The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 15, 1938
Page 6
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JOHN FUHRMANN RTTES SATURDAY, ST. JOE CHURCH Wife, 10 Children Surviv Beloved, Well Known, Pioneer of 80 St. Joe: John Fuhrmann passe away at his home, Thursday morn ing. Feb. 10th after being bcdfns the past seven weeks suffering will a broken hip which he fractured Dec. 23rd, 1937, Mr. Fuhrmann was born Nov 4 1857, In Kaifenheim. Germany, and at the time of his death was 80 years, 3 months and 7 days of age In 1888 at the age of 11 years, with his parents, he came to America and settled in Keoktik county, Iowa In 1872 he came to the St. Joe vicinity where he lix-ed until his death On Nov. 27th, 1883, he was married to Mary Ursula Engert In St. Joseph's church by Father Zigrang. In 1933, Mr. and Mrs. Fuhrmann celebrated their golden wedding. To this union were born 13 children. His wife and ten children survive Lizzie (Mrs. Peter Erpelding). Ed-i ward and Theodore preceded him in I The Algona Upper Des Moines. Algona. Iowa. Feb. 16,1938 J. Johfc»on g E Carl J. Johnson »» carl J. Johnson Carl J. Johnson Many Activities Among Folks in Portland Area Portland: Twenty-two met wit Mrs. Ted Rlngsdorf Tuesday fo an all day home project meeting. Elvldgp* Are Hosts Mr. and Mrs. Ross Elvldgo enter tamed three tables of neighbors a a 500 card party Tuesday nigh High prizes for men went to Clau Sigsbee and his wife kept up wit him and received high for the ladles Mrs, Tom Trenary received chal and cut prize. Anna, (Mrs. Math Preside at 'Stag' Howard and Gordon Sigsbee wer hosts at a stag 500 party Tuesdaj night at their homo. Three table, were in play and the boys prcparei a filling lunch served at a late hour. Mrs. Dell Fitch attended n shower in Hurt honoring Nina Giddings Thursday evening. J. P. Trunkhill underwent an op- ration at the Kossuth hospital on Tuesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McWhorter at- onded a farewell party for the A Radeke family in BurL Mrs. Carl Seip. Irvington, spent riday night and Saturday with her rother, Clyde Bristow and family. A surprise party was held nt the to o erest In" ah Kdward Wehrspan " ' Iwff 2w Edward Wehrapan . sEiT s«ri Mr*. Christe Movick .. ' NV* ~* Mrs. Christe Movick - " i .35 .Tnke Bnumnn ...!.'!.'.''.' H. ,T. Fuchson .Tnkp Rnumnn . . August Fisher ... AiiKiist Fisher . . Humpy Elspnhnst Hnrnpy Rlsennnst .... Herrrmr AV. Harms Hprmnr \V. Hnrms llnrnoy Elspnhnst .. Rai-noy Elsonlinst .....'..'. ^riultahlp T.ffp Assur Poo •.inltnhlp I.lfp Assnr Pop •'qiiltntilo I.lfp Assur Sor' : -:<niltnl>If> Life Assur Snp' R. R Olrtnn R. n Olrtnn !. R fiirtcm .' Martin Knnnstpltrr Jr. filrlln Ronnstpttpr TTr. West rank ToRockhnri>t "°'S\V'i* N'R rnnk TpRorklmrsc «- R. B. GlftdnSE'4 NE<< . . rtln Pnnnstpttpr N'EU SE'J IV.. rinrk. Cnmm. of Ins. ...'