The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 1, 1938 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 1, 1938
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HISTORICAL DEFT. 1-1-89 Rewrites Of N«wi From L«l Thursday', Kottuth County Advance NET PROCEEDS to be used for charitable purposes, resulting from ticket sales and donations to the Charity Ball held here last week, . totaled about $400, it was reported. Actual gross was about $562, and at least $400 of that is net for aid to Underprivileged children. The pageant of nine acts, developed by local folks, was drawing especially fine praise. About 450 attended the ball, • * * TTTONKA SOLVED the problem of why some eight feet or more of water seemed lost each day in the city's reservoir, when it vfas discovered that the basement of the Lester Callles tenant house, unoccupied for ' some, was filled with water. A . pipe had frozen and burst. 130 RURAL LETTER carriers from the 8th district registered here last Tuesday, at their annual convention (total includes auxiliary, also). Clarence Baum, Buffalo Center, was elected-president to succeed L. E. Stephens* of Algona, who •was elected vice president; J. A. Hayes, Jefferson, is second vice president, and Victor Clocksin of Jewel was named secretary-treasurer. • • • • L. i. NELSON, who recently sold his local hardware store to G. M. Howard, and Alphonse Lensing of Bancroft, have announced the purchase of the Akre grocery, and took possession yesterday. Mr. Lensing and his family will move to Algona. GUEST SPEAKER at the Algona Chamber of Commerce annual meet ing will be Cullen Wright of Omaha, termed the "Will Rogers" of the middle west. His subject will be "The Business Man and His Community." The annual meeting and banquet is to be held In the high school, March 8th. Four directors will be elected for three year terms. Terms expiring are those of Joe Bloom, W. V. Butler, T. H. Chrischilles and W. F. Steele. * * * MRS. OLIVER CHRISTIANSEN, Ottosen. died at Fort Dodge lasl week. Funeral services were hel<! at the Lutheran church, Ottosen t February 20th. Her husband and ' an infant son. newly born, survive as well as four brothers and three sisters. Pall bearers were Clifforc Landers, Harold Jncobson. Joseph Longseth, LeRoy Kleppe, Russel" Holden and Oswald Halsrud. Burial was In Union cemetery, Ottosen. * * • REV. E. E. HANCOCK, LuVerne Presbyterian pastor, resigned to accept a pastorate at El Pnso. Texas He had been serving churches nt LuVerne, Livermore and Ottosen the past two years. MARRIED: Gail Potter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Potter Algona, and Edward J. Zender. son TJr««kf«*t for M wa« served following the ceremony. Mr*. Zender \» a graduate of Algona high school, and the groom, a graduate of St. Cecelia's Academy, is popular and well known locally. He is associated with his fnther in the clothing business here. After a short wedding trip the bride nnd groom will be nt home In Algona, nnd carry with them the beat, sincere wishes of a host of friends for n long and happy married life. Ruth Ann Potter of Jpchaller, cousin of the bride, was mnid of honor, and G. P. Cullen acted as best man. NATIONAL USED CAR DRIVE ON New York, Feb. 27.—A national drive to sweep American automobile industry out of the current recession and stimulate American business generally was announced here today by Alvan Macauley •peaking for every American automobile manufacturer and the nation's 46,000 automobile dealers. The campaign, to be known as "National Used Car Exchange Week" and scheduled for March 5 to 12 is an outgrowth of recent conferences at the White House between President Roosevelt and leaders of the automobile industry, Mr. Macauley Raid. The president has been advised of plans for the campaign, which is the first cooperative effort ever undertaken in which all American automobile manufacturers have taken part. The campaign is timed at the cutset of the spring selling season when both new and used cars usually begin to move in greatest