Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on September 15, 1926 · Page 7
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 7

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 15, 1926
Page 7
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THE OREGON STATESMAN, SALEM, OREGON WEDNESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 15, 1926' .7 S 3 Union Roster HOD CARRliaS "AJiV LA-. jhorere Local No. 441, MIV Wed, p. av Cell m far - CI PITA Li TYPOGRAPHICAL UNI OS .MolO President,-CL P. Erese; see-nurr, M. D. P"ksnto. MmIi seo ond-Saturday, 8:00 p. ss.- . CARPENTERS' UNION NO. 108V -j-,. eta Thurs. evening Arthur Tucker, president; wm. . jrei. ir,. Bkilleneheniee furnished. FhoH 178. BOTE It !. p Jf V-.?' el r?p glensi locai vo, v..j, 457 Court, Hasel Pierce, secretary. BALEM UNION LABEL LEAGUE Meets st Labor Halt en call of presl-dent. r. W. Bear. secretary, Bos 443. Salem. Ora. . Lodge Roster FRATERNAL ORDER OP EAGLES, moot eierWedesd.y. PraUraity HsIL S. M. WiUatt. Bee'y. Tof. 889-R. V KNIGHTS OP PYTHIAS MEETS At Fraternal Hall every Tuesday evening. Visitor invited- N. Park Sturgea. CO.; Welter Lenon. K. ef R. S. Published every moral or (except MoS-day) at Salem, the capital at Orago a. Local Rates For Classified Advertising Pally or Saaday 2 ceaU par word 5 eaata per word One ti Three timl ., ... Ai time . .- 8 eeata per word ' l mo. daily and Sua SO eeata per word In order to ear the mora tea a one Date rata, advertisement aiuit m la consecutive istoee. - No Ad taken for lew than 15a. Ada. ma Saaday ONLY charged at one-time rata. ' 7 Advertisement (except Peraoaala and Situation Wanted) win he take over the telephone it the advertiser Is aubscriber to pHone. The Stateamat will receive edver-tisemesta at any time of the day or night. - To- insure - proper classification ad should bo in. before 7 p. m. TELEPHONB2S OR 8M Money to Loan ON REAL ESTATB. T. K. FORD rOvar Ladd Bush 'Bank) , ADVErrnsiNO, " HONEST ADVERTISING Those eot ams most bo kpt free front anything of a quMtionatrieatrr- Misrepresentation will not be taloratod. Information showing any questionable intent on the part -of the advertiser should bo roportad to this newspaper or tho Salem Ad club. - -----Amto""Twt - 5 BEE US FOR TOP, AND PAINT WOR O. i. Hull Auto Top snd faint Shop 267 8. Commercial. 6al6 HeaaKaaaaaBaaaaanaHMa HllP WaBttd Iinp 1'K'KERS WANTED DURBIN and Ornoyer. Phone 491. or eall of-, fice over Penney 'a . Store. 14tf hop pickers Wanted w;ii t.L. vnnunt and retnrsi von aVr verb. Spend id hops, good camp 'M- camper. Call . 59F22 for trans-tUUo. C.'.C. Russell. 9sl6 WASTED TWO NEAT APPEARING men or women to sell nationally advertised genuine silk hosiory aad Ungartn: tirriitiotial opportunity. - Bo ? Crifnts Pass, Oregon. ; . 9nZl HOP PICK1CRS WANTED. WILLIA8 Thacker Hnp Yard. Trucks leave eaitt end of bridge St 6:80 A, M. Phone 115F12. - fiitl Help Wavmtocl MaJo 11 ADDRESS ESVEIiOPES AT HQMK fcare time. ,htrn.$35 weekly.; Kx-lcrience unnecessary. . Earnings in advance. Particulars 2c stamp. Superior Co., 543 ,S Dearborn, Dept. 3, . 1 ; . , 1 1 . WANTED TWO SALESMEN to sell roal estate. If yon have confidence in your-- ' yu. Must have car. - No "high-press ure men wanted. TRIANGLE REALTY CO. 318 N. Liberty 1U21U Help Wattttod FeauUe 13 E.KN $UO WEEKLY JN' SPABK, TIME aJdreing envelopes at home. Ex- lixrienee unnecessary. Ordinary clear handwriting. Vt rite promptly. I rewn Mailing Bureau, 1205 "Poutiac Bldg I ii tea so. i lasts EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER AND !'eaograpiier fented, address 29 care Statesman. . 1316 Agents Waated 17 WANTED MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION solicitor for.R. F. D.j and small tewa work In western - Oregon and. western WsKhington. good opportunity for ambitious man. - apply Circulation Man s;er Pacific Homestead, Salem, Oregon ... . , - - - 17sU Waated Baslsyssat 19 WANTED CAMP .-WORK OR DAl work. Phone 1066. . ... . ., 19sl6 ENERGETIC wants work HIGH SCHOOL BOi evencag - and , Batarday. Phone lTrtrt-R 19sl7 CARPENTER, 8IUN9LEK. NEW AND old work. Non-union. 173 V 8. Cot " tage. Arthur Wilson. . 19sl5 BY EXPERIENCED APARTMENT PEO pie. Man is experienced janitor, wift ix esperieneed caretaker. Waat stead work. References furnished.. Box 30 Statesman. 1916 POR GARDEN .PLOWING," BA8SMEN1 digging ssd tosss. -work. Phono 73 . . -19al4tt or j&emt SI OFFICE SPACK. ground 'floor loeaUon He BUSSELLE, 175 8. High. 31a2U OFFICE ROOM! Phono 559,- , .FOB RENT, CALL glass a PRINTED CARDS, SI2B 14 BY 7H tH Wording, ''Per -Boot,' prise 10 eontt . SUtesmss Business Ottics groead floor. , - FURNISHED APARTMENTWITH Oar den. 1396 N. 4th. . - ' 21m24tr wr HODSES AND A PA 111 Wood, 841 StaU St. , aimlSf For Roat Ap artnaeata) 23 ( l"ll RENT $3.V 5-r.HMU flat, t Adult. -le in and vacant. Boc-ko A Hon-' 19 X, High, ' $ : - , " ' 23s 1 APARTMENT" ATTRACTI VELI iiirniiihed; private entrance and llh; lrnl(..i u..:...rf. n...i . . ... . preferred. 