...SE'i S?Eij , St. Joe; Henry. Llndsey, Texas: Joe, Chicago; Cecelia (Mrs. Henry Faber) Castleton, North Dakota; Nick. Portland, Oregon; Theresa (Mrs. John Thill) Whittemore; Val. Netherhill, Canada; Clara (Mrs. Charles Plathe), St. Joe; Louis, Algona. and Adolph, St. Joe. He is also survived by 47 grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held Saturday morning at 9:30 in St. Joseph's Catholic Church with Father Theobold reading the requiem high mass. Interment was in St. Joseph's Catholic cemetery. Pallbearers were six grandsons, Vernon and Arthur Plathe, Alvin Erpelding, Roman Thill, Alfred Faber and Joseph Faber. Those from n distance attendin the funeral were Henry Fuhrmann Llndsey. Texas; Val Engert from Faribault, Minn.: Alvin Erpelding from Sioux City and Father Car Ernest from Akron. Iowa. Ted Wagner purchased a Chevrolet coach Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ted More from Fort Dodge were last Sunday visitors with relatives here. Mrs. George Bormann returned home Tuesday from St. Joseph's Mercy hospital In Fort Dodge. Mrs. Harold Thul and infant son, Roger came home Sunday afternoon from St Joseph's Mercy hospital Mr. and Mrs. John Reding and --•-* — from night a, or of their son, Loren. Eight boys lv "' rll1lk attenrlprt * Merc-sir.-! Fe hr Mnrsarpl Fehr Ralph Bristow is now home forKi nr ^" rpl Fol!r .ime until he gets employment. I spent the past several months Paul I 1 in Indiana. Pnnl r. Rinwnrt Virginia and Mary Janice Me- ChSs! .„.„ whorter and Junior Mawdsley at- I-!" 1 * J'"'"' 1 '"""'"tended a valentine party at the rha« 7firfiic"iomp«- Rev. Dom home. Hurt. Friday night. <"' R ; .rt)ioinmp«- FrMnv" 1 " 1 MrS ' De ' ! Fitch Visifcd ""''" &!."!!" Friday evening nt the Chester Martin !!,.„„«,otter Fitchs, Sexton, and brought Chest- „ er's son. Harlev horns with n,™ Mnr >' Is " h ••• of Ins. of Ins. & '::::::::::NK^ ::::::::::VWH '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. .'s\v ', .17 94 so 18.12 6.74 40.75 47.97 7.87 18.70 6.79 17.14 28.78 12.7!> 19.68 31.16 77.90 65.60 49.B7 35.IS 18.70 .19.36 31.98 . . .18 son, Harley home with them for a week. I M ary s\v'i' r: of in A' E'o'f ' SWiv ofR'y.Vx. Rend Inc n M ,^K Tcd , R , in & sc ! orf entertained R,,W. .r. imi,P a number of friends at a surprise E.lw. J. Habp... . birthday party honoring Lavonne £','"" »• ' 1: > 1 " > «rpr M.;^ HR ,r Eo j-ji:.-" £rida^±hf d " ermh " i; - thdayon R'- ; '' "^"•^•::--^::::::^ : v 4f! vF\ I ^ / ^ ;: Friday night AUKUM Fisher A Han- * ^ A club committee meeting includ- . 33.58 8.00 12.46 15.1. 15.9!" 15. 9:1 10.7S 7.15 10.37 11.79 7.79 2.f4 1.41 531 6.46 13.53 10.62 " are moving thta week to a farm on the wesi eratsklrts of West Bend, which they have rented. Mrs. William Hammer was on the sick list the past week. Mrs. Theres ? Hammer and Betty Klein are attending to the household duties Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stattleman fP 6 "', wo days laat week with the Joe Vollmer family near Swea CJty helping them with the butchering. Mrs. Mary Lentsch and daughter, Mrs. John Thul, Mrs. George Thul and Mrs. Paul Erpelding attended a pre-nuptial shower Friday afternoon in Livermore for Lizzie Lentsch, who is soon to be married. Mr. and Mrs. John Kirsch. Mr *nd Mrs. John Zellcr, John Origer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Erpelding. Susie I'riders, Harold, Eclmomi, Clarence and Martin Friclers attended the fer. funeral Thursday in St. Cecelia's l athche church in Algona for Mrs Harold Rockes. The deceased was n cousin, th ( . former Susie Arcnd. Alfi-ari r^«j* j . — I ' il """' J'wi'eKer .... Alfred Godfredson with quilting on Mary A- Elizabeth Anlik Clemens E. Mersch Llfp Asmir. Soc Life Assur. 