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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, February 22, 1938
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RURAL SCHOOLS -IMPROVEMENTS, ' CHANGE, STUDIED Supt. Shirley Comments on Proposal to Consolidate All Districts That rural schools are In the process of change, and can be improved considerably In the near future, but that entire elimination of the 'little red schoolhouse" was in We very distant future, is the opinion of William Shirley, county superintendent of schools. And Mr. Shirley is in a good, practical position to know; he has been supervising Kossuth's rural school system for a good many years. Mr. Shirley's comments were in response to questions asked by an Upper Des Moines reporter, and in reply to statements made recently by Dr. E. M. Tanruther, University of Iowa educator, who has been conducting research work on ways arid means of improving school systems In general, and rural schools In particular. Several Obstacles Cited Dr. Tanruther favors entire abol- ittori of the rural school, and establishment of consolidated districts in all country territory. " Mr. Shirley, while not disagreeing with the University of Iowa man on the fact that consolidated districts have many advantages, did point out two obstacles to them. Qn.e is that many parents prefer to hive small children attend the grades at schools near home, and BMoadly, that the coet of consolidated districts Is greater, and there-, fore harder to maintain. ' "If people can afford to drive a| Rolls Royce car, they do; but If they cannot afford it. they generally drive something costing less money," Mr. Shirley said by way of comparison. Teachers Can Improve At present, rural school teachers can take a three months normal training course and after passing an examination, teach rural schools, if there are any vacancies that they can be 'elected to. However, Mr. Shirley believes that the trend of the times is such that in the near future, rural teachers may be re-_ quired to complete two-year normal courses. Consolidated districts offer a better, improved school district, he added, but obstacles of transportation, cost, winter hardships, etc., are sometimes insurmountable ob- etacles. Of the average ot 275 eighth grade graduates each year in Kossuth county, about 90 per cent go to high schools and pay tuition, Mr. Shirley stated, in answer to a question on that point. Dr. Tanruther, in his survey and research, studied Benton, Iowa, Johnson and Linn counties, and found 601 schoolhouses. He declared that 79 of them would be all that • to teach young Iowa Algona HISTORICAL DEFT. Jfflomes Established 1865 ALOONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, FEBHUARY 22, 19:W~ Ton VOL. :'.7.--X<). 8 6 ESCAPE; IRE RAZES FENTON HONE In The WEEK'S NEWS N Current Events Photographed for The Algona Upper Des Moines GIVES RADIUM TESTIMONY FROM BED-Ottawa, 111 Too ill to remain in court, Mrs. Catherine Donohue gave testimony from a couch in her home, on a claim for compensation against the Radium Dial Company last week. Mrs. Donohue has alleged that her health was permanently injured and had but a short time to live due to long work with radium salt in the now abandoned Ottawa plant of the company. The hearings of Mrs. Donohue and 14 other alleged cases of radium poisoning were begun in court earlier last week but the ordeal proved too much for Mrs. Donohue and she had to be removed to her home. Photo shows Mrs. Catherine Donohue laying on the couch while her husband (third from left) holds their two children. George B. Marvel (second from left) Is the arbitrator at the hearing before the Illinois Industrial Commission. Leonard J. Grossman, (lower right) kneeled at the woman's bedside to question her. R .S?" "" • *ft'' • • ' <• ewrites Of Newt From Lait Thursday's Kouuth County Advance TUB KOSSIJTII COrNTY board of supervisors in a meeting with township trustees of the county last week adopted a program of grading and graveling which will mean new grades and newly gravelled surface for every township in the county. • • • MAYOR SI'ECHT says that the city will get along with two policemen at present, Instead ot three, following the death of Frank Green last week. Policemen Van Alstyne and Valentine are both efficient officers, and it Is said that only on special occasions will a third officer be needed. A number of applications have already been received by the mayor to fill the place of the U*e Frank Green, who waa a very