The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 2, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 2, 1953
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 2,1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIKR NEWS PACK SEVEN Ferguson Accuses Demos Of Riding Ike's Coattails By EDWIN B. HAAKIKSON WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Ferguson (R-Mich) accused Democratic leaders today of , spreading "bunk" and "trying •to ride the President's coattails" toward Democratic capture of Congress next year. Ferguson, newly elected chairman of the Republican Policy Committee in the Senate, said Koine Democrats are using "false and misleading information in saying their votes 'saved' President Eisenhower's program." His statement was obviously in reply to one issued over the weekend by Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex), the Senate minority leader. Johnson said most of the President's program which passed at the last session did so because of Democratic support. Ferguson called no names in his blast at Democratic party leaders, whose statements he termed "just bunk." He declared that "Republicans In the 83rd Congress gave overwhelming support to the Eisenhower administration." He issued through his office here his analysis of Senate voting Jn this year's session. Ferguson, who Is up for re-election next year, is on a speaking tour In Michigan, and planned to use some of the material in the statement at a speech today in Gaylord. "The Democrats are using this voting issue as a Trojan Horse, just to \vin an election, and the facts aren't on their side," he said. "They are just trying to ride the ^President's coattails." "' BefenSs GOP Voting Johnson had declared that most of the opposition Eisenhower encountered this year came from GOP ranks, and he said, "Many of his programs could not even have been brought to the floor of either house without Democratic help." Ferguson, on the other hand, Kaid he had checked 47 Senate rollcall votes which "conceivably Involved the President's program" and had found that: "Fifty per cent or more of the Senate Democrats voted against the President's program 22 out of 47 times—or almost half the time, while 50 per cent or more Senate Republicans voted against it only 4 times, "In 30 cases out of 47, Senate Republicans had more votes in support of the President's program than the combined Republican-* Democratic vote against. This is an excellent record." Ferguson did not specify the issues on which these votes Were cast. No Record Vote He added that many parts of the Eisenhower program went through Congress without a record vote. He said that, on the other hand, Democrats had blocked Hawaiian statehood in a Senate committee, resisted Republican economy moves and obstructed efforts to get government out of competition with private business. "Democrats hope [hat by close identification with the Eisenhower program, they will be able to benefit from the President's popularity," Ferguson said. "They hope to convince the nation that a Democratic-controlled Congress will mean smooth sailing for the President's requests. "Once in control, however, there is not the slightest doubt that Democrats would work tooth and nail to replace the present White House occupant with a member of the Democratic party. "With committee chairmanships in their control, Democrats could block legislation, embarrass the ' administration, and thwart the carrying out of Republican policy, just as they did in the last year of President Hoover's term." It Could Only Happen In California —Go West Young Man, Go West LOS ANGELES (ff) — A retired painting contractor, who has sued his wife for a divorce, asks $130 a month alimony and says she Is threatening to evict him. Isaac Berland, 77, also asks the court for an order to restrain his wife Anna, 65. from molesting him. He charged yesterday that she has "fits of rage" and he fears for his safety. In his complaint, he said his wife has placed some $100,000 in property | expenses. in her name with the intent of concealing it from him. Russia Calls for Easing Travel Checks Between German Zones BERLIN ISP}— The Russians say the rival East and West German governments should get together on the question of easing travel restrictions between the two zones of divided Germany. This was the substance .of a note sent by Soviet high commissioner Viadimir Semyenov to his British, French and American counterparts. It was made public last night by the Soviet-licensed news message replied to agency ADN. Snmyenov's proposals from the three Western Allies suggesting, an end to the Interzonal pass system set up soon after World War II for persons desiring to cross the border. It followed a line stressed by the all such questions, including preparations for elections to unify the two zones, are matters for the two German governments to decide. The West has countered that the East German Communist regime is a puppet outfit whose unpopularity with its people was demonstrated by the June 17 uprisings. Civil Service Workers Plan Fight for Jobs New Organization Formed to Prevail On President ta!5 eesswyyf mk330aed WASHINGTON lift— Several hun dred career government worker n a fight for job rights the; say have been taken from them I: a drive to cut down the federa payroll. Some 300 of them have formei a new organization in an attempt t get President Eisenhower to guar antee them jobs somewhere in th government when curtailment eliminate the positions they havi been holding. By next June, government offl cials estimate, a total of 180,'JO positions will be eliminated to cu There are approximately 2000 distinct melodies in the Heb/ew hjTnn, "Lachah Dodi," which is sung as part of the Sabbath ceremony. The majority are supposed ti come from the ranks of temporary employes, but an unknown mini her of career workers alread; have been let out by blanket reduc tions. 