419 Ncrth ' Vttl street.. "-23a l.r j A. RcNT HAZEL APARTMENTS. "1 Hstel. Thono mW. 23a31tf - . - T For Reat Rooms 25 LARGE FLRSIHHED ROOM FURNACE x??- Suitable- for four students. WU1 serv two meals. 860 l a 2519 GENTLEMAN'S SLEEPING ROOM IN Vui. 449 North Cspltol, 2515 27 FOR RENT 6-ROOM STRICTLY MOD- ern noase, 'sleeping porch and garage. fco.oo Bocolofsky, 341 Btste. 2715 8-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE. WITH ' every convenience. With sleeping ." porch. With or without garage. Apply oiuuw. ZJtiy SMALL HOU8E 812 . Nebraska.:. . ; MONTH. 2205 .271$ 8-ROOM MODEKS HOUSE. IDEAL Location. Large ground spare. Would prefer to lease. Call at 1239 D. St. i . - 4 - ;! ', !" .2715 For Heat Zi 9 t HAVE SEVERAL IRRIGATED "FARM for rent. P.- E. Tmbuw, Tama? Ore.. Phone 6 XX. - 2Ball WsUd lnsooiueass 3& WANTED TEAM. WEIGHT ABOUT IOOO lbs. each," . John Noun, Jeffer-ton, Ore. 35sl9 ' Uc . ; WANTED PLACE FOR 2 GIRLS AGES .9 and 10 ; years, to room and .board. Box 5 6 -rare Statesman, ; 35sl5 WANTED . PRIVATE MONEY Forf farm loans. Wo have several applications on hand. Hawkins Robert . Ino 205- Oregon Bldg. 8541411 PURNITURR PACKING FOR SHIP -snoots. Giese-Powers Para it are 0. 85a20tt j For Bavlo 37 iflGTI GRADE PIANO LIKE NEW. Will sacrifice for (uirk Kale $10 monthly will handle. Write M. Oar-nett care Standard Oil Co. for particulars. 37s21 CANNING TOMATOES shel. Bring boxes. . Roberts Station. . 60c PER BU-Phono 127K2. 37sl7 CONCORD GRAPES 1135-W evenings. CHEAP. pttone 37H6 FINE FALL PEAKS 50 CENTS BUSHEL and swwt cider, clean and pure SO rents gallon. Bring containers. 849 .Rural Avenue. s 37sl4tf LAST CANNING PEACHES. FOSTERS suf Salways. Imlah Fruit Farm. Phone 52F11. , 37sl6 FANCY GRAVEN STEINtr. KULIFSON'S Rt. 8. Box 69. Bring boxes. 37a22tf FRESH PRESSED GRAPE JUICE. $1 per Gal. Sweet cider 25c per Gal. 1016 Ji. Com'l. 37slt GRAPES FOR SALE, 8 CENTS PE pound, six miles east of Salem on- the Pen road. : Route 6, Box 29. Pboa 66F13. ,. i , 87 BUY A GOOD USED PIANO' - Wa have some exceptionally good buys in fine aseu pianos ' J. P. Hale . $133r.OO Behr 'Bros.'-. .'. $195.00 Kimball . : $335.00 Behr Bros $225.00 Netzow . - . $285.00 Smith k Barnes $25.00 Ivers A Pond . $265.00 Terms as low as $6.00 a month. THE PORTLAND MUSIC CO. 355 N. High St. Salem, Oregon. 3715 GRAVEN STEIN APPLES FOR - SALE. Bring boxes. ' Come evenings. Rt. 8, Box 114. 87a26tf FOR SALE AUTOMOBILES FOR guaranteed used ear or new Chrysler sea Burk, at Oiurich Motor Co., Phono 635.' 87a24tf SEE THIS ONE BEFORE YOU BUY Atwster-Kent Radio, cabinet and loud speaker. Coat $215. Sell $110. 650 D street. 1175-R. 37sl5 FOR SALE OLD NEWSPAPERS. 10 cents a bundle. Statesmen office, 215 South Commercial St. 8722tl PRINTED CARDS. SIZE 14 BY Iff IN wording, 'Rooms to Bti" price It eents aach. i StaUsman ButASase Office ,,. ground floor. , o rBESPASS NOTICES, 8I2E 14 BY 9 IN. ..Printed em good 10-ounce canvass, bear "lng the word. -oneo is itereoy uiven- That TTMpassinf Is Stnctty Forbidden on These Pro mines Under Penalty of Prwsecattoa- Price 15e each or 2 tot 85e. Statesman Pub. Co, Salem. Ore goo. 7 87at For Salo lavestoelt 39 FRED W. LANGR. VETERINARIAN Office 629 S. Commercial. Phone 1198. Ra. Phone 1666. 89a23tf Wood For Baue 43 12 AND 16-INOH OLD FIR FOR SALE. Also grub o k. Phone 12r4. 433- 16-INCH OLD FIR SECOND GROWTH oak sad ask. Phono 72F2. M, D. May-field. 43fl8tf 4ALEM FUEL . TRANSFER. 753 Trsda Street. Wood, Coal." Briquet Transfer snd Moving. Phono 529. 4Sa20tf A 16-INCH MILL WOOD rT.K LOAD, $3.75 16 in. 2nd fir per load. 83.75; 19-ineh old fir per load, $4.25. Prompt delivery. TsL 5318. Tracy Fuel Yard. 1067 D street. 43a22tf .... Wood For Sale 43 DOGWOOD. MAPLE AND Flit, 4-FOOT. Phone 45FJ3 evenings. 4317 3ITY AND COUNTRY WOOD SAWING. Also old boards. Fisher Bros. Phone 1819. . ; " 4Sjl8tf GOOD COAL DRY WOOD, -PROMPT DELIVERIES. HILLMAN FUEL CO. TELEPHONE 185&. ' : . . , - 4829tf Best Grade of Wood Dry wood 4 ft, and 16-faeh. . -Green wood., e ft, aad 16-iaeh. Iarge loads sontain 197 cubic foot loaded lopso. Small loads contain 128 cubio foot loaded' loose. . - Largo load ore the cheapo to hay. Order now and ssvo money. . . Mill wood is our spocisity. Prompt; delivery and reasonable prion. - Fred E. Wells 280 South Church, Phono 1542. , 43al0tf V Mloooll aaoosie 61 nJRKTTTJBE OPHOLbTERINO AND BE. , pairing. Gieee-Powers Foraiture Store. Lett sad Found 53 LOST AI R DALE-WJLLI E, YELIX1W 1JT color. Phone 1510.. ; 33l.i, MINUTE MOVIES LIZ POLLy- WOOD F1LMIN&S r2-J ' . ... ItsJtS. KAI.CQ . . ' TME.-nTl-rm.W FILM. W-TrJrOCTlON ROOM v 4V9 Tl3" FEET CP TplLM HAD 15 IZ VOT OOT AN MANV CFJtZ FINEST SHOTS UtKC oroi rto TMGTH OF : TUE1 Pi CTUR & Tmr Beat-Howet vl' : I , I in hull I ' 55 NC-BONE CORSETS- INCLUDINO COR-. set-less," surgical .corset and Cor- seietts. , Phone 1307. Mrs. O. H. Littlefisld. 