popular and competent officer. • . • ,CUST M'CLELLAN of Lu Verne U nerving a thirty day sentence in the county jail for drunkenness, sentenced by the LuVernc mayor. • • • REV. CHA8. \V. PKEFFER of Wilton Junction has been called to the Algona pastorate of the Presbyterian church. If he accepts the call he will be here within a month. Rev. Pfeffer is 30. He is married and has three children in school. THREE CHECK WRITERS were sentenced to jail last week by Justice Danson. F. Wagner was sentenced to 30 day* each on two counts; Ernest Jones got 30 days and Matt Hentges 16 days. They are all Al- gonians. ^ ^ ( DB. F. E. SAWYER made a record catch of a sail fish at Miami, Florida. The fish measured seven feet and he will h»ve it mounted and it will be on display at his office. Dr. Sawyer and family are Just hom« from a trip of a month In the .outn. MHML i. P. NICKERSOK. Algona lady. Is home from Piper City, Illinois, where she was called by tho accidental death of her brother, E O Twlehaus, 47, who is survived by his wife and a little daughter, six. ••^Str \^*' ;-A\ ^ >H£\*,. «al THE RAMSEY Reformed church was honored last week for having best lived up to opportunities In 1837. The church Is a few miles north ot Titonka, and Rev. Calvin Scbnucker 1s the pastor. There ««r« only (our churches so honored in Iowa- f m , BOBEBT SHILLING of the Irv- tttgtoa neighborhood suffered a MMlul injury when be was struck on the head by a cow swinging her head while be was feeding her. • • » REV. ABTHl'W BOTTOM and Wife ol Wesley were presented with « new car by members and friends of the Wesley Methodist church of wbicb Rev. Bottom is the popular putor. The Bottom auto was burned to a fire at the parsonage garage iq November. CLASSES for short story, public speaking and citizenship arc beinu held at the Bryant school building in charge of Katherlne Lattin HITLER SPEECH STIRS EUROPE—Berlin, Germany In a three hour address to the Reichstag, Hitler proclaimed his determination to make Germany one of the world's most powerful nations. Hitler in his speech asked for a return of colonies lost in the World War and boasted of the srength of the German Army. Seated above Hitler is Gen. Hermann Goering. 4 * * A V '^^t.- T __^_^. FLYING FORTRESSES REACH BUENOS AIRES— One of six giant United States army planes used in the good will flight to Buenos Aires. The flight was made to participate in the inauguration of Argentine's new president, Roberto Ortez last Sunday. The new planes are the deadliest and fastest bombers in the world. Schenck Awarded Soy Bean Prize Alfred Schenck, farmer north of Algona, was seconti in the entire state in soy bean competition, open class, at Ames recently. Alfred has been having good luck with bis Mukden variety, and they have been proving a profitable crop. Convention Opens The eighth district rural carriers meeting was being held in Algona today (Tuesday) with a full program us outlined in detail in last week's paper. Every arrangement was being carried out to make their visit here a pleasant one. 4 Get Licenses Here to Marry Feb. 81—James T. Govern. Led- yanl, and Florence Abbas, Titonka Feb. 18—Donald Radig and Lillian Scbaii'in, Lone Rock. Feb. 17—Don E. Boevers, Algona. and Shirlee L. Griffin, Ringstcd. Feb. 16—Tbomiis E. Cogley, Bancroft, and Cornelia Kollasch, Bun- croft. Small Roof Fire A chimney spark Ignited the roof at the Donov&n home on South Thorington street, Sunday afternoon, but nrem«n promptly got the names under control. Safety Drive At Rally, Thursday OFFICERS TO BE aECTED;SAVE12 IMS A SLOGAN State Officials to Speak Urge Attendance from All of County The annual meeting of the Kos suth County Safety Council will b held Thursday evening, 7:30 p. m., February 24, at the Legion hall In Algona. Speakers will includ John Hattery, Chief of the lowe Highway Patrol, and Phil Sproul executive secretary of the Iowa State Safety council, both of Des Moires. Other business will include election of new officers for 193J plans for a safety campaign in th county, and a review of the 1937 situation. The Kossuth County Safety Council was organized in November of 1936. and the following officers have served since that time: president R. H. Miller; vice president. Antone Johnson; vice president. Mrs. H. L. Gilmore; vice president. Dr. H. R Woodward of Whittemore; sec- retfiry. Oliver S. Reiley; treasurer, J. D. Lowe. 300 Members 1!)37 The membership for the first year consisted of three hundred interested motorists, and a number of meetings were held over