The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1938 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1938
Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines, Algona, Iowa, March 8,1938 North East Kossuth Page 10 LAKOTA NEWS GIRLS ARE BEST TTTONK A SPELLERS Gladys Ann Smith and Twylah Hamstreet Win Honbrs TJtonka: Friday morning, twelve contestants from the fltfh, sixth, seventh and eighth grades held the final spelling contest In the high school assembly. Contestants In the order that they were spelled down In the oral contest were: Donna Kromlnga, Marlon Krantz, Leola Kromlnga, Dickie Batt, Delorls Isebrandt, Donald Budlong, Delorls Peterson, Ilene Ites, Lavina Jandl, Twylah Hamstreet, Beverly Adamson, and Gladys Anna Smith. In the seven rounds of the written part of the contest Twylah Hamstreet was the winner. In the oral contest, Gladys Ann Smith was the winner and also was the final spelling champion. The winners were to compete in the county meet at Algona Monday. Lakota Change* r of March 1st Lakota i The John Heetlands moved to the August Steinberg farm March 1st. The Jerry Heet- lands moved to the farm vacated by the John Heetlands. The Gen. Ennens moved to the farm vacated by the Heetlands and Dwight Smith and his bride moved to the farm vacated by the Ennens. The Roy Ennens moved to a farm which they bought near Lone Rock and the Clifford Knutsons moved to the farm vacated by the Ennens. James Whalen moved to the farm vacated by the Knutsons. A. Hayes moved to the farm vacated by the Orville Buffingtons who have n farm near Titonka. Louis Stenzol moved to his father's farm near Swea City and a man named Logo will live on the farm east of town vacated by the Stenzels. Mrs. Rose Joos moved to a farm near Woden and a family from near Blue Earth will occupv that farm. Rnl.ind Smith and Walter Klocke and their brides began housekeeping on the A. C. Klocke farm north of Ledyard. The Rev. and Mrs. O. H. Frerking attended a Fort Dodec Presbyterial meeting last week Wednesday. Eighteen women surprised Mrs. Tom Tamcn last week Monday evening when they went to her home to help her celebrate her birthday. Mesdames Delia Smith, W. E. Gutknecht, I. E. Wortman, R. L. Williams. Earl Grabau, William Turley and A. C. Schissel attended the county club federation meet- Ing at the Presbyterian church In Algona last week Tuesday. Ledyard Girls See State Meet On Friday morning of last week, Supt. and Mrs. H. M. Granner, Sir. and Mrs. Chan. Boahara and Mr. and Mm. John Holt and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Halverson took the girls' first and second basketball teams to DCS Moines to see the state basketball tournament. The girls won in the county and sectional tournaments, but lost In the district thus losing the chance to play In the state tournament. In view of their successful season, many contributed to the fund which enabled them to attend the Friday nnd Saturda^ game. The girls who made the trip were: Alvlrn Halverson, Ruth Estle, Marjorle Barnes, Lurene Lloyd. Geneva and Delor- ls Oelhaiis, Eunice Prlebe, IM- Vonne. Olson, Mary t*e Olson, Jean Gable, Marvel Halverson, Evelyn Peterson and Louise Zidskr. Mrs. Elvin Carpenter, Mrs. I.*w Anderson and Dorothy Stoflct also accompanied them. LESTER CUTS 3 ' FINGERS ON SAW Lakotan Fortunate At That; Has No Serious Developments Lakota: Vance Lester had three fingers on his right hand injured Thursday while sawing wood at the Charles Gutknecht farm south of town. While handling the wood, Mr. Lester slipped and his hand struck the saw, but only the skin was cut as he was not close to the saw which was very fortunate for him. Dr. Williams dressed the wounded fingers and no serious outcome is expected. " Hebron Twp News Mardell Haveland spent Thursday night with Thelma Frandle. Raymond Smith spent last Sunday at the home of Olaf Fjetland. Marvin Duyer spent the week end at the home of Mrs. Beatrice Osland. Russell Legried is assisting Oscar Frandle with the work for a couple of weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Matheson spent Thursday night with the Selmer Mathesons. Quite a number from this locality attended the Firemen's Ball given in BUmore Tuesday night. - Quite a heavy snow fell last SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT •'', f"i- tin' jMTliiil from Frxns Da la life (ftiurst" IJtr. t'l i.f M J. Iniffy. Trcanucr .if Ko*«uth rmintv Jom- 1, lii.i;. to Inn n,|.