55s22 Convoy to 67 INVESTIGATE, OUB - DISAPPEARING mortgages, lust like . rent. W. II. Grsbenhorst di.Co., 134 South Liberty St. Phono 51 j. 57sl2tf PRIVATE MONET FOR CHAT. EL Loans. See BUSSELLE. 115 8." High SL . " . - 7al8tt FEDERAL FARM LOANS S. F. L, Wood,. (41 Stato St. , , $7mU BmsJaess Opportamltlo 61 CONFECTIONERY A-l LOCATION Bnteher shop, cash only will talk, reduced 850V. Gertrude J. M. Pagn, 492 N. Cottaso St. - 61sl4tf . iARGK INVESTMENT" 1. Quarter block, very dose ia $2I.- OOO. Present return net 5 per cent wttn certainty ox s increased - value SOON. 2. Brick building. $22,000. Nets 7 per cent.'. In path of business. 3. 814.000 buys small i auartment house. ISECKE A HENDRICKS 189 N. High. Slsl5 BUSINESS OPPORTCN1TIES Grorery fct' re in good location doing good IjumiiOxs, $5i0 ' for fixtures and invoice stoik. will amount to about $800, terms essh. Grocery store with fine territory, - good building, cheap rent, fixtures and Mock, offered for a few days at SI 600. terms cash. . Grveery store doing good average business, stock and fixtures, $2,000, terms cash. . Well established restaurant, doing good business, $3000, will sell or exchange for acreage near Salem. .. Sorolof-ky. 341 - Stato. Real Etate, Loans, Insurance. 61sl4tt It Real Estate Xlroetory 62 BECKS A HENDRICKS 188 8. High. TaL 189. A. C. BOHRNSTEDT 147 N. Commereigl. TsL S7T. BUSSELLE, Realtor. 175 B. High Tata. 86 or 1938. CHILDS 80 State St. BECHTEL TsL 1727 W. G. KRUEGKB ' -147 N. Com'L Km. 1. TsL 217. JOHN W. ORB, 836 Oregon Bldg. TaL S48S. GERTRUDE J. M. PAGE -492 N. Cottage. . TaL 1186. SQUARE DEAL REALTY C. 8. Nsri Bank Bldg. . Tel. 470. WELLS TALLMAN 216 MasotUe Temple. SON -. Tel. 618. TIBBIT3 Ar ELLIOTT . 841 SUte. Boom 7. . TaL 80S. TRIANGLE REALTY CO. 218 N. Liberty. Tel.' 881- ULRICH ROBERTS 122 N. Commercial. - TaL 1854. VICTOR SCHNEIDER. Realtor 147 K. Com'L Phone 677 ATJMCSVTXLB E. T. PIERCE Asmsvillo, Oregon Real Estate 63 Own Your iiome LARGK CORNER. APT. HOUSE ALL furnished, .2 baths. $r000, will take lot or house and lot in trade. Service station. 5-rom Iiouhc, modern in every detail; one acre set in fruit $7000. Splendid opportunity to establish store. - 5 -room new modern house, 1 aero on hill $.1500. - . f- . Modern 5-room house close in $3500. GERTRUDE J. M. PAGE 492 N. Ct'ttage St. ? 63sl4tf WILL BE BACK WEDNESDAY FROM the middle west. If you have Oregon land to exchange for farms In iscn ain, Minnesota or North Dakota, see me. A. C. BOHRNSTEDT 147 No. Coml. St. Salem, Oregon. . ' 6312tf REAL HOUSE BUYS 4 room moderTi built-in new Kella stone finish bungalow, hollow tilo cn struetion, $2500. 3150 cash balance $25 and interest monthly. - 4 rooms, nook, strictly modern except fire place, garage, all stucco con struction, $2700, $300 cash, balance like rent. '" a. 5-room '-strietly new bungalow timber fininii, English type, garage, $4500, $1000 cash, balance terms. 5 rcoms, trictly modern bungalow, large lot. fine shade, paved street, close in, 550i, cash. Socolofsky .341 State. Real Estate, Loans, Insurance. - C3sl4tf WHAT ARE BUILDING RESTRICTIONS they aro provisions m the JJEKO it-- self that make every homo Jn Laurel Park a fine Residence for -25 years. Lots $475 on ap. North where High- way hits Fairgrounds Koad. Uetke A " Hendricks. 189 N. High street, 6315 LOTS FOR YOUR MONEY, BUSSELLE 1 - ;-'' ; 6Sa5ti FOR SALE 11 ACRE TRACT," 2 MILES - east of Salem on Pen road. Good ' buildings.: Easy terms. Phono 19F14. h- - r - .-- ;s- - - - - 63sl5 FOR SALE BY OWNER. NEW SMALL bungalow., r Modern except basement. Garage, paved street. One block off State. 82700. Reasonable forms. Phone 233 1-J. 63s22 8IX ROOMS. ENGLISH STYLE, . AT-tractive. East front, street paved, fur-- nace, fireplace, n.'-ly finished. - Well located in South Salem. Phone own-' er 174eVR.' - , 63S29U FOR SALE ROOM HOUSE. GOOD terms. Phono 727 between 1 p. m. sad 8 p. as. or call at 1325 Jsffersoa. ; .. 63a25tf BUY A LOT - Covered, with. nico. shade tree, costing $350. "build yon a small house aad atop paying rent. BUY A HOUSE : Of ,5 rooms, neat new and modern, except basement. Paved -street, ga-raje. $2H00. $500 down. ' ' ' BUY A MODERN. HOME Everything complete excellent location,.? rooms, basement aad furnace, large lot $500, near grade junior and hih, sthooL - See J. A. MILLS. o 1 1 AFTER FiHlSWfHG MVORX Uwi TUP CvftFAT SUfER - . siWcTsVCLE.-FOrl FREEDOM ANDREW HANDt RALPH HNCER,vfJ and mck dare ieft ATvjo weeks ' Vacation OVER AT DlCK SUMMCfr CAfAp OrJ UaTCRINA I.LW4D 63 LARGE CORNER 2 ' LOTS, 5-ROOM bouso $3000. ' - , - 15 acres so totaled to build many -. kunses,' trade for Salem house- aad lot. - GERTRUDE J. M. PAGE 493 N. Cottage 81. 