The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1938 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 15, 1938
Page 2
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r aigtma Upper Hts" ffioinrs &M3GAJ5D & R. B. WAlifflR. w SeetmS Clam Matter at a» Postofflce at IPWE. writer at*t of Consraw «f March B. 1B7B limned Weekly br RT> weak can eKpert tn hold tb(f confidence trf the public In shnrt they think that FranKlm D Ronsrveh IF a grand fellow and ha* the welfare "* the cnuntry at heart, nnfl at prenent they favor hhn over anyone etae of prominence or who has come before the nsaion'e eye. Wallace te a welt- mea-nhTR fellow who te wading in -water ton deep for one who cannot swim. They are grateful for fevorT and aim to show their gratitude, but thpy hBve no confidence hi the admhiistratirm. USE IN SHORT YEARS On* TSBT. ir. .. Der Warner mri! Kownra- Ciniiiity romfahmtion TPHT K&3XS ill One Tear in sevan:* ....... _ ......... _ ...................... JB.3IP Chernkw TirneF: Somr perooni! of innnirmg mmfl ask what IF the difference between "depreF- Bion- and "recession " ThatV CBBV When respon- "'bility can be tapped onto some one else K't "depression". when you mum BBsnrne responsibility yourself rfK "recession" And that *)sti maitw a hit of difference in the enthusiasm wrth wbidh wnu use either word. Some later dictirmarieF itiny defrne "receasion" ar an alibi although the ' word may not exactry fit the case. ....... _ ......... _ ...................... Upper Defr Mcrtnw Hn€ Kosatttr CHIIIUJI AP- •ronce in combinntion. j»sr ymr Display Affvortifrtiq;. per hid- Want Ads psryBble re vnrt? Heip flip Webster City Journa! The Red Oak SBVF "it will take 20f) yearF for Uncle Stem tr nrr>- viflr loanp for tenant farmers " That putt B rnthcr aisconraping asperrt upon the wbolr prnposttion. anfl Unclr Sam mipht pet dlBt-nuraped before thr 2nr> yearp roll around, anfl chanpc hit plans try * wffe."— Abrahnm THE NEW FASltt HELL SETTT normal granary Kto-ef rorr ir surriluF year* Jnr use ID short year*: Tr ait! rr? Rtnbilisint mrn marketing* and tr pre"'itir fnr unifnrrr nnr adequate ntim supplies thr nrv Pnrrr Art timvirtpf JOT marketing quotaF far corn Thr rut* found rp tire adjacent columnf illustrate by prnphF and onBJtfi. the follpwinp The norma! "Bupnfy Levef JF defined in the atrf a* being BPVET> percent ahnvr s normal year's flomentir consumption anfl raaions Thif IF Bbnut 2.6 billion hushclr, IT actual supplier for nmrke-t reach llf percent nf the normal supply or about 2 .76 billinn bushels e rerferemourr be held to determine rf marketing tmtrtaf pc hrtr effect- If rwrv-thtrflr or mir-f nf thr eonnnereia) crnwerrr voting it; such rcfprenflmr want « marketing aunts it would fr> rntr effect for thr marketing year beginning Orrtober l The chart shnwF thr annual pmflutrtinr of rorr ant? thr IXlf