|. r :il. l!i:,T. ln,-hisi\v. \ STATK.MKXT (IF ACCOTXTrt Ditliiiifr June I, '"I'XliS 1!«7 lir-fPli.ts f.nii'ial state it* vi mi- $ T:!.:'.':!.:) 1 ! J tii,:iis.l9 J 7s :j:;i 70 $ ii->-no 11 si.ltiit-i*.' r.nnii* f.,!i%.n T.mi.ra io.M7.22 •yjar.n «'!ll AH- l'-n»i,,n :!,«7».3( 1.7WS.1X 4.0rtl.Wf l,4M.ul> Gem-ral coumy it.ttH* is -iri,s2:j.52 4<;,n;ii.M* K.MO.'JO Court Kxpi hM- _ . _ •_ MM.1:1 4.!»X0.4't 4 41.", 7*i 9;Kl kO MM.58 - • - • - Tax Ilnail I'i,111-11 uclli.n S4.17S J.I 7.."iti1.3'.> ti.40li.li5 e.SLli :'l 1,7%. 17 K.SMftS !l.W»l.:u M36 Tax Ilefuml Ht-cnnilary H<JU<I 16.879.7:! 15.S74.M lM.lS4.7ii !)7.».'.a4 Co. Cash Itoad County School ^•ildlrre' Htllef 1.D94.W 2/JI7.47 1.9.42 . S7.W) 5.358.SK .'.IMJ.IX <*o. *'a»h HoiiiJ Hond* ! lJ.7ls.S- 1 Diverted Iiit«-n-nt S< hool IH»I Liljiary ._ is JS Motor Vehicle ll..'M>:tl I'rtnrli'ul "I ^fhuol j::.:t».:w Ci-meler.v .'!40.71 Temporary School (Klini-) 6,ttJ<*.j5 T. in-heiB' IiiMittitf 117.kit IK.vlne T. 11! In.nieHtlf AnlniH) 4,ti4"..:'>i Co. Fair (irounda l.iilfi.:!* Citv Ki.e.-lal As-M-i-MiH nlo 17'.i-'ii t •'•! IHtl'UlUlll KtllldB Dliitrlft FiititU U.7'i3.»»7 4.<*>:!94 l.lSa.liO 4SO.11 .'.-'71H1 J77..VI HI.OKI.'O Ml.'M 1.1)59.40 _'ii5.4k .'11.141.7't '.', 4X2.14 IS.21ti.52 4U9.t» a,tao.77 i:..7ci.72 t5Jli.l-7 S.MS.51 4. (100 (10 ti-':t.47 :M'«ri.4« 22J.S1 :i .MDi.(K) 1.UM.06 J,!t00.4S :t7v 7x 29.HHI.22 f.77.1'1 4V!ll9.Vi l»,2li!i:Hi 197.U5 KX'K.CT 17J.75 i»ra 1 nfi K«—Cr«-i1lttf livi nh.ifl.- T'n HC.JII] KI.I ,1 II. .!i inl't. Btf. Ruad HcilniU'tloll ... Vf. . It,,ad AKH.-BMii<-nt> .. I'ri i-.f. I'.ouil AfFinlh. .. lmi.174.41 17«.4.S t.'.KiS in) S Vi Ik:|..'t44.fi4i 18B.2W.77 11,126.00 IHvttl 4.t>4Jitl Total HaiariceM _ :*l.7!«.f>:i tiv.-rillMfl.-i »9tfl.5!l ito.7Ki.S7 *t.S.S.::7 :.:II.'JB 17ti 4S 45174 9.W> •I^O.l'J;.' lei • lN).37 Tola! 11 il i a f I!-. _ MH'.Ml.W Jk24.571.ri l:i:cKHT.S AM) niSUl'HSKMKNTS AMli'UMl S iVH).s::t VI <:!7.4ii:i.l3 ::.7i»i.<!:i :t.02D k7 Ltfi.4J> 1S*..!)9 C4.740.JO 1.7D3.18 4.os:i.H iirji.n (•n hand J.IM- I. IfefT '"rum curiinl Taxt^. l!»:Jii Fruni I)v!lin|U»nt Tiixex. 1M5 ami |,iior yialu I'.Tialty. Inttnst nnd Costs Uralnatre TaxiK city f^pn-lal Asen'Miii-nts (1'aviiiK. Si-wer, t-tc. I mate Highway lUctipis -Incline Tax nid AKC IViiBlon _ Diverted Imtrnt Motor Carrier ,,,*<•. Prl. Head Bond Redemi-t. -vloo '''.'gari-ttt l-ict-riseM •, ^-voi Tntert»t of School Fund "v>-',ii Ttschi-rs Kxamliiiillun ami Institute Kt'ts - - '-' "° U«e Tax Receipts - '• H* t r l-lceiiM-tf Vale of Automoliile Nunil'i-m and l.liviiist: - -Fin.-* anil KiirfVliuri's'fri'irir'rii-rIc F:IU-» ;,inl K.,rf. i|iir.-K from ,,lh,r offlct-rs Homtt It-ad Kxrmptlun ,':ill- nf 1'ullcilt*. Ill In-tlllllli'llS Carr of I'ulUnm In county InMitutlonH •^•1)1- nf I'li.ili'ft- ,11 C,unity llolll- .. K.lit! of Stllool H,)"kt P. i-k Ci.iiniy AMlltor K» 1 s fri.tii '',,uiit>' Tr,aMir.r _ . — KI-»~ from Cniiiitv I'l-roidir . ...... F' i b fioiii Cl.ik ,>f Iii.-trii't c',,urt *•••*•* from Slicilff Miu'-t-]!ant-ou« U,-i.-»-(|j|b .._-_.-- 'Ir.,nHf. !• fn MI l-'und- -Ann !•'.,.- —--- , . ' ,,r " I.'" ' ,1, f.' i.l MI!.,; J21 10 liISIil'KSITMKNT.-' Slate Tn-.i>"ii. ' '- '•-•••II '- Amidol's Wairai.tii Srhfio', Fund t..ian* Hriill afi-!- ^'amil !•- l'i untv II,>nil- !•!• '!• • ""''I Illti'lect ,,ll Coin ty H-ii'.il.- V,l....-M MI, I', l.