the cnun tv. Pictures were shown in every high school of the county, and also in a number of grade schools, and before evening meetings of business men of other towns. Eleven people were killed by |.iot or vehicle accidents in Kossuth county in 1936, and the council took as its obective to reduce the number of fatalities for 1937, with splendid cooperation of the peace officers and newspapers. The campaign carried the coti?ty through safely for over six months, Ing quickly on the heels of these two fatalities, a third was added to the list on a country road near Lakota. Several monthfc passed during which no fatalities occurred, until late In the fall two men from Des Moines were killed on a country road near St. .Too. A day or two Inter, the sixth fatality was added on a country road near Seneoa. Then, on a Tluirsday night in December, live young men wore killed at a grade crossing on Highway 109 north of Hurt, and the following Sunday morning, a pedestrian walking on the. same highway north of Bancroft was killed, making a total of twelve fatalities for 1937. all of them occurring the last half of the year, and half of them on coun try roads. County "Stop" Signs Several months ago, the county supervisors and engineer's office arranged for the installation of several hundred stop and warning signs on country highways, which will prove of great benefit to motorists. A month and a half of 183R has elapsed and the county has fortunately escaped any fatalities thus far. Tin- Kossuth County Safety«oun- cil is cooperating with other county count 'its and the state council in the campaign to save one hundred lives this year in cooperation with the Iowa Centennial program. Everyone is invited to this safety meeting and to assume an active part in the safety program, as the membership is open to everybody—men and women, farmers and business and professional Ahoy, There, Bill Higgins (By Special Correspondent) Let me congratulate you for hitting the bull's eye, in your last edition... Bachelor Editor Bill Higglns of Whlttomore did right well In admitting his Interest in Chicago, nnd stating that he was making a trip into Chicago this week end. However, lie in not aware of the fact that your "correspondent" knows he has made several trips to the big city since last summer, about which he didn't tell a soul, and that Western Union and Uncle Sam have profited immensely by the business he has Riven them. Also, some Jeweler made a big deal when he sold BUI a "big rock" some time ago. I believe Bill should know that you are a little wiser than he thinks about the goings on. BAD CHECKS CAUSE FOUR CASES FILED One for $145; Accused Not Apprehended; One Traffic Charge Bad checks, one as high as $14!) resulted in justice cases and filing of information for the arrest of several others as yet not found, the past few days. Durwood Mittag was fined $15 and costs on a traffic charge ol overloading a truck, in Justice Della Welter's court, Feb. 19th. J. A. Hohensteln is charged will cashing a $6 check that was worth- leu, and W. H. Oreengo was charg- have been filed but cases not ft yet heard, pending apprehension of the accused. In Justice P. A. Danson's court H. L. Heater was fined costs am paid the check, when arrested aft er issuing R $55.09 check to Colwell Bros. M. T. Munson of West Bend was also in court, and paid costs, and rruule a cheek good for $15 given to A. H. Borchardt. Three others. Mat Hentges, Ernst Jones and F. J. Wagoner arj; already serving jail sentences on bad heck charges. HOGS Best light butch., 140-160 $7.00-7.50 Best light butch., 160-180 .. 7.50-8.00 Best light butch., 180-220 . 8.00-8.25 Best light butch., 220-250 .. 7.90-8.00 Med. heavy, 250-270 7.75 Med. heav y,270-290 7.40 Med. heavy, 290-325 7.00-7.10 Butchers, 325-350 6.80 Butchers, 350-400 6.50-6.79 Packing sows, 275-350 6.50 Packing sows, 350-400 6.30 Packing sows, 100-50 6.00 CATTLE Canners and cutters 2.50-3.50 Veal calves 5.00-8.50 Stock steers 5.00-6.50 Fat yearlings 6.00-7.00 Fat steers 6.50-7.50 Bulls 4.00-5.50 Fat cows 4.00-5.00 GRAIN No. 3 mixed corn $.42 No. 3 white corn . . . .44M. No. 3 yellow corn 42 ! ^» No. 2 white oats 25 Barley, No. 3 40 EGGS Hennerys 16c No. 1 16c No. 2 13c Cash cream— No. 1 31c No. 2 29c Sweet 32c POULTRY Hens, over 5 Ibs 13'/ic Hens, 4 to 5 Ibs tS'.io Hens, under 4 Ibs 10'ic Leghorn hens JO'cic Cocks, under 4'/s 8c Cocks, over 4'/i lOc Stags, heavy breeds 12He Stags, Leghorn 9V : c Geese, live lOc Ducks, live lOc Markets subject to change by the lime of