marketing qucrm level. In ier year? nrndurrtmr. ex- eeeoefi thiF irvel Thr table fihnwF percent if r>-r- flnrtior; tr each year which wnuid hr'i beer Fln-pc ir. addition tr thr carry-nvrrr Our foreicr, saleK Err limkfi by nur fnrnicn puriAeseF "Tr thr deer»r that thr "nited State-- birrs it if iibir tr ncli " F(j*"eiirr coutitrief must hBTr doIlBrt with which tr purr:ha«r Huiied Statcf pond» The principal WBJ- thry pp: money IF by sellitiE UF poods AF B rnKult tin vninr nf nu- inrpn^F nnfi esjiortf he'-r followed each other very clme'y. C>tb- er WBJ-F foreipnerF cnr; tintair! floliarf frnrr, thr- StateF incluflf loanF by AmrnceriF tp for. RervircF Bur:h BF thtm« rrnderpfi h> forp:rri- erF to Americ-Kr ttmriKU,. and poid Ben! to the United SlateF from abroad "With the cxt-ejitioii of sen-Jcffk none of tbent itemi j* t pcrnmriert sourc't o? dollar*. E\'en itj thr cai*r of servit-et. thr arP- ountF icVolvr-d hav« never been enoupfc tt FubKtJtut 1 . for importf of poodF intr thr United Statet luring thi 1H2P'F when our tourint CKjicndituref reached a record bipb Itrel. thr ne'. psymentF of, dollars to forpipnerF for nervier itrrnF did not. in ftry nn? year, reach a» mucb at lf> percent of our dollar ppymentf for imjiorted puud& In moFrt rear* thv percentage WBF very mucb Bmaller than that. DOVT IT THE SHTP. MET! IB UK put fe» week*, with rt»lr «&A inoome taxes cominc do*, sod report* being made out, a certahi senw of defeat is evident while -per- Bpirinc taxpayers art tryinp to fipurr out btiw much or how little they ovt to maintain a derni- eratic- ffirrc of pcu'ernnient with a!i of ;tF attendant trialF and tribulattonK About i.]'. ttmt vr car. Kty IF 6or.'t p:vr u; tht Hi; IT- Govomnicn: IF !:oi;tii:{: bll (>' UF ton ir.ucft rritmr> nnd yet tut'-* u nnthirif about r. thin :-tiuici ntr. i» [•orrtctcL :'. vt cl i.-tmiihf tt cii h:. Tin bulj; o? t'n UiKct v.'f jury un iiicu! tuxci. ui<C ctiirpbrutivc'j eury ti runn-c!> i! tajijieyer chouht Ui.fortunatr'y not mt.r> of ut 5ulinw tin nj*.'Tic];np of tuj; nuiurj very r:iOM"y Wt r.imw ptivtmnici".: c»Btf tn; riiU'-.T. Pu: w»!» if L ciufKtici! Jew car. unuwcr It hum* Mti'tinUL titJcjiByerF" ifupuef brt- orpur- izet uiiC! uctix'i aiic BUCI. b nipcemen: nupnt IK worthwniit it. thif vicinity Tn« urdiiibrj- iilicib! ii jtrlectn wilhnf tt cuoperan it. reaucmj <•!;- IieiiheF. \'. KufTicient jiutilit npmim if Jcrmec '.i u'tt nm. ti lii HI, Tht trnutilt IF tnai ttie orptniztu prciupf whict ur{:t HjrendmE urt HI !u? rtiu'.-i mort Jiutcii! tlmi. -.lit Jeft>i« unc hcfatipred critf nj UioSt Uih.uif fc!:oriotny If ycit oi'.iec: li ;jtym( st murj '.b>:et biibJyy.t whert your niunr> 11 jruitsf, uiic wiii.-r* yi'L wouid fiuj^'ft-'i tiiu: txjieiiM:! IM -!-au'«c. THE.v I"O i i Opinions of Other Editors ' litm Huitui- i»itc; (jrci* ;i tli iper pubhuiiec -M at" ' '.IK {.:• r wouil. In -iliir.