-at" llMl'.l NEW FAMILIES ATLEDYARD March 1st Sees the Usual Changes in North Kossuth Area Ledyard: Among the many who moved this week are: the Ted Gables moved on the farm tenanted last year by Cecil Black, the Cecil Blacks moved to where the Fred Schwartz family lived near Lakota. The Raymond Andersons of near Swea City moved on to the farm the Germans lived on. The Ralph Johnsons purchased the farm where the Scotts lived and moved there last week. The Scotts moved on to the farm the Johnsons left. The Slcper family moved near Rake and the Walter Klocke's and Roland Smith, Jr.'s both of whom were married last week, have moved on the Sleper farm. The Martin Berhows moved to a farm near Grant. Art Brandts moved to the place Adolph Berhows left and the Adolph Berhows moved to a farm m miles north and a mile west which they recently purchased. The Wm. Trenarys moved on the farm where the Wlll- ards lived last year. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf were in Bancroft Wednesday on business. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Zacharia- son of Pilot Grove visited at the Olaf Engelby home Sunday. On Wednesday evening Mar- jorle Mayer entertained six girl friends in honor of her 13th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Weaver left Wednesday for Rochester, where Mrs. Weaver entered the hospital for an operation. Mr. and Mrs. John Johanneson and family of Lone Rock spont Sunday at the homo of Mr. nnd Mr*. Fred Floppier. The ladies are sisters. The L. W. Wiemer home has hern reshingled the past week. Raymond and Glenn Johnson. Harold Herzog and Clyde Behse have the work completed. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Richtcr and children of near Elmore and Mr: and Mrs. Clifford Juhl and son, Roger, of Forest City spent Monday at the Clifton Engelby home. The Christy Hcndrlcksons visited at the Hannah Simser home in Blue Earth Wednesday evening, helping Mrs. Hendrickson's brother. Phil Simser, celebrate his birthday. The M. E. Ladies' Aid met on Thursday at the home of Mrs. Elvin Carpenter. The committee this week was Mrs. Alelt Troff, Mm. Joe Mayne and Mrs. N. A. Plngls. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and Duane pnent the weel: end at the home of their son and wife Mr. and Mrs. Mlltoiv Thompson in Sioux City, getting acquainted with their new granddaughter. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Looft and children and Mrs. Margaret Looft of Swea City spent Sunday at the N. A. Plngle home. Mrs. Fred Looft. who before Christmas, fell and broke the bones in her arm in several places, still is wearing n cast and is unable to use the arm at all. Thursday night, and by Friday morning everything was white. Fritz Jordahl and Harry autoed to Rochester, Minn., Wednesday to visit their father, John Jordahl in a hospital there. Mrs. Clarence Haveland, Darnel Legried and Mrs. C. O. Legried visited Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Oscar Frandle. Adrian Hauskin drove to* Blue Earth Monday forenoon to visit his sister, Mrs. T. R. Haroldson at the Ole Hauakin home. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Frandle and family, Omer and Levine Legried were Sunday visitors at the Ole Hauskin home in Blue Earth. John H. Winter had quite a misfortune last week when rutting down a tree when a limb broke and fell on him breaking three of hi:; ribs. Mrs. C. O. Legried. Mrs. Oscar Frandle and Ordale and Mrs. Clarence Haveland spent last Thursday with Oscar Legried near Bricelyn. Another community sale was held at Stevens last Wednesday. The weather was fine and a real good crowd turned out. Reports are that everything sold for a good price. John Jordahl left a week ago for Rochester to go through the clinic. On Tuesday of last week he underwent an operation. We have not learned the cause of his trouble. He is getting along as well as can be expected at this time. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bruer entertained a group of friends last week Sunday in honor of their weddin;; anniversary. Library Balance At Lakota $13.06 Lakota: Following is the annual report of the local library: adult book committee, Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht, Harry Warburton nnd R. L. Williams; children's book committee. Mesdames H. H. Murray, E. L. Grabau and I. E. Wortman. Balance on hand at beginning of year, $55.71. Fines, gifts, teas, etc.. $73.72, taken in during year. Expenditures, insurance, coal, express, cleaning, etc., $21.53. New books, $93.84. balance $13.06. Total number of books now available in ' the library is 1771. Mrs. A. C. Schissel Is president; Mrs. W. E. Gutknecht, secretary, and Mrs. R. L. Williams, treasurer. The library is open from 2 to 5 p. m. every Friday. Oomm. Club Meeting Lakota: The Commercial club enjoyed its regular dinner at the M. E. church Thursday evening with 14 men present. OESTERREICHER BOY, 8, DIES; RITESSUNDAY Parents, Three Sisters Survive; "Flu" Cause of Death Titonka: Dean, eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Oester- rcichcr, passed away Wednesday evening at the Kossuth hospital in Algona. He had been sick several weeks with flu and complications. He was in the third grade at school. Besides his parents and grandfather, Wm. Doege, he leaves three sister, Fernc. Lcota and Lnvonne, and n host of relatives and friends. Funeral services were held Sunday at 2:30 in the Methodist church with Rev. W. L. Patterson in charge. Interment was made in the Buffalo township cemetery. Former Resident Dies Word was received here that Mrs. Martin Nelson, Crystal Lake, passed away Thursday evening at eight o'clock. She suffered a stroke in the forenoon and never regained consciousness. Mrs. Carrie Bonacker of this place is a sister-in- law. Mr. and Mrs. George Bonacker took her to Crystal Lake Thursday and she Is remaining with the family. The Nelsons were former Titonka residents and while here. Mr. Nelson operated the elevator. Mrs. Nelson leaves five girls and one son. Girl for Dunmires A baby girl was born Tuesday to Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dunmirc. She weighed eight pounds. Mrs. Fred Wentz, a nurse from Blue Earth, Minn., is here caring for the mother nnd baby. This makes three girls in the family. Mr. Dunmirc is principal in the Titonka schools. (ieo. Petrr Elected At the annual meeting Monday of the Farmers Elevator Co. Gco. Peterson was elected president and the old directors were realected. They are: G. D. Welhousen, Jny Budlong. and Henry Nelson. Fred Hagen, assisted by Clarence Cooper, manage the elevator. Otto Falk purchased the school bus and contract from Al Young Tuesday and began driving the bus Wednesday morning. He will still continue with his duties at the K. & H. Oil station. Miss Clarine Johnson, second grade teacher, has been ill with the flu the past week and has been confined to her room at the O.H. Falk residence. Mrs. Jerry Schutjer is substituting for her. The Earl Stott hardware store opened for business Saturday. It has been closed for invoicing since Mr. Stott purchased the stock from his father, W. H. Stott. During the time it was also redecorated. Dorothy Budlong and Dorothy Peterson drove to Cedar Falls on Thursday where they visited Miss Betty Budlong. student at the Iowa State Teachers' College and Mis.s Lorraine Peterson, teacher at Dunkerton. They returned Friday, Betty accompanying them to spend the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Budlong. Mrs. Frani: Renshnw. Mason City spent last week visiting her son and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Renshaw. Mrs. Renshaw is telephone operator here. Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel Warburton nnd Mrs. J. H. Wnrburton helped the F. G. Torinos move from the Jensen farm south of S\ven Citv !