8oc. le Llfp Ansur. Equitable Life Assur. Martin Bonnstetter Martin Bonnstetter Mrs. Oaud Sigsbee was "• - Andere H. F. AndereRK Mrs. Christe Movick ... . Mrs. Christe Movick «r» Christe Movick ... Equitable Life Assur Soc KQ«j|jftbie Life A«ui: a°l: : Jj.qultable Life Assur. Soc Equitable Life Assur! §J£ Theodore Evenson ... . Theodore Evenson ' ' Theodore Evenson ">eodore Evenson •' w' £ ar £' Con >m. of Ins. . •--. W. Clark, Comm. of Ins . ienry Schmidt Henry Schmidt f lerman Harms lerman Harms lerman Harms .'''. J. G. Thorne J. G. Thorne J. G. Thorne ... .1. G. Thorne J. G. Thorne ] Elf red Schafer Elf red Schafer Louis Krug et al ...'.'.';.'' Lou s Krug et al Louis Krug et al Louis Krug et al .. Louis Krug et nl ... . Louis Krug et al ' LoulR Krug et al Louisa Boyle & Delia Falb' Louisa Boyle & Delia Falb Louisa Boyle A Delia Falb Louisa Boyle A Delia Falb Anna Bennlnger Anna Bernlnger Anna Bpr.nlngrer .... Anna Bennlnger . F. O. Dorweller P. O. Dorweller ..'.".' M. P. Nessen r. O. Dorweller ... Louis Krug et al \\ Louis Krug ct al Louis Krup- pt al GPO. Helmke I'. O. Dorweiler .'.". Herman Harms NE, NW .SW .NIS .'NES NE .N\Vfc N .8E' • SW 99.51 121.6' 2f6f SO 126.99 247.05 72.SO 98.92 38.70 48.62 41.02 66.76 15.99 6.15 6.74 1.31 i.84 3. OS ... Lot 2 ...NH Lot 3 ".". 1'.". ...SH Lot 3 .' .. .Lot 4 ...Lot 6 ... Lot 6 . . . Lot 7 i ...Lot 8 ... Lot 9 .. . Lot 10 . . .Lot 11 . . . . Lot 12 ' ' " ...Lot 13 ... .. .Lot 14 .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' . .Lot 15 . Part of Lot 16 . . .'! •-Lot 17 • -Lot 18 • -Lot 19 .' . -Lot 20 . -Lot 21 ••Lot 22 . .Lot 23 ex E 60' ..Lot 23 E. BO 1 . .Lot 24 • •Lot 26 . -Lot 26 ' ' ..Lot 27 ..' • • Pa r{, of L °t 1 of Sub ' . -Part of Lot 1 of Sulv Lo N W14 . . . .Lot 2 of Siib'Lo't'28".'.'. . Lot 29 .Lot 30 Lo! 3| ..t 1.23 1.02 .61 .61 1.02 1.02 1.02 1.02 .66 .66 .66 .66 .66 .90 .84 1.48 .66 1.80 .51 2.05 2.05 consisted of readings by Ray Leg ler and Jean Mosher and a numbe by a ladles' quartette, Mesdame J. L. Lichty, George Tlede, Irvin Chapman and Chas. Wolfe. The rest of the evening spent socially with a game of bingo furnish Ing amusement for many. Demonstration of make-up for different types of faces were made by Mrs. Pearl Conoway, beauty operator at the meeting of the J. J. club Friday afternoon. Beauty ilnts were given for roll call and Mtrs. R H. Lichty read a paper on 3eauty and a magazine article entitled "Does Tour Face Say So" preceding the demonstration. The meeting was held at the H. R. Larmer home with Mrs. Cecil Will- lams as hostesses. Mrs. Tim O'Brien, Emmetsburg and Mrs. Harold Larrlmer were guests* Kowuth37thin U. S. Egg Production Koasnth county, ranking near the top IA tfte United itates AAteHg alt counties In the natron, in the production of com and pork, also rate* high comparatively in egg production. Figures released by the department of commerce show that Kossuth la 37th