volume, Mr, Macauley said. It is aimed primarily at stimulating the disposal of used car stock now In dealer hands. Once thU U accomplished, a substantial increase in car manufacturing schedules and employment, of wage earners In Uie automobile factories is anticipated. To »upport the campaign, Mr. Macauley announced, the manufacturer* will spend $1,250,000 in news- MP«r. radio and outdoor advertU- Imf and in other promotional channels Two-thirds of the advertU- ?n|f budget will be spent in news- Subscription Man Gives Facts of Newspapers' Coverage Having just completed covering Bode, LuVerne and Went Bend territory for the Algona newspapers, I hereby subscribe and swear that the following circulation coverage exists With regard to these newspapers, In the two southern tiers of townships In Kossuth county, I can truthfully say that at least 90 per cent of all rural box- holders, and possibly a slightly higher percentage than that, are taking either one or the other of the Algona newspapers and both of them in some cases. On the route out of Bode, there were only eight families not taking one or the other of the papers, and there are now only six families on the two routes not tnlnr.s: me or the other of the Al,ionn rnpers. Oil rrn'e one put of West Tend, tf-.rre writ only three families on the whole route not taking one or the other of the papers. On route two out of West Brm! thfrr only six families nrt tnki'.iR one or the other cf the Alpona papers. On the two LuVerne routes, there are not over ten families not taking one or the other, or both nf the Algnr;:! nrxv.--rnr.prs. On the Livcrmorp route rc-v-h- Ing north toward KO<.VII:!I pounty, the Algorm newspapers have nearly n hundred percent coverage, in fapt I cnn only re- rnil one fnmiiy that dors not one or the other. nnrl sxvorn to Feb. 26th. 1938. CHARLES WILLIAMS, Rutland, loxva. iDrs iconics w Established 18t>5 ALGONA, IOWA. TUKSJ-JAV. MARCH 1, 19:?,s Eiplit VOL. .'{7.—NO. 9 Turuen tine on Body, Boy Afire is Nearly Cremated Livermore: John Jacobson, 13, s>on of Mr. and Mrs. Orin Jacobson, escaped serious injury and possible death, Thursday, when a boy companion, Jule Coburn, IS, poured turpentine over the boy's body, and it later Ignited, and the boy has been confined to his bea since, with the possibility that he may be there for another two weeks at least. It all happened when the boys were at the blacksmith shop owned by the father of the Coburn lad. Mr. Coburn himself was sick and at home at the time. Others who were present and witnessed the Scene were Earl Coburn, older brother, and Edward Roepke. The Jacobson lad was, or had been pounding around on various articles of the building with a ham- mer in a teasing manner It seems. and. had been told by the Cobufrn boy to stop It "or he would do what he did", but the boys were not quarreling according to the injured lad. Finally, the Jacobson boy was seized by the Coburn lad, his clothing loosened, and fully 1H pints of the turpentine was poured from the quart bottle on the boy's body, some of which saturated the clothing. The boy says he went to the door, with the expectation of going home but was detained, and went over and sat on a box. He thoughtlessly lighted a match to light a clgaret when the turpentine exploded, burning his body. He is under the care of a physician, and is suffering considerable pain. Whether it will be of lasting effect, remains to be seen. An Algona Stork Derby? The Toronto stork derby doesn't enter into this story, but if this were Toronto, it might. Mrs, Edna Davis of Algona was brought into justice court, on a charge of desertion, filed by Antoinette Bonnstetter, public school nurse, last week. Miss Bonnstetter, in checking up the absence of a 15 year-old girl In the family, found that the girl was staying home to care for a five months baby sister, and that Mrs. Davis had left home as the result of family troubles with her husband. Before Justice Delia Welter, and with the aid of L. A. Winke!. county attorney, the matter was talked over