The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1938 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1938
Page 6
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>-i The FIGHT TO KEEP SIGHT FOR EYE CUTBY GLASS Clyde Sanders Rushed t Mpls. from Mason City Last Week Swea City: Clyde Sanders is hav ing a serious time with one of h eyes which was injured a couple o •weeks ago. when a pheasant fle\ into the windshield of his car. shat tering the glass. Clyde has beei going to Mason City for treatment At the advice of his physician ther he went last Friday to Minneap oils to consult a specialist. He was accompanied by his bride, and her sister, Mrs. August Peterson, and her brother, Marian Kelly of El Miore.. Mrs. Alfred E. Anderson was hostess Friday afternoon at a party, honoring Mrs. Andrew Van AI- stine at the Van Alstine home. A purse of money was given Andrew Bruce, the new little son of the Van Alstines. Mrs. Severt Holm has been at the Frank Sanftner home helping care for Mrs. Sanftner who has been quite III for several days. Mrs Holm and Mrs. Sanftner are sis ters. AlgonaUpper De8 Koines. Algona. low*. tU « 1938 LEOLA GODDEN OFBURTWEDS TITONKA YOUTH Mr. and Mrs. Lorman Hat tie; ^To Farm Near Wo • den After Trip CARD PARTIES, BIRTHDAYS, KEEP WHITTEMORE PEOPLE ON JUMP A number nf rpl- .. _, Changed to Duplex The Harold DItsworths have cnange> their house into a duplex and have rented out one side to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dreyer. who come here from Sleepy Eye, Minn. Mr. Dreyer will operate a filling station, now known as the Mobile service station. He succeeds Arn old Jacobson. M. E. Aid Meeting 1. E. Ladies' Aid wi,, lllecl at the church Wednesday afternoon, R. M. Minklc nnd Mrs. Henrietta doff will be hostesses. Devotion leader will be Mrs. C. E. Rohlin Whlttemore: A number of relatives congregated at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyer Thursday evening to help Mrs. Meyer celebrate her birthday. Among those who were there were Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer, sons William, Jr., v 1 and Alvin. Mr. nnd Mrs. Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Henry . daughter. Lucille, son Henry. Mr. and Mrs. Art Heidenwith. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lieb and son Duane of Lotts Creek. The evening was spent at cards. Ice cream and cake was served for lunch. Are Hosts Mrs. Erwin Bruhn. Mrs. Henrj Schultz. daughter Edna and Elaine Schultz. Mrs. Wm. Meyer. Mrs. Art Heidenwith. Mrs. Herman Voigt Jhose who were evening guests Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Han- and daughter. Mary. Esther siems. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn daughters. Arlene ana Phyllis. Mr and Mrs. Erwin Bruhn, son Billy daughter. Ruth Anne. Mr. and Mrs.' ""-man Meyer, son Alfred, daugh- ., - Gertrude. Mr. and Airs. William Meyer, sons Bill nnd Alvin. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt. daughter Ev- ----- Leola, daughter of D. L. Godden, and Lorman Hattle, Titonka. were married at the Presbyterian manse. Wednesday at 5 p m, R^h R £V- M -, Don » officiating: march nnfw Play / d the Adding march, and Mary Ann Smith sane I Love You Truly." Th e newlv weds will make their home orT a farm near Woden. -- BIeich - R - A' B ' eich s P ent ' a st New Richl and, Minn. , Jthelr tnotn er. who is 95 aid wh * ec fell, f £• . Huffman went to Brazil, . „! L Mt w «* k Tuesday to spend ft week or two with relatives. inddy School class taugnt hv r'JTt'i' ™ g "2£ WM entertained by Leta Olson Thursday ev|nlng. Harry McChane and daughter v*lvn, went to Iowa Falls Satur- vlslt Mr. McCHane'p sfgter. American Legion o meeting will be $e 9 rnoo r n nk * ny *° T ' **»«*£ .. --- —"J Mrs. J. W. Dorrance vis- wh^ri" w a ' rn J? nt > Mlnn " Tuesday, P IT® Mrs - Dorrance attended a P. E. O. party. T.