-.^. v nun ii« HI,I icv: .1 .!„ iij : . 'rifii-.j i.iij jiui/ijiiiu:' -i t ?.ii(;ji.i.. ucvtruiiinj uf piiiMjlmf ui.t it-rilif- bL-Iltnit.-; WliKI. '.Ill l.»-V . ;,|;l I,' •: iiiia. ! ut". crti:,! • -.1 wtion riiUn ;.':•! i; kuit. i.r< i>i it v :'•:>;: .::..i.j I. Hit: ti! tier n. i.i.i -t '. •:.. ",'liV, ,-'! i • i Mi.litit-ii i .1 -i.i t .;;;. ,j.;.. '.; -.lit :i.j:i.-'! .•' ,-• -t;.;.i,i,u.:4 :•!:;.- „- A|re MB^I Brhig fer Sun: Twenty-yenr old Frank L,lttel! n' Mnunl Temirm Iowa. p. student a; TInion Thpnlnp- icBl semiinary in new Turk, pm hiF nanir ir thr prapers lam wpeh when hr testirwt? bcfo-e i- rrmprep- sinnB! commlttw thni hr would nn; pr tr wir apainfr; nr inx-arler rvrm tr rrmtRrrt tiif nvrr mnthc* ant? BisterB Wnt on)^ that huf vnung L,tttpli clnrniF thnt c, substantial number of memherF of thr JSntiimn' CnuncH of IHethndiHl Toiith rr which he heinnps PVankK the SUT. dner nof belH"f it .lus: whn: rreiirve HF hr does Mr "UtteV. nrrrniweF tr dr If n fo-eifrr few landF on nur shn-eF nnti Tirnr^edF tr hurr, anc piliape the rountry kill an6 maim our wnmerri and children" r>ne» hr prtmose' tr p« down or hiF krie-ef and TTTE.I Hbnu: it anfi dn nnthrng mnrr" "STf doubt if h- cnn find serripturai gmundr fnr such crnndur; unikr thosr circumBtanneE Thf fact nf thr matter IF that tor many ynirr.p mer ir nur coltefrw tndny arr nr ansinuF tr br diffenrnt anfl "raflirmr that they ier: thenr bp-rte-- rudjnnenl bwcnmr nubmerrppd ir thf enthusiasm of thf moment Fortunately howpver ynung mer gmw morr pfjttlpd nnd connerrvntivr UF the<y bfifomr oldr' anri morr esqreriemtrefl ir: thr WFVF of life That if «nmr rrmsolFitioT; fnr thosf whr Iiste»r with nlp.-rr ti Rome of thr thing* youth IF proposing these de.vE ?>"nt Afraid nf Spif* ERthe—ville NPWF: We faiJ tr pe". vrn- rr."'.'.^ nbout Kpy ringr irn'oh-inc thf UnitetJ ?-.()•«•! be>'iuie wr thmi- nr foreipn mitior IF intrrentcc! tr, irx-sr/- ing thi? e-nuntry Se-vnrE; rntmfieF mF:y hei-f scime '•uriosity Gbnut thf !• E fleet anc I-F nrwcr of nrtatrk But the matter of AmerirrKr. d«.-'e-n!.e IF no: E Fur.iert of intercut tn the othnr ppwe-t Our dip- iorr.R-.F mey Butrff-ed in involving'UF ir. Korne kind !..' :ntfrnBtiona: e-mr.pli;:Btior but thif r-ountry if well F:bif tr de-fend itBeif nr matteir what itF iiORRible AfldrcBBlnt 1*« Bhft fOanfremi) at Tokyo, aapBn> Foreign JCtohrter Koki Hir fltt Ifcrt wtnA flecilarefl «f Kai-tin«k ftd\t into the ft»rc*i -be wiD fc» be- J&r. IAU uta nphoMiny iract fine thujinnut an the <ftp)otn«tic that aajran and CSrina today are utiB officialry at peace. That eren the PoreigiiOffte* cteleT Should lart week Oiifl&ltrju tbe Iw&d of "fj'ieiiWir uatfanr' -wltb ed bow ^efcpoi'atid^' Yes - Lowest - Cost Save ihn<? and worrr— purchase with enr-e. Know ou hare <h<> Jic we meet the re- OUR ftWE»BPI SALES ARE UI«TED BY OUR FOREIGN PURCHASES - _ - - MEWSES Of «a COMrODmES *W SEU. TC on WNOWSE man nmEten commnEs SEKVIOCS W The MARCH OF TIME . . . . tor th» Editm-iofTOft The W«e«r ' * DKAWIXGS-— j economic nuggestianf coincided wftb A-MJ MOKE KF3TJTF : AdmiBitrBtiori ideat—wage* and WASHT?.