The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1938 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1938
Page 4
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STAR WEST BEND GIRLCAGER IS HAVING SIEGE OF EAR TROUBLE Louise Needing Forced to 'C Apply Hot Packs to Stop Pain ^ West Bend: Miss Louise Needing Bas been having a siege of ear trouble this past week and her parents, Rev. and Mrs. H. J. Noed- ,tng, took her to Fort Dodge, Friday : to consult specialists. The doctors could not tell what might develop so Biey will wait a few days. She la at home with hot packs on her ear Louise Is one of the basketball players. She had her knee Injured last winter In an auto accident on the way to the music meet at Ames. She Is surely having her share of misfortune. Presbyterian Aid Elects The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid held Its election of officers Wednesday. AH officers were reelected for the coming year: president, Mrs. Myron Boos; secretary, Mrs. Ada Sloan- vice president; Mrs. Frank Mikes; treasurer. Mrs. Alma Kongabach. The society ended the year In good financial standing. The society decided to hold a supper the evening of the yearly congregational meet- Ing. Laing, Truesdell On Program for School Meeting W.F.M.S.atFenton Observes Founder day Fenton: The annual guest day meeting -of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society was held fn th« Methodist church parlors Thursday afternoon, March 3. Mrs Walter Widdel, Mrs. C. C. Voigt' Mrs. W. R. Wolfe and Mrs. Elmer Welsbrod were appointed to have charge of a bake sale on March 12. Stewardship lesson was given by Mrs. George Boettcher. Devotions were in charge of Mrs, J. A G Smith. Mrs. W. G. Muhleman of Algonn gave a talk. • As this was Founders Day, Mrs. C. G. Humphrey had charge of the program which celebrated the 69th anniversary of the organization. Mrs. Humphrey was assisted bv Betty Jean Schwartz, who sane a solo, and Ruth Ellen Humphrey, dressed In a colonial costume blew out the candles on the birthdav C 2£ e ' Mrs " W ' p - Weisbrod sank This Is My Task." accompanied at Th« Algoa, npp, r proMo Atom, ton. FR.GRETCMAN OFWHITTEMORE Bay View Club The Bay View club met at the home of Mrs. Bessie Leorke Tuesday afternoon. Roll call was answered by Scenic America. The members enjoyed a. program consisting of the Review of Readers- Digest by Mrs. Fern Brown. The club will hold their annual stunt day at the home of Mrs. Adolph Mikes March 22. the piano by Mrs. Clarence Osborn. Rev. W. G. Muhleman gave the benediction. Out of town guests included Rev. and Mrs. W. G. Muhleman of Algona. Mrs. E. A Wels- brod. Mrs. Ralph Bartlett. Mrs. Will Reimers and Mrs. Fish of Whittemore. Fifty attended Former Resident Dies Word was received here Sunda of the death of E. A. Kuyper o St. James. Minn., which occurre< Friday. Mr. Kuyper was in th Implement business in West Bend about 15 years ago. Guy Kuyper o Rodman, is a brother. "Winter" Picnic The Ladies Social Literary club met with Mrs. A. R. McMullen for their annual winter picnic, Mrs. J. Anliker gave "Our State Capitol" and Louise and Esther Noedlng and Harriet Lockwood sang several songs. A picnic lunch was enjoyed after the program. Miss Blanche Stover has been III with a cold bordering on pneumonia Van Auken at San Antonio, Texas George Kanouff has sent a clipping and picture of H. M. Van Auken from San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Van Aukcn, who was Recretir;- of the Algona Chamber c.f Commerc- before and during tho World war has recently been elected executive vice president and general manager of the Chamber of Commerce nt San Antonio. Texas. The clipping states that Mr. Van Aulo-n h-is bc?n secretary of the Chnml-r of Commerce at Wichita. Kansm. since 1926. He is now 44. nm.