The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1938 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 22, 1938
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DEFT. HARVKr 1-1 -S COMMITTEES OF C. OF C. FOR '38 ARE ANNOUNCED Ohet Williams Head of Promotion Group; Plan An Active Year CIVIC PROGRESS IS CITY'S KEY SLOGAN Standing committees for the Algona Chamber of Commerce were named Monday by Alf Kresensky, president of the organization. Committees for 1938 are as follows: 'Agriculture—C. R. LaBarre, chairman, M. P. Christiansen, H. D. Hutching, Frank Zender, Harry Oodden, Roy Bjustrom, T. H. Holmes and R. R. Hutzell. Athletics—M. J. Pool, chairman, Dr. P. C. Scanlon, Dr. P. V. Janse, Dr. W. D. Andrews, James Murtagh, Joe Greenberg, Albert Gran- xow and Carl Dahlhauser. Audit—P. L. McMahon, chairman and John Bieser. Bminem Promotion—Chet Williams, chairman, Chet Holt, L. J. Nelson, W. V. Butler, Al Borchardt, Win. Barry, H. M. Hauberg and Leo Spllles. City Beautlflcation—H. N. Kruse, chairman, Lyle Reynolds, W. A Poster, Dr. H. M. Olson, G. W. aUllman, Leon Merritt, D. L. Leffert. Dr. F: E. Sawyer and Howard Hoenk. CHy Planning—R. H. Miller, chairman, M. P. Weaver, W. E. McDonald, Eugene Murtagh, Charles Taylor, Alwin Huenhold and D. E. Dewel. Closing Uniformity — Lelghton Mlsbach, chairman. E. W. Lusbv. Joe Bloom, C. H. Swanson, T. H Chrlschilles. W. E. Hawcott and Holman Anderson. Convention)! — Ralph Mledke. chairman, A. L. Long. Floyd Pierce, Floyd Saunders, Don White, Dr. L. C. Nugent and Edw. Capesius. Industrial Development — I, D. Lowe, chairman, Frank Kohlhoas. Dr. O H. Cretzmeyer, H. L. Gilmore, E. C. McMahon, Glen Buchanan and R. P. Norton. Legislative—C. B. Murtagh. chairman. L, E. Llnnan, D. C. Hutchison. Dr. M. G. Bourne. J. L. Bonar, E. R. Rising and H. J. Cowan. Membership—W. A. Lorenz. chalr- mnn. Joel Herbst, P. ,1. Kohlhaas. Fred Tlmm. N. C. Rice, H. B. White and Mel Falkenhalner. Manic—John Blesfcr. chairman, Dr. G. D. Walrath, Glen Raney, Helmuth Huenhold, Dr. L. G. Baker. Dr. C. C. Shlerk and George Boswell. Peddler*—To continue the fight against itinerant peddlers. Wm. F. Steele. chairman, • K. D. James, Chris Wallukalt, R. J. Harrington, Roy Richardson. D. A. Barnard, C. S. Johnion an d Dennis Pratt. Safety—W^a^McCullough, chalr- •"^JiJJpftolHWjr,' U' Mr8rr»n, Vic Lowe and Uoyd Muck- Traffic.—M. G. Norton, chairman, H. M. Smith. Carroll Johnson. E. H. Wray. Frank Caughey. Fred Kent. Russ Cook and V. V. Naudaln. Welcome—Antone Johnson, chairman. O. B. Lalng. A. W. Amunson, W. W. Sulllvnn. G. D. Shumwav. Roy Browne!!, G. H. Ogg. Rev. F. E. Burgess and Gco. L. Miller. Woman'* DlvUlon—Miss Antoinette Bonnstetter. chairman. Mrs. Ann Fechner, Mrs. Gco. Wilson. Mrs. Cora D. Miller. Miss Grace Dreesman. Miss Isabel Kain, Mrs. Richard Sorenson, Mrs. Adrls Knoll and Mrs. Nita Isaacson. Youth'* Activities—P. A. Danson. chairman. Rev. Geo. Vance, I. G. Dewel, Lawrence Misbach. Dr. Walter Frafier. Dr. S. W. Meyer, Dr. John Keneflck and D. G. Clopton. Algona IJmjer ^^^^ ^^ ^it Jfflome* Established 1805 ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY. MAHC'TI. 22. Pftsrcs- —SrHimi Oiio VOL. :!7. NO 12 AGENTS NAB 6 IN COUNTY 'ALKY' RAIDS Police Crack Beer Sales, Poolhalls, by Minors Drastic action In Algona is threatened unless rigid observance of state laws and city ordinances governing the closing of beer parlors, taverns and pool halls is made, City Marshal H. A. Van Alstyne said Monday. He declared that officers have received a number of complaints that beer is being sold after midnight, and also to minors, and that