publication. Invite Holstein Breeders to Meet Holstein breeders in Kossulh nnd neighboring counties will meet on February 24 at Hampton, Iowa, County Agent A. L. Brown, announced today. This meeting is one of ten being held over the state. The primary purpose of a Holstein district meeting Is to plan a program of activities for the dist rlct. In each of the last three years district shows have been held and have attracted wide attention. Last year 14S breeders exhibited 440 animals at ten district shows. The winner in each district then competed in a state show. A similar plan will be carried out this year. At the meeting in Hampton ,1 district unit will be organized, officers will be elected and committees appointed. A member of the state show committee and a representative of the Dairy Husbandry Extension Service of Iowa State College will attend each meeting to assist in formulating the district program. The place for the 1938 show will be decided. Judging contests and Holstein field days were held last year in connection with the district shows. They provided an opportunity for dairymen to become better acquainted with breed types and with other men in a business the same as their own. COUNTY WOMEN TO MEET HERE ON MARCH 1ST Cresco, Four Corners, Union, Plum Creek Clubs Federation Hosts Federated Women's clubs of Kossuth county will hold their long awaited meeting, March 1, nt tho Presbyterian church, Algona, with sessions scheduled from 11 a. m. until 4 p. m. Hostess clubs will be the Cresco Mothers and Daughters Four Corners Mothers and Daughters, Union township Mothers and Daughters, nnd the Plum Creek Literary and Socinl club. A special celebration of the lown Centennial is being planned, by having an exhibit of antiques including books, papers, quilts, coins, bric-a-brno, pictures, etc., according to Mr.s. Mary Woodward, Kon- j Filth club president. Mr.s. David Lennox. Jr.. of Mnr- shnlltown. vice president of the Iowa Federation, will be the guest speaker. Mrs. Hammill of Hritt will nlsn speak, nnd Mrs. A. K. Michel nl Algona will present several voca numbers. Talks will ho given by each club president, it was also stated. 175 Couples At 1st Charity Ball About 175 couples dnncrd and enjoyed flip first f'hnrltr Ball, sponsored jointly hy the KIwanK Rotary, American I/cglon, Chnm- brr of Commerce, and Junior Chamber of Commerce, In th<Bryant school auditorium, .Monday rvrnlnjr. Highlight of the entertainment program was presentation of a scrips of skits, taken from Kossuth county history, nnd presented In conjunction with the lown Centennial. Although a final chock-up \vas not available, Tuesday morning, nirn In charge of the affair l>p- HPTP that about ZOO ticket* worn sold for the dance, which at $ZJ50 and up a ticket should net a tidy sum for the underprivileged children, in whcwe benefit the ball was held. WALTER OHM IS BURNED MONDAY AFTER ACCIDENT Whittemore and Ringsted Depts Help to Prevent Spread of Flames BATHROBE AFIRE, KEROSENE IGNITES Rites Sunday, for West Bend Lady West Bond: Mrs. Michael Collins passed away at her home in Bend, Friday morning at the age of 85 years. She has been in poor health for a long time, due to infirmities of old age. She has been tenderly cared for by her daughter lot*, who U a registered nurse. Work! Save! Have! Money Management Movie Shown Here Work! Save! Have! That was the theme of a moving picture program presented to the Algona Rotary club, Monday noon, by A. H. Hanson of Spencer, who was introduced by Bill Dau, program chairman. Mr. Hanson's pictures emphasized the fact that "Monty Management" is the last thing a two billion dollar school system in the U. S. attempts to educate the young men and women of the nation in, and that as a result, six out of seven old folks are destitute if thty live to be 65 years of age. , In 1929, Mr. Hanson's films showed, despite one of the peak prosperity years of all time. U. S. citizens spent 16 billion more than they received in salaries and wages. The subject was extremely interesting, and well worth spending u! little time thinking about. A. iC. Bjustrom Sale A. C. Bjustrom will hold a farm sale Thursday. Feb. 24ll>, this week, ut his place located one mile north and two and one-half miles east of Whittemore, starting at 12:30 p. in. 1 Fifty-nine head of live-stock are be-! ing offered, us listed in complete i detail elsewhere this week. Flaig & Stewart are the auctioneers. was LauraTlVaiker, was marri Michael Collins, June t, 1874, nt In dependence, Iowa. Their oldest «on