63sl4tf STOP " ' N Look .Listen, Read We are going to sell three good nouses .for tec than, appraisal value. All three booties for I45UO. Now gtt two of your friends and your self, and gft busy, if yea 'want' to get a horn cheap for about .half value. See Child A Lechtel, Realtors, 820 . State street. - V. " ,: ... .. - . - 63sl4tf FOR SALE OR TRADE " One j -room nearly new modern, and one 3 large room house, only 5 blks., from- Imsinesa center, always ' iu demand, $9000. Terms. ; ,r-- 8 nice lets and 6-roora house for dwelling in Salem. What have youf Priced right. 5 acres adjoining Die city all nnder cultivation and in crop and fruit, a fine piece of land near. Garden Road. $20O0, Terms, w " ' 5-n om bungalow, new fine place near Capitol street. Small payment, down. $2HO0.. . Sevrral houses to trado for ranch, may itsome. See me soon. 4 MO acres highly improved farm, fine building. Faulk county, fi. . I, All fenced, barbwire, water piped to house and barn. Will take email farm and some city property Clear of incumbrance. I'riae $50 per acte. 0. W. LAFLAlt,'? . 406 and 7, Oregon Bldg. - 3sU COME TO HEAIOUAKTEK FOR HOMES NEW ENGLISH BUNGALOW: . 5 room one more easily finished." upstairs. .Basement, furnace, fireplace, laundry fays, dutch kitchen, garage, cement walks, paved street. Well located extra well built. Just com- pleted ready to move into. REAL BARGAIN AT $4200 and $500 Will handle. IK YOU HAVE $250 or more cash to pay down we can show you several fine new modern hemes just finished that are JtEAL BUYS and surely you lion t intend to pay KENT all winter "SHOP Ol R PHOTOS. Try TRIANGLE REALTY CO. 218 N. Lrberty-Kt. Phone 631 "Headquarters for Homes' 63sl5tt HOUSES YOU CAN BUY ON TERMS 6-room house. North Salem, paved street, a good buy. $2650. Terms. 5-room house. Southeast, paving in, not modern, trice szouu. Menus. 5-room henie Northeast, paved street, close in. $2500. Terms.. 7-room bouse. Northeast, largo lot. fruit and walnut, paved street, eioss tn, snd .a good buy, $4000. Terms. -8-roont' house, North, good location. ssvod street. 83200. Terms. Sever 1 new houses, wll .located end prioea ngn. VICTOR .SCHNEIDER, Realtor. , . ' Money to Loan. 147 No. Com'l St. Phono '577 ... 63s22tt EXCHANGE-! 00 ACRE FARM Located .11' miles" North, of Salem, close to Panne htgnwayt all under cuitiva tlon, feneed, fair buildings, orchard cravel road, mortgage $5500.-' Will ex change for clear property that - will carry a loan of $2000. Eight-room house, two' lot oft cor ner, will exchange for any clear prop. erty that will carry a Joan of $1000 Both- parties in need of money, act quick. Two nice furnished apartment for rent. Also SEVEN ROOM HOUSE, basement and' furnace, close in OK RENT. ... F. L. WOOD. GEO. F. PEED 341 State St. . 63slltf FAIRMOUNT II ILL HOME. MUST BE sold st once.. Actusl sorrtfice of $1200. Modern to last minute. See this at 1690 Fairmount Ave., or seo my sgsm for particulars. BUSSELLE. 175 fL.High St. 'Phono 36 . Open Evening 04S1M GREATEST TRADING ORGANIZATION ON THE PACIFIC COAST We have over 3000 properties 'tstod for exchsnge. Every kind of property, every price, every .'location. We ess match your exchange EXACTLY. If you would like to trade yaur prstportjr TOOA y, rocue tn TUWAr. fca GASKILU A KARLK, Rest tors. ' Successor to Parker Realty Co. 166 S. Liberty. Phono 2242. ' 63ml2U OKkKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKO 5-room house near the Engle-wood school. Price $2250. Small cash payment, balance like rent. 5-room house at 2365 Maple Ave. $100 rash, bal. $30 a month including interest. 4 -room bouse . in N. Salem. Price $2400, $200 cash, balance easy terms. Let Us Write Your Insurance. KRUKGER, Realtor 147 N. Com'l Si-Phone 217. 63sl5 OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKO REAL BUY Beautiful Court Street Home Price $7000, worth $12.00. )Ia 8 large rooms and sleeping porch, large living and dining rex ms. with oak floors. Kitchen, built-in: 4 bed rooms, 2 bath rooms, .wonderful ' fireplace. furnace, i stationary - wash trays and double garage, large lot, fruit , nut and- shade trees, fine lawn, shrub rbery. . Paving paid, not far from state ' tiouse. One of the best bargains in a real home that is on the market today, CHILDS A BECHTEL, Realtors. ZQ State Street. . 63sl5tf ANYONE DESIRING A GOOD HOME IN - one of the best residential districts ejf ' the city south, east front, a magnifi-'. cent viy. six rooms. . plastered, full basement, paved street, garage corner lot 50x150, close to school and ear. Only $5,500. BERTHA ZUEHLKE ; 671 N. Capitol St. Phono 2 166-J. 63sl2tf CLOSE IN HOME SITES. QUARTER and HALF acre tracts on paved street close to car line. $600 and up, others not on pavement at $300. If you will pay cask for a tract ws will build yon a bouse.' Call and we will show you, F. L. Wood. Geo. F. Peed. 841 State & : 6318 WHY BUY A CROWDED HOME PLACE la tn noisy down town district, when too can buy much cheaper a quiet home s liitle farther out-with sbsdo. frait, ' berries, - walnuts, grape and flowers t Three big lots, plastered. 