minors are also being sold cigarettes. The law orders all beer sales stopped promptly at midnight, and that minors cannot be sold cigarettes, and that minors can only be sold beer when they are accomr panied by their parents or legal guardians, and the purchase is made by the latter. "In some cases," said Van Alstyne, "it seems to be the Idea that beer can be sold to folks under 21 years of age, if some- body else other than their parent buys it for them." He declared that was a direct violn- tion of the law, and would be prosecuted. He also said that strict midnight observance of closing must be made. Where cafe and restaurant licenses are held, beer taps must be closed at midnight, although the cafes can remain open as long as they please. Kossuth Music Students Win Sub-District Honors YOUTH FACING DRUNK DRIVING SENTENCE HERE Oliver Knudsen Bound to Grand Jury After Preliminary Hearing State President of Jr. C. C. Coming 28th E. J. Noitrand of Newton, state president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, will be the guest of honor next Monday, March 28th. at the Legion hall, at the regular meet- in e of the organization. H B. White and John Haggard are in charge of the meeting. The state convention will be helil at Burlington. March 1 and 2. and several from here are hoping to attend. Bob Harrington. Algona president, and James Murtagh, are two who are definitely going, and several others are hoping for the best. A healthy turnout is urged to honor the state president. Oliver Knudsen. Algona, drive; of the car. and Victor Schultz, Al gona, a passenger In the car, were brought before Justice of the Peace P. A. Danson, Monday afternoon, on charges of driving while intoxlcat cd, and of drunkenness, respective' iy. Schultz, the passenger, said he found a bottle of alcohol along the road, and that he had spiked a bottle of "coke" with it. He sale that he had a couple of drinks, am testified that Knudsen, driver of the car, had taken one. Schultz was fined $10 and costs and released when a farmer near Burt, who had agreed "to hlr«. him. IM and took HOGS Best light butch., 140-60 $8.00-8.25 Best light butch., 160-180 . 8.25-8.50 Best light butch., 180-220 . 8.50-8.75 Best light butch., 220-260 8.60 Med. heavy, 250-270 Med. heavy, 270-290 Med. heavy, 290-325 Butchers, 325-350 Butchers, 350-400 Packrtg sow*. 275-350 . Packing sows, 350-400 Packing sows, 400-500 CATTLE Canners and cutters Veal calves Stock steers Fat yearlings Fat steers Bulls Fat cows • GRAIN No. 3 mixed corn No. 3 white corn I^e. 3 yellow corn No. 2 white oats Barley, No. 3 BOGS Hwinerys No. 2 ..... ................... Cash cream — No. 1 ......................... No. 2 Sweet F011/TBY Hens, over 5 ib* .............. Hens, 4 to 5 lb»Hen*, under 4 Ibs. Cock*, under 4'a Cockn, over 4'.« Geese, live ................. Ducks, live 8.50 8.40 8.25 8.10 8.00 7.70 7.50 7.30 $2.75-3.75 . 5.00-8.00 .. 5.00-7.00 .. 6.00-7.00 . 7.00-8.00 . 4.60-5.00 to hf«l*nn. Knydsen asked for a preliminary hearing, which was given. Testimony by W. C. Cooney, highway patrolman, was to the effect thai he spotted Knudsen's car Sunday afternoon at Sexton, and followed It for a time. When Knudsen pull cd into n driveway, Cooney followed. He testified that Knudsen wa wobbling, his breath smclled ol liquor and his eyes werp bloodshot. Knudsen was bound over to the grand jury under bond of $500. Nobody Loves a Fat Man? Heroes On Basket Floor The annual game between the Fats and Leans was played last Friday night In St. Cecelia's gym before a capacity crowd. The Fats walked home with the bacon, 25 to 23, in an