John, tt-ns born there. Sixty-twr yearn agii they came to West BOTH and homcsteaded on the farm thei still own. south of town. SI? children were born to this union one son. dying in infancy, and two sons preceded him In death, John who lived on the homestead, and Charles who was killed In a coal mine sonic time ago. Three tcrs, Mr.s. Frank Wirtz of Parker, S. I').; Mr.s. Charles Thatcher and Miss Nora Mne Collins of \ Bend. There are in grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Mr. tnd Mrs. Collin.s moved from the farm, to their present home in 19.10. Funeral .services were held nt the home .Sunday afternoon. Rev. Geo McDowell was in charge. W.E. MCDONALD, JOHN PHASE TO SEEK REELECTION All Supervisors Whose Terms Expire Are in The Ring W. E. McDonald and John Frns- er, Kossuth supervisors from the second and first districts, respectively. announced themselves as candidates for reelection to office. during the past few days. Mr. McDonald is chairman of the board at present, and has served his county ably and efficiently, as j demonstrated by the fact that although he is a democrat, residing in Algona, a nominally republicnn cfty, he has been carried Into of- flct as well as township. Is serving his first term, and before being elected to office was active in corn-hog committee work in the county. With the announcement of these two men, all present supervisors Fcnlon: When he went to start a fire In a basement stove at 6 SO a. m., Monday morning, in his home at Fenton, the bathrobe of Walter Ohm caught fire, nnd in attempts to put out the fire, a kerosene can was turned over. Mr. Ohm. who had run outside to extinguish the flames, returned to find the basement n mass of flames In a few short minutes. The house nnd practically all of the contents in household goods nnd clothing, was destroyer! in a flro that raged for the next four hours. Flro III Night Clothes fn the house at the time were Mrs. Ohm, and the two Ohm children. Kathryn. 12. and Vernon, ]4, mill two teachers who had an npart- ment in the home. Hernicc Brown and Gladys Slrichlrr. The personal belongings of nil of the folks, with the exception of .s<jmc things belonging to Miss Slrichter, wero destroyed by the fire. Fire departments from Whlttc- more and Ringsted were called nnd although it was too late t*6 help tho Fcnton department with keeping llu- Ohm ilre under control, it was possible to protect the two neighboring homes, occupied by Rudolph Wchrspann and George Newel, from also catching on lire. Happen* In Flash Mr. Ohm, his bunds slightly burned, and his face and body slightly scorched, was treated for the burns following his unfortunate experience. Just what happened could not so fast, a'complete check of all facts could not be made. However, after Mr. Ohm's bathrobe Ignited, and the kcsorenc can overturned, .some of the kerosene must have ignited as Mr. Ohm fled become candidates for reelection. I from the basement. This burning fluid rolled into a pile of kindling, which being dry immediately Ignited and spread the fire so fast that I'von in a few minutCN the flanuvt were beyond all control. I Kxacl extent of the loss and tho I amount covered by insurance, was I not Mated. The home wa.s one of the finest in Kenton. and had been completely remodeled about two years ago. it was a two story frame home, of about nine rooms. P. J. Kohlhaas to Head County F. H.A. P. J. Kohlhaas, Algona, Kossuth county representative in the stuu- assembly, was named chairman of the Kossuth Better Housing Committee, in a telegram from Stewart McDonald. Washington, D. C. Federal housing administrator, Monday. The new National Housing Act is believed to have opened the way for a real residential construction program, which should carry with it a genuine and continued business revival, local men interested in the housing program contend. Mr. Kohlhaas will orgnnize a committee to carry on the work with him. It is a non-salaried proposition and one of community service. Depew Farmer's Rites Wednesday Fenton: Funeral services for Carl Gordon, 63, Depew farmer, were held last week Wednesday from the Depew Lutheran church and burial waa made in the country cemetery south and east of the church. Mr. Gordon died a week ago Friday from heart trouble. The services were delayed, waiting for a daughter, Mrs. Grace Louis of Oakland. California, who suffered a nervous breakdown when she heard of the death of her father and was unable to come for the funeral. Mr. Gordon is also survived by his widow and a son, Russell