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Hawaii Holomua-Progress from Honolulu, Hawaii • Page 3

Honolulu, Hawaii
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She gotomun Calcwlar. Febi-uarr. 1894. So ilcwa's Phases New iloon, February 5. 7 First Quarter, jit Id 13! 15! 16 jts; loj ajlgij 25.

2flj 2i 2S! February id. Fall Moon, Pshnurr 19. Last Quarter, Febrnarr27. 2flj 27! 2S! Foreign Mail Service. Steamships will leave for nd arr've from San Francisoo and other foreign ports, on or about the following dates, till the dose of ISfil.

Leave Howccix'Dirr. at roa Sax Fju.m6co.SFm. Sa- honolulu Fea'cisco Australia Feb. 3 Mariposa Jan. IS Alameda Feb.

Wammoo, from Van- Owank Feb. 12 "Australia Mar. 3 Australia Jan. 27 Mariposa Mar. Arawa Feb 1-2 Xktian Mar.

20 China Feb. 7 ftusiralk liar. Feb. 15 Moaoi Apr. 5 Australia Feb.

24 Anr.2S Oceanic. Mar. 6 Alameda May 3 Alameda Mar. 15 GesBe May 14 Australia Mar. 24 AsstraKa May 28 Mariposa Apr.

12 Maiipow May 31 China Apr. 17 Australia June 23 Australia. Apr. 21 ilosowai June2S-Moiwvrai May 10 iBfttmlia Jnly21 Australia May 19 July 20 Alameda Jane 7 Ahr Juno 16 Mariposa Ang.23Mariposa July 5 ABtmMft Sept. 15 Australia July 14 Sept.

SO.Monowai Aug. 2 Aug. 11 Alameda. Aug. 31 Australia Sept.

3 Mariposa 20 Australia Oct. 8 Monowai Oct. 25 Vessels in Port. NAVAL VBSBLS. II 11 Ms Ohauiplon, Rooke.

Ailauw, Nfrtaon. l'hiladelphia, Barker. II 1 M'j) Naniwa, Togo, Japan MEJICHASTMES. TJer Bk J. C.

rfluRor, Woltors, Bremen. Am bkt Wrestler, Bergmann, Castle. Am bk 0 Allen, Thompson, F. Am bkt Inngard, Schuiiilt, F. Bark Bryant, Jaoolnen, F.

Htw bk Maunn Ala, Smith, F. Am bkt Geo Perkins, Maas, F. Jim bk Colusa, Baokus, Departure Bay. Am bk Castle, Hubbard, F. Foreign Vessels Expected.

This List does not Include Steamers vessels. where from. due. Ger bk Xautilus L'pool. 1G-19 Haekfeld (aid Sept 25) 25-31 Ger bk Galveston Anioy Jan 10-20 Am bkt Discovery Jnn 1G Ger sh Terpsichore.

20-30 Am bk Harvester (Hilo). 21 Haw bk Helen B. er (sltl Xov 7) Mar 1-5 Am bkt Skagit Port Dec 31 Hrshn Knsteraft (dd Xov 1-5 Am bet Lurline Hilo) Jan 14 Gor bk Glade. Liverpool Apr 1-10 Am Fohr Bbt Lowers. Jan 15 Am bk Albert Jou 17 Bk Xantippe Jan 20-31 Am schr Solrntor.

Jau 29 Am bkt Jlilo NSW Jan 31 Haw bk Leahi Feb 5-10 Lyman Foster Feb 12 Am vh bk Gavheail. Zealand, THEY RETURN. The Nightingales Visit Pele. The Missos Albu and manager Phmkett returned from Hawaii this morning after a visit to Hilo and to tho Volcano. Tho parly enjoyed their trip very much, although, tho weather was most miserablo.