^"S e E !« hme w ent to Des Moines Tuesday to attend the funeral of a C ° u 4,'n- Mrs. Jim Elder. She returned Thursday morning. Glenn Graham, who had been out of school for about a year and a ce he was stricken with In.-- paralysis, re-entered the second semester. Mrs. Ellen Hanna, Shindler, S. '..visited Wednesday at the L H Schenck home. On Friday she went to spend a few days at the Lem Marlow home near Lione Rook. Thursday was Mrs. H. G. Joe Club Ha* Valentine Party St. Jo«: The Friendly dub m«t t the home of Rosens Thllges with -.osetta Barker assisting hostess, Wednesday, Feb. i, with ten members present Valentines were ex- winter at McAJlen, Texas. Alphonse Thllges, Mrs. John Frtd- ers, Mrs. Lawrence Klrtch, Mrs. William Reding and daughter, Pearl. On Trip to Irving Applegate recently pur-, chased a new Chevrolet and left Thursday for Texas, where he will ATTORNEYS AT LAW Little Chats About Your Health—No. 8 French Physician Offers Sound Advice _ Ship, Car, of Sheep Mrs. E. E. Paine return — ~ r 3. v ^nujHgo n o m""~' ~' **• Patt erson was also a ^Chicago visitor the first of la,? Sails to England Florence Rash, daughter of Mr »nd Mrs. R. VV. Rash, who has 4"n f o .; dau * nte '-. Mrs." ChesTer | Sill, at Galbraith, and her son, Merwyn, at Omaha, Neb. February 2 was Mrs. George I Koestler's birthday, and in honor of the event the James Christiansons and George Koestlers. Jr., went to ; Friday with her emolov- ers for New York City where thev were to visit a couple of days and ev e-1 enwith. Dorothy Sobers "anY'son Ralph, all from here, Rosella Votet -oigt and son.' ias! I nnd Verda Me >' cr ° f '' was served after the card | Farm" „- --Ji a birthday card shower. Mrs Koestler has been suffering with sinus trouble, but is somewhat im- _ _ ,- D 'u P - Slau g"ter is on the sick " S ' th ' 9 Week ' rflP -Trunkhill, Mrs. J. T. Hean-, and Lulu Hawcott attended the fas i e , rn Star Sch001 of Instruction •t Algona last Tuesday morning. Hurt people, who attended '' Harold Hedges. Baptist Guild The Baptist Ladies' Guild will meet Feb. 11 at the Guild hall The hostesses will be Mrs. Gco Butterfield. Mrs. Hugh Butterfield Entertain nt Ciird-i and Mrs. Hugo Meyer. Mr. I and Mrs. Albert Meyer, son Roland. Mr. nnd Mrs. Alfred Bruhn. daughters Phyllis and Arlene, were entertained at cards Wednesday will farm ' move on to the E ' bert Ottosen u-, ""° Se " Team * Uin Falls. *K , ** Week Tuesda^a^ bridge C ' Ub mct Graham afternoon Wlth "«. O. H. m ' and Mrs. James ErVaux""fhe"Jes- I evenln B nt the home of MrTand I i,Jii le ,, ; y hittemore hi * h 8c hool bas- t M "' W J - Lockwood was hostess I "•-•—•• •• • - "etball teams were dpfpntari h,, /->• to the Fortnio-hMv ~I..K „_.. son topic. "Where Are Missionaries Ne .f d . ed in this Country." Leaders will be Mrs. Chas. Kesler and Miss j 'aEchhoIm; music by Eloise and Wilma Preston. o, . A , d e''cious lunch was served nt mid- night , . an ,, as- M o S ', Edwin Licb near ^ Ms Creek. ,„.„ a "Jl5 ms Were defeat ed by Ot» *£.