-GTON: For two and B i ^ ourl: le Eislation. equality for the half year* the New Deal'* chief i weapon apainw unemploymerit has j Japanese OT Cbina'p uuutiiiuea leriKtamrt. in | rreBFinplj- exhaostinf: to tbe Firo- pire. . 3 a^iaiieHt 1 forces in ^jtiina wei^ not tmhr HUH aavmiulng in tbe "Hinden- I'id 1 ^ L^ne** BeiAor laat weeK, but bad no nearly encircled CSilneBe force* in RoutlrweBt 8ban8i ntmilieili\c about 500.000 that diupBtche* called them 'trapped", said anotlier major butcbfirr impended. Japanene G. H. Q. at Shangbai ad- mited Oitees* fmerilla forcee had retaken nerera] town* just north of Nanking . Thi* week in Tokyo a deputy BBked Premier Prince Kon- ttyt if Japan i* reasonably mire Bbe will have won the war by 1MB. when she wit! be hort to tbe Olympics. "I am unable to «ay de&nrtely.'' bedjr- 6 the Premier. "We must plan for tbe worst. Tbe immediate problem is to deliver a final blow to China and end tbe leadership of Chiang Kai-sbek." Liability Insurance— Dwelling— HoupehoW O<K>ds and all other forms of insurance <!orerage. See tTi Today for four Inrarance Eequiretneiite Good Insurance Pays bnraiice Af «cy State Street C. R. L«Berr« Pboo* be-en the iFtratior. Workf Proprest Admin- The ubioustous WPA may Itnow of itF military serretr While ir it ;i-!7ien- imp espionage be dealt with severelv » IF ridirulouF tt. rw»mr etcited about incident' which have doubtful On OH- Sid*-Iin<** Botrton Herald Ei-Frj- lirr.t we set' E rac-f tc the theatre of war we art rriore t-or that ihe place for Uncle Sam IF in the audi May Hbive to Go U. Work VraKhinpton Pot:: : "Wrm; are thf people of thiF '•otir.try cominp tt,"" uskr B writer The anFV-pr IF cary. They're eventually timing: tn the poin! whi-re tiiry will hare tried all the panaceas and plans in p.r. utmuct-eBEfuI effort tc, pet Bomethinp for nothing and then they are EoinE to have t. c roll up their hlecvec and p> to work lor a living. THE CVFF •'-'itrj. 5icufiuirr. uiia .--..r-.r F-UTii;. vi'.t nr.t— ;st- -.- :;.-.tcr,«-! fvir-.f '.ti. new turn :>":jj:~un i f -i,i,d j o.'' ; l"'!" '-an d.'fc'-rtir vn-wiioint.' ;i>->ip:'.» t i;'.i.''-nic:!- :•. -.r,.;« vui t i>]{ d:f— ••n-i .! tru ' nf C dire-tori-' ballot vrt. nr,i ';j:jid<Ui;'.- icr-.;t:} i)t/> li t.iiu, t\ ^ L,o-t-nr me. :n. IH-IL &-U- 1 .Vipt: nf :iif fiicr.iin HIOK.I t itr iii.