among all counties, (as of 1934) with a total of 3,538,809 dozen eggs. But the California chickens are no slouches, either, as both first and second places went to California counties. A large number from here attended the McCormlck day at Livermore Wednesday. QUAKER OATS;:: »ay» Roth Harkne»i, Great American Explorer, who capttmJ Sa-Lin, only Giant Panda in captivity I • Wh»t • bargain In break&m! Qnaker Oats, mainstay of millions costs only H cent per serving-yet ifs exceedingly rich in food energy, and in flavor! Every serving contains abundant vitamin B—the precious vitamin you need every day to combat nervouinesLconitiMtfon and poor appetite!.. .Order the one and only Quaker Oats E. .«. KTNSRT. County Auditor. ner. Those enjoying the evening were Messrs, and Mesdames P. W Bleich Rn ^ Ross Elvidge. 2 Livermore Boys Past Naval Te»t» o \t * H. F. Anderegg John Thllgcs John ThilRes E. W. Clark. Comm. of Ins. E. \V. Clark, Comm. of Ins m>i~ MR- John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co.Vj?v*u vi John Hancock Mutual Life Ins. Co.awi? N"John Hancock Mutual \t * *' F? Hospital News Kossuth Hospital Monday, January 31—Rev. Thoburn Speicher of Burt entered us -i meUlcal patient. Tuesday, February 1-Margaret Pelesek of Algona underwent an ap- • pendectomy. i Wednesday, February 2—A. J. Schnepf of Algona, medical. Wednesday, February 2—Mrs. Fred Sleeker of Titonku gave birth to a baby girl. Wednesday, February 2—Helen Long of Bancroft entered fur medical care. Thursday, February 3—Mrs. E Mittag of Algona gave birth to n baby girl. , Friday. F'ebruary 4—Mrs. H. A Galbraith, of Algona. medical. Friday. February 4 -Mrs J. E Carrnean of Bancroft entered as a medical patitnt. General floHuitul Tuesday, Febuary 1 Mrs. Arthur Tobiasori of Forest City entered us a surgical j.utient. -_ ~~yi"' ~^-* 1 " »»«=i»»e, son of M» and Mrs. George Roepke, and LaVaughn Rlley. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riley, returned from Des Moines Sunday, where they had been to complete their final exam-, , mations for entry into the navy. .: ine young men passed and are now ' awaiting their call. Both are graduates of the Livermore high school and their many friends here will wish for them every good advantage that the navy may have to of- E. W. Clark, Comm. of Ins E. W. Clark, Comm. of Ins. 9.55 148.19 26.49 4.80 240.S1 329.31 SOS. 02 266.50 259.33 21 94 30 Bancroft Liquor Net Over Half Algona's Liquor sales nt thc Bancroft lio- uor store were more than half . at the Algona store in the month of: I!?''"" 1 " : January, a report from the State'--.'.';,"" Liquor Commission .sliouvd '•-• ' T' EiiKi-n Mrs. rin].--t \\'lls..ri c',,rniv:lll \\'lls,,n c.,nnrall . . \Vlls,.n c,,i,nv.ill M<-ir.p|..illi;in I.lfp In Mi-trn|iiilliaii I.if.- I i-::in,-r i:iiinir-..i. . . . Kill.- I |-:il:i:i;-,.h . . . I'JlII. r KlliLi.--.,;: M- tr..j.-..ii ii, i.if i:ii!i. : 1:11 i t --..n i'.-'. i \ I-. I.T A I 1 . Li A /•••I.-I- \ T;.. ...|..,.. llM Both stores showed a clefmitf- Irop from the high during tk-cetn- oer, the holiday month. AlKoi.a's store had sales of $7 023.64 in January, and the Ban-ii- croft store had total sale l-]i [ri,.