*** eveni »K °n the local the w^ 6 ° U ° SCn boys d <"eated " cmore b °ys 48 to 31 and A' ^ '° ° U °- and ance Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. B Several other members _. - , chapters from Bancroft litonka were also in attend- Mrs. Oeo. Meyer* Honored A number of relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer gath- , ..— „„, cred at their home Friday evening | 32 to 12. tiA MI ;'„" '—' "««'« | f° " e 'P Mrs. Meyer celebrate her Aid will meet Feb. 10 at 2:30 p m. birthday. The men played cards A son was born Jan. 25 to Mr S-* 1 " 6 the -^ omen were quilting as and Mrs. Harvey Vaux fit Mount if?"' Me y er had a Quilting bee in Vernon, Washington. This it, their afternoon. Those who were afternoon guests were: Mr. and Mrs. ghr's Meyer, Mrs. Edwin Greinert Idayafterfoon"' 811 ^ C '" b °" Fri '' Llovd Steward, Iowa Falls, visit- and Mrs - Martin Dahl wee'"" at- I In touching on a subject which we have covered many times a French physician says : "It is very poor economy to avoid the* expense of medical advice. It is important to find out the truth about our physical condition as early as possible. The more we advance in civilization, the further does medical science progress and the greater its tendency to become preventive rather than curative. Why not'begin now to avail ourselves of modern methods of diagnosis and increase our chances of usefulness and happiness?". Go to your physician at least once a year for a health examination and call him promptly whenever illness occurs. Bring us your prescriptions. E. W. Lusby - Drugs iiiurauay lor xexas, wnere na wi I join Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clmpsaddle IR J. Harrington J. D. Low* of Galva, who are_ spending the HARRINGTON ft LOWE Rooms 212-14 First NatT Bk. Bldg. ALOQNA, IOWA 9. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention ALQONA, IOWA I W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Co. Savings Bk. Bldg. 1 Office Phone 427 ALGONA, IOWA , A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Security State Bk. Bldg. Phone 251 | E. J. Van Ness G. W. Stlllmun VAN NESS ft STILLMAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices In new Helse Building [Phone 213 Algona, Iowa Gaylord D. Shumway Edw. D. Kelly SHUMWAY ft KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office In Qulnby Bldg. Phone M ALGONA, IOWA HIRAM B. WHITE Phone 444-810 ATTORNEY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 206 P. A. DANSON ATTORNKY AT LAW Office over Iowa State Bank Bid* Office Phone 460-J R eg . 319 ALGONA, IOWA ATTORNEYS AT LAW J. W. Sullivan (dec'd) S. E. McMahon L. E. Llnnan Algona, Iowa Phone 261 Office over Kossuth Mut Ins. Bldg. ALGONA, IOWA L. A. WINKKL ATTORNEY AT LAW (County Attorney) 9 fflce ov er Qulnby Building PHYSICIANS ft SURGEONS flrst child. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dahl and T T i and , Mrs - Sanf °«'d Knutaon of Lake Park were In Minneapolis last week attending a convention of feed dealers. Librarian Mrs. Jennie McCrary reports an average daily clrcula- .Uon of 64 books and the largest daily « f. c " lat ' on ' ™- -t the Swea City public library for the month of Jan- About 15 were present at the pung people's Bible study at the fironleewe home Thursday evening. 