6-room house, basement, fireplace, bath, garage poultry house. Joins, new Tuxedo park htgh school-site, close-to street ear and grammaf school, $3t)oO. House . Snd a lots S3.500. 849 Raral Avo or W. C. Conner, owner. States-saan office. - . - j .' bSilOtt 'V CAH RAISE. OUR- . mtD RAV. - SAJNDS f CCtV4STAr-iT L CUTTING, M...' V MOVV)M..)lh4AlLy ; TASVi AKl LEM FDR A USUr. BARNED REST Real Estate . I i . -IK TTC . 63 . LOOK 1 - , ' Why pay rentt When yon, cab buy e good home with $100. $oo or, $500 . aown, balance like rent. Also soma -t-botfe lots., acreage-" tracts and farms. - Kee Chiids A BechteL Realtors. 320 State St. ' 63sl4tf SOME REAL SNAPS In homes, acreages, farms snd, stock ranches, - also ' houses to rent . aad money to loan, and inaarance auto and fire. THE SALEM REALTY CO., 462 State St. . , , . ' 63fc4tf OWNER LEAVING THE CITY ; J.- Iras accepted, a position in California t offering his home for sole for $3000 which eoft him four thousand dollars. ''--'Cozy 5-reom: bungalow, has' largo attic, two inrso- lots ' ont fine corner both streots paved and. paid. Garage. Fruit, .nnt and liadn trees. -v ' Price $3000. half. cash. CuKt the owner $tMK CHILDS & BECHTEL. Realtors. ...320 State street. G3sl5!f ATTENTION HOME BUYER 3-aere Uoiae, ' bldgs.. fruit, water. Srifice $2000, take residence. 7-room heme, 2 fine lots, paved St. S-1200 easy terms or tak acreage. 2 nice Ituugalows $7500 for good small farm home. Good equipped Tillamook dairy ranch for residence or acreage. Mirn1 ranch near Salem bldgs., fruit, creek, fine location for income property. For good buy or exchanges. PKRRINK Si MAHSTLUS 212 Gray BWg. v C5Htf ' i KO. 778. MODERN 4 ROOM HOUSE. , well located in South Salem. $3250; , $200 down, balance $20 per month. i,- No'. 784. New 5-room house English style, fireplace, furnace, garage - hardwood floors, close in location. $3500. Best of terms. No. 801. Ten acres, 5-room house, barn etc.. in city limits of Salem. $4250. Or will trade for other property. '- . . No." 900. 395-acre ranch 5 miles 'from the city. - All fenced. Spring, g od building!), near Pacific highway on. graveled road.- Clear - of incum- brance. Inherited by professional ma wiio will sell for $14,000. Good terms We have farm, for sale or trade most any location you may desire. See JOHN W. ORR, 326 Oregon Bldg Tel. 24b5: Residence rhone 2369-V 63&19 Real Esvte Trades 63 OUR CLIENT HAS 5-ROOM -HOCSE north Salem, modern except basement $3500 to trade for modern residence Center or State district, will pay cash a n Terence. iem Land to, 283 N Com'l. Phone 1127. 65sl5tf FOR TRADE 40 ACRES HIGHLY IM proved one mile front, - Weiser, Idaho. on State hifhwav. Good huildinera Will trade for Willamette valley farm land. See O. E. Snyder, 653 N. 16th Phone 1714-W. . 6515 FOR EXCHANGT: "12-ACRE FRUIT ranch with . rood - si x-room home well located near Liberty school. Price $11,000 owner will exchange for city property up to $7000. W. H. Graben horst A Co.. 134 S. Liberty street. 6515 FOR TRADE SEVEN-ACRE ORCHARD Okanogsn county, Washington, for city property. Investigate. Mrs. Ketmsn, 431 S. Water, Sil-rerton, Ore. Phone Red 2351. 65stf Real Estate Farms 67 LET US SHOW YOU OUR IRRIGATED tracts where farmers are making good Ojaly 30 minutes from Salem. Phone 65F15. 67s9tf : SPECIAL . '-45 acres N. of Salem just off high WS3'. 7-room bouse, barn 24x32. ga rtre. 3 chicken houses 1 mile to school non-resident owner. Price cut from $9000 to $7000. A REAL BUY. 20 acres. 1 1 in cultivation, o more cin be. Well, spring in pasture, 4 room unfinished, large barn, good fences, rock road and mail route and close to school. $17.0. Terms. I,,- MELVIN JOHNSON . 109 S. Commercial St. Phone 559 67sl2tf "FARM OPPORTUNITY" iFop thm mm with determination and aWut $1500. We have a wonderfull dairv and stork nrniiosition on coast. ;We specialize in farms sod can help yon to wnst you rsnt. . Our irrigated lands sre Insurance against loss. ;.tVICTOR SCHNEIDER, Realtor Farm Loans Insurance. 147 No. Com'l St. Phone 577. r . - 7a2tf r DA PR Y FARM FULLY- EQUIPPED. IN - cladifig producing Jersey herd, for aale on terms that will pay out. Will ac cept house orvacant lot on part pr ment. Write ua what yon can otter Priee $23,000. Addreas Box 124. car Statesman. 67a31tf ACRES IN FRUITLAND WITH FAIR bdildings, 3 acrcK logans. Variety fruit and walnuts. $3800. Will exchange for cjTv home or. restaurant business. 1 acre in West Salem for $475, ex cellent soil, electric lights, water and telephone at place. '80 acres equipped for chickens, elec- j-trjcnlizhfs available, good build'mis. i ,- mile to paving, 3 acres, berrie. $3500. - 25 acres near Kizer school,-all in fruit, berries and nuts, good build ings, fully equipped including centrifu gal pump and Cletrae tractor, creek and some beaver dam: .Inherited by East era rain who will sacrifice for quick sate, me show tni& and submit of fer. -. WINNIE PETTYJOHN. Realtor. 