-r 1 'i i [,u'--ii. .! .:.n Ti :u. - . . . . l-;.tc..-r !:;::.,k:^..i. I .;n,i*l .1 H;U,,-K. r »-tf'-r :s of J4 - j;; I-' Mrs. Stuessy & Phillips LuVerne Hostesses LuVernu: Mrs. Aaron St.-ussy and ! -Mr.--. I'aul I'hillipa were hu.-itesses to ; a number of their friends at tnr i honi.: Monday night of U.,i ' u-.clf. lirid^e was played at thre.. al.ies with Mrs. Kay Kton.- winning I'iKii =• -re. Mr.,. .S. H. «ak.-r .•,..<-„„,] i.i.-'li and Mrs, Thar!.-, Wolf I,,-* •NV.'i, N\\-i. .- V:' ' , N \\ I . M: . \u i, X ' :•• t N W i, • M : i, s u i, .v\\ i^, s\v i, S'.\ ', SU i, .-• u i, ; ffi- • ^',- 'N-E'C'*. •N^". :s s «-,': H^'V . .-!-:'« 'sgVv. - - - NKU NK''.«' .. • -.'U -. Nl. ', --• -si-:' 4 xi-;i 4 . • -U i. M,i 4 • • N I-: i. X U' :, • NU i. N\Vi t -i: . NU i, • • S W >, N \'. i. x \\ ', s \v i. v-i:>, .-v.-' 4 . - -^ '. s'.vi. . CROWDED SOCIAL CALENDAR FOR LUVERNE CLUBS Parties Also Adding Pep To Shortest Month In the Year LuVerne: February is the shortest month of the year which, perhaps accounts for its crowded social calendar In LuVerne. A birthday dinner honoring Mrs. I. H. Benedict J. L. Lichty and C. W. Patterson whose birthdays occurred recently was given by the Misses Lottie and Janette Mason at their home. Covers were laid for 11 and a two course dinner was served and Included a beautifully decorated birthday cake. Others came after dinner and the evening was spent playing Progressive rook. The Tuesday club observed It* i anntvwvary thl» w«*k Ttac»- day afternoon at the home of Mrs. H. E. Peitzke with 12 members and several guests In attendance. AH charter members were present with one exception. Mrs. Herbert Smith who was unable to attend. Attorney J. D. Lowe, Algona, gave a very. interesting address on Conserve- j tion, and several musical numbers were Riven. Mrs. Peitzke gave a history of the club which was very intere.itinfj. • • \\\ ' • • \ i: i • • SU i' •>!•:', • \ \\ i • • M ;', • - .~u • • > K ' 4 N U i .- \S ' N'i:'. si:>. \ \\' •• s \V ' s-i:'. si-: 1 St. Benedict News Thursday, February 3 Juanita i v'X>OOOO<KK>£bicaoca&oooOi>.-' : m, tonsillectr.-iuy ; ,nJ I ... «*«*wuw Straley of Fentoi minor surgery. Saturday. February 5- Edna Gibbons of West Bend entered s»s a surgical patient. The following poem, entitled 'The Motorist's Prayer', which appeared in the London Chur.-h Tunes, i., an expression of lt, L - eiirnesi cletire one motorist has to «uard the lives and safety of his fellowinen. Jt all of us who drive took thi.i particular problem as .-.eriously. u, L ., e would be a decided duci L -a,,c in the riun.- ber of automobile fatahu.:, Grant uio a steady hand and watchful eye. That no man shall be lun when I pass by. Thou gave.-,! InV-, and I pr<u 1:0 .ut of mine May take away or mar t!> -t Mft of thine. Shelter those, dear Lord, who bear me company From the evils of tire and all calamity. Teach me to use my cur for others' ueed, Nof miss through love of speed The beauties of thy world; and thus I may, With joy and courtesy go my way. ^ Mr.v I>an Frothli. h si-,'..I ir,.. KunkeLi with fautc-htrii.y 'J.-ne Il,j,,,l and Mi:,:,- Ro.slee Dorr return, d to their homes from Mason l-'ily to sj,(-r,d the week end. Mr ami .Mrs. flarence Sierncr re- tiirn.