and the case continued, with Mrs. Davis agreeing to return home and see if things couIdVt go along a little smoother. The Davis couple, married 16 years, have had 14 children, 12 of whom are living. Union Club Oldest in State At the county federation of women's clubs meeting, being held today (Tuesday, March 1) tribute will be paid to the oldest club of women in the state of Iowa, the Union Mothers and Daughters club. The organization was founded in 1906 and has been in existence continually since that time. So far as federation records show, this is the oldest organization of its kind in Iowa. The club members expected to attend in a body, and had been asked to bring a relic of some kind for display purposes at the meeting. Hosts were club women of the Cresco, Four Corners. Union and Plum Creek groups. The meeting is being held in the Pres- .byterlan church here. Mary Woodward, Whittemore, county president, will preside. ALGONA UNIT OF LEAGUE TO SEEK Officers Reelected; Sixty at Annual Meeting; Lowe Tells of Trip West Bend Girls to State Meet; Algona in District With an attendance of some 60 on hand, all officers of the Algona unit of the Kossuth Conservation ..eague were reelected at the annual meeting, held Thursday night n the Legion hall. Ray McCorkle was reelected pres- Jdent, Ralph Morgan was reelected vice president, and Henry Becker, secretary and treasurer. H. M. Smith was named to represent the Algona unit on the county board of directors, and L. M. Merritt and H. W. Trainer were named as committee members. ! J. D. Lowe gave an account of his trip to Baltimore, to attend the National Wildlife Federation meeting, and H. M. Smith outlined the work done on the Upper Des Moines river in construction of 10 dams already completed. He added that there is still room for 10 more good dams on the river. A discussion of the fox, pheasant and crow situation also took place. The members were also urged to aid in the sale of the stamp series, from which proceeds will go for conservation purposes. Membership goal for 1938 of the county will be 3,000 and for the Algona unit, 1.000. In TAe WEEK'S NEWS CURRENT KVVNTS PlMfHZRAPHfin FOR The Upper Des Moines LAND DEEDED TO SEED CORN FIRM HERE ON FRIDAY To Put $20,000-$27,000 in Here's a view of the crowd that was present nt Ringsted, a few days ngo, when announcement was made that the Iowa state corn husking contest would bo held there this fall. Photo courtesy of the Rincstcd Dispatch. A. L. Anderson, publisher, and his son. Ralph Anderson, editor, made M special trip to Algona, Saturday to bring this rut down for us. Thanks, gentlemen. Swea Oityans Upset Dope at Buffalo Center to Win Sectional BULLDOGS ANNEX LIVERMORE TILT Annual Election Held; Membership Drive First Step in Campaign Ringsted Gets State Husking Meet for 1938 III nested, Io\vu, Unit energetic community just over the Ko»- •uth . county line In Em- baa been Kossuth county will hove two hoys' basketball teams in district tournaments, this week, and our ?rood friend nnd neighboring community, West Bend, will have a girls' tenm in the stnte finals, nt lies Moines. starting Thursday morning. Results of district nnd sectionnl contests of bolh boys nnd girls nre summarized ns follows: AI.C1ONA IHfill WILL ENTER niSTRKT MEET Livermore: By defeating Livermore. 32 to 25. Algnnn high school's basketball tenm won the sectionnl class "A" nnd will enter the district tourney nt Mason City, this week. Finals of the sectionnl were plny- ed here Saturday night. Game summnry: Algonn (.12) Muckey, f McNeil!, f Lynk. c Long. B Michel, g Devine, f Fg Ft Pf 210 4 3 1 2 0 4 0 2 0 3 6 4 0 0 1 New Work for County During Year With the annual election of cf- nVer.s. the second venr's work of the Kossuth County Safety Council began at a meeting in the Alpona hlch school auditorium, last Thursday evening. Some 7!