-k II. M.-NiTtui'y. hiil.-m. i-uttle Har.iM Millar, iu.lnu. ,-utii B '. Kred 0. AaJi-rsoti Iruk-iu cauls /.•n l.-r & fa!,l».-II. Kiin.lii-B Sanf..r.l & l.ln.l. l.ak, furl . I Ib.tnf.ji-.l I.tiinl^er I'o.. fuel iU III , Ar, Ii, c.j.'il I'.;., fuel '• 'i'ltt'- ... 17 sn Km,/. <;rnln rv. fi|<-l ii»Irm. i ni. I r..i-nj..i-, Kh-vaior. (ui-l 1U :ai . K [•-. Hurtln. rcut I'l'-i'i. ..illl- 17 :,> JI;i rl in KLvbrlil. r.-ut lor 0 I'l'l'-m. MII- I ii..r.v in,.I Ft'l.ruury 7 at , r. II. I.|,-l,tv. r.i-ut Mr*. Jw IJ'-bl>'. rt-IJt 17 K-J i>|si N.. '-'. mil- II !»« l>r, .IIIIIM-. uii-.I .. I'ut Uiilc <iro.-i-r>, i.rur H.....U I i; A. Sti.r.-. i,r.,» , 7 71 l:i.i«f fc r,l I.uml.i-r <:,.. fu.-l ^ fel i'ni-1 I- 1 . Aiilik.T. n-ut IT. Mi-yi-r. liit-il IT. Fn'i-.-r. in.-.) I'r. Wi. ll.iri-. IIU-,I. . 1.1 :«» IT. rn-iziiu-r.-r. HH-.I "... IT. .Inn.-,!-. Mi'il I'r. I'-otiru*'. lucil I", or. IT. K.-i.i'fl.k. UR-il S 7H A. H. me,I K',Mtlll.ll IlunpltUl. lll.AN. cure ^1 10 7 70 •M 05 20 U •Jll <M 17 Tl K 39 i ou W no 8 ul> 1 13 SI 04 T 14 a et 16 00 •jo oo A IN) 10 00 K.,-»Utll Hunpltu. . Mr». Jutu^s fiulU-^er. i-ur.- Mr-. Kiln Itrl£|[a, rare ... Furuuuis flrorery. prov. Soivuson Crorery. Iiruv. It. A. Clurk. pror. W. T. I'll.-hcr. prov. .. Norton Lumber Co.. fuel Mr*. Wm. Mypr*. care .. St. Aulliouya Houiv, i-uri.' 45 00 101 IIU Oil U, !H 4S .\'ut Alliiwv.l rm so 7 (W 47.1 M) 00 T.I 00 18 T, :u no S 10 1.1 7."i inn oo 17 40 95 00 .'i5 Til) 11 00 R no 8 Wi 73 83 10 00 45 00 art- i Ciaflons tins Free Wi<li 5 Gallon fill As OUST Grand Opening-Special Sat., March £6 QSTE DAY ONLY \R<-ih.viti«-y»iu to get. acquainted, Tn kn«»w HW better—Don't Miss - Tllis umitwiaT "Opening Day' r Op- liwt.unity=-ONE DAY OJTLY. Stewart Super Service CHAMSTLJH PRODUCTS' Corner State & Harlau Sts. to keep youftt!" says Great American Pilot Murivin Aton of American FlagMpt • No wonder Quaker Oali It called' ttEAKIAST OF GRJEAT AMERICANS I It's • warm, friendly breakfast, rich in Baror, rich in food energy. And gives you oo abundance of Nanue's Vitamin B,tbe rhamio your tyicemincedi daily to combat nervoiuneu,coaaupation and: poor appetite 1 Yet Quaker Oats, mainstay of millions, coats only H cent per itrving. You can't beat Quaker Oats (OO TOWfXt _ CONSTRUCTION Where these lines meet u "THE END OF THE ROAD" TNFERIOR, wmpowry high- wtob other tjpet of pavement, irj±r±si: «?—*«-*• r-rrsxr^ 'z-r™^"^ ~.««ofd»i«Jo n .41l5; »il~of|»»«.«loZI«.m "» ™* *•" »"• _ every ftata that «%iikH«li^« aoDiul road money toes for t •••"/ ""• »"» r™* "* u " upkee P !Tben,«ch/e5ofSe *—««*• road" has been reached, both CoocreM i» the ftandard by literally and figuratively. which all roads are judged. i» D ^ u t ». ^, iniuring maximum •afety, But Here a Big New* I comfort and economy for mo- Taxpayers uve from $88 to wr ***»- High viability at night eMyoatirei,guaadrepair*. $465 per mitt per year m the eott of turjace maintenance OH concrete bigbwayt compared Da*n«Kl concivto f»r your IS THE REAL iUW COS! fiQAO PORTLAND CfMINT ASSOCIATION 408 Hubbell BUg., DM Maiou, low. A CM to to«mM a* ua*4 Hv aylord D. Shumway Edw. D. HSrtly SHCMWAY A KELI>Y ATTORNETS AT LAW Office In Qufnby BIdg. Phonr-5» ALGONA, IOWA HIR^KM B. WHITE PHvne 444-S1IT ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldgr. Office Phone 460-J Res. 3lf ALGONA, IOWA ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan Algona, Iowa Phone 281 Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins. BIdg. ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) Office over Quinby Building PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A.-. L. Rlst over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 326 ALGONA, IOWA d H. CRETZ.MEYER, JL D. SJDRGEON & PHYSICIAN Office John Galbralth Bldg. o. BOURNE PHYSICIAN Sc SURGEON Office over old Post Office E"fcnn«» Office 197 Res. 194' "OSTEOPATHS 8. W. MEYER Qrtmpathie Ptqralclan Generml PntcUce attenUon glreti to noa- treatment of • rectal dU> eases, varfcose veins and rupture. General Hospital Phone 187 Btacnsrrs H.M.OLSOV DENTIST Located in New Call Theatre Bldg. I>hone, Business 168, Residence 783 ALGONA, IOWA UK. U C. NL'OENT DENTIST Second floor Sawyer BIdg. Phone 3t3 Algona. Iowa OR. C. 1>. SOfAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Phone 133 Res. Pftone 174 Algona, Iowa OEO. D. WALRATH. D. D. a GENERAL DENTISTRY Office in old Poatoffice Block Phone 20 Algona, Tows KARL R. HOFTCIAN DENTIST Office in New Heiae Bldg. Phone 44 R M . Phone 116 REAL ESTATE MURTAOH ft SON REAL ESTATE FARM LOANS INSURANCE BONDS Quinby Bldg. Ph on9 10S VETERINARIANS" fox tt WINKEL Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Winkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W Res t75-R ALGONA, IOWA Typewriter Paper We have just received a larg* shipment of ream packac<M (500 sheet*) which Mil for 75c ThU U a good grade bond paper and will make aa ci- cetlent school paper The gMa per Desloiaes lln- C.11 bou (*apt-i .1 hat t,i\ v , S..lisi.n-t,,,,, Inquire at The Algona Upper Des Moiu office for partruclara

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