-d l;,.,t Kriday from their honeymoon a/id report a very nice trip M»s. August Harig. Algc^na, call- to nit Mr.-, Witte and Mrs. EJorr at the i-'.nt kion home Monday aft- I \ ernoon. ' ,\., Mr. and Mrs. John I'reu:,hl and I ''\ '. i^ A/end and family attended th..-I- y • I'-'i^i:-. funeral 'J'hursday mormi,,- '• '; ' !• J'.ink Kri. ,..,o,i an.i,liis moth.-r j j'.' ' -|''J.t from riiiiiiday until Modd iy I'.' I '' H o. r..f. ;:t the .Shea. Brink and i I 1 - - .'.'W ; • '••' i:' i" .-1: : ." :Sr\'^' -U'' 4 NK' 4 •?/.•: &;> ^::- W .-'I'--, NV.'i, .- : i-: : , x\\•:. ,,i,d Mr.,. storm i i: '.a.! UK- mi.-rorlune of ruiinn '_'"• dir-n m the .severe lull .'-.ituid.iy, bu'. im one was hurt. Mr. ai..l Mra. John firandjennct ancJ home t,l th.: family drove to ford to visit Wednesday and ••he Frank Wiener , i i. Koc at home. John I.udwig and wife and SOM Billy, motored to the eastern part of the jtatc on buiiiu-ii recently. Mrs I.udwif; and Billy visited at Ftat- ma. Iowa, wiisrt ih-j has relatives and Mr. Ludwijj went on further tor several days. Richard, another son. stayed at the FroebJich home to L-or<tinu« tus school work. ' K.-..I, - ks.,n 'i --/n II. i : ; II. ; H.-.-.j ; II. „,, M. .M -.- H. 1,1, II' i i :• H.-/.I , K'iu.l.ii.!. L.f. i:-l't:> .!l.|.. L.f,. \ , :. l-:'|ij:t--il.|.. I..I.. .\. .- . K.| I.If,- A.--: H.M.- ll,-,,,i,k,,,,, l: M Con u-ali l: M <'.,ri w.ili K M Con.wall II. M c,,M.wall \V.-i,,]..|| riarlrl'-r \Vc-n.lull r.arin.-r \S".-n.l.-M M;irln,-r . \\% rul.-H cJartn.-r . W,-i,.|,.|| . 12.79 68.43 10.80 218.16 102.91 411.61 263.45 iiH.sfi 3.10 214 SI 7.05 112.50 •y Ass'n Meeting The annual social meeting of the Cemetery Association to which the | husbands of members are invited I will Re held Thursday evening at j the community hall. The affair will begin at 6:30 with a chic-ken pie supper and plans are being made to have a program and games during the evening. Members are asked to bring a covered dish and their own clients and silverware. Florence Hof was hostess to the Evangelical Women's Missionary society at her home Wednesday afternoon. There was a good attendance and Mrs. Louis Merkle led the study reviewing a chapter on _ "Womanhood of Persia" from the :li u i study book. "Mecca and Beyond" v, ... after Mrs Edward Marty had con;'; j; ducted a devotional period. -l'.71 'I Mrs. Rosa Steussy who suffered >>•.'! l a paralytic stroke New Year's day :..,V-.V'i u ' as tal<en to tne h °me of her "j: M i 'laughter. Mrs. George Hanselman i'.-.. Wednesday. She is still under the ,;'|care of a nurse and is practically .. j helpless, but seems to lecognize <7, people and understand what they The Presbyterian Aid is meeting \\ednu.vlay with Mrs. A. J. Eason. Mrs. Helene Trauger spent the week end with her sons in Des' Moinea. Miss Harriet. Beatty went to Iowa fity Friday night to attend a convention of rnuhic supervisors. The infant child of Mr ,•.•:'! Mrs. Ervin Barton, has been h.-'-ini; the pneumonia. It is being cared for in a Fort Dodge hospital. A change in the rneetin;, i.) .ce of the Good Will club this week Thursday has been made. Mrs He,;- Guy W'ill he hostess and she w,.. i>e assisted by Mrs. Ernfly Guy. Shirley Dirnler, the 15 year old daughter of Mr and Mm'. Arthur f'imler. la very ill with pneumonia. Don.