over-time battle, but there was some dispute about score. At the end of regular playing time the scorer's figures showed the Leans to be leading, 21 to 12, but the Fats insisted there wax some mistake and that the score was tied 21 to 12. In the overtime the Fats speed was too much and they forged ahead 25 to 23. The outstanding stars for the Fats were Dr. Hoffman, Duke Kinsey, Tim O'Brien, and Bert Baldwin. Give "Iowa Odditiea" on Fenton Program Fenton: Mrs. John Light and Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod were co- hoatesses at the Fenton Woman's club meeting last week Tuesday afternoon at the Light home. Sixteen members answered roll ca'.l by giving an Iowa Oddity. The program included a paper, "A Study in American Music," by Mrs. W. P. Weisbrod; paper, "Education of Deaf and Blind in Iowa," by Mrs. J. A. Mueller. A surprise carried out by a game in keeping with St. Patrick's day was in charge of Mrs. H. C. Llndsey. Mrs. W. P. Weisbrod won high prize and Mrs. Ernest Votteler, the consolation. The afternoon closed with a lunch. Burt High Host to 750 Pupils, Teachers last Saturday Burt: One of the largest crowds ever assembled In Burt attended the state sectional music contest of tlic North Central District, which wa? held Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with about 750 pupils from 17 different towns competing. Britt carried off hlsh hnnorn winning 11 superiors, six excellent.' and five goods. In class "C" schools, Burt wa the outstanding school with seven superiors and two goods. Algonu vas awarded five superiors. The Rpmilts in Full Results of the contests. giving only the superior and excellent ratings, was as follows: MlxPd Chorus—class "C", Thomn- BOn and Gracttinger. excellent; Burt. superior. Class "B", Britt, excellent. Oirls' Glee Club—Class "C", West Bond and Armstrong, excellent; Burt, superior. Class "B." Brltt. superior. Bo>V Glee Club—Class "C", Titonka, superior; Burt, excellent. ~ "B", Britt, superior. , . •en, Britt, excellent; Graettlnger. superior. Glrln' Small Vocal Group—Tlton- l:a, West Bend, excellent: Armstrong. Ornettingcr, Burt and Rinn- stcd. superior. HO.VH* Small Vocal Group—Britt. superior; GrncttinRer nnd Titonk.a. excellent. ' Soprano Solo—Marjorin Christian- ren, KincNtert, superior: Harriett Lot kwood. West Rend, June Rash Hurt. Helen Harber. Ornettincer and Patrcila Ball. Titonkn. excellent. Mi'/.zo Soprano Solo—Hazel Rolil- In. Swea City, superior: Rsther Nocding. West Bend, excellent. Contralto Solo Mary Ann Smith. Burt. superior: Bcrnicc Horswell. Armstrong, nnd Margaret Skatte- bo. Oraettinfier, excellent. Tenor Solo—Richard Keen, Al- OPEN HOUSE, AUTO SHOW ACHIEVEMENT NIGHT, TO BE HELb ClN MARCH 31 An Open House—Auto Show— and Achievement Night will he held in Algona Thursday evening March 31st, sponsored by The Algnna Chamber of Commerce. Full details of the program will be announced in Thursday's Advance nnd final developments will be found in next'week'* Algona Upper DPS Moines. Two concert bands, a program of stage events, other entertainment, and presentation of special awards to KosHUth men nnd women, boys and girls, who hnve achieved outstanding success during the past year, will be entertainment highlights. All stores will be open during the evening, some with special shows of their own, but no merchandise will be Hold. It will simply be, an the name Implies, an open house with Hospitality ruling the entire city, and entertainment the keynote of the evening—ALL FREE. M. J. JONES, 70, Markets subject to change by the lira* of publication. Field Day Movies To Be at