8tew wi " b e and the boys Junior. were released, including s ^P" 1 , Thursda >' c'ub will present a travel and educational picture show d n av alk ' C h a ' the X °wa Theatre Tuesday. Feb. 15, matinee und evening. The p cturc are sent out by the Pan- Junior Hanifan came home from Cedar Falls Tuesday to remain a few days. His fraternity house lambda Gamma Nu. was put under quarantine for small pox Monday night but Tuesday several of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. K. Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peterson spent last Thursday and Friday in Des Moines. Mrs. Anna Larson took charge of the Nelson home and Arzella and Arlene Peterson stayed with their friend, Phyllis Hammond auring the absence of the parents. Rev. Speicher Has Case Malta Fever Hurt: The Rev. Thoburn .Speich- wus taken to the Kossuth hos- in Algona lust Monday eve- for treatment and observation. It wiis at first uncertain as lo what he was suffering with, but doctors have now pronounced his case us Malta fever. .Mrs. Speicher is also confined to her bed wifh flu. Her mother. Mrs. Win Fenner, Evanston, III., is with her. Miss Lucille Petterson was a visitor in Minneapolis last week. FREE I ^QUAKER OATS • • • •" •• • • T D A r« r ij * ms ,. TRADEMARKS Wonderful Book off MAGIC TRICKS TelU you how to perform 62 differeot. puzzling feau of magic... lot* of fun. We nuke thii offer to ttt every boy and girl 10 try QuUei O«u, the cereal Ihcv cbo*c for the Diuone Qiu'nt. tM a bowl of iUi« Ucliciuul, uouriihinj, whole- grain cereal for brcakfaic every morning. CJtder Quaker Oaa u auy Ctocex'i Kxliy. How T. Get DICK DARING'S BAG oT At ""' A '*°" a ' FioU gregation of Falrvllle me^aVthe Th A d ¥/* Edward Grein- Thursday. Mrs, Edwin Grein'— assistant hostess and Mrs. Meyer was a guest. Boy Injured In Fall in Country School Grounds CorwiUnFalrviewa Keith Johnson, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Johnson, fell off the slide at the country school which he attends, breaking both bones in his right arm. He was taken at once to a doctor's office where fne bones were set. An x-ray was taken Saturday naming to determine the correctness of the setting. So far lie has experienced no pain in it. Stork Drops In f'arris have been received from -Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wilson of liran.son. Mo., announcing the birth of an .-ight and one-half pound born Jan. 21. The Wilsons farmer ri-.sidents of Fairvicw mg to Missouri last fall. Mrs Wilson wa.s the former Leila Clapsad- STATEMENT OF THE CONDITION OF THE ^£ONA_CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY COMPANY Current A»*e»» Cash Accounts Advances Inventories Total InrpstmenfH BAi.AJfE SHEET AS AT DKCKWRKK 81. 19S7 ASSETS receivable IIIIIIIIIIIIIHIII * ,..„„„,„.,. Tream scoring ... Office rent _____ """ J. N. PHYSICIAN A SURGEON Office formerly occupied by Dt A. L. Rist over Rexall Drug Store Office Phone 300 ResTp ALGONA, IOWA C. H. CRETZMEYEB, M. D SURGEON * PHYSICIAN Office John Galbraith Bldg. Office supplies and postage Annual meeting 6,097.21 5385.78 256.00 18.204.92 expense Insurance and bonds Logal and collection fees *""" ..... ------ ..... Miscellaneous 110.00 60.00 568.22 407.32 613.30 136.0S 323.20 A«m-»s SIELVUr O. BOURNE PHYSICIAN A SURGEON Pt, n « A^. ver old Po<t Phones-Office 197 OSTEOPATHS t AWICTA son were mov- Land, Less: me.) ... buiidiiiKs and pquipnipnt Provision for depreciation 4,000.00 COJTPAJTT TOTAL ASSETS ., Pounds (ream received (sweet) 1,56*044 il.3fii).65 < i'PQm received (sour)_ 383 r»57 Average Pounds Test F\it . 296 4K Jj4 I nrrcnt "uc l.lali!lltli-<, p.