« ' t> F.a-;tit.. nf ti,« Acraiiv* Inr't v»' •-.'it -uui:ty nj*l!iiiF ctmnijnorimii} t '«•« yeti-i ub':r — -t-nn-niiM- ' tru reHtuurutilt die t ru«rm:i- ur-.i-r it, t uiitiuti. C of C n»ee-.ni4 IUH: vttr, " luilding bridges, painting muraiE. renting Bernard Shaw or rlantirig pj-pterj—aiJ under the direction o! Washington—Ftruck de- iigiited cartoonifttF and parag/rajih- e:rF HF e vEgueiy fomic ertrarurri- t-uiar activity of thf Federal gov- emmer.t But when President R.OOS- evelt iaRt week Bignetd away £250 - (KKi.CKK 1 morf for relief. WPA had become, just about the primmest thing in the country The new appropriation, tn be ppent beforf June 30 will bring the relief expenditureF for fiBcal IBSt- tr fl.7Mi.000.OOC Mont of the additional fundt wili ycy the wageF of 500.000 more rtlief workerK. ThiF Kprmg the total on the WPA payroll will br 2.SDO.OO(i—the- hipheBt in two years witb the- exceptior. of a single week during the 1936 drought. Wia gnrpltijinieut -m it» w§y taneh to wbBrt- it wa» when WPA fatt appeared. Washinglcm had little ctm- fidenoe that itt S250.00D.OOO contributed anwthir.g to a fundamental solution of tin- probiem WPA IBB; month otTe;red nn account of what tru nutmr hat iicpr. petting fur itF money— n lotLl of Sfc.r~l.lT7fc.G8' prunt'Bd by cimgres* for r«ln'l More tiiun half of triis umouriT iitit licer. lilitH.-iit^d tt, "VVPA miiKinp r the *^*'v IM-U'F pr«*utefst !iji*'iidiiic ap- enry \t ajrt?i aiic Huuir;ei ti'-'-uuir.- ec tir Hr»r/ (i* tn* rrioiie'.v HJM'II* utl- niniH'.nifvt coitti were we! untirr •-!i» '••''. nu:):insun. uliowei! t>\ i»w Tiit report Hummurizti tin !»•- r :cin:)ih> 1 iini<.'ii'..'- of nui-t tnar ir)(..d!Xi jr-i j^"u uj ti o-'.iiiM.'r ; iscrr VIH- iin» tl tut l"* vv-» riJOf TIVV. puiiii- nuiiiimpi ii-v ii-iiiu-itii <;..eTTI nij;rwt"-i. tl JT*1 new -.lit I .'...Vi! run*! u: 1 H3TEE \"ETTEBA!VS VTOtXO GET BOXT7S WASHlNGTOTf: Tbe lairt pitched battle in tbe 300-year war between North Ajnerican whites and Indian? occurred on Dec. 29. 18BO. when tbe Seventh Cavalry massacred all but 4C of a 'ore* of 200 Sioux at Wounde-d Knee. S. D. Wounded Knee veterans Jamet Pipe-on-Head and Dewer Beard, in Washington last week, called on f.mall CommiBFioner of Indian Affairs John Collier, urged him to ask congress to award fl.CKK 1 to all living Indian Burvivort of the battle, including FBOM BETRUDV: Adorpf Hitler wae ner- er more vehemently sincere than b* wa* laBt week when b« welcomed tc Berlin with "ririfl Batirffirlion" career Diplomat Hug* R. Wilswi. new "C. S. AmbaBBador to Germany. Said Mr. Wilson: "It is my earn- ent wish that the maintenance and tJe-pelopinent of friendly relation* and bonds which prerafl between our two countries may be deepened and strengthened whDe I am here." Germans particularly criticized the seedy air and ill-fitting clothe": ' of enrtwhile Ambassador Dodd. [ highly approved tbe arrival of Am- i baRKBdor Wilson in faultless full ! dress, white tie and the black waist- ; coat correct in Europe on such or- ! casions Although he addresses the Reichstag and maker nearly all his public appearances in the khaki of a simple