Call Moving pictures of the Kossuth Conservation League's Field Day, uw held last fail near Bancroft, will be 400-500 snown ' as an added attraction the rest of this week at the Call theatre, Manager N. R. Rice reports. The films were arranged for by the Algona Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Conservation League. This is an especially appropriate showing, as it is National. Wildlife Week. WHO Barn Dance Frolic, Burt, Friday Burt: Next Friday evening, March 25th, the Burt chapter of the Kossuth Conservation League will sponsor an entertainment to be presented by the famous WHO Barn Dance Frolic. Louisiana Lou, Jerry, the yodelluK cowboy, Grandpa Jitters, Tillie Boggs and Pappy Clitt and Al Clause* and the Oklahoma Outlaws will ail be on hand. The entertainment will be given in the nigh school auditorium. 42V* .45 .43 24 Vt .30 17c 17c 13c 31c 29c 32c ..10 "-ic ...... 8c lOc ...... lOc lOc gonn. superior. RUNS Solo—Walter Peterson, Swra City, and Wayne Christensen, Arni- "trong. Orchestra—Class "C". Armstrong, superior; class "B", Britt, superior. Mine. Group Stringed Quartet— ftritt. stinerior. Cello Solo—Kdythc McCallum, of Britt. superior. String Huss Solo—Mildred Johnron. Britt, excellent; Ruby Turner Algona. .superior. Concert Bands—Cl.T-s "C". R-ii'1 Thompson, superior: LuVerrie. Ti- onka. RiHtrstt'fl. excellent: Arm- strontr. superior. Class "B", Buf p ;ilo Center, superior. French Horn Solo—Rritt super- or. Chamber firnup. Woodwind In • triiments—Rritt. Hurt. Thompson niperinr; Gracttinger. Buffalo Center. Kmmet.shurg, excellent. Flue Solo—John Thompson. Armstrong and Virginiit Dolma^e, Buffalo Center, superior. Clarinet Sold—Phyllis Sawyer. Al- ponn. Edmumi Krause. superior: Dorothy Newel, Emmetsburg. Wilma Preston. Swea City, ami Fern Oesterreicher, Titonka, excellent. Ohoe Solo— Marlyn Hockhaus. Britt. excellent. BUSKOOII Solo-Betty Merritt, Algona, superior. Saxophone Solo—Jean N;-isen. Britt. superior; Ruth Reed. Burt and Eloise Preston, Swea City, excellent. Trumpet.Cornet Solo—. Donald Opheim. Bode. Newel Ingle. Emmetsburg. superior. Joyce Hanson. Armstrong. Dal" Dunn. West Fiend. Betty Jaeobson. Britt. and Merle Pratt. Al'.'ona, excellent. F/enrh Horn Solo—Mary Fitzgerald. Britt. .superior. Trombone Solo '""iiald H-ilver- son. Thomt v -«ri, Frnii' is Harrington Britt. superior. Wal'.-'re Hawcotf. Burt. and Mi 1 " Goodm in.son. Kin- metsbursr, excellent. Baritone Euphonium S'llo—War- ren Underwood. Ringstr-il. Grace. Hartzell. Britt, and Richard Ingle. Emmetsburg. superior. Stanley Bnrllenu»n. O'-MeUin-er. D-iri • F.".- Kleston. LuVerne. Ardyce Dahl. Swea City, and Hurcld Wei*k'- Burt. all excellent. Tuba. Solo—Russel! French. Titonka, Bernicc Horswell. Armstrong and Archie Haugland. Thompson superior. Leo Grady. Graetiinisn Elaine Kluger. Swea City. ;-"iu Gordon Giddings. Burt. ail exce!>e>it. Piano Solo—Jane Cretzmev"-. Al- Kona. suoerior. Irene Schnvd' Titonka, Ruth Reed Burt. and Margaret Dunn. West Bend, excellent Snare Drum Solo—Stuart Thaves. Burt, superior. Superior winners will compete i" the district meet N ut Britt, STROKE, FRIDAY Funeral Services Sunday; Wife, Sister and Daughter Survive Martin Jackson Jones, son of th<late Andrew nnd Jones, passed away Friday, following n stroke on the preceding day, at the age of 70. Funeral services wcrt held Sunday afternoon at the home, with the Rev A. English in charge, and Rev. F. Earl Burgess assisting. Burial was in Riverview. Mr. Jones is survived by his wife, a sister of Mrs. R. S. Stewart, and GET 100 GALLONS AT ST. BENEDICT; FIVE BOUND OVER German Valley and