210 Oregon Bldg' 67il2tf .Real Estate Snbnrhss 69 one: half .acre tract adjoining city, city water, lights, phone,,-paved road, every city convenience, but no city taxes. ' Fine garden land enough to support a family from spare- time work. Price $0O. Term easy enough to suit. Salem highway tracts. also nee house ready - to occupy on Oct. Xm .varle Ahrara. jsoa .Uaemeke ta, St. .Phone. 189 4-J, 69sl4tf 1-rNEW CORPORATIONS f The News Publishing company, Kith headquarters in Medford and c4pital stock of S 4 0,000, has been incorporated by James W. Young, l. 'B. 'Tuttle and C. A. Swigart. Articles were filed in the state cor poration department yesterday. v The International Rotor corpor ation has-been incorportted by L. F. Thiel. PhiUip Suetter, Mabel Angus and Frank Ziegler. The capital stock. Js 1 5 ,0 0 0 and headquarters are in lortl4nd. . ves,ANti can . W VACWT SUDp 5VJFftRlNJ Hestl JSetstto M A MJNVTE, oLANCHCf " t LinDp Vf-Al AND UERbERT en AND BElMG iSO ' . "X' VFrl lWPV. W .TlTir fUl-UH ' ! 'S-wMBpVh.' ",-- wKe-V. -e-.-.. a. - : - X-w ir-annfc. - lu5tff -.7.- . Wanted AatosaobUoe 77 ' CASH PAID FOR FORDS KIKER AUTO Co. - . t 77ml2tl For Bala -TJaod Care' 7B T t Qreat Sacrifice On - Used Gars Nearly all late models in SedjS and .Coupes, in-standard makes. Get that used, car today and save dollars. W lenst toake room fo shipments of new cars. - Very ' Liberal Termsr Trades " " Accepted. MacDonald Auto Co. Cottaze and Ft-rry Streets. Phone-409. Open Sundays snd " Eveninsa, Marmon VVillys-Knight Overland ?9si4tf We 5e51 You Service Not a Repair Bill Chevrolet Touring 1923..... ... :..$28.'i.0O Maxwell 4 pass. Coupe. 1923 $650.00 Dodge Couoe, 192 t $i95.00 Dodge Rosdxter, 1922 '. $375.00 Stubehaker Club Touring, 1923 $650.00 Oakland Touring, 1921 ...$295. OO WIIlys-Knicht Touring ,,....$450.00 I'aign Touring, 1 92 i ..$4!5.00 Gardner Sort, 192t 85OO.0O Star Touring. 1924 .'.........$395.00 A few cheap Ford. ()en evening and Sunday. Trade and terms. Certified Public Motor Car Market 235 N. Church Phone 885 and 882 7DS13 Save on a New Oakland Sedan See Valley Motor Co. W Can Alert .Qsva Vriit ' W SnmA Mnnpv rrn Nour wme Afaviivf waa a avww Dodge, Any Model 782tf General Markets HI EGGS, BUTTER PORTLAND, Ore, Sept. 14. (AP) The egg market was strong and higher with light receipts of 418 rases and stor age withdrawals of 319 cases. Firsts and pullet advanced 2 cents and the other classes lc with extras belling at 42 cents. Cube 'butter was firm. 'Prime firsts sold 2 Vic higher at 40t snd standard brought the siine price, 'again off half a cent.- Extras were unchanged, while the lowest grade was off half a cent at sotoc. Poultry wa - firm -at- a range ut lie to 25c. for lien. VeeJ.w weaker at 18 fri 19c and pork steady at l'J(a l9Hc. LIVESTOCK PORTLAND, Ore., Kept. 14i (AP) Cattle and calves, nominally steady. Calves, culls ami common $5.50fg 8.00 ; vealertt. culls and common fbw 11. Hogs, nominally f.teady ; no receipts. Heavy weight (a 50-300) medium, good and choice -12.50(a 14.75: medium weights (200-350) c-ouiinon, medium. eood and choice $13,5Qlf'i: 15. Bneep anu taraus, itomiuuuy sicau , no. rt-ccipts. PRODUCE PORTLAND. Ore.. Sept. If. (AP) Buter steady ;-extra - cubes, city 4,J',.f standards, 29 He;, prime first 37e; firsts 37c: prints 17c! cartons 18c. Milk, steady: best churning cream 44c per pound net shippers' trait in zoim . Cream delivered Portland 46c per pound. Raw milk (4 per cent) $2.25 cwt. f. o. . Portland. Poultry, steady: heavy bens 25626c; light 16c: springs, white 22fn;23c; do colored 23 ft 24c: young wktic duck 22 ftji 23c: colored ljf,17r. Vegetaobles, steady: onions, local 75 1: Walla Walla 90c6v$l; potatoes $1.20(1.00 sack. DAIRY PORTLAND. Sept: 14. (AP) Dairy Exchsnge. net prices: Butler Extras 40 'Ac: standards 40c: prime firsts 40c; first 36'4C. EggaExtrSs 42c: firsts 40c: pullets 37c: current receipts 30c; under sized 20c. . GRAIN PORTLAND. Sent. 14. AP) Wheat : BBB hard white. HD white BS. Baart, federation soft . white, western white, bard -winter September, October $1.30: i northern spring September. October $1.29; western rvd September, iletooer f l.- . Uitk ,o. a.-: 30. -pound white feed and gray September. October $28.50: barley; No. 2. BW, 45 pound September October 27: corn. -No. 2, KY sbipment October $38.5t:-Millrun, standard September, Oc tober saw.- j. t6'.K..----',V.;:. . ' POHTL-tND, Sept. .14. (AP.) Hay buying prices:- Eastern Oregon timothy $20&23. do valley 17fc 17.50; cheat $13; alfalfa $17.50fr lHtr oat hay, $13; oat and vetch Sl4.50tol5; straw S7M 7J0.ner ton. belling prices $2 n ton more. ; 't "-" - --'.