<"• the Simpkins farm northeast of Algona. Inst week Tuesday. The, neighbors of Mr. nnd Mn Alvin Rippentrop pnve them a farewell party Inst week ns they moved to a farm south of town. They have made their home with th,• J. E. Telcamps since their marriage several years ago. Mrs. F. C. Kiester, Elmore, Minn., who is caring for her daughter. s. Harry Mussmnn, while she was II a week ago, was taken ill early ast week, nnd was not able to sn lome until Thursday evening. Her daughter accompanied her and wi'l remain a few days. Mesdames W. E. Gutknecht am' Delia Smith entertained at a fnm- ly dinner last week Sunday in honor of Roland and Dwight Smith, and their brides at the Gutknechts. Dther guests were: Mr. and 'Mrs. Roland Smith, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Klocke. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Speicher and Margaret Smith. Mrs. Delia Smith is the grandmother of the Smith boys and Mr* | utknecht is their aunt. ' Enriching Soil by ! Manure Prime Help Every crop you grow takes something out of the soil. It has been | established by chemical analysis that the average wheat yield from an acre removes 45 Ibs. of plant food; ear corn carries away 92 Ibs.; nay 115 Ibs. Every crop takes Its toll. Unless the plant-building elements thus removed are put back on the land, the soil soon becomes deficient and weak in nutrients. Under these conditions, low yields are bound to follow, for no crop can be expected to produce beyond the ability of the soil to feed it. And low yields are unprofitable because the basic cost of preparing an acre of crop land is about the same whether the harvest be large or small. How to Restore Soil Fertility Large yields are almost always the result of good farming methods. Including a regular system of crop rotation nnd proper fertilization. Barn-yard manure offers one of the most satisfactory means for building up or maintaining soil efficiency. All crops respond to manuring, some being more responsive than others. The cost of manuring is returned several times in better crop production and cost per bushel. Few operations on the farm pay as well as the timely application of manure. Sound practice favors frequent, light coverings for getting the most out of manure. Manure Rich In Essential* Barnyard manure contains three of the major elements essential to plant growth—ammonia (nitrogen), phosphoric acid, and potash. Chemical analysis shows the following amounts of these elements in a ton of manure: 12 Ibs. of ammonlo; 5 Ibs. phosphoric acid; 10 Ibs. potash Hence a ton Is equal to 27 Ibs. of plant food. The deficiency in phosphorus can be made up by adding superphosphate to every load. Tests show two dollars return for men dollar spent on superphosphate. Manure is not only rich in humus, but it also increases the humus- forming material by increasing plant growth. Soil rich in humus is easily tilled, retains water much better, and offers more resistance to cold weather and plant diseases. Seneca Modern Mixers Seneca: The Modern Mixer club met at the home of Mrs. A. T. Paulsen Tuesday afternoon with Rubv Paulsen as assistant hostess. Mrs. Irvin Classon. Mrs. Ole Oftedahl and Mrs. Howard Richards received prizes for contests and games during the afternoon. Mayme Shan- herr was a club guest. Mrs. Virgil Schrader, Burt, spent Thursday evening at the Eugene Pearsons. BANKERS LIFE FARM LOANS Low rate, long term funds from an Iowa Company. See me for prompt closing, n? Commission. EDWARD CAPESH'S Heise Bldg. Iowa i-tr I.ittlc ( hntt Ahmit nYtir Hrnlth—No. 9 Health i^akes for Wealth Crladstcr.e "In the he;\lth of the people lies the w?;>.: th of the nation. 