-riivl nnd ims one son. O. B. Laing. Algona superintendent of schools, above, will be one of the topic lenders at a meeting of thc North Central teachers' association scheduled for March 24th, at Fort Dodge. Mr. Lning will be one of two leaders on a discussion of music contests. TOSJOUXC1TY Other News of The Week Prom Whfttemore and Vicinity Whittemore: The many Whittemore friends of Father B. V. Greteman, former assistant at St. Michael's parish, regret to hear that he has been appointed to take up his duties in the Sioux City parish. The appointment was announced by Bishop Edmund Heelan of Sioux City and took effect March 1. Father Greteman will be assistant to Father Slattery, a former Whittemore priest, at St. Joseph's parish Child Development Achievement Day Set for April 8th During his short stay In Whittemore, Father Greteman made a host of friends who feel a loss at Farm women of Kossutli county are planning a public exhibit and program based on Child Develop ment, the home economics cours they have studied this year. "Dat f ° r Achievement Day will be Ap rll 8, announces Miss Pepoon, the home demonstration agent. The exhibit and program will be an all-day affair, and township groups participating in the home economics program, which is 24 will put up booths demonstrating some phase of the homemaking •roject studied during the year Ex- Dibits must be In place by 10 a. m Each of the booths also will display a record of the township's organ- zatlon and activity. A county hopth will show to what extent he women of the county have part In the home project "The achievement day marks the close of the home project course In which approximately 400 farm aken work. homemakers Pepoon said. partlclpatedl" Miss Subjects of the four lessons presented by Miss Pepoon leaving. At Cage Tourney Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kramer and sons from north of Algona were Monday dinner guests at the Harold Reding home. the past week. Bernard Agard Is at Des Moines attending the boys' state basketball oumament being held there. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eisler drove o Dakota City Saturday to spend he day at the home of his brother Adam Eisler. Frank Rochford to Des were: Home-made Play Equip ment, Illness Preventing Measures in the Home, Training the Appetite and New Ways in Mother-Baby Cftre. Some 150 leaders attended the training schools and took the information back to their own CAR IN CRASH SOirTHOFALGONA Rolls Off Grade; Tow Truck Mires Down in Trying to Aid Irvlngton: A Cedar Rapids ca going at a high rate of speed wen off the pavement on the west side of the grade at the Dan Long hill on No. 169. At this particular pl^ce the grade Is high and the car rolled over several times to the bottom >f the grade. A wrecker tried at drat to right the car but owing to the soft mud sank deep into the ground. It was finally necessary to ret the aid of two truckers before all were completely righted. The occupants of the car escaped With only minor Injuries. ,. , • '"•" UI-UVB to ues [ communities. Training, Moines Saturday morning to Attend were held for 24 of "hi 28 the boys' state basketball tourn- ships | n the county ament He was accompanied by 1 Harold Behnke. Melvln Heinrich Bob Fleming Delbert Dogotch, and Creorge and Kenneth Frost. The Three Dorothies 'The number of pupils in school district No. 4 has been Increased to eleven since the arrival of the Supt. W. P. Truesdell, Ottosen, will be another leader at the North Central teachers' association meeting. March 24th at Fort Dodge. Mr. Truesdell will lead a discussion on the value for and against contests in scholarship. REPORT OF CONDITION OF Security State Bank in the State of Iowa, organized member of the Federal Reserve de hv » Mar a h 7th> 1938 ' Pu »>iished in .