West Bend Men Also Charged With Sale, Possession Federal agents, after weeks of preparatory work, descended In a, caravan on Kossuth county. Saturday, and when the smoke had cleared away, four Kossuth men. one from Palo Alto, and one man from southern Minnesota, whose identity was not revealed, were under arrest. The arrests were as follow: Dan E. and Dick Meyer, father and son, living near German Valley, northeast of Titonka, charged with possession and sale of alcohol on which no federal tax had been paid. August Huschka St. Benedict, charged with possession nnd sale. Leo Ludwig, St. Benedict, charged with possession and sale. II. I.. Frye, West Bend, charged with possession and sale. An unidentified "runner" charged with possrssion nnd sale. Following the arrests, the men were all taken to Mason City, with the exception of the alleged linuor runner, who was taken to Fort Dodge. Traced Telephone Calls The raids came as a result of traced telephone calls. Conducted In secret, not even the local sheriff's office was called into the mnt- ter. until after the arrests, when one of the men, Frye, was lodged in jail here overnight. ^ Tracing the calls, two carloads of federal atjents descended on Kossuth, ahd started making arrest' after first making purchases of alcohol, they said. At the Ludwig place, Over 100 Kossuth Farms Sign for R. E. A. Project In The WEEK'S NEWS Current Events Photographed for The Algona Upper Des Moines a daughter, Mrs. Lucille Montgomery, all of Algona. His boyhood was spent on the family farm in Riverdale township. He was born March 3, 1868. in Humboldt county, but the family moved to Kossuth shortly afterward. He attended the rural schools and later moved to Algona and attended the Northern Iowa Normal School. On Feb. 21, 1900, hi: was married to Parsons, eldest daughter of the late M. de L. Parsons. He bought a farm in Cresco township and lived there until 1921. when lie moved tn Aluona. which has been his home since then, except for one winter in California. He w.Ti si irnod neighbor and '• kind husband, and will be mud missed at home, and hv his many intini.tte friend^. He was a mem- her of the I. O. O. F. and Rebekah lodges, whi< h hml charge of th'j services at the grave. Spring Ushered In on Monday Spring, ushered in Monday officially, found Algona with summer temperatures. The week's weather: who was iupplying t cording to the agents' story) drove into the Ludwig farm, east of St Benedict. They arrested him, ami found 100 gallons of alcohol in his car. Released on Bond Taken to Mason City, the two German Vallev men. and the St. Benedict and West Bend men were brought before U. S. Commissioner C W. Barlow. Mondav, and charged with possession and sale. They were relcasei: when they posted bonds ranging from $500 to $1.000 each. The alcohol hauler who was taken to Fort Dodge was presumabl> to be taken before the U. S. Commissioner at that city, but details of the arraignment had not been made public at press time. Sheriff Casey Loss was of the opinion that the nrrest of the -'alky" runner may stop the source of supply In this section, which lately had been on the increase. I.'i^T OF ITS KIND—The above one room log cabin of Or. Perry n.