Storm Trooper. Fuhr-cr Hitler received Ambassador Wilson dressed exactly like him. Make Plans Now to Build Your Home Our areWtert, MK. E. W. HA7C8ON, to hand to bctp you fommlmte Onem aa paper. ft* Lft m quote jroa pric*» on aaythiBK yon pbut bmld. Too wiD find oar prior* rfeM. PENSION FOB. OONGKJESSMEN BALTIMORE. Maryland C;iarle> S ForueF of New Jerhry IF a SS^ year-old Tankee niuthematit-iar! with a Columbia Ph D.. 20 years' experienoc in the inaurancc under- H. W.POST Dray and Transfer Storage of all kinds distant* n«ul:E* r« Irjcured *g&in»i low Eoulpped ;« do tied* of dnrinf ana n»j:. load tr afi in -iudiiif 3 If niiief o' new unupet. mor« in-v . ... LUC L HU.T j/ityt-c oii'y orir yet.- -.nit yenr win-.-f if ui:Jurtuimte)> rut iaif our i;i tn u t hsmor run, ()• nm r. tim: hoti'.-ef u rrjiu— fur o-rx-int hceiiM ei- :,.n..:i inpt. j>uiir.iiij:i. m vij^-i;!. No* n " ,cr^ K'.'iiuu. •nit unc om'ioufc lUII'JIlUl oeir.royec uunuiii»-.';ret i« Aubrey Wil,- Itch for gaij and I'tfful'Ul. In an article printed in the staid Baltimore "Sun" Mr Forbet proponed that the U S Conpreiw add c. new classification Ui itF litM^ru.! peri mot; rolls—Congressmen argued tiiat eveiry ronpreaHmer. upoi. ejection litiouid pn on thi- jiii> roll for life at niF !ull Bular>- of 5"l(i.(HK' : .vtar Ttnf Mur« lifetime r-ewurd Buid Ileiormer Fori«.-i. will C"'< '.•tinprfHHrii^r. ''hticiui h«;rurity" tiiu' will enuliH ttie.'n: tc lititnci uj faguiiiHt tneir t-otiHtituentF' di'munm !tir jmri nurrc: icpitiiutior. ttieir ctilieiiguer Hcru-'iriei !or jioli'.iru. iugrolling uno eribtiif trierr. tt- ioor at tiie i»ruliit i nu uf li!wnibt:mg frtm: k imtiiinui mHteut: uf u htctionu: »• jiurtihui point of view At ar inHiiruiici mm. Mr Fortiet hpuret tniit Biii-.-e tin t tempt ex- conpreBHniai nut a lift t-Kiiectunrv of ariouf 2t ! yeari. tin JUKI. wouieJ cunt i: niKKimun: IlL.HUt.WH unnuul- .'.v. A> b reformer ht » sure tt wouic Ktvt tnt nu'-ioi mu'.'ii mort bemOet encourapinj b nigher type of cit:z<!i tc rui lor congrtHt untl ji*-iH'iti* fc rtiher\'t of trairitjd uncl piud-uj jK-rhone! lor feucral n-a Step in any time and let ing pUm for tfato year. o» taft over your boiW- o § if Botsford Lumber Co. | o ^ lo I-*lui!i** *^"W> Ti T* 1 f* ('oQOBOOooo&acxxsaoQa^^ Algona U. D. M. Want* Ads Bring Quick Basalts A LOT OF GAR for a VERY LOW PRICE hfaili-.' ji Sl-.b'X t '-tu' '•VI.' Ultt. If ' !ITlM- r - 1 -'iltlv t Vltl til* I<«''I I-- ll.j -.( '-!.'. -'inn;: : i • Hi ••• '.lit *.Il.c.-. ;:; '.in !,!.v >: ':'-'•,:„ (JI| ... v u'tt-r ';,• :.• 7c»ti ttni.t.f"-i..jij,. •.anmui'- 1 - ii.~u w Ii l,iiK(t Ol:.'-i !i!i|nr.{ -.!.••• < :t-v 't-i.-i U! t !l»-Il,l.f llf i. : " • u:j, .-ver a j ;u l_-» Iitfc'llli lit— t l .{ -.!.••• ;i 1,1 -cj<ftitiui (if ti»t rtijiiir'.et ;n':iat:i.'. 't-i.-i uii'-i w^iiti uii! 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