~i t> o Superintendent of Banking era! Reserve Bank of this district accordance with of Iowa and the Fed- sjs=^a3™:-s^AM=HsK ^^x'^^'^^^-''^^^^^^^^, , . . ASSETS 1. Loans and discounts 2. Overdrafts „ '""Z 3. United States Government obligations,'direct and-or fully guaranteed ... 4. Other bonds, stocks and securities 6. Banking house IT/VM.W, Furniture and fixtures".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' ' a'soOM S. Reserve with Federal Reserve bank 3,000.00 9. Cash, balances with other hanks, and cash items m process of collection *250,300.72 48.44 18,500.00 22,437.66 20,600.00 71,703.38 138.718.27 Club Meetings at LuVerne Reported LuVerne: Mrs. H. D. Meyer was hostess to the Progressive Woman's club at her home Friday afternoon There were 11 members and one guest, Mrs. Chas. Wolf, present. A report of the county federation meeting was given by Mrs. Ray Stone, a paper on the subject "Th Radio as a Moulder of Public Op iP*?"}", P re Pared by Mrs. Adam AWiAfct, w&s read, Mrs. c. C Smith gave a resume of the CJu ^ om ?"- ™" next ™«"nfr Isaac Berryhill, Livermore, Passes Visit Newlyweds I Livermore: Isaac G. Berryhill 68 The members of the Whittemore ? ied at the hon >e of his son. Gail' municipal band drove out to the here Saturday evening, following * home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer hc " rt atta d*. B to get acquainted with Mrs. Meyer Funeral services have been ar- The couple was married last week ran * ed for Tuesday, to be held from Friday. Well we know that they £ amrar ' the "°me of Mr. Berry- Kot acquainted with Alfred's wife ,*!',": nnd burlal w «l be made at and enjoyed the hash that she can Webstefr .£! ty i Tlme >» not known sling as they had plenty for lunch he £ e , at thls Ume and plenty with which to wash it Following the death of his wife down. whose funeral was held Saturday March 5. Mr. Berryhill came her A daughter was born to Mr and »°,f P "".? * t ew days with his sons Mrs. Alvin Keepers Saturday This X| d ' dau * hter - Mrs. Edward Op is the first child in the Keeper! d«l Hc . became '" early Thurs family. Beepers day morning and death followed Nick Semon sold the Semon h»na: Mrs. Cynza Halllday, Fort .Ion parlor last to week Lynn Dodge; and Zell of Webster City of Buffalo Center. The deal and a number of grandchildren ™ de with the Royal. Iowa, party Mr. Berryhill luTd spent much e« h» 5V h T* h as the Pachas- time in this vicinity over the period ers backed out. of years that his sons and daughters Mrs. Elmer Bell returned from u, » ed here> and had worked at — ~- J - h '« trade in this community "that of placing windmills" several sea- be March Chapman. TOTAL .,. _ , LIABILITIES ......... 14. Demand deposits of individuals, partnership, and corporations ...... 18. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations . 3«. State, county and municipal deposits 18. Deposits of other banks, certified and officers' clucks outstanding*, etc Total of Item* 14 to 18, Inclusive Not secured by the pledge of loans and-orl' -•» investments ........................ 249,800.71 7,103.83 190,003.16 15,231.88 81 $462,181.38 ToUl Deposit* ....................... 14B21H118 Capital account: .................................... 1462,181.38 50,000.00 wij 18th with MrsVlrvin Mrs. John Brink reviewed three chapters of the study book "Re building Rural America" at th< March meeting of the Methodist. \Vomans Home Missionary society Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Harvey .Nelson was hostess Mrs H C Allen was devotional leader and -Mrs. H. E Peitzke reported on an article. Mrs. Ray Stone presented the quiz ()f the month. This group united with tho Kvanneli.-al and f n-sbytcrian Missionary societies in observing the World Day of Prayer /or Missions :tt the M F church Friday afternoon ST. JOE NEWS Und Profits-net' " TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT "..'.'.' .'.'.'.'. 60,047.27 TOTAL B MUrta|fn ' Pres ; Frank •1 statement b statement 1* r . rre , .„ , Correct-AtUiit U22.308.63 Vice Pres.