-- WHEAT STRONG CHICAGO. Sent. Tl4. AP) Arcres- sive - buying by - local 'aad ' eastern shorts combined with impressive strength in Winnipeg gave wheat values a decided torn upward, turn' today. Destiite t a slight reaction last before the close when some early buyers turned to the selling 1 side, the market closed strong at a net gain of 1 7-8 to 3c- Corn finished 8-4e doera to 3 -8c np, oat gained 1-4 to 7-8e. and provision were 5c lower to 2 l-2c higher. ,- . WOOL ' STEADY I ! BOSTON. -Sept. 14.-r-t API The der mand for Texas 12 months wcol is steady. Good sised quantities have sold this week: The movement has been, sufficient in volume, but choice stock sre not found ss easily ss'S- while ago at leSt'in site- hie quantities. l tte result t . suffer price. . A choice 17 months Texas wool now ia held tirmlr; at IIO had 103 to 107 is being-paid for less -attractive of ferings. Eight months woot has had a rather 'an irregular' aale.. yefl a- good -demand, haa appeared, from time totime. NWLL EC. HERE ' PHUN HAl Tb TAKE OFF 141 S COLONIAL C03TUMC AMD 50MT RK3MT JWTO ? A .MEW'S ; r-out iM vSfc CIBX ' UJOfe&'lN VttS - . . ' li it's. GREATEST. ' V aW I CLASSIFIED iBUSpiESSi XjlHECTOa .Of JXeLiable BauiJjieoo smd lfcMlonai Tirmm Airaased U " - Alphabetical Order for Quick Ref ereaco , F ! '- AUCTIONEERS N Fo N. Woodry AUCTIONEER The Woodry everybody know. Caah paid for used furniture. Boa. 'Sad tre 1810 N. Bummer St -,- Telepheao 511. t H. jr. vvooary ez eon. u avi Coml. St.. furniture store. Bar-i rains in furniture of all kiQdsJ j Agent for Lans ranges, boat made,'! Also auctioneers, - -'- ' l ACCOUNTANT G. ED. ROSSl ACCOUNTANT AND And. Iter, 331Va Brate. Phono sovs-k. t .-, aI7- 26 BATTERY AND ELECTRICIANS R D BARTON EXIDB BATTEK1KS. tarter and generator worx ; zu ooucn High. - ' - ' " cvmmo JOIC WILI.IA V Phono 198 COURT ST.' AMS BIOTCLE8 AMP REPAIRING LLOYD E. RAM8DEN COLUMBIA Blf CyeiessnoreairiBgoojjjj CHZNESB REMEDY - L. L. DICK L. M. ftUM rhinu Medielaa Oompaay Hslp sny known disease. 420-428 State. - - S80tf CHIROPRACTOR . ; , DR. H. B. SOOFIELD. P. S. X, $88 Ore- goo, bldg. Phono 2194.. . DR. O. L. SCOTT, PSC. CHIROPRACTOR 256 N. High, Phona BZS-K. or i. HEMSTITCHTNO HEM8TITCHING. STAMPING. BUT- tons end plesting. Room iw. ever Millers. Phose 117. XLECTEICIAX8 . DA,,., wirlnv li, hone ap contract. Estimates - fnraUhed. Phono 980 171 Court Bui mmmmw-mwrmwr jaaa FARM PAPER IF YOU WANT TO GET THE BEST farm paper sead five 2 esnt stamps to the Pacific Homestead, 3lm, Oregon, for a three months' trial subscription. Mention this ad. ' - .... POULTRYMEN SEND EIGHT TWO csnt stsmps for speoisi throe montns trisl for ths best, and oldest - Journal in the west. The articles and adver tisement are .of special interest to the , poultry breeders ' of - the Northwest Northwest Poultry Jonrnsl, 811 Com-mereisl street 8lm, Oregon.' . v - FOR SALE FIRST AND SECOND Mert- rstes. Trail Deed. ContrseU oe housa Will aet to 80. . - BECKS a-HENDKlCKSa , Heilig Bldg., 189 N. High St. FARM- LOANS ' PLENTY' OP MONEY to loan on good farm security. CITY LOANS Wo aro loaning Pre-deatial Insurance Company money en city residence and busineis property, st 5V, plus e commission. Hswkina A Robert. Inc- 205 Oregon Building. - - '. v d-14tf FLORISTS . CUT FLOWERSWEDDINGt BOUQUET8 Funeral wreathe, decorations. J. r. Breithsupt,t florist, 123 N. Liberty. Phono 880.! - - INSURAHCB " LOANS. REAL ESTATE, GENERAL IN- suranes. O. W. LAFLAR, 410 Oregon Bldg. Insure Your home or ear. sew Phona 1CI BFCKE ft HENDRICKS Heilig Bldg 189 N. High St. Jttf LAUNDRIES 0 CAPITAL CITY LAUNDRY "The laundry of pure materials." Telephone 165. '1264 Broadway. THE NEW 8ALEM LAUNDRY " THE WF.IDER LAUNDRY Telephone 25. - 263 B. Hit. - TRY THE HOME WET WASH LAUN- dry. Phone 171. 1356 B street. JlTtf LAD IE 8' TAILORING D. H. MOSHER TAILOR FOB MEN and women, 474 court rit. MATTRESSES MATTRESSES RENOVATED BY THE Capitol City Bedding CoH 1190 North Capitol. Called for and delivered. All work guaranteed. Phone t9. - fl9tf MEDICAL MOUNTAIN BALM COCOH REMEDY I rhone 517-W. - ' MTJSIO STORES ' ' ' GEO. C. WILL PIANOS. .PHONO graphs, sewing machines, sheet music and' piano studies. Re paries phonograph and sewing ms chines, 482 Stats street, Bsiem. KEWSPAPEKS . . THE PORTLAND TELEGRAM, SALXa Agency The Ace. Tel. asw. . THE OREGON 8TATE8MAN. 50 CENTS per asonth delivered -to your bom early each morning. Tel. 23 or 888. BTUBSEBT' STOCK ' ' ' FRUIT, NUT, AND SHADE . TREES Poarcy Bros, 178 s. Gommsreiai. PTTBLIO STEKOQEAPHEB ' PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER, GENERAL Insurance.-Votary Pabiie. Helen Corey TeL 80. :-?t v..-r:n - -i i-r v - t PAPEBHABOrjia AJTP PAPfTIlf Q , CHAS BENNETT. PAINTING CON tractor, . . laterior - decorstmg. Fhon. 1937-J. tl StUU . - - .:'..... ot PHONE GLENN ADAMS FOR HOL'Sr deoorating, paper haaaiBg. tintiag. ok ; .Reliabla workman, r -.