of Emrnets- burg and other daughters are Mrs. Gladys Sweet of Charles City, Mrs. Berniie of Emmetsburg and Frances, a teacher in the school two miles west of Fenton, who stayed at home. Plan Spring Farm Tabloid, March 8 A spring Farm Tabloid section, devoted entirely to the farm and the former's family will be issued by The Algona I'pper Des .Moines, on Tuesday. March 8th. Special cooperation from farm ugeiu-iefe and groups ib being nuked, and the tabloid section will be. we hope, one wortli keeping and hUtitiK for some time. Copy for the section will be collected this week, uud cooperation is asked from all sponsoring groups iii getting this in oil time. Will Cosgrovc from the third, and Charles Morris from the fourth, arc also candidates for reelection. Cosgrove is a democrat, Morris a republican. BotJi districts also )iav<> other candidates who have already announced as seeking tl?e office. Livermore Lady, 80, Died Sunday Livermore: Mrs. W. D. McCulough, 80, passed away at the homo of her daughter here, Sunday evening. Her daughter, at whose home she has been living for some time, is Mrs. Bertha Wilson. Besides her daughter, her husband. 64. and a son, Barton of Kniil, Oklahoma, and nine grandchildren, survive. Two weeks ago Sunday, the couple had celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Mrs. McCullough suffered a stroke a few days ago, following a first stroke about Christinas time. Funeral services had not been announced at press time. Pettit New Lone Rock Cons. Head Lone Rock: The Lone Itock chapter of the county conservation league entertained last Thursday evening at its annual meeting and election of officers. An eight reel film of a fishing trip to Canada was shown. Alton Pettil was elected president, B. M. Jensen was named .secretary and treasurer, and Eugene Pearson was elected on the county board of directors of the league from Lone Rock. Delmar Fischer and Pettit were appointed on the field day committee. About 130 attended the meeting, which was followed by a free lunch, served by the losing side on a recent crow hunt. 34 Stitches To Sew Man's Wounds In the Swea City correspdonce on an inside page, the accident story of two cars driven by Art Cutlqr, Bancroft, and a son of Karl Cushman, Lakota, is related. Later developments of this mishap, which occurred last Wednesday, reveal that Hill, the sailor home on furlough, who \viia riding in Cushinan's car, wns .^o badly cut that it required 34 .stitches to close the wounds on his face and body. The drivers, Hill, and two young ladies riding one in each car, were also badly shaken up, but not seriously hurt. The accident occurred when one machine swung oyt to pass a parked car about 8 p. m., which wa.s sitting in the road without lignts. It had a Minnesota llcenne, and the driver was not apprehended. The other two machines collided in the process, but the car anil driver that caused it all escaped all blame. Hospital News Ko»suth Hospital Tuesday, February 15 Elbert Peter, Algona, underwent an up- pendectomy. Wednesday. Febuary Iti Everett Bryant, Algonai uppeudex. Wednesday. February 16 Mrs Harold Cosgrove of Algona, appendix. Thursday, February 17 Darwin Looft of Bancroft entered for medical care. Thursday, February 17 HarolJ Ditsworth of Bancroft had his appendix removed. Thursday. February 17 Mrs. John Kut-schara of Wesley ijave birth to a baby girl. The baby has been named Ida May. General Hoopitul Tuesday. February 15 - Orvillu Smith of Britt entered fur minor surgery. Wednesday. February 16 Mr.- Theodore Ciabel of LcUyurd gav<_ tiirlh to .1 baby girl. Friday, February IS Richard Vunderliiideii, Jr.. of Algona. minor surgery. 2 Blood Transfusions Fenton: Herman Huskamp, well known Fenton man, is seriously ill He has had two recent blood transfusions, one last Friday and the other on Sunday. His condition is. reported very low. ALGONA ADVERTISERS' DIRECTORY PAGE TWO— Kossuth Motor Co. K. & H. Oil Co. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. Algona Ins. Agency Modern Dry Cleaners PAGE THRtE - KresensKy's ?rtad:;on & Han:» 11 PAGE FOUR Kohlhaas & Spilles Kent Motor Co. Iowa Theatre PAGE FIVE— Pratt Electric F. S. Norton & Son Foster Furniture Hawcott & Ogg H M. Colwell Clopton, Tailor Call Theatre PAGE SIX Christensen Bros. E. W. Lusby PAGE SEVEN — Kolsford Lbr. Co. Harris Bros. W ray's Service 1'AtJE NINE Ben Franklin A. W. Amunson PAGE TEN Clirischilles Store Hub Clothiers Algona Auction Co. Huenk Motor Co.

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