- E. A. Sehem- nf th ^""" " ---- ' ', '""" ""niiu»a.i, vice j-res. . . cem- abe -" amed bank ' d ° solemnly swear that the above n . . . , BtaU of Iowa. County of Ko.sauth s. l ° a "' J iu ' >! "' rlbe(1 before t , ' to the best of our knowledge and belief. f'. B MURTAUH. President FRANK KOHLHAAS, Vice I"*' R- A. SfHKMEL, Cashier Directors E. J. HOt'OH .1 w HAO<;AKD M. o BOURNE D. C HUTCHISON R W. CALDWKLL fiAYLOKM U SHUMWAY » M. HAUBEKG Pres thid 14th day of March, 1!»38 FLORA I TISS, Notary Public; Colwell Live Stock AUCTION Friday, March 18,1938 -At Fair Grounds Another m,-»*u((,. to the fanners, buyer., and fri, nd-,, lo »ay are liming a rejil sale at the pavilion eiuii u«-k. Our last " "Jud '"^' t "'" * leW '"' re ""'* * 4 '- tth0 "— l " ir » "H'-d with until even stuiidiiiK room was not to IK- found Ule price, u.-ri- i.-ry vuti^fuctory. Tl.crt-' ' 1 ''° ''" '* """''•"•—' ' .. Sus ' e friders is assisting with (he housecleaning at the Orville Wagner home. Work of digging the basement of the new school is under way by Williams and McGuire. Mrs. I u < y Wagner returned home Wednesday after three months' stay at the Nick Reding home near Whittemore Mr and Mrs. Rdward Besch and daughter, Janice, of Whittemore were Thursday evening visitors at the Orville Wagner home. Thomas Wagner, Richaid Thul and Ambrose Ulaschin drove to Mason City Saturday evening to attend the Webster City-Algona has- ketball game. _ The infant son of Mr and Mrs. Berte. born February 26th, Fort Dodge W^dnesda^: afTernoZ after spending from Sunday to Wednesday with her mother. Mrs Falb wh ? l» in the Lutheran hospital with a fractured hip. L. H. Peril, manager of the Fullerton Lumber Co., was accompanied by Fred Heinrich to Sioux Falls .. D '' on Tuesday of last week to attend a lumberman's convention They returned home Thursday. Carl Krahm. who is making his nome at thc home of his daughter Mr. and .Mrs. Albert Bankson In Algona, came to WhJttemore Wednesday and visited with old neighbors and friends until Saturday. Wednesday evening Rev. W Wagner of Emmetsburg had charge of the Lenten services in the Lutheran church. Wednesday evenln? March 18. Rev. G. Shaefer of Livermore will deliver a German ser- on. The Lutheran Ladles' Aid society met Thursday in the Lutheran school hall. After their regular business meeting other business was discussed and lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. Fred Bicr- stedt. Mrs. Louis Greinert. Mrs Herman Cade, and Mrs. William Ffanover. Lloyd Roth, former Whittemore youth, and a son of Brs. Sadie Roth who rs a research chemist for Pet- rolagar Laboratories, was a business visitor in Iowa City Thursday. Mr ioth went from Chicago where he * employed to Iowa City aboard a united Air Lines transport plane The trip from Chicago to Iowa City was made In the Interest of the aboratorles and wag made In leas nan two hours. sons, and was well known here. Card of Thanks three McCauley children., It Is quite a coincidence that the seventh grade has only three girls all of whom respond to the name of Dorothy, namely Dorothy Gish, Dorothy McCauley and Dorothy Lage. Edw. Mawdsley was a business caller In Minneapolis several days last week. Mrs. Ralph Brown was hostess to the Cresco Embroidery club on last Wednesday at a one o'clock luncheon. The Ladies' Aid society met at the annex last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. O. L. Miller and Mrs. Colwell as hostesses. Miss Dorothy Mawdsley will arrive home from Ames Wednesday to spend a few days of her spring vacation with her father. Sim Leigh and Mr. Steinbeck have been soliciting farm bureau memberships here. Mr. Leigh has charge of Sherman, LuVerne, Prairie and Irvington townships. The Aid society entertained at a miscellaneous shower on Monday afternoon for Miss Doris Colwell, whose approaching marriage to Bruce Davis has Been announced. Miss Margaret Mulligan visited Sunday at the Pat Mulligan home near Bancroft. Paul Mulligan, a brother of Margaret, who recentlj returned from Iowa City, Is much improved In health. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Nelson of fncer and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Phillips and two children of Graet- day from the hospital In Rochester, Minn., to spend the week end with his family, returning back to Rochester on Tuesday Mrs. George Hackman entertained seven ladle* last Wednesday and tour on Friday at a twelve o'clock dinner. The day was spent at quilt- Ing; Guests on Wednesday were the Mesdames Ralph, Carl, Loren and A. J. Brown, Leota Barr, Alice Cox and Agnes Dreesman and on Friday were Mrs. Mary Laing, Rose Anderson, Mary Runchey and Mrs. Troutman. Mrs. Laura Lenz, Mason City, district Instructor of the Order of the Eastern Star, held a school of instruction here Friday afternoon. A good crowd attended the 6:30 dinner and evening meeting at which Mrs. B. K. Bahnson and Mrs. O. H. JkcKdHdn Robert Thaves and June Presbyterian Chi SUPPERS Thursday, March) To be served In chu'rch room '• MfiNU Chicken and Noodle! Mashed Potatoes Rut Cabbage Salad Jelly Plcktes RJ Coffee 1 Fresh Homemade Apple] with cheese Priced 25e and 40c Serving begins 5:30 P. Swamped the «nprn , * , the kindness ±±*'' I 0 "?? f" J of our i»f™.S £ u Us . ln the lo " of our beloved husband and fath- Mr. Mrs A . „ y ' if u* linger were Sunday dinner guests at the Perry Phillips home. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson are the parents of Mrs. Clarence Phillips. Elmer Weaver was 111 several days ist week with a severe case of arth- chased the Kate Chllton farm and" with the advent of wanner weather are planning on making several new Improvements on their place. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Blanchard were Sunday dinner guests at thc Alex Krueger home at Lone Rock. Mr. Knwger came borne on Batur- I bit off more than I can chew this time, or to be exact the Kommel Co.. of New York bit it off for me. This is hosiery week at Neville's. 1,000 dozen on top of our already big stock. Do you know we have forty thousand pairs of men's, women's and children's hose on hand right now. It Is a good buy but a crazy thing for any store merchant to do. It is too many hose for any store. I am almost ashamed to own up to such actions. We are In the soup. WE HAVE TO SELL HOSE and if prices and quality will do it we are going to sell hose. For the next 10 days we will show you bargains such as you never saw before in this or any other country. Fifteen Thousand pairs of anklets. Beautiful merchandise. Not a pair In the lot wortl less than 20c In a regular way. We are starting these anklets off at 3 pairs for 25c. This is a bargain if there ever was one. Ladies pure silk three thread knee high hose at 2Sc a pair. Also Ladies' fine gauge regular hose with black or brown heels at ZSc. Lots of ladies' full fashioned hose, chiffon or service, worth 69c, 79c up to 85c, now go at 49c • pair. Men's dress sex at Sc, lOc and IBc. Splendid values. We mean business. We are overloaded and have to do business. Jimmie Neville TAKE NO CHANCES You Can Always Be Sure at MISBACH'S Why gamble on unknown merchandise when yon can buy these nationally known brands. Burt News «-as baptized Joseph Arnold Sunday. Sponsors were Mrs. Ni.