> persons, reuresontinr Algona. Wesley, Burl and LuVerne were present at the meeting. John "Hattery. chief of the Iowa highway patrol, and Phil Sproul. executive secretary of the Iowa State Safety council were among the leading exponents of safety present at the meeting. Urge* Violation* Reported Although Mr. Hattery made it clear that he was not urging all citizens to act as Informers on their fellow drivers, he did point out that In a sense every good driver Is a member of n hand of "vigilantes" who on occasion cnn exercise as much authority in turning in violators as cnn nn officer. Flagrant disobcyancc of stop Buy New Chairs For P-Creek School Plum Creek: The committee in charge ot the buying and furnishing the community room m the new center school house recently Fur- chased one hundred new collapsible chairs. An all-day womeniB project meeting wan held there Feb. 16th. Eleven women attended and MIS.S Pepoon, home demonstration agent, gav« the lesson. Thi» Tomcat Went for Ride Lawrence Elberl. of the who live* Milwaukee wound the family c*r- The othet «l»y L»» reuct- jumped to Uie cur and drove down- tow£ When he parked and BO out he loniwl W> fi»t~«u top of H. A. Van Alstyne Is New City Marshal H. A. Van Alstyne was Appointed the new city marshal by Mayor C. F. Specht, -following a meeting of the city council, last Thursday evening. Van Alstyne succeeds the late Frank Green. He has been the second man on the force for seven years. Ralph Valentine in the other member of the force, and city officials were considering the addition of a third man. There were three men before Mr. Green's death. HOGS Best light butch., 110-160 $7.50-8.00 Best light butch.. 160-180 8.00-8.28 Best light butch., 180-220 Best light butch., 220-250 »Ted. heavy, 880-270 Med. heavy. 270-280 Med. heavy, 290-325 Butchers, 325-350 Butchers, 350-400 Packing sows, 275-350 Packing sows. tOO-500 CATTVK Canners and cutters Veal calves Stock steers Fat yearlings Fat steers Bulls Fat cows GRAIN No. 3 mixed corn No. 3 white corn No. 3 yellow corn No. 2 white oats Barley, No. 3 EGGS Hennerys No. 1 No. 2 Cash cream No. 1 No. 2 Sweet POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs. Hens. 4 to 5 ib*. Hens, under 4 Ibs. Leghorn hens Cocks, under 4 1 -.Cocks, over 4'a Slugs, heavy breeds Slag*. Leghorn Geese, live IJucks, live 8.50 .... 8.25 8.00 7.75 7.50 7.00 6.80 7.00 6.25-6.50 2.50-3.50 5.00-8.00 5.00-6.50 6.00-6.75 6.50-7.50 4.50-5.50 4.00-5.00 . S.41'-.- .44 .10 .15c 130 3ic 29 32. 13 '.-it 10 '-iit 10 Hie 8t lOcI 12 'ac 9'-vc lOc 10c sipns. school district speed laws, and reckless or drunken driving on the highways, whether nn officer sees them or not. should be reported, if n renl snfety crusade is to be nttempted. that nature did not necessarily lead to an arrest, but they did enable officers to check such cases, and perhaps bring the offender to better understanding the requirements of a good driver. James W. Wallace, secretary and treasurer of the Pioneer Hybrid Corn Co. completed arrangements in Algona. Irist Friday, for the purchase of three acres of land at the 1 intersection of highways 169 nnd 18, north of the city, nnd T. H, Wnds- worth. owner of the land, was paid for the same. The company expects to send nd- viince men in here within the weck^ to m»k£ construction plans. Although definite size of the building hns not been determined, it was definitely stated that it would cost ,, between $20,000 nnd $27.000 to erect. He emphasized that "Ports^o^ A) , materinl wi) i be or <] ere d locally. Actua l work will start about April 1. Two men connected with the company are planning to move here soon, H. M. Thompson, salesman, from Buffalo Center, nnd Perry M. Collins, assistant sales manager, from Des Moines. The rest of the- personnel has not yet been determined. HOW K0881ITH STACKS IT County (1937) Emmet \Vinnebago .... Hancock Clay Polo Alto Iluniboldt Killed Injured I .... 