-rihvin is tho only real rural dental nfiice in the midwest-] T- i; '~-r,torl •" rii'e': from Jasner. Ind.. the nearest town of nny size. Dentist Baldwin uses ,n foot-powered drlllln;: nmchine a^i] works by the 1'ght of a coal o;i I imp. He has r.iore p-itients ;hrm he ca.i handle. Date March 14 March 15 March 16 March 17 March 18 March 19 March 20 High Low Prec 51 31 42 32 .57 49 21 63 29 41 34 trace 36 61 58 71 One Wedding License Only marriage licenses issued tince iaat Thursday in the office of Mrs E. J McEvoy, clerk of the court, was that of Lorenz, F. Swen- stn. Albert Lea. and Violet AiKler- bon, Wesley, issued March 18th. These Dishes Bounced! C. K. Holt, manager of the Orahujii store here, will tell you that even dihhea bounce. Recently, he sold a set of dishes to some 4-H girl* from Lone Rock to be donated an u prizr in connection with a promotion of the itrcup. They in turn sold him a chance on the dishes. I a»t Saturday they brought him back the dUne*; he had won them on bin ticket Begin Repairing of Barry Fire Damage; Quinby Is Undecided Work on reconstruction of the Barry building, damaged a week ago Sunday morning in Algoni's $75.000 fire, was under way here this week. In the meantime, the outcome of the Quinby building had not been definitely determined. It was understood that insurance adjustment* were still bajng settled, and thut Ross Quinby. owner of the might offer the building as it in stands for sale after adjustment, potential buyers considering thi There were reported to be several purchase. Barry's wlil be reconditioned as toon as possible. A new wall will go on up to the roof of the second floor. W. A. Barry stated. All offices on his part of the second floor have already been rented, he stated. TWISTER BRINGS OKAIH AND UEHTRl'tTION—Unus- ual photo of a last week twister «s it approached Okruvvillc, Illinois. The funnel-like cloud was less than a fourth-mile away when the picture was taken. It struck in another moment, mis'-- inp tile photographer by several hundred yards and dissolved right before his eyes. Cappella Choir at Swea City, March 31 On Thursday, March 31. the celebrated Gustavus Adolphus Capella Choir under the direction of Prof. G. A. Nelson will sing at Swea City at the Immanuel Lutheran church. The concert is scheduled for 6 p. m. The choir is known as the "Cathedral Choir" of the Augustana Synod, and has won national recognition for its brilliance. For Thursday evening's *e>"»ti<>p next week, the choir will ; resc i; selections by Bach. Brahms, Rach- maninoff and others. Soprano, tenor and bass solos will be high spots in the evening's entertainment. Special numbers will include vocal arangemenu for women's voices. Emil Stenzel of Ledyard Is Dead Emil Slenzel. about 70. farmer living northeast of Ledyard. passed away Saturday morning at his home, from cancer of the liver. He ia survived by a family o f several children. He had lived jsouth of Lakota and was widely known, moving to his present location about two years ago. Further details and funeral arrangement* were not available. WHAT HAPPENS AFTEK A TWISTER U1S.SOI.VES— Remains of a 95-year-old Evangelical church at Darmstadt. Illinois, where two people were seriously injured las-t week after a freak twister struck with lightning like swiftness. Tremendous damage- and loss of lift and injuries were caused before the twister dissolved. CZeC'HOSLOVAKIA I'KEP.AKES FOK IU*. KVENTl'AI. ITV OF \VAK —Czechoslovakia: Soldiers manum ciiny in.u\y tii-i pieces, transported by trucks. a.> alarm yrow) in <'ii- •nu.-luv.u-.i. over Nazi auuure by Germany ,inU Poland's uiYit.-iun of I.uiuj,ii.:.i. South Townships Plan to Link with Humboldt- Pocahontas Unit COMMITTEE VISITS EACH FARM HOME Kossuth county farmers In the southern half of the county arc anticipating the advent of rural electrification, some time In the near future, as plans were well under way here this week to make necessary arrangements and applications for a Kossuth line to be connected wlht the Humboldt R. E. A. project. Power under the set-up would be furnished from the new R. E. A. power plant, nearly completed at Pocahontns, which will supply R. E. A. current for several adjacent counties In this territory. 