- -. i- , By Ed Wheelan VttCSO.W MO fiST tWTWfcl JJtARV i ARGMT AFTER.' WATCW.TVfiS. - H 'SC SCREEN MORROW j . u at I mm V7, WW I ' rr I PACKLNG AND BHIPPINa '1lMi FOR EXPERT FURNITURE FACK1NU . end shipping, call Stiff e Furniture ,1 l 1 Stor. l'hoae 941. - . ; PIANO TTTNXRS r EDWARD WELP EXPERIENCED Piano toner. Lsavo orders Will's Mnsis to"." THOMAS FAY, PIANO TUNER, SOW at the Portland Music Cp, 355 N. High. Have your piano tuned by one who hue Lad years of oxperieoe n the work. . - , . oasti FRIMTOIO. FOR STATIONERY. CARDS. PAMPH- lets, programs, books or any kind of rrinting, esll et the Statesman Prlns-ng Depsrtmens, 215 sL OostmsrstaL ToL 683. - - PLTTMBDrO : V PLUMBING AND GENERAL REPAIR ! worn. - tirnoor- (Mo - to a. x,ioerty Phono S30. RADIO Radiolas r For Every Purpose Every Parse , . All Standard Sisse el Bsdio Tsbsa 1 - ' ' ' I - EALIK a EOFT ELECTRICAL SHOP r 837 Court St.- Phone 488. . : . KEAX. ESTATE - ' IP 'TOU HAVE PROPERTY ffO SELL - or if yon are looking for e heme, farm. or buines property, see a. . ' -BEC'KE a HENDRICKS ' ' .189 N. High 6U. Heilig JStdg. . J8U REAL ESTATE , , HARRIS 'OFFERS . . FINE IX)T, facing. east on. Capitol and" shsded by the - big oaks near scdool; 49 fret front ige and 12-ft. alley', ghres frontage of 55 fret; 150 feet long; $2350; easy terms,. ( , HARRIS, MaSonlc Bldg, TeL 795, 2440-J . . V .',' ' .- j22, X ' SECOND HAND COOPS " ' BUT USED MEN'S CLOTHING, JEWEL ry. Gun, Tools, Bi eye lea. Star Ea ' chsnge, 324 M.- CommsrelsL phose 856. "' . . ' - ' . ell WANTED r EVERYTHING ZM CLOTH ing and; shoes. Best priee paid. Capital Exchange. 342 North Commercial - -Phone 1868-Ws . . STOVES AND STOYB BEPAIRINfA. STOVES FOR SALE. REBUILT AND repaired by export. , All kinds of wow on wire fence. FsBey end plain. Ha "bssksts end hooks, logsn hooks. SaieS - Fence and Stove Works, 350 OoaS ' : at. . -....-. . . TRANSFER AND HAtTLXsTQ TRANSFER AND HAULING OP ALI kinds. Phone 73F3. e - , . . WE MOVE. 8TORB AND SHIP H0U8H hold goods. Our Speeialty is piano snf furniture moving. We else make eous ' try trip. We hsndle the best coal anc . wood. Call on tia for priee. We gii good messurS, good quality nad geol service. Lermer Transfer Co. Phone 98Q CAPITAL CITY TRANSFER CO. 324 tuat HI. Phone 938. DUtributini forwardingand storsge our epeeislty" Get our rates. ' lTJi R, A. WEST. RT, 6..B0X 103-A. PHOM 110P5. 2 miles east on Garden ma4 ' WATER SALKM WATER, -LIGHT POWER 4 ui nee iroi BouiB commeretai wv. . 1 , per cent discount en domestls fist rat psid in edvsnee. No dad action for al tenee or any cause enlsas wster is sh. off your premisee. - . TRAVEL ' ' fisfely Bwiftly ' and Comfortably in busses of the Parker Stag Lists, -: Stags Lasve for rjuverton t a. n, n a. as, S . as. Mt. Angel 11 e. as, 6 p. an. Falls City7 e. ss, 3;10 p. ss 2:10 p. m., 8:15 p. na. Independence 7 a. as, t a. ss, ' 11:15 a. m., 3:10 p, ss, 8:1 s. m. Suaday only 8:80 P. ss, Monmouth 7 a. n, it;lt i. n, 8:10 p. m 5:15 p. m. Susdsy only, 7:10 p. ., 8:80 p. as.. - "" MeMinavllIe 8:80 e ss, 8:10 p. ss 5:15 p. m. newDerg .: 1:11 t n. ss., 3(10 p. as. Tillamook 8:J0" a. s'i:10 Cell 322 or 6B6 for tsfen P. SB. lation. d28tf I - -Salem Markets : . . ... - r ' .. jo tt.-bt-L. ' r .." r.u i ' ; . feed- no. 1, wheat, while ',. Red. wheat, sacked .... $ I 1 1.15 . . oats, per bu. .. .4 5 14.00 . Hsy, osts, TSteh per tea PORK, MTJTTOH AND BEET Top hogs ...' ..., i rtow 1 1 . Top steers sj.6 Cow I ; , ,: ,a (.4 , Ban j... ..stj.s Spring lambs, nnder 90 lbs. . .i0 Top veal .,fift lrsaed veal ..... . Dressed hoga .18 .18 POULTRY- -.. Light, hens . Heavy hens .18 .20 ; Spring 47.22 - Rooster . Hoary frys J((f.9 .22 EOOSi BUTTEB, BTJTTEErAT Standards 1 -.35 ; Select ,.-... u ... .37 Per pound ,.'... . , . , . , ' .24 a'- Bntterfat .Z.ZZ.. .4 , Cream buttar .... ,4a VEGETABLES, ITJITS-- ' " VegeUWe beets, sacked :.03 1 Oaionv s. buarhe .40Q 80 u- Celery dos. bunches 75. 904 1 . 10 New.eSbbaee ., . 3.3h Local lettuce . 73. ' Old ' -potrtoea - - ' 1 ',- ' Local new potatoes or 014 . Wstermellon S4L.2, Ixicsl cantaloupes..... .03 1 at tomatoes .. . Nsw cabbage , , Hungarian Nobility Form i " Fund to Support Ex-Quccn ' HUlAltST (AP) s-llalrJo(c members of the I1' IfnnirurL.,. ' nobility have treated ' fund to support former Quern zila snct fer famiry of clsht chilflren. whr, t re now liylng at Kan KcbaHtlau. Spa Jn. -J i: ' . i Out" of this fund the widow of fnrrripr Klhg Cbarlog H assured H1i r allowance of ICO. 000 a ypar.- "rjirn.; witrr; t ne fric orno sh do-rlycs from4 her pVlvate i.rujvrtlJa in HWb.sarrtitjU'Jicr;tMiut llfio'.-' - oo.orar. ;.Vs'-v.. .Hungary, as a. is' furliddrn .. to-uay. attyvsnvcrnrtHNnt fund to' tiM former own. . I tencp. the Wf'BHhierfrineinb'-ra rt the i,i tiuniarian, .nobUi'y, Ilka Cc i Arionyl and Count f. ':, t "Ti O' '1 n aya helped her out of t funds. ..'":' - ill: t. . . ... u Pit :"' ! I ! ,8 i 'ii .Kief I )-;ilI :ji,I! .il'.t i ilU vy .-." ft' i. ' 1 :io - in l

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