Tho rain in Hilo soems to bo as copious as in Honolulu. Tho volcano was very active, and presented a highly interesting spectacle Mr. Plun-kett speaks in tho highest terras of tho treatment which they received from tho hands of tho gonial manager of tho Volcano Hoaso, Mr. Petor Loo. Thero woro sixteen tourists stayiug at tho hotel, and the accommodations woro fouud excellent.

On Saturday night the famous singers gavo a concert in Hilo. Mr. mntlQ tho latest time on record from tho volcano to Hilo to onable tho ladies to bo on time for tho concert Ho covered tho distance in 5 hours and 40 min fs. The concert took ulace an tho Court llouso which kindly bad been placed at tho disposi tion of tho singers by Sheriff Williams, and tho house was fully packed. Tho audionco highly appreciated the concert which was, as could be expected, a great success.

Tho Misses Albu loud in their praises of the hospitality aud'eourtesies extended to them bo tho Hilo residents. The giftod vocalists will leave for California bv the Australia. Riid will not givo any more concerts in Honolulu, fTh Fr Sat! 9. 10 LOCAL NEWS Bain, mnd, wrath. There is no Hawaiian news.

There is no news of importance from abroad. Aud still no sign of the over-duo Oceunic. A large newspaper mail will go forward to San Francisco by tha next steamer. Now doth the festive hackman make his hay, for those who ride, in rainy weather, mostly pay. Native jurrs have been excused from service in the Circuit Court until called on.

Mr. Julian A. Palmer Jr. the correspondent of the Boston Transcript, has gone to visit the Volcano of Kilnuea. Valentino day has come and is nearly gone.

It does not look as though the season was taken much opportunity of. The little god is pouty. The Kona came in occasional spurts this afternoon. If the wind'eontinues in the south there may be a ull-iledged one tonight. The "poisoning" investigation has not yet been officially reported.

The soldiers who were taken ill agree with the Holojiua that it was filth in the cooking. The P. G. band gave a concert at Emma square last evening. Although there were very few present, the selections, especially those from "Patience," wore well played.

A reception, official will be given by the socialists of the Central' Union Church to tho temporary pastor and his wife in the church-parlors, tomorrow evening. As old Spoopendyko would say Mr. Hatch, while presiding at tho meeting last night, would have only required sonio rope and a board to have had a proper Conductor Dement of the Oahu Bail way states that tho road-bed of tho lino from Honolulu to Ewa is in good condition. The pro-cautions taken against, by previous experience in having, washouts, have proved very successful. Company took advantage of tho absence of Captain Hugh Gunn to displace that popular officer and elect Judge Bobertson captain of the company.

It will be rather a surprise to Gunn wlinn ho returns from Mam to find that, he has "cone off the official list. Thero is much trouble amongst certain capitalists of tho city who lmve advanced nionev on mort gage of lands in which tho "party of the second part" has lately boen found to have only a life interest. There is no expressed for tho capitalist a hone oven boins expressed that ho will bo "done brown." Bobert Grieve a well-known practical printer in town is the successful bidder for the work of printing and binding the license blanks of the Interior Department for tho coming biennial fiscal period. The Star and Ad-vertisor offices were competitors. Tho nominees on the secret League ticket at the election on Monday evening were; L.

C. Abies, J. L. Carter, J. C.

Cla- ney, C. H. Luther, J. S. Martin, F.

W. McChesney, F. A. Smith, and D. B.

Smith. All but Smith (D. and Luther withdrew before the voles were cast aud D. B. Smith was elected as the no-niiueo of tho Club in the Advisory Council.

WELL PLAYED. P. Friends Fall Ont. In response to the call for a mass-meeting of followers of the secret League and the Annexation clubs at the Drill shed and for the stated purpose of ratifying the nomination of David Bowers Smith as a proper and acceptable person for position among the wise-acres of the nation who are now in the Advisory Council, there came together last evening an incongruons assemblage of people composed mainly of Portuguese with' a sprinkling of members of the Caucasian race, the total number being withing three-hundred and fifty sonls. The chairman of tho meeting was Mr.