4 6 7 7 11 12 41 27 68 65 78 6fl 108 Mr. Sproul outlined methods of promoting safety, emphasizing the School Ballot Here Monday, March 14, 2 Terms Expire Algona's school election will be need of getting the problem before ! held Monday afternoon, M^rch 14th ; ' srhool-ftge younp people, who ore the next generation of drivers. He urged safety progrnms throughout the county schools. New Officer* Elected New officers elected included R. n. Waller, of Algona. county president: G. D. Brundage. Algeria*, vice president ; Mary Woodward. Whittemore, vice president, and Jack Zcrbe. Wesley, vice president. J. D. Lowe WHS reelected treasurer. and O. S. Reiley of Algona was reelected secretary. This group will name, shortly, a county committee who will be asked to offer a little time, now and then, to furtherance of this work, in the interests of general highway from 1 to 7 p. m.. in the high school building. Mrs. George St. John, secretary of the board, announces this week. Terms of office of G. D. Shumway and Dr. W. D. Andrews expire this year. Mr. Shumway is president of the board at present. Nomination papers for candidate- must be in the hands of the secretary of the board by Friday noon. March 4th. They may be secured from either Mr. Shumway or Mrs. St. John. There are five members of the board, all told, including Mrs. D. D. Monlux, D. L. Leffert and E. J. Hough. Nopiination papers for G. D. Shumway and Dr. L. E. Nugent "The Academy Ripples" present Robert Bode, Editor-in- Chief (lefti and Gerald Frank), two cheerful personalities who manage the editorial and business problems, respectively. They are ready to exert nil possible energy which will be necessnry to make the paper a pleasing success to student readers. Hovey Implement Planning Opening For March 9th L. E. Hovey, former Kossuth county sheritT, will open his new Implement business here with an entertainment program, on Wednesday, March flth, he Ma* announced. A full aniininicenient "ill be contained in un udvertiM'niciit ill the next two issues of the Alifoim newspapers. Hovcy will handle the ,1. I. (use line, anil itUl devoir his time exclusively to the implement business. He has discontinued entirely bin Kiisoline and oil business, in which he IIUK been engaged for the past tun the new year will be a general membership drive, which will be outlined shortly. Membership fee of one dollar a year entitles a motorist to a membership card, safety tuj? for his car. and a slicker emblem. The funds thus derived furnish the sole source of income for education work done by the organization, meetings, postage, etc. Corwith Sponsors Tourney This Week Fairvicw-Corwilh: Corwith's independent team will sponsor an independent cage tournament at the safety. There is no pay or salary were taken out Monday, and at] connected with any of the offices. press time no others had been se- First thing on the program for : cured, so far as was known. Car Crashes Bridge Near St. Benedict high school. March 2. 3. •» nd f>th St. Benedict: Returning from a curd party at St. Benedict, Tuesday night of last week, occupants of <• car miraculously escaped injury, although their car \v;is demolished, when it ran into a bridge curb a mile east of he-re. The car was driven by Bud Wer- nier.sen. and riding with him \vciv his sister. Henrietta, and Percy Chase, and a Mr. Oleson. None were injured. August Huschka and] Hud Arndorfcr helped them out and took them to a doctor at Corwith. Markets subject to change by the lime of publication. Teams from LuVerne. 1 lay-field. Woden, Garner, Renwick. Fore Dodge, Vernon and Corwith un- entered. Proceeds of the tournament wi'lj go toward purchase of high school j band uniforms. Stolen Car Came From Wisconsin The Plymouth sedan found abandoned r.eur Ledyard. liisi week nnd towed in by county officers. was stolen at Tomahawk. Wis., the sheriff's office was infoiincd. . Above ring : \ Above normal temperatures flood- I e-d Kossuth county with met spring j wealher. this week. j Week's weather report: | Dute High Low Prec ! Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 23 l\-b. 2i Feb. 25 Feb. 20 I Feb. 27 30 35 28 27 37 42 3B 6 22 1 in. 18 tract 12 9 31 32 On the program fur March Hth, moving picture* and a free lunch at noun will be features of the occasion. Talks, dcm- omitrutions and other features arc also bc'tig worked out witli company officials. Add 6 New Men, Fenton Fire Dept. Fenton: The Fenton fire department met in the Legion hall last week Tuesday night and voted to add six more men to Die sound's! personnel. Tlje new men are Harold Geronsin. Vernon Meyers. Paul Eigler, Raymond Priebe, Harlan Gaard. Walter Nielsen and Clayton Ditsworth. The department now includes fourteen and a chief, if all new members accept. Each man hns been assigned n delimit' position for which he will be responsible in case of future Jin-s. At this meeting the department requested the town council to purchase tome new ho.-e and nozzle equipment. Hagiind Farm Sale Win. Hagiind will hold a farm aiji lion lit Ins farm, one mile south and oil" and one-half wt^t of St. Joe. known us the Mel Johnson farm, on Tuesday. March bth- He has four head of horses and five head of cattle and other stuff, described in his ad in this week's paper. Union Slough Note Atiual of a federal employee connected with work on Union Slough, was report*, d here ycsttni'ty. He is said to be making preparations for work of constructing dams iit trie Slough, and lliis would indicate thai tile 1'IOjcet i.- aboul to arlu.;l- iy get under way. LUVERNE LADY, RESIDENT SINCE 1889, IS BURIED LuVerne: One of the largest funerals for some time was held nt the church, Sunday afternoon, when services for Mrs. Wm. Miller were conducted by the Rev K. R. Wnller. Mrs. Miller wa.s born Rnxn Kiibly. Mnv 2T Ih7. r ). nt Monticello, Wisconsin. Kin 1 Chine tn this )>:irt of Iowa with her parents in 18MI. In IBM she WHS united in m:irringe to Wm. Miller. Two children were born to this union. Mrs. Genrre Tiede and Lawrence Miller. Reside the husband nnd children, two grandchildren. Jean Mosher and Marilyn Miller survive. There arc also four brothers and four sisters, namelv: Henry, John, .Jacob nnd Wilbur Kiibly. nil of Lu- Verne; Mrs. Geo. Frnntz. Hannii; Mrs. Chas. Burke. Renwick: Mrs. Frrink .Jutte. lies Moines and Mrs. Dolnh Mc-ver. Flasher. R. D. Music for the services consisted of favorite hymns of the dec-eas cd and were suns by Mrs. Ray Stone. Florence Hof. Paul Knopf and the Rev. E. R. Walter accompanied by Mrs. C. B. Huff. Casket bearers were neighbors of the Mill crs. Frank Chambers. W. S. Hunt, H. D. Ristau. E. B Thomas, Edw Hof and Bernard Wolf. Al.fiONA ADVERTISERS' DIRECTORY PAGE TWO Bjustrom's Jimmie Neville PAGK THREE Borchardt's The Elite K. & H. Oil Co. Richardson's PACK FOUR Call Theatre ('hri> tense-n Bros. Ku.-i.-uth Motor (V.. PAGE FIVE Ztnder's F. S. Norton \- f-c.n Mad.-on i: Hanson Iowa Then Ire Raesley Lbr. Co. Elk He-aner,-, Swift & Co. PAGE SIX Greenberg Auto Supply E. W. l.usby Hoe-ilk Motor Set'. ;>. e PAGE SEVEN Cowan BJdg Su^jJy Anderson Grain &- Coal PAGE EIGHT The Chrischilleb Stcie Boistord Lbr Co A <.v 1* Store Fu.-U-r Furniture H M. Ct-lwell Selection Of •BlnitHfad Was announced at a mam meeting held there recently, by Arthur Thompson, associate fill tor of WfiUnre's Farmer, (o an audience of somi' 100 or ,VMI person*. Several field* ill the Kin^sled vicinity "ill lie planted to corn for cnntchl consideration ami the hcst one used \\licn the contest is hrlil^ Exact date uhen flint will he has yet to be determined. Winner of the Imvu contest will KO (» Sioux Fulls, S. I)., to <-oni|>et}> in the national event, making it possiM/- for many from tins section to attend both fctate and national meets. AlKonii, and all other sections of Kossuth enmity, join in con grutuliiting KiiiKstcd mi its selection for KWH, and pledge support in \vhutever way pim- nlhle. What i» good for RiiiK- oted und Knuiiet county in nUo good for Algoim and Koshuth founty. O. K., hoys, let the husk* fall H here they may.' Ohm Family of Fenton, Victims of Fire, Get Gifts Fenton: Insurance adjusters were here last week, making necessary surveys in connection with insurance carried on the Walter Ohm home, destroyed Monday of lasl week, by fire. The Ohm's purchased the homt from Mrs, Kate Newel about twu and a half years a^o. and had d'ii>> considerable