-itrniis I IAHIMTIFS AMI \FT HOHTII Total. .\Mk received Average I'rlco Amount -400 $186.076.24 •363 39.944.23 l/t.W.oiii 1,051,614 .038 575,081 40,091 Cf! Ui-d •1 !><TI mill.; hank DllllT.- IM..I- rhi|,|,,., Tolal I'ald 1'Hlronn J22C,020.47 22.fi5ll.00 -$ 7.i UllttlT IlUIIlT invontury -January manufacturt'd I." Tofal *'. Iriventnrv Boy Scout A Ten members attended the weekly meeting of the Boy Scouts at the .school house Monday evening; \Vayne \Voodbury gave the current events Jack Tabb described three animals, Ronald Stevens, Bill Robinson and Robert Mitchell passed scout tests. The ladies' bridge rluh were guests Total Kultcr sh 1'ounils 29.099 714,215 7I.VUI 2B.120 Sale I ivi-d Slock Sulio >'»•« Worth Tutal ( nrrcnl I lalillitl,. (Ktyablf # .1 Iliitli-r locally |iatr;ina lot due in ji^. (,, ar 10,300.0i • 35,8:i5.:4 -Dick a« Co , Box '"Hf". « *iD t - "^ uademark! . Quaker Oats For Sale at the Following Stores Algona Moe & Sjogrcn Sorensen Groc. C. S. Johnson Akre Grocery Hood'a Market R. A. Clark Ice Cream Cottage Don's Teeny Weeny Cut Kate Croc. Home Grot. Anderson Ijro.-i A. & I'. .Store Council Oak Long'd Grocery Ledyard Chiis. Bashara Tice Brack Lone Rock Fred isrhuitz Bode Leo KinsL-th Mention's The Safeway Ottoaen Purdy & Co. Waldrou Groc-. LuVerne Benedict Store Anna H. Murray I (i. A. Store West Bend Jensen & Bolstad McFarliiud & Walk,. Runen store- Wesley KouUi Afarku' Krau.-;e Sturi- A. Af. Kui:^ Buffalo Center I'ut Rate Gror. Bowt.n i- (Jiui'|, Wilson Store Aiknxlit .Stuit Sexton Herman Swea City E J. llausen Applwquist Oroc Bluaiattr GJUI Lakota '' R .Smith & Co. Tiiaves Sisters U'itrburtun Store Irvington i'ViinkTa Groc. Titonka I'.'.:, i, 1:,- r Market '':.ii.--> Br.j.,. Bancroft if-. -d'.s .Store !. K Finn McrnM Bros. Kennedy Bros. Fenton i. H Kraaae i t.V i-*riebe iaik-y ic Co. ''.•ntun Market Whittemore - h Zuniuch Mrs Karl Killer and her Sunday .School class of boys enjoyed a pot luik supper and social hour Wednesday evening. Karl Chambers and Krnest An- I'U'gate drove to Uenwick Monday nc-ning to a supper and men's meet ing at the M. K. church. Uick Hinder and William Erdrnar drove t,, Chicago Friday of la.s week to attend the National Ai Show. Mrs. .Studer ar-companie, them as far as Des Moines. Jim Anderson was taken to th^ Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge on frriday of last week and Saturday was operated on. Mr. Anderson has been in poor health for months. Harold Evans went to Woolstock "-"day afternoon to take Mrs f rakes to her home. Mrs has been assisting in the home since the birth of their daughter. The Woman's Home Missionary society of the M. E. church met luesday afternoon at the parsonage with Mrs. R. L. Hausworth uriuing' the study of "R^hniiH Rural America." ""build- Kanawha's tirst and second hied school basketball teams carne to ,orwith Tuesday night to play Corwith s hr.,t and second teams, (,'or- vith won both games from the visit- Total >».» Worth IOT\I. I.IAIfll. 717^21 527,000 -123,715 66,419 Tolal .Sale* an alum* * \\erane price received for all butt— 717,241 rOHITTATIO.V OF OVEHRI received an above in milk purr- 1 " J * ~" In '" l''ital buttcrfut Add: Huttcrfut Add: Iluttcrfat »a H. Bt OLSON DENTIST '" Call Theatre Bldg. ALGONrioW 6 " 06 ™ ™ DR. U c. NL'GENT DENTIST ^jg^^^lo^ DR. C. D. 8CIIAAP .. , , DENTIST Qulnby Bldg. Phone 133 Res. Phone 174 Algon^i owa GEO. D. WALRATH. D. D si GENERAL DENTISTRY Office In old Postofflce Block Phone 20 Algona, Tows Phone WOHT|| * *a Add: Kuttcrfat in Ktartei milk 7 - 612 6,299 U'ltterfat Uutterfat in retail cream «ale«_ of sale.