100 Signed 1'p About 100 have already been reported ns signed up. with a good ninny morn signed up but not as yet reported by field men working l.i the mnttcr. It was recently derided that it would be more convenient and quicker for Kossuth farmers desiring R. R. A. connections to hook-up through the Humboldt unit, than i ndeavnr to establish a separates unit for Kossuth county. In the north end of the county, whore plnns arc not quite so far advanced, It Is probable that a connection with Estherville will be made, If the plans work out, nnd enough farmers want current. Would Cmt $150,000 Estimated cost of constructing: and connecting about 150 miles of R. E. A. lines was between $180,000 and $176,000 whjch would fee loantd by y^'l^MWnent, and rewtd through charge* for current oVW If ptfrlocl of yaafi. • \ • Current Is to be supplied almost at cost. Where tho lines In Kossuth county will run will depend on the density (and concentration) of the applications. Naturally, where applications arc heaviest, lines will run. It was also pointed out that in sections where few applications for membership arc received. It Is not probable that R. K. A. hookups will be made. Memberships arc being solicited it $. r ) per fnrni, and will be refunded if the contact is not made. An Active Committee W. J. Frlmml. Wesley township, .H chairman of the county commlt- :ec. and Is covering that township. Other townships are being cov- Tecl by the following men: Albert Johnson, Prairie; A. A. Schlpull, -uVerne; Lawrence Hermann, Sheri<n; Henrv Elscheid, Irvington, lohn Kain. Plum Creek; Lawrence ThilKes. Rivenlale; R. B. Bernlns- haus. Garfleld; Joe Priester, Whit- fermire; and Earl Elbert, Lot's Creek. Ex-LuVerne Editor's Son Killed in West I.uVerrie: Won! of the tragic: death of Laurel Rogers, .'!!(, son of Mr. ami Mrs. II E. Hontrs, at Spokane. Wai>hir)gturi, was received by lelepgnirn here, Monday. Laurel graduated from LuVonid high .school in J!H7, anil was a World War veteran. His father is u former eiiiiur (;f the LuVerne News. Laurel was killed in a boiler explosion at a < rearueiy of which tie wai Hie manager. Me is .survived by hi.s wife and une son. Frank, besides his parent., and two .sisters. He left for the west about three years ago. Cowans, Pratts Get Duncan Jobs H. R Cowan & Son, Algona contractors, were awarded the general construction contract for a new Catholic church at Duncan, Iowa, The construction job totals about >23.000. The Pratt Electric Co. of Algona was awarded the. electrical contracting work on the .same job. Work will begin about April 1. MAJU'H COIKT TEK.M TO OPEN TlESUAV March urm of Kot>t,ulh dutiu-t Only new can- liKJ ju : -i court will open next week, with tin grand jury scheduled to abstmbl Tuesday. the deadline la.-,t Friday v. a; of Mury K. Sands, '..-,, Vmur tl A'goiKi. u divoice action ALGONA ADVERTISERS' UIKE(TOKY Section One PAGE TWO Jinimic XeYijic FACE THREE Hi cst-n^ky's PAGE KOl.'K Brouneil's Hawcott &• O^;; Call Theatre Al^onu RctuK-rin^ Co. Win. I)au Garage I'AGE FIVE Hub ('luthit:> Elizabeth Holl.cb.iuer i'. S. Juhn>.u:i t'loi'tun. Tailcr PAGE SIX Klk V'leallels The Elite .Situ in t riuj.ii .-•'>.• vice PAGE SEVEN Aj^uiia HaC-ciu-iy Andtibun Grain ^ t 'oal Cu Modern I'ry Cleaners Kussuth Motor (.'u. PAGE EIGHT Chribehillco Sio:e Iowa Theatre H M Cuhvtll

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