remodeling. Although the was practically destroyed, the walls are btili standing, nnd some furniture in the dining room and kitchen, although damager by smoke and water, wa- taken out last week and is not a total loss. For the present the family h-i> secured rooms in the Carl Priebe residence, where they will make their home. The community mudi up a purse of sonic $(iO for them to buy clothes, as every bit of the family's clothing wus destroyed in the fire, and they stand to take <iuiu- a loss, no matter what tiie insurance adjustment. J. W. Bollig I« Out for Supervisor Out new candidate for county nf- flee announced inin.seit tht.-, week in the person of J \V Bulli^;. uh» will run for o!fn e <.( .-upcrvi.-,or in tiie fourth di.-trict on the democrat n.- firhct at the- June primal ii.v Ciia- Morris. republican, j.^ the ['it-sent Ml'. HolliK has been a ic.-idi-nl of iii,-, township for 4U years, and widely known as a member of tiie Sen • tea school board for four years. and proprietor of u general store for ,-ieven years \\OKU TO THE WISE People who park their cars in ihe alley back 01 the Council Oak j jjrocciy had bettei' luck them. I ' know, because Saturday niytil a cer: lain party stole my yiu^eiie;i which i ' iiiiiOuiited to S4 I <-an't a/turd tu! i buy groceries fur anyone t-Kc and! ; neither can the rest of you >u lake ; some yuod advi« e. Jaiiitb Hud.*on fciurt, Iowa Llvertnore (26) 13 F a 13 Ft Pf . ......, 1 ^.. ^ 'Seger, c .., ............................... 1 6 4* Gronbach, g .......................... 0 1 2 Stoddard, g ............ ................ t 1 0 Bcrryhill, c ......................... 0 2 1 978 Score nt hn)f-timp wns 16 to II, for Algoim. The Bulldog* went into the finmc without Miller or Will- asson in the lineup. Miller is out for the nen.ion with a chipped bono in his nrm, nnd Willns.snn hns the mumps and is also out for the sen- son. McNeill, with 10 points, was high scoring man, while Opheim led his team. In the clns.s "B", Bode defeated Burt. 44 ot 22; while Thor bent Senecn, 10 to 13. Fenton bent Bode. 23 to 24: Lone Rock edged out LuVerne. 28 to 26, nnd Goldfield bent Fenton. 38 to 15. In the final jfnme of the class "B", Goldfield downed Lone Rock, 31 to 15. Gnme summnry of class "B" final: Ooldficld 131) Fg Ft Pf Knudson, f 3 0 3 Edwards, f 322 Nelson, M., c 4 ,-) i Fields, g 302 Anderson, g . o 0 4 Nelson, Mi, g 004 Lone Rock Hlanchard. Larson, f Genrich, c Mnrlow, R Hollister, g Angus, f <jr,> f 13 1 0 1 1 I 0 5 18 Ft Pf 7 10 SWEA < ITV BOYS WIN 111 FKAM) CENTER MEET Defeating I>ake Mills, 33 to 31, •Swea City captured an upset class "A" schedule, at Buffalo Center, last Saturday. Forest City, favorite, was eliminated in the first game. Rake defeated Ledyard, 29 to 24, to capture the cl«.-,s "B" title. The victory of the Swea City boys will send them into the district meet, probably at Mason City, with Algona an one of the other teams in the same district. They may meet again. U'EST UENI> GIHI.S TO STATE .MEET THIS WEEK West Bend: The West Bend girls will play the first game of the state yrils' meet, this week Thursday, at Drake Field house. Des Moines. In the sectional, at West Bend, they defeated Thompson. Thursday, an4 Mallard in the hardest game. Friday. On Saturday they defeated Lfdyard, tu cinch the matter. They have a perfec t record this season. On the squad are Esther and, Louise Nuediny. Margaret. Nissen, Harriet Lockwood. Geraldine Gearhart. Edna Jurjjens. Lois Jacobs, Belly Walker. Mildred Kilbourne, Mary Noeding. Margaret Shellruy- er. Ge-nese Robinson and Bernard Agard, coach. ACADEMY TEAM WINS CONSOLATION TKOFHY St. Ceceliii's Academy team was awarded the runner-up trophy in. the diocesan cage tournament at Forl Dodge, last week. Although defeated, by Vail ill tilt- opener, and thus thrown iniu the consolation Might, the luculs went tu the tinala, finally losing to Storm Lake, 26 to l.'i after defeating Bancroft. Aca,d- imy. 2ti to 2<i. in which the Bancroft 'Continued on Back PagtJ

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