-, Jean Gocuch W aa jj| i^j week threatejifcd W1 th p/iturnonia. Phyllu Lichty arrived home on Friday for a two week*' vacation. Hf.e i» er/iploye/j in clerical work in ('hK.iiifi, and maktu l.«r home with tne F (; mjfuu, former LuVtrnt Me.idamti Haitnie Traujftr, Car- fit <''.\i:n.;,i> t.ito'A,. I twit. Minnie- A H Dimltr Itnnle I^v- I'.-r ;ir,d V,'it, fciifi/,^ h«l|>e<J Mr*. 40th annual convention at Des Moines this week. Mrs. Lichty Is attending the women's auxiliary's 20th annual session and visiting- relatives. Miss Ruth Lichty accompanied them and is visiting rel atives in the city. Although the bad weather Thurs day evening kept many at home about 60 were in attendance at the social meeting of the cemetery association. A chicken pie supper was served at 8:30 after which a short program was given. This at today's special prices, which many grocers feature. Lre you tired after a day out? Do your ect wear you down? Do you have tore toet, burning sole*, cramped toei, to* called arthritis or rheumatoid pains? Let Dr. Scholl help you! We carry over 40 of Dr. 8chc4Ti Foot Comfort Brownell's Upholstered Furniture Slip-Covers Draperies and Curtains Need Frequent Cleaning We clean your chairs, davenports, and slip covers beautifully. Don t let them become excessively soiled and Ished ° rlglnal charm - Estimates cheerfully furn- Our skillful cleaning and pressing of your draperies and curtains will keep their beauty and charm. Prices are low enough to permit frequent cleaning. ELK CLEANERS Phone 330 NORMAN * PEBBY We Deliver NOW Is The Time To Buy USED CARS AND i'. i J.S1 '• '. : i ! i i; 11', I ; TRUCKS on Easy Terms - These Machines Nearly all Reconditioned PRICES RANGE FROM $20 up TO J575 PARTIAL LIST OF VALUES N i-: • • s i-: i, v P-: i 14 N W ' i . .«K'/. , KR'.; SEVi •.'. 7 I : 44 77 24 9.1 54 S7 S7 81 85 60 I2« .»5 »2 51 . birthday ThuriKtay aft«row>n by »ur- l.riaiiix her at her htaut. The afternoon waa j>ptnt aw.ially. Member* of thc Lutheran lad Ai<J and thtir hunbaods rtmemb«r- ed the birthtlay of their uutor 1 * wife. Mnt. L. Wltttnburg, with a surprise party for her In tb« church parlors. A abort program was given and several game« were played. Mrs. Wittcuburg wtt» given a nic« gift by the society. P. I. Chapman, Irvin Chapman and Phil Uchty are attending the Iowa Ketaii Hardware association's '34 Dodge, iy 2 ton $071; truck, reconditioned ^'«* '36 Ford truck, chassis $ and cab, Jiv eqip. '36 Ford Deluxe Tudor at '28 Chevrolet $OA Sedan, at only . ^V '30 Chevrolet $AQ Sedan, ''oiricr af «Wf $ 465 '32 Ford at _ jn-icedat ____ '37 Ford V-8 Sedan __________ '37 Ford Club Coupe, radio ________ M45 '575 $ 435 '36 Ford Tudor reconditioned '33 Plymouth $9QC Hedan for «W '34 Chevrolet $OQC Master Coacli «'«* '35 Ford Coach, $OCA reconditioned JJV '37 Chevrolet Master Coach '35 Ford Deluxe Roadster, radio '29 Chevrolet Coach, at only '30 Chevrolet Coach »70 »95 KENT MOTOR CO, Sales FORD Service

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