F. M. Hatch, who is understood to have the nomination as minister of foreign affairs in tha Executive Council, aud who by virtue of his position as vice-president of the Annex, ation club assumed control of the proceedings. Mr. Hatch stated he purpose for which the meet ing was called, He was followed by a member of the Annexation club who, placed tho name of F.

TV. McChesney before the mixed assemblage for nomination. The nomination was seconded bnt before vote was taken thereon the 'olio wing resolution was read: TVhereas, The American League has named Mr. D. B.

Smith for this place, therefore be it Besolved, That thitf mass meet- mc hereby endorses iur. u. Smith for the Advisory Council, and shall through its Secretary a nd 'resident so mlorm the and Advisory Councils. The resolution was now voted on and it was seen that the An nexation club members had taken tumble and held their heads and hands down. There was no mercy shown by the victors for after Smith's name being placed in nomination Jos.

B. Atherton moved that there be no more and it carried. Mr. Smith being called on jumped ou the table, took'a paper from his pocket and read therefrom to the effect that, in the words of some one or mother annexation was sure, and no appreciated tne nonor oi about being a member of the Conncil. Mr.

James Xott, who was formerly in the plumbing and business but had met with such business reverses that ho is now a gentleman of leisure, ascended the table, and read: Whereas, In making changes ho mass of tho supporters of the Provisional Government have had no voice; therefore be it Besolved, That this mass eeting of annexationists and supporters of the Provisional Government hereby petitions the Councils to enact a law increas ing the membership of the Advi sory Council from fourteen to twenty-four. The signal was given and hear ty veils approved the document. The chair seemed non-plusseu; rood annexationists looked at one another and tho light seemed to dawn upou them that they were very much immersed in the political consomme as far as any attempt at nominations went. Vote was had on Mr. McChesney 's nomination and a few staunch Annexation Club mem bers held up their hands thus misleading a few Portnguese who followed suit.

The opposition to the nomination being called the League members nearly all held up both hands and another of the Mac's was doomed to politica1 death. The chairman, Mr. F. M. Hatch.

with a true sense of order ruled that tie resolution uld not be constpered by tins meeting as it had beeu called for a special purpose only. There was where Mr. Hatch was thrown in with his conferes of the annexation club and before he was aware of it he "was also in the soup, another Smith, oii44 not Richmond bat TV G. apple! intr frnm his decision and woo. the combination present deciding agaisnt the chair.

The resolution passed, and soon after, with the exception of a little disturbance caused by a brick rolling along the iron roof, the meeting qnietly dispersed the secret Leagua members exciting in their capture of the club. FOREIGN. Two Days Later. By the arrival of the Irmgard in port this afternoon dates of January 31st and Febuarv 1st have been received, the latest news is as follows: Advices of Jan. 3l from state that the TJ.

S. Detroit had fired into Admiral Mello's ship Da Gamma. Mello offered to surrender but Admiral Binham would not accept him. On the next day Mello fired into a German launch. He was told that he would be blown out of water if done again.

Vote on the tariff bill is set for Febrnarv 1st. Bad Weather. But little damage was done and about Honolulu by the late heavy rains the main reason for less destruction occurring, than formerly, is the improved grading of the streets and the making of gutters which carry the surplus water to seaward. Along the edges of the iSuuanu stream the quickly rising waters, of the usually shallow and lazily flowing river, encompassed, without warning many domestic animals and fowl, whoso habitat was land, and bore them downward with other flotsam, to the waters of tho harbor, where they were quickly captured by tho many wreckers on such business bent. Last night the wind added force to the pelting rain and the not very vivid lightning with muffled growl of distant thunder gavo added interest and effect to the war of the elements.

This morning the wind shifted from the south to the north-west andh eavy iain showers fell while an over cast skv offered strong indications of continued bad weather. At noon the wind had gone back into the south again with weather indications of a coming ELona. The Bulletin states that the Custom House is the rendezvous of tho executive committee of the Annexation Clnb. Mr. E.