1 ' And after all. the "health of the pecrle" is but the composite of that of infiivicr.aip. Sensible living and early capable attention to all cases of illness is the safe and simple way in which yen can add to the "wealth cf the nation" and to your own happiness. ffhen you are ill go to your physician without delay. Whenever medicine is prescribed let UB fill the prescription. E. W. Lusby *H<ru> - A 5 FOOT LADDER WITH THE PURCHASE OF ONLY ONE GALLON of FLOORENE AMERICA'S FINEST VARNISH SINCE 1883 8O7H FOR W« offer VMm fin* Fr»» Olft for two rcaiens. First. b«cau«« w* want to commemorate FLOOMENrS 85th nnnlv«r*«ry. Second, bemuse we want you te try this fine Varnish en your Floors and Woodwork, alves you a safe floor. You will not slip on It. Dries In 4 hours. Heslproof, mirnroof, waterproof. Richardson Furniture Co. WEST OF COt KT HOI SK Our Lower Overheat! MI-HUB SaviiiK* fur You UAI UJont flcU-lh* QuickC liloy to New in Beauty and Bigness! LONGER HOOD-BIG BUILT-IN LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT-RICH NEW INTERIORS Owners report 22 to 27 miles per gallon — and it's a car you'll drive with pride! THE NEWTHRIFTY-60" FORD V-8 Fl. .1 Harrington .T. I). Ix>we HARRINGTON * I.OWE Rooms 212-14 Fir.»t Nat'l Bk. Bldg. ALOOXA. IOWA J. I.. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Colics lir.ns vill rcrrive prompt attention ALOONA. TOWA \V. R. <}I ARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Co. Ravings Bk. Bldg. Office Phono 427 ALGONA, IOWA A. mrrcHisoN DONALD r. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Security State Bk. Bldg. Phone 251 E. J. Van Ness G. W. Stlllman VAN NESS * STILLMAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices in new Heise Building Phone 213 Algona, Iowa Gaylord D. Shvimway Edw. D. Kelly SHUMWAY * KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office In Quinby Bldg. Phone 5S ALGONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WHITE Phone 444-810 ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over lown State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DAN8ON ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office Phone 460-J Res. 315 ALGONA, IOWA ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan St)LLIVAN,M,'MAHON & LINNAN Algonn, Iowa Phone 281 Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg. ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) Office over Quinby Building "PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS J. N. KENEFICK PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dr. A. L. Rist over RexaJl Drug Store Office Phone 300 Res. Phone 328 ALGONA, IOWA C. H. ORETZMEYER, M. D. SURGEON & PHYSICIAN Office John Galbraith Bldg. MELVIN G. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office over old Post Office Phones—Office 197 Res. 194 OSTEOPATHS DR. S. W. MEYER Osteopathlc Physician General Practice Special attention given to non- surgical treatment of rectal diseases, varicose veins and rupture. General Hospital Phone 187 DENTISTS ' DK. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Located in New Call Theatre Bldg. Phone, Business 160. Residence 788 ALGONA, IOWA DR. L. f. NUGENT DENTIST Second floor Sawyer Bldg. Phone 313 Algonu, Iowa DR. C. D. SCKAAP DENTIST Quinby Bldg. Phone 133 Res. Phone 174 Algona, Iowa OEO. D. WALRATH. D. D. 8. GENERAL DENTISTRY Office In old Postofflce Block Phone 20 Algona, Tows KAKlTR. HOFFMAN DENTIST Office in New Heise Bldg. Phone 44 Res. Phone 116 REAL ESTATE Ml'RTAfiH & SON REAL ESTATE FARM LOANS INSURANCE BONDS Quinby Bldg. Phone 105 VETERINARIANS FOX & WINKEL Dr. L. W. Fox Dr. J. B. Winkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W Res 475-R ALGONA, IOWA Typewriter Paper We hnve j\isi received a large shipment of resim package* (500 sheets i whirh sell for 75c for 500 sheets This is a good grade bond paper and will make an e»- ceiltut school paper. The Algona Upper Des Moines DELIVERED IN DETROIT EQUIPMENT INCLUDED Dutruit dtllviTctJ price u( ibcThrlfty •'<*0" 't udor S*.-dan illustrated uuj Stutc tuxi-a not , KENT MOTOR CO. The Canbon |*"aper ' That Gives Satisfaction § Inquire at The Phone 434 FORD SALES AND SERVICE Algona, Iowa g AL^tiu I'lip.-i D, - AJ..,. •..-,.-..-..-.9 ••!'!';<•<• f- i- I'.-irrmrlai

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