22 Years-Service "They are mostly little people,' No cost!/ pipes or registers to install or clean! OIL OR GAS HEATERS Of THE COLD FLOOR PROBLI HIM*'*" NO. 1 uUUA SMM* "If your Siegler Oil Heater doesn't deliver more and hotter heat over the floors than ANY comparable size heater on the market today, regardless of make or price, you get your money back!" Seigler captures the Top-o'-lhe-Flame heat that's 4 Times Holler than Side-o'-the-Flame heat, doesn't waste it up the flue as ordinary heaters do. This extra, patented, inner heater is built , right into the heart of the hottest fire. It cap- 1 tures tha 4 Time.'! Holler Heat from the burner 1 flame and pours it out over the floors throughout your home. Thif 'Mulch-Te Your dealer will demonstrate. You'll see and feel how Siegler captures the 4 Times Hotter Top-o 1 Ike-Flame heat and forces it over your floors throughout your home. says Mrs. Katherine Crowley, secretary of the new "Federal Civil Service Separated Career Em- ployes Assn." She said she lost her job as a government attorney last July after 22 years' service. These people lose civil service protection when their positions are eliminated. Mrs. Crowley said other departments so far have refused to make room for career workers, as they might do by eliminating their own temporary employes. Freed Arkansan Told of Winning Medal oi Honor Award Kept Secret For Fear of Red Reprisals FREEDOM VILLAGE, Korea Vet —An American lieutenant returned from a Communist prison camp today to learn he had won the Medal of Honor In his last battle. "I don't know what to say." stammered Lt. James L. Stone of Pine Bluff and Hot Springs, Ark., as tears xvolled in hs eyes. "I don't think I deserve that. I don't think I should have had it." Stone learned that he had won America's highest military decoration from BriK. Gen. Ralph Osborne,, who is directing the prisoner exchange program. There had been no previous announcement of the award for fear of Communist reprisals. Stone was captured Nov. 23, 1D51, while a platoon leader with the 8th Regiment of the 1st Cavalry the seven men to- He called g ether. "They had no Intention of giving up," he said. "No man mentioned running. Every man stayed and fought it out." Asked how he got wounded, Stone replied "I was out there firing away at the enemy and I got hit." Stone gave all credit to his men. He singled out Floyd L, Stone as the real hero. He did not know Floyd's home town. A Pfc. Floyd L. Stone of Calvin, N. D., was repatriated Aug. 7. The lieutenant said Floyd Stone "personally took on the enemy" "What we want is an executive all career workers will be treated.'and killed three Chinese in close order giving career workers preference on jobs for which they are suited," she added. Civil service officials said the established procedure provides for this now, but it is not required by law. They added the cutback program is too new to determine how Division. He and 49 men were atop an unnamed Korean hill engulfed by attacking Reds. Stone said he knows of only of five others who survived the battle. In Pine Bluff, Stone's father— S. L. Stone— said his son was the first American soldier to cross the 38lh Parallel on the Centra! Front. Of the medal. Stone said simply, "I'm proud of him." The young lieutenant was wounded In the neck just br f '-'s capture, but lie appeared ti and fit today. Slopped Five AUa.-.s Newsmen had to draw from him the story of his last fight, He said the men of his platoon threw off five consecutive Chinese attacks. "We drove them out of there five times." After the fifth Chinese assault only seveu Americans were left to fight. The rest were dead or fieri- ously wounded. The Chinese were holding one section of the hill and Stone's platoon held another. "It was pretty obvious It was just a matter of minutes and we were going down," he said. quarter lighting. U. stone was the second liberated prisoner to learn he had won the medal. Last month Sgt. Hlroshl H. Miyamura of Gallup, N. M., a shy Japanese-American, was unable to believe he had been awarded the coveted decoration. Columbia Crest, crowning peak of Mount Rainier, was named at a time when it was believed to be the highest point in the United States. Deportment Store Getf Giant Switchboard DETROIT (P>— A glunt telephone switchboard exceeded only by th» Pentagon's and the Bell System'! own boards went Into operation yesterday at the J. L. Hudson Co. Through it, the big department store will be able to take In 40.000 calls a day. It Is so enormous that it has an exchange—Capitol—all to Just Arrived WINTER HAIRY VETCH OREGON GROWN We accept PMA purchase certificates from till surrounding counties in Arkansas and Missouri. I ! FARMERS — Watch for bollworm damage In | I your cotton. Call us for DDT, liquid or dust. The Paul D. Foster Co. Phone 3418 No. Highway 61] Blytheville Warehouse Get extra Coke for Labor Day weekend You'll want plenty of delicious Coca-Cola on hand ... to make holiday meals tastier ... to serve friends who drop by. Be prepared... get an extra carton or case of Coka 6 Bottle Carton 25c IIIED UNDER 1UTHOKITY Of THf C0C*•COI» COMPANY if Coco*Cola Bottling Company of Blytheville "Colt" ii a r l«J3, t«« COCd.COl* COMMN

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