11. Hendry, the mana- Tr TT .1 ger ot the Hawaiian xxaruware fin. has pone to Hilo and other points on Hawaii on a business rip. Company took advantage of he absence of Captain Hugh Gunn to displace that popular officer and elect Judge Bobertson, captain of the company. It will be rather a surprise to Gunn when he returns from Maui to find he has "gone off" the offi.

cial list. O. T. AJKAjSTA. 324 Nuuanu Street All Suits Guaranteed To Fit and in the Latest Style.

Clothes" Cleaned and Bepaiied. nol7 ITor Sale A PIECE OF VALUABLE Land situated on 2suuanu Avenue, two miles from town, be low Mr. Coit Hobron containing 12 acres, partly G00D TAR0 LAND about 150 feet, on Nnuanu Avenue A small house on it, all fenced. a Ttt Tc rtniTctui i -1 1 uiiiimi Unu-V w. particulars, pledse apply'to this office.

jan 18-2wd A. BOSA, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Uaafiumanu St Honolulu Hawaiian 'Islands. Chas. T. (Mick NOTARY PUBLIC For the Island of Oahu.

Agent to Take Acknowledgments to Labor Contracts. Agent to Grant Marriage Licenses, Honolulu, Oahu. Agent for tho Haw'n Islands of Pitt fc Scott's Freight and Parcels Express. Agent for the Burlington Bonte. Real Estate Broier and General Agent Bell Tel.

31S; Mut. Tel. 139; P. O. Jgpx 415.

OFFICE: No. 3S MERCHANT Street, Honolulu, H. I. KWONG SING CHONG (10. OorLtxa-ctor 2z Em.Ild.ex IPainfcing3 fcc.

3T We also keep on hand Bedsteads, MattBasses, Tables, Bookcases, Mirrors, Etc, at the lowest, market prices No. 216 King Honolulu de4 3m LEWIS J. LEVEY, Eeal Estate and General Auctioneer. Corner Fort and Queen Streets, Honolulu Personal attention given to Sales of Furniture, Beal Estate, Stock and General Merchandise. Mutual Telephone 238 W0 CHAN Co.

Merchant Tailor iKing street, Thomas' Block, next door to Holomna office. All Suits Guaranteed to Fit, and IN THE LATEST STILE. Clothes Cleaned and Bepaired, no2 W. S. LUCE "Wine and Spirit TVTVrrVh nut Campbell Fire-proof Block, MERCHANT HONOLULU Long Branch.

BATHING Establishment. This First-class Bathing Besort has been enlarged and is now open to the public. It is the best place on tho islands to enjoy a bath and there is no better place to lay off. Special accom modations for Ladies. Tram cars! pass the door every half hour and on Saturdays aud Sundays every fifteen minutes.

C. J. SHERWOOD Proprietor, dvex-fcisemeiits H. MAY, Tea Dealers, Coffee Roasters AXD Provision Merchants 9S Fort Street. Honolulu Families, Plantations and Ships supplied with choicest European c0 American Groceries California Produce by Every Steimer.

JUST RECEIVED from JAPAN Several Kind of Cotton Crape, Latest Styie of Shirts in different qualities. mt Apartment of potfcelain Tea Sots a Specialty Japaneso Lanterns nnd many Curios suitable for Christmas Goods. 411 KING STREET, Honolulu. Telephones, Bell 47-1. P.O.

Box 3S6. no 13 lm jintuai oil. JUST ARRIVED. BABY CARRIAGES OF ALL STYLES, CARETS, lit IS THE LATEST PATTERNS. I i W1 fl lYiaClllIieb Haxd Sewing Machines, EJTAH With tha Latest ImproTemenUSX PABLOB Organs, G-nitar- And Other Musical Instruments.

4 Liquors; Beer ALWAYS OX HAND, AND FOB SALE BY to' nnirncimiT innvm ni King oppo. Cttstla A- Coolie's Mi A. TFQ.

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