-u Needle** U, »uy • """"' l " 4rBlun » heri- l<ut ~' • •'" " «»'>le It uiw a (food att«nitt lil iVV" l 5 >u l ei ' '""'..T "' " lo<k '"' atttiiipt to IM wli,a we will have but can assure, you of plenty wuTiT.7 I '1",' 'I' . Ulta uut ' u °" aild bri " K °"-' r *'«<- k »•«*• Will iw e a uke lot of Ju-st calf heifer, and a few cow,, that can uo re«uiiuui>ii(|ed (or inili'li ton*. W ill «-U horswi agai;i i m ,,,odiaU-l> iifler the cuttle axe »old. "* 011 , 1 you . tiu> Iatch und u * 1 M ™ -*tu-«««t . Ve hurM; ''">•'•"> lu - f '- '""» point*, alom; ""' l ' 0oki " K for M "' U "' r '"« »"''•• »•« will TEBMa—I'unli, tuitUeiueiiU protnptly. H. M. Colwell, Mgr. low* State Bault, t'lurk Colwell Bros, rWWVWVWVWV • AucU. j» VUWVrVV r . . were Mrs. Nick Berte and Arnold Kellner. I'eter Reding, who ha» been on the sick list the past few week* is still under the < are of Mrs- Clark from Mvermore. Mr Reding is MifferiiiK from pneumonia and pleurisy. Honald Bee ker, r, months old son of Mr. and Mrs Geoige Becker, was taken care of the past week at the Anton Keeker home, while Mrs. r;eo. Becker was a patient in the- Kossuth hospital. Fram is and Edward Froehlich of -Marquis, Saskatchewan, Canada are visiting with relatives here. They are .sons of Mr and Mrs, Ben Frofhlich of Canada and nephews of (Jeurise and John Thul. Mr and Mrs Joe Willger. Mr. and Mrs I'icisper Friders and daughter from near CuVerne, Mr, and Mrs Ijiwrenru Kirsi h from Whitlemore. Mr. and Mrs. John i Fnders and son, Math. Mr. and Mrs I,wm Fridera. Harold, Ed- nii/nil and Susie Friders were Sunday Kuest-i at tile i'eler Thilges home. Mrs. C. B. Murtagh and Mrs. J F. MtGee of Algona visited all day Wednesday here at the home of their former Al^ona friend Mrs R. B Hopkins. That same afternoon they enjoyed a surprise visit from Mrs Hopkins' nephew. Barton Mc-Gee and his bride of a week, who remained until tin next day before returning to their home at Worlhington. Minn. Mr .iiid Mrs, Lloyd Wulker of Algona were Whittemore visitors Wednesday evening. I Mr. and Mrs. O»car Johngon ar parents of a son, born Tuesday March 8th. ' The Stanley Blacks moved las week into the old Smith house 01 main street. Rev. and Mrs. L. Richmann vis ted at the Rev. O. GeUlers in Seen cer Wednesday. Lorraine Kollasch. Des Moines spent the week end with her par ••nts, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Holland Mr. and Mrs. Joe Madden. Haifa spent Thursday at the R. F. Haw cott home. Mr. Madden is Mr Hawcott'g brother. Mrs. Maude Hanna, Alice Eigh me, Leona Bahe, Lenora Bollie anr Luclla Bleich attended the clas play at Lone Rock Wednesday eve nintf. Mrs. I). L. McDonald and son Billy, went to Minneapolis Thurs day for a few days' visit with rel atives. Mr. McDonald took her a> far as Mankato. Mr. and Mrs. Wyot Stott. Mr Brayton. the F. A Ringsdorfs. G K Braces and Mrs, Tom Trenary spent last week Monday at Bode at the Vern Pederson home. Mrs. R. H. Ortrnan. who has been confined to her bed for severa weeks by illness, was taken to the Kossuth hospital in Algona last week Monday for treatment. Mrs. Ed Biersjtedt was hostess to I he Lutheran Aid society Thursday afternoon. Rev. L. Richmann and daughter, Margaret, entertained the Walther League In the evening. The Messrs, and Mesdames J G. McDonald. Jess Dugan. Chas. Scott. H. F. Elvidge, Roy Ringsdorf R A. Bleich, R. T. Moyer and L. H. Schenck were entertained at a 500 party at the Tom Trenarya Friday evening. Mrs. B. W. Brooke returned la«i week Monday from Abredeeu, 3. D., where she bad spent three weeks with her sister, who was Ul. On the way home, Mrs. Brooke visited her daughter, Dorothy, who is a student at Morningside College. Ounlap celebrated hats. Their craft has wonder in It Note their fullness of quality—authority of style. 19.00. RothM-hlld HaU »:.9*_t3AV Prieatley'3 Nor-Esut non-crual» cravats. g o bright they top them all, »o n ew Uie/re a year ahead. Arrow sanforized Shirt* and Mltoga Form-Fit—No uncomfortable bulging at the waUt MS Other ShlrU at 11.69 A Curlee suit will giv« you the carefulJy tailored appearance that help* to win SUCCMS. Pearl gray vtripe—double breasted. Go Jarman thu spring ... the 8n«p at of every pair of Jarnuuu assure* you miles of easy going —and you go about Impeccably shod. •"" Misbach Clothing Co.

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