- lirofll . -I'l.HTo.lil llutlerfat churned manufactured KAKL B. HOFFMAN , DENTIST I??/* '" New HeUe BId «" Phone 118 REAL ESTATlT MUBTAGH & gojc s^ rAB ir: severa Total (Jr '>f hauling ntlii.- I'roiil Pounds i vi-rrun IV,rccnta(f ( - of I lu;"<; .stati'ini'iits t-ti-led December ;;i, [ 574,910 7H.245 OlM (;rjiHs -ralinc IVuril Mini (. aftr llauliiu, * \WHM-. I Srhi-dulf) >••» Addition), t,, 10,-i.TJ.iri d on mock on butter l'i:;.' { .s u ,,n supplies aud cheese TI, K Other Income Interest on »14,00u at 5'V f rom Oil l»educllon!» from Income Interest on notes interest to stockholders at 6% Accounts aud losses charged off Hetxited on coal arid f<x;d— mn 24000 787.35 .'(58.14 310.36 700.00 712.42 597.00 515.46 23!).37 »a e*j • fst of 2,395.85 Profit no and Ueneral K\pen*e» "vtrrun 139,335 v«re prepared'niy audit^repori'for "the mr ALBKRT f. rilRISTKNHKN Certified I'ubllc Accountant (Iowa und Minnwotu) * 53.126.75 44,782.68 $ 14^44.17 VgTEBINABIANS ft WINKBlT /it. W ' Pojt **• J B. VVInkel Office 220 West State Street Office Phone <75-W »„,475.1. ALOONA, IOWA R sales _ " Salarien and wages ______ ,r ,,,„ Bfi Social necurlty taxea """'""*'** 2,064.25 Kt>l Income January 1, * 1,24.%3« 33,849.27 31. Jf«7 (0-OI'KK \TIVK AM, iiK Mvv Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Delbtrt Brown and iilditii of Algonit visited at th ..harlt.s Brown home Sunday oj their way home from Webster City where M, a Urown and children had " two weeks with her parents Mrs. Henry Hankins. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Master, and Kobtrta and Harold Evans drove to Mason City Tuesday to ^•uifc' home, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Evans who had been taken to the Mercy hoa- Utal Saturday night. The baby waa taken ill Friday and Saturday it was decided to take her to the hos- ¥!?•*: W«"«y t^k her there e.-, and w Si-cunty ''.-'•aiueiy K-.- pairs Kirt,,r> fl i>«.-pn-i-!uii I'l WIT 19,727.80 566.97 $20,294.77 3,129.50 Hepairs, building and equipment Truck expense Depreciation — truck»"I" Depreciation--building and Service station »upplie» fuel oil for service tuition Insurance and personal) edtlmated Light, power, and water... Office supplies """" Advertising "" Telephone, truvef/iiujidryr legaf u'nd 169.74 * 5,539.62 253.93 1,677.26 1,376.34 300.92 983.40 275.22 253.13 308.89 250.00 287.00 221.86 152.86 285.43 Typewriter Paper «ell 75c This IM R flr/uui for 600 sheets U a good grade bond P«P.r wd will make an „? cell«nt school paper. The Algona Upper DesMoines ilii't. hardware. i>iinm, (buildiug arid enuipuitut) and IJIUR-. I'llrl feed and * (real and personal) e truck expense <-'r's travel expense ''< lephoue aud toltgrupu Advertising (local) and laboratory Vlanay 1,074.02 3.0!*4.!iO 874.27 227.25 1.552.11 233.36 tiO!*.09 677.67 295.07 lti3-67 330.97 613.52 .jji.i AddlUonit to Income Kebates^prior year purchases ... < a»h discounts Hecoveria* on accounts "Jharged" off Mfductionn from Income Lotia on txjuipu;ent Bold or discarded Accounts and losses charged off Inturest to creamery (|14,000.00 at~ 5%) Net lacume ___ Le«u(: Patronage rebaten at . Increase in surplus f^-. lt e a d.n. city 8urpJu . D§€-mbw M> im 606.44 236.17 742.81 Inquire at The Algona Uppe offie« for

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